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    Silver PP7 Cheat Walkthrough by TAnesbury

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                     /                                        \
                    /                                          \
                   /      G   O   L   D   E   N   E   Y   E     \
                  /                                              \
                 /         SILVER  PP7  CHEAT  WALKTHROUGH        \
                /                                                  \
               /                     LEVEL: TRAIN                   \
              /                TIME NEEDED: 5:25                     \
             /             DIFFCULTY LEVEL: 00 AGENT                  \
            /       ___________________________________________        \
           /       |         Author:  Tim Anesbury             |        \
          /        |          Email:  tim_anesbury@hotmail.com |         \
         /         |-------------------------------------------|          \
        /          |        Started:  16th May, 2000           |           \
       /           |   Last Updated:  29th May, 2000           |            \
      /            |___________________________________________|             \
     /                                                                        \
    1.  Updates
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Walkthrough
    4.  Credits
    5.  Feedback
    6.  Author Info
    7.  Legal Stuff
    1.       UPDATES 
    29th May, 2000:  I received an email which pointed out that the level
                     you need to play to get the cheat was not anywhere in
                     the FAQ, so that has been fixed.
    20th May, 2000:  Finally sent this file to www.gamefaqs.com.
    18th May, 2000:  Fixed a few typos and expanded on some of the walkthrough.
    16th May, 2000:  FAQ put together, everything is totally new
    I was bored, so I thought I might share my knowledge of
    how to acquire the Silver PP7 cheat with the rest of the
    world. So, I wrote this FAQ for anyone out there who just
    can not find a way to get this cheat. If this is you, then
    never fear, Chicken Warrior is here! I just hope my FAQ is
    detailed enough for those who like detail...
    For anyone who has no idea what the Silver PP7 actually is,
    I'll explain it right now. The Silver PP7 is almost identical
    looking to the original PP7. the only difference in looks is
    that is a silver colour. Performance-wise, I would say it is
    quite like the original PP7, but slightly more powerful. It's
    definitely not as good as the Gold PP7 but, it is very useful
    when it comes to situations where you shoot a guard a couple
    times (with a pistol such as the DD44 or PP7) and he doesn't
    die. If you are using the Silver PP7, the guard who did not
    die, (but really should have) will. I don't know if that 
    makes much sense, but that is my best explanation for how
    good this gun is. Anyway, on to the walkthrough.
    From where you begin, there is a wall of crates on the left
    side. Further ahead, there is another wall of crates on the
    right side. Run behind these and shoot the guard down there
    through the gap between the crates and the wall. Reload your
    PP7 and slowly strafe left and move backwards. Kill the guard
    closest to you as soon as you see him. Now, continue to move
    backwards and push up against the left side of the crates. 
    You should just be able to see the next guard, but he can't
    see you. Kill him, reload and go behind the crates you first
    hid behind (to kill the first guard). Peak out to the left
    from behind these crates and kill the final guard in this 
    Here's a diagram if you don't understand this first part:
              ^ Guards
    ||                           ||
    ||               ___________ ||
    ||              [ 2   |     ]||
    ||              [     |     ]||
    ||              [_____|_____]||
    ||                ****     * ||
    ||                           ||
    ||  ___________    **        ||
    || [ 1   |     ]             ||
    || [     |     ]***          ||
    || [_____|_____]             ||
    ||                           ||
    ||                           ||
    ||                           ||
    || [S]>                      ||
    ||                           ||
    ||                           ||
    ||                           ||
    [     |     ]
    [     |     ]  =  Crates
    [S]>  =  Starting position
    *     =  Go here first
    **    =  Kill the closest guard from here
    ***   =  The next closest guard can be killed from here
    ****  =  Peak out and kill last guard here
    Now, rush forward and collect *all* of the ammo. Switch to the D5K
    and shoot the brake. Open the first sliding door, then open the 
    second and quickly (and I mean quickly) back up into the first car
    and at the same time, shoot the guard closest to to you who is on
    the left side of the next car. Once he's dead, slowly move back
    and pick off the rest of the guards, one by one. (There may be a
    guy in black in this area so be careful). Now rush into the car and 
    collect all of their ammo. Run around the crates until you come to
    the wall of metal crates. Hide behind them and duck down. Look through
    the gap at the bottom and kill the guy in black (if he is there).
