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    Tricks FAQ by Benjamin

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/13/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Subject: RARE TIPS ARTICLE VERSION 1.2!!!!!!!!!
    From: Benjamin <goodrich@planetc.com>
    Date: 13 Mar 98 03:10:00 GMT
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.nintendo
    Here are some 007 tricks and some and some good ways to get "hard to get"
    cheats. my RARE TIPS article version 1.2
    NOTE: This is sort of like a FAQ it is not totally a faq still, I put it
    together BUT I did not write most of the things in here and I am not
    Responsible if something goes wrong when using this article or the tips in
    another note before you read on:This is a MAJOR Revision I have added a lot
    I wrote the following about how to get the invincibility cheat
    1.Doak must be in the hallway upstairs (the hallway where all of the
    scientists are) he WILL BE THERE if you play long enough
    2.You can blow up a remote mine without going to your watch, just press
    A and B together.
    3.You can blow up all of the gas tanks using three mines just place them
    on the floor in this pattern
                             @   @   @   @
                               M   M   M
                             @   @   @   @
    Note: The @ is a tank and the M is a Mine, and shoot the remaining tanks
    if any with your gun.
    4.The best way to get inside the door (the door that leads to the room
    with the stairs) (that you normally have to use the computer to open) is
    to head straight toward it. do not bother with the computer, shoot the
    door, a gaurd should open it, go inside.
    The reason I had tip 3 is because it helps VERY MUCH if you use two mines
    killing the people. I like to use my first mine on the wall beside the
    door that leads into the room with the computer that opens the security
    door (NOT the one in tip 4) back away and press A and B at the same time
    this should blow up the mine and not the computer inside if you throw
    it far enough from the door that is.
    Well that is all I had to say but if you use these tips wisely and with
    a WHOLE LOT of luck you should get it :)
    I, Benjamin did NOT write the following F. Craig Littlejohn
    ( innuendo@ici.net ) posted it about the invincibility cheat and the
    invisibility cheat but I wanted to include it in this article
    so Craig if you read this and do not want me to keep putting this along
    with my article then e-mail me at goodrich@plantec.com
    I finished the facility in 2:03 by playing a nearly perfect game using
    some strategies I read about here, and a few of my own.
    1. As you begin quickly switch to timed mines.
    2. When you get midway to the bottom of the stairs, toss a mine between
    the bottom of the steps and the metal door to the control console. If it
    bounces, start over.
    3. Whip around to the door underneath the stairs and blow the mine by
    pressing both A and B simultaneously. Immediately hit B and Z
    simultaneously too switch back to PPK. Go through the door before the
    blast hits you and take out the guard with the security card.
    4. Run to the metal door, open it and run backwards over the blown up
    boxes to collect some ammo.
    5. Activate the console and collect ammo in the room quickly; make your
    way through the security door.
    6. Enter the hall w/ 3 guards firing your KM7, try to hit the center
    and right guards enough to kill them. You are doing well if they both
    die quickly. Open the door at the other end of the hall, moving to the
    left as it opens to avoid gunfire from the guy(s) behind you.
    7. Get through the next sec. door as quickly as possible, and upstairs.
    If you can kill the guards in your way quickly, do it and get their
    ammo. If not, run by them.
    8. Find Doak in one of the three rooms, hope hard he's there.
    Improvise. Kill whoever you have to to avoid dying while finding Doak
    and making your way to the final security door. Do not use the door
    decoder if there are any bad guys closing in on you. They will get there
    and kill you before you finish.
    9. Go through the door switching to mines and run over to Alec, start
    talking and place mines between each pair of tanks so one mine will blow
    up two tanks. If you haven't been killed yet, switch to KM7 and take out
    the last two tanks with bullets while making your way to the door.
    10. Blow the tanks when you think Alec is far enough from them, usually
    a meter or two is far enough, as long as he is walking away from them.
    As soon as it says Objective D Completed, leave.
    If you play this strategy out almost perfectly, you should be under
    2:05. Of course there are tons of things that can go wrong. Getting
    stopped by gunfire before you get upstairs is a bad thing. Start over.
    The Archives.
    I'm not going to go into detail here, the strategy is pretty simple.
    Nothing can hold you up here if you want to be under 1:20. I did it in
    1:19 and played a perfect game. Hints: Use enemy fire to your advantage-
    getting hit in the back will push you faster down the hallways. To move
    faster up a hallway, move diagonally. Push forward and slightly to the
    left or right on the stick, and left or right on the strafe (C) buttons.
    This moves you a bit faster than just pushing forward. Remember which
    doors open in and not out. You save a precious second or two by moving
    through these doors quickly without stepping back for them to open.
