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Reviewed: 06/09/01 | Updated: 04/15/04

The best F-Zero ever, and a contender for best racer.

First off, let me start by telling you, this is by far the best racing game I have ever gotten my hands on (and that's quite a few racers). Nothing has even gotten close to the speed or fun of F-Zero X for me. Blasting through tunnels, dives, and corkscrews at twice the sound barrier will make almost any other racer seem like snail-speed as you zip through F-Zero X.

Control: 10/10 (50pts)
The gameplay of F-Zero X is astounding. The control style is very responsive, as a minor tweak of the controller is all you need to make a turn, in most cases. The game's speed almost never decreases--it almost always stays at 60FPS (fast for N64).

Graphics: 8/10 (12pts)
Many of the graphics in F-Zero X are not especially detailed, especially the background scenes. But, that matters not, because you will be going so fast that you won't have much, if any, time to look away from the road! The machines are all 3-D and well-rendered, and the same can be said for the tracks. As you go up higher, be it in the sky or the camera view, however, the detail on the cars drops. I still must rate this high because Nintendo used fog in a good way, and watching all the textures move by at 60FPS is something that is very hard to find in a game on the 64.

Sound: 9/10 (13.5pts)
One word. Awesome. A lot of the music is a rock type, but even people who dislike rock will probably enjoy the music. Even better so, the music fits each track perfectly. From the hard metal beats of Devil's Forest to the futuristic tune of Silence, the music is candy to the ears. Not much annoyance here. The boosts sound a bit funny, though.

Challenge: 10/10 (10pts)
F-Zero X has tons of challenges to offer. First, you try Novice grand prix mode, which is super-easy. Standard is a small step up, and not all that difficult. Then you decide you want to play Expert, and you lose a few times, but still eventually come out on top. Then, when you unlock the Master mode, you get your ass royally kicked. The computers on Master mode, while beatable, cheat. They can speed up without boosting and you will almost never have a large lead. After this, you think you're done, and you go into Time Trials for a few practice runs. Long behold, you notice an option called ''Staff Ghost,'' which you go on to try, thinking you're all big and bad, and suddenly, the staff ghost trashes you, clocking in at a time that you believe to be impossible. Yes, this game offers a wide variety of challenge.

Dynamics: 7/10 (7pts)
There isn't a hell of a lot of stuff on this game that you can change or whatever, but the X Cup alone gives this category a 7. What's X Cup? It's a random track generator. Some of the tracks it produces suck, while others are royal punishment.

Buy or Rent?
I seriously recommend buying, but if you are a graphics freak and must have a game with absolutely flawless graphics, rent it first. This game will keep you occupied any time.

Final Rating: 92.5/100 (9)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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