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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RockguyKev

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/24/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Gauntlet Legends 64 FAQ Version 1.0                                                    
    October 24, 1999
    By: Kevin Roughton
    Special Thanks to Wang Ng for playing through the game with me.
    Table of contents
    1- Introduction
    2- Controls
    3- Characters
    4- Walkthrough
    This was a very difficult walkthrough to write, mapping in a 3D, 
    constantly rotating environment isn't easy. In almost every case, 
    directions of right/left refer to areas of the screen, not in relation 
    to your character.  Also, they almost always assume no rotation, in 
    other words, you are just walking straight through and not stopping to 
    let the screen catch up.  If you still need help, drop me an E-mail.  
    Also of note for you renters out there, to play 4-players you MUST have 
    an expansion pak.  Other than that, enjoy the FAQ.
    A- long-range attack
    B- magic
    Z- turbo
    R- turn weapons on/off
    A+B- throw magic potion (hits enemies on levels above and below)
    Z+B- uses potion as a shield, very useful
    Control Stick- movement and melee attack*
    *for the melee attack (hand to hand combat) just walk into the enemies 
    without pushing turbo.  If you hold turbo, you'll just blast right 
    through them gaining tons of experience, but you won't kill them easily.
    ARCHER- speedy little dude, weak melee, pretty good long range attack, 
    good against bosses.  My favorite since going fast is neat.  Pretty slow 
    L3 turbo, better than average L2 turbo.
    VALKYRIE- average everything (yawn).  Excellent L3 turbo, lame L2.
    WARRIOR- great melee, slow long-range attack, awful magic that will 
    basically hurt stuff but not kill it.  Fast L3 turbo without much width, 
    lame L2.
    WIZARD- very fast long range, very slow and weak melee.  Great magic 
    (duh) makes him pretty good.  Slow but huge L3 is much like Archer's, 
    best L2.
    MINOTAUR- same as warrior
    TIGRESS- same as Archer
    FALCONESS- same as Valkyrie
    JACKAL- same as Wizard
    SUMNER- same as Wizard but bigger familiar attack I think.
    * A two-player (2P) switch is supposed to be used with (gasp!) two-
    players.  They are the switches that only work when you are standing on 
    them, you can cross them with one player if you are quick though, more 
    explained later.
    Stuff to find: Obelisk
    At the beginning go to the bridge on the left, not through the locked 
    door near the top of the screen.  At the end of the bridge is a switch, 
    hit it to raise the first obelisk.  Nothing else of note in this very 
    short level.  Come back often to gain gold, magic, and life.
    Stuff to find: Obelisk, Rune Stone
    The barrel to the right of the starting position has poison in it, don't 
    eat it obviously.  Take the lower path at the start, follow it around 
    until you see two generators, between these is a rock-like covering, 
    shoot it to reveal a switch and some gold.  Just beyond this is a split 
    in the road with 3 ways to go, go to top-right path and follow it 
    around, this way you'll avoid Death.  At the next split, take the upper 
    path.  At the top is an obelisk just sitting nicely in the corner. After 
    hitting it, again take the upper path.  You'll soon see a path leading 
    up, take it. Follow this path (ignore the path that shows up going 
    right) until you reach a large open area, here you'll meet your first 
    Golem.  A turbo attack or two should take him down, just keep 
    retreating, attacking, retreating etc.  When he's dead, return the open 
    area and take the lower right path.  Continue on this path until you see 
    a light brown rock in the wall, shoot it to uncover the first Rune 
    Stone.  Return to the open area and take the upper right path to the 
    Stuff to find: Obelisk, bonus stage
    Take the upper path, it leads straight to a Golem and the third obelisk. 
    Continue to take the upper path until you can't any longer.  At that 
    point, go down, then immediately down again.  At the lowest level, go 
    right and hit the switch, you'll see the door above you open, go there. 
