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    Mission Failure FAQ by Super Nova

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     *                        Goldeneye - Mission Failure FAQ                    *
     *                                For Nintendo 64                            *
     *                    By Super Nova (supernova54321@hotmail.com)             *
     *                      Version Final - Last updated 10/11/03                *
    |         >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TABLE OF CONTENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<         |
     1. Version History....................................................... #1
     2. The Concept........................................................... #2
     3. Mission Failure Guide................................................. #3
     4. Legal Disclaimer...................................................... #4
     5. Credits............................................................... #5
     NOTE: Use the section IDs to get to a section quickly.
    ))))1. Version History((((
    ID #1
    Version Final
    Submitted 10/11/03
    Well, here it is, ten months after the guide was created I have returned to 
    finish what I began. Added some extra information from Whtmage and 
    Version 1.0
    Submitted 21/5/03
    This is the first version of the guide. I have outlined how to fail every
    objective it is possible to fail in the game. Be sure to read the next section,
    as it outlines why and how to use the guide.
    ))))2. The Concept((((
    ID #2
    The object of this short FAQ is to explain how to fail every objective it is
    possible to fail in the game. When you have finished everything, and are bored
    with Goldeneye in general, see if you can fail a mission as fully as possible.
    It's always more fun to kill Natalya rather than protect her, or to set off the
    alarm and go all out when stealth is supposed to be employed.
    I got the idea for this FAQ off Split Infinity, who wrote a similar guide for
    Goldeneye's unofficial sequel, Perfect Dark. For each mission you will find all
    objectives listed, and an explanation of how to fail them.
    Please note that this FAQ is entirely for fun - it is not intended to be
    useful, but to give ideas of how to improve the lifespan of the most classic
    First Person Shooter of all time.
    ))))3. Mission Failure Guide((((
    ID #3
    Before we begin, please take note that certain objectives can't be failed. In
    these cases, I will simply write "Must remain Incomplete" and explain why.
    After all, while you may not be able to finish certain objectives, you won't be
    completing them when your aim is to fail the mission utterly.
    The guide is written for 00 Agent, since that gives you the most objectives.
    Remember, getting killed fails every single objective except the "minimise
    casualties" ones.
    >>>>MISSION 1<<<<
    Level 1 - Dam
    A. Neutralize all alarms
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You cannot fail this, as even if the alarms go off
    the objective status remains the same.
    B. Install covert modem
    Easy. Just throw the modem anywhere other than on the terminal. Or,
    alternatively, destroy the terminal located on the wall of the hut near the
    gate who's lock you have to shoot.
    C. Intercept data backup
    Go down into the tunnel below the dam and go to the room with all the
    computers. Destroy the two mainframes on the left.
    D. Bungee jump from platform
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You have to jump off the dam to finish the mission,
    so this is not possible.
    Level 2 - Facility
    A. Gain entry to laboratory area
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. In fact, if you want to fail the other objectives,
    you'll have to complete this one as it's the only way to access other
    B. Contact double agent
    Simply kill Dr. Doak before he gives you the machine to open the door leading
    to the room with tanks. However, you won't be able to fail objectives C as it
    will be inaccessible.
    C. Rendezvous with 006
    Kill 006 before he can finish talking. A very satisfying failure.
    D. Destroy all tanks in bottling room
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You can either leave them, which leaves the objective
    incomplete, or destroy them, which completes it.
    E. Minimize scientist casualties
    Kill at least three scientists (Dr. Doak is included in this count). As a side
    note, if you wound a scientist he takes out a Dostevei and shoots at you.
    Level 3 - Runway
    A. Find place ignition key
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You can either find it, to complete the objective, or
    leave it, which renders the objective incomplete.
    B. Destroy heavy gun emplacements
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Sadly, this too cannot be failed. You simply have to
    leave the guns alone to keep them incomplete.
    C. Destroy missile battery
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Again, you have to make do with "Incomplete" for this
    one. You can either destroy the missile battery or not - there are no other
    D. Escape in plane
    Finally! Simply destroy the aeroplane on the runway so you can't leave. The
    most fun way to do this is to get into a tank and blow it up with shells.
    NOTE: According to Whtmage, it is possible to destroy the plane by running it
    over in the tank. This is true, and great fun!
    >>>>MISSION 2<<<<
    Level 4 - Surface
    A. Power down communications dish
    Enter the communications dish, and ascend to the first floor. In the small
    room, blow up the computer terminal.
    B. Obtain safe key
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You just have to leave the safe key alone and not
    collect it for it to remain incomplete. However, collect it anyway so you can
    fail objective C.
    C. Steal building plans
    Use the key to open the safe in one of the enclosed huts then shoot the
    contents of the safe.
    D. Enter base via ventilation tower
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. This is because you finish the level by entering the
    ventilation tower, like bungee jumping off the dam in mission 1.
