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"A really good racing game......despite what everyone else says"

Players generally like racing games for the adrenilane rush, the intensity, the suspense. N64's Extreme G generally provides these things. Although many players often compare this game to F-Zero of the same console, this game is often misjudged, I still think that this is one of the best racing games that ever existed, and will probably continue to dominate.

This game is circled around futuristic racers, that slightly resemble motorcycles. Just picture a motorcycle, but without the person riding on it. That's the only easy way I can think to describe it.

First off, the gameplay. It is quite simple, you have your accelerator and your brake, along with the basics of racing. But in addition to that, players can utilize weapons for their own benefits of speed, or just basically knocking out other racers. But what makes this game fun is the speed it offers. This game offers racing at high high speeds. And all the courses in the game are definatley not for the weak hearted. All the race courses take place on fictious planets, which allows the developers to pull out every trick in the book. Hills, corkscrews, loops, lava, boulders, just about anything. Also, most courses give you the same feeling you would get on a roller coaster or a thrill ride. Another great aspect of the game is that all the tracks are challenging, all the obstacles are carefully laid out, so you will not master the track on your first or second time through. The controlls are near perfect. Button mashing is to a minimal, but not completely gone.

The graphics is really where this game excels. All the aspects of all the courses are down to the finest details. There is a nice use of colors to paint the sky and other background features. Also, the racers are very elaborate. The audio is slightly above average. The racing tunes won't be something you would listen to out of the game, but it fits the races. It even provides a better effect if you pump up the base. The sounds are all futeristic racing sounds. Nothing to brag about here.

The fun factor is another place where Extreme G excels. This game will be fun from start to end. And it's even funner when you play this with three other people (making a grand total of four racers). Many different multi-player modes, including my personal favorite, the tournement mode. The replay value on the other hand is not that high. After finishing it once, there really isn't much need to play it again.

In conclusion, this is a great game, although many people say otherwise. This game may not be worthy of a purchase, depending on the player. But definatley rent to check it out. This would be a great addition to a small party. But for racing die-hards, buy this game.

Fun Factor:9
Replay Value:5

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/14/00, Updated 07/14/00

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