    Continue on this path until you can go down.  Go down and you have a 
    choice: Go right and shoot the wall to uncover the switch to open the 
    exit, or go left and hit another switch, you must do both.  After you 
    do, go up and right, shoot the rock blocking your way if you haven't 
    yet.  Continue until you see 2 bridges, take the upper bridge.  At the 
    end of the bridge is a path going down, take this and go to the left to 
    find the bonus stage or go right to find the regular exit.
    Stuff to find: Runestone
    Go down/right, then down immediately.  The screen will rotate, continue 
    walking straight (you will be holding right on the control stick.  When 
    the road splits (just past the barrel with the message) go left and hit 
    the switch.  Where the switch is pointing is a lightly colored rock, 
    shoot it and walk through, there is another switch towards the top of 
    the screen, hit it then head back to the starting area.  This time, go 
    right instead of down/right, you should see a bomb-carrier run towards 
    you if you went the right way, there will also be a lava trail on the 
    left part of the screen, follow this path.  When it forks, go left 
    around the rock, hit the switch to raise the Runestone, and continue to 
    the left.  Follow the crack in the ground until hit the big black rock 
    with a torch on it.  Go around this rock to the point where the crack 
    stops, turn right and shoot the rock to continue, hit the switch at the 
    end and return to the crack.  At the crack, go up. Go right around the 
    flame then go left, when you see the exit, don't go in it, walk past it 
    to get the Runestone you raised before, now, turn back and go to the 
    Stuff to find: Runestone
    For awhile you have no choice but to follow the path you start on, when 
    you see an open area with a red barrel continue straight.  Shoot the big 
    blue stone ahead to reveal a switch, return to the red barrel area and 
    take the other path.  Walk straight across the make-shift bridge to a 
    barrel, break it and hit the switch underneath, then go right.  Follow 
    this path until the road forks (there are 4 red barrels), here go left.  
    In the next "room" go down, shoot the rock, hit the switch, then go up.  
    Next room, go left, shoot the mountain wall, go in, hit the switch, go 
    back to the right.  If you get to the exit, you've gone too far, back up 
    one "room" go down, then go right. There is a switch under a barrel 
    here, ignore it for now, continue on.  Cross the little bridge, turn 
    left, shoot wall, hit the switch, continue on, hit another switch, grab 
    the Runestone.  Now return back to the switch under the barrel, hit it, 
    step on the rock it raises, grab the Shimitar, return to the exit (its 
    left one room, up one, right one.)
    Stuff to find: Nothing
    Fighting this dragon is much like any other boss.  You'll want about 
    1,500 life each if you're playing two player, way more if you're alone.  
    Items like 3-way shot and Ice Amulets will help alot here.  Just keep 
    running and shooting, using a L3 Turbo whenever possible.  If you got 
    the Ice Ax from the Castle Treasury the dragon will be frozen for a 
    short time for you to beat on him at first.
    Stuff to find: Obelisk, Runestone
    Go down, hit the switch, go through the door, go right, hit the switch 
    in the corner, go back left and through the locked door.  At the end of 
    the hallway turn left, then go down you'll see a bunch of sticks in the 
    ground, go around to the backside, walk in, shoot the rock, take the 
    Runestone, then go to the left, up the ramp and continue.  Go up the 
    long stairway, turn left and walk to the corner opening behind the 
    locked door, go in, hit the switch and continue.  There is a 2-player 
    switch here, if you're fast step on it and run forward, otherwise you 
    need to go all the way around.  Alternately, stand on the switch until 
    an enemy steps on the bridge, then you can run across.  When across, go 
    down the stairs on the other side go left at the bottom, shoot the rock, 
    step on the switch.  Then, continue along the path, through the winding 
    hedges until you reach a second switch, after hitting it go back to the 
    stairs and go up.  Open the corner room, kill the Golem hit the switch, 
    continue.  After walking awhile, you'll reach some stairs going down, in 
    the tower to the left of those is a hidden switch, make sure to get it, 
    then continue on the path.  Hit the switch in the first corner room, 
    then continue.  In the second corner room is a Golem and an Obelisk, get 
    it and continue on the path, the exit is just up ahead.