    Level 5 - Bunker
    A. Disrupt all surveillance equipment
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Sadly, this doesn't fail, even if the security
    cameras see you.
    B. Copy Goldeneye Key and leave original
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You just have to leave the Goldeneye key alone, as
    you can't fail this.
    NOTE: As XDevilSoulsX reminded me by email, the reason that this objective 
    cannot be failed is due to the fact that the Goldeneye key is invincible - you
    can't destroy with any weapon!
    C. Get personnel to activate computer
    Kill Boris Grishenko (the guy in the orange T-Shirt). This fails objective D as
    D. Download data from computer
    Either destroy the mainframe in the small room on the way to the central room,
    or kill Boris.
    E. Photograph main video screen
    Blow up the central screen (showing the world map) in the central room.
    >>>>MISSION 3<<<<
    Level 6 - Silo
    A. Plant bombs in fuel rooms
    Place all of your bombs anywhere other than a fuel room.
    B. Photograph satellite
    Destroy the satellite.
    C. Obtain telemetric data
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You'll have to make do with not collecting it.
    NOTE: Actually, as corrected by XDevilSoulsX, you can fail this by destroying
    the DAT dropped by the scientist in room 2.
    D. Retrieve satellite circuitry
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Again, just don't collect the circuit boards.
    NOTE: Again, XDevilSoulsX proves me wrong. Destroying any one of the several
    circuit boards lying around in the big rooms will fail this objective.
    E. Minimize scientist casualties
    As usual, kill at least three scientists.
    >>>>MISSION 4<<<<
    Level 7 - Frigate
    A. Rescue hostages
    Kill the hostages instead of rescuing them. Or let the soldiers do it for you.
    This is much more fun than trying to rescue the ungrateful people.
    B. Disarm bridge bomb
    Instead of disarming the bomb, blow it up (from a safe distance).
    C. Disarm engine room bomb
    For this one too, you simply have to destroy the computer on which the bomb is
    D. Plant tracking bug on helicopter
    Throw the tracking bug anywhere other than on the helicopter itself. Or shoot
    the bug onto the chopper then use a gun to knock it off again. (With infinite
    ammo on you get infinite bugs, so you can throw one on, knock it off and repeat
    as many times as you want... sad person).
    >>>>MISSION 5<<<<
    Level 8 - Surface 2
    A. Disrupt all surveillance equipment
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. The same sydrome as in Bunker 1. Even if the cameras
    see you, this won't fail.
    B. Break communications link to bunker
    In the room where the terminal was in Surface 1 there is now a radio and TV
    screen. Activate the radio instead of blowing it up like you're supposed to.
    C. Disable Spetznaz support aircraft
    Place the mine you were given to destroy the chopper with elsewhere. (It will
    be rendered inactive by the way, just in case you were thinking of using it for
    something else).
    D. Gain entry to bunker
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Nah. Another mission-finishing objective.
    Level 9 - Bunker 2
    A. Compare staff / casualties lists
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. As with all item collecting  objectives, you can only
    not pick this up.
    B. Recover CCTV tape
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Same as with objective A.
    C. Disable all security cameras
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Sigh. Another one of that type of objective. It isn't
    D. Recover Goldeneye operations manual
    For some reason items in safes can be destroyed. This is one of them, so do it
    to fail.
    E. Escape with Natalya
    The fun bit - kill that ***** Natalya. Hah!
    >>>>MISSION 6<<<<
    Level 10 - Statue
    A. Contact Valentin
    In the little box that Valentin is hiding in you can murder him and fail. Even
    if you hear him out then kill him, you'll fail.
    NOTE: Apparently, according to XDevilSoulsX, after you've heard Valentin's 
    speech killing him has no effect on your objectives. Also, failing to complete
    objective A will not trigger any of the other events in the level.
    B. Confront and unmask Janus
    Try shooting Janus when he appears near the statue of Lenin. Or refuse to put
    away your gun. Or even get too close to him. You must do this before he runs
    away though.
    C. Locate helicopter
    You simply have to wait for the timer to run out before you reach the
    helicopter (near the gates).
    D. Rescue Natalya
    Either let the timer run out or shoot her yourself (I prefer the latter).
    E. Find flight recorder
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You can either collect it or not.
    Level 11 - Archives
    A. Escape from interrogation room
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You have to do this unless you want to stay in the
    interrogation room forever.
    B. Find Natalya
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. It isn't possible to fail this, as Natalya is in a
    room which, when you open the door, automatically completes the objective.
    C. Recover helicopter black box
    Kill Mishkin when he talks to you, but before he gives you the key to the safe.
    D. Escape with Natalya
    Simply kill Natalya. The alternative is to scare her so she runs away then
    leave without her.
    Level 12 - Streets
    A. Contact Valentin
    Kill Valentin either before or after he talks to you.
