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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Xenchu

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    Harvest Moon 64
    FAQ & Walkthrough
    done by Chris Piekarz (ralf_born@earthlink.net) aka Thanatos
    Also by Andrew
    Table of contents:
    1)   Version history and all that stuff you people don't read; and why I 
    made this FAQ
    2)   The story.... if you can call it that
    3)   Controls
    4)   People in the game
    5)   Places in the game
    6)   Tools, and items in the game
    7)   Animals
    8)   Love on the farm
    9)   Small tips for those of you who just want to start playing
    10)  Walkthrough
       9a)  First Spring
       9b)  First Summer
    11)  Secrets and stuff
    12)  Contacting me
    13)  Credits/Copyright info
    Version history, and why I made this thing
    Well, I will start off with WHY I made this;
    Basically, I got the game the day it came out, and played it a long time 
    only to have my brother come and delete my saved games, so I then 
    decided to start again but go
    slower this tima and do better.  So I went to gamefaqs and looked for 
    some help.  Both of the FAQ's there 
    had been done before the game came out and therefore were not to good 
    (no offense ment you two) so I decided to try and make a FAQ, and yes 
    this is my first one ever.
    Version 0.3
    -When will the daily updates end??
    -Added some more info on the girls
    -Changed AOL instant messanger screen name to something that made sense
    -New person aboard the now 2 man crew, Andrew has agreed to help with 
    this instead of making his own FAQ
    Version 0.2
    -Still looking for a new e-mail place.  probably going to go with yahoo
    -added some more stuff to the walkthrough, thinking about adding a part 
    for the plants and seasonal stuff.
    -Updated girls section, added some info on Maria, and a little bit on 
    Karen, and how to get married.
    -Found out about that map.. check the secrets section
    Version 0.1
    -Well, first draft, I am seeing this is not easy to do
    -Trying to find a good place for free e-mail, hate using my dad's e-mail 
    The Story
    Well, I had to watch the opening of the game again, but here it is:
    You are a kid named Jack who inherited your grandfathers farm when he 
    died.  This weird guy in a suit (I think he is your brother or 
    something) asked if you really wanted to do this, and run the farm, so 
    you nodded.  Well, have fun, run the farm, and that mayor is going to 
    help you out also.
    Z button - Identifies a selected item
    A button - Selects menu options, talk, open doors, give or throw an item 
    you are holding
    B button - Use the tool you are currently holding
    C up button - Place the item you are holding into your backpack
    C down buttong - eat the item you are currently holding
    C left button - Whistle to call your horse
    C right button - Whistle to call your dog
    Control stick - Moves you around the map and menu screens
    L and R buttons - changes your view while on the farm
    The people in the game
    You, Jack - you are the guy who inherited the farm
    The Mayor - he will help you out for awhile, show you the town, remind 
    you of festivals, and all that fun stuff
    Elli - One of the girls you can marry if you want. She can be found at 
    the bakery and to make her happy, buy the stuff she cooks and then eat 
    Maria- Another potential bride.  She can be found at the library where 
    she works.  Oh yeah, she is the mayors daughter, good thing he likes 
    you so much.
    Ann - Another possible wife.  She can be found at her dad's ranch, she 
    likes it when you bring her animals you can catch on the mountain.
    Popuri - One of those girls you can marry.  She works at the flower 
    shop and likes it when you have flowers growing at your ranch.  She is 
    one of the girls I would choose.
    Karen - The last girl there is you can marry.  She works at the bar, 
    vineyard, likes berries you find on the mountain, and probably the 
    hardest to get to marry you.  She is the one I am working on, but there 
    is always Popuri ;-)
    Midwife - old hag in the village knows all the girls, and will be there 
    when you have a kid.
    I will add more people when the time comes
    Places in the game
    Well, seeing as how my farm has been money making from the first day, I 
    havent had time to get around much, but here are a few places, I will 
    add more soon:
    Flower shop - Where you buy flowers, grass, vegtable seeds, and other 
    (You can usually find Popuri to the outside left of the house.)
    Bakery - Hm, what do YOU think?  (You can usually find Elli in here)
    Bar - Go into town, past the flower shop and church and the shabby 
    looking building there is the bar.  Karen is usually found here at 
    night, opens after the guy comes and picks up your items
    Church - One of the girls will be happy if you go here on sundays.  I 
    have yet to attend the service
    Tool shop - the door on the right in the building with two doors, here 
    you can buy some tools.  (You can find such things like a cabinet to 
    hold more belongings instead of carrying them, a rug for decoration, and 
    a feather to marry a girl. Keep in mind you can only find a feather when 
    a girl loves you. You know when a girl loves you when she has a pink 
    heart in her dialoge box.)
