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"Kill your enemies! Kill your friends!"

Bond. James Bond. IMHO this is probably the best piece of merchandise that ever had his name attatched to it, including the movies. Once again, I will ask the question whose answer is obvious: Has Rare EVER made a bad game? Heck no. On to the review...

GRAPHICS: The raw primal POWER of the N64 is brought to its full glory in this title, with its combination of well-detailed objects and enemies, and a camera that zooms(when using the sight scope), pans, swings around, and generally traverses the entire playing area without ANY noticable slowdown, pop-in, or (God forbid) flash. You can be in a huge open area with an enemy roughly the equivalent of three hundred yards away and easily spot him moving, zoom in, and pick him off with your sniper rifle. But before you end this particular soldier's life, you might want to take a look at the VERY fluid animation which he and all other NPCs in this game possess. Our unfortunate soldier will be doing things like stretching, swatting flies, scratching his rear, and all the other things that make you laugh so hard you drop the sight and miss him...then when you pick it back up you'll find him running around frantically for cover. That, my friends, is GOOD work done in both the graphical and the AI department. The rest of the good stuff you'll have to discover for yourself, bcause now I have to describe...

the SOUND. What, not the music? Nope. Although the music has both original tracks and tracks faithful to the movie soundtrack, none of the tunes really stands out as a contender in my mind. But then again, I'm not usually the biggest fan of action game music anyway. The sound is a different story. You have to be GOOD at sound mixing and testing to come up with distinctively different reports for an RCP-90, a Klo88, a DD4 Dostoyevski, and a DK5 Deutsche. And those are just the machine guns. All of the handguns, shotguns, and ''miscellaneous'' have their very own cool sounds(useful, because when you hear those shots coming from behind, you might want to know exactly what's being shot at you. Or you might just want to run for cover. Either way...) But above all, Goldeneye is about...

GAMEPLAY!!! Quake? Unreal? Half-Life? Nah. Goldeneye beats them all. With an automatic conroller advantage(keep on pressing the number keys to switch weapons, fools!)and the level designing team which made Rare into a household name, Goldeneye EXCELS and creating one of the best first-person shooters out there, with enough weapons to give even the most rabid Doom freak pause. (You think your shotgun's good? Well, mine's AUTOMATIC!) One must not forget to mention the AI, which has enemies sounding the alarm and going on alert when they even HEAR shots being fired. Metal Gear comes to even have a silencer on your ''starter'' pistol, which makes sneaking around killing soldiers so much easier! But BY FAR, the thing that make this game the MOST fun is the almighty FOUR-PLAYER MODE!!! Previously, only nerds with the time and the money to set up modem games could experience this type of playing experience. But with an N64, you can easily challenge up to four of your friends to a quick grudge match. CONVENIENCE IS THE KEY HERE! You can spend hours upon hours upon HOURS just blowing each other away! And you don't have to go through the hassle of TCP/IP connections to do it! And when your friend are right there in the room with you, you also don't have to go to the trouble of sending them pre-written taunts-just serve up whatever witty repartee you can come up with at the moment. BUY THIS GAME! You could emulate it if you could find it, but without the four-player option, you'd kinda be missing Rare DEFINITELY deserves the money.

Nintendo Logic: Oh boo hoo. This game is so realistic it makes me sick. But there is the small condolence that A:Every cardboard and wooden box you find seems to be filled with explosives, and B: even when these explosives detonate, the small clip of ammo that was also in the box doesn't. There IS still hope in this category...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/10/00, Updated 03/10/00

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