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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ARusonis

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    Harvest Moon 64
    Version 7.01
    FAQ and Walkthrough
    written by A.Rusonis(Gryffin 6@aol.com)
    Table of Contents:
    1) Version History
    2) Introduction
    3) Controls
    4) Characters
    5) Items
    6) Animals
    7) Love...Farm Style
    8) Walkthrough
    9) Farming Strategies
    10) Tricks/Cheats/Tips
    11) Recipies(You wanted it, you got it!)
    12) FAQ/Rumors
    13) Stuff I DON'T need help with
    14) Credits
    16) Challenges
    17) Copyright Info
    Version History
    Version 1: 1st version; has partial walkthrough, some items and animals 
    listed and a few hints and tips
    Version 2: Included credits section and more FAQs
    Version 3: Made some corrections and added even more FAQs
    Version 4: Fixed some things and added controls and more secrets and more on 
    Version 5:added more stuff
    Version 6: added Recipies, challenges, and added and fixed more things
    Version 7: added more stuff on the girls and other things
    Version 7.01: I decided to start using decimals, added lots to walkthrough 
    section, lots of other stuff, like characters and questions too
    This the final edition of my Harvest Moon 64 FAQ/Walkthrough! Please do not 
    e-mail me anymore info about Harvest Moon 64. In fact, I am deleting my AOL 
    screenname Gryffin 6, so any sent email will not reach me anyways. Thanks fto 
    all my loyal fans and supporters, you've been great!  
    Hello. I'm Andrew and this is my Harvest Moon 64 FAQ. This is my first FAQ, 
    so please try to bear with me. I welcome any feedback, such as questions, 
    comments, or, if I forgot to include any info on the game, please e-mail me. 
    My e-mail address is listed above. Please don't send me hate mail or porno, 
    because if you do, I will give your address to nasty people who love to spam. 
    Already, one unlucky person is on spaming lists across the globe. Anyway, on 
    to the game!
    Have you ever wanted to experience farm life, but the smell of manure makes 
    you sick? Well, if that's the case, have I got the game for you! 
    Introducing...(drum role please) Harvest Moon 64. It combines farming 
    simulation and role-playing to make the perfect game. It will be available in 
    the middle of December 1999.
    The story is you are a young man who just inherited your grandfather's farm. 
    You have 2 and 1/4 years to turn the run-down hunk of land into a prosperous, 
    beautiful farm. Along the way you will have to participate in town events, 
    grow food and raise livestock, deal with disasters, and try to woo a young 
    Let the game begin!
    A button:talk to people, pick up things, and throw things.
    B button:uses current tool and acts as a cancel button.
    Start button:brings up menu where you can select a tool, item, check money, 
    time and day.
    R/L buttons:shifts screen left to right.
    Z button:checks item you currently have in your hand.
    UP C button:puts item in ruck sack, a sack which you can store 
    items/foodstuffs/presents for future use.
    LEFT C and RIGHT C buttons:whistels and calls your horse and dog.
    DOWN C button:lets you eat the food you are holding if edible. 
    You(Jack, but you can rename him)-you are the young man whose job is to 
    create a successful farm. You will have to interact with other characters for 
    help and advice. Happy farming!
    Dog(Koro, but you can rename him)-your loyal canine companion. I do not know 
    his use as of yet.
    Horse(Foal, but you can rename him)-your trusty steed. When he's old enough, 
    you can ride him in races and have him help you haul crops to shipping bins.
    Elli-one of the women you can try to woo. She works at the bakery and loves 
    it when you eat her baked goods. She also likes likes eggs and milk. IMO I 
    think this would be the worst one to woo. She will mary Jeff, the bakery 
    owner if you don't.
    Popuri-another woman in the game which you can choose to woo. She works at he 
    flower shop(hence her name) and loves to see flowers planted at your house. 
    Her dad is the town botanist, so help him out when you get a chance. She will 
    marry Gray if you don't.
    Maria-yet another woman you might want to woo. She is the goody-two-shoes 
    daughter of the mayor. She works at the library and likes it when you look at 
    the books and talk to her. You can also see her at the mayor's house. She 
    will marry Harris if you don't marry her.
