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    Secrets FAQ by Nintense

    Version: 1.019 | Updated: 07/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon 64 for the Nintendo 64 Entertainment System
    Secrets FAQ
    Version 1.019 - July 28th, 2001
    Written by Nintense
    Nintense@juno.com for specific things and stuff to be added.
    Note: If you e-mail me, please mention where you read this faq, thanks
    Note: I'm no longer interested in this game in the least, I just changed
          the stuff above.  There are plenty of great faqs for this game
          located on www.gamefaqs.com.  Go use those, thanks ;)
                               Harvest Moon 64
                                 Secrets FAQ
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Table of Contents <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
     1.) Introduction
     2.) Version History
     3.) Shop List
     4.) Photo Album
     5.) Power Nuts
     6.) Recipes
     7.) General Secrets/Tips
     8.) Make Da Girls Happy
     9.) Credits/Thanks
    10.) Rules of use/Legal
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Introduction <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
         This faq will mainly deal with the various items that are kept
    track of in your diary or on the charts in the kitchen.  It will also
    contain whatever else we decide is worthy to include.  Got anything
    you'd like to see included, then e-mail away ;)  Got any ideas for a
    new section, or would like to help us complete the current sections,
    then let us know.  You will of course be credited.  BTW, this happens
    to be Nintense's second faq, 5 happy points to anyone who knows what
    his other faq is ;p
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Version History <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
    Version 1.00000 -- This is the first edition baby, can't get much
         01/07/2000    better than this.
    Version 1.00800 -- Guess it can get better ;p  Added a few recipes,
         01/08/2000    some power nuts, some birth dates, it's all good
    Version 1.00900 -- Recipes are pretty much done, since I have the
         01/09/2000    feeling that #36-48 don't in fact exist.  Seems to
                       just be empty space in the recipe book.
    Version 1.01800 -- Added some stuff, changed some stuff, I'm thinking
         01/09/2000    of adding some more sections, anyone have any
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Shop List <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
    | Shop Info           | Item..................Price  Special Info     |
    | Flower Lillia       |                 --> SPRING <--                |
    | Open 9am to 5pm     | Turnip Seeds...........200G  Crops sell for   |
    | Closed Mondays      |                              60G each         |
    |                     | Potato Seeds...........200G  Crops sell for   |
    |    --> NOTES <--    |                              80G each         |
    |  All Spring crops   | Cabbage Seeds..........200G  Crops sell for   |
    |die off come Summer  |                              90G each         |
    |time, unless grown in| Moon-drop Seeds........300G  Die off come Fall|
    |a greenhouse.        | Grass Seeds............500G  Can be harvested |
    |                     |                              up until Winter  |
    |                     |                 --> SUMMER <--                |
    |                     | Tomato Seeds...........300G  Crops sell for   |
    |                     |                              90G each         |
    |                     | Corn Seeds.............300G  Crops sell for   |
    |                     |                              120G each        |
    |                     | Grass Seeds............500G  Can be harvested |
    |                     |                              up until Winter  |
    | Flower Bud Bakery   |
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Photo Album <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
         Here is a basic list of the various pictures you can get in your
    photo album, and how to get them.  As you can see, I've yet to find
    them all, so any help would be greatly apprectiated.
     1.) A picture taken together with grandpa. -=- Comes with the album
     2.) King at the planting festival  -=- You get this picture if you're
         homecoming king at the time of the planting festival.  You become
         king by finding a coin in the piece of cake Elli gives you at the
         Harvest Festival during Fall.
     3.) A photo commemorating victory at the local horse race -=- Simply
         win one of the many horce races you will be able to participate in
     4.) Picture with your cow and some girls -=- You get this picture a
         few days after the Cow Festival.  If your cow one, simply let it
         graze out in the field for a few days afterward.  A group of girls
         might come by and have their picture taken with you and the prize
         winning cow.
     5.) Winner at the swim meet -=- Win the swim meet that takes place at
         the Sea Festival
     6.) Celebrating completion of the hot springs -=- Given to you after
         you're done helping the carpenters build the hot springs on Moon
         Mountain.  I'm not sure if you have to help them every day in
         order to recieve this picture.
