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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Croco

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/07/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    C    C   C   CCCC  C       C CCCCCC  CCCC  CCCCCCC
    C    C  C C  C   C  C     C  C      C         C      A FAQ/Walkthrough
    CCCCCC CCCCC CCCC    C   C   CCCC    CCCC     C         Created by:
    C    C C   C C   C    C C    C           C    C
    C    C C   C C   C     C     CCCCCC  CCCC     C           ~Croco~
     C   C   CCCC   CCCC  C   C      CCCC  C   C               ____
    C C C C C    C C    C CC  C     C      C   C       ______ /____\
    C  C  C C    C C    C C C C     CCCC   CCCCCC     /_______\|  |
    C     C C    C C    C C  CC     C   C      C      |   ___ ||  |
    C     C  CCCC   CCCC  C   C      CCC       C      |___|_|_||__|
     |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/  |/
    \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|  \|
     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    This document is Copyright 2000-2001 by Croco. Reproduction of this document in
    part or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden. If the
    reader wishes to use the FAQ for their personal and private use only, then a
    copy may be made.
    Special Features: *Detailed Crop Guide       *Detailed Marriage Guide
                      *Best Crops That Will Make the Most Cash
                      *In-Depth Walkthroughs for Fortune and Fun
                      *Tricks for Extra Stamina and Crops
                      *Detailed Shop Guide       *Character Guide
    Contact Me: croco64@yahoo.com (see Part 4, Section 3 for more info)
    This is the Final Version of the Croco FAQ/Walkthrough of Harvest Moon 64,
    Created 7/7/2001.
    Final Version - Update - Created 7/7/01
    Hello everyone, it's me again. The FAQ is already in its Final Version, but
    I've decided to make a few changes here and there. Whenever I go back and look
    at this FAQ, I notice that everything is quite cramped and hard to read. So,
    I've decided to space things out a bit. I'm also adding/removing a few tricks
    and tips that have been submitted. For instance, the Pink Heart trick
    officially doesn't work. Well, that's it. Toodles.
    Final Version- Created 11/16/00
    This is it. I've been working on this FAQ throughout the entire year, and now
    it's time to end. Only a few weeks after my last update, too... pretty good. In
    this final version, I've completed the first year of the Fortune Walkthrough,
    and have added a decent amount of entries to the Marriage Walkthroughs. To
    avoid just leaving them there, I've also included brief tips on what to do
    until the Spring of Year 2 for each Marriage Walkthrough. Well, that's all.
    Goodbye HM64 FAQ updates! I'll miss you... sniff...
    Version 2.2- Created 10/27/00
    OK, before I tell you what's new, I have some news: The next update will
    probably be the final update. Now, before you go crazy (or not caring), hear me
    out. The only stuff I have to finish for this FAQ is the walkthroughs. While
    many people enjoy reading these, I think that the information I present is
    getting somewhat redundant. I plan on finishing the Fame Walkthrough, and a
    couple of the Marriage Walkthroughs (they're the most popular), and get some
    more for all the others, but some will be incomplete. If you're mortally
    opposed to this, send me an e-mail, but look at both sides first. Anyway, in
    today's update I've completed the entire Fame Walkthrough, and I've also
    received some new tricks from Laura, a constant contributor to this FAQ.
    Version 2.1- Created 9/9/00
    It's been a while... a loooong while. But I'm finally back with another update.
    You may have noticed my new name... not really new though, I just took the "64"
    off. Hey, the Dreamcast came out a year ago to this day... remember? 9/9/99?
    Cool date. But now back to the update. New today is the 2nd Fall for the Fame
    Walkthrough, plus small updates to the marriage walkthroughs. Tres bon, non?
    Version 2.0- Created 6/27/00
    Well, I've finally gotten past the 1's and am into the 2's (regarding
    versions), and putting the finishing touches onto this FAQ. Anyway, I've gotten
    nice updates to all the Walkthroughs, especially the Fame Walkthrough. Oh yes,
    and I've started the Maria Walkthrough as well.
    Version 1.9- Created 5/21/00
    It's been over a month since my last update, so I bet that you think I've been
    working on something big, right? Wrong. The Ultimate Walkthrough isn't here
    yet, but I have started the Marriage Walkthroughs for Elli and Ann. I've also
    added a little bit onto the other walkthroughs. Finally, we've got some more
    stuff in the Gameshark Codes section. Expect the Ultimate Walkthrough to appear
    in my next update... whenever that is.
    Version 1.8- Created 4/15/00
    Hey! Version 1.8 already! Where does the time go? Speaking of time, I've used
    the time between the last update to add a couple new possesions and added more
    entries to all the walkthroughs. Sorry, no new marriage walkthroughs yet.
    Expect a new one soon, though. Also, check in Part 4 for my idea about an
    Ultimate walkthrough. Stay tuned!
    Version 1.7- Created 3/29/2000
    It's been a long, long time since the last update... an entire month! Some
    personal matters made me miss a couple weeks of work, but the newest update is
    here at last! Relish in the greatness of the new Gameshark Codes, A couple new
    Possessions, and additions to the walkthroughs. Have fun checking out the
    latest installment!
    Version 1.6- Created 2/28/2000
    This is it! It's finally here! The walkthrough you've all been waiting for...
    the Marriage Walkthrough! I'll take you though the first part of getting to
    know the girls. Eventually, I'll tell about the relative times of dreams,
    gifts, and other events. Enjoy! Also, the tool section now has a guide to how
    long it takes to power up tools, and some new Gameshark Codes can be found near
    the end. Oh, and by the way, the other two walkthroughs are still being updated
    too, so don't forget to check out their new stuff!
    Version 1.5-Created 2/23/2000                                              It
    looks like there's the fifth update here right now, and what a great time to
    read it! The Fame walkthrough has gone through the first Spring, Summer, Fall,
    and Winter while the Fortune walkthrough has gone through the Spring and part
    of Summer. We've also got some new frequently asked questions, so see if others
    have had your problem before e-mailing me. The possessions list has been added
    on a little, too.
    Version 1.4- Created 2/9/2000
    This brand-new version of the great Croco64 FAQ is finally here! Possibly the
    last new section is here: Possessions. Also, to keep you Walkthrough people
    well fed, I've added a few new entrees-I mean entries, to the two walkthroughs.
    Version 1.3- Created 1/30/00
    January is almost over, and here's the last update of the month. In it is the
    complete Photo Album guide, along with sections on Energy and Secrets. Both of
    the walkthroughs have new entries, too. Last, but not least, is the rumors
    section, found in Part 4, which will tell you about the rumors that are
    currently hot.
    Version 1.2- Created 1/23/00
    Whoops! I miscalculated some of the crop info, but now it's corrected, along
    with the new ultimate crop (sorry, it's not corn). I've also added some entries
    to both the walkthroughs and updated the FAQ section. Finally, I've added some
    new house addition info, got all the Recipes down, and started the "Photo
    Album" section.
    Version 1.1- Created 1/19/2000
    The first update! I've revised the entire thing, updating and correcting info.
