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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BestGuy9

    Version: 1.55 | Updated: 03/15/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             ######     *
          ########                            Harvest
        ########                              Moon
       ########            *                       64
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     #########     *
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    *walkthrough v1.55 *
    *January 17, 2000  *
    |=========|  FAQ Info  |
    |          \----------/
    |   guide version: 1.55
    |   created on: 12/28/99
    |   last update: 3/15/00
    |   creator: BestGuy9 (BestGuy9@aol.com)
    |   http://members.aol.com/BestGuy9/index.htm
    |=========|  Copyright Notice  |
    |          \------------------/
    |  All contents of this FAQ
    |  are copyright 2000 by BestGuy9.
    |  You must get written permission
    |  before duplicating any part of
    |  this FAQ.
    i.   Revision History
    ii.  Introduction & Notes
    iii. Credits
    iii(2) Contributor List
    iv.  Game Info
    v.   Legend
    vi.  GameShark Notice 
    |-------------------|---|  Part I: Walkthrough
    | Table of Contents | H |     Year One
    |-------------------| a |     --------
    |  _   _  __  __    | r |     Spring
    | ( )_( )(  \/  )   | v |     Summer
    |  ) _ (  )    (    | e |     Fall
    | (_) (_)(_/\/\_)   | s |     Winter
    |         _    __   | t |
    |        / )  /. |  | M |     Year Two
    |       / _ \(_  _) | o |     --------
    |       \___/  (_)  | o |     Spring
    |                   | n |     Summer
    |-------------------|---|     Fall  *Coming Soon*
                                  Winter  *Coming Soon*
    Part II: The Game
     Section I: The Game
      -Cheats & Tricks
      -GameShark codes
     Section II: Your Neighborhood
      -Central Area
      -Green Ranch & Beach
      -Moon Mountain & Carpenter's House
     Section III: Farming
      -Crop Guide
      -Item Guide
      -Other Moneymakers
      -House Upgrades
     Section IV: Livestock
     Section V: Social Life
      -Notable NPCs (non-playable characters)
    i. Revision History
       v1.0 - 12/28/99
         first publishing
       v1.13 - 1/2/00
         second publishing
         added recipie & power berry lists
         added celebrations for end of Year One
         added to tool list
         added addt'l cow info
         added half of second Spring in walkthru
         added Marriage info
         other minor changes
       v1.5 - 1/17/00
         third publishing
         changed copyright notice to read 2000 ;)
         finally went through contributor e-mails! (see notes)
         updated contributor list
         updated recipie list
         updated GameShark code list
         updated walkthrough - up to half of 2nd Summer
         updated "Quick Info" section from Natsume's recent announcement
       v1.51 - 1/18/00
         fourth publishing
         added important message about GameShark codes
       v1.55 - 3/15/00
         fifth publishing
         added Vineyard map
         other minor changes
    ii. Introduction and Notes
        Welcome to the Harvest Moon walkthrough.  This FAQ is the
        complete guide to Harvest Moon 64 - and many SNES and GB gamers can
        also pick up tips here, too.  Harvest Moon has just been released, so
        I haven't get much on it yet.  I will continue to update as we go
        along.  Please note that this FAQ will NOT cover game controls and
        anything covered in the game manual.  I am here to offer advice and
        tips, NOT to repeat what has already been said.  Like Mr. Dan Simpson
        says in his FAQs, this should be a supplement, not a replacement for
        the game manual.
        Please note that I have only played this game for a few days.  Any
        information should be valid, however I will continue updating and
        possibly changing in future updates.  Thank you!
        notes for v1.13 - Yes, for those of you who didn't read my message
        board post on GameFAQs, yes I screwed up the dates last version.
        Sorry about that - hopefully they should be fixed this time (unless I
        forget again ;)  Oh, yes, and I'm severly lacking in the recipie and
        power berry departments, anybody want to help out?
        I got a bunch of e-mails from everyone asking about various stuff -
        the two main points were to hold "B" to use the upgraded tools, and
        about recipies.  I added notes for both of those in their respective
        places.  Another problem I found out about is marriage.  Read about
        that in the "marriage" section at the very bottom of the FAQ.
        notes for v1.5 - I have gotten a huge amount of e-mail from everyone
        reading this FAQ.  I have tried to answer them all; if I missed any
        I am truly sorry.  Not many people have send me dumb, useless
        questions.  I appreciate that.  For those of you who have, I suggest
        actually reading the FAQ first.
        Anyway, I finally sorted though the e-mails that contained info from
        other people; that's reflected in the Contributor List.
        Finally, as always, keep those e-mails coming!  I really don't mind
        answering any questions or comments.  Just pay attention to my motto:
        If it's worth reading, it worth replying.  In other words, I will only
        accept intelligent e-mails.  Thank you.
        notes for v1.51 - Only a day after the last update comes the next one
        because I got several e-mails saying that the GameShark codes warped
        their names.  I sympathize with you, of course, but STOP SENDING ME
        HATE MAIL!  The disclaimer above the codes clearly states that I HAVE
        NOT tried any of the codes myself and that you should TRY THEM AT YOUR
        OWN RISK.  I will NOT be responsible for any game damage, and that was
        posted.  You can yell and scream all you want, but I will not be
        responsible.  I'm sorry, but you should try reading the whole section
        instead of trying the codes and ignoring the posted warnings.
        notes for v1.55 - Sorry for the long delay in updates.  I guess I got
        distracted.  Anyway, this update, I added the map for the Vineyard
        (that I promised) and I made a few minor updates.  I added to the
        Bathroom explanation, fixed a few typos, that sort of thing.  If
        you have any questions, feel free to ask!
    iii. Credits
         Thank you to the crew at Nintendo Power; much info from this FAQ came
         from the Nov. '99 issue of NP.  The Moon at the top and the other
         cool ASCII art was created using the support of SigZag.
    iii(2) Contributor List
           Thank you to everyone who sent in (or at least made the effort) to
           give me new and unused information.  I am eternally grateful ;)
           *note* there were several people who informed me of the B button to
                  use upgrade tools - thank you to them all
    iv. Game Info
        Name:       Harvest Moon 64
        Genre:      Strategy/Simulation
        Platforms:  Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Super Nintendo
        Developer:  ??
        Publisher:  Natsume
        Quick Info: Harvest Moon is a cool but pretty well unnoticed game.  It
                    gives you a break from the shooters and lets you take on a
                    peaceful farm life.  There's much more to farming, though,
                    as you have to go to festivals in town, find a wife, all
                    in the pursuit of happiness.  Winner of IGN64 "Game of the
                    Month" award for December 1999.  Super Nintendo and Game
                    Boy versions have previously been released.  No sequel
                    planned at the current time.  Previously intended for US
                    only release, Natsume is now planning to go worldwide.
    v. Legend
       For this FAQ:
       *new* This symbol shows something that is new in Harvest Moon 64; all
             else can apply to the SNES and GB versions as well.
