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"Fast and allmost a blast"

Nintendo is home to many racing games. From Mario kart to Kirby air ride. But unlike those happy more cheerful games is the F-zero series. It is much different it's all speed no items. It is a very hard to master game.

Single Player:
The single player features 3 main cups, the jack, queen and king cups. Also the joker and "X" cups are un-lockable from completing the others. You play on 4 difficulties Novice, standard, expert and master. The tracks begin simple yet fun then become some-what annoying. They get to parts with no walls an insane turns! If you try to take the safe side and be careful you drop to very low places. So many use the boosts. The game allows you to use a boost any time after the first lap. You can use it continuously. But it also deals damage to your vehicles energy. You will find your self trying to race through the cups just to earn the games 30 characters. So the single player replay value is very low. Also the death race mode allows you to destroy the foe racers which is very boring after a while.

I have found that controls with the classic controller is very hard to make turns with. The game cube controller is much more smooth and allows easier controls in high speed areas. But for the most part the controls are pretty good

The graphics are 3-D in the game. There's nothing special here though. The track appears as you progress. And the backgrounds are usually one color. But the game maintains a some what real feeling of speed. The characters are all found in a comic format and are not at all 3-D they only appear when you select your racer.

The voices in this game are all alien deep ones. But the songs are actually pretty nice the menu music is a rock hared one. Also Big blue and mute city songs can be stuck in your head easily. The rest of the songs are fine. The clashing of your cars sound is not realistic but is understandable and fine. The sounds in this game are just fine.

Multi player:
This game is good for a few rounds of multi player but not allot. This game is not a big game for you and your friends if you want buy it for that reason, don't you will not get 10 dollars out of this game for it.

Overall: its good for a few plays of after you complete single player. I wont spend 1000 wii points on this game instead buy Mario kart for a N64 racing game. It has fun every where in it. So this N64 fast passed racer from me, Paper Dragon Gets a 6/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/02/07

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