    Stuff: Obelisk, Runestone
    At the stairs, go down not straight, hit a hidden wall panel at the base 
    to reveal a switch.  Get the money in the corner to hit a second switch, 
    go back up, take the stairs you skipped before. At the base of these 
    stairs, go down to hit another switch.  Go back to the other stairs and 
    go down those again, cross the acid pool at the bottom this time.  Hit 
    all the switches you see, cross over using the 2 player switch and hit 
    the switch there too.  Go down from that switch to hit a 3rd switch, 
    then go up through the gate and turn left, hit the switch on the bridge 
    and continue, you should be back and the 2 sets of stairs.  Turn up, 
    shoot, hit switch, take Runestone, return back across the bridge.  Cross 
    the room and go up the stairs, when you see two sets of stairs, take the 
    upper route. Turn right, hit the switch continue to the next room, here, 
    cross the bridge.  Turn left and go up the stairs.  Hit the switch you 
    see on the right, go back to the bridge, hit the switch there now go 
    where it points to get the Obelisk.  To the right and a little down from 
    the Obelisk is a dark green platform that just rose, cross it, shoot 
    into the wall, hit the switch and go back up the stairs to the end of 
    the level.
    Stuff to find: Runestone
    Go left through the locked door.  Hit the green switch, go back right, 
    hit the switch here, go back left, hit the switch, go right again, hit 
    the switch, now follow the arrow down the stairs.  Go to the right of 
    the base of the stairs and hit the switch, return to the base of the 
    stairs and go down. Go straight across the disappearing platform then go 
    left.  There will be a Golem and a switch eventually, hit it and turn 
    around and go back right, when you hit the white wall, turn left, follow 
    around this corner, go up next to the Golem, through the locked door and 
    down the stairs at the end.  There is a switch in the wall directly down 
    from these stairs, hit it and return to the start of the level to grab 
    the Runestone, now return back down the stairs to the same area.  Go 
    left of the hidden switch, around the wall to find another switch.  Hit 
    it and return upstairs. Go down, then left, then up to the Golem and the 
    switch, hit it and go back downstairs again, this time go up the large 
    stairs in the rear of the room, this path leads straight to the end with 
    no more switches to hit.  
    Stuff to find: Ice Ax, bonus level
    Shoot through the cracked wall to the left of the start, hit the switch 
    and continue up.  At the bottom of the stairs to the basement, shoot the 
    corner to reveal a switch, hit it an continue.  There is a second hidden 
    switch directly where the first switch is pointing and another switch 
    below, hit both. Return to the starting position and go right, turn down 
    (away from the teleporter) go through the locked door and shoot the wall 
    in the back, hit that switch and the switch to the left, return to the 
    starting point.  This time go right and step on the teleporter, then the 
    next teleporter.  Hit the switch on the throne and go left, in the next 
    room go up.  You'll end up in a room with the Ice Ax and a bunch of 
    switches, hit them all (three of them are hidden behind a panel at the 
    top of the elevator like platform, just shoot the panel), don't worry 
    about the ax yet.  After hitting all the switches (the last one drops 
    the 4 columns) go back to the room before (go down) then go to the left 
    of that room.  Step on the teleporter, follow the path, hit the switch 
    under barrel and go back and get the ax.  Then come back and hit the 
    second teleporter and go as far straight as possible, then go left, hit 
    the two switches and go through the door that was blocking you. Go 
    straight through, up the stairs and to the right to the bonus level.
    With the sword this guy is pretty easy, just go to the left where the 
    head was chopped off and start shooting.  If you didn't get the sword, 
    stay on one side of the area and use the run and shoot method from 
    before, it's not easy.