    B. Pursue Ourumov and Natalya
    Let Ourumov get away by letting the timer run out.
    C. Minimize civilian casualties
    Kill at least five innocent civilians.
    Level 13 - Depot
    A. Destroy illegal arms cache
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Sorry, but you can only leave the cache alone.
    B. Destroy computer network
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. As with the arms cache, you'll just have to avoid the
    computers altogether.
    C. Obtain safe key
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Collect it anyway so that you can open the safe and
    fail objective D.
    D. Recover helicopter blueprints
    Open the safe containing the blueprints then destroy them.
    E. Locate Trevelyan's train
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You have to stay away from the train or find and
    enter it (which completes the objective).
    Level 14 - Train
    A. Destroy brake units
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. The best you can do is leave the brakes alone.
    B. Rescue Natalya
    Let Natalya get killed or kill her yourself (fails all other objectives except
    C. Locate Janus secret base
    Blow up the computer on the desk or kill Natalya.
    D. Crack Boris' password
    If you don't shoot Xenia, there won't be enough time to do this. Also, you'll
    fail if Natalya dies or the computer blows up.
    E. Escape to safety
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. The mission ends when you do this, so you can't fail
    unless you die.
    >>>>MISSION 7<<<<
    Level 15 - Jungle
    A. Destroy drone guns
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You can only not destroy the guns, which is a bad
    idea since they mow you down.
    B. Eliminate Xenia
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. If you don't complete the objective by killing Xenia
    Onatopp, you yourself will be killed.
    C. Blow up ammo dump
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. The best you can manage is to ignore the dump
    D. Escort Natalya to Janus Base
    Kill Natalya before you reach the elevator. Or let the enemies do it for you.
    Level 16 - Control
    A. Protect Natalya
    Simply kill Natalya whenever you feel like it, or let the enemies do it for you
    (she must be getting a bit fed up with being killed by now!)
    B. Disable Goldeneye satellite
    Let Natalya be killed, or destroy any important computer (particular the
    middle-front one in the large semi-circular room). Also, killing Boris gets
    Natalya angry so she refuses to co-operate.
    C. Destroy armored mainframes
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. There ain't much you can do about this one except
    leave the mainframes alone...
    Level 17 - Caverns
    A. Destroy inlet pump controls
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You can only leave the controls alone...
    B. Destroy outlet pump controls
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. As with objective A, the outlet pumps will have to
    left intact.
    C. Destroy master control console
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Yep, more consoles needing destroying. You'll just
    have to leave it alone.
    D. Use radio to contact Jack Wade
    Ahhh! An objective you can fail! Get you best gun out and blow that radio up.
    E. Minimize scientist casualties
    Kill at least three scientists. I even got one scientist to chuck a grenade at
    me in this level.
    Level 18 - Cradle
    A. Destroy control console
    Let the timer run out and it'll be too late to stop the evil Goldeneye
    satellite, along with Alec Travelyan's plans.
    B. Settle score with Travelyan
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. You can't fail this, unless you die. Still, the game
    compensates by letting you watch Travelyan fall to his death.
    >>>>MISSION 8<<<<
    Level 19 - Aztec
    A. Reprogram shuttle guidance
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. The vital mainframes and computers involved in this
    process are unhelpfully indestructable, so what could have been easy to fail is
    in fact impossible.
    B. Launch shuttle
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. As with the objective above, all the nice machinery
    which, if destroyed, could have easily failed the mission has been made
    >>>>MISSION 9<<<<
    Level 20 - Egyptian
    A. Recover the Golden Gun
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. The second of the two unlockable missions also has no
    objectives that you can fail. The Golden Gun can only not be collected. (I
    thought I'd include this weird glitch though - if you play with invincibility,
    go to the Golden Gun room and let the autoguns appear. Blow them up with
    grenades or something then wait a while. The lid protecting the Golden Gun
    slides down, but it's impossible to collect the damn thing!)
    B. Defeat Baron Samedi?
    *Must Remain Incomplete*. Like Travelyan, the only way to fail a "kill another
    guy" objective is to die. Sorry.
    ))))4. Legal Disclaimer((((
    ID #4
    This guide is Copyright (c)2003 Duncan Hardy. Any information copied from it
    must be done with the explicit permission of the author. You may print out
    the document, but only for reference purposes. This guide must never be
    anything other than FREE (don't sell it for money) and it should only be found
    at GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>.
    ))))5. Credits((((
    ID #5
    Just a few people/things that deserve a mention...
    GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com> for posting this FAQ.
    Whtmage, for information about the tank on level 3: Runway.
    XDevilSoulsX for corrections on several of the levels.
    Split Infinity, since I stole his idea of making a "Mission Failed" guide.
    Email Effects, the program I used to generate the FIGlet art at the top.
    Myself, since I created this.

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