    Also, I've added some new sections, which are Raising Animals, Festivals, Road
    to Marriage, Power Berries, and some of the House Additions. There also is some
    more stuff added onto the crop section, including strawberries, yearly nets,
    and best crop of the year. There's some minor changes and updates to the
    walkthroughs, too.
    Version 1.0- Created 1/11/2000
    The first part of my Strategy Guide, it includes the Table of Contents, Part 1,
    Part 2 Sections 1-6, Part 3's Fame Walkthrough (Spring and the beginning of
    Summer) and Fortune Walkthrough (beginning of Spring), and Part 4.
    UPDATE NOTICE: This update to the Final Version of the FAQ includes a new,
    easier to read format, new tricks, and the famous Croco logo at the bottom.
    Author's Note- Many people send me questions. While I am very happy that they
    do, a third of the time the answer is in the Frequently Asked Questions
    section. Another third the answer is in another part of the FAQ. The other
    third they can't be found and are worthy of sending in. I mean, I enjoy getting
    and reading your mail, but look for the answer here first! The FAQ section is
    the first place you should check for a problem, then try the other parts. It's
    not really that hard. I thank those of you that have already done this. I'm not
    trying to sound mean, but please try and look through the FAQ before e-mailing
    me. Thanks.
    I. Part 1
     1. Introduction
     2. Author's Note
     3. Story
     4. Changes from the Super NES Version and Things that Won't Work
    II. Part 2
     1. Objectives to Obtain
     2. Characters
     3. Places
      a. Farm
      b. Flower Bud Village
      c. Green Ranch/Beach
      d. Vineyard
      e. Moon Mountain
     4. Items
      a. Starting
      b. Other
     5. Growing Crops
      a. Growing Strategies
      b. Seasonal Crops
      c. Other Plants
     6. Foraging/Mountain Items
     7. Raising Animals
     8. Festivals
     9. Road to Marriage
     10. Berries of the Power Tree
     11. House Additions
     12. Recipes
     13. Photo Album
     14. Energy and Stamina
     15. Other Secrets
     16. Possessions
    III. Part 3
     1. Walkthrough: Fame
      a. Year 1
      b. Year 2
      c. Year 3
     2. Walkthrough: Fortune
      a. Year 1
     3. Walkthrough: Marriage
      a. Popuri
      b. Karen
      c. Elli
      d. Ann
      e. Maria
    IV. Part 4
     1. Additional Tips
     2. Frequently Asked Questions
     3. Rumors
     4. Gameshark Codes
     5. Closing/Thanks/Credits
    Where to Go:
    Part 1 is generally not needed information and may be skipped.
    Part 2 tells about the game and many of the things in it. If you have a problem
    that is in a section (look at the Table of contents), then this will be quick,
    easy to find info that goes into good detail.
    Part 3 is a walkthrough and has the specific events that happen throughout the
    year. If you're stuck with an event, or want to be guided through the game,
    look here.
    Part 4 contains questions and tips that might solve additional problems that
    you may have.
    If you can't find what you need in any of these sections, feel free to send me
    an e-mail and I'll try to answer it.
    Special Notice: Throughout this FAQ there will be some things that are rated
    from 1 to 10. If you see one of these, be sure to note that 1 is the lowest and
    10 is the highest.
                   - - - - - - - - - - PART 1 - - - - - - - - - -
                                  - INTRODUCTION -
       Harvest Moon 64 is a game like few others. In most games there is a set path
    that you must stay pretty close to if you want to finish the game. Yet Harvest
    Moon is different; it offers you a certain freedom of doing whatever you want.
    You can plant your crops in different patterns, decide if you want to raise
    animals, think about marriage, or just sit around at the hot spring all day.
    The number of possible ways to go through this game is just enormous. You could
    become the rich miser that owns the farm down the road, the friendly guy who
    likes to chat with everyone, or the pathetic ranch owner who killed his last
    five chickens. Chances are, you won't want to be the last of those things. This
    strategy guide will help you become either rich or loved by your neighbors (or
    both). Harvest Moon is an interesting game, but a challenging one if you don't
    know what to do.
                                - AUTHOR's NOTE -
       As my first time writing an FAQ (yes, I know, ANOTHER first-time writer),
    I'm having a lot of work to do. I'm a veteran of the SNES Harvest Moon, so I
    became pretty good pretty quickly at the new N64 version. I'm no ultimate
    master of Harvest Moon Land, but I think my experience will lend a nice helping
    hand to the newbies who have never seen Harvest Moon before or some players who
    discovered they had a problem. Now, why did I write this? What I'm writing this
    for is the lack of a real quality FAQ here. The other ones are great, don't get
    me wrong,  but they just didn't have the detail, the needed information that is
    sometimes needed. I came one day to see if I could find out why my chicken
    died. I fed it, so I thought it should have lived. But, unfortunately, this is
    the kind of information I got:
         Chickens: They lay eggs.
         Sheep: I'm not sure what they do yet.
         Cows: I heard someone say there were cows in the game.
    This wasn't sufficient. After I finally discovered why my chickens were dying,
    and many other things, I set out to create the perfect FAQ. Well, at least try
    anyway. In this FAQ/Walkthrough I'm going to try to go into as much detail as I
                                     - STORY -
    Natsume opted to go with the story presented in the Game Boy Harvest Moon
    rather than the old SNES story. The story might not be one of HM's strong
    points, but here it goes. This can also be pretty well explained in the opening
    sequence of the game.
    Tragically, one day your beloved grandfather dies. He owned the farm near a
    remote country village, but in his older days never could keep it together. You
    enjoyed spending a lot of time with him, so you decided that you would take
    over the farm and try to make it prosperous as it was a long time ago. With
    only your Grandfather's trusty dog, his small cottage, barn, and field, you try
    to become a rich, famous ranch owner.
                        - CHANGES FROM THE SNES VERSION -
                          (and things that won't work)
    While the basic principles and things are quite similar in the two main
    versions of Harvest Moon, many things have changed. Besides some nice extra
    features, veterans may want to look here and see a few changes that you might
    want to know and will prevent you from messing up.
    - Night Ends: My first day I stayed up the entire night, thinking that it
      wouldn't end like in the original. All I got was a few extra hours of work
      a tired character. You have to go to bed now!
    - Power-Up Tools: Instead of Dwarves giving you super tools, you'll have to
      them. Frequent use results in better tools.
    - Different Locations: If you wanted to give a girl flowers in the original,
      could rely on her being in generally the same place every day. Now, many
      characters will go to the beach, mountain, or other places.
    - Fences: You don't need fences to protect your crops anymore. The use of a
      fence is to keep chickens outside at night, something you would never dream
      doing in the earlier versions.
                   - - - - - - - - - - PART 1 - - - - - - - - - -
                                   - OBJECTIVES -
    Here's what you want to accomplish in Harvest Moon (much of this was taken from
    the Instruction Manual):
      *Clear Your Land
      *Grow Crops
      *Raise Animals
      *Make Friends
      *Get Married
      *Make Money
      *Have fun!!!
    If you want to have a successful game, then you will have to complete each of
    these properly.