     8.) Wedding ceremony. In front of the church. -=- Just get married
     9.) After the baby was born -=- Get married, and eventually your wife
         should get pregnant, then you just have to wait a few seasons.
    11.) Blue-mist flower -=- The flower shop offers this special seed in
         the Summer, only from the second year on I believe.  Buy it, and
         Popuri will help you plant it, you can't miss one day of watering
         it or else the flower will die and you'll have to start over
         again.  Go there once it has bloomed, and you and Popuri will
         have your pictures taken.
    15.) Commemorating completion of home extension. -=- Buy all the home
         extensions that the carpenters offer, found on the poster in the
         back of the carpenter's shack.
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Power Nuts <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
         Here is a list of the various power nuts I have discovered and 
    once again, how to get them.  Looks like some are missing though eh?
     1.) Coming out from the farm -=- Found somewhere on the field located
         on your farm.  It seems to appear after a certain amount of 
         digging with the hoe on your field.  Just go about your normal
         business and you should find it sometime.
     2.) Received from water sprite at mountain pond -=- You get this for 
         throwing a large, blue fish into the small pond next to the 
         fisherman's tent.  Make sure you see a plop when you throw it in,
         if the fish just crumbles, you threw from a bad spot, try again.
         Note: Only try from 9am to 5pm.
     3.) It came out of the rock by the pond. -=- Use a level 3 hammer shot
         to break open the suspicious looking rock in the back of the pond,
         right next to the fisherman's tent.  You can only get to said rock
         during the winter though, when the pond has turned to ice.
     4.) It came out from the mine -=- Find by digging in the mine, which
         is only opened from the 8th on during the Winter.  I believe you
         have to make it down 3 levels before you can find it.
     5.) Received from the goddess of the spring. -=- You get this one from
         the harvest goddess in the small spring found to the West of the 
         carpenter's house.  You have to bring some sort of offering (a
         vegetable you grew) to her and throw it in while you have full
         stamina.  Which means you haven't done any sort of work yet that
         day.  She only appears from 9 to 5.  So go there right away in the
         morning and wait until 9am to throw in your vegetable.  Then wish
         for Strength.
     6.) Purchased at the Flower festival -=- Simply but it for 1000G from
         the con man dressed in a black suit.  He's located in the upper
         right hand corner of the Town Square, during the festival.
     7.) Item won at Egg Festival -=- You get this power nut for winning 
         the first Egg Festival.
     8.) The Blue Power Nut -=- This is a special power nut, I believe it
         makes you able to work just as long in the rain, as on any other
         day.  I belive you get this from throwing a red, medium sized fish
         into the pond behind the fisherman's tent.  You'll know you've
         done it right, if there is a small plop.  The frogman is only
         there from around 9 to 5 though.  A very small fish might work as
         well, but I haven't tested that.
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Recipes <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
         This is one of the best parts of the game in my opinion, quite a
    thrill to find a recipe, purely by accident.  The list is almost 
    complete, but is still missing a few, any help with those would be 
    greatly appreciated.  I'm not sure if there are actually 48 recipes, 
    but there is room for that many in the recipe book.  By the way, the
    recipes are listed in the same order they are listed in the recipe
    book.  Also note that the name the person gives you, and the name the
    recipe goes down as in the book are often different, and that it may
    take several tries before someone will give up a recipe, they usually
    have to like you first.
