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    Recipe Location/Mechanics Guide by kirbyarm

    Version: v1.00 | Updated: 05/30/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    <>-<> Copyright to Dedrick Suddenly© 2011 (Kirbyarm) All rights reserved. <>-<>
    <>-<>-<>              Contact information: dedrick@live.ca             <>-<>-<>
    <>-<>-<>-<>                   Current Version: 1.0                  <>-<>-<>-<>
    <>-<>-<>-<>-<>        Recipe Locations & Mechanics Guide         <>-<>-<>-<>-<>
              _   _    ___     ___                  ____   _____   _______         
             |X| |X|  /XXX\   /XXX\   _         _  |XXXX| /XXXXX| |XXXXXXX|        
             |X| |X| |X|¯|X| |X|¯|X| \X\()   ()/X/ |X|¯¯  |X|¯¯¯   ¯¯|X|¯¯         
             |X|_|X| |X|_|X| |X| |X|  \X\() ()/X/  |X|__  |X|___     |X|           
             |XXXXX| |XXXXX| |XXXXX|   \X\ V /X/   |XXXX| \XXXXX\    |X|           
             |X|¯|X| |X|¯|X| |X|¯\X\    \X\_/X/    |X|¯¯   ¯¯¯|X|    |X|           
             |X| |X| |X| |X| |X|  \X\    \XXX/     |X|__   ___|X|    |X|           
             |X| |X| |X| |X| |X|   \X\    \X/      |XXXX| |XXXXX/    |X|           
              ¯   ¯   ¯   ¯   ¯     ¯      ¯        ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯            
                   ___      ___                         ___      _                 
                  |XXX\ () /XXX|   .;:;.  ( )  .;:;.   |XXX\ () |X|                
                  |X|\X\  /X/|X| ,:;;:;:;    ,:;;:;:;  |X|\X\   |X|                
                  |X| \X\/X/ |X| ;;:;;:;:;   ;;:;;:;:; |X| \X\  |X|                
                  |X|  \XX/  |X| ;;:| |;:;   ;;:| |;:; |X|  \X\ |X|                
                  |X|   \/   |X| ;;:;;:;:;   ;;:;;:;:; |X|   \X |X|                
                  |X| ()  () |X| ':;;:;:;    ':;;:;:;  |X|    \XXX|                
                  |X|   ()   |X|   ':::'  ( )  ':::'   |X|     \XX|                
                   ¯          ¯      ___       ___      ¯       ¯¯                 
                                    /XXX|     /XXX|                                
                  ASCII art by     |X|¯¯     /X/|X|                                
                                   |X|      /X/ |X|                                
                      Kirbyarm     |X|___  /X/__|X|                                
                                   |X| |X|¯¯¯¯¯¯|X|                                
                                   |X\_|X|      |X|                                
                                    \XXX/       |X|                                
                                     ¯¯¯         ¯                                 
    &                                 Introduction                                &
    This in-depth guide will cover the exact locations, variables, and all other
    related mechanics to show you exactly what it takes to earn every recipe in the
    game without wondering why a NPC wouldn't give you the recipe or any other
    questions that have long since been a mystery to everyone. Well, I say it's
    about time to know for 100% certainty, so here you have it!
    &                               Version History                               &
    Version 1.00 - May 28th, 2011
    I only expect to release this document once, in terms of content as I'm very
    certain I've uncovered everything right down to the programming aspect of it
    all. Updates will likely be grammatical and / or spelling fixes, or otherwise
    information I either discover myself, or I'm informed of and tests prove such
    information to be positive and accurate.
    I completed all of this work beforehand, as I'm simply not the type of guy
    that likes to submit half or partially completed work, thus the only date I
    really have to provide at this time is the release date to GameFAQs.
    This initial release took somewhere around 24 hours of work to compose and
    analyze the game while recording and organizing the information into a decently
    readable format.
    &                              Table Of Contents                              &
      1) Introduction...................................................[Intro]
      2) Version History................................................[Versi]
      3) Recipe Locations & Mechanics...................................[Recip]
      4) Storage Mechanics..............................................[Stora]
      5) Tips & things to look out for or keep track of.................[Tips&]
      6) Credits........................................................[Credi]
      7) Copyright......................................................[Copyr]
    &                         Recipe Locations & Mechanics                        &
    There are ONLY 35 recipes in the game. I have maxed all affection with all
    villagers and given every traditionally giftable item to each NPC, including
    the Gourmet to be 100% sure.
    To earn the recipe from the specified NPCs, you must give them the specific
    gift as the first gift you give them for that day, whilst meeting any other
    requirements which will be listed in the tables below.
    The format I will be using is simple, first will be the name of the recipe as
    well as the NPC which gives that recipe, second will be the item you have to
    give the NPC, third will be which season it absolutely has to be, in order
    to receive the recipe, and fourth (if applicable) will be the affection
    requirement for the NPC before handing over the gift for the recipe, all
    separated by hyphens.