                   - - - - - - - - CHARACTERS - - - - - - - -
    These characters will be who you meet in the town, mountain, and surrounding
    areas. You'll need to get to know them, as it would be impossible to have a
    successful game without them!
    Key: *Friendly  ^Somewhat friendly  -Not Friendly
    Jack- This is you. Officially, the name is Jack, but in the game (and I think
       the Instruction Manual) there is no reference to this name, so feel free to
       name him whatever you want. In this FAQ, he will be referred to as "You"
       rather than Jack.
    Jiro, Your Dog- Your Grandfather's old dog that you've taken now that he has
       passed away. He hasn't much use, but take him in when it's going to rain if
       you want him to be happy. He also makes many of the girls in town happy,
       along with lots of the townsfolk (Even Ann's Brother!!!).
    Your Horse- Your trusty steed. For more info, check out Part 2, Section 7
       (Raising Animals).
    ^Mailman- He wanders around most of the day, and you'll meet up with him. His
       conversations are rather boring, but he's very nice once you get to know
       If you are dating Maria, chances are he'll start to get a grudge against
       as he likes her (he'll reveal tidbits of their relationship if you become
       friends). His name is Harris.
    ^Ranch Owner- Owns the Green Ranch South of your own ranch. He'll be happy to
       sell you some animals and will even let you take one of his horses horses.
    *Ann- Ann's father owns the ranch, and she loves animals. She'll spend most of
       her time out in the fields of Green Ranch with her brother and the animals.
       On rainy and snowy days she'll be in the barn. Can play the flute.
    -Ann's Brother- Ann's unfriendly brother won't say much and will be hard to
       please. He got injured in a horse accident long ago, and hasn't been very
       nice since. But remember, you can become friends with anyone in this game if
       you try! His name is Gray.
    *Lillia- The owner of the Flower Shop in Flower Bud village. She'll be there
       most of the day. She loves Spring but detests winter.
    *Popuri- Lillia's daughter. She hangs around the flower shop. She's a good
    ^Lillia's Husband- A wandering traveler that leaves in the Fall and returns in
       the Spring. His name is Basil.
    ^Parson- Spends all his time in the church, even usually on festival days. He
       also educates the children.
    ^Bar Owner- Spends his nights serving at the bar. Isn't seen much anywhere
    ^Rick- Runs the Tool shop and is Ann's cousin.
    ^Craft Shop Owner (Saibaru) - Runs the Craft shop adjacent to Rick's Tool shop.
    ^Bakery Owner- Worker at the Bakery and can sometimes be found relaxing at the
       bar. I believe his name is Jeff.
    *Elli- Works at the Bakery and enjoys when people snack on the food. She's also
       very good at playing the flute. Her father died a long time ago, and she now
       lives at the Bakery in town.
    ^Elli's Grandmother- Sits in a rocking chair outside the bakery and doesn't
       really do much besides reminiscing on the past. She seems to be accumulating
       quite a few years...
    ^Maria- Shy library keeper that enjoys to read. Daughter of the Mayor. She also
       can play the organ at the church quite well.
    *Mayor- Mayor of Flower Bud Village. He will ask you to come to many of the
       festivals and will make many announcements.
    ^Mayor's Wife- Usually stays at home and accompanies the mayor at festivals.
    ^Midwife- Lives in the South part of town and will deliver children.
    ^Potion Shop Owner- Makes potions with the help of special herbs. He's very
       popular with many of the villagers.
    *Child #1 (Red Hair)- Likes animals a lot. Will sometimes tell you about
       festivals. His name is Kent.
    *Child #2 (Black Hair)- Likes Flowers a lot. His name is Stu.
    ^Child #3 (Girl)- Daughter of the Buyer, granddaughter of the Midwife. Her name
       is May.
    ^Buyer- Collects your products from your farm. He can also be found at the bar
       on many nights.
    Taro- The Potion shop owner's dog was born around the same time as your dog.
    ^Fisherman- Fishes in the river and encourages you to fish. His name is Greg.
    -Vineyard Owner- Owner of the Vineyard that constantly gets in fights with
    -Karen- Daughter of the Vineyard owner and rude to strangers. Works at the bar
       on some nights. Likes Wine and Berries.
    ^Karen's Mother- Not very talkative, and seems sad, perhaps from her husband's
       and daughter's poor relationship.
    *Kai- Vineyard worker who is quite friendly. He's from a town far away. Often
       can be found at the bar.
    ^Chief Carpenter- Lives at the mountain's base and will extend your house.
    ^Other Carpenters- Live with the chief carpenter and can be found outside in
       forest cutting wood.
    ^Cliff- Seems rude, but is he? He hangs around the mountain and likes to fish.
       He may even share some fish with you.
    ^Dwarves/Elves/Sprites- They were dwarves in the first game, but their pointed
       ears point toward their elven heritage. Their official names are Sprites,
       I'll refer to them as elves. Anyway, they hang around in the mountain cave
       near the carpenter's house.
    ^Restaurant Owner- On the summit, the kindly owner of the restaurant stays.
       been lonely since the bridge was out, so pay him a visit.
    ^Restaurant Owner's Wife- Living with her husband, she occupies the restaurant
       near the summit. She is very forgetful.
    ^Photographer- Only shows up to take pictures for your photo album.
    ^Festival Girls- These three girls only show up at festivals, because it seems
       that they're from out of town.
    ^Rich Couple- These people too only show up on festival days. The wife somewhat
       resembles the Restaurant owner's wife.
    ^Wanderer- This strange-looking guy appears at the Flower Festival and offers
       sell you a "Power Nut". He also sells other things, but be careful, because
       it may be a scam!
                     - - - - - - - - PLACES - - - - - - - -
    While the places to go in Harvest Moon may not be gigantic, it provides plenty
    of options. Each of these places will be visited numerous times throughout your
    game for various reasons.
                                    *   *   *
    A. FARM- Your Farm is where you'll wake and go to sleep. You can also raise
    crops, animals, and a family here.
    1. Your House: It may be small, but your little house is your castle. There are
    quite a few things to be found here.
    *Book- Your Book near your bed will provide statistics and other valuable 
    -Write in Diary: This option will make you go to bed. I find that you should
    generally write in your diary every night. If you don't write in your diary,
    and you do something you wish you rather had not, it's easier to hit the reset
    button if you'll only be losing that day compared to a week. The only time you
    shouldn't write in it is when you're not sure if you've made a good decision
    with something and want to see how it works out. Then you are able to abort it
    if you need to.
    -Tool Notebook: If you're new to Harvest Moon, it'd be a good idea to check out
    this handbook to many of the items you find in the game.
    -Estimate: This will tell you your Dog's and Horse's names, how
    Cows/Chickens/Sheep you have, how much lumber you have, how much fodder you
    have, and your money. It's Good to check this every once in a while.
    -Photo Album: If you do something memorable (like win the swimming or the horse
    race) then the photographer will show up to take a picture commemorating the
    event. Look in here to see the pictures.
    *Calendar: Take a look at this to see the layout of the month. You can also put
    symbols on certain days. Here's what I use them for.
