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    FAQ/Walkthrough by HMKing

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    Yes It's Back...Back Again...
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    Game:                      Harvest Moon 64
    Console:                     Nintendo 64
    Author:                        HMKing
    Email:                    HMKing88@gmail.com
    I. Guide Intro
        A. Guide Info
        B. Legal Stuff
        C. Updates
    II. Game Intro
        A. Game info
        B. Story
        C. Controls
    III. HM World
        A. Characters
        B. Places
        C. Items
        D. Grass
        E. Festivals
        F. Power Berries 
        G. Recipes
        H. Photo Album
        I. Best Place For...
    IV. Marriage
        A. Meet The Girls
        B. How To Get Married
    	-How To Get Kids
    V. Game Ending
    VI. Cool Game Stuff
        -Gameshark Codes
        -Weird Stuff
    VII. Closing
    *I. Guide Intro*
    Here's the intro to the guide. It's here so you know about the updates and 
    so you know how to use this guide.
        A. Guide Info
    DATE RESTARTED: 1-27-04
    DATE LAST UPDATED: 3-16-04
        B. Legal Stuff
    Nothing from this guide may be reproduced under any circumstances 
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web 
    site or otherwise distributed publicly without the permission of the 
    author.  Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 
    To receive permission, email me at HMKing88@gmail.com or IM me at 
    Duenos14. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document 
    are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.  
    If you send something, your name and or SN will be used in the guide 
    with your permission. Just like you can't use this guide with out my 
    permission, I can't use your name without your permission. I will ask 
    you for permission and you have the right to say no. If you say no, 
    I will list you as anonymous. And remember: Credit will be given 
    where it is due.
             Copyright 2003-2005 Jeremy D. (HMKing)
         |Thanks to GameFAQs.com for help on this section!|
        C. Updates
    01-27-04= *Re started the guide from scratch.*
    01-28-04= *Continued work on the guide.*
    02-06-04= *Worked on guide. *Added the new EC Title ASCII Art. *
    03-12-04= *Re did the legal info in the "Legal Stuff" section. *
    03-16-04= *Got guide at GameFAQs.com *
    *II. Game Intro*
        A. Game Info
    Makers: Natsume, Victor Entertainment 
        B. Story
    So you've bought this great new farming game and you have no idea what its 
    all about (why would you buy a game without knowing what it is or about? But 
    justin case :) ). Well the story is this:
    Your grandpa (who owned a ransacked farm) died. The town he lived in (Flower 
    Bud Village) is worried about who will take over it (not like the town really 
    benefited from the shut town, trashed, ransacked ,etc. farm). Being the hard 
    working person you are, you offer to take care of the farm. Your father is 
    kind of an idiot, so he thinks nothing of the farm or your grandfather's 
    death. He wants you to work with him at his job, but you have other ideas. 
    You want to work on your grandfather's farm. You officially got three years 
    to impress your father and the towns folk. Officially that is... you
    can play for ever! (Well at least until you N64 gets so filled with dust and
     becomes really old technology and its rejected by everyone in the world and 
    your called a looser because you play N64 still, so you stop playing the  N64.
     sorry, I get carried away sometimes.)
    Through those three years you must do accomplish the following:
    1. Fix up the farm
    2. Turn the farm into a money making machine
    3. Get married
    4. Have a kid.
    If you can do that all in three years than you can beat the game. Actually. I 
    did all of that in the first year. I spent the next two years doing nothing.
        C. Controls 
          A- pick up stuff, talk, open doors, look at something, select an answer 
         (EX- if someone asks you a question you hit "A" to answer "Yes" or "No")
         When a plant or item is equipped to "A", hitting "A" will give it to 
         someone or throw it, or if its a tool , use it. Make text scroll faster 
         (hold "A" down).
         B-Use a tool if equipped, make text scroll faster (hold "B" down).
         C-Up= Put item in sack
         C-Down= If holding a edible item, hitting C-Down allows you to eat it
         C-Left= Call horse
         C-Right= Call Dog
         L- Rotate screen to the left
         R- Rotate screen to the right
         Analog Stick-move around
         Z- Display name of what you are holding
    *III. HM World*
    In every RPG, there is a game world. This world includes three essentials 
    things. Characters, Place, and items. In this section, I weill explain the
    three essentials.
        A. Characters
    The first of the three essentials is characters.
    Characters are the living things that you can interact with in the game. 
    There are both human and animal characters.
    Characters with a "*" on each side of the name is a possible bride.
    -JACK= The official name of your character, you can name him whatever you
    -KORO= the official name of your dog, you can name him whatever you want (at 
    least that's the official name in the SNES version)
    -MAYOR= The mayor of flower bud village. He shows you around if you want him 
    -MAYOR'S WIFE= Exactly what the name says. Nice woman, pretty ugly if you ask
    -*MARIA*= Mayor's daughter (referred to as "the daughter" by Mrs. Mayor). 
    Basically just a geek. 
    -MR. GREEN=  of Green Ranch (go figure). You want live stock? Go see him. Want
     medication for your animals? Want a man with a GREEN Thumb (what a bad pun!!!
     Wait... he doesn't garden!)? Go see him! Ann and Gray's dad.
    -*ANN*= Mr. Green's daughter, Gray's sister, and Rick's cousin.  She gives 
    you your horse (which as far as I know has no "official'' name). She really 
    loves animals. Her mother died when she was very young. Poor Ann! She'll 
    marry Cliff if you don't make your move first.
    -GRAY= Ann's brother. I quote Ann- "He's a real social disaster"  Oh, believe 
    me he is! How can he be related to sweet Ann?!?!
    -RICK= Owns tool shop. He's Ann's cousin. His shop is never opened and he 
    never sells anything! He sells like 1 or 2 items a year!!! It's so annoying! 
    I think he's the only person who never gets married in the game, unless you 
    never marry.
    -*KAREN*= Cliff's cousin. Owns the vineyard. Constantly getting in fights 
     her father. She runs away a couple times. She marries Kai if you don't marry 
    her and if you revive her vineyard 
    -*POPURI*= Her father travels... ALOT!!! Loves flowers. Her mother owns 
    Lilia's Flower Shop. Mother is Lilia! Marries Gray if you don't marry her.
