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Reviewed: 02/19/02 | Updated: 02/19/02

GREAT GAME!!!! But it should be bigger!

The first time I rented this game, I thought it was not going to be anything exceptional. But, I was wrong. Probe/Acclaim show us a memorable game, that consist on high-speed races with motorcycles, besides amazing graphics and techno music. If they could've put more courses I'd be happier though....


The high rating here is due to the creativity and, mainly, to the beauty of the images displayed in the game. The problem is, if you look forward you'll see..... FOG. But, as the game's very rapid, you'll probably not notice fog much.
The motorcycles are cool and I like the menus' look.

Music and Sound Effects: 8.8

Techno music. Yes, the infamous techno beats are here. But, while I'm not a fan of this musical style, it helps to set the mood of quickness this game has. Not perfect, but far away from being bad, the music and SFX are part of the feeling of Extreme G.

Gameplay: 9.3

In the game, by using the Control Stick alone does not turn the motorcycle totally to the left or to the right. To incline the motorcycle, you have to press the R button while using the Control Stick. This is something you should know.....
At first, it's not easy to control the motorcycles, specially because the game is so fast, but soon you'll master them. The control is fully customizable.
In this racing game, as you may have seen in other reviews, the players can use many weapons to destroy the oponents. There's even a shoot-'em-up mode where you're supposed to kill the more enemies you can, while running at high speeds. But you can also turn the weapons off, and this is my preferred part of the game: just racing. Tracks are awesome and very-well made. The different difficulty settings are satisfatory. And, I like motorcycles. All this make the one-player game (you can also play co-operative with another human) VERY fun. My biggest problem with it is that it's pretty small. The game shall end faster than you'd want, and you can have only 3 laps in each course (bad thing here: we should be able to choose the number of laps!). But I still think you should get this, specially now that it's cheap.
The multiplay is up to 4 people racing at the same time, and it's a nice addition. But don't expect much from The battle mode. It isn't even comparable to Mario Kart's one.
You will receive some small passwords in each 3 courses you win (or something like that) but I strongly suggest that you use a Memory Pak, because you won't have to write those damn passwords, this is the only way your high-scores can be recorded, and your controls and name will also be stored.


I like fast racing, and I like motorcycles. I like Extreme G. If we had more races......

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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