    -Cake: My Birthday, another's birthday, or some festival that has to do with
    -Heart: Some day that has something to do with a girl (birthdays), or a
    festival like that.
    -Spade: Festival
    -Exclamation Point: Festival
    -Cow: When I'm going to buy a cow, when a cow is going to have a baby, or the
    Cow Festival/Animal Related Festival (Dog or Horse Race, maybe).
    *TV: Your TV has four channels that you'll want to watch.
    -Channel 1 (Weather): Check this every day to see if you want to keep your
    animals inside or not. It also tells about disasters such as typhoons.
    -Channel 2 (News): This will tell you about festivals. If you don't know when a
    festival is, look at this station. Otherwise, watch it every once in a while.
    -Channel 3 (Educational): A girl and her brother discuss farming techniques and
    a few other topics. If you're new to this game, watch the channel a lot. Even
    if you think you know everything, there might be something on here that might
    surprise you.
    -Channel 4: Nothing but static. But could there be more?...
    -Note: Your TV will display a test pattern after 12:00. Be sure to get inside
    at a reasonable time if there's something you want to watch.
    *Tool Box: Store some of your items in here. Once you get to many to carry,
    this will be the place you put 'em.
    2. Barn/Silo/Stable- Your animals will be kept here, along with your fodder
    (excluding chicken fodder).
    *Stable- Your Horse will stay here, so don't worry about taking it inside
    during rain or even typhoons.
    *Cow/Sheep Barn- Your two most profitable animals will live in here. There's a
    handy spout in the back where fodder comes out. Also in the back is a stall
    where a pregnant cow can stay and give birth. You can have up to eight
    cows/sheep total.
    *Silo- This is where the cut grass is kept. Check the sign to see how much you
    have. You can pull fodder from the front, but there is little reason to do so.
    *Chicken Coop- Chickens stay here. There's no fodder spout because chickens eat
    a special fodder that can be purchased at the Green Ranch. You can have up to
    six chickens, and can raise your own in the incubator in the back.
    *Lumber Box- Take lumber out of here to make fences. You can check to see how
    much you have by reading the hard-to-see sign next to it.
    3. Field- Your Field/Land, where you grow the crops, will be smothered in
    debris. Here's the tools you should use to clear it:
    (Note- this is for un-upgraded tools. Check the "Items" section later in this
    Part for more detail)
     -Stump: 6 chops with Axe (as a bonus, you get six pieces of wood!)
     -Boulder: 6 swings with Hammer
     -Rock: 1 swing with Hammer/Throw into Pond
     -Weed: 1 swipe with Sickle/Throw in Pond/Throw on Ground
    *Shipping Bin- This is where all of your crops go. There are similar ones in
    the cow/sheep barn and chicken pen, and it doesn't matter if you put crops,
    eggs, milk, etc. in one or the other. The shipper comes at 5 o'clock, but you
    don't have to be at the farm to get paid.
    *Mailbox- Near the Entrance is your mailbox, and used with the TV, you'll be
    kept up to date on all matters. The mailbox usually tells of festivals, but it
    also can have letters from friends, announcements of new items in a shop, or
    ads. The mail comes in the morning, despite the fact the mailman doesn't show
    up until the afternoon.
    *Pond- The Pond south of your barn/silo will be where you want to go to refill
    your watering can and to throw stones/weeds.
    *Doghouse: This is where your dog will stay during the night, so you don't have
    to take him inside.
                                   *   *   *
    B. FLOWER BUD VILLAGE- Many of the townspeople reside here, and this is where
    most of your shopping will be done. There are two areas of Flower Bud Village:
    the North side of Town and the South side of Town. They are separated by a
    small stream and can both be accessed from the central path. The North is where
    you'll go more often and in my opinion, better looking than the south side.
    Note that all of the shops, Including the Green Ranch, are closed on Festival
                                   -North Side-
    1. Lillia's Flower Shop: Open 9 am - 5 pm, Closed Sundays
    Lillia's Flower Shop is the place to go if you want to buy seeds for crops,
    grass, or flowers. Lillia runs the shop, and her husband and daughter are
    usually in here. Here's the seeds you can purchase. (for more information on
    this, go to the "Growing Crops" section later in this Part)
    Turnip:       Available- Spring           Price: 200 gold
    Potato:       Available- Spring           Price: 200 gold
    Cabbage:      Available- Spring           Price: 200 gold
    Flower:       Available- Spring           Price: 200 gold
    Tomatoes:     Available- Summer           Price: 300 gold
    Corn:         Available- Summer           Price: 300 gold
    Eggplants:    Available- Fall             Price: 300 gold
    Grass:        Available- Spring/Summer    Price: 500 gold
    Strawberries: Available- Winter           Price: 500 gold
    2. Church: Open pretty much all day (locked at night)
    The church, next to the Flower Shop, also doubles as a school. Go during
    weekdays to observe the local children being taught. On Sundays, it would seem
    that the Church would be more crowded, but few people go. In this game, the
    church doesn't serve much purpose regularly, but some festivals and weddings
    will be held here.
    3. Bar: Open 6 pm - 12 pm, Closed Sundays
    The profitable bar is where many residents go after a hard days work. If you
    want to visit someone, particularly Karen, then you can go here. You can also
    find Kai, Cliff, the Vineyard Owner, the Bakery Owner, the Buyer, the Green
    Ranch owner, the Mailman, and Ann's brother here, but they don't always come.
    The drinks sold here can help lift your stamina. Also, the more you drink the
    more you can drink at the New Year's festival.
    Wine: 300 gold
    Liquor: 300 gold
    Beer: 350 gold
    Milk: 150 gold
    Water: 0 gold
    4. Town Square: Open All day, All night
    The town square is where most of the festivals are held. When you vote for the
    Queen of the Flower Festival, you vote here. It is also the entryway to the
    racetrack, but you can't go there on most days.
    5. Rick's Tool Shop: Open 10 am - 6 pm, Closed Weekends and Wednesdays
    Rick, the proprietor of the tool shop, sells his wares here. You'll get much of
    the farming equipment that you'll need, such as shears and brushes, at this
    store. He also sells some gimmick items, such as a carpet for your house.
    Unfortunately, Rick sometimes closes the shop on days that aren't featured on
    the sign, which can leave you frustrated when you need something. Here's some
    of the things he sells: (check the section "Items" later in this Part for more
    information on the things he sells) (Y1/Y2=year)
    Brush:          Available- 3rd of Spring (Y1)     Price- 1000g
    Wool Cutters:   Available- When you buy a sheep   Price- 1000g
    Room Organizer: Available- Summer (Y1)            Price- 2000g
    Carpet:         Available- 1st of Fall (Y1)       Price- 3000g
    Blue Feather:   Available- Girl with Red Heart    Price-  980g
    6. Craft Shop: Open 9 am - 5 pm, Closed Weekends and Mondays
    The Craft Shop, or the shop adjacent to the Tool shop, sells things that you
    don't necessarily need, but might want for fun. Here's what he has.
