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    Aztec Level Walkthrough by Ernest 64

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    Goldeneye 007
    Aztec Level Walktrough
    By: Ernest 64
    E-mail: Mmmm... see last section.
    1) Introduction
    2) Aztec Level Walktrough (00 Agent mode)
    3) Farewell...
    1) Introduction
    Hi there again!!! One more time, I thought I could make a 
    big FAQ, but once again, I noticed there are many of 
    them...This is the first and last version, written in 
    January 12th 1999. 
    My favorite mission... you guessed it!! Aztec Temple- 
    Teotihuac n. I think nobody will ever read this mini-faq, 
    so I think I'm talking to the air...
    So, if somebody ever take a look at this faq, please e-mail 
    me!!! As always, see last section for details for how to 
    contact me...
    2) Aztec Level Walktrough (00 Agent mode)
    This level is for the expert-advanced player, i.e it is 
    TOUGH, and that means also, you'll have trouble with it... 
    Are you still stucked in it? Don't you?? Well, that's the 
    sound of silence, and that means my conscience is my only 
    answer: "No, nobody is still stucked in it, so stop talking 
    to the air, will you??", anyway, I hope somebody find it 
    a. Reprogram shuttle guidance
    b. Launch shuttle.
    Look to your left and you'll see a guard, try to kill him, 
    If you don't, don't worry, but I recommend you do. 
    Immediately step back and kill the guy coming from your 
    right, then kill the last one to your left, or vice versa. 
    This is the best technic, cause you'll minimize getting 
    Grab their ammo and open the door, kill the guard in the 
    corridor, then kill the guard at the far end, straight 
    ahead. Then step back and wait for other two guards to 
    come. If they don't appear, shoot to call their attention. 
    Kill them, then walk slightly to the left on the corridor, 
    to see a guard next to a column, try to shoot him in his 
    arm, cause if he sees you, he'll hit you... After you kill 
    him, walk slightly to the right and forward to see another 
    on the left side. Kill him, pass the bridge, don't fall, or 
    all your effort will be nothing... Grab all the ammo.
    Enter the next door which is the Comms room, facing to your 
    left and shoot to try to kill the guard in there, if you 
    don't, don't worry, but make sure you immediatly step back, 
    because another guy on your right will be shooting at you, 
    kill them both and move to the wall on your left. I do 
    recommend you to shoot to make 2 or 3 guards appear. Check 
    every metal wall, cause maybe one is still alive... Now Use 
    the computer to open the door and kill the guard in there 
    with a single shot in his head, proceed on this hallway 
    killing the 3 or 4 guards left the same way. Now shoot, 
    about 4-5 times, to make another two guys come...
    Kill them and grab all the ammo, and then enter the exhaust 
    room, destroy the console to your left to see a ventilation 
    duct, so enter it and go forward a bit, if you don't the 
    explosion will chase you. Now shoot as many times as you 
    want to make 2 - 4 guys come. 2 will have AR33 and the 
    other 2 will have Lasers. Now lean around the intersection 
    and shoot the automatic gun on your left, do the same to 
    the one on your right........ 
    Go to your right to find a very helpful body armor!!!, then 
    take it (duh, really??) and continue all the way to your 
    left until you get to the Launch room (better to say, the 
    automatic guns room, or the toughest room...), now proceed 
    slowly forward to it, and you'll see an automatic gun 
    shooting you, so use your AR33 to take it out. Now there's 
    another vent on the other side with a guy on it, so shoot 
    him with your laser. Now continue on your way to the room 
    (very slowly)looking to your right and you should see 
    another automatic gun, get rid of it. Now look up a bit to 
    see another gun at the far end, almost behind the last one. 
    Take it out and then enter the room looking to your right 
    and going backwards, this is just to avoid the other 
    machine gun and some guys with lasers, probably you can get 
    stucked in a crate, so be fast and go to the stairs. Don't 
    climb them, instead, lean around the corner, to get rid of 
    the two guys on your left (be quick, will you?), now 
    proceed slowly forward and take out the machine gun, next, 
    lean right with the boxes and kill the third guard, and 
    continue your way forward to kill the last one.
    Now climb the stairs and activate the console over there, 
    to open the door in the exhaust room. Then proceed to the 
    other vent and kill the guard downstairs (if thre is any), 
    then continue your way downstairs and go to the small path 
    ahead (not the one on your left), enter it, change your 
    weapon to your laser, shoot the guy on your right and then 
    the other one at the far right end, now you'll call the 
    ateniton of the 8 feet tall, ugly monster and one of the 
    toughest villains: Jaws (pretty neat introduction), so step 
    back!!!! As you can see, this guy extends a lot his arms to 
    shoot, so if you are very very close with him you won't get 
    hurt, after you get rid of him, he drops the Smart card (it 
    opens the undestructible glass in the Comms room). 
    So take it (duh, again?)and make your way back to the 
    Launch room, the exhaust room and finally the Comms room, 
    but stay alert, because there are lots of guys with double 
    laser on your tail!!! So enter the big glass and close it 
    after you (this is useful if there are any guards, cause 
    they can't hit you!!!) Now choose your diskette and use it 
    on the computer (not the screen, the "CPU") (duh, again?, I 
    don't know another place to use a diskette, maybe the 
    toilet??), to reprogram the shuttle guidance (objective a 
    complete) and take the DAT in the desk.
    Now return to the Launch room, shooting any threats and 
    make your way to the armored mainframe, use the DAT on it 
    and climb upthe stairs to activate the console and open the 
    exhaust room from above, and then wait until the countdown 
    finishes, making sure to shoot any guards that probably 
    climb the stairs, the shuttle will launch (objective b 
    4) Farewell...
    Again there are no credits... I did it by my own.
    Contact me if you find any typos or mistakes, also if you 
    wanna say tanks or have any comments, and please tell me if 
    you read it, to avoid my psychologic trauma... (I think I'm 
    getting nutty, talking to the air isn't normal)
    My E-mail: laredos@latino.net.co
    Or you can find me in the ICQ my # is 13296608
    C-Ya on my next FAQ, now I have a date with my 

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