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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Izaack

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    ***"Forsaken 64 FAQ"***
    This entire document is (C) 2006 Izaack/Maxwel Gama Junior.  No section of this
    guide can be used without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to
    posting on your website, making links to my guide, including parts of my guide
    in your own, or making reference to any material contained within.
    - Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -
    This FAQ can only be held by the following sites:
    -GameFAQs, and it's associates<www.gamefaqs.com>
    The purpose of this guide is to guide you through the single player features of
    this game called Forsaken 64, except for the battle mode, which is very obvious
    and shouldn't need more explanation than just playing. Because of the gameplay
    style and the simple level layout, i won't give a step by step, and will rather
    say only what you really need to know to finish the levels faster, beat bosses
    easier, etc.
    9.0)Contact Info
    Version 1.0 - Finished the guide.
    Version 1.1 - Corrected minor spelling errors, added Neoseeker to permission
    Version 1.2 - Apparently you can't get HK-5, Cerbero and Jo by simply defeating
    them on story mode, so I fixed that. Too bad =( thanks to Tamarin Calanis for
    clearing that up.
    2.0)--Plot/Story(Spoilers, of course)--
    I'll focus on the actual gameplay, but just to sum up the story. Mankind
    had many advances and can, among other things, modify matter at it's simplest
    form. And in this future world, the rulers are the Theocracy, a council that
    rules over all worlds men have populated. In this scenario, people constructed
    the most amazingly powerful defense system ever, the Mechanoid Defense System
    (MDF), consisted of a huge, self-correcting computer known to the earth's
    natives as Babalas. With Babalas working for itself, the people at earth would
    never have to worry about aliens, meteors, or anything.
    However, a great experience went wrong, ripping a fusion reaction through the
    power network and sending unsolicited data into the core of the MDF mainframe.
    Leaving no choice to the computer but turn against everything else and fire
    everything it had at earth. No need to say the place turned into ruins.
    But even though people were gone from earth, there were still a huge amount of
    treasure - natural resources, gold, and everything else the MDF left - and
    that made the planet home for the scum of the universe, pirates, bounty
    hunters, mercenaries. All of them fighting against themselves and against
    the defense system to get their treasure. And among them, there was a special
    operation force, known as Forsaken. They were hired by the Theocracy to shut
    down the MDF and finish this dark age, and that's your role in the game.
    This game features an unique style of gameplay, although it's basically an
    FPS, you use hover-bikes to fly around, and you can move to any direction
    anytime, like hovering up, down, left, right, turning upside down, in other
    words, you can really move anyway you want. Very cool it is, but it also needs
    a greater effort to aim and spot enemies in the stages. The stages by the way,
    are anti-gravity, pos-apocalyptic tunnels and domes, where you fight the
    mechanoids, from small, hovering robots to giant enemies with homing missiles
    and such.
    *Power up items*(mix two weapons, recover health, etc):
    Power pod: this will, obviously, give more power to your weapons, more ammo
    supply, and may even make it easier to aim with them.
    Golden power pod: look like the power pod, but much better, since you'll get
    infinite ammo, unlimited ammount of turbos, and fire power will dramatically
    increase. Only for a short period of time though, you must make that time
    worth it.
    Shield overdrive: will recover a bit of your shield if it's not fully charged.
    Nitro: will give your bike twice of it's speed, letting you run from any
    dangerous situation or just chase enemies. One nitro is worth 20 seconds, so
    use it wisely.
    Stealth Mantle: time to play ninja. you can't be seen or heard, but can still
    get hit, so just make sure you don't run straight to the enemy to use it
    Orbital Pulsar: will make another red beam weapon fly around you and be shot
    among with your primary weapon. you can carry up to four of them.
    Resnic Reanimator: basically an extra live.
    Chaos Shield: cool item, cool effect. you're literally invincible for a
    minute, enough for a massacre, i think.