    Pot:      Available- Spring (Y1)                  Price: Not for Sale
    Ocarina:  Available- Fall (Y1)                    Price: 1200g
    Dyed Pot: Available- Give Craft Owner Blue Stone  Price: 2000g
    7. Bakery: Open 9 am - 5 pm, Closed Mondays
    The pleasant Bakery, where Elli and the Bakery owner stay, is filled with
    sweets and treats. However, none of these are needed. You can order from the
    counter or from the menu, and this is particularly done to impress Elli, but
    can be done to fill up stamina. Also, for every cake you purchase you get a
    sticker (just like every flower package you purchase). For every ten stickers
    you have, you can get 1 raffle ticket at the end of the year.
    Cake:   300 gold
    Pie:    350 gold
    Cookie: 300 gold
    Tea:    150 gold
    Water:    0 gold
    8. Racetrack: Open only on Horse and Dog Racing Days
    The Racetrack will open on Horse and Dog race days. See the section "Festivals"
    later in this Part for more information on what goes on here.
                                   -South Side-
    1. Library: Open 9 am - 5 pm, Closed Mondays
    The Library has little to do. You don't actually read the books, but just check
    what they're about. And doing so doesn't increase your intelligence or
    anything. In fact, the only reason to go to the library is to see Maria,
    because she likes to hang out here. The Library is also closed from the 1st to
    the 10th in Summer and Winter.
    2. Midwife: Open All day (Not night)
    The Midwife will deliver your children, but doesn't provide much (even a good
    conversation) before you need her.
    3. Potion Shop: Open Pretty Much All Day
    The Potion shop is where you should go if you get sick (a result of not getting
    enough sleep, working too hard, or working hard in the rain). You can buy
    medicine here.
    Prevention- This prevents you from getting sick.       Price: 1000g
    Medicine- Heals you if you're sick.                    Price: 1500g
    4. Mayor's House: Open All Day
    The Mayor's luxury estate is secluded from the rest of the town. You won't be
    able to do much here except talk to the mayor's wife and occasionally the mayor
    5. Cemetery: Open All Day, All Night
    The small cemetery is where your grandfather is buried. If one of your animals
    die, you'll have an early morning funeral here with the parson and the Green
    Ranch owner.
                                      *   *   *
    C. GREEN RANCH/BEACH- The local Animal farm, the Green Ranch, is located near
    the beach and is where many friends can be found.
    1. The Green Ranch: Open 8 am - 5 pm, Closed Thursdays
    The Green Ranch is the farm just south of yours, but instead of growing
    vegetables, they concentrate solely on raising animals. Although they're
    competition, they don't pose any threat to you and will be happy to sell you
    animals and feed. Here's what you can get:
    Chicken Fodder: Use- Feed Chickens               Price: 10g per package
    Cow Feed:  Use- Feed Cows when grass is scarce   Price: 30g per package
    Medicine:  Use- Cures sick cows/sheep            Price: 1000g
    Chicken:   Use- Animal                           Price: 1500g
    Sheep:     Use- Animal                           Price: 4000g
    Cow:       Use- Animal                           Price: 6000g
    2. Beach: The Beach can be found by heading east immediately after entering the
    Green Ranch (don't go past the sign). It's usually empty, but you can sometimes
    find someone down there (particularly Karen). Many of the Summer festivals are
    held down here.
                                      *   *   *
    D. VINEYARD- The Vineyard, found on the trail going up the hill from the
    central path, is where the area's wine is made. Karen, her family, and Kai are
    usually here. Even though it makes wine, the only place you can get it is the
    bar (unless you decide to steal some from the wine cellar. If you really want
    to, bring a bottle and press A while next to one of the wine barrels). However,
    if you give some of the people here wild grapes, you may get rewarded.
                                      *   *   *
    E. MOON MOUNTAIN- The Mountain is the rugged wilderness that can actually be
    quite profitable. It is a large area, where many people who enjoy nature go.
    1. Fisherman's Tent: The Fisherman lives here, but if you're looking for him,
    check by the river. If it's the first time you meet him, he'll give you a
    fishing pole to go fishing. If you missed what he said, stand by water and
    press B to cast and hold it. Release it when you see your line tug. There is
    more on fish in the "Foraging/Mountain Items" section later in this part.
    2. Spring Area: North of the fisherman's tent and up the trail is a small area
    where you can chop wood (or after the spring is built refresh your stamina) or
    find seasonal plants.
    3. River: The river is a good place to fish, and walnuts often wash up on its
    shores in the Summer.
    4. Carpenter's House: Open 8 am - 6 pm, Closed Tuesday
    The Carpenters live here. You can build additional rooms onto your house if you
    have enough gold and lumber. It's open most of the day.
    Kitchen:      Gold- 5000    Lumber- 450
    Bathroom:     Gold- 3000    Lumber- 300
    Stairs:       Gold- 1500    Lumber- 150
    Greenhouse:   Gold- 30000   Lumber- 580
    Log Terrace:  Gold- 7000    Lumber- 350
    Baby Bed:     Gold- 1000    Lumber- 200
    The carpenter's also work on many projects throughout the year, and they ask
    for your assistance. Helping them is nice, and they'll pay you, too.
    5. Cave: The cave is where the Elves/Dwarves live and where the Potion shop
    owner goes to get some herbs. He will be happy if you deliver some medical
    herbs to him. In the winter you can also mine here for minerals.
    6. Grove: West of the Carpenter's house is a tranquil little grove with birds,
    flowers, and stream, and seasonal fruits. Some elders tell tales of seeing a
    magical being appear from the pond there...
    7. Summit: The Summit of Moon Mountain is a nice open area found after the
    bridge. If you wanted to know, it's 800 meters tall.
    8. Restaurant: The Restaurant owner and his wife live here.
                       - - - - - - - - ITEMS - - - - - - - -
    Items will help you out with the work that's to be done on the farm. There are
    other items that are sold at shops or found places that can add a little fun.
    There is a set of five tools that you start out with, but many more can be
                                     *   *   *
    A. STARTING TOOLS: When you first begin a game, these five lonely tools will be
    all you have to work with. Each of these items can be upgraded by frequent use.
    The Tool Manual next to your bed will tell you about the tools, too.
    The Order in Which the Tools Power Up (from fastest to slowest)
              -Watering Can
    1. The Axe - Use It On: Stumps - Level Up: 450 Uses
    The Axe can be used to chop wood. The You can't cut down a tree, but any stumps
    you find (many of which litter your farm's field and the mountainside) can be
    chopped. You get six pieces of wood for each stump, which magically transport
    back to your lumber bin behind your chicken coop. While using the axe or
    hammer, you cannot move or you'll have to chop six times again. Stay still
    while doing your work.
    Standard Axe (L1)-  Swings: 6
    Silver Axe   (L2)-  Swings: 2
    Golden Axe   (L3)-  Swings: 1
    2. The Hammer - Use It On: Boulders, Rocks - Level Up: 100 uses
    The Hammer smashes the rocks and large boulders found on your farm. The only
    purpose for smashing rocks is the clear the land. It works much like the Axe,
    only on rocks. It can also fix tilled soil so it is no longer tilled.
