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    Power Nut Location/Mechanics Guide by kirbyarm

    Version: v1.01 | Updated: 05/30/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    <>-<> Copyright to Dedrick Suddenly© 2011 (Kirbyarm) All rights reserved. <>-<>
    <>-<>-<>              Contact information: dedrick@live.ca             <>-<>-<>
    <>-<>-<>-<>                   Current Version: 1.01                 <>-<>-<>-<>
    <>-<>-<>-<>-<>           Power Nut Locations & Mechanics         <>-<>-<>-<>-<>
              _   _    ___     ___                  ____   _____   _______         
             |X| |X|  /XXX\   /XXX\   _         _  |XXXX| /XXXXX| |XXXXXXX|        
             |X| |X| |X|¯|X| |X|¯|X| \X\()   ()/X/ |X|¯¯  |X|¯¯¯   ¯¯|X|¯¯         
             |X|_|X| |X|_|X| |X| |X|  \X\() ()/X/  |X|__  |X|___     |X|           
             |XXXXX| |XXXXX| |XXXXX|   \X\ V /X/   |XXXX| \XXXXX\    |X|           
             |X|¯|X| |X|¯|X| |X|¯\X\    \X\_/X/    |X|¯¯   ¯¯¯|X|    |X|           
             |X| |X| |X| |X| |X|  \X\    \XXX/     |X|__   ___|X|    |X|           
             |X| |X| |X| |X| |X|   \X\    \X/      |XXXX| |XXXXX/    |X|           
              ¯   ¯   ¯   ¯   ¯     ¯      ¯        ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯            
                   ___      ___                         ___      _                 
                  |XXX\ () /XXX|   .;:;.  ( )  .;:;.   |XXX\ () |X|                
                  |X|\X\  /X/|X| ,:;;:;:;    ,:;;:;:;  |X|\X\   |X|                
                  |X| \X\/X/ |X| ;;:;;:;:;   ;;:;;:;:; |X| \X\  |X|                
                  |X|  \XX/  |X| ;;:| |;:;   ;;:| |;:; |X|  \X\ |X|                
                  |X|   \/   |X| ;;:;;:;:;   ;;:;;:;:; |X|   \X |X|                
                  |X| ()  () |X| ':;;:;:;    ':;;:;:;  |X|    \XXX|                
                  |X|   ()   |X|   ':::'  ( )  ':::'   |X|     \XX|                
                   ¯          ¯      ___       ___      ¯       ¯¯                 
                                    /XXX|     /XXX|                                
                  ASCII art by     |X|¯¯     /X/|X|                                
                                   |X|      /X/ |X|                                
                      Kirbyarm     |X|___  /X/__|X|                                
                                   |X| |X|¯¯¯¯¯¯|X|                                
                                   |X\_|X|      |X|                                
                                    \XXX/       |X|                                
                                     ¯¯¯         ¯                                 
    &                                 Introduction                                &
    This in-depth guide will cover the exact mechanics and game core's assembly
    instructions to obtain all 10 Power Nuts in Harvest Moon 64, including the
    probability rates for obtaining the three Power Nuts that have a seemingly
    random chance to obtain when digging or fishing. The final Power Nut seemed to
    confuse many people in terms of exact requirements because of the whole
    'trading a flower for marbles from Stu' ordeal. It took quite a bit of testing,
    but thanks to other people at least having some idea what you need to do in
    order to obtain the Power Nut, I was able to locate the exact requirements and
    verify them by manipulating the respective bytes and abusing saved states.
    &                               Version History                               &
    Version 1.00 - May 30th, 2011
    I only expect to release this document once, in terms of content as I'm very
    certain I've uncovered everything right down to the programming aspect of it
    all. Updates will likely be grammatical and / or spelling fixes, or otherwise
    information I either discover myself, or I'm informed of and tests prove such
    information to be positive and accurate.