    *Primary Weapons*(your main weapon that never runs out and some more that
    run out):
    Pulsar: Default weapon for any character, fires relatively weak and slow
    green laser beams, be sure to get power pods or other weapons as fast as
    possible when finding yourself with only that.
    Trojax: A purple circle that blows up on impact. can be charged to make it
    more powerful, however it may be better to fire it normally at most situations
    because aiming isn't that easy and you would just be losing time if you miss.
    Suss-gun: Machine gun, has it's own special ammo, and by using it, you
    sacrifice accuracy for significant fire power. Use against multiple enemies,
    and for close combat.
    Transpulse: This one is very interesting, it will fire red beams like waves,
    that will bounce at walls and the ground, generally bouncing in an enemy's
    direction. great for firing at corners.Although it has a "recoil damage" and
    you will fall back after every shot. Still fairly good anyway.
    Beamlaser: As the name implies, it's a direct shot, with two blue laser beams.
    It will hit regardless of distance, so train your aim and that weapon's pure
    gold. It can overheat, though, meaning you can't shoot it too much or it just
    won't budge. but you can control that by calculating your shoots so you don't
    need to go trigger-happy.
    *Secondary Weapons*(your support weapon that makes much more damage, but
    are much more limited):
    Mug: Default weapon for any character, relatively strong but this missile has
    no homing capability, so don't use it against fast, smaller enemies.
    Scatter: Missile that leaves a purple trail and if hit the enemy will, besides
    the good damage, make that enemy drop all of his/her/it's items.
    MFRL: Somewhat a smaller version of the mug, except you get 50 missiles per
    MRFL unit, so don't waste it at small enemies, aim at stuff carefully, and
    only then you can go trigger-happy and make them go.
    Solaris: Heat-seeking rocket, will cause good damage and can hurt pretty much
    anything. it can't go very far away though, so take care to not waste this
    great weapon.
    Gravgon: creates a high gravity point where it hits, causing anything next to
    be sucked and locked there, waiting to get shot. it will suck almost anything,
    including you. So, take care.
    Titan: Good and old nuclear warhead, this missile is the slowest thing in the
    game, but will cause near-death damage to anything it touches, and will also
    leave a dirt doing the same damage to anything next...including you, so if you
    use it properly, you win. To speed it up, just accelerate and when you're fast
    brake and shoot.
    Purge mine: Just a mine, plain and simple, you can also shoot it to blow
    it up.
    Quantum mine: A mine with the effect of a titan. Shoot it if the enemies won't
    get near, but make sure you're away from the dirt range.
    Pine mine: set it, wait for an enemy to come next, and it will shoot missiles
    at that enemy. place some at a room entrance and you can just save some ammo.
    Rather than talking about each enemy in individual, i'll separate them in
    three types - Flying, Ground, and Turrets - and then talk about the ammo they
    use, that can apply to all three types.
    *Flying enemies*
    -Flying enemies, duh, fly around and shoot at you, they're usually small and
    fast, making them the most annoying type and good targets for practice. They
    go from slow moving turtles that shoot small balls at you to fast and really
    small creatures with red laser beams, but the general tactic against them is
    strafing around and aiming, so actually train your aiming to face them.
    *Ground enemies*
    -Tanks, mechanoid things, more tanks, those are the ground enemies. they won't
    pose much of a treat if you're facing them alone. However, they can hit you
    hard when you're distracted, bothering with the flying enemies, so standing
    still isn't good(it almost never is, actually). If you can destroy them before
    they shoot, stop, aim, and fire, but if you feel you don't have enough fire
    power, strafe around as usual.
    -Sure, those can't even move, so it should be easy eh? wrong. they're usually
    the hardest ones, because their shooting rate is fast as hell, they have very
    powerful attacks, and where there are turrets, there are probably another
    group of ground/flying enemies to bother you while the turrets hit you with
    everything they got. So, be sure to take care of these things as soon as you
    see them, so it'll be easier to deal with whatever's left. A good tactic is to
    hide in a corner, and use strafe to shoot and hide again, but only if the
    other enemies also can't touch you. Just like everything else, strafe will work
    **Enemies ammo**
    The enemies have three general types of ammo(excluding bosses, that i'll
    explain separately as they appear in the levels):
    Plasma: Sounds cool, but are just some rainbow colored plasma balls. slow,
    weak, it's just like a version of your pulsar, only worse. Doesn't mean you
    shouldn't avoid it, though. Strafe around or just get back a little, depending
    on the direction it's going.
