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    Multiplayer Strategy by SBishop

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                   ---Goldeneye 007 Multiplayer Strategy Guide---
                                       v. 1.5
                                    Nintendo 64
                             Written by Stewart Bishop
    Copyright 1998-1999 by Stewart Bishop
    This FAQ may be reproduced electronically, altered or unaltered as long as this
    disclaimer remains intact. If this document is altered in any way, shape, or
    form, you must give credit where credit is due, as well as state that the
    file is in actuality an altered work of the original. This FAQ may NOT be used
    for any profitable or promotional purposes _what-so-ever_ in *ANY* way unless
    I am contacted beforehand.
    All questions, comments, additions, submissions, flames, etc. should be sent to
    Stewart Bishop (Cidster@rotfl.com). If for some reason you have
    contributed to this FAQ and I have not acknowledged or given you credit, please
    correct me at the above e-mail address.
    Goldeneye is copyrighted by Rareware and Nintendo.
    I.    Latest Updates
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Methods of Goldeneye Play
                A. Normal
                B. You Only Live Twice
                C. Man With the Golden Gun
                D. The Living Daylights (Flag Tag)
                E. License to Kill
                F. 2 vs. 1
                G. 2 vs. 2
                H. 3 vs. 1
    IV.   Goldeneye Basic Play
                A. Getting Down a Good Control Setup
                B. Strafing
                C. Circle Strafing
                D. Newbie Aiming
                E. Movement Patterns
    V.    Goldeneye Advanced Play
                A. Using the Radar
                B. Peeking at Your Opponents' Screens
                C. Advanced Sniping Techniques
                D. Semi-Circle Strafing
                E. Ducking
                F. Leaning
                G. Playing With Explosives
                   1. Mines
                   2. Grenades
                   3. Rocket Launchers
                   4. Grenade Launchers
    VI.   Flag Tag Strategies
    VII.  How to Win at License to Kill
    VIII. Multi-Opponent Combat
    IX.   1 on 1 Strategies
    X.    Weapons/Items Overview
                A. Slappers
                B. Throwing Knives
                C. PP7
                D. Silenced PP7
                E. DD4 Dostovei
                F. Cougar Magnum
                G. Golden Gun
                H. Laser
                I. KF7 Soviet
                J. Klobb
                K. D5K Deutsche
                L. ZMG
                M. Assault Rifle
                N. Sniper Rifle
                O. RC-P90
                P. Automatic Shotgun
                Q. Timed Mines
                R. Proximity Mines
                S. Remote Mines
                T. Grenades
                U. Rocket Launcher
                V. Grenade Launcher
    XI.   Multiplayer Awards
                A. Most Honorable
                B. Most Dishonorable
                C. Most Professional
                D. Most Deadly
                E. Marksmanship Award
                F. Longest Innings
                G. Shortest Innings
                H. AC -10 Award
                I. Where's the Ammo?
                J. Where's the Armor?
                K. Most Frantic
                L. Lemming Award
                M. Double Kill
                N. Triple Kill
    XII.  Thank Yous
    04/13/1999: v. 1.5. Oh my..It's been 4 months since I've updated. How embarrassing.
                        Well, anyways, I added a few tips that were contributed to me.
                        Thanks, all. Just to let you know, I *WILL* be doing a Level
                        Strategy section pertaining to each level, but I probably won't
                        finish for _quite_ a while, I've more FAQs to work on and a
                        Pokémon Strategy Page to maintain...And there's always school.
    12/22/1998: v. 1.4. Look, it's an ASCII logo...How nice. Fixed up some info.
    12/20/1998: v. 1.3. Added the slap-while-holding-the-flag tip
                        Changed information on Lemming Award
                        Minor spelling corrections
    12/16/1998: v. 1.2. Got rid of the Quad Kill
                        Added Throwing Knives to Weapon Analysis Section
                        Added Most Frantic Award to Multiplayer Awards Section
    12/14/1998: v. 1.0. Goldeneye 007 Multiplayer Strategy Guide first created.
    Goldeneye has been heralded as one of the greatest single player first-person
    shooters of all time. While I am not one to back up this statement, it is one
    of the most fun games to play at parties and get-togethers. After a set amount
    of parties, and after being called hideous names for being so good, it dawned
    upon me that I should write a Goldeneye 007 Multiplayer Strategy Guide. So,
    here you are, reading this dull introduction, with a glint in your eye to frag
    your enemies to no ends. Well, speak no more...On with the guide...