    Standard Hammer (L1)-  Swings: 6
    Silver Hammer   (L2)-  Swings: 2
    Golden Hammer   (L3)-  Swings: 1
    3. The Hoe - Use It To: Till Soil -
    The Hoe tills the soil of your fields so you can plant crops. Crops can only be
    planted in tilled areas, so you'll get a lot of use out of this. You can also
    dig up seeds if you accidentally plant where you don't want to.
    Standard Hoe   (L1)-  Tills: 1 Square                                   Silver
    Hoe     (L2)-  Tills: 3 Squares (Row)
    4. The Sickle - Use It To: Cut Grass/Weeds - Level Up: 200 uses
    The Sickle can be used to chop weeds, but this is discouraged because it wastes
    stamina. Another use of the sickle is to cut your grass. You're grass, like
    wood, will magically transport to the silo. You can also use the sickle to cut
    plants. The diagram clarifies the cutting abilities of the L2 and L3 sickles on
    a 9x9 area of grass.
    Standard Sickle (L1)- Cuts: 1 Square
    Silver Sickle   (L2)- Cuts: 3 Squares
    Golden Sickle   (L3)- Cuts: 9 Squares
    Diagram 1:
    (--= your position, always facing down / ||=cut grass / []=uncut grass)
    L1:  --     L2:  --   L3: (Positioned on Center square)
       []||[]      ||||||       ||||||
       [][][]      [][][]       ||||||
       [][][]      [][][]       ||||||
    5. The Watering Can - Use It To: Water Crops - Level Up: 600 Uses
    This will be a frequently used item, as you need to water every one of your
    crops. The Watering can works in the same fashion as the sickle, so Diagram 1
    should apply to the watering can, too (except that you stand in the normal
    position, above the top center square, for the L3 watering can). If you run out
    of water, head to your pond to fill it up.
    Standard Watering Can (L1)- Waters: 1 Square
    Silver Watering Can   (L2)- Waters: 3 Squares
    Golden Watering Can   (L3)- Waters: 9 Squares
    It is possible to level up all of your tools in one
     day/night. It takes a LOT of time and patience though, and I mean a LOT!!
    ! Either go into the bakery
     during the day or into the bar at night, and use your
     tools on nothing until you
    get tired. Drink water each time you are too tired
     to continue using the tool
    (10-40 drinks) then use them again until you're too
     tired. Repeat this
    process until the tool levels up. This is very useful for you millionaire
    aspires. By doing this you will more then likely be too sick to work the next
    day (which is why you should do it the first
     day). This is how many times I had to use my tools to level them up...
    Watering can: 600 times for level 2 and 600 times
     (using it at level 2) for
     level three
    Hammer: 100 times for level 2 and 100 times (at
     level 2) for level 3
    Axe: 450 times for level 2 and 450 times (at level 2)
     for level 3
    Sickle: 200 times for level 2 and 200 times (at
     level 2) for level 3
    (You shouldn't level up your hoe because to find the power
     berry you must dig in only one spot at a time).
    This process takes hours to complete and like I said you will
     most likely be sick the
     next day, so it may not be the best for every one.
    STAMINA CONSERVATION TRICK: If you find yourself low on stamina and
    accidentally tilled a square of soil that you didn't want to, you can clear it
    without using up stamina. Take a piece of your fence or a rock, and throw it
    over the unwanted tilled land. Lift it up, and it will no longer be tilled.
    PLANTING TRICK: Once you get the Golden Watering Can, you no longer need to
    reach every side of your crops. Making only one side accessible will not only
    allow you to plant on the edge of the map, but also plots side by side. This
    trick doesn't work in the summer, though, when the crops stay the whole season.
                                    *   *   *
    B. OTHER ITEMS: The other items you find in the game range from the handy
    cow-scrubbin' brush to the musical Ocarina. There are many items to be found,
    but many of them come at a price!
    (Note- For info on items found in shops, go to the section "Places" earlier in
    this Part)
    (Needed is a rating of how much you need the item, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1
    being the lowest and 10 being the highest)
    1. Brush- Found: Rick's Tool Shop - Use: Brush your Horse, Sheep, and Cows
              Price: 1000g - Available: Spring 3rd, Y1 - Needed: 9
    If you want to have animals on your farm, you should definitely pick up the
    Brush. Your horse will need to be brushed every day if it wants to get big
    enough to carry you and saddlebags around, which makes farming a lot easier.
    Cows and Sheep need to be brushed if you want quality milk and wool.
    2. Fishing Pole- Found: Given by Fisherman - Use: Fish for Fish
                     Price: Free - Available: Spring 3rd, Y1 - Needed: 4
    You can do perfectly fine without a fishing pole, but fishing is a fun way to
    pass some time and make a nice amount of money at the same time. But, it really
    does pass the time, as fishing is unreliable and may take only a few seconds,
    or maybe a few hours. Visit the fisherman and he'll give it to you.
    3.  Bottle- Found: Rick's at Festivals - Use: Stores Liquids
                Price: 1000g - Available: Flower Festival - Needed: 6
    The Bottle is a special item first sold at the Flower Festival that can hold
    liquids such as Medicine and Water. It should be bought when you have the cash
    because you can hold medicine in it. If you can't afford it, remember that it
    also shows up at some other festivals.
    4. Animal Medicine- Found: Green Ranch - Use: Cures Animals - Needed: 3
                        Price: 1000g - Available: After 1st Animal Purchase
    When your Cow or Sheep gets sick, you'll need this medicine. It's always nice
    to have a bottle handy, but it isn't needed if you take good care of your
    5. Bell- Found: Green Ranch - Use: Calls Cows/Sheep - Needed: 6
             Price: Free - Available: After 1st Cow/Sheep Purchase
    The Bell works similar to the whistling you use to call your dog and horse.
    After you buy your first Cow or Sheep, the friendly Green Ranch owner will
    throw in the Bell free of charge.
    6. Wool Cutters (Shears) - Found: Rick's Tool Shop - Use: Cuts Wool
             Price: 1000g - Available: After 1st Sheep Purchase - Needed: 8
    The Wool Cutters, or the shears as they're more commonly called, cut the
    sheep's wool and are essential if you want to make any money off of your sheep.
    You don't need them until your sheep is grown up, however, so you don't have to
    have them the second you get a sheep.
    7. Milker- Found: Rick's Tool Shop - Use: Milks Cows - Needed: 8
               Price: 1800g - Available: After 1st Cow Purchase
    Like the Shears, the Milker is needed if you want to make any money off of your
    cows. Also like the Shears, you don't need them until your cow gets big. If you
    don't have the cash, save some up while your cow grows.
    8. Chicken Feed-  Found: Green Ranch - Use: Feeds Chickens - Needed: 7
                      Price: 10g Each Packet - Available: 3rd of Spring (Y1)
    If you want to keep your Chickens inside, then you'll have to buy some feed to
    feed them with. Sprinkle it in each chicken's feeding bin (you can tell which
    is which by standing next to the feeding area and pressing A). You can buy as
    many as you want, so stock up on each trip.