    Stuff to find:  Obelisk, bonus level
    When you first start, turn around and go to the right, you'll see a tree 
    stump, shoot it to reveal a switch.  Hit the switch and cross the 
    bridge, search this area for an Obelisk, it is the rear-right corner of 
    this area, after getting it, return to the starting area and go the 
    other way. Go as far to the left as possible, then go up to fight a 
    Golem, continue up afterwards.  When the wall to your right turns right, 
    follow it to the large bridge.  On the right side of the bridge near the 
    end is a secret panel, shoot it and hit the switch, step on the platform 
    it raises and hit the switch and the bottom, continue through the newly 
    opened door at the end of the bridge.  Go straight from this point until 
    you hit the mountain wall, go left up the pathway here.  From the end of 
    the path (after the two locked doors) go up/left and walk up the hill to 
    find a switch near the gallows.  Go up/right from the switch to find 
    another path along the mountain wall, follow this path around to the 
    bonus level.
    Stuff to find: Rune stone, Obelisk
    Hit the switch under the barrel on the left, go up through the gates, 
    hit the switch under the barrel in the middle of the back of the group 
    of gravestones, this will open the gate to the next area at the top, go 
    there.  The switches around the gravestones just raise some graves to 
    give you items. Follow this path until you reach another set of 
    gravestones, the switch you need to hit is in the rear-middle again, 
    behind a tree.  There is a switch is the small house in the right-hand 
    part of this area which raises some graves to give more items.  Go to 
    the left when you are ready.  Follow this path until you get stopped, on 
    the left is a switch which opens a path to the right, go there. Hitting 
    the switch under the barrel in here opens the door that was locked 
    before, go through that door.  Here, shoot the doors on either side of 
    you to open up items and switches.  One switch drops the platform that 
    was raised in the room before, go back and hit that switch to open the 
    door on the first little houses which leads to the Runestone.  Continue 
    on the path after this.  Eventually you'll end up in a huge open grass 
    area, go as far left as possible, there will be another house, BEHIND 
    it, not in it, is the Obelisk,  head right after hitting it.  After 
    going right for awhile, you'll find a message in a barrel which says 
    something about a bridge, immediately go down and cross the bridge and 
    hit the switch. Go back across the bridge and go right where you'll 
    fight a Golem.  Continue on, the end is shortly ahead.
    Stuff to find- Runestone, Scroll of Flame
    Go down and left, shoot the door on the house, hit the switch.  Go back 
    to the start, go through the locked door.  Head to the rear-left of this 
    area and go up the ramp, at the split in the ramp, cross the  bridge.  
    Follow the platform until it ends, go left and down (the ramp may be 
    hard to see, but it's there).  At the bottom of the ramp go down/right 
    and start shooting, you'll uncover a switch.  Hit the switch and go back 
    up the ramp to the previously locked door, there is a switch there now, 
    hit it and go back down the ramp.  NOTE: there are two ramps, you may 
    use either of them any time I say "use the ramp."  Go straight down from 
    the ramp endings through the previously locked door then go left.  Shoot 
    the door of the house and hit the switch, go back to the ramps, go up 
    the one on the right (not the one you came in) turn right and continue 
    down the path and cross the bridge.  Go right and up the second ramp, at 
    the top, turn left, hit the switch and go back down the ramp. The switch 
    in the grate should now be raised, hit it and go back up the ramp, this 
    time go right.  Hit a third switch go back down the ramp again go 
    down/right from the ramp base to find a final switch which raises the 
    Runestone right in front of you.  Finally go back up the ramp and to the 
    right, unlock a door and go through.  At the end of this path you'll hit 
    a large building, turn to the right and shoot to open a secret switch, 
    hit it and continue to the left up the path, all the way to the top.  
    You'll find a series of switch here, hit all of them,  after that run 
    back down the spiral.  You'll see a wooden platform off the side 
    eventually, hit the switch there watch the wall drop behind you, shoot 
    the dirt mound on the left, hit the switch and another platform rises. 
    Hit the switch on there, return to the hole in the wall, hit that switch 
    and watch the Scroll magically appear.  Return to the top of the spire 
    and exit the level.