    NOTE: I refer to opponents as 'he' and 'him.' No, I'm not sexist; it just comes
    more naturally in a sentence to me.
    You can find the latest updates of this FAQ as well as some other FAQs I've
    written at http://www.gamefaqs.com and
    This is the 'Normal' mode. It's a Free for All (FFA) match where everyone goes
    at each other's throats.
    -=======YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE=======-
    A game that shares the same Normal rules, only each player only has two lives
    before he is eliminated from the match.
    -=======THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN=======-
    At the beginning of the match, there is one golden gun placed somewhere in the
    level. After this person has it, his color on the radar changes from red to
    blue, as everyone else tries to kill him to get the golden gun. The golden gun
    will kill any player in one shot, regardless of where and how much armor he
    was wearing (Except being shot in the gun, I think).
    -=======THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS (FLAG TAG)=======-
    At the beginning of the match, there is a flag placed somewhere in the map. You
    may use weapons until you pick up this flag. Once you have flag in hand, you
    may not use any weapons, but can still continue to pick up weapons, ammo, and
    armor just for the purpose of keeping them away from your opponents, who will
    be gunning for you. The person who has held the flag the longest in the match
    is declared the winner (I think amount of frags also counts. If anyone knows,
    please mail me).
    -=======LICENSE TO KILL=======-
    In License to Kill, every attack causes instant death, be it slap or rocket
    blast. One of the most popular (and my best) methods of play.
    -=======2 vs. 1=======-
    In this mode, there are 2 players on a team playing against one other player.
    The team of 2 players shares kills.
    -=======2 vs. 2=======-
    In this mode, there are 2 players on a team playing against 2 other players on
    a team. Teams share kills.
    -=======3 vs. 1=======-
    In this mode, there are 3 players on a team playing against one other player.
    The team of 3 players shares kills.
    -=======GETTING A GOOD CONTROL SETUP=======-
    The first thing you want to do is to familiarize yourself with a certain
    control setup. While I use the standard 1.1 control setup, you may decide to
    choose another to suit your liking. Unless you're playing against only two or
    one person, I wouldn't recommend playing with 2 controllers, as it lowers the
    amount of people playing, which takes down most of the intensity of the game as
    well. Once you've gotten your controls down....
    The most basic moves to learn, aside from moving forward and backwards, is to
    strafe. Strafing is key to winning in firefights. Strafing can be used
    defensively as well as offensively in certain ways. First, strafing can confuse
    your opponent and they'll soon find themselves either out of ammo or landing 1
    in every 20 shots to your body. Strafing also can be used as an offensive tool.
    Example: You see an opponent down a long corridor, and you're running a bit low
    on ammo. Strafing while running forward at a side-angle can increase the speed
    that you walk by about 15%, which can be very useful if someone's either on
    your tail or right in front of you. Before you proceed, LEARN HOW TO STRAFE.
    -=======CIRCLE STRAFING=======-
    Circle strafing is also important to learn if you want to be good with guns.
    Circle strafing is that act of strafing around your opponent in a circular
    position, while still keeping your line of fire in contact with his body. Just
    hold down the strafe key to one side while turning in the opposite direction
    and firing. This technique is also very important to learn. For practice, go to
    the EGYPT scenario and circle strafe around the pillars. Once you've mastered
    that, you can try doing "Figure 8" circle strafes in the basement.
    -=======NEWBIE AIMING=======-
    If you and your friends are new to the game, you may choose to play with
    Auto-Aim ON. Auto-Aim ON will allow you to make more shots, and will hit an
    opponent if you are aiming in the general area of where your opponent really
    is. If you are using Auto-Aiming, don't use the "AIM" button unless you're up
    close. Instead, use the LookUp and LookDown buttons and fire. The auto-aim will
    take effect and you should score more shots than someone who's using the "Aim"
    button. When you're up-close, however, it's best to switch to the Aiming mode
    and fire at your opponent's neck or head.
    -=======MOVEMENT PATTERNS=======-
    If you continually take a certain path to escape every situation, a good
    opponent _will_ pick them up, and use them to trap you. Zigzag, strafe,
    circle/semi-circle strafe in both directions, and do anything to make you more
    unpredictable in the eyes of other players. The best way to confuse an opponent
    is to start a pattern until you notice that the opponent has picked it up. Then
    do another pattern until he notices. Afterwards, begin alternating between the
    two until your opponent won't be able to figure out where you're headed next.