       NPCs  Non-Playable Characters.  I will mention these from time to time
             as Harvest Moon 64 has a much larger number than the previous
       ###g  Gold pieces - the currency
       ###w  Units of lumber (wood) - used for fences and house upgrades
    vi. GameShark Notice
        Please note that many of the codes posted here have been known to warp
        the Harvest Moon name.  I have kept them up for those of you who still
        want to try them, but I will not be responsible for any damage to your
        game.  For additional information, see notes for version 1.51.
    |Part I: Walkthrough| H |     
    |-------------------| a |     
    |  _   _  __  __    | r |     
    | ( )_( )(  \/  )   | v |     
    |  ) _ (  )    (    | e |     
    | (_) (_)(_/\/\_)   | s |     
    |         _    __   | t |
    |        / )  /. |  | M |     
    |       / _ \(_  _) | o |     
    |       \___/  (_)  | o |     
    |                   | n |     
    |  Spring: Year One  |
    You start off in the Spring, on Year One.
    3rd of Spring
    *new* You start off on the 3rd of Spring.  Why they picked that, I don't
    know, but oh well. When you get up and go outside, the Mayor will offer
    to take you on a tour of the town.  Take it if you don't know where you
    are going; otherwise use the handy map in the Game section. *END new*
    Today you can start working your fields; start by breaking up rocks, logs,
    and weeds closest to the Shipping Bin.  You can hoe a 3x3 square right
    there; if it is still before 5:00 pm, then head to the Flower Shop and
    buy some seeds.  You can only buy one pack - Which kind you buy is
    entirely up to you.  Turnips will give you less money, but faster, new
    to 64 is the Cabbage crop, which will grow slower but bring in more money.
    You can plant and water them if you want.  Unlike the GB version, you can
    stay up all night, but when the night is over you will automatically go
    to bed.  The downside is that you can't save the game and I'm not yet sure
    if you get your energy back or not.  Oh well.
    4th of Spring
    Don't worry, I won't go through EVERY day like this, I'll just do a bunch
    at the beginning to get you started.  Don't want to bore you too long ;)
    Anyway, if you haven't bought your seeds yet, buy them, and certainly get
    your planting started.  There are lots of things to buy in the Spring,
    and you want some good cash reserves ASAP.
    5th of Spring
    Your crops should be off to a good start by now.  Make a point of talking
    to you horse and watering your plants every morning.  This should be
    routine, so get used to it.  You can take the rest of the day to clear
    off your farm or visit the neighboorhood.  There's a mountain and a cave
    that you can explore, and you should visit the vineyard and farm, too.
    8th of Spring  *new* - Planting Festival
    Now we jump to the 8th of Spring.  Here comes the first festival of the
    year: the Planting (or Sowing) Festival.  It's purpose is to help the
    Earth produce good crops.  The Potion Shop owner is chosen as King of
    the Festival, and he chooses his grandson, Stu, to sail in the balloon
    with him.  After thay leave, you can walk around and talk to the
    townspeople.  When you are done, talk to the Florist and she will give
    the signal to release the balloons.
    15th of Spring  *new* - visitor - Progress Check
    By this time, you should have gotten AT LEAST one harvest of cabbage,
    two harvests if you've gone with Turnips.  The money isn't exactly
    rolling in yet, but you should always buy more crops, and look to
    invest in grass as some point.  Today the owner of the Flower Shop
    (Popuri's dad) will drop by and say hi, and Popuri will come to find
    him.  Not exactly the event of the century, but it demonstrates the
    greater number of interactive NPCs in this game.
    It's now halfway through the first month.  By now your money should be
    rolling in - make sure to save at least 1500g or 2000g for the Summer.
    You should also buy a brush to brush your horse with.
    17th of Spring  *new* - Horse Race
    The Spring Horse Race is today!  Let me tell you that this is really half
    a festival.  All the stores are closed, but you won't automatically go to
    bed when you come home - so even though I suggest watering before you
    leave, you can save it for later.  You buy medals and bet them on horses,
    and then you win medals if your horse(s) won.  Afterwards, redeem your
    leftover/won medals for money.  It's a fun event really, you should go.
    19th of Spring  *new* - Flower Queen Voting
    Today Popuri's dad will drop by and tell you that you should vote for the
    Flower Queen.  Voting runs from the 19th to the 22nd, so if you get a
    chance, head to the Town Square to cast your vote for the Queen.
    23rd of Spring
    Today is the Flower Festival!  This festival WAS present in the SNES and
    GB versions, though this one is longer and more exciting.  Walk around and
    talk to people, before long the Flower Queen (who was elected by the
    voting - and the person varies) will come in, preceded by her entourage
    (the rest of the girls).  You can then walk around and talk to more
    people.  After your done, talk to the mayor and select your dance partner.
    30th of Spring - Progress Check
    Today is the last day of the First Spring.  By this time you should have
    AT LEAST 1500g, as well as at least nine squares of grass.  You should
    have also bought a brush to brush your horse by now.  If your crops don't
    have any produce on them today, use the Sickle to cut them down.  If you
    don't, they'll die tomorrow anyway, and tomorrow you'll need the time to
    run to town, buy seeds, and plant them.  Today, at least, make sure you
    have at least five fields hoed, and fill up your Watering Can.
    |  Summer: Year One  |
    You may get a typhoon blowing by during the summer.  This wipes out some
    of your crops, but you can't stop it.  It may not come, either, so just
    go on like normal.
    1st of Summer  *new* - Fireworks Show
    Today you need to budget your time wisely.  Brush your horse, and run to
    to the Flower Shop.  Wait until it opens at 9:00, then buy some seeds.
    What kind you buy is up to you, but you should buy at least five packs
    (five fields worth).  Run home, plant them, and get them all watered.
    By this time, it should be night (or close to).  Today is also the
    Fireworks show.  Run to one of the viewing places, and enjoy the show
    and be glad at your hard day of work.
    9th of Summer  *new* - Vegtable Festival
    All the Festivals in the Summer are new, since there weren't any in the
    SNES version.  If you have grown any vegtables by now, take one to the
    Festival, otherwise go and act as a judge.  At any rate, you should go.
    Walk around and talk to people, after awhile, the Mayor will announce
    the winner.
    15th of Summer - Progress Check
    Half of Summer is done now.  You should have some nice crops of Tomatoes
    and Corn by now - which are bringing in major bucks.  By now you should
    have gotten or be thinking about investing in Chickens.  Though you might
    want to get rid of them later, for now they will lay eggs every day which
    you can sell or incubate so that chicks will hatch.  Also, you should
    have started giving presents to the girl you want to marry, maybe not
    every day but at least every once in a while.  Finally, start making trips
    (daily, if possible) into the Mountains to chop wood.  TO marry, you'll
    need to upgrade your house as much as possible, as for that you'll need
    lots of wood.
    17th of Summer  *new* - Firefly Festival
    Since Summer is NOT the easiest month in the year, this festival is very
    relaxing, and I personally think it's one of the neater festivals.
    This festival is held at night, so you can work all day and not worry
    about having to miss it.  At night, head to the Beach.  Talk to people,
    talk to the Mayor, and after awhile, everyone will set their lanterns into
    the sea.
    24th of Summer  *new* - Sea Festival
    Once again held at the Beach, but during the day, this time.  This is to
    see who the best swimmer is.  You'll get instructions on how to swim, and
    GO!  This is an interesting festival.
    30th of Summer - Progress Check
    By this time you should have at least two or three chickens in your coop.