    Artisan shop -  I dunno what this is for, but it is the right door in 
    that house with 2 doors (You can buy a ocarina here before the spirit 
    Liabrary - the mayors daughter is usually found here.   I have never 
    been here though.  (If you are going for her, viset her often with 
    Green ranch - This is where you buy your livestock and chickens, and get 
    a horse before the end of the first spring.  (You can find Ann here in 
    the field.)
     Moon Mountain - Nope, no pokemon to be found here, instead there is a 
    guy who will give you a fishing rod, the carpenters house (go here when 
    you want to add on to your house), a cave where the mine is, a river to 
    fish in, and some other things.  a Spa will be built here too someday
    Your ranch - You have your house, (that little box/trunk looking thing 
    in the corner is where you can keep your tools and stuff), the stable 
    for your horse (get 30,000 medals/points from dog and horse races and 
    you can get a new one), the barn, the chicken coop, the silo (your 
    fodder gets put in it) then that big barren (well, not on my ranch or 
    when you first start your ranch) looking field on your farm.  Oh and a 
    tree in the corner.
    Tools and items in the game:
    Here are the tools and items you can get or allready have in the game:
    Hoe - used to dig up dirt so you can plant stuff in that big barren 
    dusty place. (This can be upgraded 2 times if you use it a lot.0
    Hammer - Used to smash rocks and stuff on your farm.  Use it enough and 
    it will turn a lighter shade of grey or something, and allow you to do a 
    power hit (hold down the button for a few seconds)(This can be upgraded 
    2 times if you use it a lot.)
    Sicklle/scythe - used to harvest grass when you plant it, (it will 
    dissapear don't worry, it is in your silo)(This can be upgraded 2 times 
    if you use it a lot.)
    Axe - used to cut up tree stumps and get made into wood for you to make 
    your house with.(This can be upgraded 2 times if you use it a lot.)
    Fishing rod - used to catch fish.  pain in the butt to learn to use 
    Empty glass jar - Bought at the Spring Flower Festival in the first 
    Lantern - used at the firefly festival
    Orcarina - used in the spirit fesival
    Brush - used to brush your animals, sheep, horse, cow
    Secret Treasure map - Found in the tree in the bottom corner of your 
    ranch.  Has some sort of messed up instructions on it that don't make 
    much sense.  I havent figured this out, if you do, please e-mail me
    Bag for putting medals in - name says it all, used to hold those medals 
    you win at races
    Flower Seeds - plant them at your farm.  Make Popuri happy.  Treat them 
    like vegtables, they need water.
    Grass seeds - plant them, wait a few days for them to grow, then harvest 
    using your scythe.  do not need watering
    Vegtable seeds - Plant them, water them, pick them, sell them
    Watering can - used to water crops. (This can be upgraded 2 times if you 
    use it a lot.)
    Well, I will put the other items up here later.
    Not to many animals to mention here....
    Cow - buy them from the green ranch, raise them by feeding them fodder, 
    then milk them
    Chicken -  buy them from the green ranch, raise them with fodder, sell 
    their eggs or raise the eggs into new chickens
    Sheep - new animal for the N64 version, buy them form the green ranch, 
    use the shears to cut off wool, sell that.  I assume you feed these guys 
    fodder also.
    Your Dog - Nice pet. probably used in the dog races.
    Horse - Your horse, you can enter him in the horse races after the first 
    year or so.
    Animals from the mountain - catch them, give them to the girl at the 
    Green Ranch
    that's all folks
    Love on the farm
    Well, you will need to marry a girl sooner or later in the game, might 
    as well start hitting on one early.  Unfortunatly, I am not sure what 
    each girl really wants (except for Maria, thanks to Adam P. ), so I will 
    need to find that out and put it in.  Once more, if you know something 
    about this, e-mail me please.  Also, I have had some questions about 
    Getting married, wait untill whenever you talk ro a girl, that little 
    heart at the end is red or pink, then go to the tool shop and buy the 
    blue feather.  Give it to the girl you want, and she will marry you the 
    next day.  If you have any idea how the heck you get a girl to marry 
    you, please tell me!
    I also added a little thing to help you see how your girl feels about 
    you, look at the colour of the heart whenever you talk to her (at the 
    end of what she says) if it is:
    White - could care less
    Blue - friends
    Green - She's flirting
    Yellow - deep affection, you could start dating
    Red/pink - in love, marry her!
    And now for the girls:
    Maria - Likes it when you bring her beetles, other bugs, and the flowers 
    a day is good also.  Sooner or later she'll ask you if you think she 
    should change her personality to be more outgoing, Just say yes.  
    Another occasion she will sprain her ankle and it will make her happier 
    if you go get some help instead of carrying her yourself.  One day she 
    have a childrens book laying around, go check it out and she'll ask you 
    if you gave it to her when she was a kid, you need to say yes and 
    that'll make her very happy.  Sometime in the winter she'll get a cold 
    and you can go in her room to visit her.
