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    Hints and Tips by MDLam

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/09/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon 64 - Tips/FAQ
    by Matthew and David Lam - happycows@pallet-town.com
    v1.3 - 1/9/00
    http://acer.simplenet.com/games/hm64/index.htm - HM64 webpage!
    *** Visit the bulletin board to leave questions and answers on the game! ***
    Table of Contents
    0.0 - Version History
    1.0 - Introduction
      1.1 - Backing Up Your Game
    2.0 - Characters
      2.1 - The Girls!
      2.2 - Ann
      2.3 - Elli
      2.4 - Karen
      2.5 - Maria
      2.6 Ė Popuri
      2.7 Ė Other Info
      2.8 - Marriage
    3.0 - Tools
      3.1 - *** Tool Level-Up Trick! ***
      3.2 - Level up descriptions
      3.3 - House Additions
      3.4 Ė Furniture/Decorations
    4.0 - Farming Tips (How to make money)
      4.1 - Hunting at the Mountain
      4.2 - Turnips vs Potatoes vs Cabbages
      4.3 - Tomatoes vs Corn
      4.4 - Planting Tips
      4.5 Ė Tip! Get the Greenhouse!
      4.6 - Chickens
      4.7 - Basic Livestock Info
      4.8 - Sheep vs Cows
      4.9 Ė Raising Cows from Scratch
    5.0 - Price Guide
    6.0 - Secrets
      6.1 - Power Nuts
      6.2 - Recipes
      6.3 - Other
    7.0 - Important Events
      7.1 Ė Spring
      7.2 Ė Summer
      7.3 Ė Fall
      7.4 Ė Winter
      7.5 Ė Caring for Animals (Winning the Festivals)
    8.0 - Contributors/Contact Info
    9.0 - Copyright/Disclaimer
    0.0 - Version History
    v1.3 Ė Re-ordered section 4, added info on pregnant cows and greenhouse
           Added section 3.4 Ė Furniture/Decorations
           Added more info on girls/marriage
           6.1 contains location of 4 power nuts
           More recipes
           Info on raising animals for festivals (dog, horse, cow) 7.5
           Added to section 7 on events, divided into seasons
           Included more info on festivals and racing
           Lots of other things...
    v1.2 - Added more precise info on house extensions
    	 Corrected Spring crop info
    v1.1 - Added the Tool Level-Up trick (section 3.0)
           Added more recipes and pricing info
           Added more crop raising and livestock info (particularly cows vs sheep)
           Redefined the table of contents for subsections
           More important dates to watch, more girl info
           Removed the section on other important people, not important enough :)
           Added info on backing up your games
    1.0 - Introduction
    Harvest Moon 64 is a farming simulation for the Nintendo 64. It's really fun to
    play (although I suppose this depends on your tastes), and for the purpose of 
    this FAQ, I'll assume you already know what the game is. If you don't know, 
    either rent it or find a review in a magazine or somewhere on the web.
    Check out our Harvest Moon 64 website at 
    The site is currently under construction, and will contain information similar 
    to this document, except with graphics and organized into different pages.
    I'll try to avoid spoilers as best I can. If there's something that I feel might 
    be considered a spoiler, I'll put in a warning beforehand.
    Also, you should know that I haven't beaten the game yet, so I don't know 
    everything. However, there are a lot of things that I didn't understand in the 
    game, and since I couldn't find any useful FAQ out there yet, I want to document 
    the important stuff I've discovered so far.
    Some of the stuff written here will be similar to what's in the instruction 
    booklet, or in other FAQ. If you want to skip to the important stuff, I suggest 
    reading the Farming Tips section.
    1.1 - Backing Up Your Game
    Since I doesn't say this anywhere in the instructions, I'll mention it here. 
    It's very annoying to play your game and find a typhoon is going to hit the next 
    day. Or to accidentally slash your livestock with the sickle, etc...
    It's possible to copy your game into one of the 4 save slots! Just use the Move 
    button (next to delete), click on the game you want to copy (backup), then click 
    on another slot. Note that whatever was in the destination will be erased and 
    replaced by a copy of whatever you selected first, so be very careful with this 
    I don't know why it's labeled Move and not Copy, but then again there are many 
    many spelling mistakes in this game. I wonder if it's a result of rushing it out 
    in time for X-mas...?
    Note that typhoons can be avoided by playing games that were backed up from 
    before the typhoon was forecasted on TV. For this reason, check the weather 
    forecast before backing up your game. If it says a typhoon is coming, don't back 
    up the game, or you're stuck with it.
    2.0 - Characters
    There are lots of people to interact with in the game, and having a social life 
    is just as important as having money (unless you want live the life a stingy 
    miser during the game). Besides the shop keepers, the most important characters 
    are probably the 5 girls that you can go out with. It's probably best to pick 
    one girl early so that you can focus on developing a relationship from the 
    beginning. It seems to take longer than the SNES version of Harvest Moon.
    2.1 - The Girls!
    There are five different girls in the game that you can develop a relationship 
    with, so long as you talk to them, and give them the right kind of stuff. I 
    think they all pretty much like flowers (Popuri more so), food, and whatever 
    else you grow or find in the mountain.
    It takes longer to get the girls to like you in Harvest Moon 64 (compared to the 
    SNES original). You can't read their diaries like before, so you can tell how 
    much they like you by the color of the heart at the end of their text-box. It 
    starts out white, and if you give them enough gifts, talk to them, meet them at 
    festivals, etc..., it will eventually change to a blue heart. Depending on how 
    well you treat them, it should be possible to get a blue heart by the end of 
    Spring, although sometime in the beginning to mid-summer is more likely.
    The order of hearts, from beginning to true-love is:
    Once you get a girl to like you, they will start coming by your farm to give you 
    gifts. They tend to come by in the afternoon, but not every day. You can only 
    talk to them when they come over, so be sure to come over earlier (or later, 
    depending on the time) so that you can give them gifts.
    2.2 - Ann
    Ann lives on the Green Ranch. Likes animals. I've heard that giving her animals 
    found in the mountain get her to really like you, but the reaction I've gotten 
    hasn't impressed me. Iíd have to say that these rumors are bogus. You're much 
    better off bringing your dog to see her. I think bringing chickens and chicks 
    works too.
    Ann also really likes wool, which at $900-1,800 each would seem to give her the 
    most expensive tastes in the game! I can't tell by her picture whether she likes 
    it more than seeing your dog, but she definitely likes it more than flowers and 
    other foods.
    When the ranch is closed Ann can usually be found at the mountain by the 
    fisherman's tent or the far left pond across the river. Sometimes she is also in 
    the inventorís shop, as Rick (the inventor) is her cousin.
    Note that if you don't chase after Ann, Cliff the mountain wanderer will start 
    to develop a relationship with her. Although it sounds weird, I think some of 
    their meetings are triggered by how much wood you have cut. I don't think 
    there's any reason to stop cutting wood if you ARE chasing her, as encounters 
    seem to change depending on how much she likes you.
