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    Walkthrough by Felix

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    This is sooo hard, probably the hardest part in the game (Note: sarcasm in 
    voice.) ... Just start the game and Peter gives you an udder.
    Coop D'etat
    Useful tips
    1. Some of Jim's marbles at the beginning can be got by using his new boost 
    2. There are doors to extra marbles slightly raised on the right hand side of 
    the wall when you are going up a slope where grenades are being rolled down.
    3. Talk to snott he teaches you some useful moves!  
    4. Whip the hamsters you see.
    5. Shoot the Psycrow boxes for marbles.
    4. The grenades stop when you dispose of the chicken who is laying them at the 
    Udder Hunting
    1. The first evil dude you come across is a HEDGEHOG!? dispose of the foul fiend 
    and press the switch this releases the fridges (A very important bit of the 
    whole game.) And also opens the caged section in the room holding a gold udder.
    2. The next udder can be found by rescuing Corneal Plukitts underwear... Seems 
    familiar... this is the second time I have hunted for a games characters pants 
    in the past few weeks (JFG anyone.)
    Well to rescue them it is quite easy... walk along until you find a room with 
    the pants in... cut scene ahoy!
    Kill the Hedge hogs and activate the switches there are several and more 
    Hedgehogs appear... also use the Gnome gun... to you right up a slope, snott is 
    by it just whip the button as he suggests. (The best gun in the game in comedy 
    value... why wasn't it used more!) shoot the boxes with Psycrows face on to 
    lower the other boxes so you can climb to the new doors that are open... 
    Eventually the pants will be able to be collected by climbing on a platform.
    Get the undies back to where the corneal was standing and give the pants to a 
    member of the BSE!
    A gold udder is yours.
    3. There should now be a big door open in the room where you found the pants... 
    go through this up the slopes again and jump over the floor with the gaping 
    holes... watch out for egg mines and more hedgehogs... go into the next room and 
    repeat the above... but this time it the switch that sends the chicken to its 
    doom! leave this room by the door you entered and in the other room you will 
    find that Cow again willing to give you a prize.
    Barn to be wild
    Useful tips
    1. Try to stay outta the mud its a killer!
    2. Whip the milk churns for extra marbles.
    3. Sniper air born pigs and pigs in the mud with the Egg Chucker.
    Udder Hunting
    1. Its best to start by jumping over the mud that is straight in front of you 
    when you start... collect a weapon vending machine also ask Snott how to use it 
    and straight along the path until you find the pigs. now you should see a camera 
    on the side on the hut... sniper it out! Also use the heli head and walk to the 
    first mound of earth... now from hear jump onto each metal crate... you are 
    heading for where the plane has crashed by the way... when you get to the last 
    mound you will have to jump and hover to some marbles and also the platform with 
    the udder on. complete it and go all the way back!
    2. Go through the right hand tunnel (the only one that is open.) in that mud 
    flow... kill all the Hedge hogs in this area... there are a few switches in 
    here... ones that you can sniper when certain hedgehogs are killed but the first 
    is by standing on a switch that is locate in the far left corner as you enter 
    this part of the level. Eventually all these hedge hogs will die and you can 
    always get more ammo... in the next area there are some more hedge hogs which 
    means more shooting and switch sniping... once that is done collect your udder 
    shaped reward and also sniper the camera out on the opposite wall.
    3. Run back to the beginning of the level and head toward the corner of the wall 
    with the vending machine on. If you didn't notice before there is a chicken 
    acting all shifty here... he is a member of the CIA... talk to him then follow 
    him to the left hand side of the windmill... back through the door you came 
    Now talk to him again and follow him to the wall where the camera was mounted 
    where you found the second udder!
