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"F-ast and F-urious"

F-Zero X is a Futuristic Racing game developed by Nintendo. F-Zero X takes the simple concept of driving as fast as possible on sci-fi magnetic vehicles from the original SNES game and makes it 10 times better, with insane speed, excellent and precise controls, fully 3D courses, 30 vehicles to choose from and a great deal of challenge that will keep you coming back for more.

Gameplay: 9/10
Replay Value: 7.8/10

F-Zero is a pretty Arcade-ish kind of game, where you only select the course\cup, the vehicle and its speed\acceleration rate and then start the race. Don't expect anything more “sophisticated” ala Gran Turismo or something original like Mario Kart… although the game manages being great without all these stuff. The courses Awesome and one of the main reasons the game is so damn good. We start quite simple, with simple curvy tracks where you just drive as fast as possible, then things start getting more and more interesting with all kinds of courses. “Roller-coaster” loops, cylindrical or semi-cylindrical tunnels, curvy and twisty roads, corkscrew loops, parts with no boundaries, traps or extremely long leaps. Each level has its own special style and requires a different strategy. In one stage you have to drive as fast as possible inside a VERY narrow corridor, other require very good turning techniques, others are just “straight” lines where you try to keep your vehicle in course without falling out due to the insane speed and others are full or leaps, gaps, twists and turns. Another important thing in F-Zero X is the fact that you can boost your speed using your energy, (vehicle's health), and you can also use some of the in-course boost points that are placed quite cleverly in the courses. Now imagine racing in these tracks along with 30 more opponents!!! You simply can't imagine the carnage that goes on while you race, trying to outrun or destroy your opponents at top speed!

You loose too often? Well, yes the game can be quite challenging at times, but blame yourself and only yourself because F-Zero X has excellent controls, precise and responsive to the maximum, another reason why I love this game. Finally the 4 available challenge Modes make sure that EVERYONE will be satisfied. Easy is Easy, Normal is the typical average skill mode, Expert is my favorite since its very hard but doable and Master is truly a Mode made for the Masters of the game! If there is one bad thing about the game though is its lack of unlockables. We have 4 great Cups, (plus one special), many vehicles to unlock, the Death Race where you try destroying all 29 enemy vehicles and finally the ultra addicting and challenging Time Trial. There is also a very basic Multiplayer Mode were only 4 Human controlled vehicles can participate. Besides all these nothing else… but you know, the game is so damn good that even though there aren't many things to do you'll keep on playing just for the fun of it!

Graphics: 8/10
Design: 6/10

This is the only thing where F-Zero X lacks a bit, but for a good reason. You see we when we drive at 1500+ km/h at 3D tracks along with 29 more vehicles you have to sacrifice a lot of detail in order to keep things going as smooth as possible and F-Zero is great at it, with not a single stuttering or frame rate drop. And to be honest, when you drive, (read: fly), at such a high velocity you don't really care about the amount of detail… YOU BARELY HAVE A SECOND TO SEE YOUR OPPONENTS PASSING YOU BY DAMN IT!!! Most importantly F-Zero accomplishes making you FEEL the speed and for that alone I love it.

Sound: 7/10
Music: 9/10

The sound effects are quite good and they help, like the graphics to create a nice feeling of speed due to the great engine sounds or the wind blowing and stuff… but in a way you won't even care about these things. Why? Because the music FREAKING ROCKS!!! About 18 great and fast Hard Rock and Heavy Metal tracks that fit like a glove to the game since they are quite adrenaline pumping not to mention that the quality is almost CD like. Not all of them are as catchy as the “main” theme of the game, (Endless Challenge), but they are all very, very, good. Without a doubt a VG OST worth buying…

-Excellent precise controls
-Great courses
-4 Modes of Challenge that are perfectly balanced
-1800+ km\h, 30 vehicles and not a single frame drop!
-Excellent and very fast Hard Rock and Heavy Metal themes

-Sacrifice of graphic detail for efficiency
-Lack of extra modes and unlockables

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Overall: 7.8/10

F-Zero X is a game that will quench your thirst for extremely fast racing, it will amaze you with its precise controls, great music and excellent level design and although you'll play it for a week or so and then stop from boredom, (due to the lack of extra stuff), you will surely come again for more after a while because the game is so freaking fun to play…

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/15/10

Game Release: F-Zero X (US, 09/30/98)

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