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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GreenFlag

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    |                      Excitebike 64 Driving Guide                        |
    |                       for the Nintendo 64 system                        |
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    |                       Version 3.0a - 07.06.2003                         |
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    |                Written by Jordan Stopciati (superstar64)                |
    |                        (js_sstar64@hotmail.com)                         |
    All names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners.
    This document is copyright (c) 2000-2003, Jordan Stopciati.
     V3.0a - July 6, 2003
      A minor fix; some problems with word-wrap.
     V3.0 - July 5, 2003
      Most likely the final update that most people will see for quite some
    time. There have been some embellishments, consolidations, and some other
    corrections, but not a great deal of new information. (Yes, I'm aware of
    the date. Happy Fourth of July to my neighbours from down south, and, hey,
    two years since the last update!)
     V2.9 - July 5, 2001
      The most recent update - promising some formatting updates and hopefully
    the final update.
     V2.21 - January 13, 2001
      Yet another Q&A, and yet another code.
      Modified a question for the Q&A’s, and a few more codes.
      My e-mail address has changed. Please see above.
      A huge update, there are now track maps for EVERY course (excluding the
    special courses, which I'm not going to bother doing) and some more useful
    information. Plus a couple of more Q&A's. Version 3.0 will have suggested
    times and yet even more stuff, and that'll probably be the last major
      Updated the Legal Stuff section...had to update which sites were allowed
    to display the FAQ. Geez, that was fast!
     V1.0 - July 29, 2000
      FAQ is completed way ahead of schedule, I should really get it uploaded
    now...version 2.0 will contain track maps.
     V0.1 - July 26, 2000
      Turning the preliminary information into a full-fledged FAQ, which should
    be done in a few days, if I can squeeze out enough time...since I have to
    get my braces tightened.
                    Table of Contents
        Table of Contents
        Legal Notices
    01. Game Background
    02. Playing The Game
           Modes of Play
    03. Riding Lessons
    04. Season Mode
    05. Track Descriptions
           Bronze Round
           Silver Round
           Gold Round
           Platinum Round
    06. Special Tracks
    07. Codes
    08. Questions
    09. Closing Notes
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     01.            Game Background
    The original Excitebike was released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment
    System. It may have gone into history as just another racing game.
    Apparently not. In 2000, Excitebike 64 was released in North America, and
    left all other motocross games behind in a trail of dust and dirt. It came
    out of almost nowhere to park itself as perhaps one of the best racing
    games ever, and certainly one of the best for the Nintendo 64.
    You will get a lot of satisfaction from this game, which includes six
    fictional riders, twenty tracks (9 outdoor, 11 indoor), Season mode, plenty
    of goodies, and if that's not enough, the original Excitebike. A track
    editor feature ensures that you'll keep on coming back for a self-imposed
     Game Statistics
    Name: Excitebike 64
    Production: Nintendo
    Developer: Left Field
    Size: 128 megabits (16MB)
    Controller Pak: 40 pages for ghost save, 4 for track save
    Rumble Pak: yes
    Expansion Pak: hi-res mode
     02.            Playing The Game
    The A button controls the throttle, which is basically your accelerator.
    It's as simple as that.
    The Z button controls your turbo, which gives you an extra boost of speed
    (as witnessed by the higher engine RPM). However, use your turbo in
    moderation, as if the engine temperature at the bottom of the screen
    becomes too high, you will lose it for a few seconds.
    The B button controls the brakes, while if you're stopped, they can also
    allow you to go backwards at low speed.
    The control stick controls the turning - press left and right to turn in
    the corners. Press down while turning to turn more sharply. While in the
    air, press up and down to adjust your angle to the landing angle. Press
    down and then Z or L to pop a wheelie, and, finally, use the R button in
    the air with the Control Stick to perform turning in the air.
    The C-buttons control the following functions:
    C-Up - camera angles - you can choose between three of them
    C-Right - remove the on-screen displays, one at a time
    C-Down - trick button - use to perform some stunts
    C-Left - look to see who's behind you on the track
    L is an alternate turbo button if Z doesn't work well for you.
    The R button allows you to slide or drift while turning so that you
    maintain most of your speed. You can also perform some tricks with this
    Start, as is probably well known by every self-respecting video game
    player, pauses the game.
     "Jumpin'" Jim Rivers
    Age: 25
    Hometown: Seattle, WA
    Specialty Trick: Superman
    Quote: "It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s about how high you can fly!"
    Ratings: Landing - 6
             Cornering - 6
             Jumping - 6
             Turbo - 6
    Probably one of the most average riders in the game. A good choice for some
    of the outdoor tracks that are much faster than the indoor tracks, but
    still have plenty of big jumps to deal with. Not a particularly bad choice,
    but when you have to deal with the later runs, not exactly the greatest of
     "Tricky" Ricky Stern
    Age: 14
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Specialty: Kobe 360
    Quote: "Better have extra film in your camera 'cause it’s showtime, baby!"
    Ratings: Landing - 10
             Cornering - 8
             Jumping - 10
             Turbo - 2
    A great choice for the later courses in the game where jumping and
    cornering are all important. You can pick this rider for some of the
    earlier courses, but you might have a bit of a hard time moving on. Be very
    stingy with your turbo - you don't want to burn out your engine and put
    yourself farther behind the 8-ball with a river that isn't fast in the
    first place, so be cautious.
     Sarah "Sugar" Hill
    Age: 28
    Hometown: Miami, FL
    Specialty: Cordova
    Quote: "They call me Sugar, but it's winning that’s sweet!"
    Ratings: Landing - 8
             Cornering - 10
             Jumping - 8
             Turbo - 4
    Just about as good as Ricky Stern, but she forfeits a bit of landing and
    jumping power, which isn't that bad. Her turbo is slightly improved, but
    you still need to be careful with it. She's probably one of the better
    riders, but I'm not stopping you from having your stereotypes. Your gain -
    or loss.
     Bobby "Big Dog" Malone
    Age: 16
    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
    Specialty: Lazyboy
    Quote: "The Big Dog's bike is badder than his bark, so I let my riding do
           the talkin'."
    Ratings: Landing - 4
             Cornering - 4
             Jumping - 2
             Turbo - 10
    This guy has the best turbo rating but has VERY poor skills in everything
    else. You would be best to pick this rider for a track on which outright
    speed is more important than steering. By that, I mean some of the special
    tracks (which I'll talk about later).