    He is too chicken to go inside the BSE budding but Jim being Jim.. you stroll 
    right in and get to the new vending machine with the cleaver gun... then cut 
    them bovines heads right off (Easily the most funniest gun next to the gnome 
    Kill all the bovine and you should soon find the Corneal walk past him and 
    attack all the bovines that come after you... walk back towards where you may 
    have seen an open door and you will find a final bovine there kill it! then walk 
    through the door and back through it (We will come to this area later.) now you 
    will be able to talk to the corneal who will give you a letter and give this to 
    that chicken outside... He gives you an udder.
    4. Go talk to the corneal again and head onto the roof like he suggests... now 
    where did that box appear from... kill yet more bovine troops and use Jim's 
    boost jump to hang off the rope and swing to the corneal. The corneal is so 
    happy to be free he gives you the udder and surprise a fridge kills him!
    5. A Helium balloon appears... head over to the main door and jump onto the 
    boxes then onto the top of the door to find a blue balloon. complete the 
    challenge of collecting the blue marbles to win an udder.
    6. Go back to the open door on you way to the corneal from the main door... go 
    to it and enter it... and your Bovine pant wearing bud will be there... now 
    complete the course as he requests... And again within the allotted 2 minutes 
    which is EASY! Another udder is yours.
    7. Now head out the main BSE building door and get the Egg Chucker again... re-
    enter the building and head toward where the corneal was killed... sniper out a 
    camera in the darkness and to your right when standing in front of the corneal's 
    holding pen. Also sniper the camera on the roof and also sniper the camera which 
    is found in the BSE training ground on the left hand wall of last rope bridge. 
    The udder always appears near the box used to get onto the roof in the BSE 
    Pork Boarding, Hard boring tedious "Oh, Yeah!!" well get used to it you will be 
    seeing a lot of this sub game! Psycrow is the easiest trust me... 
    1. Pull the camera as far out as possible!
    2. Do not think you can beat the rockets and also don't hold forward you will 
    loose control!
    3. Jump over the rockets and pull back slightly before they hit!
    4. Collect as many bullets as possible 2 unfortunately is the max you can hold 
    at one time.
    5. Try not to give up hope, it is possible!
    Lord of the Fries
    Useful tips
    1. Learn how to jump and Helicopter head to the max.
    2. Beanz Meanz Deathz especially if its a big lake... be careful!
    3. Shoot the Fatty Roswell boxes for marbles.
    4. Robots can be killed by shooting them and then whipping them when then are 
    5. Remember to avoid the creatures attacking from below if you are on the rope 
    Udder Hunting
    1. First jump over the single bean tip in front of you and enter the first open 
    door you see and talk to King Gherkin now head back to the start now head out 
    towards the first security door guarded by the one robot that you have to jump 
    over two cans of beans to get to... shoot the robot and whip it to release the 
    security card and extra energy.
    Next jump on the moving cheese right up to the top... remember to TIME your 
    jumps . When you get to the top you will notice a switch (press this to see a 
    cut scene of a trapped king gherkin.) and a locked door and on the other side 
    that you can jump down... So do so and run over to the boxes and the robots... 
    shoot all 3 and then 3 more come out of a locked door shoot these and get the 
    pass. You will notice some more bean cans appear jump across to the gherkin type 
    tree... Jump up the platforms using the super jump to get marbles and the udder.
    2. Use your pass to open the door near the switch and go through. Now you can 
    see a zip line cable near you jump on it and you will zoom down the line... jump 
    off onto a small platform that has the switch on (Press and this will free the 
    King Gherkin a bit more!) More bean tins appear... shoot the 2 robots on there 
    own and retrieve the card jump back where there are 3 robots and shoot these and 
    climb onto the rope ladders back to the top and use the security card to open 
    the door.
    Use the zipper again to reach the platform on the other side look for the 
    gherkin tree in here and you will find a helium balloon on it. Complete the 
    challenge and get the udder.
    3. Shoot the "alien freaks" and the robots and grab that security card run into 
    the open door and kill the "alien freaks" inside this building shoot all the 
    boxes in here and press the button (This will free King Gherkin and he is 
    excited to be free he drops a gold udder and then wooomp a fridge kills him!) 
