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    Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 13:28:19 +0000
    N64 World's
    X-Treme G Tactics Guide
    Written by: Simon Watts 
    Version History : Appeared in Nintendo magazine on   14/1/98, revised
    version on N64 World 20/2/98.
    Disclaimer:  This guide may be linked to and/or distributed freely as
    long as it remains unchanged ,  this includes this section and the
    thanks section at the bottom.
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    1: Fixed Weapons
    2: Bike statistical information
    3: The Bikes
    ---- Raze
    4: Weapon pick ups
    5: Beginers tips
    6: Advanced tricks
    7: The Tracks (what order they are raced in)
    8: Desert (1, 2 and 3)
    9: Mine (1, 2 and 3)
    10: City (1, 2 and 3)
    11: Space ( 1, 2 and 3)
    12: People who made this guide possible.
    Fixed Weapon: The Gun that comes with your Cyber cycle. There are three
    varieties, however the power of the weapon can depend on the bike on
    which it is mounted. These are the pulse cannon, excel cannon and laser
    Pulse cannon: The weakest weapon of all. It fires one round a second
    which does very average damage.
    Laser Cannon: This fires about four shots a second and does a fair
    amount of damage.
    Excel Cannon: This monster fires dual blue rings from either side at the
    rate of eight per second as well as doing a massive amount of damage.
    Acceleration: How fast your bike speeds up when you hold accelerate. It
    all equates to how quick you are off the mark and how quickly it can get
    you out of trouble.
    Speed: How fast the bike can go if it is given the opportunity. Ideally,
    the top speed it would reach on a very long straight.
    Turns: How well the bike can handle the twists and curves of the extreme
    G tracks.
    Shield: How much damage the bike can take, both from collision with
    walls and other riders and from the weapons used on you.
    Weapon: How powerful the fixed weapon on this bike actually is.
    These are all rated using the following categories:
    Excellent:- As good as it gets, only Roach and Neon could do better.
    Good:- If used properly it is more than enough to win.
    Fair:- You have to be an excellent driver to make use of such appalling
    The Bikes
    Acceleration: Fair
    Speed: Excellent
    Turns: Good
    Shield: Fair
    Fixed Weapon: Laser cannon
    Raze has poor acceleration but more than makes up for it with excellent
    speed. However, as it is a light bike, it's handling suffers. Good
    weapons make it one of the better bikes. Raze is also excellent at
    handling turns and curves.
    Rating: 2.5 / 5
    Accelaration: Fair
    Speed: Excellent
    Turns: Good
    Shield: Good
    Fixed Weapon: Pulse Cannon
    Rana can reach extremely high speeds, but low acceleration means this
    takes a while. It turns well and has good shields making it ideal for a
    player who can out manouver their opponents without relying on weapons.
    Drive Rana well and you needn't fire a shot.
    Rating: 3 / 5
    Acceleration: Excellent
    Speed: Good
    Turns: Good
    Shield: Excellent
    Fixed weapon: Excel Cannon
    When driven by a true master, Khan can outmanouver any bike. It has
    amazing acceleration and strong sheilds. It is small , quick and easily
    manouvered making it one of the best bikes around. An ideal beginners
    Rating: 4 / 5
    Acceleration: Excellent
    Speed: Excellent
    Turns: Good
    Shield: Excellent
    Fixed Weapon: Laser Cannon
    Grimace is a truly outstanding machine. It has great speed and is
    excellent for passing your opposition. It can also take quite a
    pounding. It is a good beginners bike with average handling which
    becomes amazing in the hands of an expert. Its only fault is its fixed
    weapon. The laser cannon on Grimace actually does less damage than
    normal laser cannons.
    Rating: 4 / 5
    Acceleration: Fair
    Speed: Good
    Turns: Good
    Shield: Excellent
    Fixed weapon: Pulse Cannon
    Mooga is a heavy bike ideal for people who like good defense. Mooga has
    excellent handling, but its acceleration is poor. The top speeds can be
    good but they require long straights. Forget the track, Mooga is the
    ultimate machine for arena combat. However, it is also quite good for
    races if you are a good driver.
    Rating: 2 / 5
    Acceleration: Fair
    Speed: Excellent
    Turns: Good
    Shield: Good
    Fixed weapon: Excel Cannon
    Jolt is a lighter version of Mooga. It makes up for its acceleration
    with top notch
    speed. It has average handling which combined with a high top speed make
    it a great bike. However, although Jolt has a high powered weapon, its
    fixed weapons run out quickly making item pick up essential if you are
    going to win.