    Ann-holy crap! Another woman you can try to woo. She works at the ranch and 
    loves animals. If you want to win her heart, show her your dog and chickens, 
    and give her wool. Ann's brother has it in for you at first, so avoid him 
    until he becomes friendly. Ann will marry Cliff if you don't marry her.
    Karen-finally! The last prospective mate in the game. Karen's parents run the 
    vineyard and she works at the inn. To win her affection, bring presents of 
    wild berries and make friends with the vineyard workers.IMO the best one you 
    can try to woo. She will marry Kai if you don't marry her.
    Mayor-The mayor of your village will greet you your first day at the ranch 
    and give you a tour. He's involved with many town events, so you'll see him 
    Rick-The guy who owns the tool shop. He is Ann's cousin.
    Gray-Ann's brother. He isn't real friendly at first, but befriend and you 
    will ee his softer side.
    Artisan-He owns the craft store. Basically, a grumpy, old man.
    Lillia-Popuri's mom and co-owner of the flower shop.
    Basil-Popuri's dad and co-owner of flower shop.
    Kai-The vinyard worker.
    Karen's family-Karen's mom and dad run the vinyard.
    Jeff-Bakery owner. Not much else `bout him.
    Mr.Green-Owns the Green Ranch and kbows all about animals.
    Entomologist-This wierd old guy lookin for the emerald butterfly.
    Potion Shop owner-Self explanetory. Wins a lot of festivals. Grandfather of 
    Kent and Stu.
    Midwife-She will deliver your baby when the time comes for it to be born. 
    Mother of the Buyer.
    Buyer-He buys the crops you ship. Father of May.
    Pastor-Runs the church and school.
    Cliff-A wanderer. Befriend him, he's cool.
    Harris-The mailman and really boring person.
    Duke-The owner of the bar.
    Carpenter-Old guy who supervises the workers. See him if you want to build on 
    to your house. 
    Photographer-He takes your picture at special occaisions.
    As tradition, there are many useful items in the game. Some will be used for 
    work, others for fun.
    Hoe-use this to till the land and make fertile so you can plant crops there.
    Hammer-use this to break up the rocks littering your farm.
    Axe-use this to chop up stumps in your farm. The chopped up would can be used 
    for building onto your house and making fences.
    Sickle-use to cut the grass you grow for fodder.
    Seed bags-these contain the seeds you must plant in tilled soil for plants, 
    flowers, and grass to grow.
    Ocarina-you will use this at the Spirit Festival. Make sure to buy one!
    Shears- use to cut the wool off your sheep
    Brush-use it to brush your cows, sheep and horse.
    Bottle-store liquids in this
    Rug-a rug that goes under you table.
    Room Organizer-you can put non-perishables in here.
    Each tool can be upgraded twice. The first time, the tool is three times as 
    effective, the second time it gets the job done in one hit.
    These are animals you raise for profit. The domestic animals are listed in 
    the "Characters" section.
    Cows-These animals cost the most, but give you the best reurn. It is 
    DEFINETLY worth your while to buy and raise them. You can milk cows and sell 
    the milks at the rate listed here. Small Milk=100 gold;Medium Milk=150 
    gold;Large Milk=300 gold;Special Milk=500 gold. Cows cost 6000 gold each.
    Sheep-IMO, this is the best thing to raise. They produce wool, which you can 
    shear and sell for big bucks! The only downside is they do not produce daily. 
    Like cows, you should raise sheep, and also like cows, the eat the grass you 
    grow. You can sell the wool at the rates listed here. Regular Wool=900 
    gold;Quality Wool=1800 gold.Yowza! Sheep cost 4000 gold each.
    Chickens-Uhh, chickens. Not much to say about them. They eat chicken fodder 
    instead of grass. They only good thing about chickens are that the hens 
    produce eggs daily and they are low maintenence. They die eaisly. I reccomend 
    them only to get recipies. Eggs can be sold at the rates listed here. Eggs=50 
    gold. Chickens cost 1500 gold each.
    Love...Farm Style
    One of the greatest aspects of the game is fact that you can get married and 
    have kids. There are five ladies to choose from(listed in the "Characters" 
    section) and to get them to marry you. Specifics, such as favorite present, 
    or the way to their heart is listed in the "Characters" section.
