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    Multiplayer FAQ (US) by ACooley

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    by Adam Cooley
    Version 1.0
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    Now, most other sites may also have the most updated version, but if 
    you're going to ask a question, be 100% sure you're not viewing a way 
    outdated version. In other words - if you're not sure, check out 
    Gamefaqs. All other two dozen or so of my FAQs can also be found there. 
    Enjoy! Or not...
    Contents - FAQ Last Updated: 01/02/98
    01) Opening
    02) Multiplayer Tips and Tricks
    03) Multiplayer Levels
    04) Trash Talk
    05) Legal Jargon
    06) Special Thanks
    07) Final Word
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         |_|                    <___'
    Heh, another FAQ.  Some more art.  Another game.  Some more fun... Here is my 
    third guide -- this one's for the N64 masterpiece, Goldeneye.  Do we really need 
    another FAQ?  No.  But I'm bored...
    Multiplayer Tips & Tactics:
    Some of these tricks you may know, but others you may not have heard of. 
    Remember to not do much of one trick in one game. Your opponent may know what 
    your pattern is, and that could lead to death. So, mix up your tactics a little.
    Go Straight to the Armor! 
    Every level has one or more spots where you can get armor. Go straight to those 
    spots, because armor has saved me many times. I was very low on energy and ready 
    to be finished when I grabbed some armor. Sure, I took a few shots in the chest, 
    but I shot right back and eventually won. Without the armor, I would've died. In 
    rare instances, if your armor and your health or full, you can even live after 
    being shot with the Golden Gun. That just goes to show you how important your 
    armor really is.
    Shooting Through Doors 
    Some weapons (especially lasers) can shoot through doors. A perfect strategy is, 
    for example, if you're at the Facility. Your opponent is by the big gas tanks, 
    and you have a laser. You then shoot through the metal door and kill him. Plus, 
    it's even better if he had set a mine there, because it would get hit and 
    Know the Levels Well 
    This one is pretty self-explanatory, but don't think that if you have never 
    played multi-player Goldeneye and then decide to play that you'll know where the 
    weapons are at and level design. The multiplayer mode levels are shorter than in 
    the real game. Plus, certain items are in different rooms. So, before you start 
    playing with someone else, play through all of the levels a few times.
    Aiming is Everything
    If you happen to shoot someone in the head in real life, then may live but end 
    up messed up. Usually, however, they die. Same here. You are more likely to kill 
    or almost kill someone by shooting them in the head than in the back, or you're 
    more likely to inflict a ton of damage to your opponent if you shoot him in the 
    chest than in a limb. Sniper rifles are the best at aiming, because they go so 
    far. While this weapon doesn't inflict much damage to most of your body, your 
    vital organs are all that matters, and one shot from the sniper rifle into your 
    opponent's head may just kill them off. Another tip for the sniper rifle is that 
    pressing C-Up will zoom your sight in. Of course, pressing C-Down will back it 
    up a little, as well.
    Know how to Strafe
    Press the D-Pad left or right buttons to move back in forth. This is very 
    helpful. Let's use the facility for example once again: When you're in the long 
    hallway and your opponent a sniper rifle zoomed in a lot, he could easily kill 
    you. If you move forward to escape him, he could kill you by an easy shot in the 
    head. There's no doors to get in except metal ones that go too slow, and in that 
    time, your opponent could sneak up and kill you. What do you do? Strafe! Pull 
    out your weapon and move back and forth, shooting. Going left-to-right will work 
    a few times until your opponent becomes used to your patterns. So, mix this up 
    as well. Peak out once, then go back to your area. Now, go to the opposite wall 
    again, still shooting. Your opponent will probably still be shooting at you 
    while you do this each time. So, when he runs out of bullets, this is where you 
    come in: Either keep on shooting him or get out of there. Either way, you'll 
    still come to see that strafing saved your sorry butt.
    Run, Forrest, Run!
    Let your opponent call you what they want, but running away sometimes helps. If 
    they are armed and you're not, then you should get out of there. I mean, do you 
    think that you're really going to even touch anyone who has an RCP-90 if you 
    only have your slappers? Think about it.
    Cornering = Killing
    If you have a good gun such as the dostevei or the shotgun that pushes your 
    oppoent back with a blast, then back your opponent in a corner and start 
    shooting. Keep in mind, though, this won't work well if he has a powerful weapon 
    and a lot of energy.
    Ricocheting Tips
    You may not always have the time to do this (especially if your opponent is 
    always on the move), but pick grenades or grenade launchers anyway. Now, start 
    shooting or throwing these weapons off of the walls, and if they don't explode 
    first, they may reach your opponent and blow up in his sorry face.
