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    Weapons Statistics by Amalcon

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/22/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Goldeneye 007 Weapons + Ammo: Statistics
             by Amalcon(ryan@xtdl.com)
    V1.0 7-22-99 (First and probably last version)
    This guide was compiled...well...mostly
    because I realized I could (I FINALLY got
    All Weapons. Those of you who haven't
    reached Egyptian yet, hang in there-once
    you get to the level, getting All Weapons
    is about as easy as getting paintball mode).
    This guide was created primarily to help you
    choose the right weapon for the job in single
    or multiplayer Goldeneye. I will probably
    create a similar guide for Perfect Dark
    (hopefully soon after its release). If you
    want to know what Perfect Dark is, just do a
    search for it (I used Yahoo and got tons of
    hits, and the game's not even out yet).
    1)  The Weapons
    2)  The Ammo
    3)  Notes
    4)  How the weapon stats were discovered
    5)  Legal junk and contact information
    1)   The Weapons
    Note: This table might take up a lot of horizontal space.
    Speed is in bullets per second. Power is a special unit, but higher=more powerful.
    Silenced weapons are the same as the regular weapons, but make less noise.
    An N/A Speed occurs when the Clip is 1. This is the slowest speed of any weapon.
    A ?? Power occurs when the power cannot be reliably calculated.
    An N/A Clip means that shots are fired directly from your Ammo supply.
    And the RC-P90 takes up two lines because it deserves them.
    Weapon            |Speed|Power |Ammo Type |Clip|Scope|Explodes|Notes
    Unarmed-Slappers  | 1.0 |  ??  | Infinite |N/A | No  |   No   |Short range
    Unarmed-Rifle Butt| 1.0 |  ??  | Infinite |N/A | No  |   No   |More powerful
    Hunting Knife     | 1.1 |  ??  | Infinite |N/A | No  |   No   |Quite powerful
    Throwing Knife    | 0.8 |  ??  |  Knives  |N/A | No  |   No   |Hard to aim
    PP7               | 3.9P|  47  | Standard | 7  | No  |   No   |Bond's standard
    DD44 Dostovei     | 3.9P|  48  | Standard | 8  | No  |   No   |Close to PP7
    Klobb             | 4.8 |  28  | Standard | 20 | No  |   No   |The worst gun
    KF7 Soviet        | 5.0 |  45  |  Rifle   | 30 | Yes |   No   |Fairly solid gun
    ZMG(9MM)          | 7.2 |  49  | Standard | 32 | No  |   No   |2 of these rock!
    D5K Deutsche      | 7.5 |  48  | Standard | 30 | No  |   No   |Similar to ZMG
    Phantom           | 4.7 |  59  | Standard | 50 | No  |   No   |Only on Frigate
    AR33 Assault Rifle| 8.0 |  67  |  Rifle   | 30 | Yes |   No   |Second best gun
    RC-P90            | 8.3 |  77  | Standard | 80 | No  |   No   |THE BEST GUN IN
    RC-P90            | 8.3 |  77  | Standard | 80 | No  |   No   |THE GAME!!!
    Shotgun           | 2.2P|  17  |  Shells  | 5  | No  |   No   |/Fires 5 particles per shot,
    Automatic Shotgun | 2.2P|  24  |  Shells  | 5  | No  |   No   |\uses up one shell
    Sniper Rifle      | 5.1P|  45  |  Rifle   | 8  | Yes |   No   |You can zoom in with C-Up
    Cougar Magnum     | 3.4P| 100  |  Magnum  | 6  | No  |   No   |Penetrates infinite objects
    Golden Gun        | N/A | 5090 |  Golden  | 1  | No  |   No   |Automatic kill on most foes
    Silver PP7        | 3.9 | 100  | Standard | 7  | No  |   No   |Penetrates infinite objects
    Gold PP7          | 3.9 | 5090 | Standard | 7  | No  |   No   |Automatic kill on most foes
    Laser             | 4.0P| 100  | Standard |N/A | No  |   No   |A magnum that can't run out
    Watch Laser       | 9.6 |  ??  |Power Cell|N/A | No  |   No   |Use it to cut the train floor
    Grenade Launcher  | 1.5P|1000  |GrenadeRnd|N/A | No  |   Yes  |Fastest explosive weapon
    Rocket Launcher   | N/A |1000  |  Rocket  | 1  | No  |   Yes  |Grenade launcher w/o gravity
    Grenade           | 1.0 |1000  |  Grenade |N/A | No  |   Yes  |Push Z, count to 3, release
    Mine(Timed)       | 1.0 |1000  |Timed Mine|N/A | No  |   Yes  |Grenades that stick to walls
    Mine(Remote)      | 1.0 |1000  |RemoteMine|N/A | No  |   Yes  |Push A+B or go to detonator
    Mine(Proximity)   | 1.0 |1000  |Prox. Mine|N/A | No  |   Yes  |When someone goes near it...