    When you talk to an eligible lady in the game, a heart will appear in the 
    bottom right corner of the text box. The color of the heart shows how 
    interested the girl is to you. 
    Affection;Pink=In Love.
    To propose to a girl, she fist MUST be in love with you. Then buy a blue 
    feather at the tool shop when you want to propose, and use it on the girl you 
    want to marry. The blue feather will not appear right away after your girl 
    falls in love with you. Then next sunday, the game will automatically take 
    you to the church and you will get married.
    Here is the walkthrough for the fist year.
    1st-First Day;the mayor and townsfolk will stop by to say hello. The mayor 
    will even give you a tour.
    8th-Planting Festival;located in the Town Square. People will release the 
    symbolic harvest ballons on your signal.
    16th-Deadline for entering Horse Race;self-explanatory.
    17th-Spring Horse Race;if you have not entered, you can take bets on the 
    other horses.
    18th~22nd-Vote on Flower Princess;vote for the lady you want to marry.
    23rd-Spring Flower Festival;After the princess is chosen, dane with the girl 
    you want to marry.
    Crops(Spring crops are not reoccurring)
    Cabbage-Seed Cost:200 gold Unit Price:90 gold Growth:9 days
    Potatoes-Seed Cost:200 gold Unit Price:80 gold Growth:6 days
    Turnips-Seed Cost:200 gold Unit Pice:60 gold Growth: 4 days
    Nature's Crops(search the countryside for these)
    Veryberry fruit-Unit Price 40 gold
    Medicinal herbs-Unit Price:70 gold
    Edible herbs-Unit Price:30 gold
    During the 1st Spring, concentrate to build a good cash reserve. Try to get 
    at least 2000 gold by the end of Spring. Do not buy any animals your 1st 
    Spring. Plant at least 6-8 bags of crops, but really, really try to get many 
    more. Also, work on going into the woods to forage. And even though it's just 
    the 1st Spring, try to bring gifts and such to the girl you wish to marry. 
    Witha little work, you will do fine.  
    9th-Vegatable Festival;take a vegatable to be judged or go without one and 
    serve as a judge.
    17th-Firefly Festival;this involves floating a lantern onto the water at the 
    24th-Sea Festival;takes place on the beach, you will be entered in swimming 
    race much like a horse race.
    Crops(Summer crops are reoccurring)  
    Tomatoes-Seed Cost:300 gold Unit Price:100 gold Growth:9 days
    Corn-Seed Cost:300 gold Unit Price:120 gold Growth:13 days
    Nature's Crops
    Tropical fruit-Unit Price:40 gold 
    Walnuts-Unit Price:70 gold
    In Summer, you must work hard. With your 2000 gold, go and buy 4 bags of 
    tomatoes and 1 bag of corn, at least. There are few festivals in Summer, so 
    work, work, work! Forage and cut lumber, and visit your girl reguarly. Try to 
    buy a sheep this season as well. A sheep, you say? Yes, a sheep. They are 
    less expensive than cows, and in early stages, their 900 gold a week is 
    better than a cows 700 gold a week. You can buy a cow in Fall, so be patient. 
    And get chickens only for the recipies, then sell them. Chickens really not 
    worth your while, and there is real good chance you won't get out to feed 
    them due to typhoons, and they will die, wasting a whole day at the funeral. 
    4th-Cow Festival;take your best cow to get judged by milk quality or serve as 
    a judge.
    12th-Harvest Festival;go to sample the townsfolks produce and food, take the 
    cake Elli gives you because there might be a coin inside.
    20th-Egg Festival;race through town to find the egg identical to mayor's egg, 
    be quick the prize is a Power Berry. The second year prize is a mysterious 
    turtle statue.
    23rd~27th-Bridge Repair;go help the carpenter fix the bridge leading to Moon 
    27th-Deadline for entering Horse Race;self-explanatory
    28th-Fall Horse Race;same as Spring Horse Race.