    9. Cattle Feed- Found: Green Ranch - Use: Feeds Cows - Needed: 4
                    Price: 30g Each Packet - Available: 3rd of Spring (Y1)
    If you happen to run out of grass, you can feed your cows with this. It's
    rather expensive, so try to keep enough grass for your cows or sell some of
    10. Ocarina- Found: Craft Shop - Use: Play at Spirit Festival
                 Price: 1200g - Available: Fall (Y1) - Needed: 2
    The Ocarina is a musical instrument that everyone who has played Zelda before
    should be familiar with. You can't play it whenever you want, but you can play
    during the Winter Spirit Festival.
                  - - - - - - - - GROWING CROPS - - - - - - - -
    For each season of the year there is a different set of vibrant,
    money-producing crops. With each season, however, the selection gets narrower
    and narrower. Which crop will make you the most cash? What are some good
    growing strategies? Look in here to find out the big money-makers for each
                                    *   *   *
    A. GROWING STRATEGIES- Which is the best pattern? Rows are easy to water,
    especially for those on a tight schedule, but don't make nearly as much as
    crescent formations. The four major formations that are worthwhile (hey, I
    guess you could just plant one square) are mentioned here. Which one should you
    choose? It all depends on how much time you have. If you find your self with a
    little extra time everyday, opt for the less efficient areas. But if you
    usually end up going to bed late, than choose the more efficient ones.
    (All ratings are out of * to ****, **** being the highest and * being the
    lowest) []=Seed/Crop area   ||=unused area
    1. Rows: Squares- 6         Efficiency- ****         Money Made- *
     Rows are very efficient and allow for quick watering.
     For those with tight schedules, rows are helpful,             [][][]
     especially for when you have the upgraded watering can.       ||||||
     However, you must sacrifice money made for the quick          [][][]
     watering time, as you make only 2/3 as much as you would
     if you planted a full area.
    2. U-Shaped: Squares- 7     Efficiency- ***          Money Made- **
     U-shaped plots aren't nearly as easy to water as rows, but    [][][]
     do provide a little more money. With a powered up watering    []||||
     can, they're just as easy to water as Rows.                   [][][]
    3. Crescent: Squares- 8     Efficiency- **           Money Made- ***
     The Crescent shapes provide a good amount of crops and are    [][][]
     very good for summer and fall crops that can be watered       [][]||
     more quickly than full plots.                                 [][][]
    4. Full: Squares- 9         Efficiency- *            Money Made- ****
     This is the biggest money producing plot and therefore my
     top choice. It is a nuisance however, because even after      [][][]
     you finish harvesting you must abandon the entire plot until  [][][]
     later if you want to harvest the vegetable in the center,     [][][]
     (which you cannot water when your crops start to grow)
     not allowing you to re-grow on the plot and wasting valuable
     space (only a problem in the Spring). Still, if you want the
     most money, I recommend using this strategy, even for Summer
     and Fall crops. Why? Check out the Bonus Crop trick later in
     this section.
    *Note- After you get the watering can upgraded to level three you will no
    longer have to worry about the center crop. Then it is almost certain that you
    should use Full plots.
                                    *   *   *
    B. SEASONAL CROPS- All of the crops for all of the seasons will be explored in
    depth here. If you want to check out what crop makes the most money, how much
    you'll make on a crop in different formations, which formations work best for
    different crops, and the choice crop of the season, then look no further, we'll
    do all the work for you right here.
    (Note: Bonus Crop Trick for Summer not added into seasonal net)
    1. SPRING CROPS: The First Season of the year provides the largest choice in
    crops. You can Purchase Cabbage, Potatoes, and Turnips, all which cost 200
    gold. Each crop grows at a different pace and sells for different amounts. The
    tables provide detailed information on the crops. At the bottom is the crop of
    the season, which can make the most money in one season (Assuming you replant
    as soon as you harvest. This still works with Full plots, but you may have to
    replant in another area.). With each profit section, the cost of seeds is
    subtracted from the money made to get the profit. Planting Times is the number
    of times you can plant in one season. For Spring, the best growing strategy is
    Full, or Crescent for those with filled-up land.
    *First Column is Money made by 1 plot (using 1 bag of seeds)
    **Second Column is Money made in an entire season (season net)
    Turnips:  Selling Price- 60 gold   Time- 4 days    Planting Times- 7
        Rows Profit:     160 gold       Season Net (Rows):     1120 gold
        U-Shape Profit:  220 gold       Season Net (U-Shape):  1540 gold
        Crescent Profit: 280 gold       Season Net (Crescent): 1960 gold
        Full Profit:     340 gold       Season Net (Full):     2380 gold
    Potatoes: Selling Price- 80 gold   Time- 6 days    Planting Times- 5
        Rows Profit:     280 gold       Season Net (Rows):     1400 gold
        U-Shape Profit:  360 gold       Season Net (U-Shape):  1800 gold
        Crescent Profit: 440 gold       Season Net (Crescent): 2200 gold
        Full Profit:     520 gold       Season Net (Full):     2600 gold
    Cabbage: Selling Price- 90 gold    Time- 7 days    Planting Times- 4
        Rows Profit:     340 gold       Season Net (Rows):     1360 gold
        U-Shape Profit:  430 gold       Season Net (U-Shape):  1720 gold
        Crescent Profit: 520 gold       Season Net (Crescent): 2080 gold
        Full Profit:     610 gold       Season Net (Full):     2440 gold
                     -CHOICE CROP OF SPRING: POTATOES!!!!!!!-
                      Season Net: 2600 gold (+160g) per plot
    BONUS CROP TRICK (SPRING): This really isn't a trick, but some might not know
    about it. If you plant a full plot of crops, you can't reach the middle one and
    water it. But after you harvest, you can water and harvest the center crop,
    getting more for your money. Rainy days will also water the crop when others
    surround it. The downside to this is that you have to wait until you pick the
    crop (which may take a while) before you plant more seeds, making it tedious
    for farmers with tight space. But after you get the watering can upgraded to
    level three, you won't need to use this trick.
    2. SUMMER CROPS: Summer has less choice of crops, but the crops are much more
    profitable! Each bag costs 300 gold. The great thing about these crops is their
    ability to grow over after they're harvested. It takes three days to raise some
    additional crops for tomatoes, but corn takes four days. The crops do take a
    very long time to grow, and you shouldn't expect to see any harvestable plants
    in your field until mid-summer. I once again recommend full plots because of
    the special bonus crop trick I came up with.
    (Full and Crescent are combined into one category because they yield the same
    amount of crops without the Bonus Crop trick) If you're Re-harvesting, add 300
    onto the profit because you didn't need to buy new seeds. This is already added
    into the Season Net.