     Nigel "The Duke" York
    Age: 28
    Hometown: London, England
    Specialty: Double Can Can
    Quote: "Technique, discipline, and control are the key, and I have all
    Ratings: Landing - 2
             Cornering - 2
             Jumping - 6
             Turbo - 10
    Once again, a river on which you can get a lot of speed, but not a whole
    lot else. There are some very poor landing and cornering ratings (French
    judge, anyone? *groan*), which will hurt on the tracks that have a lot of
    elevation change and cornering.
     Vicky "The Vixen" Steele
    Age: 19
    Hometown: Houston, TX
    Specialty: Fender Grab
    Quote: "I hope no one gets in my way, 'cause if they do, they're gonna be
           eating my exhaust."
    Ratings: Landing - 4
             Cornering - 6
             Jumping - 6
             Turbo - 8
    Is Trish Stratus getting into motocross racing? That's not really important
    to know anyways. But regardless, Vicky has some pretty good ratings, and an
    impressive turbo which could very well be enough to take you to the
    winner's circle. Most likely if you're a female. Keep her in mind when
    making your selection.
                      Modes of Play
    Get your motocross career onto the beaten path and begin in season mode.
    You will begin in the 80cc Novice difficulty, in the Bronze Round. There
    are five races in each round, and your finishing classification awards the
    following points:
     1st place - 5 points                4th place - 1 point
     2nd place - 3 points                5th place - 0 points
     3rd place - 2 points                6th place - 0 points
    You don’t need to win every race to win the round, but you do have to
    finish the round with the most points, and you need to win races to get as
    many points as possible. Once you complete a round in first place, you will
    move on to the next round, and if you complete the last round in a certain
    difficulty, you will move on to the next difficulty. Season mode is the
    only way you can unlock more tracks.
     Exhibition Race
    Choose a track from any round that you have unlocked in Season Mode and
    take yourself for a spin on that track along with five other riders. (All
    indoor courses are three laps, all outdoor courses are two laps.) There is
    nothing at stake in this race and you will not earn or lose anything
    regardless of your placement. This is, however, good for gaining experience
    in a race situation.
     Time Trial
    It's just you and the track in Time Trial mode. If you have a Controller
    Pak with 40 pages available, you can save your "ghost" (a replica of your
    run) to the Controller Pak. If you set a top three time or best lap (and
    with no traffic to stop you, it's very likely you will), you can save it to
    the Game Pak for posterity.
     Special Tracks
    After you complete rounds in Season Mode, you will unlock special tracks.
    At first, only the Desert and Stunt tracks are available to you, but the
    special tracks that you get will start to get cooler and cooler as you keep
    on racing in Season mode. Each one offers a different challenge from the
    monotony of 250cc engines going around in circles.
    Set your options in the game: volume, stereo/mono sound, hi-res (expansion
    pak only), credits, etc.
     Custom Tracks
    Create a new track or race on a saved track. You can save one track to the
    Game Pak or use 4 pages for each track that you save to a Controller Pak, a
    maximum of 16 tracks per controller pak. The floor is yours as you design
    the circuit of your dreams with the hopes that your rivals will go flying
    into the crowd.
     03.              Riding Lessons
    First we have to acknowledge the presence of turbo, which as mentioned
    earlier is activated with the Z button (it functions independently of the
    throttle, so you don't need to press A while using it.) You should use it
    sparingly, but it has use for getting good acceleration out of corners, as
    it give you more speed. However, as indicated by the engine temperature
    gage at the bottom of the screen, there are limits.
    By pressing Z as you go off the top of a jump, you also gain a little bit
    of a speed boost that allows you to get over the top of the jump and onto
    the other side, where you will gain a good amount of speed.
    E-mail contribution:
    "Also, this may be something that I was supposed to know, but I have a hint
    if you feel like putting it up on your site....  when you go up a jump,
    while you are in the air, it helps if you let go of the "A" button because
    then your engine cools down a little bit and when you land you have more
    room to use turbo.  Thanks again."
    -- Josh.
    On to advanced turning...
    We all know that the control stick controls turning. However, if you press
    R while turning, the bike will "drift" out a bit and allow you to preserve
    a bit of your speed. The difficulty comes in maintaining that slide so that
    you are angled correctly (you should be angled a little bit more than where
    you want to go) and then be able to turn back straight again.
    By pressing A, you get an acceleration drift, by pressing B, you get a
    brake drift. One maintains speed through the corner, one loses speed in the
    corner. You should use the former in fast turns, the latter in the hairpins
    and slower turns. Capisce?
    Third point is air turns. If you're in the air, press R and move the
    control stick, the bike turns. This helps to prepare you for turns that are
    coming up but you don't have time to prepare for since you're not on the
    ground. Very simple.
    Finally, taking out opponents, and those goes right back to what I said
    before about engine temperature. If you get in front of your opponent and
    nudge his/her front tire with your own, the CPU falls off their bike and
    your temperature gauge is reset, giving you more time to use your turbo. Of
    course, they can do the same to you. And, as a final note for this section,
    riding the edges of the track (which are marked by hay bales for the most
    part) or pushing up against them extensively will result in a fall.
    You can perform a wheelie by pushing back on the Control Stick while
    pushing the turbo button. Just make sure you don't pull back too hard,
    otherwise you'll fall flat on your back and, in real life, increase the
    chances of breaking your spinal cord.
    Finally, the stunts. I use CW and CCW to describe "clockwise" and
    "counterclockwise" respectively.
     Standard Stunts
    No Hander: C-Down, then press down and up on the stick
    Fender Kiss: C-Down, then press up and down on the stick
    Nothing: C-Down and R, then press down and up on the stick
    Saran Wrap: C-Down, then press right and left
    Bar Hop: C-Down, and rotate the stick from down to left CW.
    Nac Nac: C-Down, and rotate from down to left CCW.
    Heel Clicker: C-Down, and rotate from down to up CCW.
    Cliff Hanger: C-Down and R, and rotate from down to up CCW.
    Superman (for Jim Rivers only):
     C-Down, rotate stick from up to down CW.
    Kobe 360 (for Ricky Stern only):
     C-Down, rotate stick one revolution from down, before going airborne.
    Cordova (for Sarah Hill only):
     C-Down and R, rotate stick from up to down CCW.