    Laser: Very powerful and accurate, enemies can shoot red, blue, green lasers at
    you. they're considerably hard to avoid so if you can take care of the enemies
    before they have the chance, do it.
    Missile: Really strong, those weapons will go straight to you and cause
    massive damage if you don't see, don't dodge, or even stay in the range of
    the blast. Since they're used mostly by ground enemies and turrets, you know
    who to take care of first.
    You can call that the "main section" of this guide because the following is a
    briefing on all the missions of single player mode, easier ways to beat bosses,
    and anything else i can remember about the said levels. So enjoy, i hope this
    The game is divided intro three "sets" of missions, just like Starfox 64, where
    each path had it's own difficult, only in Forsaken, you can't mix the paths,
    once you choose one, you'll get through one. I'll list the levels in the order
    they appear in each set.
    NOTE:I numbered the missions just as a easier way to put them in an order that
    goes from the easiest to the hardest and the order you complete them by going
    through each set of missions.
    *Mission 1: Nuke(this one is the first for all sets, so i'll only need to
    explain one time)
    -As soon as you start, there's a powerpod under you, get it, and start
    shooting. It's really simple, just kill the number of enemies that appear under
    your hull(health) barrier, and it's over. This level is where you can choose
    your "difficulty". if you finish it under 2:30 min, you will go to the medium
    levels, if you finish under 1:40, you'll get to the hard levels. of course, if
    you finish after 2:30, you go to the easy levels. This stage is also good to
    train until you get used to the gameplay. To finish faster, know the location
    of all the enemies so you don't run in circles.
    **First set - Easy levels**
    *Mission 2: Knowledge Base
    -You have to press those blue crystals to open the doors. Be sure to get a
    titan in the room that's in the other side of that beam-in point(where you
    start the level), and save it for the boss. Also, know the level and try and
    kill everything you see. When you get down to the lower floor, in a circle
    shaped room with a blue line in the walls, you'll fight your first boss,
    Exogenon: As soon as the door you used to come in locks down, fall back to it,
    and stay with your back facing the door. The boss will come down, and start
    shooting, but if you're in the right place, he won't hit you a bit! Just stand
    still, shooting the titan, trojaxes, and everything else you have until he's
    defeated. easy.
    After beating him, plant the bomb in the room left of the boss room(if you
    didn't find it yet, it's on the halfway through to where you found the titan,
    search for smaller entrances like holes). Now just run back to the beam-in
    point, ignoring enemies, and you finished it.
    *Mission 3: Bio-Dome
    -Not much to this mission, you just have to kill all the enemies. And since
    it's pretty linear, just go through the tunnels without letting anything left.
    *Mission 4: Kill the head
    You have to go on pressing those purple, retangular switches to open the doors.
    Nothing special to it, just that if you can't seem to find your way, try going
    through a corridor with blue light, that i use as a reference point to "halfway
    to the boss". Now on to the said boss.
    Metatank: First off, go to the sides of the room and kill the turrets/flying
    enemies/tank. Now beating the boss is easy, get under him(use the C button to
    move while facing the boss) and start shooting. If you're correctly under him,
    he won't be able to hit you a bit just like the first one! Another easy boss.
    After the fight, just get back to the beam-in point and another mission's
    *Mission 5: Manmek
    -Pick up all items and destroy all enemies, find a hole in the ceiling, destroy
    the turrets there and pick up the titan. Go down through the tunnel to open
    that door and fight your next boss, Manmek.
