Review by Neobahamut72

"This game ain't bad"

This game isn't an excellent game in my opinion but it does have some pretty good points. I find it to be a pretty good game in some respects.
There isn't to many characters to speak of but they all have different characteristics and fighting style. I recommend this game because of one of the most unusual modes I have ever seen, Fighter's Arena. In this mode, you go through a board and fight matches along the way while improving your stats. You fight the master along the way gaining new moves. He also gives you letter grades. (The more specials moves and knock down moves you do, the better the grade.) At the end, you save the character and can battle in regular matches with him/her.
This game also has three special matches which you can choose from. Survival, where you basically fight up to 100 opponents in a row only continuing if you get 1 point before the other fighter. Fastest, where you must win 4 matches in a row as fast as you can. Finally, my favorite, rodeo, where you face off against the most annoying cow that everyone hates (Mou). He can't lose any HP no matter what you do (besides a 1 hit KO or a ring out) and you basically have to survive without being killed or falling out of the ring for as long as you possibly can. Also if you knock him out or throw him out of the ring, your time stops and that is your final time. In all three modes, there is a records list which must be saved by memory card posting the top five records for each mode.
The graphics aren't all that good but it gets the job done.
The gameplay isn't bad and it has a point system rather than the 2 out of 3 generic style.
The only problem with this game is the difficulty as I find this game to be quite on the easy side (with the exception of the special matches). I just hope the next fighting game I play is more challenging than Fighter Destiny 2. The IA isn't very talented and can easily be defeated. The fighter's arena mode is the only good mode and the vs. Com mode is very boring. The 2 player of this game isn't too bad which is why this game will get a 7.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/29/01, Updated 08/29/01

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