    During the Fireworks (Summer 1st) she's at the Green Ranch. Just go through the 
    fence towards the barn.
    Her birthday is on the 14th of Summer. Make sure to give her something.
    2.3 - Elli
    Elli lives at the bakery. She loves certain food items, particularly eggs and 
    milk. Elli also has a pleasant reaction to seeing your dog. On Wednesdays, when 
    the bakery is closed, she can usually be found in the Flower Shop at certain 
    times of day. She also tends to disappear on Sundays.
    During the Fireworks (Summer 1st) she's at the bakery, her home. You'd be 
    surprised how much time I wasted looking elsewhere for her.
    Elli's birthday is on the 1st of Fall.
    2.4 - Karen
    Karen lives at the vineyard, and works at the bar at night. She also pops up on 
    the beach occasionally on Sunday (Note: You get to the beach by going right at 
    the Green Ranch, outside of the fence).
    Karen really likes wild berries. Note that these only grow in the Spring and 
    Fall, so if you have a kitchen you might want to save them up. She also loves 
    tomatoes. She complains when you talk to her too much at the beginning. She 
    doesn't really care for your dog at the beginning either, but changes her 
    opinion later in the game. I donít know that showing her your dog at first will 
    decrease your love factor, but she does sort of insult it.
    If you don't marry Karen, I'm told that she eventually leaves the town with her 
    During the Fireworks (Summer 1st) she's at the beach.
    Her birthday sometime in Winter.
    2.5 - Maria
    Maria is the Mayor's daughter, and works at the library. Apparently, she likes 
    when you talk to her. I think she also likes bugs, and is scared of your dog. 
    Maria is a cabbage lover, so give her some if youíre chasing her. Supposedly it 
    gives you a better happy reaction.
    The mailman is somewhat interested in her, so they get together if you donít 
    chase after Maria.
    Mariaís birthday takes place on the 11th of Winter.
    2.6 - Popuri
    Popuri lives at the flower shop. Guess what, she likes flowers, so she might be 
    the easiest to get to like you. Like Ann, she has a "How cute!" reaction when 
    you bring her your dog. Sometimes shows up at the mountain, and also inside the 
    I'm told that late in the game, Popuri will marry Ann's brother, Gray, if you 
    don't marry her.
    2.7 Ė Other Info
    This section contains information regarding events common to all girls in the 
    game. The events happen at certain points, but people who want to encounter 
    these for themselves should not read the rest of this section.
    *** Warning! Possible spoiler follows!***
    At a certain point in the game, whichever girl you are chasing will sprain her 
    leg. You are presented with the option of carrying her home, or running for 
    help. In this case, carry her home! If you run for help, you get her father and 
    he carries her home. The next time you see her, your love-rating will have 
    decreased! I tried this and dropped from a yellow to a green heart! If you carry 
    her home, she complains a bit, but deep down I think she appreciates it. Aww... 
    Whichever girl you are chasing will also get sick at some point in the game. If 
    you walk into their home, whatever parent is there will tell you that she is 
    sick in bed, and that you should visit her. This seems to be the only time in 
    the game that you get to see the girlís room. You can talk to her and look 
    around at stuff, but thatís about it. Donít try to give anything to them in bed, 
    they wonít notice, and whatever gift you tried will be wasted. When you walk out 
    the door, it will trigger the girl to say thanks for your stopping by. The next 
    day they will be better.
    Finally, you will also have a ďdream sequenceĒ at some point in the game. At 
    some time, once you are a sleep you will have a dream related to something that 
    happens in the past. Soon after (probably the same day), the girl you are 
    chasing will ask you questions regarding that event in the past. The dream and 
    situation is different for each girl.
    The dream you get depends on the girl. Since you may not realize where to go 
    after having it, Iíll list what I know:
    Ann Ė Head for the section of the mountain with the cave entrance and talk to 
    Ann under the tree.
    Elli Ė Go to the southern section of town by the library and watch (talk to?) 
    the kids playing there. Elli will show up.
    Karen Ė Go to the wine cellar in the vineyard.
    2.8 Ė Marriage
    Money isnít everything. Keep giving those gifts, and talk with the girl you want 
    to marry. Eventually, youíll get the pink heart rating.
    Once youíve got a pink heart, check the inventorís shop until Rick has the Blue 
    Feather, Harvest Moonís sign of proposal. It may be a while till he has it 
    (maybe some house extensions are required first, etc?), but then you can buy it 
    for $1,000.
    Use the Blue Feather on the girl you like. If everything goes well, 4-5 days 
    from when you use it you get married!
    Once youíre married, the girl will help out on the farm. For example, Ann will 
    sometimes feed the chickens, or crate the eggs, so that you donít have to.
    When you get up in the morning, your wife will be indoors. From 9am till noon 
    she will probably be outside somewhere. Between 3-6pm she will probably be 
    indoors again. Assuming you have a kitchen (perhaps this is required for 
    marriage), from 6pm to 8pm she will be in the kitchen, and will comment on 
    dinner when you talk to her.
    *** Important! ***
    From 8-9pm, your wife will be standing by the bed. Itís important that you go to 
    sleep at this time. If you do, she will join you after you write in your diary. 
    After 9pm, she will already be asleep in bed. Keeping the wife up late is a bad 
    practice, so if you want to get a baby, try to make it to bed on time as often 
    as possible.
    If itís before 8pm, your wife will probably still be in the kitchen, so go 
    outside and let some time pass until sheís standing by the bed.
    3.0 - Tools
    The tools are explained well in the instructions, as well as the tutorial, so I 
    won't go into that.
    One of the important things when it comes to tools is getting them to level up. 
    Using things a lot that makes them level up. This is kind of a vicious circle, 
    because for example, you can't water massive amounts of crops without a higher 
    level watering can, and yet you can't level up unless you water massive amounts 
    of crops.
    3.1 - *** Tool Level-Up Trick! ***
    Here's a way to get your level up your tools without wasting massive amounts of 
    time! Whenever you're indoors, time doesn't pass. However, if you use your 
    tools, they still gain experience!
    Whenever you use a tool, you will still use up your stamina (energy). So do this 
    trick at the end of the day, in your house for example. Take out a hammer, axe, 
    or any other tool that levels up, and pound away at nothing! Tired of bad 
    weather reports? Bash the TV! Maybe whack your Invincible Katori a few times, 
    hoping it will tell you what it does! While it may not look like anything is 
    coming out of this, eventually you will raise your tool and it levels up!
    Note that you do NOT need any water in your watering can for it to gain 
    experience. Using an empty watering can with the B button will still level it 
    By using this trick you will get higher level tools sooner. Note that it takes a 
    LONG time to level up anything. In normal use, I gathered over 300 lumber by 
    chopping trees and it still didn't level up. It is likely you will have to take 
    many game nights to get a tool to level up. I started using this trick at the 
    beginning of Summer, and it still tool 3-4 nights per tool before my watering 
    can went up.