    Crops(Fall crops are reoccurring)
    Eggplant-Seed Cost:300 gold Unit Price:80 gold Growth: 7 days
    Nature's Crops
    Wild grapes-Unit Price;40 gold
    Mushroom-Unit Price:70 gold
    Poison mushroom-Unit Price:30 gold
    In Fall, concentrate on three aspects of the game: Your girl, your animals 
    and your lumber supply. Try to buy a cow this season, and cut lots of lumber 
    for house extensions. You need pantloads of lumber to expand, so chop daily. 
    You should be able to get 42 pieces of lumber a day until the hot springs are 
    built. Also, visit you girl daily, and give her one gift a day, no more. And 
    if your girl is Karen, start going to the bar and building your alcohol 
    tolerance. Brush and feed your animals every day, and soon you'll be raking 
    in cash. Oh, and for farming, umless you have a Greenhouse, which I doubt you 
    will by 1st Fall, plant only 2-3 bags of Eggplant. 
    10th-Thanksgiving;wait at home and greet the guests that come by, and make 
    sure you're there when the lady you want to marry comes by.
    8th~30th-Mine open to Public;if you don't have a greenhouse, make money by 
    mining stones.
    12th~16th-Work on Mountain Spring;go help work on the spring in Moon Mountain.
    18th-Deadline for entering Dog Race;self-explanatory
    19th-Dog Race;I assume this is like a horse race except you do not ride your 
    24th-Starry Night;spend this evening with the lady you want to marry,Maria, 
    Ann, and Elli will be at church, Karen will be at the beach and Popuri will 
    be in the woods.
    27th-Spirit Festival;if you bought an ocarina, go to the town square and play 
    music with the locals.
    30th-New Year;so you made it through your fisrt year, huh? Good Job!! this is 
    a good night to ask your girlfriend to marry you. Good Luck!
    Crops(must have greenhouse to grow Winter crops)
    Stawberries-Seed Cost:500 gold Unit Price:150 gold Growth:6 days
    Nature's Crops(you will find these in the mine)
    Iron stone-Unit Price:100 gold
    Moonlight stone-Unit Price: 500 gold
    Blue stone-Unit Price:700 gold
    Rare minerals-Unit Price: 1000 gold 
    In Winter, it is a somewhat busy, somewhat boring month. If you have a 
    Greenhouse, start planting crops and do the regular. Plant mostly tomatoes 
    and corn, but also plant strawberries, too. If you don't have a greenhouse, 
    you main way of making money will be mining, which starts on the 8th of 
    Winter. Either way, remember to feed and brush(and buy, if possible)animals. 
    And as always, go out chopping for lumber and visit your girl, who should be 
    at least at the "green" stage if you payed enough attention to her. Your 
    social schedual is also full, so make sure you attend events. That's it for 
    year one, follow the same strategies for year two.  
    Farming Strategies
    Here I listed some simple strategies
    1)Clear the land of rocks, weeds and stumps.
    2)Till soil with hoe to make it fertile.
    3)Plant crops in 3x3 grids. Make sure to water crops.
    4)Plant close to the shipping bin to save time.
    5)You can plant flowers to make your residence look nice. There are two 
    different varities that cost 200 gold per bag, and a special bag at 300 gold. 
    6)Buy and grow grass for your animals. Bags cost 500 gold per bag and take 7 
    days to grow. Grass does not need to be watered, so plant them in patches.
    My ASCII art is very bad, so I can't make a town map. I will try to make a 
    GIF and submit it, but if that fails, I'm sure anyone could find their way 
    around town. Again, sorry.
    House and Farm additions
    Kitchen-5000 gold, 450 wood(needed to marry)
    Bathroom-3000 gold, 300 wood
    Stairs-1500 gold, 150 wood
    Green House-30000 gold, 580 wood(Yikes!)
    Deck-7000 gold, 350 wood
    Child's Bed-1000 gold, 200 wodd(needed to have a child)
    Get your Horse at the Green Ranch for free!
    The Invincible Katori(the stuffed pig head)is soley for decoration. 
    The fisherman near the pond gives you rod and tells you how to use it. Fish 
    can be sold at the rates listed here:Little Fish=30 gold;Medium Fish=100 
    gold;Large Fish gold=180 gold. The jumper is a big black fish. Please email 
    me with info on it.