    This works with circle strafing, in-face fighting, semi-circle strafing, taking
    certain routes, and weapon selection.
    -=======USING THE RADAR=======-
    As simple as it may seem, most newbies disregard the radar and wander around
    the levels aimlessly only to be ambushed by an opponent who would be very
    noticeable on the radar. Always check the radar to see where your opponent is.
    If you notice that your opponents don't use the radar, abuse this and snipe as
    much as you want. If you're playing against more advanced players, like myself,
    they may insist that the "No Radar" code is turned on. The way that you can
    counterattack this method is...
    As much as your friends might taunt you for using this strategy, it works. The
    reason I call this "peeking" instead of "staring" is that you shouldn't really
    take your eyes of your own screen, especially when the radar is off. You never
    know what lurks behind that next corner. Taking a quick glance at all available
    screens can give you a quick idea of where your opponents are headed, who's
    fighting who, who to avoid, who to go for, and other useful things like that.
    If you notice an opponent low on health, track him down and shoot him like a
    dog. If you notice someone with an overabundance of armor, ammo, and weapons,
    you may want to start a small "pact" with the other players until the
    ammo-abundant one is dead.
    Before you decide to be a full-fledged sniper, realize that sniping is best
    done with the radar OFF. Otherwise, everyone would know where you were sniping
    from and they could discover your ultra-cool, super-secret sniping spot that
    took you aeons to find. When sniping, it is recommended to use a weapon with a
    scope, a RC-P90, a Rocket Launcher, or Remote Mines (We'll get to Remote Mines
    later). The weapons with scopes will allow for more long-range sniping, the
    RC-P90 is for closer snipes or ambushes, and Rockets and Remote Mines can be
    used to confuse, shock, or pin an opponent in a corner. When sniping with
    Rockets, I suggest doing it only against people that are at a different height
    than you, so you don't pin yourself in a corridor. While the sniping rifle
    really sounds like a good sniping weapon, it really isn't. You're better off
    using an automatic weapon with a scope, since they have bigger clips, faster
    fire rate, and generally do more damage.
    -=======SEMI-CIRCLE STRAFING=======-
    Semi-Circle Strafing is a bit more difficult to accomplish than basic Circle
    Strafing. You must do half a circle-strafe, then immediately go half the other
    way. This is best used when you are facing your opponent's back. If you mix up
    Circle Strafing and Semi-Circle Strafing enough, your opponent won't know
    what's coming up next, and could expose his back for a dishonorable head shot.
    To duck, hold down the AIM button and press the LOOKDOWN button. To stand back
    up, press the AIM button again. The best method I use to kill opponents with
    an automatic weapon is this: I run up to the opponent, guns blazing. Once I'm
    in their face, I duck down and reload immediately. When the weapon is reloaded,
    look upwards a little bit while still squatting and shoot the opponent in the
    body, neck, or chin while semi-circle strafing and circle strafing around your
    opponent's legs. If you're opponent decides to squat as well, immediately stand
    back up, run behind your opponent can do anything, and cap them in the back of
    their head.
    To lean, hold the AIM button and press a STRAFE button (The direction you want
    to lean) while your face is against a wall. Leaning is generally used as a gun
    tool, to peek out of corners, fire a few shots, and back into the corner again.
    I feel this is a bad way to go. It is best used with Rocket Launchers. If you
    know your opponent is coming towards you, peek out the corner, fire a rocket at
    the floor in front of your opponent and watch them die with a surprised look on
    their face. This is much better than sidestepping, shooting them a few times
    and ducking back in only to be fired at afterwards.
    -=======PLAYING WITH EXPLOSIVES=======-
    Explosives, namely grenades, mines, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers,
    are one of the most fun ways to play Goldeneye. They cause massive amounts of
    damage and have a chance of making the entire TV screen red with death.
    There are three kinds of mines: Timed mines, proximity mines, and remote mines.
    Timed mines have fuses that go off a few seconds after you throw them, much
    like grenades, but they can stick to a surface. Personally, I don't like the
    timed mines, and don't have any real strategy to them. The best you could
    probably do is toss them at the floor or drop them behind you while you run if
    you are being chased.
    Proximity mines are probably the most popular mines. If there is movement
    within a certain range of proximity mines, they will automatically detonate.
    When laying proximity mines, make sure to remember where you planted them.