    Don't Be Stupid
    You may think that it'd be cool to sneak up on your opponent and shoot him in 
    the butt. However, this doesn't do that much damage, especially if your opponent 
    has armor. Sure, you can make a fool of your opponent this way, but he'll make 
    yet a larger fool of you once he blows you away.
    Picking and Flicking
    If you know that your opponent had a mine of some-sort (Proximity, time, etc.), 
    take a peak at his screen every once in a while. You'll see where he threw his 
    mine. So, now, get around it and shoot it off. Make sure to not walk past it, or 
    it might detonate (Especially if it was proximity, but your opponent can also 
    detonate a time mine as soon as you're near. This trick is explained below). 
    Just get quite a ways from it, and blow it up.
    Another trick is to throw one of your mines, and it detonates all of them at 
    once. However, this could be a waist.
    Automatic Detonation
    Press the A and B buttons simultaneously, and your remote mine will 
    automatically go off. This is very helpful if you have a lot of weapons and 
    can't get to your detonator without wasting a few precious seconds.
    Don't be a Rainbow in the Dark
    If you're in a dark stage, dark colors are better than light colors. If black 
    goes with black, then it will be hard to see your opponent. Some people think 
    that this tip is worthless because of the radar. However, I beg to differ for 
    two reasons:
    If you have the cheat to turn off multi-player mode radar, then it will be 
    especially tough to kill your dark opponent.
    Radar is right to only an extent. He may be extremely close to you but may be 
    under you or may be around you, in which case this tactic is especially helpful.
    If your opponent is in the next room to the left or right, throw a quick mine 
    and set it off. It may blow him up, maybe not. However, if it does, you'll be 
    glad that you did that.
    Committing Suicide
    Suicide isn't always bad (In the game, anyway!). If you're really low on energy, 
    take a rocket launcher, go up to a wall, and kill yourself. You'll start over 
    with full energy. It may be extremely cheesy, but it helps!
    Multiplayer Levels Run-Down:
    Here is a run-down of all of the multiplayer levels. Remember that even if most 
    of these levels are based on single-player levels, these are slightly shortened 
    versions. Enjoy!
    The Archives is a pretty neat place if you have rockets or power weapons turned 
    on. Rockets because of the small hallways. Power weapons because of the glass in 
    the rooms. For example, if you opponent is in the next room over and you have 
    the cougar magnum and you shoot through the glass. There's a chance that your 
    opponent will be hit by the magnum and might even die.
    As well, you can bust the glass (as mentioned above) to get a better shot of 
    your opponent. It helps even more if you have the sniper rifle for the ultimate 
    snipe shot. Keep in mind that the glass re-appears quite a bit.
    Also note that there is at least one secret door you can find (there is a 
    rectangle pushed in on a wall which you can open. Then, open another door to get 
    the D44 Dostevei!).
    Finally, the white boxes can be destroyed by power weapons and they re-appear, 
    as well.
    The bunker is a good level if you were going to play a "cops and robbers" game 
    because of the cell. But that's a different story.
    In the room with the monitors, there are two rooms on each side. If you're using 
    sniper rifles, go to the room on the far right. Now, aim at the door way. As 
    soon as your opponent comes in, he's a goner. 
    Another good strategy is to put up mines around the entrance. Then, peak your 
    opponents screen. Now, when he's close, shoot the explosives, detonate them, or 
    why while he's wasting his ammo on blowing them up, you can get a fast cheap 
    shot at him.
    Armor is always found in the room with the bright red and bright blue lights, 
    just around one of the corners.
    All rooms have many entrances and many ways to have stuff explode.
    The long stretches are nice ways to trap your opponent. Since most are straight, 
    turn around and start shooting your opponent while running backwards.
    There are many stairways as well, and the powerful weapons are always below. 
    Weapons such as the shotgun, proximity mines, and more can be found right in the 
    middle below.
    I find that it helps me to stay below, because when the opponent is coming down 
    the stairway, your gun will automatically point up. An easy frag!
    Darkness has never been so useful here. You should be any dark player here, such 
    as Mishkin, James, Alec, or a lot of other people.
    In the long hallways, you should put bombs on the walls, so it's harder for your 
    opponent to see them and possibly pick them off.
    Body armor is located on the second floor. There are pleanty of holes to aim at 
    your opponent and shoot him here.
    Ahhh, my favorite level! While the facility has a nice vent, this vent system is 
    even better here! It's really good to see mines in here.