    There are three open-in doors on the way through the Archives using my
    strategy. Shoot Mishkin as soon as you get the key if he is in the way
    of the safe. Leave the safe room through the door you did not enter
    through (assuming you entered through the door closest to the outer
    I know this probably doesn't make much sense, but I just had to share.
    I, Benjamin did NOT write the following Aknott00
    ( aknott00@aol.com ) posted it about multiplayer tricks but
    I wanted to include it in this article so Aknott00 if you read this and do
    not want me to keep putting this along with my article then e-mail me at
    First off, If you want the funnest and fairest game, outlaw anyone shorter than
    the average player.  I'm talking about OddJob, Valentin, and all the girls
    except Xenia and Natalya.  Being a few inches shorter (a few feet in oddjobs
    case) allows bullets to wiz over their head while they pump you full of it.  
    Also, The only way to really experience the game is in License to kill, or you
    can do Normal, and drop everyones health to -10. If you have begginners, you
    can give them a slight advantage, say -4, to help them grasp the controls and
    Some fun games we play are "kill oddjob", and 3 vs. Jaws.  In kill oddjob, you
    setup the game for 3 or 4 players, but only 2 or 3 will actually play.  The 4
    player will be oddjob. You must turn off radar (the frigate cheat) and set the
    game to time, maybe 10 mins.  Then when the game starts, the objective is to
    find odd-job before anyone else does, and kill him.  You can kill each other,
    to keep opponents from killing odd-job, but After alls said and done, you
    decide who wins by who killed oddjob the most.  You can't move oddjob to find
    out where he is either, so if he's facing a wall, it becomes a bit more
    difficult, but alot funner to.
    Im 3 vs. Jaws, we play normal, and set everyones health to -10, except Jaws. 
    He gets +10.  Then you all compete to see who finally kills Jaws.  Once someone
    kills him, they win, and you start over with them as Jaws.  
    other fun little items we like to do are color coordinating teams. For example.
     007 and 006 against Ouramov and Russin Commandant.  or Moonrakers against
    Scientist. Has anyone else noticed the the Siberian Special Forces can blend
    into the walls in stack? Try it sometime, we've outlawed him in the level,
    cause you can't see him.  
    This trick has been floating around on several websites so if the writer
    of the following reads this and wants me to exclude it then e-mail me
    at goodrich@planetc.com
    Get Back in the Vent
    To get back in the vent in the Facility, stand on the toilet that is 
    under the vent.
    Then hold Left C until your player ducks, then press and hold R, and 
    left on the control stick.
    When your player returns to the vent, release C and R and press forward 
    on the control stick.
    This can be used in Mission Mode and in multiplayer. If you are using 
    proximity mines in 
    multiplayer, plant some in the vent. If someone starts up there, they 
    won't be able to escape
    without being killed!
    NOTE: This trick must be performed with tall players.
    I did not write this but I did try it and it works!!! wutang
    (wutang1696@aol.com) sent it to me via e-mail remember IT WORKS
    because I have done it myself 
    Extra Players In GoldenEye Battle
    First Go to your last battle character!! Either Mishkin or Moonraker 
    1. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left.
    2. Hold the L Button and press C-Up.
    3. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Left on the digital Control Pad 
    (NOT the Control Stick). 
    Note: Doing this will select a different character on-screen. This is 
    supposed to happen. 
    4. Hold the L Button and press Right on the Control Pad.
    5. Hold the R Button and press Down on the Control Pad.
    6. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Left.
    7. Hold the L Button and press C-Up.
    8. Hold the L and R Buttons and press Right on the Control Pad.
    9. Hold the L and R Buttons and press C-Down.
    10. Hold the L Button and press Down on the Control Pad
    And finally this is the last section of my article that I wrote it has a
    list of good websites to check out
    this website is one I like very much it is not a very popullar site or
    anything but I like it because it is a lot like what I would want
    my site to be (if I had one)
    this place links you to all the LATEST goldeneye gameshark codes
    here is a goldeneye strategy guide
    well that is all I have for now, but if you want me to include in this
    007 RARE TIPS article (now Version 1.2) (that I, Benjamin will frequently
    update) your BEST way for getting a hard to get 007 cheat, or a 007 trick,
    (tricks must be good, now I will not include a "RARE TIP" that everybody
    already knows (because then it wouldn't be rare) also anything you send to
    me to add to this must not contain profane language or I will not add it)
    then e-mail me at goodrich@planetc.com and be sure to include your 007
    "RARE tip" in your e-mail, and would you please name the subject of your
    e-mail "RARE TIPS" (without the quotes) that way I will know to include it.

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