    You're sure to be laughed at if you blow yourself up with a prox (Usually the
    laughter is silenced by another proximity mine blowing up the person who is
    laughing ^_^). Proximity mines are best when placed right at regen spots
    (indirect form of camping, yes), where opponents will regen, only to walk one
    step and be destroyed by a mine.
    Remote mines are my favorite mines. You can set up death traps or pin masses of
    characters in rooms. Generally, when you lay proximity and remote mines, you
    should place them under stairs, on the ceiling, on the inside of doors, inside
    destroyed crates, on regen spots, on weapons, on ammo boxes, and on the body
    armors. Doing this will allow you to take control of the level by blowing up
    all the weapons and ammo ^_^. A useful trick is that you can detonate a remote
    mine without switching to the watch by pressing "A+B" at the same time. Your
    opponent won't think of you as a threat with remote mines if he sees you aren't
    on your watch until you blow the mine up in his face.
    Grenades are best for reckless players or people that are good with angles.
    Grenades can be bounced off walls, ceilings, and floors. If you're good with
    angles, you can bounce a grenade off a certain surface to place a grenade in
    those hard-to-reach places. If you're reckless, just throw grenades into rooms
    and hope someone's dumb enough to walk into them. If you're low on health (even
    if you have full armor, one explosive should be enough to kill you), you can
    perform suicide kamikaze grenade missions. Just hold down the FIRE button and
    run at an opponent (squatting and semi-circle strafing/circle strafing around
    him/her) or cluster of opponents until the grenade explodes in your hand,
    taking down everyone else with you.
    ---Rocket Launchers---
    Rocket launchers are the precision explosives. They don't bounce, but explode
    on contact, creating a monstrous explosion wherever you point it at. When
    rocket fighting, the best thing to learn is shooting walls and the floor. It's
    much easier to shoot the floor in front of an opponent and use the explosion
    radius to kill him rather than hitting them square in the face. If you're on a
    higher surface, shoot rockets at all the exits, then focus on your opponent.
    Usually, he'll panic and try to run out a door only to be killed by the rest of
    the immolation. If you're on a lower surface, stay calm and run under your
    opponent (like in stack). Afterwards, strafe a bit to the right, then shoot the
    ceiling that your opponent is standing on. Make it a habit to shoot the floor,
    walls, and ceilings, as it will greatly increase your accuracy with rockets.
    When playing with rockets, remember that body armor is key to survival, so grab
    as much as you can.
    ---Grenade Launchers---
    Grenade launchers are best used atop high ledges and areas. It has a fast
    reload rate, so you can bombard from above with countless numbers of grenades,
    causing a panic (and some major slowdown) due to all of the excessive
    explosives. When bouncing grenades, be EXTRA careful, since as soon as the
    grenade touches the ground, it _will_ explode. When you have an opponent pinned
    somewhere, just pump out grenades and bounce them of the walls until he's dead.
    These flag tag strategies, usable universal, are biased more towards the
    COMPLEX map. Any other level just seems unsuitable, since COMPLEX has the most
    sniping spots, hiding spots, and other places to use to a flag-holders
    advantage. Before you get the flag, get armor. The armor will enable you to
    live longer while you have the flag. After you have the flag, find a designated
    hiding spot to stay in, or just camp by all the good weapons and pick them up
    (even though you can't use them, your opponents won't get them either). When
    you see your opponent is headed towards you, move out, and hide somewhere else.
    The best places to hide in are grates, walk-through walls, and under the bottom
    of stairways. When being chased, try to run through the one room with the many
    pillars, either running around in it until your opponent is confused, or
    running all the way to the end, then go back the way you came in. If you know
    you've already won (You've held the flag over half of the time the game is),
    don't go for the flag after you die. Instead, go after the other opponents.
    Most of them will neglect you and just go after the one with the flag, while
    you can improve your victory by holding the flag the most _and_ have the most
    frags. There's no greater pride than that.
    Another nice Flag Tag strategy (contributed by DarkWolff@aol.com) is to switch
    your weapon to unarmed or the sniper rifle butt and hold down the FIRE button.
    When you pick up the flag, you can continue chopping or swinging while you are
    carrying the flag, and on your opponent's screens, you won't be holding the
    flag! However, if you release the fire button while you are still holding it,
    you'll switch to the flag and won't be able to hurt anything anymore. A good
    way to surprise an opponent!