    Rating: 3.5 / 5
    Acceleration: Excellent
    Speed: Good
    Turns: Good
    Shield: Fair
    Fixed Weapon: Laser Cannon
    Maim's high acceleration and average handling make it perfect for
    fighting. Its top speed is not the best, but its weapons a very good. It
    has good speed while taking turns, but be careful not to get hit as you
    will slow right down. Good racing skill will make Maim an excellent
    Rating: 2 / 5
    Acceleration: Excellent
    Speed: Excellent
    Turns: Fair
    Shield: Fair
    Fixed weapon: Pulse cannon
    Appolyon possesses a very good top speed and good acceleration. However
    its performance, especially on corners leaves something to be desired.
    Its fixed weapon is very powerful making it advisable to use a hit and
    run technique. Shoot your opponent and then flee as fast as you can.
    Rating: 2 / 5
    Acceleration: Excellent
    Speed: Excellent
    Turns: Excellent
    Shield: Excellent
    Fixed weapon: Excel Cannon
    There are two ways to get access to Roach. One is through the use of a
    password, the other follows. To gain this super bike you must finish all
    twelve tracks in Extreme contest mode. If you do this first time Roach
    becomes accessable.
    Roach is the ultimate killing machine. It is amazingly fast and
    powerful. In the hands of a master Roach can destroy all challengers.
    The handling on this bike is smoother and superior to all but Neon.
    Rating: 4.5 / 5
    Acceleration: Excellent
    Speed: Excellent
    Turns: Excellent
    Shield: Excellent
    Fixed weapon: Laser Cannon
    To gain Neon you must finish Extreme - G. You must beat all twelve
    tracks in extreme contest with the settings to Meltdown and extreme
    difficulty. Do this and Neon will be your prize.
    Neon is by far the best bike in the game. It is so good that it makes
    the mighty Roach look like a child's toy. However, Neon is so fast and
    powerful, that to ride it properly you need to be a champion driver.
    Neon takes curves perfectly, its flexibility is awe inspiring, its speed
    is unmatched. When racing any track on any world Neon can not be matched
    by any other bike.
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Weapon Pick Ups
    ION Side Cannons: These fire two bursts of white hot electricity out of
    either side of your bike, preventing anyone from passing you. Ideal for
    use when you are about to be overtaken.
    Power Shield: This shield protects you from any attack and will force
    any opponents rash enough to attempt to pass you into the crash
    Invulnerability: With this shield up and running you a free to hit what
    you want without fear as you will take no damage, whatever the attack.
    Invisibility: This makes your bike invisible to all but you for a period
    of 15 seconds allowing you to pass your unsuspecting foe with ease.
    Phosphor Flare: Blind your opponents and send them hurtling to oblivion
    with this handy device.
    Rocket: A front mounted missile which can cause a fair amount of damage
    if it hits home.
    Homing Missiles: This rocket will lock onto the nearest opponent and
    chase them until it makes contact.
    Rear firing Missile: Exactly the same as the Rocket except it fires
    backwards. Extremely useful for taking out anyone who is trying to
    follow you.
    Multiple Needle Missiles: Launches a set of ten small, yet deadly
    rockets towards the leaders.
    Mortar Rocket: Fire this into the distance and watch as it rains
    missiles onto anything in its range.
    Nitro Haze: Fire this bolt directly in front of you to disrupt your
    target's electrical system, and render their weapons useless. This
    temporarily reverses their steering.
    Tractor Beam: Locks onto the nearest bike and begins to pull it
    backwards while you shoot past. Guaranteed to really annoy your mates.
    Wally Warp: This cunning weapon comes in two parts. The first id the
    exit warp, the second is the entrance warp. Drop the exit warp first,
    then drop the entrance warp further round the track. Now when your
    unsuspecting opponent hits the entrance warp they'll be warped backwards
    to the exit warp. If used right you can warp the wally every time.
    Proximity Mine: Go anywhere near one of these and you'll be scraping
    your bike off the walls for the next week.
    Laser Limpet Mine: When you fire this weapon it'll attach itself to a
    wall and detonate when someone drives past.
    Morning Star: This is a mine with a spining detonator, touching the
    detonater results in the mine going off.
    Flame Exhaust: This handy item will give you a huge speed boost as well
    as toasting anyone who is too close behind you.
    Shield Recharger: Recharges your shields and when those are full, your
    fixed weapon.
    Beginner's tips
    Try to finish in first place on all of the earlier tracks as this will
    allow you to place lower on the later, harder tracks.
    Choose the bike right for you. If you think you can handle all of the
    turns choose a bike with a high top speed. However, as a novice it is
    advisable for you to use a bike with faster acceleration.
    Sprinkle as many mines as you can over the track. Drop them in places
    which are most likely to hinder your opponents, like thin tunnels or
    narrow strips.