    Lazyboy (for Bobby Malone only):
     C-Down, rotate stick from up to down CCW.
    Double Can Can (for Nigel York only):
     C-Down and R, press right and then left on the stick.
    Fender Grab (for Vicky Steele only):
     C-Down and R, rotate stick from down to up CCW.
     04.               Season Mode
    This section of the guide explains Season Mode in detail - beginning with
    the tutorial and working through each round.
     Unit 1
      1a: Acceleration, braking, turbo, reverse
      1b: Turns, sharp turns
      T1: Basics. Goal: 12 seconds
     Unit 2
      2a: Power slide
      2b: Brake slide
      T2: Advanced turning. Goal: 16 seconds.
     Unit 3
      3a: Basic jumping and angle adjustment
      3b: Speed adjustment on jumps
      T3: Jumps. Goal: 15.5 seconds.
     Unit 4
      4a: Turbo boost over jumps
      4b: Air turns
      4c: Less speed on jumps
      T4: Advanced jumps. Goal: 21 seconds.
     Final Unit
      5: Taking out opponents
      Final Exam: Everything to date. Goal: 56 seconds.
      6: Wheelies
      7: Stunts
    Upon finishing the tutorial, you unlock the original Excitebike. It can be
    accessed on the "Special Tracks" menu.
     Novice Difficulty (80cc)
      Bronze Round
        - Kyoto, Japan (3 laps)
        - Mountain Quarry (2 laps)
        - Houston, TX (3 laps)
        - Lefty's Mill (2 laps)
        - Orlando, FL (3 laps)
      Silver Round
        - Nashville, TN (3 laps)
        - Canyon Chasm (2 laps)
        - Long Island, NY (3 laps)
        - Congo Course (2 laps)
        - Las Vegas, NV (3 laps)
    Upon finishing Novice difficulty, you unlock the Soccer game into the
    Special Tracks menu, as well as the Bronze Round on Intermediate
     Intermediate Difficulty (125cc)
    Take note of the fact that your bike will be able to reach slightly faster
    speeds with your quicker engine. Your opponents will become more aggressive
    as well, and will try to knock you off your bike.
       Bronze Round
         - Kyoto, Japan (3 laps)
         - Mountain Quarry (2 laps)
         - Houston, TX (3 laps)
         - Lefty's Mill (2 laps)
         - Orlando, FL (3 laps)
       Silver Round
         - Nashville, TN (3 laps)
         - Canyon Chasm (2 laps)
         - Long Island, NY (3 laps)
         - Congo Course (2 laps)
         - Las Vegas, NV (3 laps)
       Gold Round
         - Phoenix, AZ (3 laps)
         - Rainforest Run (2 laps)
         - Madrid, Spain (3 laps)
         - The Gravel Pit (2 laps)
         - Detroit, MI (3 laps)
    Upon finishing Intermediate difficulty, you unlock the Hill Climb and the
    Bronze Round on Pro difficulty.
     Pro Difficulty (250cc)
    This is definitely the most difficult out of all the tracks, no doubt about
    it. It will be very hard to win a round.
       Bronze Round
         - Kyoto, Japan (3 laps)
         - Mountain Quarry (2 laps)
         - Houston, TX (3 laps)
         - Lefty's Mill (2 laps)
         - Orlando, FL (3 laps)
       Silver Round
         - Nashville, TN (3 laps)
         - Canyon Chasm (2 laps)
         - Long Island, NY (3 laps)
         - Congo Course (2 laps)
         - Las Vegas, NV (3 laps)
       Gold Round
         - Phoenix, AZ (3 laps)
         - Rainforest Run (2 laps)
         - Madrid, Spain (3 laps)
         - The Gravel Pit (2 laps)
         - Detroit, MI (3 laps)
       Platinum Round
         - Goldmine Rush (2 laps)
         - Los Angeles, CA (3 laps)
         - Construction Yard (2 laps)
         - Seattle, WA (3 laps)
         - Blizzard Blitz (2 laps)
    (Once you finish the Platinum Round, you will unlock both the Challenge
    Round and the Custom Round.)
       Challenge Round*
         - Orlando, FL (1 lap)
         - Phoenix, AZ (1 lap)
         - Las Vegas, NV (1 lap)
         - Nashville, TN (1 lap)
         - Kyoto, Japan (1 lap)
    (Once you finish this round, you've officially beat the game and unlock the
    Excite 3-D mode for play as well.)
       Custom Round**
         - 1 to 5 tracks of your choice
     Points of interest
    * The Challenge Round is not like any other - it is a one-lap shootout
    against only one other rider on any given circuit. If you win the race, you
    move on to the next race against another rider. But if you lose, you're
    immediately knocked out and have to start all over again.
    ** The Custom Round has no rewards for being beaten. You must select the
    tracks (it can be anywhere from one to five tracks) and the number of laps
    on each track (from one to six). It awards you a lot more flexibility than
    the regular rounds.
     05.           Track Descriptions
    (In version 2.0, I set this section up differently so now you have the name
    of the course and the number of laps. Course maps for each circuit were
    created in that version as well. This version contains modified course
    descriptions and slightly modified course maps.
                      Bronze Round
     Kyoto, Japan - 3 laps
     /       <    \
     |            |
     |            |
     |            |
    Kyoto's course is basically a square with several jumps, large and small.
    But since you don't have as much time (a lap can take from 20 to 25
    seconds) to get ahead of the pack, it's very critical to get the lead early
    in the race, and moreover, make sure that you keep it. The relative narrow
    nature of the circuit and the rather fast turns mean that overtaking in the
    corners could be a bit of a risk. Otherwise, you won't have that many
    challenges on this course, and it should be an easy one to win.
     Mountain Quarry - 2 laps
       /       \______
      /               |
      |               |
      |  _            | V
      \_/ \      /\   |
          |      | \_/
          |      |
    Get used to the elements of the outdoor course - the track is very wide but
    the jumps are very large. It's very important to learn how to powerslide
    through the 135- and 90-degree turns that you will find on this track,
    especially the first two corners. The terrain is rather generous, though,
    so don't expect to do too much uncontrollable sliding around the curves.
    Make sure, however, with all the large jumps around the course, that you
    can land them right. Also watch out for the two streams running across the
    track in the latter part of the track, which you will have to perform a
    wheelie through in order to maintain your speed.