    Stuff to find: Runestone
    Climb the ropes to hit the first switch after shooting out the light 
    color boxes.  Follow this path for a long time, eventually you'll end up 
    on the ship.  Go up the first stairs you see, climb across the ropes to 
    find two switch, hit them and return, then take the lower stairs.  When 
    you get stopped by crates, go down to find a pathway. At the base of the 
    pathway, take the rope net back up walk across the crates, hitting the 
    switch on the way.  Continue until you can go no further, then shoot the 
    crates in front of you, tada, a Runestone.  Walk back to the base of the 
    netting and go up the path on the right of the screen.  Walk around the 
    front of the ship until you see another pathway on the right, take it.  
    The switch on top nets a couple keys and a death in a chest, just go 
    back down the other side instead.  There is a hidden switch next to the 
    first stairs you go up, hit it and continue up the stairs.  When you hit 
    the landing with all the crates, go to the right and shoot a few times, 
    there is a hidden switch and a treasure chest with poison it in.  Hit 
    the switch and shoot the light colored crates nearby to continue.  
    You'll find a barrel soon, destroy it and hit the switch before 
    continuing.  The end is at the end of the path.
    Stuff: nothing, it's a boss
    If you have the spear.  Just stand in the middle of the screen and 
    shoot.  It will take about 2,000 HP.  If not, run around and do the 
    normal stuff.
    --Frozen Plains--
    Stuff to find: Runestone
    Go across the dock, then go left through the locked door.  There is a 
    covered switch when you get "stuck".  Hit it and continue, the switch on 
    the other side has no effect but to raise the platform you're already 
    on. Cross the plank, either one because one doesn't take you anywhere 
    but to a key and continue.  Hit the 2P switch and continue.  Keep 
    holding down as you cross the bridge, follow on this path until the 
    locked door, go through it.  Eventually the road will fork, take the 
    path leading up, it will be to the left of you before the screen 
    rotates.  Follow this to the next locked door, open it and go left as 
    far as you can.  There will be a Golem, kill it and cross the dock near 
    him.  At the end of the dock turn around and shoot the middle crate, hit 
    the switch and follow it.  Hit the new switch and go back to the locked 
    door where you went left the first time.  Go left this time as far as 
    possible, shoot the crate here to start a chain of rising switches, keep 
    hitting them. At the end of this chain, turn right, shoot the wall at 
    the end, hit the switch and continue left on the path.  When you hit the 
    green torch, go to the top of the screen and climb the mountain, cross 
    the tracks and go right.  At the end of this path you'll find the 
    Runestone.  Go back to where the track ended and go left this time for a 
    long way.  Eventually the path will twist and turn, but its the same 
    path, so just keep going.  After passing through the locked door, go 
    right if you need a key, go down to the train tracks if you don't.  
    Cross the tracks.  At the end of this path, through one more locked door 
    is a well-deserved exit.
    Stuff to find: Runestone, bonus level
    Go up/right, there is a switch under a crate, hit it and follow to where 
    it points.  Hit the switch here in the corner and go down.  Hit this 
    switch and step on the ice it raises.  Step on the ice on the other side 
    and ride it to the top. Go right.  Go through the locked door inside the 
    two fences, hit the switch and take the lower path.  You will see a gate 
    with two treasure chests inside, go in and hit the switch (it may be 
    covered, if you can't see it, shoot to the right.)  After hitting it 
    continue on the path.  When the path widens, stay towards the left, go 
    through the locked door.  This door will be called "the locked door near 
    the middle of the level" for future reference.  Go up until you hit the 
    train tracks, then go left, shoot the big thing of ice, hit the switch 
    and continue left.  Hit the next switch, then go back right, past the 
    hill where you came up to find the next switch.  After hitting this, go 
    back down the hill where a new switch will be opened up, hit it and go 
    where it points, down the hill.  At the base of the hill, go right and 
    cross at the 2P switch.  Follow this until you hit a switch just past a 
    red barrel.  Go up the hill here, hit the next switch, then return to 
    the base of the hill and go left, across the plank. Now go down and go 
    right across the next plank, hit the switch.  Cross the plank again and 
    go left through the locked door in the middle of the level, follow the 
    mountain on the right until you hit a switch.  Now, return to the plank 
    (go down, then right) but instead of crossing it go up, there will be a 
    new switch, hit it and follow it to the right. Go back up the hill, 
    hitting the switch on the far right, follow the ice trail that raises.  
