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    Level Cheats Guide by marshmallow

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 05/04/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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          _____     __   __         ____           ___  ___  __________
         / ___/__  / /__/ /__ ___  / __/_ _____   / _ \/ _ \/_  /_____/
        / (_ / _ \/ / _  / -_) _ \/ _// // / -_) / // / // / / /___/ 
        \___/\___/_/\_,_/\__/_//_/___/\_, /\__/  \___/\___/ /_/  
       _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
      / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
     ( C | H | E | A | T ) ( W | A | L | K | T | H | R | O | U | G | H )
      \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
             Author: marshmallow <marshmallow@planetn2000.com>
                            Version 2.2
    * -------------------------------------------------------------------- *
        I realize that even today, there are several people who can not 
    access all of the cheats in GoldenEye. And I happen to have all 23 
    cheats (Not to brag, of course...). So, I've put together this little 
    FAQ to help anyone who needs some assistance with this awesome game. 
    Just remember that your success also heavily depends on your skill, so 
    if you're, erm, a somewhat bad player, you may never be able to receive 
    all 23 cheats. But still, practice makes perfect, as they say...
      0.   T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S 
    0.   Table of Contents
    1.   Revision History / Updates
    2.   Warning
    3.   Cheat Table
    4.   Level Cheat Walkthroughs
    5.   GoldenEye FUN!
    6.   The 24th Cheat?
    7.   Credits
    8.   Legal Stuff
    9.  Contact Information
      1.   R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y   /   U P D A T E S
    Thursday, May 4th, 2000 (Version 2.3):
    Changes here and there...nothing terribly exciting.
    Wednesday, February 16th, 2000 (Version 2.2):
    I fixed the RC-P90 mistake for Caverns (for some reason the auto-correct 
    automatically changed it to RCP-90...but I told it that RC-P90 is 
    acceptable now) :p
    Tuesday, February 15th, 2000 (Version 2.0):
    I changed just about every section (including the cheat table, it looks 
    much better now). So go and browse around if you want...ESPECIALLY check 
    out the Chemical Facility; I entirely re-wrote that thing, and even 
    included ways to get a world-record-like time of 1:10.
    I also added a new section, titled "GoldenEye FUN." I suggest checking 
    it out...
    Friday, April 2nd, 1999 (Version 1.0):
    Everything is new! I probably won't come back for seconds when it comes 
    to updates.
      2.   W A R N I N G
    I will not present an actual walkthrough for any of the level cheats 
    UNLESS they are incredibly difficult to get or require many different 
    strategies. I will only present hints for certain areas or situations 
    which will give you the upper-hand. If you do not know how to beat the 
    level, I STRONGLY suggest that you do NOT try to get any cheats, because 
    you will need to know the level by heart to get any cheats at all. For 
    information on beating the levels, see my GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough. 
    Now, with that out of the way, let us proceed...
      3.   C H E A T   T A B L E
    For a quick reference...
       Stage          Cheat Name            Difficulty        Required Time
    | 1. Dam      |   Paintball    |       Secret Agent      |     2:40    |
    | 2. Facility | Invincibility  |       00 Agent          |     2:05    |
    | 3. Runway   |   DK Mode      |        Agent            |     5:00    |
    | 4. Surface  | 2x G. Launcher |      Secret Agent       |     3:30    |
    | 5. Bunker   | 2x R. Launcher |       00 Agent          |     4:00    | 
    | 6. Silo     | Turbo Mode     |        Agent            |     3:00    |
    | 7. Frigate  | No Radar(Multi)|       Secret Agent      |     4:30    |
    | 8. Surface 2|   Tiny Bond    |       00 Agent          |     4:15    |
    | 9. Bunker 2 |  2x T. Knives  |        Agent            |     1:30    |
    | 10. Statue  | Fast Animation |      Secret Agent       |     1:15    |
    | 11. Archive |  Invisibility  |       00 Agent          |     1:20    |
    | 12. Street  |  Enemy Rockets |        Agent            |     1:45    |
    | 13. Depot   | Slow Animation |      Secret Agent       |     1:30    |
    | 14. Train   |   Silver PP7   |       00 Agent          |     5:25    |
    | 15. Jungle  |  2x Hunting K. |         Agent           |     3:45    |
    | 16. Control |  Infinite Ammo |       Secret Agent      |    10:00    |
    | 17. Caverns |   2x RPC-90    |       00 Agent          |     9:30    |
    | 18. Cradle  |   Golden PP7   |        Agent            |     2:15    |
    | 19. Aztec   |  2x Moonraker  |       Secret Agent      |     9:30    |
    | 20. Egypt   |   All Guns     |        00 Agent         |     6:00    |
    | 21. ----    | Cougar Magnum  |   All Levels Agent      |     ----    |
    | 22. ----    | Moonraker Gun  | All Levels Secret Agent |     ----    |
    | 23. ----    |   Golden Gun   |   All Levels 00 Agent   |     ----    |
    | 24. ----    |    007 Mode*   |   All Levels 00 Agent   |     ----    |
    * Although this is not the true 24th cheat (see section 6 for more 
      information), I put 007 Mode here because it is an earned reward.
      4.  L E V E L   C H E A T   W A L K T H R O U G H S
    So, you want to actually GET the cheats, eh? Well, you've come to the 
    right place! Only read on if you know how to beat the respective level.  
    The difficulty level is pretty self-explanatory. One star is really 
    simple while five is nearly impossible. The coolness scale is just how 
    cool it is, or if it's fun, on being stupid and five being amazing. The 
    "What you just got" section explains what the cheat you just got does, 
    or allows you to do. I have also included my times along with each 
    stage...just for fun, I suppose. 
                   T H E   A R T   O F   S T R A F I N G
    Before staring off, you absolutely, positively HAVE to know how to 
    strafe, and strafe good. Without strafing, getting most of these cheats 
    (Ahem, Invisibility and Invincibility) will be forever impossible. 
    Strafing is, of course, pressing the C-buttons in such a way that you go 
    either left or right to dodge enemy gun-fire. But, if you press C UP and 
    C RIGHT, you will go diagonally in those directions (north-west on your 
    screen). When going diagonally, you go _much_ faster than if you to just 
    hold a single button to go in that direction. But there's more...by 
    using the analog stick to look at the ground, and pull it slowly in the 
    direction that you are moving, you can go even faster. Strafing in this 
    way is only recommended in open spaces, because you need some room to 
    pull it off. 
    Practice makes perfect, and the art of strafing is no different!
    Final Note:
    I heavily suggest using the control method "1.2 solitaire", also called 
    "Turok" style. It is the best control method there is! <-- This is not 
    an opinion, but an observable fact.
                                    D A M
                       |   Cheat:    |  Paintball    |
                       |  Setting:   |  Secret Agent |
                       |   Time:     |     2:40      |
                       | Difficulty: |    1 star     |
                       |  Coolness:  |    3 stars    |
    Okay, this isn't very difficult. Don't bother to stop and kill anyone, 
    it just wastes time, just strafe through the entire level, with your 
    face towards the ground. You will get hit, but not enough to really 
    bother you much. The truck should be a way behind you when you exit the 
    tunnel, so when you get to the security doors, run inside and shut them. 
    Hurry! The guards can open it back up. In the next area, shoot the 
    maniac who is running away, if you don't, he'll trigger the alarm. 
    Speaking of which, blow the alarm up, it's part of your mission 
    objectives. Open the gates and get on the dam itself. Don't bother the 
    guys on top of the towers, they won't mind it when you open the door and 
    destroy the alarm with a few placed PP7 shots (anything else will alert 
    them). Do this to all three towers, then bungee jump off as fast as you 
    can. Strafing is crucial to pinning a record-smashing time (though it's 
    not if you just want the cheat itself). 