    Shortcut: On the long straightaway with the big jumps, look for a tunnel on
    the left side, slow down a bit on the jump preceding it, and steer in. It's
    not much in terms of time gain, but you do get to skip a corner and be
    slightly better prepared for the next one.
     Houston, TX - 3 laps
     /   __________  \
    |   /          | |
    |  /           | |
    |  \           | |
    |   \______    | |
    |          \   | |
    |           \  | |
    |           /  | |
     \_________/  ^|_|
    Houston has a relatively flat infield section after you get off the
    start/finish line, so jumping power will not be important in those
    sections. However, you will get a few long 180-degree turns - if time is
    lost through these corners it could get rather difficult. However, they
    serve as an excellent overtaking opportunity if you're lagging behind the
    The outside of the track, on the other hand, consists of several
    jump-filled straights, climaxing in a huge leap to the final hairpin. You
    will need to scrub off a lot of speed to get through the final turn (and
    make sure not to hit the lights!), so use a brake slide and try to use the
    banking on the outside to get a nice run out as you go to the next lap.
    This will be the first track that seriously challenges your indoor riding
     Lefty's Mill - 2 laps
             |__       \
        ________|      |
       /      <        |
       |       ________/
       |      /
       |      |
    Watch out. Lefty's Mill is one of those circuits that has pretty much every
    type of surface imaginable. You start on pavement, move to dirt, to a log
    run, into the wooden floors of an old building. It's very important on this
    track to adjust to the surface changes, most notably the logs in the middle
    part of the course. Turning is very difficult on this surface (not that you
    should be doing it anyway, since it's on a straight), and moreover, when
    you come off of it, you'll need to execute an air turn to prepare for a
    90-degree right immediately afterwards.
    Remain cautious throughout the narrow building section, which is not very
    fast and does not lend itself to overtaking. Be cautious in the final
    pavement section, made of 180-degree turns before returning to the
    Start/Finish Line. First of all, it's very difficult to powerslide on this
    abrasive surface, and secondly, it will not be easy for other people to
    overtake you.
    Shortcut: Once you reach the tabletop jump before the mill, drive onto the
    grass on the left and follow a path. Then, go up the ramp that you see
    ahead of you. If you have enough speed (30 MPH) you'll go off the ramp and
    onto the roof of the mill. If you goof up, you can bail out, because there
    is a doorway just beyond the ramp.
     Orlando, FL - 3 laps
    /                \
    |                |
    |                |
    |                |
    |      ___       |
    |     /   \      |
    |    /     \     | ^
    |    \     /     |
    |     \   /      |
    |     /   \      |
    \____/     \_____/
    This is the final track in the Bronze Round, but certainly doesn't take any
    prisoners. Much like Houston, it has a section of long, but relatively
    flat, turns, joined together by long straights with plenty of big jumps.
    What's most critical on this track is to not crash in the long, curving
    corners, especially heading out of the second one. The course heads to the
    right before turning left again, so if you stray too far to the outside,
    there's a risk you will fall out of the course and lose time. Overall, not
    a great challenge, but it can show its teeth.
                      Silver Round
     Nashville, TN - 3 laps
    /                   \
    |                   |
    |      ______       |
    |     /      \      |
    |     |      |      |
    |     |      |      |
    |     |      |      | ^
    |     |      |      |
    |     |      |      |
    |     |      |      |
    \_____/      \______/
    Nashville's course is VERY reminiscent of Orlando in terms of design, but
    instead of having long, swooping curves, it has 90 degree turns all
    connected by some straights. The first turn on the course is certainly a
    challenge, since you will have to scrub off a good amount of speed and
    possibly execute an air turn the first time you go around. The most
    important aspect of winning in Nashville is to keep your bike on the track
    and in control on the straights.
    Canyon Chasm ********************* 2 LAP RACE *************************
              / \\
      |\     /   \\
      | \   /     \\
      |  \_/       \\
      |             \_ 
      | ^             \__
      |    /\_          /
      |   /   \_       /
      |  /      \   __/
      |_/       |_ /
    Have you learned to land on the downhill side of a jump yet? No? Well,
    you'd better darn well learn, because the first course of the Silver Round
    punishes bad jumps heavily and will almost certainly screw you up for the
    remainder of the jump set. The sandy terrain does not help things either,
    because your bike will become very sensitive while attempting to slide
    through corners, and could very well throw itself into the deep sand
    bordering the course. Those are the big things to remember as you make your
    way through the track. As you work your way through the tunnel sections
    proceed with caution.
    The focal point of the course is in a huge leap over a canyon in the last
    few seconds of the lap. Needless to say, having as much speed as possible
    is critical to clearing it, but you do have a downhill slope to work with.
    Get your speed up to at least 65 MPH before pulling back on the Control
    Stick and staying on the gas throughout the jump. Land on the light slope
    and steer through the final two corners, making sure you're going in the
    right direction before pulling out. Oh yeah, one last note: you'll
    encounter several forks. Take the inside (generally the right) on all of
     Long Island, NY - 3 laps
               /      \
           _   |      |
          / \  |      |
         /   \_/      |
         |            |
         |    ______  /
         |   /      \/
         |   |
         |   \_______________
         |                   \
    Long Island is a tough, tough circuit that doesn't devote itself much to
    overtaking other bikes. The most important thing to remember is to stay in
    control over the short jumps on the track which are very easy to get wrong,
    especially at the start where if you wheelie too much you'll fall on your
    back. Riders with low turbo ratings will be at an advantage here, because
    of the lack of a single long straight and numerous air time opportunities.
    There are, however, two chicanes that wrap 90 degrees to the right and then
    immediately 180 degrees in the other direction. These are the best
    opportunities to overtake on the course, mostly because the CPU has a habit
    of drifting wide around the corner. The most important thing to remember is
    to not worry about going too fast. Staying on course is much more of a
    challenge, so focus on that.
     Congo Course - 2 laps
              /            \
              |            |
               \           /\_____
               \         /       \
               /        /___  ___/
               |            \/
               | V           |
               |             |
              _/       ______/
            _/        /
           /          |
    Personally one of my favourite circuits. The jumps are huge, but have the
    same sort of "rugged" quality to all of them, thereby deceasing the
    challenge slightly. Try to keep your bike away from the stream running
    along the outside of the track roughly halfway through the course, as if
    you fall in, you will lose time. Also keep a eye out as you head into the
    jungle, as there are beams on each side of the track which are almost
    guaranteed to knock you off your feet should you crash into them. The final
    corner is the last real challenge on the circuit, with a rock slope on the
    outside. If you go over the lip of the rock you're almost guaranteed to go
    flying into some houses, but if you take the last corner correctly it's
    possible to pass another rider very easily and possibly take a
    come-from-behind win.