    When you hit the pair of tracks, take the path that leads left.  
    Immediately past the 2 red barrels, right before the tracks turn into a 
    bridge for a second time, there is a small, almost clear patch of ice to 
    the right, take it.  At the top it a switch, hit it and return to the 
    tracks.  Continue the direction you were going until you get back to the 
    area that had the three switches before, there should be a crate on the 
    side of the tracks, shoot it to make a ramp and come down.  Go down the 
    hill, continue down to the locked door in the middle of the level, hit 
    the switch just below it and go back up to the clear ice path, you can 
    go either the way you just came or the way mapped before, they are about 
    the same distance.  At the top of the clear ice, turn right, shoot the 
    ice, grab the Runestone.  Now, take a deep breath and congratulate 
    yourself, you found the hardest Runestone.  Ok, now, get back on the 
    train tracks and continue past the crate/ramp thing.  When the track 
    stops, keep going right, when you see tracks to the left again, take 
    them.  Go down the hill at the end, follow the tracks again and you'll 
    end up in an area with a bunch of cages.  Grab the growth potion to open 
    the cages releasing the golems and switches.  Below this potion is a 
    crate with a switch under it, hit and the switch in the cage to the left 
    of it, then go up the hill and go right.  Go straight through this path 
    until you see a detached set of crates, go up the ramp, step on the 
    bonus level and you are done.
    Stuff to find: Runestone
    Follow until the bridge on the right, take it, hit the switch, go back 
    towards the start, you'll see a hill on the left, go up.  Go right at 
    the top of the hill, go in the pit, hit the switch and continue right.  
    Ignore the next switch you see and continue.  DO hit the next switch, 
    then go back left, another hill will be on the left, use it.  Atop the 
    hill, go right, since you can't go left, seems logical.  There are two 
    switches to hit, after doing so, go back and step into the waterfall to 
    hit a third switch, go back to where you couldn't go before, now you 
    can.  Hit the switch, go up the platform.  At the end of the bridge, go 
    right.  Head up the little ramp, hit the switch and go back left.  Take 
    the platform that is straight up from the water fall.  Take the next 
    platform up too.  Head down the ramp at the end here, hit the switch at 
    the base, then go back to the last platform, ride it down then go 
    through the newly opened door.  At the end of this bridge, go right, hit 
    the switch then go back to the bridge and continue left.  Continue past 
    the teleporter at first, hit the switch, then take the teleporter. 
    Ignore the platform at first, cross the bridge, hit the switch, now take 
    the platform up.  Go up through the ice wall and to the left, hit the 
    switch behind the ice then go right, hit the switch, then go back to the 
    ice wall and to the right across the bridge to the right.  Continue 
    straight, past the switch in the water, through the locked door and hit 
    the switch at the end of the bridge.  Go back and hit the switch in the 
    water now, then go where it points, down the bridge, and go left.  Hit 
    the switch you see here, continue left, hit the switch and grab the 
    Runestone now go back right.  Go down through the newly opened door.  Go 
    left and hit the switch before going right after the bridge.
    Stuff to find: Plague boss weapon
    Follow the path for a long time, eventually you will go down a winding 
    plank road, keep going still, past the waterfall, just keep going.  
