Review by Jdude84

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Time to crank up the volume and drive faster than you ever have!

Tired of granny style go-kart racing that only reaches 60 MPH? Well this game is for you then, you can cruise along tracks at 1300 MPH with no railings and music blasting at your ears in this futuristic pulse-racing game. With 30 different racers, over 30 tracks, and music that will blow your mind, this game rocks!

Graphics - 6
The graphics aren't too great, period. Who cares?? You can barely SEE the graphics while you racing down the tracks over 1000 MPH. Graphics are not a big part of this game, get over it!

SoundMusic - 10
The music on this game is the best i've seen for a racing game, i wish all racing games had music like this! Forget those boring mario tunes your used to and get ready to rock! With music blasting in stero sound all around you while goin 1300 MPH you'll feel like your actually racing!

Replay Value - 8
It's a racing game, simple as that, once you've beat it, you've beat it. But unlike other racing games, this one is still fun to play after you've beaten it! And with the X Cup it features this game doesn't get boring!!!

Gameplay - 10
The gameplay is the best i've seen in a while for a racing game, 4 player mode, and 1 player are both great. 30+ tracks NEVER gets old, and the 30 racers you can select from are all fun to use! If you have a few friends then this game is possibly the best racing game around!

Overall - 10
Great Speed, Music, Sound, And gamplay. what more can you ask from a racing game? Buy this game today, you won't be sorry!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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