    What is "Paintball"?: 
    When you shoot something, instead of a bullet hole, it leaves a splash 
    of rainbow colors. It's pretty cool just to shoot everything with color, 
    especially if you have a fast-firing weapon like an RC-P90 or ZMG!
                     C H E M I C A L   F A C I L I T Y 
                       |    Cheat:   | Invincibility |
                       |   Setting:  |   00 Agent    |
                       |    Time:    |      2:05     | 
                       | Difficulty: |  five stars   |
                       |  Coolness:  |  five stars   |
    Ah, yes, the infamous invulnerability cheat! This is the most difficult 
    cheat to acquire in the eyes of countless gamers, but it's rather easy 
    ("rather") if you ask me. I have seen the many strategies, far and wide, 
    and none of them are any good. However, I have created my own formula, 
    and if you do it correctly, it will lead you to the golden paradise! :)
    Strafe through the vent, ignore the head you can see so plainly, and 
    fall into the bathroom. Kill everyone in the bathroom using your PP7 
    except for the head you could see before dropping out. A single shot to 
    the head is recommended, but several shots to the chest will cause the 
    others to come out which will save some time. Grab at least one KF7 
    Soviet (three is recommended), then head out of the restroom. Before 
    going down the stairs, stay in the doorframe (but shut the door so the 
    remaining man in the bathroom can't get out). Look down, under the 
    stairs. You can see the corner of a box sticking out...plug FOUR bullets 
    into it. Now, take out your KF7 Soviet and RIP LOOSE! THE MORE BULLETS 
    THE BETTER! Hold down the trigger button and dozens upon dozens of 
    guards will flood into the narrow hallway, battling to get up the 
    stairs. When one of them is about to shoot at you, put one more bullet 
    into the box.
    The crate will explode, ripping loose a roaring fireball which will 
    instantly kill all of the soldiers on the stairway, as well as any in 
    the hall. Now there are about three or four soldiers left in this area, 
    so you'll take MUCH less damage (if any). Go into the open door and 
    punch the console to open up the locked door, and go under the stairs 
    and through the door, kill that guy and get his keycard. Now run to the 
    open door, through the locker room, and into the long corridor. This 
    hallway with three guards SHOULD NOT be a problem. However, this is 
    where things start to allow you to use different strategies. Either 
    follow the "A" path or the "B" path.
                              *  *  *
    A. Run into the corridor and toss a mine into the trio of guards while 
    simultaneously hugging the pillars to avoid gunfire. Set the mine off as 
    soon as it hits a guard and all three of the soldiers will be blown away 
    instantly. Wait for the fire to dissipate and then continue to the door 
    at the end.
    B. Run into the corridor with your KF7 Soviet equipped and shoot all 
    three guards down while continuously strafing left and right to avoid 
    their gunfire. Go for the head, and you might only get shot once or 
    twice. Make your way to the door at the end.
                              *  *  * 
    While opening the door, strafe to the left or right of the hallway to 
    avoid the gunfire from behind. When it opens, go inside and shut it as 
    you go through. When the new door is open, no one should be there, so 
    quickly vault to the left passageway and SHOOT ANYONE WHO GETS IN YOUR 
    WAY! Don't stick around, just shoot them, hopefully they'll die. Shoot a 
    lot and a nice man will hear you and open the door for you. After 
    creating a flaming hole in his skull, quickly run into the new chamber.
                              *  *  *
    A. Go up the stairs and twirl around the soldier there. Get out your 
    remaining mines (four) and lay one against the wall at the very top of 
    the stairway -- to be more specific...
    |  ^^   |____________________________
    | LAY MINE HERE                      |
    |___**___________________            |
     ________________________|           |
    |                                    |
    |         ___________________________|
    |        |_______________
    |                        |
    |____________________    |
                       end stairway
    When it explodes, lots of people will be blown away, clearing the lab 
    area for you (only four or five soldiers remain now). 
    B. Don't use the mine, and go around everybody you see. You will take 
    heavy damage for doing this.
                              *  *  *
    Inside the lab area, Dr. Doak can be found in one of three places: (1) 
    Inside the laboratory with the four other scientists (2) In the smaller 
    laboratory with only two scientists (3) Out in the open, next to the 
    pillar. However, it is all random, and sometimes he might not even be 
    here at all (in which case you must start over).
    If he is there, walk up to him, then run away. Don't stick around! 
    Handfuls of guards will block your passage, and using a mine would kill 
    all of the scientists. Run to the door where you require his gizmo...
                              *  *  *
    A. Since there are only a few guys left (because you used the mine near 
    the stairway), shoot the two guys at the end, use his de-coder on the 
    door. While waiting, one or two guards will come from behind (if anymore 
    comes, you messed something up), so shoot them. Go inside the bottling 
    B. Throw a mine at the last curve before the electronically-sealed door, 
    wait a few seconds, and...DETONATION TIME BABY! All the threats behind 
    you shall have been extinguished, and hopefully Dr. Doak is still 
    talking. By now he will have handed over the Door De-coder (even if a 
    good 20 feet separate you two). Open the door with it and you are now in 
    the bottling room.
                              *  *  *
    Quickly find Alec and lead him away from the tanks. Throw a mine between 
    the sets of two bottles and set it off in mid-air (Press A and B buttons 
    at the same time). Even with three mines, you should be able to blow 
    them all up. By the time you're done, your objective involving Alec will 
    be done, so rush to the exit.
    QUESTION: How the heck did you get a time of 1:10? I tried all of your 
    methods, but I only get around 1:35-1:40. 
    ANSWER: When I said all the other strategies were worthless, I was 
    fibbing a bit. In reality, it is impossible to get a time of 1:10 using 
    the above methods -- but it will certainly help anyone who can't get the 
    cheat actually acquire it. But for those of you who can get the cheat 
    with ease, read on...
    First, go to: http://www.nintendo.com/goldeneye007/facility_cheat.html
    Download one of the two movies (they're both the same), and it will show 
    you relatively what to do in order to get a time less than 1:30. 
    Second go to: http://goldeneye.ga64.com/records/
    Download the video under the link titled "Video - 1:04SN". 
    I've combined both videos and came up with the following strategy:
    1. Use the mine on the crate as NOA's tester did. strategy of shooting 
    the PP7 is simply too random to rely upon, and wastes too much energy. 
    The mine on crate trick is much more reliable.
    2.  In the long corridor with three guards, instead of hiding next to 
    the pillars, simply strafe down as did. Diagonal strafing can cause you 
    to go down this tunnel extremely fast.
    3.  In the methods I listed higher above, I told you to plant a mine 
    near the top of the staircase, right before the labs (see ASCII map). Do 
    not do this, it wastes time.
    4.  In all honesty, Dr. Doak MUST be outside of a lab, near the pillar 
    in order to get a time of this caliber. If he's inside a lab, you will 
    take more damage and waste even more time. The chances of Dr. Doak 
    appearing outside a lab are 1/6...clearly not in your favor. 
    5. If Alec is inside the gas tank area, then you'll need to waste 5-6 
    seconds to lure him out, and there will be guards behind you. If he is 
    outside, he will already be far away enough, so just throw your mines in 
    and watch the fireworks. If you followed the rest of the walkthrough 
    correctly, Alec will always be far away from the bottles (assuming Dr. 
    Doak was kind enough to appear near the pillar...).