    Buy a cow and sheep sooner or later; you can also incubate eggs and sell
    chickens.  Though the selling price is only 500g, incubating is free.  In
    a way, selling eggs is free money, the only thing it requires is time.
    You should also be visiting your girl fairly often.  I know it's still
    early, but gaining affections takes time, and if you want a kid by the
    time the game ends, you gotta start early.
    |  Autumn: Year One  |
    Autumn is a slow-down month, transition between the busy summer and laid
    back winter.  I seriously doubt that you have a greenhouse by now, so
    eggplants are the only way to go in terms of crops.  There's a stranger
    who walks around at night at the base of the mountain.  Give him the red
    berries you find, and you'll befriend him.  He'll bring you fish that he
    catches, and in the winter he goes away and sends you mail.  It's nice
    to have a friend at least.
    1st of Fall - Fall Notices
    Don't worry too much on crops, usless you have a serious cash deficit. You
    need to concentrate on livestock, chopping wood, as well as your girl.
    Plant two or three fields of eggplants, and that'll be fine.  Setlivestock
    as a top priority, and then try and go into the woods everyday for wood.
    You'll need lots of wood to upgrade your house.  Also, gather things from
    the woods to sell.  Mushrooms are valuable, and you can bring back eight
    items from one trip into the woods.  Try and buy a cow this season, too.
    4th of Fall  *new* - Cow Festival
    As the mayor explains it, this festival is held to get people to raise
    cows.  Since you probably don't have a very good showing yet (if any) then
    you should at least go and mingle with the townsfolk.  Some of those cows
    are looking pretty nice - it'll take a lot of work to win next year!
    12th of Fall
    The Harvest Festival is back from the SNES, celebrating a successful
    harvest and wishing good luck for the chilly winter.  This time, though,
    you don't need to bring food.  Instead, talk with everybody, and if Elli
    gives you the cake with the coin, you get to be Harvest King!  After that,
    you get to pick a lady to dance with.
    20th of Fall
    We've got another traditional festival also celebrated in the SNES world,
    the classic egg hunt!  This one is harder, though, as there are more
    treasure chests and more colors to hunt for.  Less chance of winning, too
    but it's for fun, not for prizes!  Though the prize is a month's supply
    of fodder, not too shabby, huh?
    23rd of Fall  *new* - Bridge Repair Starts
    Today you can start helping the carpenters with bridge repair.  You can
    work through the 27th, and you'll get 1000g for every day you work.  That
    is 5000g, and work ends at 3:00, so you can even water your eggplants when
    you get home!
    27th of Fall  *new* - Last Day to Enter Horse Race
    Today's the last day to enter the Fall Horse Race - the farming guy will
    come by and ask you if you want to enter.  You don't have to, but your
    horse is big enough, and if you took good care of it, why not?
    28th of Fall  *new* - Fall Horse Race
    Here's the Fall Horse Race - by now you can race your own horse, if you
    want.  Otherwise, just go and bet your money.  You can start saving up
    up for a stable for your horse!
    30th of Fall - Progress Check
    It's now the start of winter - when the earth is dead as a doornail and
    everyone is so down.  You should by now have saved up enough money to get
    you through the winter - you need money to buy presents for your girl,
    as well as money to buy feed for your livestock, should you need it.  You
    will get a bit of money straggling in during the winter, but don't count
    on anything.  Spring will come soon enough, but cash reserves should be
    high enough to support yourself.
    |  Winter: Year One  |
    Here comes Winter, the saddest season of the year.  With not much to do,
    you'll be dragging your feet all season.  You even might get a case of
    Spring Fever, which this game recreates perfectly well, trust me.  Luckily
    your social calendar is full.  There are four festivals/sporting events
    which you can participate in, plus other stuff to do as well.
    I haven't completed the month of Winter yet.  I've filled in what I know,
    and the rest will come in a future update.
    1st of Winter - Winter Options
    Winter is long and boring... so you've got to decide what to do.  You can
    work in the mine and chop lumber.  Those are both good tasks to do.  Also,
    I recommend breeding a cow, providing you have enough feed.  Winter is
    really the best month to breed, because they have to stay inside, and
    you wouldn't want to deprive your poor cows of their outdoors.  So, 
    Winter is probably the best month.  It takes 21 days to breed, so start on
    the 9th and your cow will come just as Spring is about to start!
    8th of Winter  *new* - Mine Open
    From today to the end of the month, the mine will be open.  You can dig in
    there, with the minerals you find valuing anywhere from 10g to 1000g. Not
    a bad deal, considering the lack of other chores.  Juggle mining and
    logging - you do want to upgrade your house, don't you?
    10th of Winter - Thanksgiving
    Not new, but changed.  Now you don't have to go find anyone to get a cake-
    instead everyone comes to your farm to visit.  Some of the girls will drop
    by and give you food.  Hang around, why don't you?  I'd sure want to be
    there when your girl comes.
    12th of Winter  *new* - Mountain Spring work
    Once again, the carpenters are calling on your for help.  You can work
    with them for five days, up through the 16th, to earn another 5000g.
    Hopefully you aren't struggling financially, but if you are, this can be
    a welcome boost.  You can probably even chop a few logs after work.
    15th of Winter - Progress Check
    Well, Winter is half over.  Not too bad, huh?  Unfortunetly, the days
    mysteriously seem longer and longer as you get closer to Spring...
    Anyway, hopefully you still have enough money to get through.  Don't
    forget, in worst times, you can sell livestock, but you really want to
    try and avoid that.
    19th of Winter  *new* - Dog Race
    Today is the Dog Race!  You can enter your cheerful little pup into the
    race, and see how well he does!  You use the same medals here as the
    Horse Races, so keep saving up!  As and added bonus, you don't even have
    to control him, just sit back and watch.
    24th of Winter - Starry Night
    The Starry Night festival returns - the night you should spend with your
    special person.  Maria, Ann, and Elli all sing at the church, Karen sits
    on the beach, and Popuri is in the woods.  Since you can't do anything
    else today, join one of them and have fun.
    27th of Winter - Spirit Festival
    The last few days sure are busy, with three festivals crammed into nine
    days.  The Spirit Festival is meant to scare away evil spirits, and the
    King of the Harvest Festival plays an active part in this.  If you
    bought an Ocarina from Rick, and you join in and sing, otherwise just
    hang out and watch.  The festival is at night, by the way.
    31st of Winter  *new* - New Year's Eve Celebration
    Tonight there are celebrations all over town; talk to your girl and she
    just might tell you where they will be.  Ann & Karen are at the Bar,
    Maria & Elli are in the Church.  I don't know where Popuri will be,
    sorry.  Celebrate, drink, and get ready for the fun of tomorrow!
    |  Spring: Year Two  |
    1st of Spring - New Year's Celebration
    Like any New Year, you get to celebrate the passing of the old and the
    coming of the new.  You've now successfully completed one year at the
    farm.  You've made friends, earned a living, and you're doing great.
    Good luck for the New Year!
    This is the only celebration where you get to drink liquor (and pass out).
    Talk to your girl first, that way if you pass out you'll at least
    have talked to her.