    Jump into the box with the fire emblem on you cannot destroy! Talk to this hot 
    sauce character grab the peashooter he offers you. then you will see that there 
    are little potato people appearing behind the level scenery. So go back out and 
    kill the ones in this area there are about 3 and they are all popping up and 
    down in different places.
    Open the security door at the top of the platforms and walk through. Now you 
    will see a rope ladder again climb across to reach a gold udder.
    4. Kill the potato people again in this area... same as before also head toward 
    the entrance/exit to the level and over the one baked bean tin and go through 
    the open door there to find the udder for releasing King Gherkin.
    5. Now go back through the first security door you opened and kill the potato 
    people in here... and in the second area you opened to... you should now see 
    where the udder has appeared collect it and that's them down.
    Hungry Tonite?
    Udder Hunting
    1. OK fist enter the level head right and fall down into the below room. Shoot 
    the switch on the wall using the Laser that appears with Jim as soon as he 
    enters the level (Sniper capability's are enabled.) Also shoot the "Alien Freak" 
    but watch out for the laser fire they dish out and there shields! Talk to Elvis 
    and he will explain that he is trapped basically!
    Go through the door and you will find a courtyard. shoot all the "Alien Freaks" 
    and sniper the switches on the left hand wall and inside the glass (You have to 
    sniper underneath the letter box cut-out in it.)
    Now using the security pass you should have collected from one of the Aliens 
    open the security door and walk in. In this room you have to basically shoot 
    "Alien Freaks" and find the switches one is hidden behind boxes. Also there is 
    some up above in fact the one as you enter the room to the left high up turn the 
    middle platform so you can get to areas without hurting yourself in the green 
    Now go back the way you came and go into the lift that you passed as you walked 
    between Elvis's jail and the main courtyard. get in the lift whip the up button 
    once and you will be whisked to the top floor... get out and walk through the 
    door and then walk around this gangway until you get to the door on the other 
    side... walk through and you will see a golden udder.
    2. Go back to the lift and whip the down button twice, walk out (Look on the 
    wall to check the level should be B1.) and then in a room where you appear to be 
    trapped... the trick here is to fire out of the small letter box cut-out and 
    reflect the laser fire onto the saucepan on the wall. a glass wall should drop 
    to your right if the pan goes red. Once through that room you have to do it 
    several more times with increased difficulty and saucepans (Look out for the 
    aliens who hit you with frying pans.) Eventually you will reach the gold udder. 
    3. Back to the lift and depending on what level you are on whip the arrow until 
    you are in the area with B2 on the wall. Now you have to power pump onto the top 
    of this room and then you end up in another room where you have to power pump to 
    the top. Eventually after many deaths you may eventually get another gold udder.
    4. Go through the door next to you, hit the switch  this will free Elvis and 
    whip 'The King' over the green ooze in the ground (You will see little black and 
    yellow stripes this is best to whip him over it.) And shoot the "Alien Freaks" 
    that try to stop you eventually you will reach a dead end a cut scene will 
    activate and poor Elvis will buy it big time! Go down and talk to the new 'King 
    Burger' for a gold udder.
    5. Get back to the door you came in through and complete the helium head bonus 
    for the last gold udder.
    Fatty Roswell
    Fatty is harsh so again do not give up... you will have to beat him you will 
    never have enough udders to continue until you complete this... Remember what 
    you already know about pork boarding to your advantage.
    2. Use the same tactic as before for missing his quite lethal ketchup missile.
    3. Try to keep cool and watch him like a hawk, he transports check your map in 
    the bottom right its often useful for locking on your missiles.
    4. Fatty is lazy and leaves loaddsa marbles behind and doesn't collect them so 
    get 'em!
    5. The best tip for Fatty and maybe the whole GAME! Go to the door outside the 
    entrance to Hungry Tonite? and meet snott he will give you a power parp tin. use 
    it to collect the heart (1UP.) on the stand nearby. enter the level Hungry 
    Tonite? Exit the level and say Yes to leave... And repeat for loddsa 1UPS!!