    I completed all of this work beforehand, as I'm simply not the type of guy
    that likes to submit half or partially completed work, thus the only date I
    really have to provide at this time is the release date to GameFAQs.
    This initial release took somewhere around 48 hours of work to compose and
    analyze the game while recording and organizing the information into a decently
    readable format.
    Version 1.01 - August 17th, 2011
    Minor formula calculation correction. Thanks to various GameFAQs board users,
    for pointing it out.
    Added conclusion line.
    &                              Table Of Contents                              &
      1) Introduction...................................................[Intro]
      2) Version History................................................[Versi]
      3) Power Nut Locations & Mechanics................................[Power]
       a) Blue Power Nut................................................[Nut00]
       b) Power Nut #1..................................................[Nut01]
       c) Power Nut #2..................................................[Nut02]
       d) Power Nut #3..................................................[Nut03]
       e) Power Nut #4..................................................[Nut04]
       f) Power Nut #5..................................................[Nut05]
       g) Power Nut #6..................................................[Nut06]
       h) Power Nut #7..................................................[Nut07]
       i) Power Nut #8..................................................[Nut08]
       j) Power Nut #9..................................................[Nut09]
       k) Power Nut #10.................................................[Nut10]
      4) Credits........................................................[Credi]
      5) Copyright......................................................[Copyr]
    &                       Power Nut Locations & Mechanics                       &
    In Harvest Moon 64, there are a total of 10 Power Nuts. Each Power Nut can only
    be obtained once, and the effects of obtaining it remain permanent. You can
    view your Power Nut collection once you have purchased the Kitchen and it is
    fully built, by viewing one of the two documents posted on the kitchen wall.
    Each apple in the apple tree diagram represents one Power Nut collected. Each
    Power Nut you obtain raises your Maximum Stamina by exactly 15 points. You
    begin the game with 100 Maximum Stamina, and therefore can reach a Maximum
    Stamina of 250 after collecting all 10 Power Nuts. Some are harder to find
    than others, and some can either be very difficult or very easy to obtain
    depending on how quickly you get lucky based from the chance generated Power
    Nuts. I hope you find this information useful.
    % Blue Power Nut &
    In order to obtain this Power Nut from Kappa, you must have obtained the
    Fishing Rod from Greg, and then slept at least once. This permanently changes
    Kappa's location byte to 00, which is necessary for him to appear in response
    to you throwing a fish into his pond.
    This special Blue Power Nut was intended to halve the player's fatigue gain at
    all times once obtained, but in reality it does absolutely nothing! Not even
    Maximum Stamina increase!
    This special ability was unintentionally programmed into the regular Power Nut
    you gain from Kappa instead, which I will conveniently list as Power Nut #1.
     -Must have obtained Fishing Rod from Greg
     -Must catch a Small Fish or Medium Fish
     -Hour must be from 9:00 am - 4:59 pm
     -Season must be Spring, Summer, or Fall
     -Kappa's location byte = 00 (can only be 00 or 02 for some reason)
     -Throw a Small Fish or Medium Fish into the pond on the fisherman's tent
    % Power Nut #1 &
    In order to obtain this Power Nut from Kappa, you must have obtained the
    Fishing Rod from Greg, and then slept at least once. This permanently changes
    Kappa's location byte to 00, which is necessary for him to appear in response
    to you throwing a fish into his pond.
    This Power Nut is different from all 9 other Power Nuts as it does not only
    give you the +15 Maximum Stamina that it is supposed to, but also gives you
    the permanent ability to only gain half as much fatigue whenever you perform
    an action that would raise your fatigue. What's great about this, is that it
    rounds the number down are reducing it by half, and most things grant you
    1 point of fatigue per use, which would make you now gain 0 fatigue per use!