    8th of Spring - Planting Festival
    The Planting Festival occurs today.  The person who goes up in the balloon
    will be the King from the Harvest Festival of the previous year.  If you
    were King, you'll be able to pick an assistant to go up with you.  You'll
    also get a commerative picture to put in your album.
    10th of Spring  *new* - Letter from Dad
    Today (or around this date) you get a letter from your Dad!  Maybe he'll
    come visit!
    15th of Spring - Progress Check
    Well, you've survived a year, and Spring is once again half over.  You
    (hopefully) planted some flowers, and you should have plenty of money and
    at least (if not more) two or three of the home expansions.  Your live-
    stock should be nice and healthy, and hopefully by now you've built a
    pasture.  You can keep your cows outside every day it's not raining; watch
    the wather report in the morning so you know whether or not you have to
    put them back inside.  If kept outside for long periods of time, your cows
    will be in a good mood.
    17th of Spring - Spring Horse Race
    You can race your horse, hopefully you've also been able to get enough
    money to do some betting.  If you get enough medals, you can buy an Stable
    or an Awesome House, depending on the type of race (Horse or Dog).  They're
    expensive, at 3000 medals, hopefully after a few years you'll have enough.
    23rd of Spring - Flower Festival
    Today's the Flower Festival.  You vote for the Flower Princess in the
    previous few days.  You might or might not want to vote for your girl.
    Only the King can dance with the Princess, so if your girl is elected, and
    you weren't King, you can't dance with her.  Think about what you do
    30th of Spring - Progress Check
    By now, your livestock should be healthy and you should have PLENTY of 
    money to buy Summer Crops.  You should have your sights on one girl pretty
    much set; her heart should be at least green by now.  You might want to
    breed another cow; farm bred cows always produce better milk faster than
    bought cows.  Plus two cows bringing in Large and/or Quality milk and a
    couple chickens will bring in a little more than 1000g per day.  That's
    a lot - you'll be able to get a Greenhouse in no time.
    |  Summer: Year Two  |
    1st of Summer - Fireworks
    Once again comes the yearly fireworks; the best viewing places are on the
    Beach, Town Square, and Mountaintop.  Karen is on the Beach, I know Maria
    is in the Square.  I don't know where the rest of the people are; there
    are probably one or two more in the Square and some people on the mountain
    9th of Summer - Vegtable Festival
    Today is the Vegtable Festival.  Bring some vegtables to show off,
    otherwise go and judge.
    | Part II: The Game | H |     
    |-------------------| a |     
    |  _   _  __  __    | r |     
    | ( )_( )(  \/  )   | v |     
    |  ) _ (  )    (    | e |     
    | (_) (_)(_/\/\_)   | s |     
    |         _    __   | t |
    |        / )  /. |  | M |     
    |       / _ \(_  _) | o |     
    |       \___/  (_)  | o |     
    |                   | n |     
    |  Section I: The Game  |
    Your grandfather has died, and you get to watch the "funeral" at the
    beginning of the game.  You decide to take over and turn around your run
    down farm.
    *Cheats & Tricks*
    Recipie List  *new*
    As everyone knows, you can find recipies and, if you've built a Kitchen,
    there's a book hanging up on the wall of all the recipies you've gotten.
    I don't think there's a way to cook them; you just collect them for fun.
    Mashed Potatoes - Give Ann potatoes several days in a row
    ??? - Give Milk to Elli (submitted by aajasap@earthlink.net)
    Veryberry Wine - Give a Veryberry to Kai (submitted by
    Miso Soup with Sprouts - Give an Edible Herb to Potion Shop owner
                             (contributed by CConst1144@aol.com)
    Rolled Cabbage - Give Maria a Cabbage (contributed by skjebne@usa.com)
    Potato Pancakes - Give the little girl a potato (contibuted by
    |CONTRIBUTED BY ffdream@home.com|
     Person - Item Given - Recipie Received
    Artisan - Edible Herbs - Sesame Dandelion Recipe
    Gray - Eggs - Stuffed Omelet
    Carpenter 1 - Mushrooms - Mushroom Stuffed Char
    Elf guarding door to elf room - Mushrooms - Mushroom Salsa
    Fisherman - Large Fish - Fried Char
    Head Carpenter - Mushrooms - Mushroom Rice
    Elli - Eggs - Bread Pudding
    Karen's Dad - Veryberry Fruit - steamed clam w/ wine
    Baker - Milk - Milk Cinnamon Tea
    Bartender - Grapes - Hot Spicy Wine
    Kent - Eggs - Spa-Poached Eggs
    Popuri's Mom - any veggies - Vegtable Tomato Soup
    Midwife - Eggplant - Eggplant w/ Miso Paste
    Karen - Strawberries - Strawberry Champagne
    Karen's Mom - Tomato - Tomato Rice
    Ann's Dad - Corn - Corn fritters
    old lady on the mountain top - Edible Herbs - Sprout Dumplings
    Mayor's Wife - Turnip - Cream of Turnip Stew
    Shipping Guy - Milk - Easy Tomato Soup
    Stu - Strawberry - Strawberry Dog
    Cliff - Egg - Hunter's Tea
    Popuri's Dad - Corn - Corn pasta
    Power Berry List
    Power Berries were present in previous games, though they were much more
    abundant.  Oh well.  Power Berries increase total stamina per day.
    (you start with XX stamina per day, one power berry increases that to
     XX stamina per day)  There is a list of Power Berries you've gotten
    hanging up on the wall of the Kitchen.
    Egg Hunt - If you win the Egg Hunt, you get a Power Berry.
    Flower Festival - Buy the "Power Nut" from the salesman dressed in black
    Woods - In Winter, use the hammer to break open the wall behind the
            fishing pond
    *GameShark Codes*
    *note* I haven't tested any of these myself, though I'll get around to
           doing so soon ;)  Anyway, I can't guarantee if any of these work,
           so try them at your own risk.  I will not be responsible for any
           damage to your game or saved files.
    WARNING: GameShark codes known to warp name.  Please use with caution.
    |Codes contributed by GameShark Code Creators Club|
    Activation Codes
    Activation 1 - P1 D0170404 00??
    Activation 2 - D0170405 00??
    Dual Activator - P1 D1170404 00??
    Basic Codes
    Infinite Money - 811FD60E FFFF
    Time of Day Modifier (Minutes 00-3B) 8117027E 00??
    Day Modifier 80158260 00??