    1. There are loddsa hard to find marbles so I will tell you where to find the 
    most well hidden ones. Before killing the Vacuum monster use the bananamite to 
    blow the box with one marble a top it up.
    2. Whip the banana paintings so they fall and extra marbles will appear there is 
    one near the entrance and one up the stairs near the vacuum.
    3. In the pink coloured room where you have to sneak past the painting there are 
    some in the head of the suit of armour, whip this to get them.
    4. Whip all the dust sheet covered chairs (p.s. there are none in the table.)
    5. If you walk to the end of the level past the book section you will see a wall 
    with a chair on it and a wall with a lamp on it. You may also notice something 
    funny about one of the wall whip it for marbles. Also in this area if you jump 
    off the edge and out towards the camera you should land on a box with a 1UP and 
    6. Kill the foul, foul by whipping the chicken paintings and then shooting or 
    whipping the un-dead chickens.
    Udder Hunting
    1. Talk to the clock and he will say something about making the un-dead dead... 
    so walk off to your left from here down the only other hallway in the game (The 
    one that comes out of the screen.) You should see a circle of marbles (collect 
    these.) and another path. Follow this sloping path down to the room below and 
    kill all of the poultry inside. Press the switch and grab the udder.
    2. Now a new section of hallway should have opened walk down it and you should 
    find snott and a mean booger eating vacuum... which also likes the taste of 
    worms. Use the bananamite in the vending machine and lay it down then run away. 
    Then before it  lights run away from it so the vacuum follows... when lit return 
    to the bananamite and stand just behind it so the vacuum runs over it and eats 
    it... do this twice more and an udder will be yours.
    3. Follow the ghostly cleaner and soon you will find a room full of transparent 
    ghost furniture and a switch. Press the switch (A dangerous ghost vacuum appears 
    but is easy to avoid.) then leap onto the bed then the small box that appears 
    where the switch was, now the tall bit of chest of draws in the corner. Then the 
    other tall bit of chest of draws in the other corner. Then the small chest of 
    draws and then the medium chest of draws on the other side then the original 
    tall chest of draws. Another udder should appear.
    4. Go back the way you came until you reach the place where you saw the original 
    vacuum cleaner now follow the rest of the hallway round until you see a door and 
    a painting of one of Jim's ancestors. Walk past both and the paintings eyes 
    follow you once all the way past it sneak back CAREFULLY so not to disturb the 
    position eventually you will be outside the door sneak in and another udder will 
    be yours. Remember to check the room out with the eyes in a different position 
    to get more marbles.
    5. Carry on down this hallway once outside again until you reach the book 
    section with another clock. Talk to it and release the beaver head *Hehe* make 
    it follow you to where you may have seen a ghostly figure on a blue carpet near 
    the beginning of the level... Use the tuck and roll and jump to avoid this 
    beaver as much as possible.
    Poultrygeist Too
    1. There are two switches that are hidden under the slabs which can be blown up 
    with bananamite. But go to the one nearest the door and walk to the other side 
    of the room you will notice and odd looking floor blow it for another switch.
    Udder Hunting
    1. The first bad-guy you see is your mate my vacuum and there is a vending 
    machine in this room to full of bananamite. Teach that succka a lesson and udder 
    will be revealed.
    2. Now  blow the two slabs revealing the switches with more bananamite. Switch 
    them and one will open up the fire, walk through and you will see two paintings 
    of Jim's ancestors again... do the same as last time (Make them look away from 
    the door the painting inside holds the clues!) and go in for a gold udder.