    Try to shoot your rear-firing missiles as soon as you get them. This
    will take care of any bikes behind you.
    If you are lagging behind try to get some homing missiles or a static
    pulse. Use these to slow the leaders down allowing you to cruise into
    Do not use a rocket when you are close to an opponent as the explosion
    will slow you down as well. Instead use your primary weapon to slow them
    allowing you to pass.
    Don't waste your Nitro's. If you are lagging behind use your weapons to
    slow the opposition. Try to save all of your Nitros for the final lap
    when you can unleash them all and storm into first.
    X-treme Tips
    At the start don't begin accelerating until Go appears on screen for the
    best possible start.
    Pick up shield icons, as when your shields are lower your bike will go
    Don't fire special weapons while turning or you will end up damaging
    only yourself.
    Learn the alternate routes, they may be longer but you will get better
    Blast your opponents as much as possible, with your fixed weapon when
    you are close to the finish line as your ammo will be recharged when you
    cross the line.
    Use your nitro just before you go through the red nitro curtains you
    find dotted about the level. You'll get twice the boost and will hit
    speeds which will turn your knuckles white.
    Use the slide with caution when going into a sharp corner. See how far
    the bike will turn just using the stick before you begin to skid. This
    stops you from smashing straight into walls. This will take some
    mastering as each bike is different.
    Use your weapons wisely. One good technique is to drop a mine near the
    top of a ramp over a pit. This will cause your opponent to slow down and
    plumet to their doom.
    Try to stick to missiles and mines, as mortars can do more damage than
    good. Stay away from obstacles like walls when using a mortar.
    You get bonus points on the tally screen for conserving all your nitros
    and keeping away from the walls. This will give you extra points meaning
    you don't have to perform so well in the future.
    In Extreme Contest mode you do not get to choose what tracks you do.
    Instead they are presented to you in a set order. This varies from
    difficulty level to difficulty level. On Atomic setting you will only
    play four tracks while on Meltdown you will play the full twelve.
    (excluding the hidden bonus track)
    * Indicates a save point.
    Atomic (easy)
    Desert 1
    Desert 2 *
    City 1
    Mines 1 *
    Critical Mass (medium)
    Desert 1
    Desert 2
    Desert 3 *
    City 1
    City 2
    Mines 1 *
    Mines 2
    Space 1 *
    Melt Down (Hard)
    Desert 1
    Desert 2
    Desert 3 *
    City 1
    City 2
    City 3 *
    Mines 1
    Mines 2
    Mines 3 *
    Space 1
    Space 2
    Space 3 *
    Desert 1
    The opening track to the game is by no means easy. It introduces you to
    the sharp turns that you will, by now have become accustomed to and even
    contains a leap over a bottomless pit. The track itself darts through
    ancient ruins, and cave systems, while ancient statues litter the
    Alternate Routes:
    1: Just after the long tunnel there is a junction, take the left hand
    route. This route is ever so slightly longer but takes you through two
    Nitro Curtains, each of which will give you a short speed boost. Use one
    of your Nitros just before the second one and The G-force will Knock you
    Desert 2
    This course now has you delving deeper into the desert. It begins with a
    few bumps leading up to the largest dip you are ever likely to see. In
    places the track becomes very narrow and you may even find your way
    through some sewage outlet pipes. A relatively tricky course at the best
    of times.
    Alternate Routes:
    1: After the long tunnel, which follows the huge Dip there is a fork in
    the track. The left route is shorter and safer, but the right route
    leads through a nitro curtain, which if used properly, can put you miles
    In addition there is a second Nitro Curtain directly infront of the
    starting Grid giving you a well deserved speed burst.
    Desert 3
    The race now moves on to a derelict scrapheap, with space ships rusting
    along the edges of the track. The first of many corkscrews makes an
    appearance, as does the first hidden short cut. However, this track
    isn't plain sailing. The dunes limit visibility making it any mans guess
    as to what lurks over the next ridge.
    Alternate Routes:
    1:About halfway around the course, just after the bit with pipes blowing
    smoke over the track, the course will split in two. The right hand route
    has more item pickups and is slightly quicker, but is more dangerous as
    it includes a leap over an imposing chasm.
    Hidden Shortcut:
    Just after the corkscrew there is a jump ramp. To hit this you need to
    stay on the right after the corkscrew and take the ramp at a slight
    angle. Hit this ramp at a high speed and use it to jump the wall on the
    right, landing on some new track.
    Mine 1
    Now enter the awe inspiring mines. Any expert will tell you that the
    mines are probably the hardest tracks. There are lots of straight bits
    of track but also lots of obstacles to avoid. This track begins with a
    long straight before dipping into the depths of the earth. Don't be
    distracted by the machinery in the background as there are several
    chasms which need to be crossed and a corkscrew to be negotiated. There
    is no easy way to win, use your nitros wisely and pray for good items.