    Also, I noticed that there is one room that has no back exit. You can only go 
    out the front way. So, when your opponent is coming, you can shoot him and 
    perhaps kill him with him having no way to possibly sneak up on you and take you 
    There is armor found in the bright red area and the yellow area that is on the 
    opposite side of the blue area.
    There are a few places where you can go into the wall, and it looks like nothing 
    is there except the wall. However, your opponent can always look at your screen 
    and know where you're at.
    If you have the weapon settings on sniper rifles, then you're in for a treat: 
    This level has plenty of places to snipe your opponent.
    One of the favorite multiplayer levels and most certainly the fav. single player 
    level, the armor in this level can be found at two places. Look in the main 
    hallway, and you should be able to find one piece of armor behind a metal door. 
    The other is where the guard holding the key in single-player game was. It's 
    close to the bulletin board, in other words.
    Put proximity mines in the stalls and in the vent exit. It's also good to put 
    mines in the vent. Yes, there is a way to get back in the vent once you've left 
    it. However, I'll leave that one up to you... It's good to especially put 
    proximity mines where the other ones are at.
    Library and the stack are basically the same place. Only difference is that 
    Stack isn't as dark and has a ton more secret rooms.
    Library has quite a few places to snipe people, and Stack has quite a bit of 
    ammo scattered everywhere.
    The ultimate secret room level!
    If your opponent is walking around downstairs, and you're upstairs, you may be 
    able to snipe your opponent by shooting from the large rectangel. Armor and 
    weapons are all located at the top or near the top.
    Mines should be placed on the doors, and you should always wait on top and look 
    at your opponent's screen to see which hidden room door he is going to go 
    through, so you can wait and blow him away. 
    Trash Talk:
    Here's a fun section where you can send in your quotes for when you win in 
    Goldeneye or lose in Goldeneye...  Or "I'm the Man" quotes and "Excuses" quotes.
    a. Winning in Goldeneye
    "I am invincible!" (very effective when playing as Boris)
    "Pick up the controller and play, moron."
    "You suck."
    "You are nothing to me."
    "And Natalya says you're cute..." (if other guy is playing as Bond)
    "Boom!  You're dead."
    "Get ill, punk." (my fav. quote)
    "Look at the scoreboard, bitch." (from Hangtime)
    "I guess my fire button got stuck..."
    b. Dying in Goldeneye
    "Oh my god, I'm out of ammo."
    "I'm stuck!  Oh well, I'll just kill myself."
    "Again, dammit!"
    "Someone switched my controls.  I'll kill the bastard."
    "Oh, I see you're going to use a bug for victory." (especially funny if you have 
    a GameShark hooked to Goldeneye)
    "That's what I get for trying something new."
    "I had you in my sites when my controller stopped working."
    "That wasn't me... My little sister took the controls and messed me up."
    c. For Campers
    (note: campers are people who always stay in one spot and don't move; they can 
    be very annoying)
    "Come out and swim, you big pink canoe."
    "Are you scared, little boy?  Afraid you are going to get hurt with all us big 
    kids out here?  Do you want your mommy?"
    "I've got your mother out here you little coward, and you should see what I'm 
    Legal Jargon:
    This guide CAN be copied without permission of the author.  It can 
    not be used, however, as a means of profit.  Basically, just don't put your 
    name where mine should be (i.e. stealing).  In other words, don't say "My 
    name is Cody and I'm writing this great Sub-Zero FAQ though I'm really not 
    cuz it's the same one Adam Cooley wrote but I'm just adding my name".
    Copyright (C) 1998 adam cooley
    Oh, if you do make money off of this guide, pass some to me!
    Special Thanks:
    Rare -- They made this.
    Nintendo -- They made it too.
    Me -- I wrote this.
    Marshmallow -- Whom of which I would have never had the inspiration to write 
    this FAQ.
     ___  _            _   _ _ _              _ 
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    | _> | || ' |<_> || | | | | |/ . \| '_>/ . |
    |_|  |_||_|_|<___||_| |__/_/ \___/|_|  \___|
    Third FAQ in one day.  Man, I love doing these.  They may take a while to do, 
    but most of mine are pretty short.  Heheh.  So--in case you're wondering -- I'm 
    not going to write FAQs for long RPGs or something.  So, no 400K FAQs from me.  
    I prefer writing more specific FAQs.  Like this one -- there are about 10 
    Goldeneye FAQs out there, but not many cover to 100% detail the aspects of 
    multiplayer.  So, that's why I wrote this.
    Anyway, till next FAQ... See ya.
    Adam Cooley
    ICQ # 8015890
    www.videogamers.com/n64u/ (please check it out)

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