     -Must have obtained Fishing Rod from Greg
     -Must catch a Large Fish
     -Hour must be from 9:00 am - 4:59 pm
     -Season must be Spring, Summer, or Fall
     -Kappa's location byte = 00 (can only be 00 or 02 for some reason)
     -Throw a Large Fish into the pond on the fisherman's tent screen
    % Power Nut #2 &
    This is the Power Nut you get from the boulder that magically floats on the
    surface of the pond throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall, to be conveniently
    accessible in Winter when the pond has frozen over (so you can walk on it)
    and reach the boulder that is no longer magically floating.
     -Must have a gold level hammer (swing the hammer 200 times to accomplish
     -Season must be Winter
     -With the gold level hammer, use a fully charged swing on the boulder
      sitting on the frozen pond at the fisherman's tent screen.
    % Power Nut #3 &
    This is the Power Nut you get while tilling soil on your farm fields
    (digging with the hoe tool) at random.
    While in technical terms it is randomly generated, however it is reflected off
    a chance script to assure the odds of gaining it after so many swings. You can
    gain it by digging on the same square repeatedly, so long as it is a farm field
    soil tile. The chances are basically 0.6666% that you will obtain the Power
    Nut while digging. That is a 1 in 150 chance to obtain this one. Quite tedious,
    as at times it could takes hundreds and hundreds of swings, while some people
    get lucky enough to obtain it within the first few swings. After thousands of
    grueling tests, I realize it can appear on any square, during any time of the
    day, the main factor is simply luck of the generator draw.
     -Must dig with your hoe on your tillable soil squares
     -Must have at least 2 Current Stamina (required to swing the hoe)
    % Power Nut #4 &
    This is the Power Nut you get while digging in the mines with your hoe during
    the Winter season when the mines are open.
    Fortunately, the chances of gaining this Power Nut are significantly higher
    than the chances from the Power Nut you have to get from digging up your farm
    fields. This is a 2% chance, which translates to a 1 in 50 chance of finding
    this Power Nut in the mines. Sources have claimed you can only get this in the
    lower levels (3, 4, and deeper) of the mines, but I found it on the second
    level on my second test, so out of my fifteen tests, I'm going to say the
    easiest floor you can obtain it is the second level.
     -Must dig with your hoe in the mines, on the second level or lower
     -Must be Winter 8th to Winter 30th of any year
    % Power Nut #5 &
    This is the Power Nut you get while fishing from the dock on the beach screen
    seemingly randomly.
    The chance system is the very same system as the previous
    two Power Nuts for digging on your farm fields / in the mines. The chance of
    getting this one while fishing is significantly higher than those two, seeing
    as fishing takes a lot longer, and it would be very tedious if the odds were
    any lower than they already are. The chance is 3.0303% that you will obtain
    the Power Nut. That translates to roughly a 1 in 33 chance to obtain it.
     -Must have obtained Fishing Rod from Greg
     -Must fish on the beach screen
    % Power Nut #6 &
    This is the Power Nut you get from the Harvest Goddess by giving her an
    offering and wishing for Strength when you have 100% full Stamina (example:
    150 Current Stamina out of 150 Maximum Stamina) and when you have 0 fatigue.
    If you don't meet these Stamina / Fatigue requirements, she will instead
    restore both values completely when you wish for Strength.
     -Hour must from 9:00 am - 4:59 pm
     -Must have 100% Stamina
     -Must have 0 Fatigue
     -Must throw an offering into the pond at the Goddess Pond screen / Forest
     -The offering must be one of the following:
    % Power Nut #7 &
    This is the Power Nut you get as a gift from Basil on one of his return trips
    in the Spring.
    Basil is a NPC that makes his first appearance on Spring 15th, year on your
    farm screen bright and early in the morning. You cannot get this Power Nut on
    the first year, because even if you hack his affection to max, he will always
    give you his introduction scene with him and his daughter, Popuri. He show up
    every year on Spring 15th, and leaves every year on Fall 5th. The second year
    or after, if his affection is high enough, ( >200 ) on his next return trip,
    which will be Spring 15th, he will give you the Power Nut as a gift when you
    talk to him on the farm screen.