    Just remember, getting a time of 1:10 is VERY difficult, and it takes a 
    lot of skill to do it -- <gloating> it is, afterall, ranked as one of 
    the best times in the world.</gloating> :)
    What is "Invincibility"?:
    Invincibility, duh! You can't be harmed or killed in any way, explosion 
    or bullet. Kinda feels cool to walk up to someone who is firing a US 
    AR33 Assault Rifle in your face and say "Muhahah!!" 
                                 R U N W A Y 
                        |    Cheat:   |  DK Mode     |
                        |   Setting:  |    Agent     |
                        |    Time:    |     5:00     |
                        | Difficulty: |   no stars   |
                        |  Coolness:  | three stars  |
    What, you need help on this level? Just stop now, it will save you a lot 
    of suffering in the end. Just grab the key and run to the plane...
    What is "DK mode"?: 
    DK = Donkey Kong. Everyone's (including your) head is really big, their 
    bodies are small, and my God, what happened to their arms?! :) Downright 
    hilarious the first time you see them!
                             S U R F A C E  ( 1 )
                         |    Cheat:   |  2x G. Launcher |
                         |   Setting:  |  Secret Agent   |
                         |    Time:    |     3:30        |
                         | Difficulty: |    one star     |
                         |  Coolness:  |    four stars   |
    As long as you know what cabins have what keys, then you should be able 
    to get this cheat on your first try. Don't bother going out of your way 
    to kill people, or to get the Grenade Launcher and its ammo. Just get 
    the two keys, the plans, turn off the dish, and open up the tower, then 
    hop inside! Opening the tower itself is the only thing that really 
    limits your ability to get a really good time, but if you do pick up the 
    grenade launcher, then maybe you could get in a lot faster than usual 
    (by shooting the tower from roughly 10-15 feet away).
    What is "2x Grenade Launchers"?: 
    You can hold a grenade launcher in each hand. Talk about some explosive 
    mayhem! This is one dangerous toy, yet can lead to hours of fun...
                             B U N K E R   ( 1 ) 
                         |    Cheat:   | 2x R. Launcher |
                         |   Setting:  |   00 Agent     |
                         |    Time:    |     4:00       |
                         | Difficulty: |   two stars    |
                         |  Coolness:  |   four stars   |
    Go forward and kill the two men, then grab their guns and the box of 
    ammo on the side. Now you should have 30 rounds in your KF7 
    Soviet...look out the window and destroy the camera. Kill anyone who 
    dares come your way and be sure to grab their weapons, along with any 
    key cards they may drop. Quickly take out all the cameras before the 
    main computer room, as well as the people. In the main computer room, 
    kill EVERYONE! Well, except Boris. Also destroy the camera across the 
    room. Take a photo of the main screen, then copy the GoldenEye firing 
    key and leave the original behind. Then, get Boris to go to the 
    mainframe room. Once he starts typing in the password (It will look like 
    this: K N O C K E R S <return>), open the two doors to the room so you 
    won't have to open them later, then steal the data in the computer. With 
    your KF7 Soviet in hand, rush towards the exit. If you're lucky, you 
    should be able to kill some of the men in black before they open the 
    glass doors. Out the of the level we go...
    The only problems you may face in this level is running out of health, 
    and the fact that Boris is one slow walker...the location you hold him 
    hostage in can greatly affect your time. Isn't he annoying?! :p Just 
    remember: If you want a time of below 2:10, you'll need to create as 
    little as disturbance as possible. To do this, use your PP7 to clear out 
    the computer room (it has the big screen; and let's not forget Boris). 
    This way, you won't attract the four-five guards on the platform, the 
    one with the general. Flash a picture of the screen as Boris is walking 
    to the mainframe room, and copy the key while he is inside the mainframe 
    room. The rest is up to your skill...
    What is "2x Rocket Launchers"?: 
    Now you can have a rocket launcher in each hand! Naturally, this is 
    physically impossible because your arms would be taken off when you 
    shoot them, but this is a video-game, so it doesn't count :) Now you can 
    go around and make some SERIOUS explosions...talk about mayhem. 
                           M I S S I L E   S I L O 
                        |    Cheat:   |  Turbo Mode  |
                        |   Setting:  |    Agent     |
                        |    Time:    |    3:00      |
                        | Difficulty: |   one star   |
                        |  Coolness:  | three stars  |
    Once you get the KF7 Soviet (which should take very little time), simply 
    run down the halls and hold the trigger. Since this is Agent Mode, the 
    auto-aim function will make your gun face the nearest soldier, and it 
    only takes about two bullets to kill one, so you can easily clear out 
    ten or twelve guards within SECONDS! In the fuel rooms, you'll need to 
    find the key card from a scientist to escape. However, more than often, 
    the exit will open because the guards in the next section have heard 
    you, so you can just run right through without collecting anything. In 
    the last Fuel Room, take a picture of the satellite, then book for the 
    exit. Getting this cheat is pretty fun! I just did it, and the total 
    body count is 41...
    Now, if you want to get a time of 1:40 or so, you'll need to strafe 
    diagonally CONSTANTLY. You should ignore the majority of guards unless 
    they block your path (and you should be ready for them). Slide around 
    them in the larger halls, and the hail of bullets from behind will 
    "push" you forward, causing you to go faster. In the fuel room with the 
    large rocket in the middle, you will need to get the keycard because the 
    door to the last fuel room (the one with the satellite) won't open for 
    awhile if you don't. Chase after Ouromov, turn right at the 
    intersection, and exit via the elevator! 
    What is "Turbo Mode"?: 
    Now you can run INCREDIBLY fast, almost too fast. If you're in an open 
    space, don't expect to get hit by any guards...kinda makes you want to 
                             F R I G A T E
                       |    Cheat:   | No Rader (Multi) |
                       |   Setting:  |   Secret Agent   |
                       |    Time:    |      4:30        |
                       | Difficulty: |    two stars     |
                       |  Coolness:  |    four stars    |
    How do you get a time of 1:50 or below (as shown above, I got a 1:47)? 
    Well, just follow this walkthrough...
    You may be tempted to break out the Phantoms and start spewing bullets 
    everywhere, but DO NOT do this...it will only attract more guards, and 
    block your path even more due to its loudness. Instead, use the silenced 
    D5K you start out with. It has the same firing rate, and it IS silenced, 
    Run up the ramp so you can get on the ship itself, turn left, and run up 
    the closest metal staircase, and open the door. Rush forward to the 
    hostage-taker and shoot him in the head point-blank. Move away from the 
    hostage to divert gunfire from the other two men, and kill them both. 
    Quickly go to the bomb and defuse it using the bomb defuser (no, 
    really?). As the hostage opens the door to escape, a few guards 
    (including the one with DOUBLE PHANTOMS!) will flood the room. If you 
    just want the cheat, kill them all and take the body armor. If you're 
    going for record-breaking time and already have the cheat, however, 
    you'll want to ignore the body armor (a risky move to be sure, and bumps 
    up the difficulty of the level to three stars at least) and take the 
    door to the left of the body armor room. Shoot the guys in the back so 
    when you move past they won't shoot you. You'll need to go fast now, 
    because the guy with two phantoms is hot on your trail. Bust into the 
    second hostage room and shoot the hostage-taker in the head with a 
    single shot, then do a 90 degree turn and blast the second hostage-taker 
    to hell. The neat thing is, that the only person who can kill a hostage 
    (besides you, of course) is the hostage-taker -- so you can IGNORE 
    everyone else if you want to, only shooting the ones that block your 
    As you enter the corridor, dash down the stairs with your gun 'a' 
    blazing. Ignore the dozens of guards and go down the second set of 
    stairs, do a 180, ignore the engine room, and into the consecutive rooms 
    that have hostages (you will want to kill the second guy in the first 
    room, however, because he will follow you). You then reach the other 
    side of the engine room and a third set of stairs; ignore the stairs and 
    go through the door (shooting the people blocking it first). Go to the 
    engine room bomb and de-fuse it, then duck down and you can see the last 
    hostage-taker: funny thing is, he can't see you! A piece of lead to the 
    skull should fix him up just fine. Go to the stairs I told you to ignore 
    and quickly run up, as soldiers are literally flooding into the engine 
    room by now.