    Manmek: As soon as you see him, go up to where you find the titan and wait a
    bit, until he's in the middle of the room. Then aim from the hole, and shoot
    the titan. now get behind him, fast, he'll try to turn, but keep getting behind
    him and shooting, that way he won't reach you with a single missile or laser.
    When he's near-death, a message saying "beacon activated" will appear, when it
    happens, stop attacking him and go through the tunnel where he came from. Get
    the red item there and enemies will appear. you need to survive for one minute.
    Not very hard, just keep strafing in that room and shooting the enemies, if you
    don't get back to Manmek, mission complete.
    *Mission 6: Four uneasy pieces
    -Imagine this stage as a tower that goes down, and to get down through the
    floors, you just need to kill all the enemies on that floor you're on. Doing
    that will also make the Black Hole gun piece to appear, so, you know how to do
    it. In the end, you'll fight another boss, the A-Force-1.
    A-Force-1: Not as easy as the others, but not hard too. Kill the turrets that
    are around, then stay with your back facing the wall. Now shoot down the
    missiles and the A-Force. Won't be hard if you have high weapon energy, but a
    pain if you don't. After the battle pick the last piece. Yay, next one.
    *Mission 7: Temple
    -Just another generic kill'em'all level. Less space to strafe may be a problem
    but nothing really hard. Just pierce through it as fast as you can.
    *Mission 8: Dreadnought
    Dreadnought: BOO! Surprise boss battle, the mission itself is one! Now getting
    down to bussiness...as soon as it starts, grab the items to left and right of
    you. Then strafe like hell and destroy the turrets in that structure protecting
    Dreadnought. After they're destroyed, the enemy will start running through a
    tunnel, and now you'll have to chase him in a circular place. Since he'll leave
    bombs behind, run in his side and behind, so you can go on shooting
    transpulses until it says "beacon activated". Then get the red item, and keep
    running around and shooting until the level ends.
    *Mission 9: Tube
    -It seems your speed fall dramatically when underwater, so take care since most
    of that level will be in the water. Other than that just kill all the enemies,
    and don't waste ammo so you won't have problems with them. After there are 4
    enemies left, find a small hole in the wall of a tunnel that leads to that
    "boss", S.C.U.
    S.C.U.: Calling that small thing a boss is a shame, enter the room, call his
    attention, and get back to the small hole entrance...stay in the middle of that
    small tunnel and when it appears with it's minions shoot the heck out of it.
    *Mission 10: Death to the invader
    -68 enemies, and you have to protect the Matrix, those four red eyes among that
    circular section of the stage. Go up and get the items, then get down again,
    and start running through the four red eyes, killing any enemy that appears
    there. Only when there are about 46 enemies left, start going further into the
    stage, but always paying attention to the matrix energy, so you get back
    if it loses any. Don't worry if one red eye get destroyed because you complete
    the mission even if there's only one left. And finally, with 4 enemies left,
    another hull barrier will appear, and you'll get to fight a new boss, Nutta.
    Nutta:Kill the three remaining enemies before anything, then bother with Nutta.
    Strafe around and shoot, since it's another biker simply take it like you're
    fighting yourself.
    **Second set - Medium levels**
    *Mission 11: Catch the orb
    -The battle already start with you fighting Metatank, but i guess he doesn't
    need further explanation, just check above in mission 4. After beating him, and
    getting to the room with the golden orb, Cerbero, another biker, will
    steal it and run away...defeat the enemies and follow him, of course. When the
    restart point is activated, you'll fight the first boss of the stage, (yeah,
    Sceptre: Caution with scatter missiles that will take out all your items, just
    another biker, so strafe, shoot, avoid mines, collect weaponry, shoot more.
    Keep going on, and soon enough you'll find the...golden orb. easy, wasn't it?
    well, no...because that golden orb was a dummy. Ahh too bad, so lets just keep
    going. After that room, you'll have to fight two bikers together, Cerbero and
    Cerbero & HKS: Not really much i can say, just normal shoot with your suss-gun/
    trojax/pulsar HKS and beat him first, then shoot Cerbero with the titan. Easier
    said than done but not extremely hard.