    Belongings Modifier Codes 
    4 Slot 1 80189084 00?? 
    5 Slot 2 80189085 00?? 
    6 Slot 3 80189086 00?? 
    7 Slot 4 80189087 00?? 
    8 Slot 5 80189088 00?? 
    9 Slot 6 80189089 00?? 
    10 Slot 7 8018908A 00?? 
    11 Slot 8 8018908B 00?? 
    12 A Button Equipped Modifier 8018908C 00??
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Belonging Modifier Codes 
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Weeds
    02 - Boulder
    03 - Lumber
    04 - Moondrop Plant
    05 - Pink-Cat-Mint Plant
    06 - Blue Plant
    07 - Cake
    08 - Pie
    09 - Cookie
    0A - Blue Feather
    0B - Pink Liquid In A Bottle
    0C - Red Box
    0D - Turnips
    0E - Potatoes
    0F - Cabbages
    10 - Tomatoes
    11 - Corn
    12 - Eggplant
    13 - Strawberries
    14 - Eggs
    15 - Milk
    16 - M Size Milk
    17 - L Size Milk
    18 - Gold Milk
    19 - Sheared Wool
    1A - High Quality Wool
    1B - Wild Grapes
    1C - Very Berry Fruit
    1D - Tropical Fruit
    1E - Walnuts
    1F - Mushrooms
    20 - Poisonous Mushroom
    21 - Green Box
    22 - Berry Of Full Moon Plant
    23 - Medicinal Herbs
    24 - Edible Herbs
    25 - Small Fish
    26 - Fish
    27 - Big Fish
    28 - Dumpling
    29 - Cotton Candy
    2A - Fried Octopus
    2B - Roasted Corn
    2C - Candy
    2D - Chocolate
    2E - Iron-Ore
    2F - Blue Rock
    30 - Rare Metal
    31 - Moonlight Stone
    32 - Pontata Root
    33 - Chicken 
    34 - Chocolate Bar Picture
    35 - ???
    36 - Blue Egg Shaped Device
    37 - ??
    38 - Chocolate Bar Picture
    39 - Fodder
    3A - White Bag
    3B - Tan Bag
    3C - Green Bag
    3D - Red Bag
    3E - Yellow Bag
    3F - Purple Bag 
    Tool Modifier Codes 
    13 Slot 1 80189075 00?? 
    14 Slot 2 80189076 00?? 
    15 Slot 3 80189077 00?? 
    16 Slot 4 80189078 00?? 
    17 Slot 5 80189079 00?? 
    18 Slot 6 8018907A 00?? 
    19 Slot 7 8018907B 00?? 
    20 Slot 8 8018907C 00?? 
    21 B Button Equipped Modifier 8018907D 00??
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Tool Modifier Codes 
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Sickle
    02 - Hoe
    03 - Axe
    04 - Hammer
    05 - Watering Can
    06 - Milker
    07 - Bell
    08 - Brush
    09 - Clippers
    0A - Turnip Seeds
    0B - Potato Seeds
    0C - Cabbage Seeds
    0D - Tomato Seeds
    0E - Corn Seeds
    0F - Eggplant Seeds
    10 - Strawberry Seeds
    11 - Moon Drop Grass Seeds
    12 - Pink-Cat-Mint Seeds
    13 - Blue Mist Seeds
    14 - Bird Feed
    15 - Ball No Picture
    16 - Feeding Bottle
    17 - ??
    18 - Fishing Pole
    19 - Miracle Potion
    1A - Medicine For Cows
    1B - Grass Seeds
    1C - Blue Feather
    1D - Empty Bottle
    1E - ??
    1F - Weeds No Picture
    20 - Boulder No Picture 
    Item Modifier Codes 
    22 Slot 1 8018908E 00?? 
    23 Slot 2 8018908F 00?? 
    24 Slot 3 80189090 00?? 
    25 Slot 4 80189091 00?? 
    26 Slot 5 80189092 00?? 
    27 Slot 6 80189093 00?? 
    28 Slot 7 80189094 00?? 
    29 Slot 8 80189095 00?? 
    30 Slot 9 80189096 00?? 
    31 Slot 10 80189097 00?? 
    32 Slot 11 80189098 00?? 
    33 Slot 12 80189099 00?? 
    34 Slot 13 8018909A 00?? 
    35 Slot 14 8018909B 00?? 
    36 Slot 15 8018909C 00?? 
    37 Slot 16 8018909D 00?? 
    38 Slot 17 8018909E 00?? 
    39 Slot 18 8018909F 00?? 
    40 Slot 19 801890A0 00?? 
    41 Slot 20 801890A1 00?? 
    42 Slot 21 801890A2 00?? 
    43 Slot 22 801890A3 00?? 
    44 Slot 23 801890A4 00?? 
    45 Slot 24 801890A5 00?? 
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes 
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Ocarina
    02 - Flower Card
    03 - Cake Card
    04 - Broken Music Box
    05 - ??
    06 - Old Wine
    07 - ??
    08 - ??
    09 - Book From Library
    0A - Scroll To Bury
    0B - Marble
    0C - GoodLuck Charm
    0D - Empty Metal Bag
    0E - Horse Race Ticket
    0F - Dog Race Ticket
    10 - Potpourri
    11 - Embroidered Hankerchief
    12 - Hand - Knit Socks
    13 - Lucky Bracelet
    14 - Flower Bath Crystals
    15 - Stamina Carrot
    |Codes contributed by helmbrecht@netscape.net|
    almost infinite energy   
    80189060 bbbb
    80189161 bbbb    (note:you still can get sick if you
                           work past midnight.  Still trying 
                           to make a code so you won't get ill)
    infinite lumber or materials (take your pick)
    80189e50 0003
    infinite grass in silo
    80180715 02e3
    got this one from Cheat Code Central
    infinite money 
    811fd60e ffff (very cool)   you can have everything 
                                added on to your house by 
                                end of spring. including new 
                                stable because you have inf
                                money to buy medals.
    |  Section II: Neighboorhood  |
    *Central Area*
             TO         TO
    |                     |
    |<-    TO YOUR RANCH ->
    |TO TOWN              |
    |<-                   | 
    |                  TO |
               RANCH and BEACH
    The Central Area connects everything.  You can leave your Farm and go
    anywhere in the world.  See below for specific maps.
    |AAAA  BB  C  DD      |
    |AAAA                 |-->
    |AAAA  EEE  FF        |
    |AAAA                 |
    |AAAA                 |
    |       H  I   J      |-->
    | GGGG                |
    Here's the town - note that it's actually divided into two screens (shown
    by the line).  Also shown are the exits into the central area.
    A - Town Square
        This is the most important area in town.  Quite a few festivals will
        be held here, and many people hang out here when they have nothing
        better to do.  *new* It features several red trees and a fountain.
    B - The Inn (Bar)
        Open: 6pm to midnight every day except Sunday and festivals
        This was the Juice Bar in the last two games.  In the SNES version, it
        was where Eve (now Karen) works at nights.  Here you can buy a drink
        or talk to the townsfolk and hook onto some gossip.  You can get
        drinks for money and Water for free.
    C - The Church
        Open: always? except festivals
        The church didn't really hold any significance in the SNES version.
        *new* The church now doubles as the school, unlike the SNES verison.
    D - Flower Shop
        Open: 9am to 5pm every day except Sunday and festivals
        The Flower Shop is still where you buy all your seeds for your farm.
        You can also buy grass and cut flowers here.
    E - Rick's Tool Shop & Craft Store
        Open: 10am to 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday except festivals
        You buy all the tools you need here.  *new* There are now cool new
        items, like the Ocarina.
    F - Bakery
        Open: 9am to 5pm every day except Monday and festivals
        The bakery sells cool things like cake, which will revive some of your
        energy.  It's expensive, though.  You can also get Water for free.
    G - Mayor's House
        Open: usually locked
        You can talk to the Mayor at his house, and sometimes Maria will be
        there, too.
