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    Multiplayer Guide by RJMig88

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/19/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 17:13:25 EDT
    Author: rjmig88
    Welcome to this Goldeneye multiplayer strategy FAQ!
    If You have any strategies please Email me at:	rjmig88@aol.com
     Version 1.4
    1.2 Fixed some typos and added some moves.
    1.3 Added some advance moves and fixed credits section.
    1.4  Added some hints and updated the credits section.
    1.5  Added some fungames and added a credit
    	1. Temple
              2. Caves
    	3. Complex
    	4. Basement
    	5. Stack
    	6. library
    	7. Facility
    	8. Bunker
    	9. Archives
             10. caverns
             11. Egyptian temple
             12. Glitches
             13. Basic Moves
    14.  Advance Moves
    15.  Fun Games
    Best characters are the Russian Infantry, commandant, and the General.
    Best guns are Shotgun, Sniper rifle, KF7 Soviet, And AR33 assault rifle.
    The temple is a great place for beginners! With it huge rooms you would
    be a hard target. Why is it good to use these guys? It is good to use these
    guys because they wear brown clothes. Why are these guns the best in this 
    These guns have a zoom in so you can snipe other players from a safe distance 
    except the shotgun, but in the large rooms the spray of bullets are hugger so 
    thus hitting the other player will be easier at a certain range!
    Know your area well!
    2. Caves:
    The caves is a level for players that are okay.
    The best players are anyone wearing dark clothes.
    Best gun: any gun that you do good with. A sniper rifle will work great
    when you are on the secret overhangs. An automatic will work for surprise 
    RCP-90 would work great for that method! Sense the level is dark, if you are 
    wearing dark clothes you would hide easy.
    This level is great for surprise attacks which lead to where the player will
    get low on health before he will get a shot off.
    Do surprise attacks when the other player is least expecting it and when he 
    has his back towards you.
    3. Complex
    The best character is the Siberian special forces.
    Any gun you are good with.
    Nothing much here, just shoot and be prepared for attacks.
    There are some vents, and some walls that you can go through and make 
    surprise attacks.
    Complex- Hint!!!-    There are secret installations in the walls that
    are camouflaged to look like the pattern on the walls.
      #1-  To the Left of the Blue Vent in the main room with the 2 ramps.
      #2-  In the room with the body armor, and the 1 ramp that leads to the
    main intersection (the square room) head up the ramp and at the top,
    instead of turning to the right, turn to your left, Now you should be in
    the secret room.
      #3-  In the square room check all the corners   because I'm not really
    sure about which corner it's in but it's usually by the gun.
    Be prepared for anything.
    4. Basement
    Just use any gun and use any character.
    It is a shoot and run deal.
    5. Stack
    Use a gray character and a sniper rifle would work on the ledges.
    Great place for beginners.
    6. library
    Look above it is the same strategies, well dough!
    7. Facility
    Use any old gun, best if use remote or proximity mines if you know how to do 
    the vent trick.
    Everyone will see you sooner or later, so  just shoot, by the way using a 
    ledge you can kill people that enter the room by just aiming at the door and 
    when they come in
    pump them with lead!
    Vent trick:
    Go to the toilet where you drop down and stand on it then hold the C left 
    until you duck then press and hold the R button while holding c and move the 
    control stick left
    until you pop up back into the vent!
    8. Bunker
    Best characters: Janus Marine and Siberian Special Forces
    Best guns: Shotgun, RCP-90, and Sniper rifle
    The best place for beginners!
    9. Archives
    Pock what ever character you want!
    Best gun:  Moonraker Laser or mines
    When shooting the crates, they will explode. When they explode get down and
    go where the remains are, then you will go inside and plant a mine then the 
    will repair itself hiding the mine! If you put a mine on a ammo box or gun,
    when you pick it up, the object will disappear, but if you have remote mines
    set them of then you see that they are still there!
    10. Caverns
    Look above to the caves strategy for this one!
    You can do the same trick above using the oil cans!
    11. Egyptian temple
    The hardest level for two players because you can get lost easy!