    -*ELLI*= Owns the Bakery. Her grandma's life is in your hands (scary ain't 
    it???). Marries  Jeff , The Bakery Master.
    -*MARIA*= Mayor's daughter. Works at the library. Very shy. Very mysterious, 
    but not as mysterious as Gray! Marries Harris if you don't marry her first 
    (who cares, she's a freak, let the little girl marry the thirty year old 
    postal worker who doesn't deliver mail!!!! (Only in America...er...I mean...
    only in Flower Bud Village!)
    -HARRIS= The Flower Bud Village mail man. Even though he never really delivers
     your mail or anyone else's.
    -MIDWIFE= She delivers all the children in Flower Bud Village
    LILLIA= Owns the flower shop. Popuri's mother. Basil's wife.
    -BASIL= traveling botanist. Lillia's husband. Popuri's father. Well, he sure 
    does travel a lot! He'll leave in  autumn and return sometime in spring. When
    he comes back he'll give you a gift if your good friends with him and he'll 
    have some rare flower seeds at the shop.
    -JEFF= Owns the bakery. He looks french with a lower case "f".
    -KAREN'S FATHER= A mean alchoholic that fights with his daughter alot. He owns
     the Vineyard.
    -KAREN'S MOTHER= A shy nice woman that's caught between the never ending 
    battle between her daughter and her husband.
    -KAI= Works at the Vineyard. Might marry Karen. He's pretty much the nicest 
    guy in the game. 
    -CLIFF= a bum that has no job. He has a hawk for pet (the only cool thing 
    about him).
    -SAIBARA= owns the craft shop. Not much info on him. His shop sells only two 
    things in the whole game. He sucks.
    -PARSON= The pastor guy at the church. He preaches about the goddess of nature
     and all that Bull Crap. He holds the funeral service for your animals when 
    they die.
    -CHIEF CARPENTER= the head carpenter. I don't like him. He's a jerk. He's the 
    guy you go to if you want an add on added on to your house.
    HONEY BUNCH AND SWEET PIE- they are the young couple that comes to your farm 
    when you plant a lot  of flowers.
    OLD TIMERS- The old couple that hang out at the horse and dog races.
    Three FRIENDS- three  friends that hang out. They appear at the races and 
    at your farm when you plant a lot of flowers.
    MAY- the Midwife's granddaughter and the buyer's daughter.
    THE BUYER- the guy that takes away your stuff every night. I wasn't sure if I
     should list him under a minor character, but if you think about, you rarely 
    see him because while your at your field, he's at your farm's entrance. A 
    whole screen away. Plus, you only see him at night and at some of the 
    festivals. I might change this later on. Live with it for now.
    KENT AND STU- the annoying little brats that are the potion shop owner's 
    grandkids. They call you brother for some odd and twisted reason. Maybe there 
    was some weird relationship between their mom and your dad? Lol. J/K I made 
    that relationship thing up. ITS NOT REAL!!!!
    -TAVERN OWNER= owns the tavern. He's pretty cool I think. 
    -CARPENTERS= they help the Chief Carpenter build the add-ons. Unlike their 
    boss, they are nice.
    -GREG= the fisherman that gives you the fishing rod. Oddly enough, the only 
    black guy in the game. There should be more. I think the potion shop owner 
    should have been black too. But that's just me and my weirdness.
    -RESTAURANT OWNER- owns the restaurant on the top of the mountain. Lives with 
    his wife.
    -RESTAURANT OWNER'S WIFE- the wife of the Restaurant Owner.
    -ENTOMOLOGIST- a geeky science guy that appears only when you plant the Blue 
    Mist Seed. Some how, the flower attracts this rare butterfly and he is 
    obsessed with getting a picture of it.  if the flower grows successfully, you 
    get a pick. (see photos section)
    -Special Gourmet Judge- this guy has some fat lips. He judges the cow contest 
    and goes to the festival that has all the food. This dude scares the living heck
    outta me!
    -PHOTOGRAPHER- Takes pictures at some festivals.
    -MRS. MANA- the lady that asks you to watch her cows.
    -YOUR DAD- your dad. He's a  jerk I think. You only see him like twice in the
     whole game. He doesn't even come to your wedding.
    CLIFFGARD= Green Ranch's prized horse. Your horse's brother.
    DOG= Price: 0g (comes with farm)
    	Produces: nothing
    	Other Uses: Use in the dog race. Breed with Taro (leave your dog next to 
    How To Be Nice To: Feed daily, "walk" him, and put him outside during day 
    (if not raining or snowing), and bring inside at night (For more info on your 
    dog see the  "WHATS UP DOG?" mini section at the end of
    the character section.
    HORSE = Price: 0g (get from Green Ranch)
    	Produces: Nothing
    	Other Uses: Use in horse race. You can store your veggies in his bag 
    thing. It directly goes to the collection box thingy.
    	How To Be Nice To: Ride him daily. Brush him daily.
    CHICKEN = Price: 1,500g
    	Produces: Eggs (50g each)
    	Other Uses: Breed them to make more chickens (place egg in incubator).
    	How To Be Nice To: don't leave in rain. Feed it.
    SHEEP = Price: 4,000g
    	Produces: wool (900g) and very good wool (be really nice to your sheep
          and it'll produce this rare wool that can sell for 1,800g!!!)
    	Other uses: N/A
    	How To Be Nice To: Brush it and talk to it daily.
    COW = Price: 6,000g
    Produces: S Milk (100g), M Milk (150g), L Milk (300g), Gold Milk (500g)
    	Other Uses: Can enter in Cow Festival
    	How To Be Nice To: Brush it and talk to it everyday.
        B. Places
    This is the second Essentia
    In any game, there must be a place for the characters to live in and roam 
    around. Here I list just about every single place there is!
    Here's more on the places:
    Unlike HMSNES (harvest moon super nintendo version), there's a ton of places!
    Just when you think you've been everywhere, there's at least one 
    place you haven't been, or something somewhere you didn't know about!
    The farm that your grandfather left when he died. and now its your job to 
    take over it and save it from being destroyed or left to deteriorate or 
    A T.V. Set that has only four channels.
    1. Channel C-UP= WEATHER- tells you the weather. It's like our Weather Channel.
    2. Channel C-RIGHT= SPECIAL EVENTS- tells you about upcoming festivals. Its 
    like our CNN or FOX Channel.