    A good practice to do before sleeping, but don't over do it. After a while you 
    will start to collapse. The only real way to get your energy back is a good 
    night sleep. If you start to wake in the morning and you're tired (you pause and 
    sweat when doing work) as soon as you start working, then I would skip trying to 
    level-up that day. Otherwise, you may chance getting sick.
    3.2 - Level up descriptions
    Here's what leveled items do (that I know of):
    Watering can
    Level 2 - Waters the three squares in front of you (the one in front, and both 
    forward diagonals)
    Level 3 - Waters 9 squares (in 3x3 formation) in front of you.
    Level 2 - Cuts the three squares in front of you (the one in front, and both 
    forward diagonals)
    Level 3 - Cuts all 8 squares around you, plus the ninth youíre standing on.
    Level 2 - Can break rocks in 2 hits
    Level 3 - Can break rocks in 1 hit, makes a loud noise :)
    Level 2 - Can chop wood in 2 hits
    Level 3 - Can chop wood in 1 hit
    Level 2 - Digs up 3 squares in front of you
    Level 3 - Digs up 6 squares in front of you (assumed)
    3.3 - House Additions
    Yeah, I know it's odd to put this in the tools section, but I haven't figured 
    out a better place yet. Anyway, there are several additions you can add to your 
    home for a good deal of $$$ and lumber (from chopping tree trunks).
    To get an addition, go to the cabin at the mountain area. Read the diagram on 
    the back wall with the A button to bring up the menu of things you can purchase. 
    Hit A again to select one. The carpenter will say he will come over to your 
    farm. Once you go back, if you have enough wood and $$$ he will tell you that 
    work will begin the next day. For the next several days you will see them work 
    around your house, until they tell you it is complete, and you will see 
    something new.
    Detailed (to best of my ability) descriptions follow. If you want to be 
    surprised, don't read the rest of this section! On the other hand, spending a 
    week plus a lot of $$$ and wood only to get junk seems like a waste, so read on 
    if you want to know what it is you're buying...
    *** Warning! Possible spoiler! ***
    Additions include:
    Kitchen $5,000 and 450 lumber
    The kitchen is where you store your food. It has a freezer where you can store 
    up to 32 food items. There are also some charts/books on the kitchen wall where 
    you can see what recipes you've collect, as well as how many power nuts you've 
    Bathroom $3,000 and 300 lumber
    The bathroom has a sink that doesn't do anything, as well as a bathtub you can
    soak in. Originally I thought the bathtub helps you recover energy, but it 
    doesn't. Finally, if you buy JUST the bathroom, note that it isn't connected to 
    your house. They install a side door that leads outside, and there's another 
    door outside that leads to the bathroom. The kitchen will connect them.
    Stairway $2,000 and 250 lumber
    Puts a stairway inside the right-side of your home which leads to the roof. 
    Afterward, you will be able to walk on your rooftop. It's kind of humorous to 
    leave your dog on the roof, and go about with your chores. :) Doesn't seem to be 
    a very useful purchase, however.
    Greenhouse $30,000 and 580 lumber
    The big purchase! The greenhouse is the ONLY way to grow crops in the winter. 
    Nothing grows at the mountain during this time, even in the caves. You 
    can also grow things in it the rest of the year, and since it counts as a 
    building, time doesn't pass while you're inside! This alone makes the 
    greenhouse a worthwhile project, even outside of winter. It contains enough 
    space to raise 16 3x3 crop fields (itís 16x16 squares of field), and has a 
    shipping bin and water supply. As long as you don't get tired, you could easily 
    harvest tomatoes year-round for a ton of money!
    Note however, that the greenhouse is NOT typhoon friendly. If one hits, there's 
    a good chance your greenhouse will be totally obliterated. There may be ways to 
    ward or protect from this, such as the invincible Katori, but these may only be 
    rumors. Note that if you have your game backed up (read section 1.1), you can 
    replay through the same days and NOT encounter the typhoon. When replaying, you 
    must play from BEFORE you read on TV that a typhoon is coming. If it's in the 
    forecast, it's too late.
    Log-terrace $7,000 and 350 lumber
    This creates a rather large sort of back porch. There's a picnic table and 
    benches there, but other than that it doesn't seem to be useful.
    Baby-bed $1,000 and 150 lumber
    Seems like a lot of wood for one bed, but in any case, you need this before you 
    can have a baby.
    3.4 Ė Furniture/Decorations
    Here are several items that you get get/win that you can put in your house. Most 
    donít do anything particularly important.
    Dresser/Cabinet - $2,000 at Inventorís Shop
    This has room to store extra items that normally go in your backpack. There are 
    32 spaces to store things. If youíre chasing Popuri, itís a good idea to store 
    flowers here for the Winter months when there arenít any. Note that you can NOT 
    store food here, although milk still works (since itís in a bottle).
    Rug - $3,000 at Inventorís Shop
    In my opinion, an ugly looking rug. Sits in the middle of your house, under the 
    table. Maybe your wife will appreciate it...
    Invincible Katori Ė Win at Summer Sea Festival
    Looks like some sort of yakís head. Doesnít seem to do anything. Rumored to 
    protect your greenhouse from being destroyed by typhoons and hurricanes.
    Cute Clock (Moo Moo Watch) Ė 1,000 medals at Dog Festival
    When you hit Start normally, thereís a clock and date at the upper left of the 
    screen. The cute clock replaces it with a cow (spotted black and white) clock. 
    For those familiar with things like Winamp and ICQ Plus, this is like a cow skin 
    for your clock. Doesnít do anything otherwise.
    Awesome House Ė 3,000 medals at Dog Festival
    No, this isnít for you, itís for your dog! :) Replaces the dogís house with a 
    nicer looking dog house. Maybe itíll improve his speed for the next yearís race.
    4.0 - Farming tips (How to make money)
    So, you want to raise money. Unfortunately, time passes quickly. There's NO way 
    you'll be able to have several fields of crops, raise chickens, cows, and sheep, 
    hunt at the mountain, fish, AND date with girls. So, you'll have to pick a few 
    things to do so that you can make and spend your money efficently. I've spent a 
    lot of time crunching numbers to figure this out, and now I'm going to share my 
    data, so that you'll have more time to play the actual game :)
    Before I get to the numbers, note that the shipping guy comes by a little after 
    5pm each day. If you want to get money for your stuff, you'll have to get 
    everything into the shipping box before then. However, unless you need to buy 
    something the next day, you can still put things in the box, and they'll be 
    automatically picked up the next day.
    4.1 - Hunting at the Mountain
    Yeah, I know this chapter is supposed to be about farming, but hunting for stuff 
    is a good way to make some quick cash, especially important at the beginning of 
    the game.