     - Congo Course: When you reach what looks like a junction on the map, go
    through the pile of logs that you see, knocking them all around and
    uncovering a shortcut. It is a little bit tricky to navigate, but it does
    save time! Just make sure you steer to the left on the way out.
     Las Vegas, NV - 3 laps
      ____________         _
     /            \       / \
     |            |       | |
     |            |       | |
     |            |       | |
     |          ^ |       | |
     |  __________|_______|_|
     | /          |       |
     | |          |       |
     \_/          \_______/
    Easy? As if. In all likelihood this will be the course that you want to get
    a good finish on to win the round, so it's important to get yourself that
    opportunity. It's very easy to screw up on this track and not very easy to
    pass, so needless to say, a good start - and maintaining it - is critical
    to winning. Taking the jumps correctly will certainly help your chances,
    but watch out for the tire archways scattered around the course (sadly,
    positioned just before some of the hairpins). These serve as a *wonderful*
    bottleneck to your progress.
                       Gold Round
     Phoenix, AZ - 3 laps
     _   _   _
    / \ / \ / \
    | | | | | |
    | | | | | |
    | | | | | |
    | | | | * | <- Start (^)
    | | | | | |
    | | | | | |
    | \_/ \_/ |
    |         |
    This *is* the gold round, but strangely enough it begins with a rather easy
    track that is very hard on your turbo boost. To get optimum acceleration
    out of all the 180 degree turns into the rather jump-filled straights you
    will need to come down very hard on the Z button, which could result in a
    burnout rather quickly. But even the water-filled jumps that you will find
    around the course are extremely easy to clear with proper use of the turbo.
    Overtaking will be very easy out of the turns with proper turning and
    acceleration, so it should not be hard to take first place here.
     Rainforest Run - 2 laps
                   |        \_
         /\        |          \_
        /  \       |           _|
       /    \_     /          /
      /       \   /          /
     |         \_/          /
     |                     /
     |                    /
     |  _______          /
     | /   >   \        /
     | |        \______/
    Well, if there's one part of this course that's relatively simple, it's the
    start. Hit the turbo, stay centered through the right-left combination and
    take the path on the right when you get the choice (on the second lap, take
    the bridge.) This is probably one of the most hazardous courses in the
    game. The surface is very slippery due to the falling rain, visibility is
    poor, and some of the course sections are extremely narrow, discouraging
    The path on the way into the "castle section" is a narrow one, and on top
    of that, it exits onto a long and narrow bridge that is not wide enough for
    two bikes. The first half of the course has a very fast, downhill flavour
    to it, but despite the temptation to get airborne, you're better off
    staying on the ground. But keep in control. One mistake can really bog you
    down, and it is very difficult to make up time, so don't be afraid to
    proceed with caution and make sure that you concentrate on this VERY long
     Madrid, Spain - 3 laps
      ______        _______
     /      \      /       \
    /       |      |       |
    |       |      |       /
    |    ___|______|______/
    |   /   |      |    _
    |   |   |      |   / \
    |   |   \      / ^ | |
    |   |    \____/    | |
    |   \______________/ |
    The Madrid track, while not particularly easy, has one notable section of
    track that will assist you on all circuits onwards: the split section.
    There are three of these on the track, and if you ever fall behind, it
    becomes very easy to make up time should you use the inside part of the
    split track to your advantage. Slide a bit through the corner, then use the
    banking to assist you in steering through and overtaking rivals. Make sure,
    however, not to get caught up in the guardrail. Exercise caution in the
    "double jump" section of the track where the track is divided with one jump
    pattern on the left and another on the right. The right section is
    The most important thing to remember, however, is to never give up on this
    circuit should you make a major mistake, as the laps are relatively long
    for an indoor course, and as I mentioned earlier, overtaking is extremely
     The Gravel Pit - 2 laps
            __        _______/\   _____
           /\ \      /         \/      \
          /  \ |    |                 /
         |    \\    |                |
         \_    \\   |                |
           |    \   /                |
           |     \_/ __              |
           \        /  \             |
            \      /___|             /
             \    /    \____________/
              \  /            >
    When you look at this circuit you may very well think that this is a pain
    in the butt. News flash. It is. You will have to restrain your speed
    through some of the sections, but in reality the course is rather flat and
    lacks a lot of jumps. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to build up
    a lot of speed. First of all, on the large jumps at the beginning of the
    track, dive to the side onto a sideroad. When you reach the winding canyon
    section of the track, make sure to keep your speed reasonably low so that
    you can actually make the succession of turns.
    The rest of the track is pretty easy until you reach a long downhill run to
    one of the lowest parts of the course. When you reach that section you will
    hit a HUGE jump that will allow you to get a spectacular view of the
    horizon. Aim down so that you hit the back side and then make sure that you
    slow down a lot to get around the next corner. From there it's relatively
    easy going back to the start finish line across a set of simple bumps. This
    course can really bite, and it certainly comes close to being one of the
    fastest in the game.
    Shortcut 1: On the first lap, a ramp will be blocked off towards the middle
    of the course. On the second lap, however, the barrier will be gone. Build
    your speed up to 60-65 MPH while taking the outside path on the track and
    rocket up to a shortcut! Watch the sand at the sides of the track as you
    move through this section, which will slow you down.
    Shortcut 2: Towards the end of the lap, you will see a road branch off at
    the end of the set of whoops. Enter this path on the right, build your
    speed up to 50 MPH, and fly over the set of train tracks (over which there
    is a train running). This shortcut rejoins the normal track just before the
    finish line.
     Detroit, MI - 3 laps
                 / \
                 | |  _
                 | | / \
               ^ | | | |
                 | | | |
                 | | | |
      ___________/ | | |
     /             \_/ |
                       |     \
     /                 |
     |                 |
    On this course, you will have to put all of your skills to work as this
    course has quite a variety of jumps. A comeback can be difficult here
    because of the fast straights, but the hard 180-degree turns can serve as a
    very good method to claw back some time. The most significant mention is
    the far end of the circuit, where you will pass some machinery and then
    reach a red tent. In this section, the course narrows significantly in the
    first part, but then opens up as you head into the next straight. If you
    couldn't tell already, it's not a good overtaking area.