    As you go up the stairs, kill the guard blocking the door, and quickly 
    strafe down the empty hall. Open the garage-door and then toss the 
    tracker-bug on the stolen helicopter. Turn left and fall off the 
    grating, and strafe all the way to the exit (which is the same motor-
    boat as you started out from). Good luck getting a time of 1:50 or 
    What is "No Radar (Multi)"?: 
    This cheat will eliminate the radar in the multiplayer deathmatches. 
    This is great if you have a lot of friends that are really good. 
    Otherwise it's almost useless.
                           S U R F A C E  ( 2 ) 
                        |    Cheat:   |  Tiny Bond   |
                        |   Setting:  |   00 Agent   |
                        |    Time:    |     4:15     |
                        | Difficulty: |   one star   |
                        |  Coolness:  |  five stars  |
    This is one of those rare situations in which you can just play it like 
    you usually would, except quick. Remember to strafe constantly, and 
    well, that's just about it, actually. See my GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough 
    for information on cameras and junk like that...
    What is "Tiny Bond?":
    With this, your normal height is that of what you would be ducking. If 
    you duck while in Tiny Bond mode, you become ridiculously short. I gave 
    this a five star rating because of the plethora of glitches and weird 
    things you can do with it (see www.n64cc.com's GoldenEye section for 
    more information on that).
                            B U N K E R   ( 2 )
                     |    Cheat:   |  2x Throwing Knives |
                     |   Setting:  |      Agent          |
                     |    Time:    |       1:30          |
                     | Difficulty: |     one star        |
                     |  Coolness:  |     zero stars      |
    Again, it looks easy because it says "Agent", but the time they are 
    asking for is insane! Get out of your cell, slap the guard silly, grab 
    his KF7 Soviet, open Natalya's cell, and exit the prison. Turn left and 
    go down the hall, up the stairs, and to the right. A guy is standing in 
    front of an open door; QUICK! Go past him and through the door, as it 
    will shut within moments, and if it does that you are screwed because 
    you will have to take a much longer detour. Turn left to find a soldier 
    with double Klobbs -- shoot him and collect the keycard he drops 
    (without this, you can't open the exit door). Turn right and go through 
    the double-doors, then grab the tape and head into the main computer 
    room. Just run through the exit now!
    What is "2x Throwing Knives?": 
    Now you can hold a Throwing Knife in each hand...*YAWN* Some people like 
    the knife, others don't. Between you and me, I think it's a waste of 
    graphics. ;)
                            S T A T U E   P A R K
                       |    Cheat:   | Fast Animation |
                       |   Setting:  | Secret Agent   |
                       |    Time:    |     3:15       |
                       | Difficulty: |    one star    |
                       |  Coolness:  |  three stars   |
    C'mon everybody, say it with me now: "Strafe!" That's the key to getting 
    through this level quickly. Also, if Janus does not appear when you get 
    near the statue, shoot it. I'm serious! Shoot it, then put your weapons 
    away, and they will come. Also, get close to Alec (Oh no! I just ruined 
    the entire plot! LOL) so when you start running you won't have to run as 
    far. Note that you don't have to sit through Alec's entire speech. The 
    second it says "Mission B: complete" at the bottom of the screen you can 
    start running back to the start of the level. If you find the Flight 
    Recorded quickly then this level is pretty easy. Another note...when you 
    get caught by Mishkin and his goons, don't wait for him to talk, just 
    open the gate and leave.
    What is "Fast Animation"?: 
    Fast animation is exactly like what it sounds like...all the people go 
    REALLY fast. The first time I shot someone with this, I was rolling 
    around on the floor laughing, with drool and snot coming out of every 
    orifice of my body. This also works for the cinemas and things like 
    that. Try beating the depot with this, but without killing the guards at 
    the end. Neat-o!
                        M I L I T A R Y   A R C H I V E S
                        |    Cheat:   | Invisibility |
                        |   Setting:  |   00 Agent   |
                        |    Time:    |    1:20      |
                        | Difficulty: |  four stars  |
                        |  Coolness:  |  five stars  |
    I believe the general consensus is that, after the invincibility cheat, 
    the invisibility cheat is the hardest to get. Personally, I think this 
    deserves only two stars, but since everyone *else* thinks it's so hard, 
    I had to bump it up to four. Then again, getting a time of less than 
    1:10 IS pretty challenging...
    Run around the table and smack the guard on the right. Strangely enough, 
    they won't do anything until you slap them. A single slap will put him 
    down and earn you the key. Exit out the door. Go right, slide in and out 
    of the boxes, and strafe up the stairs. Ignore ALL THE GUARDS YOU SEE! 
    No matter how tempting it may be to bust a few caps into someone's 
    groin, do not fire ONE SINGLE SHOT. After climbing the stairs, strafe 
    across the long corridor, past the guy with Klobbs. Inside the darker 
    "attic" like area, strafe across the floor to the double-doors. It seems 
    like a long trip, but people will shoot you in the back, and when you 
    get hit you will suddenly "spring" forward, so this is faster. In the 
    next room, go to where Natalya is and open the door. Don't go inside! 
    Just open the door and let her see you, then vault away to avoid the 
    gunfire. Don't worry about her now, she'll be right behind you...sorta. 
    In front of this door is a set of double-doors with a guard in front. Go 
    around the bookcase to avoid him, then open the doors (Memorize what 
    direction the doors open so you won't waste time getting yourself 
    "unstuck"), run down the stairs, open the nearest door, and open the set 
    of doors across the wall, and into Mishkin's domain. If you were fast 
    enough there will be a guard inside this room, and it also means your 
    chances of attaining the cheat now are very good. DO NOT SHOOT HIM! Like 
    I said before, do not waste any bullets. Besides attracting guards, 
    Mishkin will shoot you. So just slap him silly. Also, if you have fired 
    any bullets before this room, I mean even a single shot, this room will 
    be overflowing with guards and you will not get the cheat, I promise 
    you. If you haven't, though, then it will be very quiet. Anyways, after 
    Mishkin is done talking, quickly open the safe and get the recorder. 
    Bolt out the door you DIDN'T come in, turn left, strafe down the hall, 
    open the door...in this room are several glass windows...break them with 
    some lead and exit the level (this is much faster than running to the 
    library to exit).
    As for getting a heated-time of 1:06 (I believe it is physically 
    impossible to get anything less than that no matter how good you are; 
    Hell, getting 1:10 is hard enough!!) you'll need to strafe constantly 
    and make NO mistakes whatsoever, like getting caught by a door or 
    hitting a box when you exit the interrogation room.
    What is "Invisibility?": 
    Invisibility...that means you can not be seen. Who didn't already know 
    this? The funny thing about this cheat is that you CAN be heard. So, you 
    can bust a cap in someone's butt (Don't you like how they hop a foot off 
    the ground and start to hold it?) the other guards will run about 
    wildly, wondering what the heck is happening. Hilarious! That, or I am 
    amused easily. Or both.
    The only thing is, though, that sometimes the guards will still point 
    their guns at you, even if they're not supposed to be able to see you. 