     1.) Crem of Turnip Stew -- Give a turnip to Maria's mom
     2.) Tomato Crem Soup -- Give a tomato to the shipper in the bar
     3.) Tomato Rice -- Give a tomato to Karen's mom
     4.) Simple Tomato Soup -- Give a tomato to the priest
     5.) Corn fritters -- Give some corn to Ann's father in the animal 
     6.) Corn pasta -- Give some corn to Popuri's dad
     7.) Mashed potato -- Give a potato to Ann
     8.) Fried potatos & bacon -- Give the mayor a potato
     9.) Twice-cooked tomatoes and greens -- Give a tomato to Popuri's mom
    10.) Garlic potato beef -- Give a potato to the mailman
    11.) Eggplant with misopaste -- Give an eggplant to the midwife
    12.) Rolled Cabbage -- Give a head of cabbage to Maria
    13.) Stuffed Omelet -- Give an egg to Ann's brother
    14.) Spa-poached egg -- Give an egg to the little boy in yellow
    15.) Handmade butter -- Give some milk to Rick, the tool shop owner
    16.) Mushroom rice -- Give a brown mushroom to the lead carpenter
    17.) Fried char -- Give a large fish to the fisherman
    18.) Grilled trout with cheese -- Give a big fish to the carpenter
         standing by the hot springs on Moon Mountain, you can find him 
         there after dark usually.  This is also the location with three 
         tree stumps before the springs are built.
    19.) Char stuffed with mushrooms -- Give a mushroom to one of the 
         worker carpenters
    20.) Steamed clams with wine -- Give some wild berries to Karen's 
    21.) Miso soup with sprouts -- Give some of the herbs found in the cave
         to the potion shop owner.
    22.) Sesame dandelion greens -- Give a medicinal herb to the souvenir 
         shop owner
    23.) Mushroom salsa -- Give a mushroom to the gnome in the cave
    24.) Strawberry Dog -- Give strawberries to the little boy in blue
    25.) Herb rice cake -- Give a green walnut to Elli's grandma.  She'll
         say it's a Walnut Cake, but it goes down as Herb rice cake in the
         recipe book.  Must be a mistake by the programmers.  Make sure you
         get this one after the Herb rice cake recipe from the old lady at
         the restaurant, #27 below.
    26.) Bread pudding -- Give some milk to Elli
    27.) Herb rice cake -- Nope, you ain't seeing double, this is the real
         herb rice cake recipe.  Give an edible herb to the old lady in the
         restaurant at the top of Moon Mountain.  I suggest you do this one
         right away, by climbing the tree next to the cave entrance.  I've
         had trouble getting this one after Elli's grandma is dead, so get
         it quick ;p
    28.) Potato Pancake -- Give a potato to the midwife's daughter, the 
         young girl in red (maybe she's a grandaughter)
    29.) Strawberry jam -- Give some strawberries to Popuri
    30.) Strawberry champagne -- Give some strawberries to Karen
    31.) Veryberry wine -- Give some wild veryberries to the purple bandana
         wearing vineyard worker
    32.) Spice tea -- Give an egg to Cliff, the guy with the bird, during
         the Winter time.
    33.) Hot spicy wine -- Give the wild grapes to the bartender
    34.) Cinnamon milk tea -- Give some milk to the bakery worker
    35.) Turnip & cabbage preserves -- Give a turnip to the man at the Moon
         Mountain restaurant
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> General Secrets/Tips <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
         Here are some basic tips and secrets that you might not have 
    known about before, but you probably did ;p
     1.) You can climb the tree near the entrance into the cave to get up
         to the top of the mountain before the bridge has been repaired.
     2.) This isn't really a secret, but...try and talk to and brush your
         cows, sheep, and horses everyday.  Makes them look purty and
     3.) If your cow wins the Cow Festival, the L size milk will goto G,
         which stands for Gold, and is worth $500 a pop.  It seems like
         your best bet at winning is to enter the cow that the kid who
         comes to your farm says to enter.
     4.) Once you've gotten a girl to the point where the heart in their
         text box is red, it means they're in love with ya.  A blue feather
         should be available from Rick's shop soon, use that to propose.
     5.) Need to know what an item is in your inventory?  Press the Z
         button while that item is highlighted.
     6.) The more you drink (ie. alcoholic drinks) during the year, the 
         longer you'll be able to go without passing out on New Years.  
         Karen particularly likes it if you outdrink her.
     7.) I'm not too sure about this, but it seems that if you whistle for
         your dog, then jump on your horse and let the dog chase you
         around, it gets a little more stamina each day, maybe this helps
         for the dog races.
     8.) Don't be so quick to hit reset at the end of your evaluation, the
         game asks if you'd like to continue after the credits have rolled.