    A first place finish should make you proud, as it is not very easy to win
    here. Flying off the track is a likely possibility and if you fall to the
    back of the pack, it's not easy to claw back. If you're locked in a close
    points battle, that won't be what you want to hear.
                      Platinum Round
     Goldmine Rush - 2 laps
           / \
           \  \__           _
          _/     \_________/ \
      _  /                   /
     | \/                   /
     /                     /
     \                    /
      \                  /
      |_                /
        |              /
        \  ___________/  <
    This could very well be the fastest track in Excitebike 64, with several
    long straights to test your bike's top speed, but it's also the most
    challenging. You'll encounter a couple of logs as you ride through the
    deserted ghost town that you will have to ride around, and a well
    conveniently positioned in the middle of the race track. But when you think
    you've had a break from all of this, the track closes up on you and reveals
    a sheer drop to the right as you try to make your way through a winding
    path. Incidentally, this is the best place to get close to your rivals.
    As you leave this section you'll be able to open your throttle wide open in
    preparation for some long straightaways with leaps and bounds aplenty.
    Unfortunately, the rather sandy terrain means that it's difficult to gain
    much top speed, and the final corner on the track will sufficiently
    challenge you. From there, it's a long, long run back to the start-finish
    line, and make sure that you take the closing jumps, as any error will
    almost certainly lose you the race. Goldmine Rush does not devote itself to
    getting around opponents (since it lacks fast corners) so make sure you get
    ahead early and stay ahead.
    Shortcut 1: Just after the starting line, hit your turbo, get to around 70
    MPH and watch for a change in surface straight ahead of you. Hit the ramp
    and fly over a house to rejoin the track a little bit ahead. Keep the stick
    pointed back, because of your bike comes in contact with the house, you
    will fall.
    Shortcut 2: Just a little bit farther down from the entrance to shortcut 1,
    when you see a break in the gate on your right, go for it. Hit your turbo
    when you're lined up, go for the ramp straight ahead and fly over the
    building back to the track.
    (Note: Only one of these two shortcuts can be taken per lap.)
     Los Angeles, CA - 3 laps
         _______________   _
        /      _________| / \
       |      /           | |
       |      |           | |
      _|______|___________|_| ^
     / |      |     ____  |
     | |      |    /    \ |
     | |   ___/    |    | |
     | |  /        |    | |
     | |  |        |    | |
     | |  \        /    | |
     \_/   \______/     \_/
    The key to winning the challenging Los Angeles track is to get the "hole
    shot" (or early lead in the first turn) by late braking and a good
    acceleration out onto a long straight. The track basically has a little bit
    of everything, some big jumps, fast turns, hairpins, and it's extremely
    long as well. A clean run will guarantee you the win, but even if it isn't
    as sharp as you like, you still have plenty of opportunities to make your
    way through the pack. This track is merciless, however, with plenty of tire
    archways positioned on the track and even a very hard chicane placed in one
    of the fastest sections of the course. Practice runs are very beneficial.
     Construction Yard - 2 laps
      /     ______          \
      |    /      \         |
      |    |      |         /\
      | V  |     / \        | \
      |    |     \ /        | |
      \____/      X         | |
                 / \        | |
                 \ /        | /
                  X         //
                 / \       //
                 \ /      /
    This, in my opinion, is the fastest track in Excitebike, but also the most
    difficult to win because of the hazards that these high speeds bring. The
    track is also all about decisions, since at any given time you have two or
    three different choices when it comes to your potential route. The dirt
    section of the track (which, incidentally, includes two crossovers in the
    middle part of the circuit) is your opportunity to get ahead, but with all
    the jumps around the circuit, making sure that you keep as much speed is
    vital. Watch out for the machinery around the circuit. (Lousy
    Then, the aqueducts, sewers, whatever you want to call them, which have
    their own hazards but also provide one of the greatest thrills in
    Excitebike as you jam your turbo and push your bike to speeds in excess of
    80 miles per hour on the concrete surface. Watch out for the pillars that
    rather thwart your progress on the inside and outside of the track, and be
    sure to use the jumps so that you don't hit the water running across the
    track. Should you hit it, it will slow you down significantly, and burning
    up turbo won't help you either. It's a speed circuit, no doubt about that,
    but sensible driving will go a long way because of the difficulties this
    circuit brings.
    Shortcut 1: At the turn just before the first fork, you will see some
    pylons on the right, then a narrow branch-off. Take it. You will go onto a
    dirt path, then return to the track. You'll have shaved off a fraction of
    Shortcut 2: Once you reach the first fork, go straight ahead towards the
    yellow caution sign. If you have hit it at around 50 MPH, you'll leap onto
    a platform. Hit the next jump at 50 MPH or so and you'll go onto a road
    between the first junction and second junction. Then, if you hit the next
    jump on this road at the same speed, you'll reach yet another road. Go onto
    it and rejoin the race with the dump truck just ahead of you.
    Shortcut 3: Take the right fork where shortcut #2 starts, then follow it.
    As you approach the final junction, build up your speed and aim towards a
    beam in the air. At the end of the beam, make a left to rejoin the track at
    the wide, long set of jumps.
    (Note: These three shortcuts can all be linked together.)
    Shortcut 4: As you enter the tunnel, watch for a Fox Racing sign straight
    ahead of you. If you hit it, it will break up revealing another path for
    you to take. (This sign is smashed on the second lap.)
     Seattle, WA - 3 laps
                    /     \
           /\       |     |
           ||       |     |
           |\_______|___  \
           |        |   \  \
           |        |    |  |
       ____|________|___/   |
      /    |        | ^     |
           |        |
           /        \
        __/          \__
       /                \
       |                |
    The Seattle circuit's immense size spills out into the parking lot outside
    the stadium, but lucky for us, it also provides a great deal of
    entertainment (it will perhaps be the most exciting three laps that you
    ever race). After turn one, you have to make an air turn to ensure that
    your bike stays on the track and out of the grandstands filled with
    audience members who paid great sums of money to see you wow them (it's
    possible to skip the turn entirely with some practice). U-turns and split
    sections of the track abound in great numbers, providing some great shots
    if you go into replay mode.