    One time in Aztec, I even had them fire on me!
                                S T R E E T S 
                       |    Cheat:   | Enemy Rockets  |
                       |   Setting:  |     Agent      |
                       |    Time:    |      1:45      |
                       | Difficulty: |   no stars     |
                       |  Coolness:  |   five stars   |
    Hop in Mr. Tank and go blow crap up. Yeah, that pretty much explains the 
    entire level. If you can't get this cheat you must seek medical help 
    immediately! Just keep in mind my pathetic time of 1:32 is probably due 
    to the fact I don't know which path is the fastest; and quite frankly, I 
    don't care. It's not like this level is insanely challenging anyways 
    (though barely evading rockets in 00 Agent in the sloth-like tank can 
    make for lots 'o fun).
    What is "Enemy Rockets"?: 
    BRING IT ON BABY!!! Every enemy in the entire game now wields a 
    devastating rocket launcher; and they ain't afraid to use it. If the 
    soldier would normally carry, say, double Klobbs or some other weapon, 
    they will now have DOUBLE ROCKETS! With this code on, the game becomes a 
    frantic dash for your life as explosions pop up everywhere, the 
    "screech" sound being blurted out constantly...Ahhh, the genius of Rare 
    never ceases to amaze me. Playing through the entire game with this 
    cheat on will yield plenty of laughs, I'm sure, when guards 
    "accidentally" kill each other, or when one shoots you in the head 
    point-blank, killing him as well (they don't seem to realize each 
    explosion is like 10 feet across, hahahaha!). Of course, you'll only 
    want to play this in Agent mode, because otherwise you would be 
    slaughtered almost instantly. 
    Here are some levels I strongly suggest playing with this cheat on:
    1. Facility *
    2. Bunker (either 1 or 2) *
    3. Silo * (lay a plastique at the start)
    4. Frigate
    5. Archives *
    6. Streets
    7. Depot
    8. Train *
    9. Caverns
    10. Aztec
    Ones with a star next to them are my personal favorite. >:) 
                                 D E P O T
                       |    Cheat:   | Slow Animation  |
                       |   Setting:  |  Secret Agent   |
                       |    Time:    |      1:40       |
                       | Difficulty: |   three stars   |
                       |  Coolness:  |   four stars    |
    This cheat requires full attention and some swift fingers, not to 
    mention good aim. Ignore all the guards you see, and just run straight 
    to the computer room. Kill all the people inside, acquiring a D5K in the 
    process. Oh no! You don't have the Rocket Launcher (getting it would 
    waste too much time), so you'll have to shoot down the Gun Drone using 
    your regular old gun. The best way to do this is to get behind the large 
    metal crate, go to the left while ducking, and you will just see a tiny 
    sliver of blue metal -- this is it, so open fire! Get the "Safe Key" on 
    the table, then blow away the two mainframes and the television screen 
    (this should finish the objective). Now open the door and run to the 
    train station. Open the safe for the plans, then vault to the train. 
    You'll need to strafe diagonally constantly in order to get the time I 
    did, and you'll need to be able to shoot the gun drone very quickly.
    What is "Slow Animation"?: 
    Slow Animation, pretty much says it all right there. Very funny! When 
    the guy falls down you can get a fast gun like the RC-P90 and pump his 
    face with so much lead it turns a beet red...not that I'm sick enough to 
    do that...or anything...
                               T R A I N
                       |    Cheat:   |  Silver PP7  |
                       |   Setting:  |   00 Agent   |
                       |    Time:    |    5:25      |
                       | Difficulty: |  four stars  |
                       |  Coolness:  |   one star   |
    It's not the time that's so unforgiving...it's the fact that living 
    while going quickly is very challenging. Let's not even mention 
    Natalya's rescue...
    Ok, then. You have to kill five guards in the first car with crates. 
    Strafe against the right wall and kill the guy you see with your pistol. 
    Then, slide to the left, back up a bit, and plaster the other four or so 
    with your PP7 as well, keeping in mind that it takes two shots to the 
    head (even though it's usually one). Collect the D5K's, shoot the brake, 
    and open the door...
    Here you WILL get hurt a bit. Open the doors, fire off a few shots, and 
    strafe left or right to avoid the fire. Keep doing this until everyone 
    is dead (This requires good aim). Go inside, collect the ammo, and get 
    next to the metal box. Blow up the crates near you, if someone else 
    blows them up they will damage you badly (use the watch laser to do 
    this; it's much faster). Again, strafe and fire off your shots, maybe 
    even using the crosshairs every few seconds. When everyone is dead, 
    collect their ammo and blow up the brake. For the rest of the level, you 
    shouldn't get shot very much (if at all).
    In this tunnel, just lean out a shoot the people as they come. Pretty 
    simple. Also beware of the soldier in the bathroom at the start, nine 
    out of ten times he won't appear until you're near the end of the car. 
    Blow up the brake and head into the next car.
    The brake is right there at the start, so blow it up. Killing these 
    people are a bit more difficult, since soldiers can shoot you from 
    behind. When they are all dead, attempt to open the locked door, then 
    back up. It will open, kill the two men inside. Rush forward and kill 
    the two idiots at the end of the car. In the next area, things start to 
    get a bit more random. Just remember this: The second you get double 
    ZMGs, USE THEM! The guys around here can take several slugs to the face 
    and live, so you'll really need to pump them full of lead. Continue 
    destroying brakes. When you get to the room with blue walls, turn around 
    and be sure to kill the guy following you. Next, destroy the final 
    brake. Two guys with double ZMGs will come, kill them.
    Now, here comes the Natalya thing. Equip a single (not double) ZMG and 
    go inside the room. Shoot the General, then quickly lean to the right 
    and shoot Xenia. She will say something to the effect of "Alec, wait, 
    I've been hit!" Not only will this delay the timer, but it will give 
    Natalya a 20 second head-start. In other words, you can have all of the 
    mission objectives (Except escaping wit Natalya) done with about 20 
    seconds left instead of 4.80 seconds...After the floor panel has been 
    uprooted using your watch laser, and Natalya says "Boris, you're such a 
    slug head!" and "Mission complete" appears at the bottom of the screen, 
    rush out, turn right, and STRAFE all the way to the exit. Although 
    several men with ZMGs will be shooting at you, it won't matter because 
    you'll be so far away. You should exit the stage even before the timer 
    on the train's explosives ends...
    What is "Silver PP7"?: 
    A Silver PP7...it's shiny. It does a bit more damage than a regular PP7, 
    but there's really not much point of having it. This is pretty 
    disappointing, considering getting it was such a hassle.
                              J U N G L E
                      |    Cheat:   | 2x Hunting Knives  |
                      |   Setting:  |      Agent         |
                      |    Time:    |       3:45         |
                      | Difficulty: |     one star       |
                      |  Coolness:  |     one star  *    | 
    * And that's a gift!
    Getting this cheat really isn't that difficult, in fact, it's pretty 
    easy. As long as you know where the soldiers are, the armor, and the 
    drone guns, this cheat will be a breeze. You can also use your Remote 
    Mines to...play around...very useful when Xenia is coming across the 
    bridge. Though, if you want to save the most time, just use your auto-
    aim to spray automatic fire everywhere, and watch as the people fall. To 
    kill Xenia in about three seconds, get at the end of the bridge, use 
    your scope, and blast her in the head continuously. Grab her RCP-90 and 
    Grenade Launcher, and just eradicate anything that moves.
    What is "2x Hunting Knives"?: 
    Now you can have a Hunting Knife in each hand. What's that, you ask? 
