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Reviewed: 12/09/01 | Updated: 12/09/01

This is the most addictive racing game for the Nintendo 64.

This was one of the four games I got with my Nintendo 64 system. I was originally interested because of the cast of 30 interesting characters. I originally read about this game from a Nintendo Power magazine, and it looked stunning. This is one game I have not stopped playing sense I recieved it almost 2 years ago.

STORY (3/10): It's a racing game, do you really need a story? The only reason I didn't put N/A is because there is actually a little story to each character. However to learn their story you have to read the Instruction Booklet, which I have numerous time, because each characters are different. Some characters are trying to prove that their race is superior, while other are trying to show-up their rivals. All in all, this has a better story then most racing games.

GRAPHICS (7/10): Each ship has a different look to it, and the actuall race courses look pretty good. The only problem is that some courses do not have a strong background, which does hurt the outlook. All in all the graphics aren't that bad, nor are they stupendous.

SOUND (7.5/10): The music never gets repetive, but it does not have that one catching song that you will all be humming during the work/school day. The sound effects are spectacular however, from the roaring of the engine too two hovercrafts smashing into eachother. I also love the chime when you kill someone and the star appears.

GAMEPLAY (8/10): The course layout is amazing. When I first started playing under Jack/Novice Cup, I amazed by Big Blue and the skill it took to get through it. The fact that there are courses that are completely circular amazed me, and gave me a new sense of entertainment. I also noticed that later on courses like the half pipes, are also amazingly fun. Another factor is that each racer is different, and you must choose the one that fits you best (in my case it is Leon). This gives the game a strategic play. There is also a death match for a little extra incentive, where your goal is to be the last one standing. This is not easy at all. It took me about 20 tries to reach that mark, and every try was entertaining. The only problem with F-Zero's gameplay, was the multiplayer. You can not go through the tournaments with more than one player which does take out some fun of the game, and when ever you do play 4 player regular matches, you can only face 3 racers instead of 29. This also disapointed me because racers should definitely have a strong multiplayer. The last problem with multiplayers, is that there is no multiplayer death mode. Think about having a game, where your mission is to kill off your friends. That in itself could have been entertaining for hours. The problem is, that experience does not occur in this game.

REPLAYABILITY (10/10): For a racing game with very little in the multiplayer category, you would think there would be no replay value. The problem is, that out of every game I know, this may be the game I have played the most. I have fun just taking each character through the courses to gain one more cup. All in all, there is a possible 600 cup/character combinations, and I have around 300 at the moment. The courses in this game never get repetitive, and you will never find yourself returning this game. All in all, great replay value for solo missions.

DIFFICULTY (6/10): Early on this game is not that difficult. It is a pretty simple matter to open up the Joker and X cups, and all 30 characters. However to win the master courses is much more difficult. I have yet to win 3 out of the 20 courses with Leon, and I have a goal to do so. Early on you will find yourself cruising through, but you will come to almost a dead stop when the master cups come into play.

OVERALL (8/10): This game gets shot down a point because there is practically no addictive multiplayer. But if you are alone alot, and like to play a quick 10 to 15 minute game, this game is for you. With 600 character/cup combinations there is alot to do, and you will find yourself attempting to get them all. I strongly suggest getting this game, for I believe this is the best solo mode racer ever created for any system.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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