    As the course spills out onto a dirt track running parallel to the parking
    lot, some extremely wide left and right turns leading onto and off of the
    straight give you a great opportunity to work your way through traffic,
    then put on a show as you dash down the back straight and make your way
    through the last couple of turns to the finish line.
     Blizzard Blitz - 2 laps
    /      >     |
    \            |
    |\           |
    | \          \__
    \ |             \
     \|             |
      |             /
      |\           |\
      / \          | \
      \ |          | /
       \|           \|
        |            \
         \            \
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow: your bike will be struggling for
    traction on the white powder as we head for the final race of the Platinum
    Round. The varying surfaces mean that you will have to adjust all the time,
    and watch out for excessive speed.
    An uphill section from the start line means that you'll have to use your
    turbo a lot to make sure that you get on top of the extremely steep hills.
    But then you reach a couple of bridge sections which will then proceed to
    catapult your speed close to 80 MPH through a section of the course with
    icy walls just waiting to freeze your progress. *rimshot* Not to mention
    that a series of alternating curves left and right, left and right does not
    help things. The soft snow that ensures will not help things, as it will
    inhibit your top speed. Before long, however, you're back on hardpack and
    skidding across a bridge, then a frozen lake to the finish.
    The most critical aspect of winning Blizzard Blitz is to make sure that you
    have the guts to use your turbo a lot. You'll have the opportunity to open
    it up, so high-turbo riders will be at an advantage on this relatively
    straight track that, in reality, does not have a lot of extremely sharp
    turns. Bonne chance!
    Shortcut: Before you reach the road inside the tunnel, keep to the right
    and build your speed up. Jump to a ledge blindly to the right, then follow
    the path you see ahead of you. (At the jump, keep a bit to the right, so
    you land on another path just above you. You will rejoin the race after the
    ice floes.)
     06.             Special Tracks
    As mentioned earlier in this guide, completing some sections of Season Mode
    allows you to earn extra modes that provide a bit of a "different"
    challenge to Excitebike.
     Desert - available at beginning
    The Desert Course is a literally never-ending, randomly generated course
    that's, just like Crispy Crunch, a little different every time. In order to
    complete the Desert course, you must put out ten campfires in a specified
    order by driving over them. Once you drive over a campfire, a yellow arrow
    on the bottom left corner of the screen will point you towards your next
    goal. In reality, it's ten different races to each campfire, with the hopes
    that you can beat out your five rivals at each one. Just one little
    exception: the areas surrounding the campfires are the same for every race.
    A suggestion, personally, would be to hit your turbo on the flat areas of
    the track that are abundant in the middle parts of the course (at least I
     Stunt Course - available at beginning
    This small arena contains lots of jumps for you to go crazy with. You'll
    have two minutes to rack up the sickest score you can by performing stunts.
    You may also attempt your rider's special trick (listed on the ride
    selection). Check the list of stunts in the controls section above.
    Points awarded for the successful completion of stunts range from 500 to
    3000 points, but on subsequent stunt attempts the values of the stunts will
    decrease. Failing to land a stunt (either by not completing it or crashing)
    will award you zero points. Combining stunts in one period in the air will
    gain you even more points, so it's important to have lots of speed on your
    jumps (make sure you can stay inside the arena though).
    To see all the stunts available to you, read the "Riding Lessons" section. 
     Original Excitebike - Complete Tutorial Mode
    Verifying this with a friend, he confirmed that this is really, truly, the
    original Excitebike, released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment
    System. You have the option of two modes (Mode A is effectively a time
    trial, while Mode B puts several other riders on the track with you
    effectively increasing the hazard level on the track), or you can use the
    track editor. You will have the following controls - since you're playing a
    NES game it would be best to use the control pad.
     START: select, pause game.
     A: acceleration.
     B: turbo.
     Up/Down (on ground): switch lanes.
     Left (on ground): pop a wheelie.
     Left/Right (in air): adjust bike angle.
    In both modes A and B, you will need to be faster than the third-place time
    on each track if you wish to advance. The times - as well as the times
    required to beat if you wish to finish in first place - are listed below.
         Track     Best      Third
           1     1:16.00    1:24.00
           2     1:24.00    1:32.00
           3     1:22.00    1:30.00
           4     1:12.00    1:20.00
           5     1:04.00    1:12.00
    The only suggestions I can really give? Hit the chevrons scattered around
    the track to reset your temperature gauge (you'll need the cool down, since
    you should use your turbo almost exclusively). In Mode B, you can also clip
    another rider's back tire. Make sure that you perform wheelies over the
    smaller bumps to avoid a crash.
    Press L and Z together if you wish to leave the game at any time.
     Soccer - Complete Novice difficulty
    It's the game of champions, watched by billions of people around the globe
    - but ARE THOSE MOTORBIKES WE SEE HERE!? Yes, we have a huge soccer ball, a
    huge soccer field, what do you do? Score. This mode is for two or four
    players, put onto equal teams. Just accelerate and ram this huge ball down
    the field, and try to get it into the opposing team's net. Whichever team
    scores the most goals in two three-minute halves wins, plus an additional
    two minutes if the game is tied at the end of regulation. Two-on-two works
    best, and it's a good idea to keep one player behind guarding the net (keep
    an eye on the map) while the second plays a more offensive game.
     Hill Climb - Complete Intermediate difficulty
    The hill climb belongs to a different era - when people were willing to put
    their necks on the line just to have the privilege of saying that they got
    to the top before anyone else. This is just the same, and just as
    dangerous. A sharp climb looms ahead of you, while a steep dropoff
    threatens to end your motorcycling career on the left. The hill climb is
    divided into three stages, and you start with two minutes on the clock. For
    every stage that you complete, you get a bonus minute added to your
    available time. Should you fall, however, you'll be sent back to the
    beginning of the stage you were on. It is an unparalleled challenge in
    Excitebike, and just getting up to the first time will be a pleasure.
    Always make sure that your front wheel is down on the ground, since if it
    even rears up a bit, when you accelerate all the force goes to the back
    wheel. The bike rears up even more and flips backwards, effectively giving
    your rider whiplash and forcing him/her to start all over again. It's the
    same for every stage. Use the turbo very liberally on the first stage so
    that you get up as fast as possible - in reality there's no real challenge
    to this stage. On stage 2, use your turbo like you did on the first stage,
    but once you hit the slope ease up. Start on the left side, but as the
    course juts out a bit, move to the right where you'll notice you can get
    up. Then finger your turbo slightly as you move to the middle of the
    mountain and climb up to stage 3.