    3. Now exit and follow the hall along... you will meet a chicken hiding now go 
    in and kill them ghostly chickens for it there are 3 rooms you must complete but 
    this place is a bit of a maze and really you will just have to walk around until 
    you find them. One contains a room full of ghostly chickens and paintings whip 
    the painting and kill the chickens. Another only contains two paintings that go 
    invisible and some bananamite the trick here is to look at the opposite painting 
    to make it disappear while the bananamite blows up the other one... then just 
    whip it. There is a final room with 3 paintings in two on each wall and one that 
    is in the centre up high. To get it to go lower walk straight out of this room 
    again and keep walking straight until you reach a room with a switch hit it and 
    head back then whip it and that's it. The chicken flaps about for being free and 
    you can climb the boxes and get a gold udder.
    4. You should be back in the main hallway where the vacuum was now if you 
    haven't pressed the other switch do so now and you will see a secret passage has 
    opened. You will be dwarfed in the next area amongst 2 giant coffee cup and 
    loads of old books check out everywhere in here for marbles and also follow the 
    switches and the book platforms they create until you reach a book mountain... 
    climb it when it appears from you hitting the switch but when at the top go left 
    and you will notice an upright book you can use Jim's super jump to get on... 
    from here jump over the chasm and heli-head to the helium balloon. once here 
    complete the bonus for a gold udder.
    5. After that continue up the mountains of books for your final udder.
    Death wormed up!
    1. To find the entrance to Boogie night open the big door up the hill at the 
    start by killing the Brats then climb to the top of the big building and you 
    will find a door on top that can be entered and you will be in Boogie Nights.
    Udder Hunting
    1,2,3 & 4!! As soon is your in this level head right and grab the Apollo 13 then 
    run up the hill and shoot the Brats that attack you... at the top of the hill 
    you will see a Disco Zombie head. Talk to him and he will ask you to find a 
    medallion. you must find the three gravestones one is half way back down the 
    hill to your right. One is back to the start and up the stairs to your left, go 
    in here and you will find a swamp jump over the swap until you are on the three 
    blue moving objects. stay of the middle one and it will head right to a little 
    island with another tombstone on...read it also... on your way back pop into the 
    door you see and whip the statue of the disco zombie until it locks into place. 
    Head back to the beginning of the level and go up the hill again this time don't 
    talk to the Zombie head instead walk left. Head into the door at the end and 
    whip the D/Z statue. Come out again and jump onto the big headstones avoiding 
    the mad little Brats. As you head along the right hand wall you will see a 
    little ledge. Jump over to it and go through the door. When you go into this new 
    area you will see snott he will tell you this is a wildlife protected area. 
    Sneak past the bunnies so they don't dynamite you, if you head towards the right 
    wall you can jump onto and over that stone pathway as the bunnies are not close 
    enough to get you here. Eventually you will be on the other side now head left 
    into the D/Z room. come out and jump down the bunny hole. Shoot the dynamite 
    bunnies in here and eventually you will find the exit and one gold udder. Now 
    outside you will see the final tombstone. Read this then jump over the larger 
    tombstone and exit this area, now jump over the large tombstones  Jump over 
    these even bigger tombstones using the heli-head and head right into the final 
    D/Z room and whip again another udder will be yours. No head out the door and 
    over the tombstones to another gold udder. Next turn right to head back to the 
    D/Z head shoot the Brats in the area until this door opens, luckily it stays 
    open. Head into the next room and behind the large building and down the hole 
    you find... Watch out for the bunnies and eventually you with find the 
    medallion. Head to the entrance and jump out of the hole and head back to the 
    D/Z head for your gold udder reward.
    5 & 6. Head back to the swamp area near the entrance and jump over all of the 
    difficult hazards and then onto the walkway with the piranha fish jumping high 
    in the air. Jump over all of these to collect another gold udder also you will 
    activate a helium balloon which can be completed for the final udder.