    3. Channel C-Down= EDUCATIONAL-not really helpful. It tries to tell you about
    the tools and the plant and all that jazz.
    4. Channel C-LEFT= ENTERTAINMENT- Just a snowy channel. Here's the inside 
    scoop on it. The Japanese version of the game has a real entertainment channel
    that has real entertainment. The thing was that the American version was so 
    full of edited stuff and the text was bigger. (Japanese is symbol for each 
    word. English is Symbol for each Letter. So English version is sooo much 
    bigger). So in the English version, it was cut out to make room for the 
    editing and text. 
    This is where you refill your watering can. To refill your can, set your can 
    to "B" and press "B" when your standing next to the pond.
    This is where you keep, or should keep, your cows and sheep. When they're 
    there, you can feed them. In the barn there is a box you can throw your wool 
    or milk into so you can sell it.
    This is where you keep, or should keep, your chickens. For some reason the 
    small sized chickens get there own house and the large sized cows and sheep 
    have to share a house! That's messed up man!
    This is where you can plant grass and or veggies. If you plant grass, you can 
    leave your animals outside and they feed themselves. COOL!  NOTE: YOU MUST 
    Even though you can't see the stuff, the silo holds your feed. The sign next 
    to it tells you how much feed you've collected.
    -DOG HOUSE #1:
    A basic dog house
    -DOG HOUSE #2:
    A more fancier version of dog house #1
    Just a plain old tree. OR is it? hit "A" in front of it to receive the 
    -HORSE HOUSE #1:
    Small house for your horse next to your live stock barn.
    -HORSE HOUSE #2:
    Only difference between H. House 1 and 2 is that # 2 has a different color 
    A big glass building that you can plant grass, veggies, and flowers. Basically
     It's just a smaller version of your whole field.
    Just a big room with only three usable items in it.
    1. The recipe paper
    	-Shows what recipes you've collected
    2. The Power Berry paper
    	-Shows how many power berries you've collected and where you've 
    collected them at.
    3. The freezer
    	-Stores veggies and stuff.
    If you use the shower, its the same as if you were to use the spa in the 
    mountain. In other words, it restores your stamina.
    The toilet is just there for fun. Where did the your character's grandpa go to
     the bathroom? Until you come along, there is no toilet! Did he never take a 
    bath either? Or wash his hands! Now we all know why he died. He was stupid and 
    never took a pee or crap, never showered, and never washed his hands after 
    playing in the dirt all day! That's why he died. He basically killed himself.
    How tragic.
    One word.
    This thing does nothing. Well, there is one thing it does. If you've
    accomplished certain things and you have this deck, all your friends will 
    come over and have a party on your deck! What fun. I use it as a holding spot 
    for my animals, they stay there and they still eat the grass!
    I have also heard that having the party adds on to your father's score.
    Open: 9:00am - 5:00 p.m.
    Closed: Sundays and Festival Days
    Location: Northeast Corner of Flower Bud Village
    Owned/Run by: Lillia, Basil, and Popuri
    What's there to buy?: Flower, crop, and grass seeds
    Open: 8:00am - 5:00 p.m.
    Closed: Saturdays and Festival Days
    Location: Top-Center of Flower Bud Village
    Run by: the Parson
    Open: 6:00pm - Midnight
    Closed: Sundays and Festival Days
    Location: Northwest Corner of Flower Bud Village
    Owned/Run by: the Tavern Owner
    What's there to buy?: Wine, Beer, Water, Liquor, and Milk
    Open: 9:00am - 5:00 p.m.
    Closed: Mondays and Festival Days
    Location: Central Flower Bud Village
    Owned/Run by: the Bakery Master, Elli, and Elli's Grandmother
    What's there to buy?: Cake, Pie, Tea, Water, and Cookies
    Open: 9:00am - 5:00 p.m.
    Closed: Sundays and Festival Days
    Location: Central Flower Bud Village
    Owned/Run by: Saibara (the artisan)
    What's there to buy- Ocarina, and a Pot
    Open: 10:00am - 6:00 p.m.
    Closed: Wednesdays, Weekends, Festival Days, and Rainy or Snowy Days
    Location: Central Flower Bud Village
    Owned/Run by: Rick
    What's there to buy?: Brush, Wool Cutters, Milker, Carpet, Room Organizer, 
    and Blue Feather
    Place where festivals are held. Behind it is the race track where the dog and
    horse races are held. That's all its good for.
    Open: 10:00am - 5:00 p.m.
    Closed: Weekends and Festival Days
    Location: Southeast Flower Bud Village
    Owned/Run by: the Potion Shop Owner (and his two grandchildren)
    What's there to buy?: Cure All, Vitamin, and Strong Vitamin
    Open: 9:00am - 5:00 p.m.
    Closed: Mondays, Festival Days, and the 1st through the 10th of each 
    month (beginning after the first Spring)
    Location: Western Flower Bud Village
    Run by: Maria
    Open: 9:00am - 5:00 p.m.
    Closed: Sundays and Festival Days
    Location: Southwest Corner of Flower Bud Village
    Owned by: the Mayor, the Mayor's Wife, and Maria
    Open: 8:00am - 5:00pm
    Closed Thursdays and Festival Days
    Run by: Mr. Green, Ann, Gray
    What's there to buy?: Cows, Chickens, Sheep, Medicine, Cow Feed, Chicken Feed,
    Miracle Potion
    C. Items
    1. TOOLS
    Sickle- Cut grass and plants
    Hoe- Digs into ground so you can plant stuff
    Hammer- breaks up rocks
    Axe- Chops up wood to make lumber
    Watering Can- waters plants
    Milker- milks cow
    Bell- calls your live stock
    Brush- brushes your live stock
    Clippers- Clips off sheep's wool
    Medicine- heals cows
    2. SEEDS
    	  3. A FEW OTHERS
    Fishing Rod-Use to catch fish
    Blue Feather- Give it to a girl with a pink heart to get married.
    Miracle Potion- Makes cows pregnant
        D. Grass
    How much do you really know about that green stuff that we walk on?
