Review by spur_555

Reviewed: 07/19/05

Time to kill some aliens....

Duke Nukem 64 has got to be, what I think one of the best co-operative games to be released on the Nintendo 64. Since this game managed to become fairly successful, other Duke Nukem games would follow, however none of the other games has the same class as this one. Duke in this game has a taste of killing, especially if the things he is trying to kill are from another planet…..

This game is a fun game to play as single player, however most people would find it more fun playing this game with a friend in co-operative, especially on the hardest difficulty, when there are hundred and hundreds of aliens just walking around the streets. This game is not an easy game to complete and sometimes in can get very frustrating, especially when you walk around in the big levels trying to find a way out. A good thing about this game is that you can chose the difficulty of the story mode, so you can either have very little to kill, or a huge army which you have to take down. In Story Mode there is plenty of levels for you to complete until you reach the final level, so don’t buy the game thinking you can return it the next after you have clocked it. There is also verses mode, where you can verse your friends, or computers, or both in a free for all battle. Another good thing about the game is that there are heaps of weapons to use. For example you can have your ordinary pistol, but as the game goes on you can start to use shot guns and plasma guns.

Since I have got a ps2 now, I expect fine quality graphics, however since Duke is on 64, which is nothing compared to the power of the ps2, I am going to say that I am happy with the graphics. Even though the graphics are'nt as good as some other shooting/action games, like 007 Golden Eye, the graphics of this game are still easily acceptable and still make the game enjoyable. The sound of the game is also another good attribute. There are plenty of aliens that you will meet through out the game and each one makes their own noise. The one that I think freaks people out the most would be the alien which flies around in the air and has tentacles. Then again that is just a opinion.

The game is going to take most gamers a very long time. So never think that the game is just going to be a piece of cake. There are plenty of levels for you to complete and as the game goes on, so does the difficulty. Of course when you complete the game, you will probably want to try and clock it again but maybe on a harder difficulty, or maybe with a friend. It is all good. So whether to buy the game or not, I suggest that you would be able to find Duke Nukem 64 somewhere at a very low price. So go out and buy it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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