    Taser             | 0.6 |  ??  | Infinite |N/A | No  |   No   |A novelty weapon
    Tank              | N/A |1000  |Tank Shell|N/A | No  |   Yes  |Like a grenade launcher.
    2)   The Ammo
    These do not include the weapons' clips
    Ammo      |Held|Notes
    Infinite  |N/A |You never run out of this
    Knives    |10  |11 if you switch to them
    Standard  |800 |The most common
    Rifle     |400 |All guns with scopes use it
    Shell     |100 |Shotgun shells
    Magnum    |200 |Used only with the Magnum
    Golden    |100 |Used only with Golden Gun
    Power Cell|300 |1000 with ammo cheat
    GrenadeRnd|12  |Explodes on impact
    Rocket    |3   |GrenadeRnds that don't fall
    Grenade   |10  |11 if you switch to them
    Timed Mine|10  |11 if you switch to them
    RemoteMine|10  |11 if you switch to them
    Prox. Mine|10  |11 if you switch to them
    Tank Shell|50  |0 if you're not in a tank
    3)   Notes
    -If you want an all-purpose gun, take the
    -Speeds are for one gun. If you use two
     of the same gun, double the speed-but
     you'll miss more often.
    -2 RC-P90's is the best legal pair of
     weapons that you can find normally
     (and I STILL haven't discovered whether
     that was a rumor).
    -2 Golden PP7's will take out around one
     solder every second in most cases.
    -Drop a mine or grenade if you have
     someone chasing you that you want off
     your tail.
    4)   How I got these figures
     I turned on All Weapons, Infinite Ammo,
     Invisibility and Invincibility, then
     went in to Cheat Select Mission. I
     chose Dam, and 007 difficulty. I put
     Enemy Health up to 1000%. Then, I
     repeated this process for each gun:
      1) Kill the first guy with the gun
      2) Abort mission
      3) Use this formula:
     Some weapons did not register head, body
     or limb hits, so I just put the power of
     these down as ??.
     The Golden Gun, Gold PP7, and all
     explosive powers were calculated on Jaws
     in the Aztec level. I had to find a way
     to compare these to the other guns, so I
     figured out how much Silver PP7 ammo I
     had to put into him. I just used the
     formula above without the 1000/ part on
     it. That was the number I had to divide
     for the powerful weapons. Confused? Well
     let's just say I'm almost totally sure
     it worked.
     In a nutshell, one unit of Power is what
     percentage of the first guard at the
     dam's life is taken away when you hit
     him in the torso.
    Fire rate
     I just timed how long it took a gun to
     fire a certain number of bullets, and
     divided bullets by time.
    5)   Legal junk and contact information
    copyright(c) 1999 Amalcon
    OK, let's see... You may distribute this
    guide as you want, as long as you do not
    make a profit. The content must also
    remain unchanged, although you may break
    it into pieces or format it for HTML if
    you like. Just don't do something dumb
    like change the Klobb's damage to 90
    or something. Oh yeah, and don't remove
    my online nickname from this guide and
    replace it with yours. That's just
    stupid, and if you do it, you're a
    lamer. In fact, you shouldn't remove
    my name at all. And please give me
    credit if you use the information.
    You know what? I can never remember
    everything I'm supposed to say here.
    Just don't do what other guides tell
    you not to do with them if I haven't
    listed it above.
    You may E-mail me at ryan@XTDL.com,
    but I probably won't check it for a
    while. Since I don't want my other
    contact info all over the net, this
    is all I'm providing. Oh, and PLEASE
    only contact me if you tell me
    something about this guide.
    I am invincible! (When I win and I'm Boris)
    Run away! Run away! (When I run away...duh...)
    Finish the job James, if you can. (When I get
               body armor and my opponent is Bond)
    Uh oh... (When I run out of ammo)
     -Amalcon (ryan@xtdl.com)

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