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Reviewed: 02/29/00 | Updated: 02/29/00

A good racer that offers little

In my opinion this game isn't what people say it is. I got bored of it in a week, and during that time i didn't get the enjoyment i wanted.


I have to be honest, the graphics in this game suck. There is absolutely nothing in the tracks besides the track itself. Everything but the vehciles in this game are 2D! When you win a grand pri you see a nice paper-thin image of the driver. It's like they've made a SNES game for the n64!

AUDIO: 7/10

The audios are OK in f-zero x. The songs sound good and they match the tracks. The sounds aren't very though. The sound of a vehcile blowing up isn't what you would call, inspirational. There is some speech but it sounds retarded.


The vehciles are extremely difficult to drive. Whenever you turn a corner your machine loses its grip and slides into the railing often blowing you up. If you go too fast your machine flies off the track and blows up as well. There isn't any brakes which is a real bummer also. You can't slow very much at all. Very difficult to get good at this game.


For a short period of time i got enjoyment out of this game, but that was a SHORT period of time. Racers are surposed to be fun for a long time but F-zero x fails to. Once you beat all grand pris there's nothing to make you race it again. The time attack adds little, is there any point of getting a faster time? On the hard difficulties, the computer cheats so it can get to first place, it doesn't matter how far ahead you are, the computer will ALWAYS catch up. One good option is the death race, where you have to eliminate all the other machines as fast as you can. But even that gets boring pretty quickly.


An OK racer but it could of been heaps better with better graphics and more options like build your own machine or something like that. If i were you i wouldn't buy it unless the price went down a lot. Hiring it out is a good option because the first time you play it is pretty good.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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