    The pros to hunting is that you'll get money every day, unlike raising crops or 
    sheep. At least in the Spring and Summer, when things are growing all over, you 
    can get a pretty significant amount of money, too.
    Lastly, you don't have to go hunting every day. This is a bonus in a way, 
    because if you have crops or animals, you need to spend time every morning or 
    night watering or feeding them.
    The problems with hunting are that first of all, the amount of money you get per 
    day is limited. Except for fishing, there are only so many fruits and herbs that 
    you can find, after which you have to wait a day for them to grow back.
    The biggest problem is the time factor. Every second that passes is several 
    minutes on the clock (unless you're in a building). The most valuable herbs are 
    found in the cave, and also all the way past the river. So the more items you 
    want to get, the more time you'll have to spend travelling from screen to 
    Still, you spend valuable time watering crops and feeding livestock too, so the 
    question is really whether you can make more money by having an extra field of 
    vegatables or another cow, rather than using your time hunting.
    Bottom line
    In the Spring, there are 3 medicinal herbs, 2 edible grass, and 4 berries. If 
    you were to get them all, you'd make $430. However, one of the berries is at the 
    top of the mountain, and you'd have to go up the winding path to get it, plus 
    come back down. I don't think it's worth the effort, especially time-wise. You 
    don't have room for 9 items anyway, so you'd have to carry one back to the 
    shipping box.
    I also like to carry a flower along for the girl I'm chasing, so a safe 
    assumption is that you will get 3 herbs, 1 edible grass, and 3 berries.  At this 
    rate, you would get an income of $360 per day, which is pretty good.
    ($70 x 3 herbs) + ($30 x 1 grass) + ($40 x 3 berries) = $360
    Unless you go at night (which might not be a bad idea), you'll probably be 
    strapped for time. A typical day (the way I play) is to water my crops, feed 
    livestock, brush the horse. Then I'll shop and give stuff to a girl, and then 
    hunt in the mountains. Since shops close and people go to sleep around 5-6pm, if 
    you need to cut your hunting short you can skip the area of the last herb and 
    berry, but this will cost you $110.
    4.2 - Turnips vs Potatoes vs Cabbages
    Cabbages sell for more than Potatoes, which sell for more than Turnips, but take 
    longer to grow. So which is the best value for your time and money?
    The math goes something like this:
    Each one costs $200 for a bag of seeds. A problem with planting is that you 
    can't water the center square of a 3x3 field. So suppose you only plant/harvest 
    8 vegetables for every bag you plant.
    There is a catch. You can only grow things until the end of Spring, since 
    whatever is planted (except grass and certain flowers) die when Summer starts. 
    Since there are 30 days in the season, you can harvest turnip 7 times, potatoes 
    5 times, and cabbages 4 times.
    With turnips, you get: 8 turnips x $60 each = $480
    $480 - $200 (cost of seeds) = $280 profit each bag
    $280 x 7 harvests = 1960
    With potatoes, you get: 8 potatoes x $80 each = $640
    $640 - $200 (cost of seeds) = $440 profit each bag
    $440 x 5 harvests = 2200
    With cabbages, you get: 8 cabbages x $90 each = $720
    $720 - $200 (cost of seeds) = $520 profit each bag
    $520 x 4 harvests = 2080
    Looking at these figures, potatoes will go for the most money. The problem with 
    this is that you start the game with only $300, and seeds are $200 a bag. It 
    would be impossible to plant more than one field of potato seeds in the first 
    day, and if you miss any day you will only collect 4 harvests in the season. To 
    get seeds as quickly as possible, make sure to collect some herbs at the 
    mountain to sell at the beginning of the game.
    4.3 - Tomatoes vs Corn
    Unlike cabbage vs turnips, the quicker growing vegetable, in this case tomatoes, 
    are worth more money! Here's why:
    Seeds cost you $300 either way. Tomatoes grow in 9 days and sell for $90 each, 
    while corn grows in 13 days and sells for $120 each. Here's the catch, tomatoes 
    REgrow every 3 days, while corn regrows every 4 days after you pick it!
    Assuming you buy and plant your seeds the first day of summer, tomatoes will 
    first grow on the 10th (1+9=10), and then regrow every 3 days, so you can also 
    pick them on the 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd, 25th, and 28th. So tomatoes will grow 
    and regrow a total of 7 times (we will refer to this as 7 cycles).
    Corn on the other hand will first grow on the 14th of summer, and regrow on the 
    18th, 22nd, 26th, and 30th. This is only a total of 5 cycles.
    If you grow a single tomato, 7 cycles x $90 = $630 in a month
    If you grow an ear of corn, 5 cycles x $120 = $600 in a month
    The most you can grow is 8 per bag of seeds, so multiply each by 8.
    Tomatoes ($630 x 8) = $5,040 - $300 (cost of seeds) = $4,740 per month
    Corn ($600 x 8) = $4,800 - $300 (cost of seeds) = $4,500 per month
    Finally, to compare with other vegetables, livestock, etc. let's find the 
    average value per day:
    Tomatoes ($4,740 / 30) = $158 per day
    Corn ($4,500 / 30) = $150 per day
    Also note that the last harvest day of corn is the 30th, the last day of the 
    season. Since any vegetables not harvested by the end of the season are lost, to 
    get the last cycle of corn you MUST water the crops EVERY single day. If you 
    forget, run out of time, or whatever, the corn will not grow in time. For this 
    reason alone, it makes sense to raise tomatoes.
    *** Greenhouse tip ***
    Once you have the Greenhouse extension, crops donít die at the end of the 
    season, making corn and tomatoes equal. Forgetting the initial growing time, 
    corn will grow 3 times in 12 days, while tomatoes grow 4 times in 12 days.
    $120 x 3 = $360 for corn
    $90 x 4 = $360 for tomatoes
    Since you can have massive amounts of crops in your greenhouse, it may be wiser 
    to go with corn, simply because you waste less real time picking it.
    4.4 - Planting Tips
    Once vegetables sprout, you can't water seeds in the center of a 3x3 plowed 
    field. However, it is possible to get the full 9 vegetables you paid for when 
    you bought the seeds. If you water all of the outer vegetables, they will grow, 
    and once you pick them you can reach the center one again, and pick up watering 
    where you left off. This is a good strategy, except it makes replanting 
    difficult, as you'll have to plow another 3x3 field or wait until the center 
    vegetable is ripe.
    In the Summer, plants regrow, so you'll never reach the center square. I think 
    the best planting formation looks like the following:
     ### ###
     ##   ##
     ### ###
    ...where each '#' is a crop square. Note that this formation is dangerous if 
    your horse has not grown up, because he/she has a tendancy to follow you. If you 
    stand in the the 'x' in the following diagram, the horse can trap you at '*'.
    There's no way to get the horse to move, so until you can ride it, the horse can 
    trap you. The only escapes are to use the sickle to cut down an ungrown 
    vegetable, wait until 6am so you begin the next day (with no sleep), or reset.