    Well, it's like a slapper, except it has a bit more range, it makes a 
    sweet "splitch" sound when you hit someone, and it's nice and shiny. 
                              C O N T R O L 
                       |    Cheat:   |  Infinite ammo  |
                       |   Setting:  |  Secret Agent   |
                       |    Time:    |     10:00       |
                       | Difficulty: |   three stars   |
                       |  Coolness:  |    one star     |
    Honestly, this is NOT that hard, at least for me. Use the same strategy 
    in my GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough, except faster, and it should be pretty 
    What is "Infinite Ammunition"?: 
    Infinite ammunition. 'Nuff said :)
                                C A V E R N S 
                         |    Cheat:   |  2x RC-P90   |
                         |   Setting:  |   00 Agent   |
                         |    Time:    |     9:30     |
                         | Difficulty: |  four stars  |
                         |  Coolness:  |  two stars   |
    Hmmm...dare I say...read my GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough? :) There's only 
    one myth that I see sometimes. Some people think that taking the secret 
    passageway from the lower-walkway to the room with a Drone Gun and some 
    computers is a "shortcut." Wrong! You'll waste too much time waiting in 
    the secret tunnel for the people in the next room. And if you don't 
    wait, and go running in, your chances of surviving the rain of bullets 
    is slim, to say the least. So take the main entrance, which is on the 
    upper-walkway. Shoot the nearby crates and computers and almost everyone 
    in there will come for you, which means you can kill them very quickly 
    with your US AR33 Assault Rifle. After which, destroy the Drone Gun, go 
    down and kill the guy and get his card, and proceed with the level as 
    usual. Very frustrating near the end, since it takes so long to get near 
    Extra Tip:
    When you get to the area outside the room with the radios, shoot the 
    glass to lure out the man with the RC-P90. This way, clearing out the 
    room with the pump controls can be much easier, and you won't lose so 
    much health.
    For an insane trip:
    Go to http://goldeneye.ga64.com/movies.htm and download the movie at the 
    bottom, under 00 Agent, that shows a guy named Martin making an INSANE 
    time of three minutes and change. It's choppy for some reason, but it's 
    a good watch.
    What is "2x RC-P90"?: 
    Now you can hold an RC-P90 (aka the best gun in the entire damn game; 80 
    rounds per clip, machine gun, no kickback, insanely powerful) in each 
    hand. i.e. Say "bye bye" to the soldiers.
                                 C R A D L E
                         |    Cheat:   | Golden PP7   |
                         |   Setting:  |    Agent     |
                         |    Time:    |    2:15      |
                         | Difficulty: |  one star    |
                         |  Coolness:  |  two stars   |
    Just get the two Armor vests if necessary (One behind the very start, 
    and one in the empty shed). Just do everything very quickly. It is, 
    however, possible to get a time of less than 60 seconds. I saw a clip of 
    this somewhere, where Alex accidentally killed himself when he ran into 
    his own grenade explosion. Hehehe...I guess the designers thought that 
    people would have lost enough years off their life-expectancy just 
    getting past this stage on 00 Agent, that the cheat should be easy. I 
    think I agree with them on that...
    What is "Golden PP7"?: 
    The Golden PP7 is better than the Golden Gun because it has more rounds 
    per clip. It also, naturally, kills with one shot.
    By beating this level you also receive the Cougar Magnum cheat. The 
    Magnum may be slow, but it is shiny and very powerful :) Not only that, 
    it's cool to see a guy fly back 10 feet from a single bullet.
                                A Z T E C
    This level can not be accessed unless you have beaten all the levels on 
    Secret Agent (minimum requirement).
                           |    Cheat:   | 2x Moonrakers |
                           |   Setting:  |  Secret Agent | 
                           |    Time:    |     9:00      |
                           | Difficulty: |  three stars  |
                           |  Coolness:  |   one star    |
    I hate to say it, but check out my GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough. Remember 
    the little trick about Jaws: Get in the rectangular stair area where you 
    can circle around - he won't be able to shoot you, but you can shoot 
    HIM! Kinda easy since it's on the Secret Agent difficulty.
    And when you finally retrieve the smart card, one of two things will 
    happen: (1) When you go to the glass door, five Moonraker elites will 
    burst into the room from the nearby entrance. Mow them down with your 
    double assault rifles (preferably by hiding next to the wall near the 
    mainframe and waiting for them, this way you'll take little damage). (2) 
    When you return to the shuttle area to insert the DAT into the 
    mainframe, several Moonraker elites will flood the room. Again, use your 
    double rifles. Of course, you'll sustain A LOT of damage if this 
    What is "2x Moonrakers"?: 
    Now you can hold a Moonraker Laser in each hand. *YAWN*.
    Upon beating the level on Secret Agent (or anything above), you 
    automatically get the Moonraker cheat. So, it's exactly like having two 
    Moonrakers...except it's only one. How nice. NOT!
                             E G Y P T I A N
    This level can only be accessed by beating every level before this on 00 
                            |    Cheat:   | All Weapons  |
                            |   Setting:  |   00 Agent   |
                            |    Time:    |    6:00      |
                            | Difficulty: |   no stars   |
                            |  Coolness:  |  five stars  |
    This is so pathetically easy...You might even get this cheat the first 
    time you beat the level! The sad thing about this is it's the LAST LEVEL 
    OF THE ENTIRE GAME! What nerve. If you ask me, Rare should have swapped 
    Aztec and Egypt, so Aztec would be the final level...'cos Aztec is so 
    much harder than this piece of trash stage (*ESPECIALLY* on 00 Agent).  
    What is "All Weapons"?: 
    All weapons, baby! This kinda makes all of the "2x" codes useless 
    because you can have every weapon doubled! Double KF7 Soviets...odd :) 
    Every weapon in the entire game, you can even shoot tank shells from 
    your forehead. Also note, there are new weapons you can only get by 
    getting this code: The stunner, which looks like a Gameboy; and the 
    shotgun, which looks pretty sweet and is VERY loud. 
    Also, upon beating the level, you get the Golden Gun. Which is...not so 
    By beating every level on 00 Agent, which is damn friggin' difficult, 
    you can open up "007 Mode." In this mode, you can configure the enemy's 
    health, accuracy, how damaging their bullets are, their reaction-time, 
    etc. It doesn't sound great but believe me, this has tons of 
    possibilities (i.e. put enemy health on 1000% and a guy can take Cougar 
    Magnum shots TO THE FACE!). How far can you go on your favorite levels 
    with enemy accuracy/health-damage way up there? I guess it's up to you 
    to find out. 
      5.  G O L D E N E Y E   F U N ! 
    The Enemy Rocket Cheat (herein referred to simply as "rocket cheat") is 
    quite possibly the best cheat in the entire game -- and it's relatively 
    easy to get! With this activated, all the soldiers in the game will now 
    be armed with a beautiful Rocket Launcher.  
    Here is a small list of odd things that happen when you turn on the 
    Enemy Rocket Cheat.
    1. Enemies that would normally hold two guns will hold two Rocket 
    Launchers now.
    2. Some of the enemies with heavy body armor (the ones in black, with 
    purple hats, and sunglasses) sometimes have an ZMG or a KF7 Rifle 
    instead of a Rocket. Others, they will have a Rocket. What decides this 
    seems totally random as far as I can tell.
    3. If you accidentally (or in some cases, intentionally) set off an 
    alarm, the men that come flooding into the level will not have Rockets.
    4. Enemies that stand behind boxes or metallic crates will shoot you 
    even if you're standing directly in front of their face. The end result 
    is usually them being blown away and you escaping with a huge energy 
    loss. This is almost as funny when they throw a hand grenade at you, 
    only to have it ricochet off a wall, bounce across the floor, and 
    explode at their feet, LOL.