    Be nice to the Harvest Sprites you meet. Give them a marble and they will 
    give you a power berry. 
    Get the weather vain by digging in the mine. Give it to Rick.
    Get a broken music box by using the map found by your tree. Give it to Rick 
    so he will fix it then you can give it to girl.
    Throw a small fish into the pond.
    Toss a vegetable into the pond near the carpenters house. A goddess will come 
    out a grant you a wish.
    The Artisan will give you a book the 3rd year, give to the woman you like.
    There is a tree by the cave. If you press A by it, you can climb it and get 
    to the area where you would normally need the bridge to get to.
    Power Berries are listed here.
    1)Buy from man at Princess Festival
    2)Throw a large fish into the pond near the fisherman's tent.
    3)When the pond is frozen, use a hammer to break the rock.
    4)Win one at Egg Festival
    5)Get a blue berry by throwing a small fish in pond. This lets you work in 
    rain without getting sick.
    6) Find one in 3rd level of the mine.
    7) Give marble to Harvest Sprites.
    8) Find one by plowing your farm. 
    9) Find one fishing at beach?
    10) Basil gives you one?
    Here's a recipie list for all of you. I've listed all the recipies I know 
    about, but you might be able to get more. I don't think you can actually cook 
    them, I think they just improve your happiness score. Recipies are listed by 
    season or what you need to get them.
    Crem of Turnip Stew-Give a turnip to the Mayor's wife
    Turnip and Cabbage Preserves-Give a turnip to the old man at the Moon 
    Mountain Restaurant
    Mashed Potatoes-Give a potato to Ann
    Fried Potatoes and Bacon-Give a potato to the Mayor
    Potato Pancake-Give a potato to Shipper's daughter
    Potato Garlic Beef-Give a potato to Harris the Mailman   
    Rolled Cabbage-Give a head of cabbage to Maria
    Verryberry Wine-Give a verryberry to Kai, the vineyard worker
    Tomato Crem Soup-Give a tomato to the Shipper
    Tomato Rice-Give a tomato to Karen's mother
    Simple Tomato Soup-Give a tomato to the Priest
    Twice Cokked Tomatoes and Greens-Give a tomato to Popuri's mother
    Corn Fritters-Give some corn to Ann's father
    Crin Pasta-Give some corn to Popuri's father
    Walnut Cake-Give a walnut to Elli's grandma(it is listed as Herb Rice Cake in 
    Recipie book)
    Eggplant with Misopaste-Give an eggplant to the Midwife
    Mushroom Salsa-Give a mushroom to the sprite who gaurds the entrance to other 
    sprite's room
    Mushroom Rice-Give a mushroom to the Lead Carpenter
    Char stuffed with Mushroom-Give a mushroom to one of the working Carpenters
    Steamed Clams with Wine-Give some wild grapes to Karen's Father
    Hot Spicy Wine-give some wild grapes to the Bartender
    Handmade Butter-Give-some milk to Rick
    Bread Pudding-Give-some milk to Elli
    Cinnamon Milk Tea-Give some milk to the Elli's father
    Stuffed Omelot-Give an egg to Gray
    Spa-Poached Egg-Give an egg to the boy in yellow
    Spice Tea-Give an egg to Cliff
    Strawberry Dog-Give a stawberry to the other boy
    Stawberry Jam-Give a strawberry to Popuri
    Strawberry Champagne-Give a strawberry to Karen
    All seasons(with the exception of winter for some)
    Fried Char-Give a large fish to the Fisherman
    Grilled Trout with Cheese-Give a large fish to carpenter by the hot springs
    Miso Soup with Sprouts-Give an edible herb o the Potion Shop Owner
    Sesame Dandelion Greens-Give an edible herb to the Artisan
    Herb Rice Cake-Give an edible herb to the old lady at the Moon Mountain 
    Q:Whats's the deal with recipies?
    A:See "Recipies"
    Q:Can you have kids in the game?
    Q:Can pets(dog and horse)die?
    A:No, but livestock can.
    Q:Can your wife get pissed of and dump you?
    A:Yes, she can.
    Q:How do you ask a girl to marry you?