    Mine 2
    As you begin to climb the steep path back up to the surface, watch the
    conveyor belts overhead. A cavern with falling rocks awaits you as does
    a hidden shortcut, before you pop out into the fresh air before dipping
    back down below again. Watch out for the metal scaffolding in some of
    the tunnels, hitting this can stop you dead.
    Hidden Shortcut:
    Just after you first reach the blue and white checked path you will see
    a yellow and white ramp to the right of the track. Drive up this to the
    right onto another piece of road. This isn't much faster, but you will
    find better items, including the coverted Wally Warp (laps 1 + 3).
    Mine 3
    Possibly the hardest and definately the most frustrating track in the
    game, now awaits you.
    This course has you darting through the crater of an active volcano.
    Lava surrounds you on all sides and the lack of crash barriers means
    that one mistake is fatal. Extreme caution is definately advised.
    However, once mastered this can be one of the most enjoyable tracks in
    the game. An expert won't fret if an opponent is trying to take them on
    the outside. Instead they'll gently nudge their foe off the edge and to
    their firey doom in the lava below.
    City 1
    Anime fans will notice how the city stages look just like something out
    of Akira. It is probably best if you go through the city tracks a few
    times, in time trial s first so that you can gaze on the apocalyptic
    scenery. When you have got it out of your system race the tracks
    properly. This way you will be paying proper attention to the course and
    will be able to evade the obstacles that greet you.
    Alternate routes:
    1: There is a fork just over halfway around the course. Just after the
    loop, the track divides in two. The left route is longer , but will
    provide you with weapons such as the proximity mine. The right route is
    more direct and therefore faster.
    City 2:
    You will now find yourself in the depths of the city. The track winds to
    and fro before heading through an awkward chicane. A small loop the loop
    will take you to the finish line. The many wide roads make this track
    ideal for combat situations. But if you are riding a bike with little
    power or your shields are low, use your speed to get away .
    Alternate routes:
    1: After you pass through the chicane made up of yellow and black
    striped blocks the track splits in two. Both routes run parallel to each
    other and as they are very straight all it really comes down to is
    preference. Take the one you are comfortable with and accelerate hard.
    City 3:
    The final race of the city circuit is one of the most spectacular of
    all. This track has you dipping through a comercial centre before
    shooting off through a scrapyard and over several large jumps.
    Alternate Routes:
    1: Right at the beginning of the course, just after the first tunnel,
    you are given the choice of two paths. One up a ramp to the right and
    the other staying on the ground to the left. There is a nitro curtain up
    the ramp so take this route for an extra speed boost.
    2: After the first divide you will pass through several turns through a
    scrapyard. As soon as you emerge from the other side you are confronted
    with another junction. The left route goes down into a tunnel, while the
    right continues straight on. The tunnel is slightly slower but will
    equip you with better weapons. However if you are using a nitro or under
    fire don't stray from the road.
    3: Shortly after this you will see a huge ramp to the right, go up it to
    take advantage of a shortcut, but be careful to avoid the buses.
    Space 1
    The first of the awesome space levels awaits. This course takes us
    through a lethal asteroid belt, with lumps of debris , space ships and
    satellites zooming past at a high speed. It is very easy to loose your
    orientation. It is easy to fall into combat mode on these large levels,
    but it is probably wiser to zoom away as in space no one can hear you
    Alternate Routes:
    1: Just after the track dips for the first time there will be a
    junction. Neither route is faster, but the right hand route will give
    you access to the power shield.
    Space 2:
    A wierd purple mist constantly cloaks the course, obscuring your view
    and making every turn a step into the unknown. Strange spirals twist
    into each other as you zoom round the course popping through strange
    portals and coming out in a different environment. An extremely
    confusing course.
    Alternate Routes:
    1: After passing through the fourth portal (the green one) you will
    reach a large series of loops. There are several different routes on
    offer to you, however, the best one is left, right, right this will take
    you through 3 nitro curtains, catapulting you towards the line so fast
    you'll have to pick up your teeth next lap.
    Space 3:
    The final course twists and turns through a bizarre Alien countryside
    before entering a zero G town. This course is easy enough as long as you
    don't get disorientated.
    Hidden Path
    1: After the second sharp, vertical U-bend there is a ramp. Stay on the
    left hand side and you will hit the ramp allowing you to reach a high
    tunnel, which leads to a nitro curtain and shaves off vital seconds.
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    Thanks to:
    Simon Clays (NMS)
    Alex C (NMS)
    Simon Smith - Wright (Acclaim)
    Daniel Plantin

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