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    Egyptian Temple Walkthrough by Ernest 64

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    Goldeneye 007
    Egyptian Temple Walthrough
    By: Ernest 64
    E-mail: Mmmm... see last section.
    1) Introduction.
    2) Egyptian Temple Walkthrough (00 Agent Mode).
    3) Farewell...
    1) Introduction...
    Hi there again!!!! One more time I'm here to help you!!! I 
    got a psychological trauma from the previous Aztec Level 
    Walkthrough (you know, talking to the air is kinda insane) 
    and I'm still trying to recover from it.... Not really, 
    many people e-mailed me saying thanks so I wasn't talking 
    to the air... Thanks to all of them, my recovering is 
    easier now...
    This time, for the ones who can get to it, I'm here to help 
    you in this level... it isn't all that tough, but maybe the 
    00 Agent difficulty will give you a really hard time...
    First and last version, written in January 26 /1999.
    So, clean your Goldeneye 007 game pak from dust and prepare 
    to enter a hard (but easy) level...
    Ah, and as always, see last section for details to contact 
    me... ?
    2) Egyptian Temple Walkthrough (00 Agent Mode)
    How to get to it: 
    Well, it is hard. You must finish every single level in the 
    game (including Aztec, see my Aztec Walkthrough here in 
    gamefaqs...) in the 00 Agent Difficulty. Ok...
    Let's start!!! 
    Ok. This level is easy once you know what to do. You'll 
    probably get confused between rooms...
    But there are no rooms!!!?? Yes, there are 2... 
    You'll also can get stucked in the Golden Gun Room (yeah, 
    it is the hardest part of the level). Ok, I'm actually 
    saying a lot of trash. Let's proceed to finish this level 
    and get the cheat (6:00 or less)...
    a. Recover Golden Gun.
    b. Eliminate Baron Samedi.
    Proceed forward and kill the two guards past the blue glass 
    (actually it looks more like a pool). Get their ZMGs 9mm, 
    then return and turn right (left from the entrance) and in 
    the middle of the 2 pillars there is a room (mmmm... no... 
    a spot...). Kill all guards here (there are about 5-6 of 
    them) then turn right and go through this hallway. There's 
    a little room on you left (again???) with 2 guards and a 
    body armor. Get it, then go back and proceed.
    Turn right and you'll see lots of pillars... well, go 
    behind them and climb the stairs... Open the door on your 
    left and you'll be in the Golden Gun Room. But HEY!!! Watch 
    out, there are invisible switches on the floor. They 
    activate 4 automatic guns (Ouch! Painful...). So here's the 
    - All the way left.
    - 2 forward. 
    - Go right 4 squares (stop when there's a difference of 
    one square between you and the wall.
    - 2 forward.
    - 1 Left.
    - Another one up.
    - Another one left.
    - Finally go all the way forward...
    Now go to the right of the glass and the Golden Gun will be 
    revealed. Get it, remember the ammo (duh, really??) and... 
    (objective A complete).Exit this room by the door-wall on 
    your left. Grab the body armor if you are in trouble... 
    Note: If you fail on a square and you start loosing blood 
    cause of the machine guns... (damn programmers) quickly 
    exit the room by the left door, then return by the stairs 
    and the guns will be inoperative again...
    Equip your Golden Gun, kill the guard on your right, then 
    proceed forward and you'll meet Samedi (this guy looks like 
    a baker, hehehehe). He has two DD44 Dostoveis. Kill him 
    with a beautiful, sharp shot. Hey, I think you're laughing 
    " Yes I finished Egyptian!!"
    Stop your loud laughing because Samedi is alive... turn 
    left and proceed to this hallway, then take another left 
    and you'll be in the very first room (the one with the 
    "pool"). You'll see him again. Now he's armed with two ZMG 
    9mm. Kill him and then return to the room where you first 
    killed him. 
    By the way, the level will now turn dark. Be careful from 
    guards. Behind a pillar (look at the shadow) on your left 
    in this room, is a somehow invisible door-wall. Enter it 
    (duh, really??), take a right and proceed all the way 
    forward (there are automatic guns on your right) then take 
    a left and you'll meet him for the last time.
    Another way is going right from the Golden Gun stairs.
    He's armed with 2 Moonraker lasers, so if you're having 
    trouble with the energy department grab the body armor 
    behind the black glass and kill him with 2 or 3 shots from 
    the Golden Gun (objective B complete).
    3) Farewell...
    Again, that's the end of this Mini-Faq, I hope you found it 
    useful. Please e-mail me if you find typos, mistakes, also 
    if you have any comment or question on anything related to 
    this game... Grumbles are accepted too!!! (please think 
    twice before doing that...).
    No credits this time, everything I did it by my own...
    Ah, here's how you can contact me!!!
    E-mail: laredos@latino.net.co
    Or you can find me in the ICQ, my # is: 13296608
    C- Ya on my next FAQ!!!!!!!

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