    Boogie Nights
    Udder Hunting
    1. Enter the level and walk down the stairs and head to the right corner for a 
    vending machine and the Funky gun. Turn around and head down the corridor until 
    you find a door with a sign hanging over it. If you notice it has a head of a 
    disco zombie painted on it. Inside this door will be two toilet stalls. Whip the 
    first door and you will meet your mate from outside, he will open the other 
    toilet door for you. whip the toilet chain and a large hole will appear jump 
    down and now jump from platform to platform sniping the speakers and also on one 
    of the side platforms with a metal tower on it has what looks like a grate if 
    you look up with the sniper. Shoot this grate until it explodes and disappears. 
    Complete this area and you will find a gold udder.
    2. Leave by the Gnawwwwf, Girly toilets... run back in for a laugh! No seriously 
    turn right and head back toward the guys toilets and you will see a hole where 
    the grate was, jump down and you will receive a gold udder.
    3. Now jump back up and follow the hallway with the guys toilets until the door 
    at the end. Go through to meet the Disco Zombie, use the Funky Gun to shoot the 
    D/Z heads to decapitate them, when they are decapitated the heads chase you so 
    be on your guard and use jumps, heli heads and rolls to escape. Once all 
    decapitated the door will open to the next room... with more D/Z in repeat and 
    for the next couple of rooms and eventually you will find the gold udder.
    4 & 5. Enter the final door in this level the one down the hall way with the 
    door to the female Disco Zombie toilets on. You will then find snott who will 
    talk about a disco dance competition... hot step it through the disco floor by 
    following the dance floor lights in the next room. In the end this will lead to 
    a new door go in and jump over the records... these spin and try to through you 
    off... sniper the speaker also and talk to the weird lady at the end. Go back 
    the way you came and some new lights with light your way to another door... you 
    may have to jump and heli-head to avoid not getting to the next door. Complete 
    this room in much the same way and again for the next room... now follow the 
    lights and grab the udder from on top of the speaker system. Now walk out the 
    door and a cage will open with the last udder in.
    Prof Monkey for a Head
    Ah, more pork boarding can't really help much here all my best tips I have given 
    really. But some pointers are below as usual.
    1. Avoid the back of the banana as the Profs monkey leaves banana mines 
    2. Avoid the banana mines at all costs.
    3. Don't go for the marbles straight away as the Prof usually isn't into 
    collecting all the marbles back but sometimes he does and this is evil. Also 
    worse if you collect them straight away he tends to leave a banana mine in the 
    middle of them. >-(
    4. The mines blow up after about 20-30 second themselves and don't damage 
    5. There are no slopes where you can deflect missiles so listen watch and jump.
    Violent death valley
    1. To kill the spikey walking cactus, whip them until they fall over and then 
    again to dispose of this most freaky foe.
    2. Watch out grannies sniper you from on high... shoot them evil OAP's!
    3. Mind out for the wired smelling quicksand.
    4. If you get stuck while getting an udder in the quicksand you can easily jump 
    out of the right hand side.
    Udder Hunting
    1 & 2. Go up the mountain until you find Billy the kid and a vending machine 
    with a magnum in. You can then use this to sniper the bombing grannies. Sniper 
    all the grannies throwing bombs through this level and the cage will open in the 
    indoor section. Heli-copter head to the udder. Also in this indoor section you 
    will find the helium balloon bonus. And if you complete the challenge guess what 
    you get? An udder!
    3 & 4. On the rope ladders avoid the old guy's in the toilets with there guns by 
    raising Jim's legs. time the fire of your magnum so it hits the old guy's about 
    3-4 times they will then die and open up either a new area or even an udder. In 
    the first room one old guy will be hiding an udder you cannot get it yet... find 
    the area with the ice-cream van don't stop him and buy one first but kill the 
    old guy to your right this will open a new doorway now get the ice-cream and run 
    like the wind to the exit you opened to get away from the wasps... you will then 
    find the gold udder... still with the ice-cream go through the doorway that 
    leads to Billy... talk to him and if you have enough ice-cream left you will get 
    a gold udder.