    Recipe Notebook Page 1
     1) Cream of Turnip Stew from the Mayor's Wife - Turnip - Any season
     2) Easy Tomato Soup from The Shipper - Tomato - Any season
     3) Tomato Rice from Sasha - Tomato - Any season
     4) Tomato Soup from Pastor Brown - Tomato - Any season
     5) Corn Fritter from Doug - Corn - Any season
     6) Corn Pasta from Basil - Corn - Any season he is available. (Spring 15th
    - Fall 4th)
     7) Mashed Potatoe from Ann - Potato - Any season
     8) Fried Potatoes & Bacon from the Mayor - Potato - Any season
    Recipe Notebook Page 2
     9) Vegetable Tomato Stew from Lillia - Tomato - Any season
    10) Garlic Potato Beef from Harris - Give Potato - Any season
    11) Eggplant with Miso Paste from Midwife - Eggplant - Any season
    12) Rolled Cabbage from Maria - Cabbage - Any season
    13) Stuffed Omelet from Gray - Egg - Any season - Must give it to him when his
    affection is 51 or higher.
    14) Spa-poached Egg from Kent - Egg - Any season
    15) Handmade Butter from Rick - Milk - Any season
    16) Mushroom Rice from Head Carpenter - Mushroom - Any season
    Recipe Notebook Page 3
    17) Fried Char from Greg - Large Fish - Any season except Winter
    18) Grilled Trout Cheese from Carpenter #1 (Saw) - Medium Fish or Large Fish
    - Any season except Winter
    19) Mushroom Stuffed Char from Carpenter #2 (Axe) - Mushroom - Fall only
    20) Steamed Clam with Wine from Gotz - Wild Grapes - Any season - Must give it
    to him when his affection is 48 or higher.
    21) Miso Soup with Sprouts from the Potion Shop Owner - Edible Grass - Any
    22) Sesame Dandelion from Saibara - Medicinal Herb or Edible Herb - Any season
    23) Mushroom Salsa from Harvest Sprite #1 - Mushroom - Any season - Must give
    it to the sprite when it has 31 or higher affection.
    24) Strawberry Dog from Stu - Strawberry - Any season
    Recipe Notebook Page 4
    25) Walnut Cake from Ellen - Walnut - Any season
    26) Pudding from Elli - Give eggs or milk - Any season
    27) Herb Rice Cake from Sydney (Old woman) - Edible Grass - Spring only
    28) Potato Pancake from May - Potato - Any season
    29) Strawberry Jan from Popuri - Strawberry - Any season
    30) Strawberry Champagne from Karen - Strawberry - Any season
    31) Veryberry Wine from Kai - Veryberry - Any season
    32) Spice Tea from Cliff - Egg or Milk - Winter only
    Recipe Notebook Page 5
    33) Hot Spicy Wine from Duke - Wild Grapes - Any season
    34) Cinnamon Milk from Jeff - Milk - Any season
    35) Pickes Turnips & Cabbage from Barley (Old man) - Turnip - Any season
    Note: Hacking any further recipes causes the game to crash when you view your
    collection, therefore they do not exist in this version. There are indeed only
    35 recipes.
    $                              Storage Mechanics                              $
    The general rule of how the storage objects work inside your house is that only
    tools can go in your toolbox, and everything else that is giftable with the A
    button (blue box / belongings slots) can only go in one of these two possible
    storage objects; the fridge; or the cabinet. You gain the fridge when you
    purchase the Kitchen upgrade from the carpenters and you get the Cabinet in the
    Tool Shop, but that is not available until Summer 1st... mind you it is useless
    (besides milk) for storing anything that is required for recipes, and really
    you should only need to store them to meet a seasonal requirement of gaining
    that recipe, which there are not many at all. Keep these things in mind.
    Fridge allowed:
     -Wild Grapes
     -Tropical Fruit
     -Poison Mushroom
     -Berry of Fullmoon Plant
     -Medicinal Herb
     -Edible Herb
     -Small Fish
     -Medium Fish
     -Large Fish
     -Cotton Candy
     -Fried Octopus
     -Roasted Corn
    Cabinet allowed:
     -Moondrop Plant
     -Pink-Cat-Mint Plant
     -Small Milk
     -Medium Milk
     -Large Milk
     -Golden Milk
     -High-quality Wool
     -Iron Ore
     -Blue Rock
     -Moonlight Stone
     -Rare Metal
     -Pontata Root
    Sam Van Dam says:
    "Heh, I remember what the difference is between the fridge and the cabinet.
    It's whether or not you can eat the item."
    -Good to know!
    $                Tips & things to look out for or keep track of               $
    Golden rule: You will only obtain the recipe if it is the first gift of the day
    to the specific NPC, then the rest (if any) requirements are scanned.
    Spring crops: Turnip, Potato, Cabbage - These can be stored in the fridge when
    you buy a kitchen.
    Summer crops: Corn, Tomato - These can be stored in the fridge when you buy a
    Fall crop: Eggplant - These can be stored in the fridge when you buy a kitchen.
    Winter crop: Strawberry - These can be stored in the fridge when you buy a
    kitchen and require a greenhouse to purchase or plant.