    The only real purpose of it is to cut it and make it feed for your 
    Go to the flower shop and buy it for 500G a bag. Each bag gives you 3X3 
    squares worth of grass seeds.
    Once you plant your grass, it looks like a bunch of dots for a day or two, BUT!
    It changes!
    After you plant it:
    -Three days of light green.
    -Four days of plain green.
    -Until you cut it up, it's dark green.
        E. Festivals
    Festivals are what make a Harvest Moon game a HM game. Festivals are 
    activities in which the whole town meets for a purpose and dance, drink, or 
    eat the night away.
    Spring Festivals
    New Year’s Day
    Day: 1
    Location: Town Square
    Description: Here the townsfolk celebrate another successful year. They all 
    drink till they drop!
    What yah can do: Drink.
    Other Info: Basically the whole thing is one BIG drinking contest. You must 
    be the last on standing. Talk and drink with everyone until they all leave. 
    If you can hold your liquor, you win! The only two real challenges are Kai and
    Karen. I’ve only beat Karen. Not Kai. 
    What years: year 2 and on.
    Fun Scale(1-5):4
    Planting Festival
    Day: 8
    Location: Town Square
    Description: The King and his “helper” go in a hot air balloon. All the other
     poor people get to release balloons that have a bag of seeds attached to 
    them. They hope the seeds will land on land and plant themselves.
    Fun Scale(1-5): 
    If you are helper: 3 
    If you are not helper: 1
    Horse Race
    Day: 17
    Location: Race Track (go to Town Center and you will be put there when the 
    race is ready).
    Description: Everyone who owns a horse enters it in hopes to win a fabulous 
    Other Info: You can enter your horse only if it has its saddle. It gets it 
    when it has matured. 
    The only way to win is to ride, brush, and talk to your horse daily. SEE 
    Fun Scale (1-5): 5
    Flower Festival
    Day: 23
    Location: Town Square
    Description: Everyone is gathering In the Square to celebrate the flowers!!! 
    Woo hoo! 
    Other Info: you can walk around and talk to everyone. You can buy a bottle. 
    This is also a good place for gett’n a girl. Dance with a  girl and her love 
    for you goes up a bit.
    Fun Scale (1-5): 5
    Summer Festivals
    Fireworks Night
    Day: 1
    Description: A little known Festival. It’s the festival that you see part of 
    if your married at the end of the game(you’re either sitting with your wife 
    and kids or having a party while watching the fireworks). All you do is watch
    the fire works with the girl of your choice.
    Maria:   At the Church in Flower Bud Village
    Ann:     At the field on Green Ranch
    Popuri:  At the summit of Moon Mountain (If the bridge hasn't been rebuilt yet
    climb the tree behind the carpenters' house)
    Elli:    At the bakery in Flower Bud Village
    Karen:   At the beach east of the entrance to Green Ranch.
    Fun Scale (1-5): 3
    Vegetable Festival
    Day: 9
    Location: Town Square
    Description: At this get together, everyone brings their best vegetable to put
     on display so that it may be judged. 
    Other info: Winning will cause Basil to invite you out for a drink the next 
    night. What fun. Let’s rate the reward: -5
    Fun Scale (1-5): 1
    Fire fly Festival 
    Day: 17
    Location: beach
    Description: This little party is dedicated to the spirit of our dead friends 
    and family. You light a Fire Fly (you’ll know what it is when you go there) 
    and cast it off into the sea.
    Other Info: it’s interesting to see who people are dedicating the fire flies 
    to. Don’t just stand there! Talk to your friends and see who they have lost.
    Fun Scale (1-5): 2
    Sea Festival
    Day: 24
    Location: beach
    Description: All of the young men in the village swim out into the ocean to a 
    certain point. The winner is the best swimmer.
    Other Info: To get really good at this, practice hitting the “A” button over 
    and over.  I did and I have never lost a race.  
    Fun Scale (1-5): 4
    Cow Festival
    Location: Green Ranch
    Description: Everyone who owns a cow enters it to see who has raised their 
    cow the best!
    Other Info: Winning the contest will automatically cause your cow to give 
    gold milk! Gold milk is worth 500g!!!!!
    Fun Scale (1-5): 4
    Harvest Festival
    Location: Town Square
    Description: Everyone who can bake brings some good food for everyone who 
    can’t cook to eat! I love this festival!
    Elli makes everyone a cake, and whoever gets a coin in their cake is the next 
    Other Info: Remember to be honest with everyone about their food! The coin is
    random. The only way to become King if you don’t get it the first time is to 
    restart the day. Or wait till next year.
    Fun Scale (1-5): 3
    Egg Festival
    Location: Town Square
    Description: there is a big easter egg hunt. If you win the first year, you 
    get a power nut. The second year you get a turtle toy. All the other years 
    you get a load of lumber.
    Fun Scale (1-5): 3 (It’s too easy)
    Horse Race
    Day: 28
    Location: Race Track (go to Town Center and you will be put there when the 
    race is ready).
    Description: Everyone who owns a horse enters it in hopes to win a fabulous 
    Other Info: You can enter your horse only if it has its saddle. It gets it 
    when it has matured. 
    The only way to win is to ride, brush, and talk to your horse daily. SEE 
    Fun Scale (1-5): 4
    Location: your house?
    Description: while you work, the girls that love you prepare cakes. Eventually
    they give you these cakes.
    Other Info: you can also go to their regular hanging out spot and get a cake 
    regardless of their feelings towards you, but I call that cheating.
    Fun Scale (1-5): 1 (it's really no different from any other day)
    Dog Race
    Location: Race Track (go to Town Center and you will be put there when the 
    race is ready).
    Description: Everyone who owns a dog enters it in hopes to win a fabulous 
    Fun Scale (1-5): 4
    Star Night Festival
    Location(s): Church, Mountain Summit,Beach
    Description: You go find the girl you like and spend a nice romantic night 
    gazing at the twinkling stars.
    Other Info: LOCATION OF GIRLS:
    Maria:   At the Church in Flower Bud Village
    Ann:     At the Church in Flower Bud Village
    Popuri:  At the summit of Moon Mountain (If the    bridge hasn't been rebuilt 
    yet, climb the tree behind the carpenters' house)
    Elli:    At the Church in Flower Bud Village
    Karen:   At the beach east of the entrance to Green Ranch
    Fun Scale (1-5): 4
    Spirit Festival
    Day: 27
    Location: Town Square
    Description: the King chooses some people to play a little song at the town 
    Other info: If you get chosen you play either the Ocarina or the Cow Bell.