    The other bonus to the 8 crop formation is that it's fairly easy to water with a 
    leveled up watering can. At level 2, you water the 3 squares in front of you, so 
    you can water six of the squares by standing at the following 2 positions:
     ###     ###
    >##  and ##<
     ###     ###
    You can then water the 2 remaining squares individually, or by watering at level 
    2 standing at the following:
     ## <
    An alternate (and possibly better method) is the following, sent in by DaleLord:
    Since you can use diagonals, you can water and harvest all 8 squares, without 
    worrying about getting trapped. It works well, except it takes a little more 
    movement when watering. You also wonít get as large a gain with a level 2 
    watering can.
    Once you level up the watering can, it may be easiest to just go with the 
    parallel rows:
     ### ###
     ### ###
    Obviously, you waste the most seeds this way. However, during the Summer and 
    Fall, when crops regrow, seed cost is less of a factor. Perhaps the more 
    important thing to consider is time. If you try it for a while, you'll see what 
    I mean. Plus, the less time you spend watering, the more time you have for 
    livestock and other things.
    4.5 Ė Tip! Get the Greenhouse!
    I donít think I emphasized this enough in the house additions section, so Iíll 
    say it again. The Greenhouse is your ticket to big money! Itís 16x16 squares of 
    field, which is more than enough to grow 16 3x3 size fields of vegetables. And 
    best of all, *time doesnít pass inside!*
    Since time doesnít pass, you can wake up, head inside, and spend however much 
    time you need to raise a huge crop of tomatoes! Once you come out, it will still 
    be only 6:15 AM, or however long it took you to walk to the Greenhouse! If you 
    raise your chickens strictly inside as well, you can be done with all your 
    morning chores by 9:00 AM, leaving you plenty of time to chase girls, chop wood, 
    fish, etc!
    Of course, the problem is that the Greenhouse is so darn expensive ($30,000 and 
    580 lumber! Ouch!). But if you save up for it, you can easily get the $$$ for 
    the other extensions, plus 8 livestock, and whatever else you want! And since 
    you save time, chopping wood wonít be a problem either!
    I saved up and was able to get the Greenhouse in early-mid Fall. By mid-winter I 
    had most of the extensions (minus the baby bed and stairway). I had well over 
    $20,000, and no longer had the pressure of feeling rushed for time!
    Two things to note. First, it is a major pain to pick all your vegetables in one 
    day! So I timed my planting so that I would pick vegetables on alternating days. 
    Second, the Greenhouse is big! While you can plant 16 3x3 fields of crops and 
    not eat up your game time, it still takes up a lot of real time (playing the 
    game) to actually water and pick it all. Therefore, I only use half of the 
    Greenhouse, and still have more than enough money.
    4.6 - Chickens
    Your first chicken will cost $1500. You don't need to buy more than one because 
    you can hatch new ones from eggs. As long as you feed them, chickens lay one egg 
    per day.
    If you put an egg in the incubator, it will hatch in 3 days, producing a yellow 
    chick. Note that you do NOT need to feed chicks, just chickens.
    Chicks grow up in 7 days from when they hatch, and become full grown chickens, 
    after which they will start laying eggs.
    If you put a chicken outside, you do not need to feed it. Unlike cows and sheep, 
    chickens will NOT eat up your grass, yet will still be counted as fed. Do NOT 
    leave them in the rain or skip feeding them. This will cause them to stop laying 
    eggs until you take care of them again. You can't talk or brush chickens.
    If you keep chickens inside, you will have to give them chicken feed, which 
    costs $10 a bag. Chicken eggs sell for $50 each, so on rainy days you still make 
    $40 per chicken, for a maximum of 6 chickens.
    If it were to rain every day, with 6 chickens you would make:
    $40 x 6 chickens = $240
    If it never rains, you can keep them outside and not feed them, so you'd get:
    $50 x 6 chickens = $300
    The problem with rain is that you need to bring the chickens in the day BEFORE 
    it rains, otherwise when you wake up your chicken will already be wet. So you 
    need to feed chickens (and other animals) two times for every one day it rains 
    (unless it rains twice in a row). The good news is that you don't have to water 
    crops, so it balances out timewise.
    You can sell grown chickens for $500 each. However, you're probably better off 
    keeping the full 6 chickens, rather than keeping 5 and always selling the 6th. 
    Since it takes 10 days from an egg to a chicken, you could have made the same 
    $500 if you sold that 6th's chicken's egg each of the 10 days. If you have to 
    feed it, you could make as little as $400. However, to sell a chicken you must 
    run down to the Green Ranch, which seems to be too much trouble.
    Keeping 6 chickens gets you $240-300 per day, which isn't bad. However, you 
    won't get rich either, so do more than just raising chickens. When you start 
    getting many fields of crops, or start raising livestock, you may want to 
    consider either selling off your chickens, or stopping your hunting at the 
    mountain. Otherwise you will likely be pressed for time.
    Remember we said that mountain hunting will get you about $360 per day. In the 
    Spring, 3 fields will get you about $225, and 4 would get you close to $300 per 
    day, but that's a lot of watering to do. At some point you'll have to stop doing 
    something, so keep these numbers in mind.
    *** Tip! The Time-Freeze-Feed-The-Chickens Trick! ***
    A different approach is to stock up on chicken feed, and feed the chickens 
    indoors EVERY day. This means you will make $240 per day. While this isn't as 
    good as $300, the benefit is that you can feed the chickens inside, where time 
    doesn't pass. Chickens don't have a happy factor like cows (meaning they don't 
    give better eggs if they're happy), so leaving them inside doesn't effect 
    anything other than their cost of maintance (6 bags of feed a day).
    Chickens particularly eat up your time when you have to bring them in when it 
    rains. So if you leave them in, you'll spend 15 minutes of your day walking to 
    the chicken coop, and can spend the rest of your time on more worthy things. 15 
    minutes of time for $240 doesn't seem too bad. For the $60 you spend on feed, 
    you get back time you can use to raise more livestock or crops.
    4.7 - Basic Livestock Info
    Sheep cost $4,000 to start with, while cows cost $6,000. When you buy one for 
    the first time, the owner of the Green Ranch gives you a free bell to call your 
    livestock (don't forget you can push them, too).
    After you have a sheep, you need to buy Wool Clippers from the inventor, Rick, 
    for $1,000. With the cow, the Milker cost $1,800. Add this up, and it will cost 
    you $5,000 to start raising sheep, and $7,800 for cows.
    You won't need to buy the tools right away, however, since young sheep and cows 
    don't give wool or milk until they grow up (2 weeks for sheep, and 3 weeks for 
    cows). So you can buy a sheep or cow as soon as you have the cash, and as long 
    as you continue with chickens, crops, or hunting, you'll probably the money for 
    the tools when they have grown up.