    Eventually the road splits up and down, go down.  Hit the switch to 
    lower the platform, take it up and go left, cross the golden bridge like 
    thing, hit the switch here then go back to the right.  Go through the 
    locked door, there will be a Golem, kill it and continue, go down the 
    wooden path.  There is a 2P switch to the left of the base, hit it and 
    cross the bridge.  Follow until you hit another switch (by a bunch of 
    wolves, then go down to a wooden plank bridge, cross it.  Stay on the 
    lower path, eventually you'll get to a teleporter, use it, ignore the 
    switch at the bottom, cross the bridge and continue through the locked 
    door.  The road will split, take the higher path. Go straight after 
    crossing the bridge, around the ice, hit the switch under the barrel, 
    then return back up the hill, go left, cross the bridge, go down, hit 
    the switch.  Now return to where the water was running (where you just 
    hit the switch under the barrel, go up into the water and take the 
    spear.  Now, take the lower path, follow it around, ignoring the locked 
    door. This path is about as long as the path at the start, just keep 
    going.  When you reach a switch/platform, take it down and follow this 
    path.  You'll see a teleporter below you, take it.  Follow this path for 
    a long time to the exit.
    Stuff: nothing
    What a pushover of a boss.  If you got the scroll he basically starts 
    off dead.  Just smack him a bit more, amazingly lame.
    After defeating the final boss the window will be rebuilt, stand in its 
    light to be transported to:  
    --Skorne's Cathedral.--
    Go down then right to hit the first switch, then go left to hit the 
    second.  Now go up, you will eventually hit a point where you can't go 
    up anymore, to the left of the screen here is a wall you can shoot to 
    pass through.  Pass through and go left to find a switch.  Go right, hit 
    another switch, then hit the new switch that appears.  Go straight to 
    where this switch points, if you get to the Death, you've gone too far, 
    back up a little and look to the left, shoot the statue there and hit 
    the switch under, now go to where Death was and hit the two switches 
    there.  Now, return to near the beginning on the left side.  There will 
    now be a ramp allowing you to hit the switch you couldn't before, now go 
    back to where Death was and hit that switch.  Now, go up until you reach 
    the red carpet, shoot the statue there, hit the switch, go down, hit the 
    other switch then go back up to the exit where you'll be taken to 
    Skorne.  Fight him like you would any other boss.  Once you beat him the 
    door will unlock in the tower allowing you to go to...
    --Battle Field--
    Stuff to find: bonus level
    Go right/down and down the hill.  When you finally reach the base of the 
    hill there's still only one way to go.  There is a ramp on the right 
    side, go down it and go right.  When the trench forks, continue 
    straight.  Soon you'll see a mound of dirt allowing you to leave the 
    trench, do so, hit the switch, then go back down and continue on the 
    newly opened path at the cross-roads go straight after shooting the rock 
    in your way.  Soon you'll read a message in a barrel, shoot the rock 
    behind that barrel and climb up out of the trench, hit the switch and go 
    left and cross the plank.  There is a platform in the back, stand on it. 
    At the top go straight and hit the switch then come back down.  Return 
    across the plank and back down into the trench and go down.  When the 
    road splits go right.  When it splits again go right.  When it splits a 
    third time, go left and up out of the trench.  Go left and down when out 
    of the trench to find a switch, then go up. Follow the path and enter 
    the trenches again, go right.  Follow this, when it forks, go up, down 
    leads to nothing, go up the dirt mound to leave the trenches.  Hit the 
    switch here, you'll see what it does, cross the plank on top and hit the 
    switch there, neither of these switches need to be hit I just mention 
    them for direction, then go up to hit a third switch, you will see the 
    secret exit now.  Walk around back into the trenches, go right when you 
    get blocked.  Follow this around until you enter a room with 2 
    generators and a wooden panel, shoot the panel, hit the switch and go 
    back along the path.  A new path will be open eventually going up, go 
    here to get to the bonus level.
    Stuff to find: weapon to use vs. skorne
    Shoot the wooden panel to the left, hit the switch, continue.  There is 
    another switch like this ahead, hit it and go back, follow the trail of 
    enemies if you didn't see the locked door before, go through here, 
    you'll see the weapon, you can't get it for awhile.  When you reach the 
    bottom of the ramp, shoot the crates, one will have a switch under it.  