    H - Library  *new*
        Open: 9am to 5pm except Thursdays and festivals
              closed first ten days of Summer and Winter
        The Library is a totally new addition to the Harvest Moon series.  The
        library is filled with interesting books, and Maria works here during
        the day.
    I - Midwife's House
        Open: ??
        The Midwife did appear in the SNES version, in the form of the fortune
        teller.  She also delievered your baby in the SNES version, and she'll
        do the same here.
    J - Potion Shop  *new*
        Open: 9am to 5pm except weekends and festivals
        The Potion Shop is another totally new addition to the series.  Here
        you buy medicines for your animals and yourself, if you get sick.  In
        the previous games, you could buy the medicine at the Animal Shop.
    Town Notes: Pay attention in 64: all the same stores are back from the
                SNES version, however many of them are now carrying new and
                different items.  Pay attention to what's changed.  Also,
                there's no Livestock Shop in this town.  Instead, you have
                to go to the ranch to buy your livestock.
    *Green Ranch and Beach*
    |---------- ^  -----------|---------|
    |CENTRAL AREA  TO BEACH ->|         |
    |----------    -----------|         |
    |     |  BB       AA      |         |
    |     |  BB       AA      |         |
    |                 AA      |         |
    |     |                   |         |
    |     --------------------|     ----|
    |       CORRAL (C)        |     DOCK|
    |                         |     ----|
    This map is a bit confusing, but explore around and you'll get it in no
    time.  The Ranch is where you buy livestock and supplies, this area was
    actually a small shop in both the GB and SNES versions.  Ann lives and
    works here; so does her mean brother.  Visit here early in the Spring; go
    into the Corral and Ann will give you a horse that you can name and call
    your own.  To get to the Beach, follow the small path directly North of
    the Ranch.  Two Summer festivals are held here, and some townspeople will
    occasionally visit the Beach to relax.
    A - Store
        Open: 8am to 5pm every day except Thursday
        This is the main part of the farm, where you will buy everything you
        need.  Medicine and Feed are on the far wall, pick them up to buy them
        Talk to the guy at the counter to buy or sell animals.  Don't be
        overzealous with the A button - the guy gives you a list of animals
        to buy, pick one and there's no confirming message (i.e. "Do you want
        to buy this?")  Be careful not to make a buy you don't want to make.
        You can always turn the system off and restart the day, but that's a
        hassle too.
    B - Barn
        This place doesn't really hold any significance, just a place you can
    C - Corral
        Visit here early in the game to get a horse from Ann, and the Cow
        Festival in the Fall is held here.
    |                         |
    | |----------|            |
    | |                BBBB   |
    | |                BBBB   |-|
    | |-------|                 |
    | | AAAAA                 | |
    | |               CC      | |
    | | AAAAA         CC      | |
    | |-------------------|   |TO
    |                         |CENTRAL
    The Vineyard is where Karen lives.  Kai, the guy with the purple bandana,
    also works here.  There aren't any stores or anything here.  If you are
    trying to marry Karen, however, you should visit often, and befriend Kai
    and possibly her dad.
    A - Wine Vines
        This is where the vines lay.
    B - House
        The family lives here.  Karen's room is up the stairs, though you
        can't go in.
    C - Wine Cellar
        There's a wine cellar here.  You con't do anything with it, just
        look around.
    *Moon Mountain, Fishing Hole, Carpenter's House*
            |   C   E C  |
     BRIDGE <-    C   D  |
       (OUT)| E----------|
            |       E   C|
            |----------  |
            |          E |
    |-------|  ----------|
    |      D|          BB|
    |   AA           D TO|
    |       | E   CENTRAL|
    Lots of letters, huh?  There are many things to see and do in the
    especially in the winter when you can't grow crops.  At the beginning
    of the game, the bridge is out.  You can help the carpenters fix it
    in the Fall.
    A - Carpenter's House
        The Carpenter seems to be taking orders at odd hours - and I haven't
        quite figured out what those hours are.  Just go during a weekday,
        that ought to do it.  The Carpenter will build upgrades on your house
        for you, providing you have enough gold and lumber.  To order an
        upgrade, look at the poster on the far wall when you enter.  Select
        an upgrade, and the Carpenter will arrive at your house to work the
        next day.  The upgrades are listed below as well as in the Farming/
        House Upgrades section.
        Kitchen     - 5000g, 450w
        Bathroom    - 3000g, 300w
        Stairs      - 1500g, 150w
        Greenhouse  -30000g, 580w
        Deck        - 7000g, 350w
        Child's Bed - 1000g, 200w
    B - Fishing Pond
        The Fisherman is here during the Spring - talk to him to get a free
        Fishing Rod.  You can use it at any time on the nearby river or pond.
    C - Logs
        Since your farm doesn't seem to have very much wood on it, you'll need
        to chop up lumber in the woods.  There are logs scattered all over;
        and they reappear every day, so make logging trips as often as
    D - Nature's Moneymakers
        Nature's moneymakers always appear in the woods every season.  Collect
        them.  You can eat some for health, or tote them back to your shipping
        bin.  If you press C up, you can put the object in your backpack,
        allowing you to bring up to 8 things back to your bin at a time.  This
        is a great moneymaker in-between crops.
    E - Bugs  *new*
        Yes, bugs, and I don't mean things that trip up your game.  There are
        little critters running around all over the forest.  Not worth much, I
        don't thing, but worth mentioning.
    |  Section III: Farming  |
    Even with a social life, farming always has been and always will be the
    big point of the game.  Here's a guide to all the different crops, tools,
    and tips you'll need.  Most of these tips can also be applied to the SNES
    and GB versions, remember to watch the *new* symbol.
    Spring Crops
    Cabbage  *new*
    Cost: 200g     Return: 90g/unit     Growth: seven days
    Cabbage is a completely new crop in this game.  It takes the longest time
    to grow, but brings in the most money.  Personally, I think the Turnips
    actually bring back the most in the shortest time.
    Cost: 200g     Return: 80g/unit     Growth: six days
    Potatoes grow faster than cabbage.  If you multiply it out, I think
    potatoes bring in more than cabbages, because they bring in almost as
    much money and don't require as much time to grow.  Though there are
    thirty days, if you divide, that allows for five crops per month.  That's
    really squeezing it, though, even more so if it's your first year.  Most
    likely you'll only get four crops, which really brings down the amt. of
    money you can bring in.
    Cost: 200g     Return: 60g/unit     Growth: four days
    With thirty days in a season, you can easily grow seven crops of Turnips
    in one year.  Turnips are the best to get fast money.  They are good for
    the first year when you don't have that much money yet.
    Summer Crops
    Cost: 300g     Return: 100g/unit    Growth: nine days
    Tomatoes grow faster than corn, but won't bring back as much.  For both
    tomatoes and corn, though, you only have to plant once.  After that, more
    tomatoes will keep growing on the vine.
    Cost: 300g     Return: 120g/unit    Growth: thirteen days
    Out of all the crops in the game, corn takes the longest to grow.  Corn is
    very profitable.  Like tomatoes, you only need to plant once.  After that,
    more corn will grow if you keep watering.
    Fall Crops
    Eggplants  *new*
    Cost: 300g     Return: 80g/unit     Growth: seven days
    Eggplant was present in the GB version of Harvest Moon, but not the SNES
    version.  Like the summer crops, you only need to plant eggplants once.  
