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    Aztec Level Walkthrough by HHuang

    Updated: 10/27/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: hhuang@shay.ecn.purdue.edu (Henry Huang)
    Subject: Enjoying the Music on Aztec(A Walkthrough for the Aztec Level)
    Date: 27 Oct 1997 18:45:47 GMT
    Here is a walkthrough of the Aztec level:
    A) The First Room
     1) Crouch, then strafe left.  Turn right but do not move forward.
    	Strafe slowly to the left while crouching.  Kill the guard at the 
    	right side of the room with a shot to the head.  Or 3 shots if you wish.
     2) Without reloading, immediately back up into the hole and shoot the next guard who
         	approaches in the most convenient target, probably the leg.  Unload your
     	remaining bullets on that guard and possibly the next guard, if he is within
     3) As the guards are staggering, finish them off with a few more bullets, then collect
     	the ammo.
    B) The First Hallway
     1) Stand in front of the secret door, slightly left of the center.  Open the door, then
    	use the PP7 to kill the guard standing in the hallway.  Wait for two guards to
    	appear at the end of the hallway.  When you see them, then back away to the left.
    	Wait for them to throw a grenade--if they do, they will both die.  Otherwise,
    	finish them off with the PP7 as they come out of the hallway.
     2) Go through the secret door and walk along the left wall of the hallway.  Change your
    	weapon to AR-33 and shoot the guard at the far end of the next room.  If you
    	haven't killed the two guards in step 1), then kill them now, since they will
    	both come.  
     3) Continue along the left wall of the hallway.  Turn right and kill the guard there
     	with the AR-33.  Go for the head and the shoulder with 3 to 5 shots from the
     4) Move out of the hallway, then behind the pillar on your left.  Use the PP7 to kill
    	the guard behind that pillar.
     5) Collect the ammo then proceed to the secret door at the far end of the room.
    C) The Computer Room
     1) With the PP7 in hand, open the secret door and move two steps into the room, then
    	immediately back out of the room.
     2) Move left and backwards, then fire 3 shots at first guard who comes.  Then strafe left
    	and move toward the wall for cover.  Fire the remaining 4 shots to kill
    	the second guard who comes out, and the first if he is still alive.
     3) Change weapon to AR-33, then run through the door and immediately strafe-run to
    	the right side of the room, behind the first metal wall.  Now back up and aim for
     	the guard at the far-left end of the room.  Kill him, whether he spotted you
    	or not.  In either case, the other two guards will run in front of you.  Finish
    	them off immediately.
     4) Collect the ammo, then open the secret panel using the console in the left side of the
    	room.  Change weapon to PP7.  Go through the panel and kill the guard there with
    	a shot to the head.  
     5) With the PP7 still in hand, kill the next two guards in the next hallway with shots
    	to the head.
     6) Switching to the AR-33, kill the last guard in the hallway.  Collect the ammo,
    	then proceed down the hallway and face the exhaust room.  Fire three shots at 
    	one of the consoles, then strafe right for cover.  Kill the two guards with
    	the AR-33 as they come out.
    D) The Exhaust Room
     1) Run through the exhaust room and through the console you destroyed.  A few steps
    	in the hallway, there should be a short passage connecting the passageways
    	from the two consoles.  If you went through the right console, then go through
    	that short passage toward the passageway on the left.  With the AR-33, anticipate
    	a laser-armed guard to appear at the end of the left passage.  If he does not
    	appear by the time the second console is destroyed, then move toward the right
    	passageway and creep toward the corner on the left.
     2) Face left with the AR-33, then creep along the corner until you see the camera of
    	the first gun.  Aim and destroy that camera, then run to the passage on your 
    	right and collect the body armor.  Listen for enemy laser fire.  If you heard
    	any, then wait in the dead-end for the enemy to come, then kill him.
     3) Use the AR-33 to kill the remaining gun in the hallway.  Proceed cautiously through
    	the hallway until you get to the last section of hallway.
    E) The Shuttle Room
     1) Creep along the left wall, using the sight of the AR-33 to find the gun at the far
    	end of the shuttle room.  Use the Laser to destroy that gun.  Point the laser
    	at the grating at the far end, then kill the guard behind the grating.  If you
    	don't have the laser yet, then fire only one shot with the AR-33 at that guard.
    	When he comes out of the grating, kill him.  Then the guard with the laser will
    	chase you.  Retreat back around the corner and kill him when he comes.
     2) Creep along the left wall, and use the Laser to destroy the gun on the near wall
    	to your right.
     3) Switch to the AR-33, then go out of the grating, and move in an arc toward a recess
    	on your left, next to the ladder, which you can use for cover.  Turn toward the
    	opposite corner of the room, press aim, then lean or strafe to kill the left-most
    	guard at the far end.  Now look at the grating at the opposite side.  Anticipate
    	a rifle-armed guard to come out.  When he does, back into the recess and use the
    	Laser to kill him.  
     4) Lean or strafe to kill the guard in the middle of the far end of the room.  Then 
    	lean or strafe to kill the guard behind the metal boxes at the right side of
    	the far end of the room.
     5) Move toward the wall opposite the recess.  Use the AR-33 to kill the remaining guard
    	in the far-right corner of the room.  Anticipate a rifle-armed guard to come
    	out of the grating, then kill him with the Laser.
     6) Destroy both guns at the far end of the room using the Laser.
     7) Climb the ladder and activate the console to close the exhaust door.
    E) The Long Room
     1) Go down the stairs and move toward the passageway on your right.  Using the AR-33, kill
    	the guard around the corner.  Be ready for Jaws!
     2) Jaws will immediately come out.  Fire at him with the AR-33, aiming for his chest.
    	Fire all 30 bullets, then reload and fire again.  When you have killed him, grab
    	his smart card and his second AR-33.
     3) Go back up the stairs, through the grating into the shuttle room, then through the
    	other grating.  Go down the hallway to the exhaust room, then down the next
    	hallway to the computer room.  Grab the DAT, then use the Guidance Data on the
    	disk drive.
     4) Look into the hallway and kill any guards there with the 2xAR-33.  Run down the hallway
    	toward the Shuttle Room.  If you are low on ammo, switch to the 2xLaser.  However,
    	the 2xAR-33 is more powerful.
     5) Use the Launch Protocol on the computer at the end of the Shuttle Room.  Climb the 
    	ladder and activate the console.  Be ready to kill any guards that come.
     6) After the countdown finishes, you are done.

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