    Make sure to brush and talk to livestock EVERY day. I'm not sure if it makes 
    them grow faster, but either way you get much more money from selling wool and 
    milk taken from happy sheep and cows. Wool gets you more money, but you can milk 
    a cow every day. I haven't figured the numbers yet, but I would assume that 
    since cows cost more, they would give you more money, similar to the turnips vs. 
    cabbage pricing.
    4.8 - Sheep vs Cows
    The short version is that Sheep will get you money sooner, but in the long run, 
    Cows will give you twice as much $$$. Since you can only have 8 livestock in 
    your barn, the ideal would be to go with cows over sheep. However, cows will 
    require a larger investment, so it's kind of a preference thing.
    Note that young sheep and cows do NOT give wool or milk, so you don't have to 
    buy clippers or a milker right away. However, young livestock are NOT like 
    chicks! You MUST feed them every day. Unlike chickens, you must have fully grown 
    grass in order to leave them outside.
    Sheep cost $4,000 each. The clippers will cost you $1,000. After 2 weeks, the 
    sheep will be big enough for you to start clipping its wool, which you get $900 
    for. However, the wool won't grow back for a full week, or 7 days. Once you get 
    the quality of wool up (talk to and brush your sheep every day, let it outside 
    sunny days, make sure it gets food), "good" wool sells for $1,800! Note that it 
    took me probably around 6-8 weeks to get up to good wool from regular sheered 
    wool. This may be influenced by the Winter months, as I have to leave the sheep 
    Cows cost $6,000 each. The milker will cost you $1,800. After 3 weeks, the cow 
    will grow up and start giving you milk. At this point, the cow is big enough to 
    become pregnant, so you can get the Miracle Potion for $3,000. Cows will be 
    pregnant for 3 weeks, after which you will have a new cow. Pregnant cows give 
    less milk (cows that give small milk will still give small milk, though), so 
    this timing should be taken into account. Consider whether it would easier to 
    simply buy a new cow for $3,000 more than the potion. When a cow is pregnant, 
    the feed for it goes in the birthing box to the upper right corner of the barn, 
    where the pregnant cow will start to hang out.
    Like sheep, the quality, or rather quantity with cows, will increase over time 
    as you care for it. From $100 per bottle of milk will increase to $150, $300, 
    and finally $500 per day. In order for a cow to give $500 milk, it will need to 
    win the Cow Festival on Fall 4th.
    The Controversy
    If you had a cow that gave $500 milk, in 7 days you would get $3,500. Compare 
    this to a sheep that gives the more expensive wool at $1,800 every 7 days. Since 
    you are limited to 8 livestock total, 8 super cows would give almost twice as 
    much money than 8 super sheep.
    However, the cost to get 8 super cows is much higher. First off, the cost per 
    cow is $6,000 compared to $4,000 per sheep. Timewise, there are many more 
    intervals of milk quality, and it will take longer to get $500 milk.
    On the otherhand, you can breed new cows for $3,000. The only way to get new 
    sheep is to buy them for another $4,000. However, don't forget that a pregnant 
    cow will give less milk during this time, though not any less than the small 
    $100 bottle.
    Cows will definitely get you WAY more money in the end. However, the cost of 8 
    cows or sheep is very daunting. Either way will take a lot of time and money. In 
    the end, it may come down to preference. Which one is more fun? This is a game 
    after all. :) Going with cows AND sheep is also quite possible, although it 
    might be a good idea to focus on one before the other.
    4.9 Ė Raising Cows from Scratch
    If you get a cow pregnant using the Miracle Potion, you can get a new cow 
    without having to buy one! What could be better than that? My suggestion? Just 
    buy a new one.
    There are many problems with getting your cows pregnant. First off, the Miracle 
    Potion costs $3,000, which is half the cost of a new cow ($6,000). Second, it 
    takes 21 days for the pregnant cow to give birth. And Third, pregnant cows give 
    less milk.
    By less milk, this means your pregnant cow will probably give you the small $100 
    milk. If it already gives small milk, thatís still what youíll get, it canít 
    give less. On the other hand, the day after the cow gave birth, it started 
    giving medium sized ($150) milk.
    The time factor is the big problem. Once the 21 days are over, youíll have a 
    new, small cow. But if you bought it brand new, by 21 days it would already be 
    giving milk. Instead, you'll have to wait another 21 days for it to start 
    getting milk.
    Iím not sure what the time interval is between small and medium milk, but I 
    started out with two cows, and got the first one pregnant. Before the first cow 
    gave birth, the second one was already giving medium milk. So if I didnít get 
    the first cow pregnant, it would have been giving medium milk too. So I lost out 
    on more money there.
    On the other hand, the $$$ is going to come out fairly close either way. And if 
    you buy a new cow from scratch, youíll have to feed it sooner. So itís really up 
    to you. Itís also possible that a pregnant cow will become happier than a cow 
    than never gets pregnant, which would be useful for the cow festival.
    The bottom line is donít assume that saving $3,000 by buying the cow potion is 
    such a great bargain.
    Here's a list of selling prices:
    Eggs - $50 each
    Wool - $900, grows back in 7 days
    Premium Wool - $1800, grows back in 7 days
    Small Milk - $100
    Medium Milk - $150
    Large Milk - $300
    Gold/Special Milk - $500 (only cows that won the cow festival give gold milk)
    Turnips  - $60 each, grow in 4 days
    Potatoes - $80 each, grow in 6 days
    Cabbages - $90 each, grow in 7 days
    Very-berry berries - $40
    Edible grass - $30
    Medicinal herbs - $70
    Edible grass - $30
    Medicinal herbs - $70
    Walnut - $40
    Tropical Fruit - $70
    Tomatoes - $90 each, grow in 9 days, regrow every 3 days after picking
    Corn - $120 each, grow in 13 days, regrow every 4 days after picking
    Mushrooms - $60
    Poisonous Mushrooms - $100 (!)
    Wild Grapes - $50
    Edible grass - $30
    Medicinal herbs - $70
    Eggplant - $60 each, grow in 8 days, regrow every 3 days after picking
    Strawberries - $150 each, grow in 6 days
    6.0 - Secrets
    If you want to find everything by yourself, don't read this section, as it may 
    spoil it for you. However, there are many hidden items in the game that you can 
    get, depending on what you do. Personally, I don't think these are really 
    spoilers. It would be like someone telling you where the heart pieces are in 
    Zelda. But for those who like to explore, don't read on!
    ***Warning! Possible spoilers!***
    6.1 - Power Nuts
    There are four red Power Nuts that I know of, and one *blue* one. The red ones 
    increase your maximum stamina so that you can work longer each without getting 
    tired. I think there are supposed to be five or ten red nuts in the whole game.
    You can get one red power nut by going fishing at the mountain. Catch a big fish 
    from the river, and throw it into the small pond to the right (the one by the 
    fisherman's tent).
