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"One word for this game... fun."

F-Zero is one of those SNES classics that everybody has play, even if you didn't have a SNES. The game was a high speed race (400+Mph) through tracks with all sorts of hazards. Now it has made it to the Nintendo 64 but everything is better. The speed is insane, it goes about 1100Km/H on average. My record max speed is 2003Km/H on rainbow road. The graphics are sort of bland but the game moves at 60FPS so who cares! The control is also greatly improved! There are many cars to choose from and many options of play. Huge selection of tracks, grand prixs. There is even a death race where you must be the last one alive on the track. And finally there is up to 4 people battling head to head. Oh and how could I forget! Time Attack too!

Graphics: 7.5
The graphics are the definition of bland. The cars have a low polygon count too. There is also noticable fade-in (draw-in). The grade would be a lot lower if the game did run at an amazing 60FPS. Everything is also pretty clear (when there is something!).

Sound: 9
The sounds are great! The sounds you make when you explode is just cool. Your hover craft engine makes a high pitch wistle, but it sounds really good in the game. When you hit the walls you make a grinding noise too. The music fits the game well, high tempo songs (and a good variety too!). The anouncer is a little hard to understand and is sometimes inacurate.

Gameplay: 10
There are 5 modes of play (GP, Time Attack, Death Race, Vs., and Practice). The game supports up to 4 players going head to head and has no slow down the I could see! There is also a boost thing you get after you finished the first lap, It gives you a speed boost but drains your health. The game has up to 30 people on the screen at the same time with no slow down! That has to be a record for the N64!

Replay: 10 (duh!)
With 5 modes of play and 4 difficulties, tracks to unlock, multiplayer. This game is just awesome! My friend and I (proper english!) played this game literally for 4 days straight! Only stopping to eat and sleep! This is the coolest game of all time! Ok maybe it's not but it sure is awesome!!!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/26/01, Updated 03/06/01

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