    There are many secret paths and great sniping spots.
     12. Glitches
    Using a gameshark code for 1 player has all weapons, do the floating mine
    trick. Take remote mines and destroy the TVs in the bunker. Throw a mine and 
    it will float! Shoot a rocket and it will float! Have p.2 be in front 
    of p.1. Look at the behind of the rocket and p.2 will see James Bond's face!
    Also you can do this in one player.
    13. Basic Moves
    Ducking: To duck you must hold the aim button and press C down.
    Leaning: To lean you must hold the aim button and press C right or C left.
    14.Advance Moves
    To confuse your opponents, you can do a lot of stuff; I will explain it now.
    When someone is waiting for you to just walk through a door to pump you full 
    of lead, strafe in and turn around and shoot him fast. When learning these 
    moves, you should develop your own moves and keep them a secret.
    If you are waiting to ambush someone behind a door you should stand
    away from the door off to one side at an angle facing the door. When
    they come through they cant just pull the trigger, they have to turn
    then shoot. You should hit them one or two times before they realize and
    to shoot you. 
    In most game body armor is a key factor. After obtaining the body armor
    you should destroy it (when it returns) preventing others from running
    to get it before you manage to kill them.
    Most arenas have ramps positioning yourself atop a ramp gives you a
    clear advantage over those below you. You should also look for overhangs
    and look-throughs up high to snipe players on lower levels.
    Using left and right c you should zigzag making yourself harder
    to hit while running. Also you run faster while holding left and right c
    so it is an advantage to learn to use them to run.
    Knowing your pop up points help.  So if you know them, you can get there 
    faster and kill them.  To kill them another way is to put a mine where they 
    pop up.  If you don’t know what is a pop up, it is where the players come 
    back alive.
    Using the grenade launcher is vital.  Instead launching directly at them like 
    you do in Quake, aim right for the feet.  Learn how to make a grenade bounce.
    Golden Gun help:
    When using this powerful gun it only takes one shot to kill, how ever it only 
    has one bullet pure clip.  When aiming, aim for the chest so you can kill 
    It is sometimes useful to shoot the selected weapon (like the golden
    gun) so that it moves to a different area. Where ever you move it to
    will be where it reappears. That way only you know where it is.
    15.  Fun Games:
    Hostage game:
    Rules:  Have teams 3-1, or 2-1. Have any guns you want. Any character you 
    Game: The person who is lone tries to take hostages from the other team.  I 
    prefer the man with the golden gun because when you get a hostage you can 
    keep them from escaping.  When you capture a person, make them get unarmed.  
    When someone tries to rescue shoot them or the hostage.  Keep score of 
    rescues and capture.  Who ever has the most captures or rescues wins. name:Tag
    how:One character is declared "it", and must tag(shoot) another player, then 
    they are "it". The safe spot is the vent in the stall.  "It" can't go in the 
    vent, but can shoot anyone in the vent.
    name:Hide 'n Go Seek
    how:One character is declared "it", and must find the other players-who must 
    remain weaponless until made "it"-once found, "it" can shoot them.
    name:Home Territory
    place:Complex, Temple, and Egyptian
    how:At the beginning, each player races for the butter room(Complex-room 
    across from ramp with body armor;Temple-room directly below big room,has a 
    sunroof;Egyptian-big room with blue glass bottom)whoever gets there first is 
    declared the defender.  All other combatants try to kill the defender off.  
    He can't leave the room, but he's the only one that can get that ammo.  If 
    anyone else gets that ammo, they must commit suicide.  As soon as the 
    defender dies, whoever kills him is the defender.  If nobody can decide who 
    killed the defender, they fight it out.       
    Richard who E-mailed me with great tricks.
    The game Expert who sent in the complex hint.
    Slknr who sent in a lot of fun games.
    You can use this FAQ on your own sites, just at least put my name on it.
    			Email me if you have suggestions or comets or fun 
    games E-mail me at: rjmig88@aol.com 
      (Please include your first name so I can include you in the credits 
    section.  If you think I will give out E-mail addresses for credit, you are 

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