    And here's a sickening little strategy from Guardian Owl
    This will only work if there are no explosives or weapons available that 
    will fire through doors.  First obtain the flag by finding it or killing
    someone who has it.  By the way, holding the flag the longest is the only way
    to win the match.  Hustle down, avoiding enemy fire, to the interrogation
    room you must break out of in single-player mode.  Next, open the door
    and shut it behind you.  Lastly, put your back to the door and wait.
    The door opens inward so anyone trying to enter will not be able to
    because you are blocking the door!  With your back to the door there is
    no part of your body that is vulnerable to being shot.  If there are no
    weapons which shoot through doors, or explosive that will reach through,
    you are set for the remainder of the match.  The only other way in is by
    the pop-up point.  Your "friends" will be in too much disgust and
    frustration to think of this way in.
    When playing license to kill, it is best to play with Autoaim OFF and no
    explosives (unless this strictly for crazed fun). Autoaim ON will allow you to
    make a shot from a mile away, and it takes away the real skill involved in
    license to kill. There are 3 golden rules that is best to abide by in License
    to kill:
    1) The best weapons have the biggest clips and the fastest fire rates.
    2) Never stand in the open; take the narrow and unused passageways.
    3) Honorable, dishonorable, a kill is a kill.
    First, you should know that the best weapons for license to kill are automatic
    weapons with big clips (scopes aren't necessary unless you enjoy sniping). That
    means that cougar magnums are perhaps the worst license to kill weapons, while
    the RC-P90 is the best.
    Second, make it a habit to takes the routes that aren't used as much or are
    less susceptible to enemy fire. Taking the unused routes provides you with an
    untouched supply of weapons, ammo and armor, as well as providing you with a
    good hiding spot if you're being chased.
    Lastly, remember that a kill is a kill. It doesn't matter if you're honorable
    or dishonorable, you _know_ your friends would shoot you in the back if they
    had the chance. In fact, I pride myself in this combination of results: Most
    Deadly and Most Dishonorable.
    When playing license to kill, learning how to precision aim is a must. Also,
    try to aim for the legs, arms, and body, disregarding the head unless your
    opponent doesn't suspect it. I have a field day shooting people's arms when
    they're sticking out of doors. Also, learn how to use walls and bulletproof
    glass as barriers. Lastly, if you're in firefight with some one, lay into them
    when they reload their weapon.
    If you are playing license to kill with slappers only, the best way to rack up
    the frags is to time your chops. Make sure that your opponent doesn't chop at
    the same time as you, or you'll both go down simultaneously. After you've done
    this, find yourself a fresh victim. Usually, it is best to run up to an
    opponent, duck down and chop away. The best way to counter another ducker is
    like this: First, squat down and face him, backing up so that he can't reach
    you. Immediately stand up, do a half circle-strafe around him and chop him in
    the back of his head (or body, whichever is more readily available). Since your
    opponent is also moving forward, the entire process should take no more than 2
    seconds, or you'll give your opponent more than enough time to turn around and
    chop you in your knees.
    When fighting multiple enemies, especially when you are playing against a team
    of people, try to use crossfire and the color of your costume to confuse them.
    Select a character that has a similar outfit to the best player on the other
    team. Sometimes, the best player can be shot enough by his allies that you can
    peck him a few extra times to finish him off. Learn how to run away and take a
    confusing route, just in case you have to run away from a firefight. If you
    aren't playing against a team, try to pick on the people with the least amount
    of health (or most harmless). This isn't necessarily a 'good' method of
    winning, since your friends won't like it one bit. They might ban you from the
    next game (or disconnect your control on accident...).
    Although Goldeneye is best played with 3 players or more, usually you'll find
    yourself at home playing a 1 on 1 game with a sibling. When playing a 1 on 1
    game, take away as much armor as you can. Grab armor, engage in a firefight.
    When you're done winning (or if you think you can't handle it), grab more armor
    and return. The opponent usually will be too distracted by you that he won't
    pick up any armor in between breaks. Learn how to take ambush spots quickly. If
    you see your opponent coming at you, immediately move to a good hiding spot and
    fire when he passes you by. Another thing to do is to fire at walls to
    discover your opponent. If you play with no radar, and your opponent is in a
    multi-corridor room (like the Green-walled colored room in the basement), fire
    at each of the walls. Look at your opponent's screen to determine in which
    corridor your opponent is hiding in, and then attack.