    Note: Strawberries can only be grown inside the greenhouse when you buy it, and
    that is when they will be available for purchase, but only in Winter, though
    they can be grown all year. The other three season's crop seeds can only be
    purchased in their specific season until you purchase the greenhouse, which
    then all seeds except strawberry seeds will be available in Spring, Summer, and
    Fall. Winter is a Strawberry only season, regardless of greenhouse presence (it
    just can't be purchased until you have a greenhouse).
    Cliff's recipe seems mysterious, but he will fork it up if the conditions above
    are met. Eggs are cheaper, but make sure he has 51 or higher affection by
    Winter, otherwise he will leave forever and you will thus miss out on the
    recipe. Also, if you plan on marrying Ann make absolute sure you get Cliff's
    recipe before marrying her, otherwise he may leave. (If Cliff's affection is
    above 149 and you are married to Ann, he will leave forever).
    Make sure Karen is at 101 affection or higher by Winter, year 2, otherwise she
    will be gone forever the next time you enter the beach screen and you could
    miss out on this recipe. You should have given her a strawberry LONG before
    this, as my biggest tip.
    Make sure you understand the difference between a Medicinal Herb and an Edible
    Herb. The above requirements are exact.
    The only recipes that require "friendship" (easier way of saying high enough
    affection level) are the recipes from Gray, Gotz, and the Harvest Sprites.
    The only season specific recipes you should take note of are Cliff (Winter
    only), Greg (all seasons but Winter, because he disappears), Carpenter #1 (Saw)
    (all seasons but Winter, because he disappears), Carpenter #2 (Axe) (Fall
    only), Sydney the old woman on the mountain summit restaurant (Spring only),
    then Basil (He is only available from Spring 15th to Fall 4th).
    &                                   Credits                                   &
    Firstly, I don't mean to sound selfish or rude in any way, but I refuse to
    credit the various online sources I've read on my first casual play through
    the game, as the information on the recipes were not nearly concise enough
    for me to even find them on my own in a casual play through!
    Special thanks to Sam Van Dam for answering plenty of my questions and helping
    me figure out why certain NPCs weren't spewing out recipes when affection was
    Next, I have to thank the makers of the Cheat Engine software, which allowed me
    to view any and every byte within the game to closely monitor values as they
    change in real time, right to the millisecond! This program is the magic behind
    all of my testing and statistical information, everything from pointer scans,
    to memory region access programming routes. Thank you!
    Next, I must thank the staff of GameFAQs for looking over the document and
    considering it for approval.
    Next, I must thank Victor Interactive Software, the developer team that created
    this wonderful game for us all to play and enjoy however we see fit without
    having to worry about things like if the next boss will kill us or anything
    like that!
    Finally, I credit myself for the hard work put into the data collection. I'm
    only satisfied when I do all of this number crunching myself, as it seems in
    the past when verifying someone else's work I ALWAYS seem to find errors..
    and of course for writing this document.
        <->  <--> <->  <--->  <----><-->    <--><--->   <--->    <--->    <--->    
        |+|  /+/  |X|  /XXX\  |X|\X\ \X\    /X/ /XXX\   /XXX\    |XXX\    /XXX|    
        |+| /+/   |X| |X| |X\ |X| \X\ \X\  /X/ |X| |X| |X| |X|   |X|\X\  /X/|X|    
        |+|/+/    |X| |X| |X| |X| /X/  \X\/X/  |X| |X| |X| |X|   |X| \X\/X/ |X|    
        |++++     |X| |X___X| |X|/X/    \XX/   |X___X| |X___X|   |X|  \XX/  |X|    
        |+|\+\    |X| |X| \X\ |X|\X\     ||    |X| |X| |X| \X\   |X|   \/   |X|    
        |+| \+\   |X| |X|  \X\|X| \X\    ||    |X| |X| |X|  \X\  |X|        |X|    
        |+|  \+\  |X| |X|   \X\X| /X/    ||    |X| |X| |X|   \X\ |X| ©      |X|    
        <->  <--> <-> <->   <--->/X/     <>    <-> <-> <->   <--><->        <->    
    &                                  Copyright                                  &
    <>-<>-<>  Copyright to Dedrick Suddenly© 2011 (Kirbyarm) All rights reserved.
    <>-<>     Permission to host this guide unedited on your website may be
              requested, and if permission is not given, you do not have the right
              to host it. Duplication, distribution, or editing is allowed for
              personal use ONLY for your own benefit. Information in this guide
              isn't to be taken for your own work of similar nature. Tactics,
              strategies, lists, and ASCII art that is solely created by Kirbyarm
              are not to be ripped, stolen, copied to your own work, or otherwise
              taken credit for in some form of work of your own.
    <>        Contact information for reporting errors or bugs in-game, or
              otherwise errors in this guide, positive feedback, criticism,
              suggestions, typos, or to express your gratitude.. use this e-mail:
    <>        Lastly, the Boards on GameFAQs are used frequently. Should you ask
              questions there, I'll do my best to answer them in a timely fashion.
              Thank you for reading, and I hope the information in this guide was
              both helpful and enjoyable to you.

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