    Now just get back to the beam-in point killing the enemies you need in the way.
    Or you can also get further in the stage to find JO, another biker. You can
    him at battle mode anyway, so it's up to you doing it or not.
    *Mission 12: Alpha
    -Very simple, nothing besides fighting 23 enemies in a small stage so take care
    of your health. Easy.
    *Mission 13: Maldroid
    -Follow the tunnel behind you for a powerpod. Destroys the turrets and follow
    on. Defeat all enemies you see until the boss appear, Maldroid.
    Maldroid: Go through the holes in the wall before the boss's room, and before
    he gets to the other room. Collect the golden powerpod in a tunnel there, and
    fire everything you have on him. When beacon is activated, collect the red
    item, go into the place where you got the golden powerpod, and stay shooting
    anything that comes. The end.
    *Mission 14: Ship
    -Phew, another kill all enemies level, this can get repetitive you know...well,
    so go on, again.
    *Mission 15: Power down
    -I personally hate this level, what you have to do is activate those timers by
    shooting them or touching them, and then run to the doors they will open
    before the time runs out and you have to try again. The worst thing is not
    knowing where to go, and this place is cracked up with enemies, so you should
    really know the level. Also, when activating timers, avoid enemies and go
    directly to the door, as they will only make you lose time and have to restart.
    You'll have to press those pink buttons to open doors too. When you finally get
    to the Computer, another boss battle(if you could call that a boss battle)
    Safety Comp: There are pink switches there...but don't you press them, because
    it will send you to another stage instead of the medium path where you should
    be going(i'll explain this later on, check if you want it now). But if you don't
    press the switches, that computer's shield won't drop and you won't be able to
    shoot the red eye that's in front of it. So what you need to do is place
    yourself in an angle in which your shoots can reach the space between the shield
    and a small hole that the computer have, shooting inside that hole will cause
    massive damage, and the computer is finished.
    *Mission 16: Save the drone
    -You just have to protect that drone, so stay next to it shooting any nearby
    enemies...also pressing the switches to change the drone's direction. The only
    important thing is to NOT press the third switch you see, as it will get the
    drone stuck in an iron block, you'll probably recognize it when you see.
    *Mission 17: Battlebase
    -You'll already start getting attacked by Turrets, so be fast. Basically, you
    need to defeat all enemies, so you can open the door in the center and find
    your objective. After entering the room with the crystal, get the golden
    powerpod and destroy the turrets. After that, grab the red item, and strafe
    around. Done.
    *Mission 18: RamQan
    RamQan: A little taste of the last boss. Get all items in that upper room and
    get ready. Make sure you also get all the titans and golden power pods in the
    other rooms too. Now, his attacks are firing tons of red lasers at you, among
    with scatter and solaris missiles. Strafe like there's no tomorrow and recover
    everything you can from the scatter shots. when beacon is activated, get the
    red item and keep surviving for one more minute. Just one set of missions for
    the actual battle!
    **Third set - Hard missions**
    *Mission 19: Defend the power
    -So, in this mission, all your base are belong to the enemies, and you need to
    protect those green cores when they're exposed. Aside from stating the obvious,
    i'll recommend you to not wait after a core locks down, and run straight to the
    next so you get there before it's exposed.
    *Mission 20: Refinery
    -At least, the last kill all enemies mission. May be the simplest one, but
    you're still in the third set, so don't lose now you're so next to the end.
    *Mission 21: Sewer
    -I don't care if the game briefing says "as much as you can". There is an
    number of enemies, and you will kill'em'all in order to proceed.
    *Mission 22: Stabilizers
    -Golden powerpod, titan, shields and powerpods in the door behind you. You need
    to locate five crystals and place them one by one in the lower area of the
    stage. Since some doors will only open after you have 1,2,3 or 4 crystals, it's
    pretty linear. When you enter the room with the 4th crystal, you'll fight Excop,
    another biker.
    Excop: Fire the titan, if it doesn't kill instantly, keep shooting/strafing.