     -Must be year 2 or later
     -Must have Basil's affection at 200 or higher
     -Must be when he is waiting on your farm screen from a return trip
     -Must actually talk to him after he says "Hey!"
    % Power Nut #8 &
    This is the Power Nut you can buy only once, from the Shady Salesman at the
    Flower Festival for 1,000G. Well worth the money. He is leaning against the
    back wall during the festival, approximately where Lillia and Basil are, on
    their blanket.
     -Must be Spring 23rd (day of the Flower Festival)
     -Must have 1,000G
     -Must enter the Town Square screen to trigger the Flower Festival
     -Must talk to the Shady Salesman to initiate the transaction options
    % Power Nut #9 &
    This is the Power Nut you get when you win the Egg Festival contest for the
    first time during any year. You can't miss it if you actually try to win the
    contest, as it is extremely easy.
    The Mayor greets everyone and explains about the egg hunt contest. When it
    commences, he shows you a certain color of an egg in his hands. You must find
    this exact colored egg and bring it back to the Mayor by talking to him with
    the correct egg in your hands. If you find the wrong egg, just drop it by
    pressing A anytime (funny, it has no dropping animation, it just completely
    disappears) and continue searching the other boxes until you find the right
    There are 8 boxes to choose from, always in the exact same locations every
    year. Every time the Mayor shows a new egg (or the first one) the game randomly
    generates which color of egg is where, and 2 of the 8 boxes are ALWAYS empty,
    no exceptions. The egg colors are; yellow, pink, white, light blue, orange, and
    The Mayor shows a total of five eggs, they could be the same color as a
    previous egg, since the color is randomly generated each time he draws one.
    Every time you bring him a correct egg, you score 1 point. This obviously means
    you can win up to 5 points per year.
    Each round is 34 real life seconds long. Timer is frozen while talking to NPCs.
    The eight boxes in rough description's locations are as follows:
      1) Beside the left staircase the leads to the town square.
      2) Southwest to the door that leads to Saibara's shop.
      3) To the right of Saibara's shop.
      4) South of the bakery.
      5) Northwest of the entrance to the church.
      6) Next to the bar, near the back, go between the bar and the church.
      7) Southeast of the entrance to the church.
      8) Go between the flower shop and the church and cut behind the flower shop.
    Pass the greenhouse and it is tucked in the corner behind the greenhouse.
    #8 is the hardest one to reach and consumes the most time. Based on odds and
    randomization and the fact that you can search box #1 - #7 and make it back in
    time for the Mayor every 'round', it is most effective to check box #1 - #7
    every round and this nets you a high chance at maximizing your points.
    Requirements to win Egg Festival contest
    You must earn 3 points, 4 points, or 5 points to win the Egg Festival contest.
    Any lower and the Mayor spews out a random rival's name. (Literally completely
    random). By rival, I mean one of the five main rivals, not an egg hunt
    opponent. Funnily enough, even if Gray is not at the festival, he can say Gray
    won the competition.
    Raw requirements for the Power Nut itself
     -Must be Fall 20th of any year
     -Must trigger the Egg Festival by entering the North Village screen
     -Must win the Egg Festival contest
    % Power Nut #10 %
    This is the Power Nut you obtain from the Harvest Sprites when their affection
    is 80 or higher, and you trade them the marbles for it, which you get from
    having Stu at 80 affection or higher and trade HIM a pink-cat-mint plant from
    your farm after you grow it amongst other precise requirements. Bringing the
    marbles key item to the Harvest Sprites while meeting the requirements will
    net you this Power Nut, to be conclusive.
