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"WARNING: Recently Eaten Foods May Reach Speeds of 60 - 70 MPH"

Game Play-

What made the original F-Zero so good (I still have the Super Nintendo game) was that it was so simple to play. And F-Zero X improved on that rule. Everything in F-Zero X is so much better. And the huge number of cars, tracks, and drivers are cool. My personal favorite driver was Dr. Ead, because he had such a stupid name. There are 30 cars, 24 tracks, and a random track creator, known as the “X Cup”. The control is a bit weird. On some turns your car will skid for no apparent reason. My favorite mode is the Death Race, where you go on a continuous loop, blowing up cars in as fast of time as possible. This game could’ve done wonders online, but we’ll just have to see is there’ll be an F-Zero on the GameCube.


The graphics in this particular game are so good. I nearly got sick watching the graphics. Every course is detailed and beautifully designed and unique and original. The cars and drivers are very detailed also. I mean, some of the cars and courses bear a likeness to the cars and courses in the original Super Nintendo F-Zero. The backgrounds needed some work, though.


The music in F-Zero X is great. Some of the music in F-Zero X is remixed from the classic tunes from the original Super Nintendo F-Zero. I wish more SNES tracks would appear. I really loved White Land II. The sound effects in this particular game are great. The sound good, and yet remind me of the sound effects in the original Super Nintendo F-Zero. Some of the music is pretty bad, though.


If you were a fan of the original Super Nintendo F-Zero, then you will want to play F-Zero X over and over and over again. Who knew that three-dimensional high speed loop-de-loop racing could be so much fun. Oh believe me, you will want to play F-Zero X again.



This game is one of the reasons to own an N64. The game is the best N64 racer out there. While I haven’t played EVERY N64 racer, I’ve played my share. The game is better than these racers: Ridge Racer 64, Hydro Thunder, Cruis’n’ USA, Mario Kart 64, World Driver Championship, Diddy Kong Racing, and Cruis’n’ Exotica. If a game can be better than all of those games, can’t that tell you that the game is good

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/14/01, Updated 05/20/02

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