    Fun Scale (1-5): 4
        F. Power Berries
    Here I have listed for you where you can get every Power Berry in the game!
    Aren't I awesome?
    - Use your hoe at level one in your field.  A Power Berries might appear at
    random if you dig around enough.  You can't till your field in 
    Winter, but you can find this one in any of the other seasons
    -Throw a large, blue fish into the pond behind the fisherman's tent.  
    A green imp-like monster will pop up and give you the Power Berries.  Make 
    you do this between 9:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the evening, or he won't
    show up.  Guess he's sleeping, or something.  This works during any of the
    seasons except for Winter, because the pond freezes.
    -The Traveling Salesman will sell you a Power Berries at the Flower  Festival
     in Spring for 1000G.  If you can't afford this your first  year, don't worry.
      He'll show up every year in the same spot until you  buy it.
    -You can win a Power Berries at the Egg Festival in the first Fall.  It's 
    almost impossible not to win, so this one's really easy.
    -Try fishing off the dock on the beach.  You'll eventually catch a Power 
    Berries.  This works in all four seasons.
    -Either make sure your strength is at 100%, or eat a few pieces of cake to 
    get it there, and then take a vegetable you have grown to the pond in the 
    grove to the left of the carpenters' cabin in the mountains.  Between the 
    hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m, throw your vegetable into the water.  The 
    Goddess will appear and ask you to make a wish.  Wish for strength.  If you're
    already maxed out on strength, she will give you PowerBerry instead.  This 
    only works with vegetables you grew yourself, not ones from the mountain.  
    Also, it should work in all four seasons.
    -During Winter, the pond behind the fisherman's tent will freeze.  
    You can walk across it to reach the large rock on the other side.  Take a 
    level three (golden) hammer and use your most powerful swing to break the 
    boulder.  A Power Berry will magically appear in your hands.
    - Dig in the mine during the winter.
    -Give Popuri's parents, Lillia and Basil, lots and lots of gifts.  
    On his return from the south in the Spring, if you're good friends with him, 
    Basil might bring you a Power Berry.
    -In the third Spring or later years, fill your field with flowers.  
    Plant eight to ten plots with a combination of Pink Cat Mint seeds and 
    Moondrop seeds.  I did it by planting five of each, but I think you can 
    get away with less  When all of your flowers have bloomed, Stu, the little 
    black-haired boy, will come and ask for one of your flowers.  If you agree,
     he will give you his marbles, since he has no money.  The next step is 
    becoming good friends with the Harvest Sprites.  Give them gifts until they 
    are able to speak English, at least.  Eventually, they will notice your 
    marbles and ask about them.  You can give the marbles to the Sprites, and in 
    return, they will give you a Power Berry.
        G. Recipes
    Let me just say this, YOU CAN NOT COOK THE RECIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Cream of Turnip Stew- Give a turnip to the Mayor's Wife
    *Tomato Cream Soup- Give a tomato to Lillia
    *Tomato Rice- Give a tomato to Karen's Mother
    *Simple Tomato Soup-  Give a tomato to the Parson
    *Corn Fritter- Give an ear of corn to the Green Ranch Owner
    *Corn Pasta- Give an ear of corn to Basil
    *Mashed Potato-  Give a potato to Ann
    *Fried Potatoes & Bacon-  Give a potato to the Mayor
    *Twice-Cooked Tomatoes & Greens-  Give a tomato to Lillia
    * Garlic Potato Beef- Give a potato to Harris (The Mailman)
    * Eggplant with Miso Paste-  Give an eggplant to the Midwife
    * Rolled Cabbage-  Give cabbage to Maria
    * Stuffed Omelet-  Give an egg to Gray
    * Spa-poached Egg- Give an egg to Kent (The brown-haired boy)
    * Handmade Butter- Give any size milk to Rick
    * Mushroom Rice-  Give a mushroom to the Head Carpenter
    * Fried Char- Give a large, blue fish to the fisherman
    * Grilled Trout with Cheese- Give any size fish to one of the 
    * Char Stuffed with Mushrooms- Give a mushroom to one of the 
    * Steamed Clams with Wine- Give wild grapes to the Vineyard Owner
    * Miso Soup with Sprouts- Give an edible herb to the Potion Shop 
    * Sesame Dandelion Greens- Give a medicinal herb to Saibara (The 
        craft shop owner)
    * Mushroom Salsa- Give a mushroom to one of the Sprites
    * Strawberry Dog- Give a strawberry to Stu (The little boy with black  
     Herb Rice Cake- Give an edible herb to the old woman on Moon Mountain
    * Bread Pudding- Give an egg or milk to Elli
    * Herb Rice Cake- Even though this recipe looks the same as 25, this is
    actually the Walnut Cake recipe you get by giving a walnut to Elli's
    Grandmother. Stupid glitch!
    * Potato Pancake- Give a potato to May (The little girl)
    * Strawberry Jam- Give a strawberry to Popuri
    * Strawberry Champagne- Give a strawberry to Karen
    * Veryberry Wine- Give a veryberry to Kai
    * Spice Tea- Give an egg to Cliff
    * Hot Spicy Wine- Give wild grapes to the Tavern Owner
    * Cinnamon Milk Tea- Give any size milk to the Bakery Owner
    * Turnip & Cabbage Preserves- Give a turnip to the old man on Moon 
        H. Photo Album 
    1) Photo with your grandpa- already in your album.
    2) If you become King at the seed planting festival, you'll have your picture
    3)If you win the horse race you'll get your picture taken (ONLY THE FIRST WIN!
    4)If you win the Cow festival you'll get your picture taken.
    5)If you win the swimming contest you get a picture taken with all the 
    participants being P.O. @ you and you smiling! :)
    6)When you help make the hot springs, you get a picture taken.
    7)If you win dog race you get your picture taken.
    8)If you get married you get a picture taken with your bride.
    9)When your kid is born you get a picture taken.
    10) If you got a pink heart with Maria, she will invite you to hang out with
    on the fire fly festival and you'll get a picture.
