Review by Kerry

"Lots of tracks plus mind-boggeling speed equals a great game."

When I first played F-Zero X at a local games store, I was nearly blinded by the speed. I knew this was a game to have.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics are, well, are average. But the blinding speed and the ability for thirty cars to be on the screen at onece more than make up for it. Some people I've talked to (graphic junkies) were apalled by the uninspiring graphics, so much that they didn't even play the game. But believe me, this game goes so fast you don't even notice the graphics.

Gameplay 10/10

This game has gameplay, and it has it in spades! Over-the-top, arcade action at break-neck speed (usually 60 fps) makes a great racer. Although weapons would have been nice, when you think about it they'd be kind of hard to handle when you're going 1000 kmph. So instead of weapons you can attack opponent cars with your own car (or hover vehicle I should say) and smash them into the walls. Oh, and this is the perfect game to by if you're in the middle of an RPG such as Final Fantasy 7 or Zelda.

Sound 8/10

Not bad, not bad at all. The backround music is akin to something you'd find on an Offspring or Blink 182 cd. The announcer is clear (although he does sound robotic), but the engines and crash sounds are what you get with most racers these days.

Story 4/10

This has got about as much story as Brittney Spears career. Seriously, its your average "everyone racing to get the trophy" story. Not that it deteers from the gameplay or anything, its just that you shouldn't expect to be wowed by a stellar storyline or anything.

Replay 9/10

Tons of tracks, 30 cars (most of which need unlocking), lots of modes, a kicking four-player mode, and a random track generator! What more could you want?

Unless you judge a game by graphics, or get sick at high speeds buy this game. It's worth every cent you pay for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/13/99, Updated 12/13/99

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