    5. Sometimes, the enemy will bend down and do the "shooting motion", but 
    nothing will come out of the rocket. This only seems to happen when you 
    are about three feet or less in front of them. 
    6. The strangest of all, sometimes an enemy will do the "shooting 
    motion", you will hear the screeching sound, and you see the rocket 
    trail come out of their nozzle -- but the rocket explosion doesn't 
    appear! This usually happens when there are dozens of explosions 
    happening at once, or when there is too much smoke on screen. The N64 
    has its limits, you know!
    Here are some levels I strongly suggest playing with this cheat on:
    1. Facility *
    2. Bunker (either 1 or 2) *
    3. Silo * (lay a plastique at the start!)
    4. Frigate
    5. Archives *
    6. Streets
    7. Depot
    8. Train *
    9. Caverns
    10. Aztec
    Ones with a star next to them are my personal favorite. >:)
     1.  DAM
    Sliding in the Hole:
    Once you have the Cougar Magnum, go to the second area, where there are 
    two soldiers in a concrete bunker. Sneak up behind them, and shoot one 
    in the back. The force of the blast will blow him forward, causing him 
    to slide through the tiny hole! If you do this so they live, they will 
    actually fall back through and start shooting at you.
    Rockets in the Ground: 
    Turn on the Rocket cheat and proceed to the underground tunnels. 
    Ideally, go through the first tower instead of the very last one, this 
    way you will have guards on BOTH sides of you, as opposed to only in 
    front of you. This is pretty cool, but mainly because maneuverability is 
    so limited. You may want to pick up some body armor before coming down 
    here, though...
    Variations of the above: Use with turbo mode. Use with fast animation 
    (very interesting with fast animation!)
    Agent Mode. Complete the objectives you would normally complete in 00 
    Agent with the following cheats on: Fast Animation, Rockets. That is 
    It's a MAGIC Lock...:
    Use invisibility and 2x Rocket Cheat. Go to the gate with the lock on 
    it, and fire a rock at it. After the smoke clears, open the game and a 
    sprite of a broken lock will be floating in mid-air. 
     2.  FACILITY
    King of the Throne:
    Turn the Rocket Cheat on, 00 Agent. Use a loud weapon, such as the 
    Cougar Magnum, to attract a lot of guards into the bathroom, and use 
    your PP7 to fend them off. See how long you can guard the bathroom 
    before having to switch to a more powerful weapon in order to survive. 
    Variation of the above: Completing the level with the Rocket Cheat on, 
    Agent mode preferably (there's armor to be found!). In the area where 
    the path splits to the lab or poisonous gas chambers, try using a 
    KF7...LOTS of guards will come. Frantic fun at its BEST!
    I Knew This Game Cheated:
    Turn on Invincibility, Infinite Ammo, and All Guns, any difficulty will 
    do. Complete the level as usual, until you get to the very end with 
    Trevlyn. Now, blow up all the tanks so the green gas escapes, the alarm 
    goes off, dozens of soldiers come in, etc. At this point, you will 
    notice an infinite amount of guards that will come in, no matter how 
    many times you kill them. Return to the labs area (shortly before the 
    bottling room, it has a lot of glass). Get into one of the labs and kill 
    all the soldiers you see. The coast should be clear...now, quickly turn 
    to the left or right so the doorway is out of view, and when you look 
    back there will be about 10-15 guards trying to get into the doorway. I 
    knew this game cheated! :p
    Variation of the above: No cheats required for this one. In section 
    before the locker room, after getting the keycard and opening the locked 
    door, four soldiers will magically appear behind you, even though you 
    cleared out the area before leaving.
    Variation of the above: When you see a scientist running, follow him, 
    and you will eventually see it run into a wall and disappear. Except for 
    the one with the keycard -- he runs into the bathroom, goes into a 
    stall, and waits there. What the...?
    Variation of the above: "Playing" with the scientists is a fun activity! 
    Shooting them in 00 Agent will prompt them to pull out a DD44, along 
    with their stash of hand grenades. Hehehe...have fun.
    Oooh, Nice Head:
    Try to go through the entire level ONLY making head shots.
    Variation of the above: On 007 mode, configure it so you can only get 
    shot once before dying. Now attempt to beat the level! You'll have to be 
    REALLY covert to do this; which only intensifies the spy feeling.
    Variation of the above: Go through the level, killing guards so they (1) 
    Do not fire a single bullet (2) Do not alert another guard. E.g. if you 
    kill a guy, others do not come running. This takes a lot of skill.
    GoldenEye is an Eye tat is Golden:
    Shoot Alec with a golden gun/golden PP7, and he will say "So, the golden 
    boy is a traitor! How ironic, James."
    The Magic Gas:
    When the path splits to two doors that require the use of a console to 
    open, go through the one in the right hallway. It leads to a high 
    security area filled with computers and scientists. Go under one of the 
    concrete platforms, and you will spy several cyndrical containers. Shoot 
    them, and a green gas will fill the room as a toxic alarm goes off (this 
    is different than the gas bottles where Alec is at, and the alarm is 
    different sounding). If you do this, however, the security doors will 
    become permanently locked, sealing you off from the rest of the 
    level...so only do this for fun.
    Variation of the above: Use invincibility, blow up the tanks where Alex 
    is at, and run around in glee, shooting away scientists and guards with 
    a visibility of about 10 feet. Hey, this is like a Turok game ;)
     3.  RUNWAY
    Again, They Cheat: 
    Get Invincibility, All Guns, and Infinite Ammo turned on. Behind where 
    you start is a small room containing the Timed Mines -- throw a 
    proximity mine or two inside. When you go into the runway, the game will 
    start to send streams of soldiers at you from designated "warp" spots. 
    In a few seconds, you should hear your proximity mines go off from the 
    soldier appearing in the room.
     4.  SURFACE 1
    A Sniper's Paradise:
    By setting off an alarm, dozens of Siberian guards will flood the level. 
    Get atop a high area -- the satellite dish or one of the sniper 
    platforms -- and have fun shooting people in the head from 200 meters. 
    One shot: one kill, eh?
     5.  BUNKER 1
    Challenge Yourself to the Max:
    In 00 Agent, can you complete the entire mission if you let the first 
    guard of the stage activate the alarm? Every 10 seconds or so, three 
    agents will come: one with double DD44's, one with a KF7 Soviet, and one 
    with double Klobbs. They all have copious amounts of body armor, can 
    take three shots to the face (strange!), and wear nice sunglasses, as if 
    it mattered. See how far you can test your skills...
    007 Mode to the Rescue!:
    Put Enemy Damage on 600% or so, and Enemy Reaction on 40%, or around 
    there. This really pressures you to make head shots, as you can only be 
    shot once or twice and still live. Escaping while the alarm goes off 
    (when accessing the mainframe with Boris) can be quite difficult.
    Floating Ammunition:
    Put on all weapons, infinite ammunition, invisibility, invincibility, 
    and head to the control room (it has the big screen). In the middle of 
    the ceiling are to two sets of four TV monitors. In one set, plant a 
    remote mine on all four TV's, then detonate them. Now, all your mines, 
    hand grenades, rockets, grenade launcher grenades, and throwing knives 
    will all FLOAT IN MID-AIR. If you shoot an explosive, it will explode, 
    and creating a chain reaction can be fun. 
    Of other note, this seems to make all the guards in the level die with 
    the weapons in their hand, and the weapon actually fades away with their 
    body. Very odd.