    11)if you plant a Blue-Mist flower and it successfully grows, you'll a 
    12)one day, if you got a pink heart with Elli, Elli will invite you to look 
    at something on the mountain. you'll see water turn into gold and you'll a 
    picture to cherish the moment forever.
    13) A Rabbit in Winter-
    If Ann has a pink heart during the Winter, she'll come to your farm one 
    morning to invite you to go see the very rare Pika Bunny with her. You and 
    Ann will hide behind a bush and observe it. You'll get the picture in the 
    mail the next day.
    14) This is so hard to explain! But I'll try to make it simple!
    part 1- become good friends with the bartender. Give him gifts until he gives
    you a wine bottle.
    part2 - Show it to Karen and Kai
    part 3 - Become good friends with the Harvest Sprites. Give them gifts until
    they talk to you about a tree and a spirit.
    part 4 - Then take a vegetable to the pond place in the mountain and throw it 
    into it between 9 o'clock and 5 o'clock. Choose the option that involves the 
    part 5 - Witness some movie time and receive a picture the next morning
        I. Best Place For...
    	Here I try to help you by telling you where the best place for stuff 
    is. It’s a small section now, but I hope to make it bigger. Email me if you 
    have any ideas of what else to add to it.
    Your farm. Well, until you clear all of your land and then there's no more.
    After that happens, the best place is in the mountain. The best place on the
    mountain is where the spa will go (where the busted  bridge is) Eventually the
    spa will be built. Then the best place is all over the mountain. All the wood 
    except for the wood that was where the spa was is still there.
    I'm not sure, but I have a theory. 
    One of the Harvest Sprites says something like, "Where's the best fishing 
    spot?....I don't remember... sorry." . My theory is if you become really good 
    friends with the Sprites, the one Sprite will remember. NOTE: THIS PROBABLY 
    You can also get a few tips from the carpenter!!! Talk to him and he just might 
    reveal the location of his favorite fishing spot!
    Once Popuri gets married, go to Green Ranch. Popuri has planted tons of 
    flowers all along the path that leads to the field. You can  pick them for 
    free! NOTE: Popuri must get married for this to work!!
    Also, in the mountain, there is a little area where there is a stream that 
    leads into a little pond. In that area there is like 5 or 6 flowers. 
    Collecting flowers is helpful for winning a girl’s heart.
    Read the secrets section. In it there should be a part that talks about 
    stealing wine for the wine cellar. That is the best place cuz it's free.
    Other than your farm, the best place for making money is the mountain. Here 
    you can find fruit, berries, and other misc items that can be sold for some 
    cash. You can also get some even better stuff in the mine in the winter. I 
    know its part of the mountain, but it is the best place within the mountain. 
    NOTE: you can only get stuff from the mine from Winter 8th to winter 30th. Its
     closed the rest of the year.
    	The best place isn’t really a place. Its more of a time. So, the best 
    time to make friends is on the festival days. On these days, all of your 
    friends are in one place! Also, most of the festivals allow you to dance. 
    Other than using a cheat I list later on in the guide, Festivals are the best 
    time to make friends.
    IV. Marriage
    SHE LIKES: 	Your dog, chickens, and potatoes
    WHERE IS SHE?: The Green Ranch, the mountain, Star Night Festival - 
    At the Church, and  New Year's Eve - At the bar
    B-DAY: 14th of summer
    AFTER THE DREAM: Go to the mountain
    SHE LIKES: All kinds of berries.
    WHERE IS SHE?: Vine Yard, mountain, beach, in the bar, Star Night 
    Festival -
    At the beach, and New Year's Eve - Lone tree near your farm.
    B-DAY: 29th of winter
    AFTER THE DREAM: Go to the Wine Cellar at the Vine Yard. She'll give 
    you a tour of the cellar. You'll get locked in 	together (how 
    romantic! blah). Go to the top right corner of 	the upper level and
    press "A" to get out.
    SHE LIKES: flower and strawberries
    WHERE IS SHE?: flower shop, Green Ranch (after she marries Gray), Star
    Night Festival - On the mountains, New Year's Eve - At the Church
    B-DAY: 22nd of spring
    AFTER THE DREAM: Go to the mountain
    SHE LIKES: eggs, milk, baked goods, your dog, and fish
    WHERE IS SHE?: The beach, bakery, mountain, Star Night Festival - At the 
    Church, New Years Eve - At the Church
    B-DAY: 1st of fall
    AFTER THE DREAM: Go to the Bakery
    SHE LIKES: Cabbage (yuck)
    WHERE IS SHE?: Library, mountain, her house, nest to church, Star Night 
    Festival-Town Square, and New Years Eve - At the Church
    B-DAY: 11th of winter
    AFTER THE DREAM: Go to the library and give Maria the book
    -By a guy who doesn't really know how in the real world.
    Once you've got a pink heart with a girl, go to Rick's shop and buy the blue
    feather for 1,000g or 980g if you're good friends with a Rick ( The weirdest
    thing ever happened, It was the end of Spring and I hadn't spent any time
    getting to know anyone other than my wife-to-be. So anyway, I went to go get 
    the blue feather and Rick gave it to me for 980g. And I never really talked to
    him or was nice to him or anything before that day. WEIRD).
    Once you've got the feather, give it to the girl with the pink heart. 
    The next Sunday, you'll get married to her. 
        C. HOW TO GET KIDS
    Be really nice to your wife. Talk to her every day and give her gifts every 
    day. It takes for ever but It makes your score better. NOTE: once your wife is
     pregnant, you have to wait about 2 seasons for the bundle of joy to be born.
     And it's always a boy.
        D. Hearts
    Hearts represent how a girl feels about you.
    Color		Feeling
    White          Indifferent
    Blue           Friendly
    Green	       Flirtatious
    Yellow 	       Deep Affection
    Pink	       In Love
    V. Game Ending
    Well. On the thirtieth day of the first season of the third year, your dad 
    comes back. He will talk to some of the villagers and see how you've been 
    working (or not working) through those last 2 years and 1 season.
    He will talk to the following people:
    1. Mayor
    -He rates you on how much everyone likes you. If talk to everyone a lot, you 
    will get a perfect rating from him.