    Karen - Likes berries you find around the mountain.  Can be found by the 
    beach on sundays, outside the carpenters on Tuesday and saturday.  Be 
    sure to befriend the dude in the purple hat thing (give ahima a blue 
    berry thing form the spring, and he will give you a recipe for veryberry 
    wine, which you can in turn give to Karen).  One day (usually a rainy 
    one) you can go to the vineyard and Karen is inside that wine making 
    building, go in and you guys will talk awhile, and end up getting locked 
    in.  be sure to have food with you, cause Karen ends up getting hungry.  
    She will get sick one day also, so if you can't find her, go to her 
    Eli - Likes milk, and will give you a pudding recipe if you give some to 
    her.  She also likes your dog.
    Ann - likes your dog.  Her brother likes it also.  Give her fluffy 
    animals like squirrels
    Popuri - Give her flowers (picked form the mountain, or even better if 
    you grow them at the farm), and be sure to feed her dad when he shows up 
    hungry at the farm.
    Small tips if you wanna just play
    -Start farming the day you get your farm, plant cabbages, and get 
    berries and herbs from the mountain, put them in your bin and then buy 
    potatoes with those, plant those right away.  do the same again but buy 
    turnips.  if you do this all, you should have enough to buy a bunch more 
    crops right away.
    -Instead of picking up a piece of stuff from the mountain, running it 
    back to your home, and then going back for more, Pick up the thing, 
    press the C up button, then go get 7 more things, and do the same thing.  
    Get one last item, then run to the farm, throw it into the bin, and 
    unload everything else from your backpack, and dump it into the bin.
    -Plant crops close to your bin, that way you can harvest faster
    -NEVER let a day go by without makin money
    -NEVER harvest your stuff on a festival day, just be sure to water them, 
    you don't want to end up missing the shipping man because you were out 
    having a good time!
    -If possible, save up enough cash for a greenhouse, then buy it before 
    the middle of fall. 
    -ALWAYS goto social events and hang out with the girl you want!
    -ALWAYS water your plants
    -Buy grass early and have at least 3 plots planted per chicken you own, 
    and way more per cow/sheep.  it is not good to run out during winter
    More to come
    Oh boy.  Now the fun starts.
    First off, if you have never played before, or don't know your way 
    around town, LET THE MAYOR SHOW YOU AROUND.  It is not fitting to spend 
    a long time trying to find the one shop you need.
    Your first Spring
    The first day spend clearing out, and hoe-ing a 10x3 patch of land that 
    looks like this:
    _ = not hoed X= hoed
    Buy cabbages and put them in the right square (be sure to stand in the 
    middle so you can have them all planted correctly)  then water them.  
    Then spend the rest of the day (untill a little before pick up time) 
    getting stuff from the mountain (herbs form the cave, berries 
    everytwhere else) and putting them into your shipping bin.  The next 
    day, water your plants, then go into town and if you have enough money, 
    buy a bag of turnips.  On your way back, goto the mountain and get more 
    stuff from the mountain.  Do that untill pick up time. Aways be there 
    for the pick up.  Then plants your turnip seeds in the other square, and 
    water them, then go to bed.  The next day, water your crops, and 
    clear/hoe another area under that one.  in the end it should look like 
    When you can, buy more cabbage or potatoe seeds and plant them in those 
    two new squares.  Be sure to water everything all the time.
    If your stuff is ready to be harvested on the 8th, DO NOT DO IT, 
    instead, water what needs to be watered and mosey on over to the town 
    square.  At the festival, talk to everybody, then when you are ready, go 
    over to the woman form the flower shop, and talk to her.  When she asks 
    if you are ready, say that you are, and she will give you a white 
    balloon (unfortunatly, you don't get to keep it).  Then she will say to 
    let them go, everybody will let them go, then you see a stupid little 
    video thingy, and you go to sleep, only to wake up on the 9th.  Get back 
    to farming!  Also, go to the green ranch on any day but a sunday and 
    walk out into the pasture, sya you do like animals to the girl, and you 
    will get a horse after awhile.  Try to have around 3000 dollars by the 
    17th, but if you can't manage, a couple hundred is okay also.  On the 
    17th is the big horse race.  You can wager money (medals really) on the 
    horses, and get medals if you win.  If somehow you manage to get a lot 
    of medals, you can get a prize.   The small prizes are okay, but you 
    should really shoot for the new stable.  The day after the race a guy 
    will show up outside your home, give him some sort of food (do not run 
    to the mountain for it!).  Sometime between the 18th and 22nd, make some 
    time to run to town square, and cast your vote for the harvest godess.  
    On the 23 is the Flower Festival, be sure to attend.
