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"Gurp* There goes my lunch! **"

Wow! Yea-haw! F-Zero X is AMAZING!! This game comes so close to perfection! From its humble SNES beginnings, F-Zero X has exploded into a huge bonanza of racing madness! Instead of 4 selectable cars you now have access to 30, assuming you can unlock them all! Besides the normal circuits and difficulty levels, you also have a battle game that gives you the opportunity to knock 29 other ships out of commission. (my record time is just over 2 minutes!) The only thing that this game needed (and that would have gave it a 10) was a time record keeping feature on the circuit screen.
What always made F-Zero a great game was its number of tracks and the N-64 version does not disappoint! With dozens of tracks and the always changing X-Cup, this game has amazing replay value! The courses fly along super smoothly, twisting and turning all the while! A rockin' sound track pumps up the excitement while you zoom about the track! Unlike the first game, the laps are relatively quick and if you destroy an enemy ship it stays destroyed (at least until the end of the race!)The point standings are a little more wild and the challenge on the hardest levels is a trial for only the best gamers to pass! The variety in the tracks is great; from steep drops to high jumps, speed strips to dark tunnels this game has it all! The pinpoint controls comlpiment the game to the fullest making this one of the best investments you can make for the N64!!

Graphics=9.2 Smooth baby!! Each of ths ships has a unique look and an equally as neat driver. The art was done comic book style while the tracks still look ultra smooth. The details are amazing and the track design is ingenious! The ending celebration stuff could have had a little more fanfare, but Im not complaining!

Sound=9.8 Yes! Great music and sound effects! Nintendo wisely stayed away from using dull, mind numbing techno crap and opted for a rock music based soundtrack. There are some great remixes from the previous F-Zero game as well as some new tunes. No annoying British announcers, how sweet is THAT!!

Playcontrol=10* Yes, this game is as tight as tight can be. The analog controller give you complete control over the ships whihe the Z-leaning and spin attacks are very cool! Snap into it Baby!!! Yee haw-- You can turn on a dime and wind through corridors at amazing speeds! Try different views for a change of pace!

Challenge-9.0 On the hardest levels you will strive for mere survival, not just winning! The ships can get pretty agressive at the higher levels! The multi-player option is perhaps the best racing split screen out there-- NEVER ANY SLOW DOWN-- so it really takes skill alone to bring home the bacon!

Storyline=7.0 All the racers have weird little bios, so it's better than just racing for glory-- You are racing for some weird guy driving the car!

Overall=9.5 The ONLY thing missing from this game was a way to save your actual race times ( they do have a time trials thing but it's not the same!)Otherwise a super duper racer with a lot of personality!

*BRU'S MUST GET OMETER*=10 Everyone should own this game; it's fun rating is through the roof-- Yee haw!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/21/00, Updated 02/21/00

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