    A:See "Love...farm style"
    Q:How does time tick away in the game?
    A:It runs at a faster rate than in real life.
    Q:Does time tick away in towns and houses?
    A:From what I can gather, time ticks away in town, but not in houses.
    Q:How many seconds equal an hour in the game?
    A:12 real seconds equal one game hour and one real second equals five game 
    Q:Do you store food for yourself?
    Q:Can you keep a diary in the game?
    A:Yes, it is used to save your game.
    Q:Can you die or get sick?
    A:You can't die but you can get sick.
    Q:Is there daytime and nightime?
    Q:Why would you build fences?
    A:You would build fences around crops to keep weeds and animals away from 
    Q:Are there any bad guys in the game?
    Q:How big is the world of HM64?
    A:I don't know exactly, but I can tell you it is pretty darn big. Bigger than 
    any other Harvest Moon game.
    Q:What time do you get up and go to bed?
    A:You wake at 6:00 AM and go to sleep whenever you want to.
    Q:Can you run out of stamina and fall asleep earlier?
    Q:Can you watch the weather forecast for the next day?
    Q:Do natural disasters occur?
    A:Yes, and they can wipe out crops and may destroy your greenhouse.
    Q:How often are you going to update.
    A:I will try to update once a week. If I do not have any new info or 
    questions, though, I probably won't.
    Q:When are you getting the game?
    A:Since the game is slated for Dec. 22, 1999, I will get it for Christmas.   
    Please send in more questions and/or rumors.
    Suff I DON'T need help with
    How do you get into the hole in the Harvest Sprites room?/ Okay, when I said 
    this, there was some confusion. I meant the hole in the room with two Sprites 
    in. I found out is a hole that Harvest Sprites use to enter your barn and 
    feed your animals during a typhoon, if you are nice to the Sprites.
    How do you convince the Artisan to give you the pot he won't sell?/ Give him 
    a blue rock.
    What do you do with the weather vane?/ Give it to Rick.
    How do you get the bottle of wine?/ Give presents and talk to Duke alot 
    (Might not work if you are married or if Karen has left).
    How do you wake up the vineyard?/ After getting the bottle of wine, throw a 
    vegetable into the pond west of the Carpenter's and wish to "wake tree".
    Some people tell me there is a flower that grows on Moon Mountain that is 
    very special. If it is real, where is it?/ Again confusion was created here. 
    I did not mean the special flower that Popuri helps you grow. I meant the 
    flower that grows on select Fall days in front of the the Resturant. It is 
    invisible at first, but you will get a berry from it by pressing a near the 
    trees and bushes.
    What is the Jumper, that big black fish for? And how do you catch it?
    How do you get your wife to give you birthday gifts?
    Please send me the name and description of any special items I have not 
    listed(i.e. weather vane, treasure map). 
    Get married before 2nd Spring 6th(when I got married)
    Send entries to me. If your date is totally outlandish and looks like a lie I 
    wont post it. Be sure to include who you married. I cannot garuntee I will 
    post all entries.  
    Thanks to:
    Nintendo Power(my main source of info)
    Tom Penn(most of the FAQs)
    GameFAQs(for posting my page)
    About.com/vgstrategies(for posting my page)
    Natsume(for making the game)
    Jedi778769(for controls and some secrets)
    IcPKaLOWN(for FAQs and a secret)
    Alvaro(some stuff on the women)
    Jon Ace 1(answers to questions)
    and finally...
    Me(for writing the actual FAQ/Walkthrough) 
    That's it for now. I will continue to update this fine FAQ. See ya!
    I cannot garuntee that I will respond to every email and IM. Sorry, but I'm 
    only one guy and I get TONS of email. Before you mail me, check the FAQ and 
    make sure the thing you want to know isn't already listed here somewhere.But 
    if it isn't feel free to email me. Also if you see my page in places other 
    than the ones in the credits, please let me know and give me the address. 
    Copyright Info
    Copyright 1999 A. Rusonis(Gryffin 6@aol.com)
    Reproduction and distribution of this document is prohibited without my 
    consent. I'm serious. If I find that my FAQ is in a place where it was not 
    authorized by me to be, I will seek IMMEDIATE action. 

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