    After the 23 DO NOT plant cabbages, after the 24, DO NOT plant potatoes, 
    and after the 26, DO NOT plant turnips, because the season ends on the 
    30th, and all your pretty plants will die.  if you find yourself without 
    much to do these last few days, it would be a good time deciding which 
    girl you want to marry, and then spending time exploring, or totally 
    clearing out all the rocks and bushes in your farm.  Buy a bag or two of 
    cabbages and potatoes and stick them in your house for future use.
    First Summer
    By now, your farm's barren area should only have the few bushes that pop 
    up overnight, you should have around 1500 at least left over from the 
    previous season, and you should have 6 places ready to plant crops, in 
    this formation:
    Plant corn in the bottom three plots, and tomatoes in the top 3.  Be 
    sure to get everything planted on the first day(at least the tomatoes), 
    so you will have something ready for the vegtable festival on the 9th.  
    Your goal right now should be a cow or two for the cow festival on the 
    4th of next month.  Corn and Tomatos can be harvested again and again, 
    just you will need to continually water them.  Hopefull you had planted 
    and watered so much in the spring that you can do your super watering 
    move, by holding down the button for a bit, then letting go.  I drew an 
    interesting little chart to show you which way you need to face to spray 
    water where:
     @     @            @@@
    >@     @<     V      ^
     @     @     @@@
    Standing and facing in a diagonal direction will cause you to spray 
    water on the thing in front of you, and to either side of you.  This 
    makes watering things so much easier and faster.  On the first are some 
    fireworks, try not to miss them, and try to spend time with your girl.  
    Be sure to have saved a vegtable from earlier, or have a tomato ready 
    for you to enter in the competition on the 9th.  Talk to all the girls a 
    few times while you are there, and have some sort of present for the 
    girl you want.  Don't slack off just because it is summer, you need a 
    greenhouse for the winter if you intend to plant stuff then, and if you 
    want to plant strawberries in the fall, you need a greenhouse then also.  
    On the 17th is the firefly Festival, head down to the beach, be sure to 
    buy a latern.  On the 24 is the Sea Festival, after that, you have a few 
    days left untill the Fall, which leaves even less time for you to 
    prepare your cow for the cow festival!
    By the end of the summer, you should try to have:
    60 or more things of fodder in the silo
    -1 cow
    -2 chickens
    -4000 dollars
    -the chest of drawers
    -the brush
    -at least 9 plots of grass planted -  in the very back of your barren 
    area of course
    -all the tools up to their super move (axe/hammer hold down so you can 
    destroy boulders/stumps in one blow, sickle ???? I don't know it yet, 
    the watering can's 3 water move, and so on)
    This is a little start, I will add more to this untill it totals up to 
    be a whole year and a half, and I can type 5 times as fast as I can now.
    Secrets and stuff
    Okay, well here are the secrets I have found, or heard about so far in 
    the game:
    Look in that tree in the back corner of you farm, you will find a secret 
    treasure map.  It refers to a power berry thing you can dig up in that 
    barren area, just dig around alot with the hoe to the left a little 
    under your dog house.  I will find it again and post the exact location 
    with the next few updates.
    When you catch a fish, if you do not need cash to bad, you can throw it 
    back.  An imp will appear and give you a special berry you can eat.
    Contacing me or Andrew
    Now that there are two of us, please e-mail either one of us for help.  
    We love to help you, but it sucks when we spend an hour downloading or 
    sprting through tons of mail (like I did the first day this FAQ was up)
    To contact me and ask for help, or help my with this FAQ, you can either 
    e-mail me at
    ICQ me at
    or send me an AOL instant message at 
    Contacting Andrew
    E-mail him at itzameandrew@yahoo.com
    Send him and AOL instant message (no e-mails) at
    Credits and Copyright stuff
    I'd like to thank Nintendo for the N64
    Thanks also to:
    Adam P ( elvis_is_now@hotmail.com ) for the info on Maria.
    Munky16psx (Munk16psx@AOL.com) For telling me how you get married
    P007boy (P007boy@AOL.com) for telling me about the map
    Grandpooba101 (Grandpooba101@AOL.com) for the info about the fish 
    Shy Guy (ICQ # 38911034) for help on the girls
    Cell650 (cell650@hotmail.com) for even more help on the girls
    Natsume for the game
    HP for making computers that piss me off
    LoudKing (LoudKing@AOL.com) for helping me with some small questions, 
    and for basically keeping me from throwing my gameboy and super nintendo 
    games out of our second story window because of his FAQ
    Gamefaqs for hosting my faq
    My 9 year old brother for unwillingly allowing me to take my frustration 
    out on him in the form of physical violence
    Copyright stuff
    Coppyright 1999 Chris Piekarz
    You may use this FAQ on your website provided:
    You ask my permission first
    your website is not going to make money in any way by having my faq on 
    your site.

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