    If he is not there, slide around to the right, because there will
    probably be a guy in black here. If so, kill him then move back behind
    the metal crates and stand up. You will notice there is a gap between
    the metal crates and the wooden crates here. Look through it and take
    out all the guards shooting at you down the other end of the car. Try
    not to lose any life here (1 or 2 hits is okay). Don't worry if you
    don't kill all of them right now, if anyone is still alive, charge 
    down there and blow their heads off. Once you are at the end of this 
    car, shoot the brake then stand at the right of the door. Be ready for 
    the five guards to come in. The easiest way to kill them is to shoot
    them all in the head as they duck (or even if they don't duck). When
    you have killed all five, run into the next car and kill the guard 
    there. Run up the hallway and kill the guard that comes out. Make
    sure you run about 2/3 of the way up here, then turn around and 
    shoot the guard that comes out of the toilet. Now, run back up the 
    end of this car, shoot the brake and be ready to kill four guards
    who rush in. Handle them the same way you did for the 5 guards before.
    Collect their ammo and run into the next car. Rush up to these two
    guards and blow them both to hell then turn around and shoot the brake.
    Try to open the second passenger door (from where you entered this car)
    and two guards will kindly open it for you. Run into the room and shoot
    them both. Wait for about 2 seconds, then run out and down the hallway.
    Strafe-run and shoot down there to kill the guard. Get his ammo then go
    right to the end, and kill that guard quickly. Go through the doors and
    into a small area. Here, they may or may not be a guard, and he may or 
    may not have ZMG's. If there is a guard with ZMG's, kill him and switch
    to the ZMG's. For any other scenario, stick with your D5K (obviously).
    Open the next door and kill however many guards are in the room. 
    It could be one, two, three, even none. Hopefully they will have ZMG's, 
    but it does not matter if they don't. (if they do, switch to ZMG's)
    Now, position yourself on the right side of the door that leads to next
    room. Be (very) ready for three ZMG's toting guards to come in. Kill
    them as fast as possible because they do a lot of damage, if you give 
    them half a chance. Grab their ammo (if you didn't get ZMG's before,
    you've got some now so use them!) Peak into the next car and kill any
    guards in there. Once they are dead, go in, collect their ammo and head
    into the next little area. 
    Shoot the brake (and any guards that are here)then go into the previous 
    room and be prepares for a guard to come in. Kill him, then go back into 
    the brake room, and into the next room. Shoot the only guard in this blue 
    room, then turn and kill the brake. When the words "OBJECTIVE A: COMPLETED" 
    appear, face the end of this blue area (where that guard was) and be ready 
    for two dangerous guards to come in.
    Kill them and collect their ammo, and the key to the final door. DO NOT
    however, go further in where that door is yet or they might see you and
    Ourumov will shoot Natalya. Wait until you hear the door close, then go
    stand in front of it. Set your sights at where you estimate Ourumov's 
    head to be and open the door. Kill him, run in and whip out your Watch
    Get the floor panel off quickly, then stand as close as possible 
    to the hole in the floor (but not so close that you might fall through)
    And let Natalya finish her computer work. She should have finished the
    cracking of Boris' password with about 3 seconds to spare. When she does
    finish, run out of the train, and straight into the ambush. (this might
    seem stupid but it's the only way I could do it without Natalya getting
    killed in the explosion). Quickly (very quickly) kill the ambush members
    and be careful not to kill Natalya. When the explosions stop, strafe-run
    to the front of the train and cross your fingers...
    4.       CREDITS
    I would like to thank the following wonderful people:
    * RARE - For making the coolest game ever
    * STERLING NEBLETT - For his cool videos (geez he's fast)
    * GAMEFAQS - For having the best FAQS which helped me 
                 to hone my Goldeneye skills
    5.      FEEDBACK
    If anyone would like to contribute any ideas to the FAQ, or if
    anyone has any general questions relating to the FAQ, here's
    where you can send it to:
    Also, check out my Goldeneye web site
    (it needs updating, and a new colour scheme...)
    6.   AUTHOR INFO
    My name is Tim. I'm a 16 year old High School student living
    in a small town in South Australia. I really enjoy listening
    to Metallica and KoRn I like watching videos and I love playing 
    Goldeneye. I also like making Web sites. I currently have two 
    http://metallica-site.tripod.com      My Metallica site
    http://chickenwarrior.tripod.com      My Goldeneye site
    I have 3 pets: A yappy little Chihuahua, a fat-ass cat and a 
    little kitten.
    7.   LEGAL STUFF
    This FAQ is Copyright  Tim Anesbury 2000.
    No one may be permitted to use it in a book or magazine
    or anything that means they get money unless they have
    my prior permission.

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