    After that, they will keep growing.  They will offer a bit of money during
    the fall, but I think you should only plant one or two crops and spend
    more time chopping wood and tending to your livestock.
    Strawberries  *new*
    Cost: 500g     Return: 150g/unit    Growth: six days
    Strawberries are totally new to the Harvest Moon series.  They are
    expensive, but they don't take very long to grow and they bring back lots
    of money.  Unfortunetly, there's always a catch to something this good.
    You can only grow them in a greenhouse.
    Winter Crops
    There aren't any true winter crops, but you can still grow stuff if you've
    built a greenhouse.  All veggies are then available for purchase in town.
    See the walkthrough and the other tips sections for ways to make money
    during the winter.
    Tools Note: I have listed most of the tools, though I still haven't
                figured out the upgrade system.  The Watering Can will hold
                more water when it's upgraded, plus you can water more plants
                at once.  For all the other tools, hold B to use the upgraded
                effect.  Thank you to the several people who informed me of
    price: free at beginning
    bought: n/a
    The Hammer is one of the four basic tools that you start with, and it's
    used for breaking up rocks.  Small rocks take one hit to break, though
    it's probably better to throw them in the water to save energy.  Big rocks
    takes six hits to break up, on the non-upgraded level.  Rocks really don't
    have any worth, so it's better just to get them out of there.
    price: free at beginning
    bought: n/a
    The Ax (or Axe, however you want to spell it) is used to break up logs on
    your farm.  The logs, then, can be used for upgrading your house or
    building fences around your crops.  If you want to upgrade, you'll need
    to use this tool pretty darn often.
    price: free at beginning
    bought: n/a
    The third of the four basic tools is the Sickle.  You use to cut cut down
    full grown grass, then you can use the grass as fodder for your cows,
    chickens, and sheep.  Also, you can cut weeds with it if you are trying
    to upgrade.
    price: free at beginning
    bought: n/a
    The Hoe is used to till the fields around your farm.  You can't plant 
    any crops or grass on your land until after you've hoed it.  Use the
    Hammer to "pat down" areas you've hoed that you want to unhoe.
    Watering Can
    price: free at beginning
    bought: n/a
    The watering can is used for watering your crops.  It doesn't take
    a genius to figure that one out.  You get this for free at the beginning
    of the game, and, upgraded, it will hold lots of water.
    The Sprinkler is NOT in this game, unlike the SNES and GB versions.  So
    don't run to the store every day looking for it.
    price: 600g
    bought: Rick's Tool Shop
    The brush is used for brushing your cows, horse, and sheep.  Brush them
    all every day, and they will love you forever.  You should also talk to
    and feed your cows and sheep every day.  Horses find food on their own.
    price: 1800g
    bought: Rick's Tool Shop
    The Milker is used for milking your cows when they mature.
    price: 1000g
    bought: Rick's Tool Shop
    The Sheers are used to cut your sheep's wool.
    price: free with first cow purchase
    bought: Green Ranch
    The Bell you get for free when you buy your first cow.  It's used to call
    your cows to you - useful either when you are out trying to go in or in
    trying to go out.
    price: 10g per meal (Chicken Feed) or 30g per meal (Cow Feed)
    bought: Green Ranch
    There is both cow and chicken feed.  You can buy as much as you want from
    the farm.  To see how much you have, move the pointer to it on the item
    screen and press Z.  I think the chicken feed is the only way to feed
    chickens when they are inside, but I'm not sure.  Cow Feed is fairly
    expensive if you need it in bulk, so try to avoid running out of fodder.
    price: 1000g
    bought: Green Ranch
    Though you should try hard not to let your livestock get sick, if it
    happens, buy medicine.  It's kind of an Insta-Cure.  Anyway,  I always
    keep one handy, just in case.  You can always store it in your toolbox,
    but at least keep one on the farm.
    Magical Potion
    price: 3000g
    bought: Green Ranch
    I can't remember the exact price, but it was something around there.  This
    potion makes your adult cow pregnant.  Farm-born cows, though they take
    longer to produce milk, they usually have more love for you than foreign
    cows.  This means they'll produce better milk.
    Fishing Pole
    price: free from fisherman
    bought: fishing pond (fisherman)
    The Fishing Pole will allow you to go fishing anytime you want, and the
    fish you catch can be sold or eaten.  And it's free, which makes it a
    great item, even if you never use it.
    price: 1200g
    bought: guy in the Craft shop next to Rick
    The Ocarina is used in the Spirit Festival - you can play along with Maria
    Elli and Ann, while the community watches.  I think you've worked hard
    enough to spring for something like this.
    *Note* There are other items in the game that I don't know about yet.
    I'll put these items up as soon as I get them in the game.
    Other Moneymakers
    There are all kinds of other moneymakers that you can repick every day in
    the woods.  Here is the guide to them all.
    Veryberry Fruit
    Season: Spring
    Found: Woods - fishing pond
    Price: 40g
    The Fruit is not the most valuable crop.  You can eat them for more energy
    or sell them for money.  They are good as gifts, too.
    Medicinal Herbs
    Season: Spring
    Found: Woods - cave
    Price: 70g
    The Herbs are valuable to a bunch of people.  You can't eat them, either,
    but they are great to sell.
    Edible Herbs
    Season: Spring
    Found: Woods - cave
    Price: 30g
    The least valuable crop, but you can eat them.
    Tropical Fruit
    Season: Summer
    Found: Moon Mountain - by broken bridge
    Price: 40g
    Tropical Fruit are excellent as presents, and you can eat them or sell
    Season: Summer
    Found: Woods & Moon Mountain
    Price: 70g
    Walnuts are valuable but rather hard to find.  There's one sitting by
    the river in the woods, but that's all I really know.  Good luck.  I
    think your best bet is to harvest your crops and wait for the abundant
    mushroom in the fall.
    Wild Grapes
    Season: Fall (Autumn)
    Found: Woods & Moon Mountain
    Price: 40g
    Grapes are great to eat.  If you have a kitchen on your house, you can
    collect them and freeze them for the Winter.
    Season: Fall (Autumn)
    Found: Woods, Moon Mountain, Caves
    Price: 70g
    Mushrooms are great.  They are valuable, easy to find, and scattered all
    over.  It's only a matter of collecting them and toting them back to your
    shipping bin.
    Season: Winter
    Found: Mines
    Price: 10g-1000g
    Minerals are mined in the mine during the winter.  They range from the
    common coin (10g) to the valuable Rare Minerals (1000g).