     9.) You can find a broken music box hidden in the field on your farm.
         Follow the map below, and dig at the spot shown with your hoe 
         until you find it.  Basically, counting from the upper right hand
         corner of your field, closest to the tree and watering hole, you 
         go left 3 squares, and down 11.  X marks the spot on the map
         below.  Hopefully this map helps describe it, hehe.  I now believe
         this is what the map you can find in the tree on your farm is
         talking about.  After you've gotten the music box, you can take it
         to Rick, and he'll fix it, then you can give it to whatever girl
         you like I suppose.  I took it to my wife Karen, and she seemed to
         like it, I'm sure it'll raise a girl by a heart, but I can't be
                      BARN SILO CHICKEN     TREE
                                              --- R
          HOUSE                               -   I
                                              -   G
                                              -   H
          DOG              FIELD              -   T
         HOUSE                                -
                                              -   W
                                              -   A
                                              -   L
                                              -   L
    10.) Kazimadori -=- You can find this item at about 3 levels down in
         the mine.  Do enough mining and you should find it sometime, I
         didn't find it until my 3rd Winter.  It is called a weather vane
         in your items list.  Well, stop by Rick's and he might take it
         from you, saying that it was his grandmother's.  Beyond that, I
         have yet to get anything from it.
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Make Da Girls Happy <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
         Here is a very brief list of what you can do daily to make the 
    girls happy, happy eventually turns to love =)  I've decided to include
    there birthdays, just in case you wanna pop in on the special day.
     1.) Ann-=-The Ranch Girl--Not much you can do here, she's supposed
               to like it when you bring her animals, but I've never seen
               that affect her much.  Now, wool is a whole nother story,
               she loves the stuff.  If you ever have some extra wool lying
               around, bring it on down.  She enjoys a bit of corn now and
               then as well.
               Birthday: 14th of Summer
     2.) Elli-=-The Bakery Girl--She seems to like it when you buy cakes
                and other assorted items from her shop.  She likes it when
                you give them right back to her too.  She also talks about
                her father and fishing a lot, so it couldn't hurt to give 
                her fish once in a while.
                Birthday: 1st of Fall
     3.) Karen-=-The Vineyard Girl--She basically likes any sort of berry,
                 whether they be the purple very berries you find in the 
                 Spring, the wild grapes you find in Autumn, or 
                 Strawberries.  Probably a good idea to stock up on the
                 wild stuff before the end of the season.
                 Birthday: 29th of Winter
     4.) Maria-=-The Library Girl--This is one tough cookie, there isn't
                 much that Maria likes.  About all you can do is bring her
                 the insects you find flying (or lying) about.  I suppose
                 it helps to visit the library whenever you can too, she
                 seems to like that.
                 Birthday: 11th of Winter
     5.) Popuri-=-The Flower Girl--Yup, you guessed it, she likes flowers,
                  and lots of 'em, so keep 'em coming.  She seems to enjoy
                  strawberries as well.
                  Birthday: 22nd of Spring
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Credits/Thanks <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
         Well, most of the credit for this document would have to go to
    Nintense and Zodi, with Nintense doing most of the writing.  Special
    thanks goes out to Spaman, Klone, and iss98z for the info they
    contributed, and their moral support ;p
    HAHECOPYRIGHT99 for the Homecoming King album pic.
    ZanderT33 for the Cow pic info.
      .·´¯`·.¸¸.-> Rules of use/Legal <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.
         The only site that may have this faq posted is www.gamefaqs.com 
    and it's direct affiliates.  I'm sick of the lazy webmasters not taking
    the time to make sure they have the latest version of a faq posted. So,
    only Gamefaqs please.
         This text may not be placed on any sort of compilation cd, or be
    used to make a profit by any method.  If you're gonna use some of the
    information contained within this document, a bit of credit thrown our
    way would be much appreciated.  But remember, plagiarism is both 
    immoral and illegal.  Plagiarism of course meaning copying from this 
    text, word by word.
    ©Copyright 2000 - Nintense - All rights reserved

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