    I screwed this up a few times, so I suggest standing on the left side, and 
    throwing it down-right. You'll see the fish's shadow on the pond before you 
    throw it. If the fish makes a splash when you throw it in, you did it right. If 
    it crumbles and flashes, you missed, meaning the game thought you threw it on 
    the ground somewhere.
    If you throw in a big fish, a green water spirit (that looks like a troll or 
    something) comes out of the water and gives you a red power nut. Big fish are 
    blue. If you hit the Z button while you're holding it, it will identify as a big 
    fish, I believe.
    If you catch a small green fish, toss it in the same pond near the fisherman's 
    tent. The green water spirit pops up, and gives you a *blue* power nut! He says 
    it keeps you from getting tired in the rain (i.e. you won't get more tired or 
    sick than if you were working in clear weather). Note: You cannot get the blue 
    and red nuts on the same day! The water spirit will only show once a day!
    You can get another red power nut by buying one at the first Spring Flower 
    Festival on the 23rd.
    Another power nut can be won at the Fall Egg Festival on the 20th. You simply 
    need to get enough eggs to win, which isn't very hard.
    During the winter, the pond by the fishermanís tent freezes over. If you have 
    the level 3 hammer, you can crack the huge boulder there and get another red 
    power nut. Note that your hammer MUST be gold level 3 for this to work.
    Supposedly, thereís a power nut buried somewhere in the field, and you can dig 
    it up with the hoe. I canít confirm this since I havenít found it myself, but 
    several people have talked about it, so it's probably out there. Following the 
    treasure map doesnít seem to help, but I guess itís out there somewhere...
    I've also heard a rumor that there's a power nut in the mines while you're 
    digging. Supposedly on one of the lower levels (uncover a hole and go down).
    6.2 - Recipes
    There are 34 recipes in the game. You get them by giving people certain items. 
    I've gotten several e-mails about them, but haven't had time to put them all up 
    yet. Unfortunately, recipes don't do anything. There's a list of all the ones 
    you have collected on the kitchen wall, once you get it. 
    You get the Miso Soup recipe from the Potion maker by giving him 
    edible grass.
    You get Bread Pudding from Elli by giving her an egg.
    You get Vegetable Tomato Stew by giving a tomato to Popuriís Mom.
    You get Strawberry Champagne by giving strawberries to Karen.
    You get another recipe from Kai, the worker at the vineyard with the purple hat, 
    by giving him very-berry berries.
    You get another recipe from Karen's father by giving him the Fall berries to him 
    at the bar during the night.
    You get a fish recipe from the fisherman by giving him a fish.
    6.3 - Other
    There's a treasure map hidden in the tree at the right side of your farm. Use 
    the A button to find it. I'm not sure what it refers to.
    7.0 - Important Events
    This section is mainly to prepare you for certain events in the game. Most of 
    the information is given to you from channel 2 on the TV, which tells you about 
    upcoming events. It's annoying to read every day since it's often the same, but 
    it does change several times a month, and some things are important, so I would 
    recommend reading every few days at least. Game time doesn't pass while you're 
    in the house, anyway.
    All of the events described in this section 7 will be based on the first year of 
    the game.
    ***Warning! Possible spoilers!***
    7.1 Ė Spring
    Planting Festival: Spring 8th Ė You donít need to do anything special here. Just 
    talk to everyone at least once.
    Spring 16th - The first year, forget about registering for the horse race. I 
    know you get the letter in the mail, but your horse isn't old enough. Normally 
    someone will come over to your house in the morning, but you won't be able to 
    the first Spring. Read on for how it works.
    Horse Race: Spring 17th Ė During the first year, as far as I know it is 
    IMPOSSIBLE to race your horse in the first race of the year. I got the horse on 
    the first day, talked to it and brushed it everyday, and it still wasnít big 
    enough to race. I donít think itís possible to get the horse big enough in time, 
    and even if you could, it wouldnít have the energy you need to win. Instead, 
    just talk to everyone. 
    I started the game over because I thought I missed something, but here's how 
    horse registration works once the horse is old enough. The day before the event, 
    someone (the Green Ranch owner) will come over and ask if you want to register. 
    This only happens if you have an eligible animal, meaning your horse is big 
    enough, or your cow for the cow festival, etc. 
    You can also bet on the races, but this early in the game you are unlikely to 
    have the $$$ needed to win the expensive prizes. For more info, read the horse 
    racing section (7.5)
    Spring 18th - A new guy (Cliff) shows up on your doorstep (pretty much). He says 
    he's hungry, so make sure you keep some food in your backpack from the day 
    before. Anything will do, so you might as well give him some cheap $30 edible 
    If you check your mail at this point, you will find you can vote for one of the 
    girls as Queen for the Flower Festival on the 23rd. There's kind of catch here. 
    The Queen automatically dances with the King of the year, which is still the 
    Potion Shop owner. So if you vote for the girl you like, you won't get to dance 
    with her. I think it might be better to vote for someone else, but I didn't go 
    back to change my vote.
    Flower Festival: Spring 23rd Ė The Queen of the festival (whoever you voted for 
    in the previous days) will dance with the King of the year. The Potion Shop 
    owner is king for the first year, so vote for someone else so that you can 
    choose the girl you want as your future wife as you dance partner.
    End of Spring - On Summer 9th the Vegetable Festival is held. Crops still 
    planted from the Spring die at the beginning of Summer, and you can't grow 
    anything in 8 days, so you need to save something from the Spring. Just pick 
    whatever vegetable you're growing, and keep it in your bag until the festival. 
    If you don't keep something, you can be a judge for the event, but you don't 
    really get to do anything. However, I havenít been able to win this even when I 
    saved something, so I donít know that itís possible to win the first year.
    7.2 Ė Summer
    Fireworks: Summer 1st - A fireworks display is put on at night. Each of the 
    girls can be found at a different location, so go where the girl is that you're 
    Karen is at the beach (go right from the Green Ranch).
    Elli is at her home at the bakery (I looked around 1000 times before I figured   
    this out. Too obvious for me...:)
    Ann is at the Green Ranch, head through the fences towards the barn.
    Maria is at the village square.
    Popuri is at the top of the mountain, but there's a trick to getting there. To   
    get where she is, you'll have to climb the tree to the left of the mountain   
    cave entrance using the A button. This puts you at the other side of the   
    broken bridge
    Vegetable Festival: Summer 9th Ė You can submit any vegetables you have left 
    over from the Spring harvests. However, I donít think you can win during the 
    first year. Either way, you get to judge the event, not that it counts for 
    anything. Just make sure to talk to everyone.
    Firefly Festival: Summer 17th Ė This takes place on the beach at night (after 
    6pm, I believe). Just make sure to talk to everyone there.
    Sea Festival: Summer 24th Ė To win the swimming race, press the A button as fast 
    as you can. My brother was able to do this by hitting the button as fast as he 
    could and won easily. When I tried it for some reason I didnít swim that fast. I 
    think I was pushing the button fast, but too erratically. When I switched my 
    technique and went at a more steady pace I won easily. It may have something to 
    do with timing yourself with the kicking on the screen. I suggest just hitting 
    as fast as you can, but if you have trouble make sure youíre not going nuts on 
    the button too much.