    5. In the indoor area kill the old guy near the marbles and the helium balloon 
    and walk out of the doorway you find and you will find some grannies and snott 
    who gives you some advice. Follow the advice and circle these grannies as much 
    as possible and push them into the pen (Watch out for the granny who tries to 
    head off make sure she stays and keep and eye on the others or they will make a 
    run for there default places.) hopefully after many... many goes they will all 
    go in and watch the TV now collect the udder.  
    6. The last udder for this level can be found by going to the ice-cream van and 
    killing the guy on the rope ladder to your left. This will open a circle shaped 
    doorway below him. Go in and get to the top of this by farting using the power 
    pump. Use combinations of the heli-head and super jumps to help you out or you 
    will never make it! This is hard but it is possible... the worse bit is where yo 
    have to land on the planks near the top... just work out the best root to take 
    and a gold udder will eventually be yours!
    The good, the bad and the elderly!
    1. get straight into the level and talk to the sheriff who is locked I the jail 
    cell at the back. He will tell you that the old ladies have stolen his bingo 
    balls and locked him in the cell... he will give you a key to the door to your 
    left. Enter the door and get a magnum from the vending machine... now kill all 
    the evil OAP's in this area watch out for the bombers on the roof... when you 
    have the first bingo ball shoot the lock off the giant gate and go through... 
    eventually you will find the Town Hall (remember where this is located.)And also 
    some more grannies to fight (More ammo for the magnum is in the town hall but 
    look out for the bombing grannies.) Kill the outdoor grannies until another 
    bingo ball is dropped, now take these to the bingo table in the centre of this 
    area. You will find to other exits out of this area these will lead to a store, 
    where you will fight more grannies for a bingo ball and also the bank and a 
    building that is shaped into a giant cows backside. Kill the grannies in this 
    area and grab the last bingo ball. Take these back to the town hall and walk 
    onto the bingo table you will then win a gold udder.
    2. Go back to the store and enter it... and the back of the store you will find 
    more grannies that need to be herded.. you will go crazy herding these but it is 
    possible! Once they are all happily watching TV another udder will appear.
    3. Go to the bank and answer the phone, run and roll to the phone outside the 
    door to the town hall and to your left... answering this phone run to the store 
    phone which can be found inside the store on the left hand wall. Next run to the 
    first building you came to in the level (The sheriffs office enter it and turn 
    left and answer the phone on the wall.) Now run to the town hall again and enter 
    it and turn right and head up the stairs then head left at the top of the stairs 
    and then you should reach the phone. Now go back to the jail for the udder.
    4. Also when collecting the previous udder you will find another safe with 
    dynamite in. take this back to the sheriff in the jail and blow him up to get 
    another gold udder.
    5. In the building that looks like a big cows behind you will find yourself in a 
    huge room where you will find a frozen cow in a ice cube in a fridge. The idea 
    is to ride the ice cube carefully around the room until you are back near the 
    fridge. The best idea is to compensate for the ice cube trying to throw you off 
    balance. You will get the last gold udder.
    6. Shoot all the bottles outside with the magnum... there should be one in ever 
    area where you found a granny with a bingo ball and also the last one is above 
    the area where you have to heard the old grannies. Once they are all gone (It 
    tells you when you only have to find one.) you will get the gold udder. 
    Bob the Killer Goldfish
    The last one and easier than the other two really although if you keep getting 
    hit by the missiles you won't think so because it takes harsh energy off!
    1. The worse thing is that Bob often is throw clear of his ride by the almost 
    indestructible Cat # 4. I suggest in timing one missile slightly after the first 
    to do double the damage of the fishes marble collection.
    2. Keep away from the evil fish when he has a weapon and time you jumps for the 
    missiles as usual.
    Not a lot but really if you have got this far its not that much different from 
    all the others. Now make sure you have all the udders and go talk to peter.
    ----------------------------------------------------- :-)
    Earthworm Kim
    Jim's alter Ego is to become a Girl? Never! Although he is a hermaphrodites so 
    maybe he could be both! %-)
    well anyway meet Kim a character I heard about a year ago but didn't know was 
    still in the game. Well she is another annoying boss so here is how to beat her 
    and how to finish this game.