    This final stage is most difficult, and as dangerous as it seems, I would
    recommend taking the left side on this split section. Do not use your turbo
    - hold the control stick up while gently getting on and off the accelerator
    as necessary. Once the track starts to wrap to the right you'll know you're
    close - and once it levels out, just blast your turbo and get yourself to
    the finish.
     Excite 3-D - Complete Pro difficulty
    Well, you've earned the original Excitebike, why the heck shouldn't you
    have an updated version? Excite 3-D is a course in the old Excitebike
    style, updated so that you're looking at it in a three-dimensional
    perspective (regretfully, there is only one course). The controls are the
    exact same as in the main game, all you have to do is just take the jumps
    (seriously, why would you want to turn on a straight course?). Just like
    the NES Excitebike, avoid the oil slicks on the ground, and perform
    wheelies to escape the small bumps. Tap C-up if you wish to switch to a
    more classic point of view on the side of the course. It's all the same,
    and as such, use more of the same strategy. Heh.
     07.                  Codes
    Source: www.n64cc.com
    SHOWOFF - Stunt bonus. The temperature gauge resets when you pull off a
    BLAHBLAH - Big head mode. The riders have big heads.
    INVISRIDER - Invisible rider mode. Riders cannot be seen on their bikes -
    it's just bikes steering spontaneously.
    MIDNIGHT - Night mode. The horizon is made black and visibility is reduced.
    YADAYADA - Mirror mode. Courses are flip-flopped (mirrored). And so is your
    rider. Good thing the controls aren't reversed.
    TRICKSTER - All stunts. You can perform any rider's specialty and the
    normal stunts.
    PATWELLS - Beat This! mode. Makes the CPU much more aggressive and the game
    more difficult.
    UGLYMUGS - Superimposes a picture of the developers over the rider movie
    during the credits.
    PINHEAD - Small head mode. Riders have small heads.
    MOWER - Invincibility mode. You can go through other riders and not crash.
    XLURIDER - Transparent rider. Makes you transparent (not the same as the
    MOWER code)
    IMGOINGNOW - Debug mode. Puts the debug numbers on the top left corner of
    the screen.
    ROTCOLS - Weird colour mode. Changes all the colours in the game so it
    looks rather freaky and psychedelic.
    WHEEEEEEEE - Hill Climb downhill mode. Reverses the Hill Climb so you start
    at the top and have to navigate to the bottom. The same rules still apply -
    once you clear a stage, you still get one minute of bonus time.
    (Contributed by Nightshade)
     08.                Questions
    Q: When was Excitebike 64 released?
    A: In June of 2000, I rented it almost immediately and purchased it (as far
    as I can recall) only a few weeks after the release date.
    Q: Should I buy or rent this game?
    A: Hahahahaha! RTF (Read the FAQ)!
    Q: Why are there no GameShark codes?
    A: I checked that out, and there are no GameShark codes. Most likely in a
    future update there will be, or there may never be GameShark codes. Perhaps
    people were too lazy to hack the game or something. =P
    Q: Excitebike 64 sucks.
    A: That's not a question. And Excitebike 64 does not suck. Next
    Q: Why does the Expansion Pak put black spaces above and below my
    playing window?
    A: I got an Expansion Pak a month ago and I’ve managed to play with it. The
    answer is, it’s supposed to be that way. I suppose all they did to make it
    a high-res mode was put it into letterbox format, or the kind of form that
    movies are originally made in (which is why most DVD players have a
    wide-screen selection for DVDs that were kept in the original form). But I
    personally think it’s a waste, because the framerate is not nearly as good
    in hi-res mode. If you really are getting annoyed with it, turn hi-res mode
    off from the options menu. Or, get a wide-screen television. Mind you,
    this'll mean that most of your N64 games have spaces to the left and right
    of the screen.
    Q: I got the message "Warning: Game Pak backup data has been lost." after
    the Left Field Productions screen, and all my game progress was gone! Why?
    A: I don't know, I've gotten that message twice much to my chagrin. Don’t
    ask me what, I don’t know. I think, from what it sounds like, the
    Excitebike 64 Game Pak is one of the more unstable when it comes to
    maintaining memory. Make sure that you're not abusing your cartridge,
    that's all I can suggest.
    Q: Where can I contact you?
    A: Take a look at the top of the FAQ. My e-mail address is there.
    Q: You know, I'd really like to have your FAQ on my site, so what do I do?
    A: Send me an e-mail requesting which FAQ you want and what sites it will
    be put on. Also enclose an e-mail address which won't bounce my e-mails
    back. Once you get the okay from me, begin hosting.
    Q: Are you affiliated with Left Field, Nintendo, or any other associated
    A: No.
    Q: Can I use your ASCII art (maps)?
    A: No! They stink anyways.
    Most of your questions will be answered one-on-one, but if there's a
    question that I feel many others will ask or have already asked, I will put
    it up here.
     09.              Closing Notes
    Here's my planned Oscar speech for this FAQ...if I get the chance...not
    likely, bah.
     - Nintendo and Left Field, for creating a worthy successor to what was
    originally a great game.
     - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey, the webmaster of GameFAQs, for accepting my first
    FAQ to ever get posted online (back in July 2000!)
     - Nightshade, for the code contribution.
     - My parents for their "support" while I played this game trying to figure
    out every nook and cranny. (And by support, I mean just begrudging
    acceptance that I can't pull myself from the Nintendo 64. Sorry folks. =)
     - YOU, for taking the time to read this.
     - Anyone who feels begrudged knowing that they were beneficial to the
    success of this guide by
    Feel free to contact me at the following e-mail address:
    js_sstar64@hotmail.com. This e-mail address is open to suggestions for this
    guide, useful tips, compliments, questions, or usage requests. Please
    abstain from hate mail, disruptive, flaming, or trolling e-mails, questions
    to which the answer is clearly stated here, or unnecessarily personal
    e-mails, which will all be deleted without response.
    Once again, thank you for the read. I can only hope that I have been of
    assistance to you, which is ultimately what I do this for.
    This document is copyright (C) 2000-2003 Jordan Stopciati.
    *** END DOCUMENT ***

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