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Reviewed: 05/16/01 | Updated: 05/16/01

Absolutely unbelievable racing!

I'm not usually into driving games. So I can't quite explain what made me buy this one. Was it the astounding reviews I had see of it? Nope. It wasn't that at all. I can't quite explain how, but as you soon as you near an F-Zero X cartridge you know it's going to be special.
And I was spot-on. F-Zero X is a gaming masterpiece. But why? Read on...

I hate to come to the graphics first, because this is the only place where F-Zero X isn't perfect. Why? Because the makers of F-Zero X had to tone down the graphical detail to maintain the speed.
But it matters not a JOT. Because just the sheer speed of F-Zero X (I've made it to 1500 kmp!) makes you love it instantly. If they can get the graphics to this standard and still make the game run at the super-smooth speed that they have, it was SOOO worth it.
The graphics score an 8!

I don't usually care about music in games. But I have to admit, I was dazzled by the music in F-Zero X. So much so, I had the mad urge to fly to Japan so I could try to hunt out an F-Zero soundtrack. You NEED to hear that guitar playing in the opening theme! Just get your mates over, pump up the volume and get ready for one heck of a time. The music
EASILY scores a 10!

AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. JAW-DROPPINGLY FANTASTIC. These are three words that were formed for the sole purpose of describing the sheer insight to the controlling in this game. All of you will have played racing games where you have to wrench the joystick from side-to-side to steer. Well, in F-Zero X, just the slightest tweak on the control stick can affect the entire race. It is definitely the best control I have ever had the bliss of playing on any system...EVER. Obviously an 11 out of 10, here!

Well, it should be obvious to you that F-Zero X is worth buying by now. I cannot advise you do this any more than by saying that I think it is the best racing game ever.
Oh, and one thing I didn't touch upon in this review was how house-demolishingly difficult F-Zero X is. The biggest reason for this is that you're racing against 29 other futuristic cars! Believe me, you have to play this game to believe it. And you'll want to keep playing it, because it's just so MUCH FUN. Overall? A 10. Buy it right now.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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