"Caution: Please keep your hands inside of the vehicle at all times. Oh, and don't steer with your feet either; we don't like that..."

Here it is. The N64 racer that gives Mario Kart a run for it's money. Although they are very different racing games they do have in common that both were great games on the Super Nintendo, and both have emerged as good or better on the N64. They also have in common that they're both extremely fun. Hrm, you guys are lucky, I might not be that wacky on this review. I just took my Prozac. :) Nah I'm just kidding... Riddelin all the way...

GAME DIFFICULTY - Being that it's a racing game with multiple difficulties the overall difficulty varies. But on it's hardest difficulty it is definitely a challenge. In the other difficulties you can usually just race without so much worrying about the guys you're competing with. But in expert you may definitely have to resort to putting some of your tougher opponents out of commission. Yay we get to kill people! Well, not really. Those persistent bastards just come back for more the next race.

GAMEPLAY - 8.5/10 - The two best words to describe this game would probably be fun and intense. You're racing in the future. You start out with a small selection of cars but by winning races and winning the cups in different events you can eventually unlock more cars then you'll ever need (actually there's more than you'll ever need because a good 40% of them absolutely suck. However, the crappier vehicles can be used to add more of a challenge). The game is a cinch to learn. It's really pretty basic. In the tournament mode you race with... hrm... 30 minus 1... that'd be... 29 other players. You go at a blisteringly fast pace (around 1000 mph according to the instruction booklet) and the 60 FPS helps keep up with it. You have a green boost meter thingy (sorry, I couldn't come up with a less technical term for it) which you can't use until after the first lap. When you use the boost button you gain a short speed burst and it uses some of your boost meter. Your boost meter is also lowered when your car is damaged. On every track, at some point there is a row of some interesting purplish liquid stuff. Driving through this refills your boost meter. If your boost meter ever becomes entirely empty your car will explode and you won't gain ANY points for the race (which hurts you reaaaally bad considering that the racers who get the top 5 score from around 80-100). And of course there are the basic yellow arrows on the tracks that give you a temporary speed boost. The tracks themselves are great enough but one of the cups that can be unlocked actually has randomly generated tracks! How cool is that!? Don't get too excited though. They're nothing fantastic, but it is an awesome addition to an awesome game. Another game option is a death race which, unfortunately, can only be done on 1 specific track. This is mad fun! Destroy all the other vehicles as fast as you can! There is a interesting spinning kind of move you can do to achieve this, that if timed and hit right, can destroy several vehicles in one hit. I would have liked it if you could have a death race on any and all of the different tracks you've unlocked. There's a time attack mode which is pretty basic. Try to beat your best time for the track of your choice. And of course there's a mode where you can play against your friends. This can be a blast with 4 people. Only problem with this is that the section of the screen designated to each person is pretty small. This is more of a problem with F-Zero X than with, say, Mario Kart because in F-Zero X you go so fast that if you can't see your surrounding very well it's easy to crash. It's just dandy, fast-paced fun. Lord help me, I said the word ''dandy.'' Actually I just typed it. I guess that's forgivable... maybe.

SOUND - 8.5/10 - The sound in F-Zero X is the type that makes me want to say ''Gnarly Dude!''... or something to that effect. Considering it is an N64 the quality of the sound is pretty darn good. The music is basically different kinds of techno (don't worry it's not like that funky scary kinf of techno that gives you nightmares). The only problem is that it is definitely the kind of music that one could get kind of sick of after a while. The sound effects, mainly the explosions, are pretty cool also. Oh and let's not forget that robotic, demented voice you hear at the start of the race and when your car explodes. Sometimes I blew up on purpose just so I could listen to that beautiful voice. Er... not really. Overall the sound is pretty cool. I think some ''Village People'' songs might have been a nice addition. Hrm, why is it that I always pick on ''the Village People''? Oh yeah... I remember now.

STORY - 9/10 - I probably could have just not bothered rating this. There isn't REALLY much of a story to it all, but in the booklet all 30 of the characters have their own little stories as to why they want to win and such. It's actually kind of interesting. Does it deserve a 9? Just the fact that it's a racing game and it even bothered to do that is pretty cool... so yes. Yes it does.

GRAPHICS - 7.5/10 - The graphics are really pretty basic. They aren't very detailed and the backgrounds tend to just absolutely suck. What saves the game in the graphic department is the sheer speed. As I mentioned the game goes at a whopping 60 frames per second, so it has no trouble keeping up. It just makes the graphics look a lot cooler then they really are when you're going so amazingly fast. The explosions don't look half bad either. The graphics aren't going to win any awards but they sure do get the job done for this intense, fast-paced kind of game.

CONTROLS - 9.5/10 - The controls are great and very easy to learn. Not to take any credit away from the creators but it's pretty hard to screw up the controls for a racing game. There's a button for acceleration, braking, steering and then usually a few extra things added in to make the game original. Considering the controller has some 30 million different buttons on it, it's pretty easy. Why didn't I give it a 10? I don't know. I've yet to see a control set-up that actually made me think ''OMG, THESE CONTROLS ARE GODLY!'' and I probably never will. Oh well.

REPLAYABILITY - 10/10 - This game is full of it!!! Replayability, I mean. Add tons of tracks and cars to unlock, a few different modes, the different difficulty levels, and one of the most fun racing games you may ever play and you get more replayability than you can handle. Technically, if you want to achieve perfection, you could try to win 1st place for every cup for every difficulty for EVERY player!!! I'd be willing to bet that nobody has ever done this as it would take hundreds maybe thousands of hours. Then there's the fact that winning the Joker Cup with one of the worst cars possible by itself would be a real challenge. Hey, shoot for the stars. If you enjoy this game like a lot of people do it can keep you busy a LONG time.

TILT - 9/10 - I had an absolute blast playing this game. I hadn't played it in a long time (PS2 has taken over) but I did play it so I could write this review and now I'll probably be hooked on it again. Playing it again made me remember how fun this game is. I think it would have been cool if there was a little bit more of an assortment of obstacles and stuff in the tracks, but hey nothing is perfect. Oh, and just for the record my real score on this game is an 8.5 (I do really enjoy this game, but I guess I grade rather harshly) but of course Ceej has something against decimals and fractions. Probably a traumatic childhood experience in math class.

BUY OR RENT - I got to say rent just in case. If everybody in the world had the same opinion about video games there would be no need for multiple reviews. As great as this game is there is at least one demented humanoid out there, probably created in an experiment gone bad, that may dislike this game. It just might be you! If you just like throwing money around and you have complete and total faith in me (you really should) then go out and buy it. This concludes my best review ever. No, not really. My best review ever was probably one that didn't get posted because there were already too many reviews. The sad thing is that if it had been posted it probably would have changed the entire existence of the world as we know it. On that note, my e-mail is trisdc152002@yahoo.com if you feel like asking me about myself or video games or the Simpsons or what I'm wearing... or um, something like that. Later.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/29/02, Updated 07/29/02

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