Review by Achilles Heel

"Crappity Crappity Crap Crap Crap!"

Extreme G is an example of pure mediocrity (actually, it’s a bit worse). This certainly isn’t a surprise, given that the maker is Acclaim. Acclaim is known as a company of crap; remember “Chef’s Luv Shack”? Extreme G is then perhaps a bit better than their usual efforts. Still, there’s no reason to get it when there are plenty of quality racers on N64.

The storyline is extremely weak; basically, you’re racing bikes in some futuristic competition. Sure, racing games aren’t epics, but this is particularly poor. The gameplay is okay; it’s sort of fun. Notice the “sort.” The control is a bit too loose for me, and the computer cheats. Extremely annoying. They’ll use the weapons (this is partially weapons-based) and nail you over and over. Ugh. The weapons are a bit fun, but not nearly enough to redeem the gameplay department. Sorry.

The graphics are a bit better. Some of the effects are nice, but overall Extreme G is far too dark. Everything is gloomy; why would you want to play something that puts you in a bad mood? The bikes designs are okay, but still not very good. I wish that Acclaim had put in more light; every track is under a storm or it’s night. What is this, some night racer? Even actual night racers do it better without wearing your eyes out.

The sound really isn’t much better either. The music is just all right, but you’ll probably get annoyed with it in a few minutes of play. The sounds are exactly the same. Again, they’re okay, but you’ll get very annoyed in just a little bit. The sound is exactly what you’d expect from Acclaim.

Now for the replay value: almost none. I’m serious. Once you’ve beaten all of the tracks (which could take, at most, two hours if you’re no good) there almost nothing else left to do. Multiplayer… I guess you could say multiplayer helps the replay value. But it really doesn’t. The arenas are extremely stupid and not at all designed for battle. Anyway, who wants to just drive slippery bikes around and shoot poorly designed (and cheap) weapons? Not me, or you, that’s who.

The only reason you would ever think about buying Extreme G would be because of how cheap the price is. You can get it for around $10 now. But why waste a good $10 like that? You could order a pizza or something. Or better yet, use the money to buy the much better game, F-Zero X, which succeeds where Extreme G failed. Don’t buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/17/00, Updated 11/08/01

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