    A Match Made in Heaven:
    Put on Enemy Rockets, Agent mode. At the start, lay your full compliment 
    of plastique explosives on the wall, causing a time limit of six minutes 
    to spring up. Can you make it to the end before time is up while 
    completing all your objectives? Afterall, a 10 foot wide explosion in a 
    room full of scientists won't help your mission objective screen, if you 
    get my drift, hehehe...
    Variation of the above: Some brave players have attempted the above on 
    00 Agent. 
    Variation of the above: Only use your PP7 (silenced, with 100 rounds) 
    through the entire level.
    Variation of the above: When you get to the end, quickly dash to the 
    start. If you make it in time, blow the plastiques up (you'll only have 
    a few moments to spare ANYWAYS...)
     7.  CAVERNS
    Twin AR33's:
    No cheats required for this. In the room where you contact Jack Wade (it 
    has lots of gasoline barrels, computer equipment, scientists...), go tot 
    he very right side of the room (from the perspective you enter the 
    room). On the right wall is a crate, keep shooting it and two smaller 
    crates will fall out. Out of these, strangely enough, computer monitors 
    tumble out. Shoot these, and your reward is a set of twin AR33's -- 
    Jaws' favorite weapon! :p I still like the RC-P90, though...even if an 
    AR33 has a scope. 
    They're Kinda Pissed Off...:
    No cheats are required for this one. Go to the very end, any difficulty, 
    to where Alec escapes. Instead of exiting, go back into the level, and 
    hordes of secret agents will flood the level, wielding twin RC-P90's (!) 
    and automatic shotguns. Play nice, now...
     8.  CRADLE
    To Light Speed, and Beyond!:
    After changing that horrible quote from Toy Story, put on Invincibility 
    (optional), Turbo Mode, and Fast Animation. Alec will literally FLY all 
    over the level, and it's actually quite funny to watch him go down a 
    ramp: sometimes his feet are actually lifted from the ground!
    Is it a bird? A Plane? No! It's an M16 Operative!:
    Turn on invincibility, fast animation, and the Golden PP7 (so you can 
    kill Alec in one shot), any difficulty. Complete all objectives, and the 
    ending sequence will be downright hilarious. When Bond jumps to the 
    helicopter, he is blown roughly 100 feet from the chopper. Realizing 
    this, the chopper attempts to go get the flying Bond. Hehehe.
      6.   T H E   2 4 T H   C H E A T ?
    There is no 24th cheat, it's just that Rare had the balls to put an 
    extra space where a cheat could go. It's easy to see why some people 
    believe in the "All Bond" code and things like that, but no, there is no 
    24th cheat, live with it. If you want to be real anal about it, YES, 
    there is a "wire-frame" mode that can be accessed by using a Gameshark, 
    but since you can't get it without that little cheating device, it is 
    NOT considered a "true" code. 
    Of course, I always considered "007 Mode" the 24th cheat, since it is an 
    earned reward and everything...just because it doesn't appear on the 
    cheat menu doesn't mean anything... :p
      7.   C R E D I T S
    Nintendo: Their machine, so I have to give them some credit.
    Rareware: My God, giving credit to the developer?! Who would've thought?
    Nintendo Power <www.nintendo.com>: The official Nintendo site, it's 
    GoldenEye 007 section is pretty slick.
    Rareware <www.rareware.com>: Ah, yes, the best official company site 
    ever created! This place is just downright hilarious. I love them 
    British folk...
    Gamefaqs <www.gamefaqs.com>: Besides all of my FAQs being there (Check 
    'em out, there's about 26 or so), it is the largest collection of FAQs 
    on the Internet. 
    N64 Code Center <www.n64cc.com>: YOU MUST SEE THEIR GOLDENEYE CHEATS 
    NOW! Seriously, I've never seen so many glitches and strange things 
    before in my life! 
      8.  I M P O R T A N T   L E G A L   I N F O R M A T I O N
    This FAQ can only appear on the following sites:
    - GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com>
    - Cheat Code Central <www.cheatcc.com>
    - GameSages <www.gamesages.com>
    Why? Because those are the only three sites that can keep my FAQs 
    updated. GameFAQs gets away with murder, though, on account of the fact 
    I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
    share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem 
    to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
    job, guys and gals. 
    I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I 
    get loads (e.g. 100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even 
    though it IS updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in 
    the new versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc. 
    I've had problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g. 
    this note) to put an end to it! 
    Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts". Webmasters! Take note...
    Webmasters! Do not:
    Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
    NOT apply to are GameFAQs, GameSages, and Cheat Code Central, as shown 
    Webmasters! Please do:
    If you are a webmaster of a site that wants to post this FAQ, what do 
    you do? As you read above, you can not post it directly. Instead, link 
    to the page at www.gamefaqs.com that lists all the FAQs for this game. 
    Why GameFAQs? Because I said so. To clear up some confusion, you can not 
    link to the URL if it ends in ".txt" or ".doc", you just can't use that. 
    If it ends in anything else, such as the page where it lists all the 
    FAQs for a game, you can link to THAT, but not to the actual FAQ. I'm 
    only repeating myself, but I had to because some people have to be told 
    something twice. If you have any questions on linking, notify me. To 
    answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
    GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
    legal section. So there. 
    This FAQ cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any 
    other form of printed or electronic media involved in a commercial 
    business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or form, PERIOD. It 
    may not be given away freely, as a "bonus" or "prize", or given away 
    with the game itself, etc. This FAQ cannot be used for either profitable 
    or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of 
    these rules is in direction violation of U.S. law. 
    Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright 
    their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, 
    Rareware, nor any companies that were/are involved with this game.
    This document is © 1999-2000 marshmallow
    All rights reserved
      9.   C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N 
    Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
    any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
    condemnation, or death threats at: marshmallow@planetn2000.com
    Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a 
    daily basis. 
    I will answer questions to the best of my ability, but not necessarily 
    immediately. Who knows...you may get an answer hours after sending it, 
    or maybe even weeks. Do not e-mail me telling me to "answer your 
    questions", unless you like to be ignored. Also, please realize that I 
    <prepare for a shocker> do have a real life outside the Internet. 
    School, friends, what have you. Hey, sometimes I might not even get on 
    the Internet for a few days if I pick up a hot new game that I enjoy.  
    If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most 
    definitely ignore it. If your question is poorly written (e.g. "Hez waz 
    up, dawg? Got mez uh q!") I will delete it.  Etc., etc...
    Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
    work? Believe me, though I may not reply to it, I do appreciate your 
    comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
    question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
    support. As for your problem..." 
    I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
    that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
    acknowledge your critique. As for those less intellectual letters, heh, 
    they're always good for laughs.
    Though I can assure you I will be flattered, I will *not* work for your 
    site exclusively (or even as a third party). I don't care how much 
    money, women, or drugs you offer me, either. No means no, okay?
    No, I don't care about what kind of whore house your uncle runs. No, I 
    don't know who Louie is and why he has a fetish for panties. No, I don't 
    think a piano is going to mysteriously appear out of thin air and fall 
    on me if I don't send a piece of sh!t letter to other people. No, I 
    won't send you cash for a "dying" (yeah, right) kid who is infected with 
    brain cancer, though sometimes I wonder if YOU'RE the one with brain 
    cancer. No, I don't care about this new, amazing revelation about weight 
    loss (my muscle to fat ratio is quite normal, thank you very much). And, 
    finally, I will *not* make out with you!  
    I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
    questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for a T rated 
    game with copious amounts of blood and violence, I assume you will not 
    be offended by a little sexual innuendo. 
                               ~ End of Document ~  

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