    Now you have two choices, the first is getting the 5th crystal and finishing the
    level, but that won't let you in the last mission. The second one is to go to
    the third floor (after the floor that's after the stabilizer, duh), then find
    a hole there, and go through until you find the real boss of the stage.
    A-Force-1: Time for comeback. Just the same as in mission 6, except he's faster.
    **Mission 23: Babalas
    You'll have to fight some bosses again before the final clash, so get ready.
    Manmek: Just make the same you did before, except that when he's health is low,
    he'll start to run away to the room where you got the beacon last time. Follow
    him. Once there, press the two switches (or press one and shoot the another) to
    crush him forever.
    Maldroid: Do just like you did before, he can be killed by normal means unlike
    the other bosses of this stage.
    Dreadnought: Make the same as before, but when he runs to another room, there
    will finally be a switch for you to press and smash him. If it fails, try again
    once he's back.
    -----------------------------*LAST BOSS*---------------------------------------
    RamQan: Finally, what you need is to get his health down to near-death, then
    he'll go even lower, in a room full of acid. Avoid his barrage of lasers, go
    down in the acid, and press the four switches there to finish him for good and
    end the game. Congrats.
    Fine! Now you finished the game, but if you still want a huge replay value, go
    for multiplayer.
    **Unlockable characters**
    -There are eight hidden characters in the game: Septre, Excop, Jo,
    Nubia, Cerbero, Mephistofun, HK-5, and Dr Nepenthe (Nutta). Kill them
    on one of the eight battle mode levels, then, the corresponding character
    will become available on the Biker selection screen.
    NOTE: No need to say those codes will take the fun out of the game if you do
    them before finishing it so make sure you actually play before attempting them.
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press A, R, Z, Up(2), C-Up, C-Down(2). If you entered the code
    correctly, the phrase "Missions Open" will appear. Then, any level and
    battle mode may now be selected.
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press A, Z(2), Up, Left, Left-C(2), Down-C.
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press A, R, Z, Right, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down(2).
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press B(2), Z, Left(2), C-Up, C-Left, C-Right.
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press B, L(2), Z, Up, Down, C-Up(2).
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press A, B, L, Up(2), C-Up(2), C-Right.
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press L, Z, Left, Right, Down(2), C-Down(2).
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press Up(4), Right, Down, C-Left(2).
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press B(3), L, R, Left, Down(2).
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press R, Z, Right(2), C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down.
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, or while the game is paused, press A, R, Left, Right, Down, C-
    Up, C-Left, C-Down.
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press L(2), R, Z, Left, Right, C-Up, C-Right.
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press B(2), R, Up, Left, Down, C-Up, C-Left. If you entered the
    code correctly, the phrase "Got it" will be spoken and a message will
    When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is
    paused, press Z, Down, C-Up, C-Left(4), C-Down. If you entered the code
    correctly, the phrase "Gore mode" will be spoken and you will hear a
    **Warp Points**
    There are stages where you can follow a different way to skip an entire
    set of missions and go directly to the next one:
    *Catch the orb: Just don't catch the dummy gold orb and you'll go to the
    third set of missions.
    *Power down: When in the boss, press all the buttons and beat the enemies
    until the computer drops it's shields, then shoot the red eye and go to
    the stabilizers mission.
    9.0)--Contact Info--
    You can send questions/suggestions at this e-mail adress:
    Things you may send:
    -Comments on the guide. Feedback rules.
    -Fixing errors, i'd love to make my FAQ even better with your help.
    -Suggestions, read above.
    Things you may NOT send:
    -Spam, just no.
    -Questions about the game. I wrote this FAQ for a reason, you know?
    -Bad grammar. If i have to try two times, trash.
    -Asking for a date. As much as i love to help you, i don't love YOU.
    Nintendo: The console.
    Acclaim/Probe: The developers.
    You: The player and reader of my first guide.
    Cheat code central <www.cheatcc.com>: The site where i got the codes.

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