    Overview/Analysis Format:
    Ratings (From worst to best): Pathetic, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent
    Name of Weapon
    Ammo Per Clip
    Fire Rate
    Damage Caused
    Least Effective in Game Mode
    Most Effective in Game Mode
    Overall Usefulness
    Ammo Per Clip: None
    Fire Rate: Bad
    Damage Caused: Pathetic
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: All But License to Kill
    Most Effective in: License to Kill
    Overall Usefulness: Pathetic
    Slappers is the worst weapon in the game, but can actually gain a few laughs
    and is adrenaline-pumpingly fun in License to Kill. You can chop about once
    every 0.75 seconds, and outside of License to Kill, causes the least amount of
    damage in the entire game.
    Throwing Knives
    Ammo Per Clip: None
    Fire Rate: Pathetic
    Damage Caused: Average
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: License to Kill, Flag Tag
    Most Effective in: Normal
    Overall Usefulness: Bad
    Throwing Knives are a very difficult weapon to be good with, but can get a lot
    of applause from friends if you are. They have the worst fire rate in the
    game, and the damage caused (if you actually land one!) is meager. The best way
    to use these is to keep the FIRE button held down, as it will allow you to be
    more readily prepared for a fight, and you'll be able to throw it faster and
    farther. When using knives, always aim for the chest or back. It is the
    biggest target, and causes more damage than a knife to the head.
    Ammo Per Clip: 7
    Fire Rate: Average
    Damage Caused: Average
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: Flag Tag, Normal
    Most Effective in: License to Kill
    Overall Usefulness: Average
    The PP7 is a solid weapon. It is the second best of the pistols, and is an
    excellent weapon for License to Kill games. Don't bother using it in Flag Tag
    games, since armor will be used excessively by the flag carrier.
    Silenced PP7
    See _PP7_
    DD4 Dostovei
    Ammo Per Clip: 8
    Fire Rate: Average
    Damage Caused: Good
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: Flag Tag, Normal
    Most Effective in: License to Kill
    Overall Usefulness: Good
    The DD4 is the best pistol out of the arsenal of multiplayer weapons. It hits
    slightly harder than a PP7, and has an extra bullet in every clip. However,
    like most pistols, it suffers greatly in normal play and flag tag, since
    semi-automatic fire just isn't fast enough in intense games like those.
    Cougar Magnum
    Ammo Per Clip: 6
    Fire Rate: Pathetic
    Damage Caused: Excellent
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: License to Kill
    Most Effective in: Normal, Flag Tag
    Overall Usefulness: Bad
    The Cougar Magnum seems to be a very good choice as a pistol, but in actuality
    it isn't. It has a really bad kick, small clip, and slow fire rate. In License
    to Kill, rapid fire is key, and the Cougar just doesn't deliver. In normal
    games, however, two bullets to the chest or a single bullet to the head will
    send an opponent belly-up. Because of this, the Cougar is best used as a close
    range weapon, where you can get a clear shot at the neck, chest, or head.
    Golden Gun
    Ammo Per Clip: 1
    Fire Rate: Pathetic
    Damage Caused: Instant Death
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: License to Kill
    Most Effective in: Flag Tag
    Overall Usefulness: Bad
    The Golden Gun causes instant death to whoever is unfortunate to be puncture
    by a golden bullet. While this seems like a great weapon, it has only 1 bullet
    per clip. Having only one bullet, I can only judge that the time it takes to
    reload becomes its fire rate. In License to Kill, the power won't matter since
    any shot kills anyway, but in Flag Tag, it should have the power to stop that
    armor-hogging flag carrier.
    Ammo Per Clip: Infinite
    Fire Rate: Good
    Damage Caused: Good
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: Flag Tag
    Most Effective in: Normal, License to Kill
    Overall Usefulness: Good
    The Laser is a good weapon for almost any kind of match. In Flag Tag, however,
    you'll find that the laser doesn't have the fast enough fire rate to take care
    of the carrier. In Normal, it hits surprisingly harder than many people
    realize, and in License to Kill, you can keep your finger on the trigger
    without worrying about your opponent killing you while you reload.