    Requirements for Marbles
     -Stu's affection must be 80 or higher
     -Must have 16 or more fully grown pink-cat-mint flowers on your farm fields
     -Must be Spring or Summer
     -Must be before 5:00 pm
     -Must be on your farm screen
     -Must then talk to Stu (if you leave the screen when this triggers, you will
      never be able to trade for the marbles again, thus never be able to obtain
      this Power Nut)
    Requirements for Power Nut
     -The Harvest sprite's affection must be 80 or higher
     -Hour must be from 8:00 am - 7:59 pm
     -Must have obtained the marbles from Stu
     -Must enter the Harvest Sprite's cave and talk to the one closest to you.
    &                                   Credits                                   &
    Firstly, I must give credit to HMKing, for having the rough locations of the
    Power Nuts in his guide, as I used this as an outline to perform my testing and
    am definitely appreciative that SOMEwhere online, the information was
    available, otherwise I would have spent a lot of unnecessary time having to
    locate them for myself.
    Sam Van Dam, this shout-out is for you, sir. Thank you!
    Next, I have to thank the makers of the Cheat Engine software, which allowed me
    to view any and every byte within the game to closely monitor values as they
    change in real time, right to the millisecond! This program is the magic behind
    all of my testing and statistical information, everything from pointer scans,
    to memory region access programming routes. Thank you!
    Next, I must thank the staff of GameFAQs for looking over the document and
    considering it for approval.
    Next, I must thank Victor Interactive Software, the developer team that created
    this wonderful game for us all to play and enjoy however we see fit without
    having to worry about things like if the next boss will kill us or anything
    like that!
    Finally, I credit myself for the hard work put into the data collection. I'm
    only satisfied when I do all of this number crunching myself, as it seems in
    the past when verifying someone else's work I ALWAYS seem to find errors..
    and of course for writing this document.
        <->  <--> <->  <--->  <----><-->    <--><--->   <--->    <--->    <--->    
        |+|  /+/  |X|  /XXX\  |X|\X\ \X\    /X/ /XXX\   /XXX\    |XXX\    /XXX|    
        |+| /+/   |X| |X| |X\ |X| \X\ \X\  /X/ |X| |X| |X| |X|   |X|\X\  /X/|X|    
        |+|/+/    |X| |X| |X| |X| /X/  \X\/X/  |X| |X| |X| |X|   |X| \X\/X/ |X|    
        |++++     |X| |X___X| |X|/X/    \XX/   |X___X| |X___X|   |X|  \XX/  |X|    
        |+|\+\    |X| |X| \X\ |X|\X\     ||    |X| |X| |X| \X\   |X|   \/   |X|    
        |+| \+\   |X| |X|  \X\|X| \X\    ||    |X| |X| |X|  \X\  |X|        |X|    
        |+|  \+\  |X| |X|   \X\X| /X/    ||    |X| |X| |X|   \X\ |X| ©      |X|    
        <->  <--> <-> <->   <--->/X/     <>    <-> <-> <->   <--><->        <->    
    &                                  Copyright                                  &
    <>-<>-<>  Copyright to Dedrick Suddenly© 2011 (Kirbyarm) All rights reserved.
    <>-<>     Permission to host this guide unedited on your website may be
              requested, and if permission is not given, you do not have the right
              to host it. Duplication, distribution, or editing is allowed for
              personal use ONLY for your own benefit. Information in this guide
              isn't to be taken for your own work of similar nature. Tactics,
              strategies, lists, and ASCII art that is solely created by Kirbyarm
              are not to be ripped, stolen, copied to your own work, or otherwise
              taken credit for in some form of work of your own.
    <>        Contact information for reporting errors or bugs in-game, or
              otherwise errors in this guide, positive feedback, criticism,
              suggestions, typos, or to express your gratitude.. use this e-mail:
    <>        Lastly, the Boards on GameFAQs are used frequently. Should you ask
              questions there, I'll do my best to answer them in a timely fashion.
              Thank you for reading, and I hope the information in this guide was
              both helpful and enjoyable to you.
                                   _¯_¯End Of File¯_¯_                            

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