    2. Midwife
    -She rates you on how well the girls like you. To get a perfect rating from 
    her, get a pink heart with all the girls.
    3. Potion Shop Owner
    -He rates you on how well you take care of your self. To get a perfect rating,
     never get sick. To do this, never work in the rain all day.
    4. Mr. Green
    -He rates you on how well you take care of your animals. To get a perfect 
    rating, make sure no animals dies and make sure you have the max. amount of 
    5. Buyer
    -He rates you on how much you sell. To get a perfect rating, try to ship 
    almost every day. He is a hard guy to please.
    6. Chief Carpenter
    -He rates you on how many house extensions you get. To get a perfect rating, 
    buy all extensions.
    7. Greg
    -He rates you on how relaxed you are. To get a perfect rating, try to fish a 
    8. Basil
    -He rates you on how big your grass field is. To get a fail proof perfect 
    rating, fill your whole field with grass. See the secrets section for a tip 
    about this
    9. Special Gourmet Guy
    -He rates you on how many recipes you got. To get a perfect rating, get all 
    the recipes (See the recipes section)
    After he talks to everyone, your dad talks to you and tells you how he thinks 
    your doing. If you have the porch thing in the back of your house, you will 
    have a party with all your friends on it. that’s about where the game ends. 
    Of course you can continue to play forever. Actually, some things can only be
     accomplished after the third year is over, so there is a reason to continue. 
        VI. Cool Game Stuff
    811FD60EFFFF	             Inf. Money
    8016FBWD0004                 Inf. Water Can Uses
    811807140063                 Inf. Cow And Sheep Fodder
    80237411005C                 Inf. Chicken Fodder
    81189E5003E                  Inf. Materials
    8018906000ff                 Inf. Stamina
    801C3F94                     Karen Love You
    801C3F93                     Anne Love You
    801C3F92                     Elli Love You
    801C3F91                     Popuri Love You
    801C3F90                     Maria Love You
    Here's How I rate my secrets. This is how they do it in Nintendo Power 
    I have the following ratings:
    J4F- Just For Fun!
    SBF- Sent By HM64 Fan
    GE- Game Enhancer
    T- Tip
    GH-(Girl Help)
    Also, TBA stands for Tested By Author (Not To Be Announced)
    You can get Karen to love you in one night. 
    Go to the bar with your dog. While holding your dog, talk to Karen. She'll say
    something like "He isn't very clever is he?". talk to her over and over again
    and soon, you'll see that Karen's love for you will slowly rise. I did this 
    like the first night and was ready to marry her the next sunday (except I 
    forgot that you have to have a kitchen, so I had to wait a season or two).
    2) Dog Eating Chicken   (G)
    Place a baby chicken on your dog. Soon your dog will be gone. BUT! He will 
    come back the next day.
    NOTE: I’ve tried this one a bazillion times and it never works for me. Maybe 
    its my game, or maybe it doesn’t work at all. Email me if you have done this 
    and it works.
    3) FEED A PLENTY! (GE) (TBA)
    The following secret requires you to have the stairs that lead to your roof.
    Place your chickens on your roof. Now they won't ever need to be fed. This is 
    really helpful if you don't have a lot of time to feed your chickens or you 
    don't have a field of grass.
    Toss a fish into the pond behind the fisherman's tent. Once you do, the Water 
    Imp Will pop up and give you a blue Power Berry.
    5)DOG EXERCISE	  (GE)   (TBA)
    This requires two things, your Horse (Has to be adult), and your Dog.
    First: Stand by your horse with your dog close by.
    Second: Whistle for your dog.
    Third: Quickly hop onto your horse and ride around.
    Your dog will follow you and get a lot of exercise.
    6)NO DOG  (G/J4F)   (TBA)
    Place your dog in your bathroom. Let him walk around a little bit. Eventually
     he'll walk into the black part of your screen. WARNING! DOING THIS WILL 
    7) THE BLACK VOID (G)   (TBA)
    When leaving the vineyard, walk into the black area that's in the direction 
    of the village. Once in the void, walk to the left and you'll be in Flower 
    Bud Village instantly. This cuts about ten seconds of a trip for you.
    8) A Little Bit of Treasure. (GE/G)  (TBA)
    Go to the tree in your farm. Hit “A” and you’ll receive a map. It gives 
    directions to a treasure. 
    From the far right side of the field, go down 11 spaces and over to the left 
    3 spaces. An easy way to mark the spaces is to use your hoe.
    Once you got the treasure (which is a music box. Just in case your wondering 
    what it is), go to Rick’s Shop and if you’re his friend, he’ll fix it up. If 
    he doesn’t notice it, give him some gifts and eventually he’ll notice it. 
    Once he fixes it, give it to the girl you like. It will boost up the heart 
    rating. Not sure how much it will boost it though. Email me if you know. You 
    will get credit. The glitch part of this is:
    After you give it to the girl, go back to the spot that you dug it up from. 
    The thing is there again! So repeat the process and continually boost up your 
    girl’s heart level. This is a good way to get married really quickly.
    9) Cheating The Game  (J4F)  (TBA)
    On a horse race day, talk to Mrs. Mayor and bet on all the racers. Bet all 
    your money if you want. When your done entering how much you’ll bet, hit “B” 
    instead of “A”. This will give you a full refund and you will still have the 
    bet made as long as you don’t talk to her until the next round.
    10) A Rare Bloom (J4F)  
    between fall 10 and fall 12, go to the top of the mountain and the Full Moon 
    Berry will appear. Cool huh?
    11) Stuck In Time  (T)   (TBA)
    Time freezes when you are inside a building.
    12) Five O’Clock Deadline (T) (TBA)
    Once the Buyer takes all the stuff for the day (at 5 o’clock I think), you 
    can’t sell any more. You can put stuff in the box all ya want, but It wont 
    count as anything sold. You’re just wasting your veggies.
    13) Feed Me!  (T)  (TBA)
    When feeding an animal, make sure you put the food in the right food bin. If 
    you put food in an unused bin, the animal that you intend to feed will go 
    hungry and get sick. If you don’t know which bins are used and which ones 
    aren’t, hit “A” on the side that you put the food in from. It will display 
    the animals name. If the bin displays nothing, it is unused. 