    KF7 Soviet
    Ammo Per Clip: 30
    Fire Rate: Excellent
    Damage Caused: Good
    Scope: Yes
    Least Effective in: Team Modes (More than one opponent gunning at you)
    Most Effective in: Normal (Especially One on One Matches)
    Overall Usefulness: Excellent
    The Soviet is an excellent weapon. It is an automatic weapon that has a solid
    reload rate and decent clip size. It can pack a good punch if you happen to put
    in a right amount of bullets into an opponent. Add a scope, and you have one of
    the best weapons in the game. The only blunder it has is that it doesn't have
    enough ammo to take down more than one person in a single clip, and doesn't
    pack enough punch for you to be gunning for more than one person at the same
    Ammo Per Clip: 20
    Fire Rate: Average
    Damage Caused: Bad
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: Normal, Flag Tag
    Most Effective in: License to Kill
    Overall Usefulness: Bad
    I never really liked the Klobb. It always seemed to be a 'harsh' weapon. While
    its rate of fire _is_ faster than the PP7 or Distovei's, it isn't fast enough
    to count as a true automatic. Combine the meager fire rate and poor amount of
    damage this weapon delivers with the shortest clip an 'automatic' has. This
    weapon is kind of like an 'automatic pistol.'
    D5K Deutsche
    Ammo Per Clip: 30
    Fire Rate: Good
    Damage Caused: Good
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: Team Modes (More than one opponent gunning at you)
    Most Effective in: License to Kill
    Overall Usefulness: Good
    This weapon is a step up from the pistols and klobb. It is a solid weapon that
    has a reasonable amount of bullets and packs a solid punch. While not as
    effective as the Soviet, it is still a worthy weapon that should take out most
    pistol users.
    Ammo Per Clip: 32
    Fire Rate: Excellent
    Damage Caused: Excellent
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: None
    Most Effective in: All
    Overall Usefulness: Excellent
    The ZMG is an excellent weapon. It shoots much faster than a normal automatic,
    and although it has no scope, it packs a very hard punch. If this weapon is
    available, I suggest using it as much as possible (Dual ZMGs have to be the
    best legal combination of weapons you can use in the game).
    Assault Rifle
    Ammo Per Clip: 30
    Fire Rate: Good
    Damage Caused: Excellent
    Scope: Yes
    Least Effective in: Normal (Close Quarters Combat)
    Most Effective in: Normal (Medium to Long Range Combat)
    Overall Usefulness: Good
    The Assault Rifle is a good weapon for those of you who like to keep a good
    distance away from an opponent. Aggressive people like myself, however, like to
    get up-close to an opponent and participate in close quarter combat, which the
    Assault Rifle isn't so great at. When you are using the scope, remember that
    the Assault Rifle's rate of fire goes down by about 50%, so only use it at
    really long distances.
    Sniper Rifle
    Ammo Per Clip: 8
    Fire Rate: Average
    Damage Caused: Good
    Scope: Yes
    Least Effective in: Normal, Flag Tag
    Most Effective in: License to Kill, You Only Live Twice
    Overall Usefulness: Average
    The Sniper Rifle is for those patient people who like to camp out or snipe. As
    an aggressive player, I don't really have that patience to use this weapon. If
    you have the patience, however, this is a great weapon. It also requires
    precision, and the scope allows for some nasty head shots. If there are people
    who are skilled with a sniper rifle playing against you, watch your step
    Ammo Per Clip: 80
    Fire Rate: Excellent
    Damage Caused: Good
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: None
    Most Effective in: All
    Overall Usefulness: Excellent
    The RC-P90 is undoubtedly the best weapon in the game. It has the biggest clip,
    fastest fire rate, and super strong bullets. After getting this weapon, don't
    bother switching to anything else. Abuse the extended clip and only reload when
    your either out of bullets or your opponents are *DEAD*.
    Automatic Shotgun
    Ammo Per Clip: 5
    Fire Rate: Bad
    Damage Caused: Varies (depends on how much of the spread-fire hits you)
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: License to Kill (medium to close range versus vs. RC-P90),
    Normal (long distance)
    Most Effective in: License to Kill (long distance), Normal (close quarter
    Overall Usefulness: Average
    The Automatic Shotgun is best used in License to Kill and Normal modes.
    However, it is also least effective in License to Kill and Normal modes. It all
    depends on distance. When you fire an Automatic Shotgun, a certain number of
    pellets spread out with distance, so the farther you are from an opponent, the
    less likely you are going to hit him with all the pellets, but more likely to
    hit him with one of the pellets. This is why it works so well close range in
    normal and long range in license to kill.