    7.3 Ė Fall
    Cow Festival: Fall 4th Ė You must have a fully grown cow (it gives milk) to 
    enter it. I donít think youíll be able to win this the first year either. If you 
    manage to win (next year), your cow will be able to give the $500 milk.
    Harvest Festival: Fall 12th Ė This is when the King for the next year is picked. 
    Every time I tried, Kai kept getting selected as King. I think this is 
    predetermined, so thereís not much you can do about it. Just talk with everyone. 
    After a while, Ann will be by the mayor, and you get a cake from her.
    Egg Festival: Fall 20th Ė This is an egg hunt. Just look around the boxes to 
    find the matching color egg. You do have a limited time for each match, but itís 
    usually more than enough. You can miss a few matches and still win. It doesnít 
    seem very hard. If you win, you get a red power nut which increases your total 
    Fall 23rd Ė I might be a day or two off here. Anyway, at some point the 
    carpenters will come by to tell you that they are rebuilding the bridge across 
    the mountain, and would like your help. Every day after, until the 27th, go to 
    the mountain to help out. Each day you work you get paid $1,000. No matter how 
    early you start you end work at 3:00pm. However, I think you can get a photo for 
    the album if you come early enough every day (anytime before noon, I think).
    Horse Race: Fall 28th Ė You can only race in 1 of the 3 races, and you cannot 
    bet on the one youíre participating in. The race youíre in seems to be selected 
    somewhat randomly.
    Racing is somewhat tricky. Pressing A makes you run, but also uses up your 
    stamina. A good tactic is to press A at a moderate speed, just enough to keep up 
    with the leader. Near the end of the race, when the crowd starts cheering, hit 
    the button faster, maybe as quick as you can. Assuming you donít run out of 
    energy, you should be able to win. Your speed and total energy is determined by 
    how well you take care of your horse. Read section 7.5 for details.
    Fall 30th Ė The head of the Green Ranch (Annís dad) will come over and as you to 
    take care of some extra cows. If you say yes, he will bring them over at the 
    start of Winter until the 4th or 5th. If you take good care of the 3 cows he 
    brings, youíll get $1,000 at the end.
    7.4 - Winter
    Winter 7th Ė An earthquake strikes at night! If you have the Greenhouse already, 
    it will probably knock down some of your crops, reducing the squares to plowed 
    fields. I lost only 2 vegetables, but my brother lost closer to 6.
    Thanksgiving: Winter 10th Ė Girls who like you will give you a cake. Just make 
    sure you talk to the girl you like to get a cake from her.
    Winter 11th Ė Mariaís birthday. Make sure to give her cake if youíre chasing 
    Winter 13th Ė I might be day or two off, but near this date the carpenters will 
    come over to tell you theyíre building a spa from the spring the appeared after 
    the earthquake. Like the bridge, youíll get $1,000 per day you show up the 
    mountain. Work ends at 3:00pm each day, until the 18th. I was able to get photo 
    after this was over, which may be determined by whether you show up early enough 
    each day.
    Dog Race: Winter 19th Ė Unlike horse racing, you have no control over how fast 
    your dog runs. How well it does is determined by how well you take care of your 
    dog (see section 7.5). Sometimes I came in 3rd, and other times I came in 6th. 
    It may be somewhat random, but I was never once close to beating the leader. 
    Either I didnít take good enough care of my dog, or itís not possible to win the 
    first year.
    Starry Night: Winter 24th Ė This takes place at the church. Just talk with 
    everyone before the music begins.
    7.5 Ė Caring for Animals (Winning the Festivals)
    To win festival events, you need to take care of your animals. Note that you 
    probably cannot enter the first horse race on Spring 17th.
    To care for your dog, put food in his dish as often as possible. You should also 
    whistle for him (so Iím told, I neglected to do this most of the year) and pick 
    him up at least once a day. You also need to bring him inside during bad 
    weather. Iím not sure what to do during the winter. At first I was leaving him 
    outside, but the Potion Shop owner brings his dog, Taro, inside every day. On 
    the other hand, Taro usually loses in the races.
    Once I got married to Ann, there were some occasions where my dog appeared 
    outside, so maybe she let him out. This may be a sign that you are to leave him 
    I wasnít able to win the Dog Races the first year, so Iím not sure whether I was 
    doing something wrong. I did forget to whistle for him most of the year, and I 
    was leaving him outside during the Winter, which Iím not sure is good or bad.
    The key to a happy horse is to brush it and talk to it every day. The brush is 
    $600 at the inventorís shop. Buy it as soon as you have extra cash. Once your 
    horse is big enough for you to ride and put crops on, make sure you ride on it 
    every day (since you can no longer talk to him).
    The better you treat your horse, the more total energy he will have when you 
    race. In the following year you should have him in good enough condition to push 
    the A button quickly without wearing him down too much, making it easier to win.
    To win the Cow Festival, you must have a cow in great condition. I would assume 
    this means it must give large $300 milk. Make sure to brush and talk to your 
    cows every day. Once they are large enough, also make sure to milk them. It may 
    also be possible that a cow that has given birth may be in somewhat better 
    condition, although this is only a theory.
    8.0 - Contributors/Contact Info
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    Please send any comments/feedback/suggestions. Contributors to this document 
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    First of all, thanks to everyone who e-mails us with tips. Sorry we canít reply 
    or credit everyone. Iíve been kind of slow on some updates (sorting which info 
    came from whom). If you donít see your name credited, itís probably because 
    someone sent in similar info before you, or had already discovered it by the 
    time I read your e-mail. If you have a complaint about your name listed/not 
    listed, etc. please e-mail me and Iíll try to work it out.
    Thanks goes out to:
    Jennifer for info about Karen
    Ninjadroz for talking about the invincible katori
    Kyle Mathis for sharing a typhoon experience
    Mad_bomber64 for info on Gray/Popuri
    Freddie for agreeing that pregnant cows aren't worth it
    CronoX2o0o for power nut info
    Giulio for recipes and other general info
    Catkin/Soccercat for lots of info on Karen and other stuff
    DaleLord for info on Maria, crop tips, and a power nut location
    Gran for pointing out some numbers
    Alex Barone for a correction on crop prices
    NateVader2 for some pricing information
    Jupiterstar and Rhi for more recipes and Cliff and Ann info
    Alvaro for girl and other info
    9.0 - Copyright/Disclaimer
    Copyright 1999. All rights reserved.
    This Tips/FAQ document is the property of it's author, Matthew Lam.
    This document is freely distributable, so long as it remains unedited.
     (i.e. Don't change a few things and say you wrote this.)
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    author is not responsible for any mental or physical trauma caused by reading
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