    Hit that switch and follow where it points, there is another switch 
    there.  Hit this one and go back up the ramp partially, a wall will have 
    dropped opening a new switch, go back down the ramp.  Hit the three 
    switches down here now and go back up, past the weapon back to the 
    beginning.  You'll see a new switch, hit it and continue to where it 
    points.  Stand on the platform that led to nowhere before and it will 
    drop.  There are two switches in the pit, hit them and follow where they 
    point.  There will be a large cage surrounding another switch, shoot the 
    walls of the cage, one will open, hit the switch and continue.  After 
    hitting all the switches, return to the weapon area and grab it.  Go 
    back a bit from there to and go up (not up the ramp, up the screen), 
    there should be a switch here you hit before.  Continue around and go 
    down the newly opened ramp and when the road forks, go straight.  Hit 
    the switch but go left for now.  Hit one of the switches to lower the 
    cage, kill the Golem then hit both switches here. Then go up and hit the 
    switch in the corner, now go back to the right and back across the 
    bridge.  This time at the fork go the other way.  There are a series of 
    towers you must take up and down, after the second tower walk onto the 
    dirt to the left, off the wooden path and hit the switch.  Now, continue 
    on the wooden path, there will be a switch on your left, hit it, then 
    continue.  When the path splits, first go right and hit the switch, then 
    go down the ramp to the left.  Shoot the corner at the base of the ramp 
    to reveal a switch.  Hit it and follow it to a second switch.  When you 
    reach to the top of this path, shoot the rock on the right side, hit the 
    switch here and the one it reveals before continuing to the left.  
    Ignore the ramp going up you will see and continue left as far as 
    possible, hit this switch.  You may pass another switch on the way, 
    ignore it.  After hitting the far left switch, go up the ramp you 
    ignored before to get to the exit.
    Stuff to find: Runestone
    Go up the ramp on the left, go straight after coming back down to go up 
    another ramp.  Hit the switch at the end and return to the bottom of 
    this ramp.  Turn left and go up to the next area.  Go left here and 
    cross the bridge.  Cross the bridge again and go up, follow this path, 
    when it splits go left, hit the switch, then go right.  Hit the switch 
    after this long path and return to where you'll see a bunch of new 
    enemies, go there.  When inside, go right and follow until you see a row 
    of spiked sticks, turn left here.  Hit the switch here to lower a 
    platform, ride it to the top and hit the switch to the right, then 
    follow the path straight, ignoring the switch you'll see on the right.  
    Step on the teleporter at the end.  Before you enter the next 
    teleporter, hit the switch behind it.  When you reach the bottom of the 
    ramp, don't go up the next ramp.  Instead, go to the left it to find 
    another teleporter, go in it, hit the switch, now go back and up the 
    ramp.  Go straight from the base of the ramp to find the last 
    (hopefully) Runestone.  Then turn around and go up the platform at the 
    base of the ramp.  There are 3 ways across here, take the last one.  
    There will be a series of switches here that you don't have to hit, they 
    just net you some items.  Continue on until there is another platform to 
    ride down, hit the switch and ride it.  Follow the lines of crates that 
    you first see all the way around to a wooden bridge.  Take the bridge to 
    its end, hit the switch turn around and go to the exit nearby.
    Upon exiting here go to the circle of the Runestone in the Tower, wait 
    inside to be transported to the Underworld.  I am not doing a 
    walkthrough for this level because it is EASY.  Follow the switches, 
    they are almost always hidden under rocks.  There are no tricks or 
    things to find, so have fun.  Skorne is almost the same as before, just 
    hit him when he does hit giant yellow beam thing, you'll win soon 
    The End.
    Well, that's it for now folks.  If you want to see anything else in 
    here, or if you find any huge mistakes either e-mail or post it to my 
    message board (members.boardhost.com/GL64).
    Gauntlet Legends 64 FAQ copyright 1999 Kevin Roughton.  Do not reproduce 
    this in any way without the express written consent of myself or Major 
    League Baseball.  I will allow the posting of the entire, unedited, 
    unchanged FAQ in most cases, just ask first.

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