    14) Seak Peek	 J4F/G  (TBA)
    If you can see the Buyer come into the farm, but not at the box yet, pause 
    the game and you see that you have already got the money for what you put in 
    the bos! Cool huh?
    15) Horse, horse! Where art thou horse? (G)  
    When ann comes to your house to invite you to see the Pika bunny, get on your
    horse and talk to her. You’ll go see the bunny all normally, but when you 
    wake up you’ll be on your horse in your house. You cant leave until you hop 
    off of him. Then he will dissapear for ever. THIS WILL GET RID OF YOUR HORSE 
    16) This House Is Way Too Small!!! (T) (TBA)
    Remember! You can’t get married until you have had the kitchen made! And, you
    can’t have a baby until you have the crib. No, not crib as in house. 
    Crib as in baby bed.
    Q. Can I cook the recipes I collect?
    A. Nope. That can only be done in HM:FoMT
    Q. How do I enter the races?
    A. Mr. Green will come to your farm and ask you to enter. If you say yes, he 
    will take your animal to the race. All you have to do is show up.
    Q. How do I become King at the Harvest Festival? 
    A. There is no fail proof way sadly. I almost guarantee that if you don’t win
    the first year, the Potion Shop Owner will. Here are some ways to increase 
    your chances:
    Save your game 2 days before the festival. Don’t save after those days. If 
    you don’t get the coin, reset the game and try again.
    The winner is chose 2 days ahead of time.
    Q. Can I have multiple kids?
    A. No. Unlike HMSNES, you can only have one. In HM: FoMT you can.
    Q. Where the heck is this beach that everyone talks ‘bout?!?!?!
    A. Go down the path that leads to the Green Ranch. Instead of entering the 
    Ranch, go to the right (Not your character’s right, your right)
    Q. Why can't I get married?!?!?!
    A. You need to upgrade your house and have a pink heart with a girl. AND! 
    In order to ask a girl to marry you, you need the Blue Feather.
    Rumor: The Invincible Katori keeps your green house from flying away during 
    the hurricane.
    Verdict: FICTION!!!! In order to keep it form blowing away you need not only 
    the Katori, but the Mysterious Turtle. This can be won only at the Egg 
    Rumor: Keeping your dog inside the green house will keep it safe (The Green 
    Verdict: FALSE!!!! The only way to protect is by having the Mysterious Turtle 
    and the invincible Katori.  These two things are worth wasting your time at 
    the stupid festivals. I wish I had known about all this before I lost 1,000+G
    in corn  because of the dumb storm!!!!!
    Rumor: There is this weird black fish that is almost impossible to catch 
    called the Jumper.
    Verdict: Not even I can confirm that. I’ve read this rumor once or twice in 
    other guides, so I thought you might like to know about it. 
    Rumor: You can the Super Rod from Greg if you catch the Jumper and give it to 
    Verdict: Well, if there is any chance of the Jumper rumor being true, there is 
    a chance that this is true. The thing that gives me lots of doubt is the fact 
    that it is rumored that Greg will give you like 1,000,000G if you give it to 
    him. Then he gives you the rod. 1,000,000G for a dumb fish? Doubtful.
    Rumor: You can get the Entertainment Channel from the Sprites. Also, there is 
    a Fall veggie and hidden recipes.
    Verdict: No Way. First of all, they are called the Harvest Sprites. Not the 
    Cable Repair Man Sprites. Second, like I said in the places section, the 
    space needed for the translation took up so much space that they had to take
    out some things. These include the entertaining Entertainment Channel, The 
    Fall Veggie, and the other recipes. They were all just unimportant things. 
    They way I see, they should’ve take out the strawberry as a plantable thing 
    and kept the Fall Veggie. Fall is just so boring with nothing to plant. Or 
    they could’ve gotten rid of the turnip. That thing is pointless.
    Rumor: There is a second Photo Album.
    Verdict: I’m not sure. This is truly a mystery to me. 
    Rumor: Once you get the rumored 2nd album and fill it up with pictures, there 
    will be an option to build The Great Hall in your house.
    Verdict: Three things almost entirely disprove this thing-
    The 2nd album probably doesn’t exist
    There is no place to put a “great hall” in your house.
    There isn’t any room for another construction project on the add-on poster in
     the Carpenter’s house.
    In this game, there are a lot of things that you see and wonder, “What the 
    heck?”. Well, this section is here to let you know that I wonder that too. 
    And to show my weird thoughts.
    If Popuri marries Gray, she plants flowers all over the place. You can pick
     them and give them to her and she’ll be happy that you gave her a gift. And 
    for the rest of the day, she’ll still water the spots that the flowers were 
    on. This odd behavior caused me to wonder, “What the heck?”
    Why does your character wear white gloves?  Or gloves at all? White gets so 
    dirty. They should at least become darker as the day goes on. More dirt on ‘em
     the darker! This fact left me wondering, “What the heck?”
    Where do all the animals in the festivals and races come from? Think about 
    it,the cow festival has at least five cows. You and the Greens are the only 
    ones that have a farm. Plus you both can only enter one cow. Where do these 
    other cows come from?!?! Also, where do all them dogs and horses come from in 
    the races?!?!?!? This really left me wondering, “What the heck?”
    How come when its raining, your plants get watered, but if you plant them 
    while it’s raining, they don’t get watered!!!! I keep wondering, “What the 
    Email me at HMKing88@gmail.com  if you have any secrets or codes. Along with 
    having your code or secret posted, you will be given full credit for it in 
    the credits section.
    When contacting me, please make sure you say if your contributing to the guide 
    or asking a question in the subject. It's very helpful when I go back to give 
    Here is a list of what you should put as your subject:
    Report Fluff (Unneeded Info)=Pinball FluffBgone
    Contribute Info=Pinball Contribute
    Question=Pinball Question
    VII. Closing
    Now, the end is near... wait! The end is now!!! If you didn't get 
    the info you wanted, email me and I will search the web for the answer to 
    your question.
    Almost guaranteed. ;)
    Email: HMKing88@gmail.com
    AIM: Duenos14
    website: Toxicityj.bravehost.com
    There currently no one to thank for contributing to this guide other than me.
    No one has contacted me regarding this guide.
                        *Copyright 2003-2005 Jeremy D. (HMKing)*

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