    House Upgrades
    There are many upgrades to your farm which you can buy from the carpenters
    It takes three days to complete an upgrade - the carpenters will come
    every morning about 8:00 and leave every afternoon.  You also need lots
    of lumber, which you chop by going into the woods.
    price: 5000g, 450w
    The Kitchen is important as it provides you with a way to freeze your
    goods.  Carry berries down from the woods, freeze them, and they'll last
    until Winter, when you can give them as presents or eat them.  Also, you
    store the recipies you get here and your power berry listing.  It connects
    to the bed-side of the house.
    price: 3000g, 300w
    The Bathroom isn't useful for THAT much, but you'll need it if you want a
    full house.  You can get in the bathtub for minimal stamina recovery.  The
    toilet is more of a fun type of thing.
    price: 1500g, 150w
    The Stairs are the least expensive, but hey...  They really only lead to
    the roof of your house, so I really don't know what the point of the
    stairs are.
    price: 30000g, 580w
    The Greenhouse opens up a mountain a possibilities and also costs a
    mountain or resources.  It allows you to grow strawberries and crops in
    the winter, which is very valuable.  Plus time doesn't pass while you are
    inside, so (providing you have enough energy) you can plant & water all
    day!  If you use it enough, it will pay for itself in no time.
    price: 7000g, 350w
    The deck is built behind your house.  I don't know the purpose.  It is
    basically just a deck and a picnic table.
    Child's Bed
    price: 1000g, 200w
    Well, THIS is the least expensive, but you really don't need to build it
    until you are planning to get married.
    |  Chapter IV: Livestock  |
    price: 6000g
    product: milk produced every day (100g to 500g)
    requirements: feed, brush, talk to every day
    notes: can produce baby with a Magical Potion (costs 3000g)
    Cows are probably the most profitable livestock - milk will fetch a price
    of 100 to 500g, and the cow will produce it every day.  They are an
    expensive investment, but well worth it if you give them love and brush
    them every day.  Use the Magical Potion to produce a calf; it takes 21
    days.  The cow stays by the special area at the top of the barn; feed
    them there.  Please note, unlike the SNES version and other signs within
    the game: you CAN get milk out of a pregnant cow.  Yes, a pregnant cow
    will produce milk.  The size will be one size smaller than normal (if the
    cow is producing a LARGE milk normally, you will get medium size).
    price: 4000g
    product: wool produced several times a year (900g to 1800g)
    requirements: feed, brush, talk to every day
    Sheep are profitable too, not so much as the cow, though.  They will
    produce wool which you can sheer and sell.  Wool is more valuable, then
    again, it's not produced every day.
    price: 1500g
    product: one egg produced every day (50g)
    requirements: feed every day
    Chickens, unfortunetly, require the most work and bring back the least
    money.  The chicken coop is extremely small, which means that you have
    to maneuver around all kinds of small and large bodies to do anything,
    plus they need chicken feed inside, which brings down profit margin even
    more.  They are good for two things.  One, eariler in the game, will make
    you money, two, breeding is free so you can breed chickens and sell them
    for a bit of money.  Other than that, cows will be much better.
    |  Chapter V: Social Life  |
    Notable NPCs
    *note* all of the characters have changed or are new...
    Here is my list of other characters in the game, from people you can marry
    to the people who have no purpose.  Currently, I'm only halfway through
    the game, so I might add to anything I already have written here.
    Ann - Ann works at Green Ranch with her mean brother.  You should give her
          gifts of farm stuff, like eggs and milk.  She loves a gift of wool
          from your sheep.
    Ann's Family - The Green Ranch workers
    Elli - Elli works at the Bakery.  Eating stuff at the Bakery will make her
    Karen - Karen is a bit mean at first, but you can win her over by bringing
            her berries and befriending the vineyard workers.
    Karen's Family - The Vineyard workers
    Maria - Maria works in the Library, and she likes to play the organ at the
    Maria's Family - The mayor and his wife.
    Popuri - Popuri works at the Flower Shop; naturally she loves flowers and
             nature.  You can find her either in town or in the woods.
    Popuri's Family - Her mom is the Lilia, the Flower Shop owner, and her
                      father takes trips during the winter.
    Cliff - Cliff is the stranger is town, but you can befriend him by giving
            him berries.  He'll give you fish if he catches any, and when he
            leaves, he'll send you mail.  He stays in the woods at night.
    Fisherman - The Fisherman will give you a free rod when you ask for it.
    Carpenters - The Carpenters will call on you to help them from time to
                 time, and they'll upgrade your house.
    Inn Worker - The man who works behind the counter at the inn.
    Priest - The Priest if the town educates the children and works in the
    Rick - Rick runs the Tool Shop.
    Old Man - The old guy runs the souvenir store next to Rick.
    Bakery Worker - Man who works behind the counter at the bakery
    Mayor - The mayor presides over festivals and runs the town.
    Midwife - A friend of the family, and she'll deliver your baby.
    Potion Shop Owner - seems to win all the festivals - runs the Potion Shop
    Harris - the mailman
    Kai - vineyard worker (wins the sporty festivals if you don't)
    What is dating, really?  Well, in this game, it involves bringing a you
    bringing a present, an exchange of a sentence, then leaving.  No, really,
    To marry, you first get to know each other.  You do this by talking.  To
    win over one of the girls, you must bring her presents almost daily.  Like
    I said, you have to get to know her.  For example, casual conversation is
    nice.  But with Ann, you won't learn that her birthday is mid-summer
    without first gaining a friendship status.
    In case you didn't know already, the little heart icon on the bottom right
    of the girls' text boxes will tell you how far they are.  
    White - Indifferent
    Purple (Blue) - Friendly
    Green - Flirtatious
    Yellow - Enamored
    Red (Pink) - Truly In Love
    Here's a guide to each girl, contributed by jpcvac@pacbell.net.
    Ann:    animals, tropical fruits, raising your horse, wool
    Karen:  grapes, veryberry fruits, dancing, compete with her at the new
            year's festival in a drinking contest and drink four cups to pass
            out and make her happy she won, making friends with the vineyard
    Elli:   eating cakes and pies, making friends with her grandmother.
    Maria:  beetles, cakes and flowers
    Popuri: flowers, saying very strange to her herb salad at the harvest 
            festival, being picked as an asisstant at the sowing festival
    You can only marry a girl if they have a pink heart in the bottom of their
    boxes, if they do, you can buy a Blue Feather at Rick's Tool Shop.  Give
    it to your girl and, if they say yes, you'll go off and get married in a
    few days.
    As for kids, here's the best description I got from
    >>In order for you to have kids you have to get your wife pregnant.  In 
    the Harvest Moon way, you are suppose to continue to love her and 
    essentially shower her with gifts just like in the good ole days of 
    courting.  Kent puts it this way, "The girl has seeds in her stomach.  The 
    seeds grow when you show how you love her."  She stays pregnant for about 
    two months, roughly.  In the very beginning she gives hints like, "For some 
    odd reason I want something sweet", "I don't feel like eating, I feel 
    bad..." (morning sickness), "Dad brought over food saying I should eat meat 
    and fish too...", "I've read so many maternity  books...".  Then she'll 
    start saying: "Our baby takes nutrition from my body".  Karen, my wife, gave 
    birth to our son on the 29th of fall, and had been pregnant since about 
    mid-Spring.  The kid needs to have 'interaction', essentially meaning you 
    have to pick it up and carry it around and give it gifts too.  It is very 
    hard to give the baby gifts, which you will soon find out.  He stays in bed 
    all the time unless you or your wife pick him up.  When you give him a gift 
    make sure the gift is in his shadow or he won't get it (if he does he'll 
    gibber).  They stay in the blanket stage for a season, then they start 
    crawling and it is much easier to give them gifts, though you can't talk to 
    them.  That is as far as I've gotten.>>

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