    1. As soon as you start hold down on the stick and slightly to the right or left 
    to avoid running into her you will see why if you read 2. 
    2. Try to avoid contact at all costs, and not just with missiles here! Don't let 
    her touch you as you turn into Kim and she starts throwing your marbles away as 
    Jim... and you must touch to get back into Jim's body! 
    3. Play it cool with the missiles you will get more hits in if you get two and 
    launch one just slightly after the first, eventually you will here her go 
    4. She doesn't really have much interest in the marbles she looses usually so 
    wait until she has gone then collect them.
    5. The last few are always difficult to get because she usually swaps with you 
    because you accidentally touch!
    The End
    My personal views of the end... I spend all that time and difficulty for a short 
    ending like that! Peter encourages you in the lift and you are crushed by a 
    fridge with magnetic letters which say "The End" then some credits on that 
    horrible swirly background... I'm insulted! :P
    THEY KILLED JIM, The game can't end like this... Kill the Princess or make them 
    turn into cows but don't kill Jim it makes it feel like the end of Earthworm Jim 
    and that sucks! I'm sad now I think I will cry! :,(
    Cheats and Bugs
    There is only one cheat I have found so far and that is if you get 1000 marbles 
    and are as smart as a smart Super Hero then you can play the whole game again as 
    the strange and somewhat worrying Earthworm Kim. And this time its too hard to 
    even contemplate no extra health from marbles and everything does double 
    damage... the words I'm not playing this again if its harder spring to mind! And 
    I only just beat Fatty that one time and it was a stroke of luck!
    There are a couple of strange options which (sort of) are fun for a few 
    minutes... one is the option Smells, which you find in the Tunes menu (for 
    turning the music on and off.) If you turn smells on Jim's suit will fart 
    Also included in the language option is Jibber-Jabber which makes all the text 
    strange and mostly unreadable to what the is happening!
    Last of all is that unlike most games EWJ 3D only measures the amount of paces 
    you run through the game not the time. Which although clever is somewhat in 
    Oh bugs and glitches you want to know about this game has got 'em the worse are 
    where you get stuck in objects.
    Also when you fight BOB go over to a short wall where there is one piece of land 
    on its own I keep passing through it and straight through the other side. 
    Also look at the gherkins eye blinking when he dies... I'm sure it shouldn't 
    flicker... lots of polygon clashing in other places to.
    If you go to Poultrygeist and jump off the top hallway at the right section it 
    is possible to end up in the room underneath without using the door... but 
    funnily enough Jim still walks in through the door.
    I think I hear a few sound glitches as well with the FX sometimes when Jim is 
    If you go to the level Hungry Tonite? And go into the room with the "Alien 
    Freaks" the slime and the revolving platform and sometimes if you shoot the 
    boxes in there from the left hand side sometimes one of the boxes will just 
    float in mid air!
    On barn to be wild one of the marbles inside the milk churns can be got without 
    whipping it.
    This is bad considering I found none really bad ones in EWJ (some of these where 
    when I used certain cheats anyhow so I am not surprised.) and the worse in EWJ 2 
    is where you could occasionally go through the bottom of the level on ISO9000 
    and you really had to try to recreate it.
    EWJ 3D Copyright Guff :)
    (c) 1999 Interplay Productions. All rights reserved. Game developed by and 
    Software Engine (c) VIS PLC. All rights reserved. Earthworm Jim and all related 
    characters (Psycrow, Prof monkey for a head, Evil and Bob I think they mean!) 
    (c) Shiny Entertainment, INC 1999
    Jim's original creator guy:P
    Doug "The original and best worm" Tennapel
    This tip manual;)
    Felix of Mars >-|-|-|-|)
    (c) Felix of Mars 1997-1999 the Felix of Mars corporation or something like 

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