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"Hail to the king baby"

Graphics - 8
Now, true, this may not be good graphics when compared to Goldeneye or Perfect Dark. But you have to consider this was originally a PC game made in the time of the 486. For this game, Nintendo has tried to make it an exact conversion for the PC port. But, they failed, it's better! Ya, sure, the enemies do look like cardboard cutouts (much in the same style as the earlier Doom series) that being the only thing the keeps this game from a perfect 10 graphics-wise. There are some nice effects in here, everything from the incredible explosions to the detailing of the weapons.

Sound - 10
Nice music, fits well. Excellent sound effects (look to the character section for more on this). If you've ever played the original Duke Nukem 3D for the PC, you know what to expect as far as the sound quality. Absolutely flawless conversion, except for one thing, Nintendo (just being themselves) left out all the swearing.

Characters - 7
There's only one, Duke Nukem. But boy, what a character. He always has little smart comments for everything. For example, after you disembowel someone with say, a rocket launcher, he'll chuckle to himself and say something like ''that's gotta hurt'' or ''get this crap outta here.'' Another thing that contributes greatly to Duke's character, you say you're low on health? You say there's no health pick-up near? Just find yourself the nearest urinal and Duke will take care of the rest. And he even flushes when he's done, what a guy.

Concept - 8
This game is unique (well, it was till Perfect Dark come out). This is the original game featuring simulents (or DukeBots as they're called here). It was possible to play this game all by you lonesome against 3 other AI players. You could have a total of four human and AI players. One other over-lying theme throughout this whole game, you've got to save ''babes'' (you know, like women).
And did I mention co-op? It seems DukeBots ain't the only thing Duke has in common with Perfect Dark. You can only do two player co-ops though.

Control - 7
I think they could've done a better job here. It's got the same controls as Turok (I mean, the movement). But one thing I hate is that you have to use the directional pad also (changing weapons and items). So you have to use all three extensions of your control pad. Don't worry, it's easier then it sounds.

Replay - 10
The game is on of the best first person shooters I've found so far. I even rank this one above Goldeneye (fruity, ain't I). Plus, the DukeBots play a really big part in this factor. I like to just set the frag count at 99, grab my explosive shotgun, and watch as the other DukeBots just fly apart upon impact.

Overall - 8
If you can find this game, buy it right away. I don't know why Nintendo has stopped publishing a cherry like this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/15/00, Updated 06/15/00

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