    Timed Mines
    Ammo Per Clip: None (You have 11 Maximum)
    Fire Rate: Bad
    Damage Caused: Excellent
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: None
    Most Effective in: All
    Overall Usefulness: Good
    Timed Mines are practically grenades that can stick to a surface. They are good
    to use if you can time things just right (hence the name Timed Mines).
    Proximity Mines
    Ammo Per Clip: None (You have 11 maximum)
    Fire Rate: Bad
    Damage Caused: Excellent
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: None
    Most Effective in: All
    Overall Usefulness: Excellent
    Proximity Mines are excellent weapons _if_ you have a good enough memory to
    know where you placed them. If you are playing license to kill, Proximity Mines
    can be both good and bad weapons. They can kill mass amounts of people with a
    single touch, but can also kill you the same way as well. For extra fun, add
    Turbo Mode ^_^
    Remote Mines
    Ammo Per Clip: None (You have 11 maximum)
    Fire Rate: Bad
    Damage Caused: Excellent
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: None
    Most Effective in: All
    Overall Usefulness: Excellent
    Remote Mines are my favorite of all the mines. They can be used to pin, trap,
    and confuse enemies. To be good with them, you need to find good hiding spots
    for the mines, though. With paintball mode on, try placing a mine on the wall.
    Afterwards, shoot a bullet next to it. The paint should spread on the mine and
    camouflage it.
    Ammo Per Clip: None
    Fire Rate: Bad
    Damage Caused: Excellent
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: License to Kill
    Most Effective in: Normal, Flag Tag
    Overall Usefulness: Good
    Grenades have the bouncing effect. This can be an advantage or disadvantage. If
    you are a good grenade bouncer, you can use it to reach those hard-to-get-to
    places. If you botch the attempt, however, the grenade could end up behind you
    without you even knowing it. It is best used in Flag Tag, since you can pull
    the pin and just tail the flag carrier and kill both of you. All in all,
    grenades are a friendly addition to anyone's arsenal of explosives.
    Rocket Launcher
    Ammo Per Clip: 1
    Fire Rate: Pathetic
    Damage Caused: Excellent
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: None
    Most Effective in: All
    Overall Usefulness: Excellent
    If you know how to shoot the floor and walls, this can be your best friend. The
    problem with the weapon is that people tend to forget that the explosions can
    obstruct your view while your opponents take potshots at you with their guns.
    Because of this, be sure you get some armor before engaging in a fight with a
    rocket launcher.
    Grenade Launcher
    Ammo Per Clip: 6
    Damage Caused: Excellent
    Scope: No
    Least Effective in: None
    Most Effective in: All
    Overall Usefulness: Excellent
    This is the main weapon for bombarding people with explosives. Just stand atop
    a high ledge and let loose the grenades. If you are good at bouncing, you can
    use this to an advantage as well. Just make sure you don't screw up, because
    unlike normal grenades, the grenades in the grenade launcher explode on contact
    with the floor.
    -=======MOST HONORABLE=======-
    The player who fought the most in a person's face rather than shooting in the
    -=======MOST DISHONORABLE=======-
    The player who fought the dirtiest, and shot the most people with their backs
    turned. (My personal favorite)
    -=======MOST PROFESSIONAL=======-
    The player who achieves the most head and neck shots.
    -=======MOST DEADLY=======-
    The player who is the most dangerous to encounter.
    -=======MARKSMANSHIP AWARD=======-
    The player who connected the most shots out of all the shots fired.
    -=======LONGEST INNINGS=======-
    The player with the longest life spans.
    -=======SHORTEST INNINGS=======-
    The player with the shortest life spans.
    -=======AC -10 AWARD=======-
    The "Armor Hog" of the match.
    -=======WHERE'S THE AMMO?=======-
    The player always short on ammo.
    -=======WHERE'S THE ARMOR?=======-
    The player with the least armor.
    -=======MOST FRANTIC=======-
    Most 'hyper' player. Runs around a lot and zigzags continuously.
    -=======LEMMING AWARD=======-
    The player that kills himself the most often.
    -=======DOUBLE KILL=======-
    The player that was able to kill two people with the same explosive.
    -=======TRIPLE KILL=======-
    The player that was able to kill three people with the same explosive.
    -=======QUAD KILL=======-
    The player that was able to kill all four players with the same
    THANK YOUS                             
    DarkWolff@aol.com: Flag Tag + Chop/Swing tip.
    Guardian Owl: Cheap Flag Tag Strategy
    Copyright 1998 by Stewart Bishop

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