    Tomatoes: Selling Price- 100g    Time- 9 days    Harvests: 8
        Rows Profit:       300 gold     Season Net (Rows):       4500 gold
        U-Shape Profit:    400 gold     Season Net (U-Shape):    5300 gold
        Cres./Full Profit: 500 gold     Season Net (Cres./Full): 6100 gold
    Corn: Selling Price- 120g       Time- 13 days    Harvests: 5
        Rows Profit:       420 gold     Season Net (Rows):       2100 gold
        U-Shape Profit:    540 gold     Season Net (U-Shape):    2700 gold
        Cres./Full Profit: 660 gold     Season Net (Cres./Full): 3300 gold
                       -CHOICE CROP OF SUMMER: TOMATOES!!!!!!-
                        Season Net: 6100 gold (+2800g) per plot
    BONUS CROP TRICK (Summer): This not very well known trick is nice and will add
    an extra crop to each plot. How? Even though it is discouraged, money-hungry
    people should plant Full plots of crops in the Summer. You won't be able to
    water the center crop (unless you have the golden watering can), but rain may
    water it for you. If rain waters it enough to produce a crop, you can chop down
    one of the outside crops with your sickle and go to the center to harvest your
    crop. If there wasn't enough rain, then you can still do the same but just
    water the center crop. This, however, is less effective and may result in lost
    money if it takes too long to grow the crop. It works much better with the
    reliable, Golden watering can. This trick also works good in the Fall.
    3. FALL CROPS: The only crop available in the Fall are Eggplants. While they
    aren't the most valuable plants, they'll be your only source of vegetable
    income during the cooler Fall season. Eggplants grow like Summer crops, so many
    of the ideas and tricks work the same with them. Eggplants also take three days
    to regrow, like tomatoes. That should let you conclude that the Full plots are
    my choice again, especially in the rainier Fall Season (where the bonus crop
    trick will work better).
    Eggplants: Selling Price- 80g      Time- 7 days      Harvests- 8
        Rows Profit:       180 gold     Season Net (Rows):       3540 gold
        U-Shape Profit:    260 gold     Season Net (U-Shape):    4180 gold
        Cres./Full Profit: 340 gold     Season Net (Cres./Full): 4820 gold
                      -CHOICE CROP OF FALL: EGGPLANTS!!!!!!!-
                        Season Net: 4820 gold (+0) per plot
    4. WINTER CROPS: Winter has no crops that can withstand the harshness of the
    winter snow, but if you purchase a Greenhouse, than you can grow strawberries
    during this harsh season. After you get a Greenhouse, you can plant any plant
    year-round, with the sole exception of strawberries.
    Strawberries: Selling Price- 150 gold   Time- 6 days   Planting Times- 5
        Rows Profit:     900 gold       Season Net (Rows):     4500 gold
        U-Shape Profit:  1050 gold      Season Net (U-Shape):  5250 gold
        Crescent Profit: 1200 gold      Season Net (Crescent): 6000 gold
        Full Profit:     1350 gold      Season Net (Full):     6750 gold
                    -CHOICE CROP OF WINTER: STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!-
                      Season Net: 6750 gold (+0) per plot
    5. GREENHOUSE CROPS: In the greenhouse, every crop can be grown (strawberries
    only in the winter). So, if you have a greenhouse, which crop should you grow
    to make the most money? Here are the yearly nets for each crop, if you grew a
    plot of them in your Greenhouse. At the bottom is the Greenhouse crop of
    choice, or the one that will make you the most money out of all the crops!
    Turnips:      Yearly Net- 10200 gold
    Potatoes:     Yearly Net- 10400 gold
    Cabbages:     Yearly Net- 10370 gold
    Tomatoes:     Yearly Net- 30100 gold
    Corn:         Yearly Net- 25620 gold
    Eggplants:    Yearly Net- 24020 gold
    Strawberries: Yearly Net-  6750 gold
                      -CHOICE GREENHOUSE CROP: TOMATOES!!!!!!!-
                     Yearly Net: 30100 gold (+4480) per plot
                                   *   *   *
    C. OTHER PLANTS: Man grow grass. Cow eat grass. In other words, you'll need
    grass if you want to feed your livestock. Grass is one of the non-profit items
    on your farm (at least not directly). Another item you can grow are flowers.
    They won't feed your animals, but they do look nice, will impress your
    neighbors, and can be given as gifts.
    1. Grass: Price- 500 gold     Growing Time- 7 days   Found- Flower Shop
      Grass is the key to raising animals. No grass equals no sheep or cows,
      and that is a large loss of money. Grass should ALWAYS be grown in 9x9
      full plots. You can walk on top of grass, and it also doesn't need to be
      watered. Because of this, place grass plots adjacent to each other. This
      will make a nice field for your cows and sheep to graze in.
    2. Moon Drop Flowers: Price- 300 gold     Growing Time- 7 days
                       Found- Flower Shop         Beauty: Average
      The normal flowers that you purchase in the shop look much like the ones
      that grow on the mountain. These can be picked and give as gifts of kept
      to improve the look of your fields. These aren't a necessity, so don't
      spend money on them if you don't want to. I think that rows look the
      best, but any plot formation will look fine.
    3. Pink Cat Mint Flowers: Price- 300 gold     Growing Time- 7 days
                       Found- Flower Festival     Beauty: Good
      These special flowers can be bought at the Flower festival. They look very
      nice and will impress the people of the village. They're essentially the
      same as the other flowers, but are very rare and found by Lillia's husband
      in a faraway land.
    4. Blue Mist Seeds: Price- 500 gold           Growing Time- 8 days
                        Found- Flower Shop        Beauty: Very Good
    These are incredibly rare and are found at the Flower Shop on the 25th of
    Spring (Year 2). Once you buy them, Popuri will help you plant them at the
    mountain Grove. Be sure to water them every day, or they'll die. They are said
    to attract Emerald Butterflies, but no one knows for sure.
                   - - - - - - FORAGING/MOUNTAIN ITEMS - - - - - -
    The mountain will be your main resource when you first get started and can
    still bring in some extra cash even after you have a barn full of livestock and
    a field full of crops. Most of the items can be sold or eaten (to regain
    1. Edible Herbs:  Found- Fisherman's Tent Area, Cave
                     Selling Price: 30 gold       Gift Rating (1-10): 2
         These yummy little herbs taste nice and are a good snack. They only
         sell for 30 gold, so you can forfeit selling them if you need
         stamina. Look for one in the Cave, and another beneath the
         fisherman's tent. You can find these year-round, excluding Winter.
    2. Veryberry Fruit: Found- Fisherman's Tent Area, Spring Area, Grove
                        Selling Price: 40 gold     Gift Rating: 4
         The juicy Veryberry fruits are abundant and found in many places.
         The vineyard family and workers particularly like their taste.
    3. Medical Herbs: Found- Cave                  Gift Rating: 5
                      Selling Price: 70 gold
         The other sort of herbs don't taste very good but are invaluable
         when it comes to making medicine. The Potion Shop owner will be
         very grateful if you give some of these to him. These grow from
         Spring to Fall.
    4. Flowers: Found- Fisherman's Tent Area, Grove      Gift Rating: 9
         The Grove is bursting with flowers, and you can find some by the
         fisherman's tent, too. Many of the girls like these, but mainly
         Popuri (obviously). They are also found in Summer, too.
    5. Fish: Found- River, Pond             Gift Rating: 7
             Selling Price- Small: 30g      Medium: 100g      Large: 180g
         Fish can be worth a lot or a little. The thing about them is there
         unreliability. You don't know how long it will take to catch one,
         and you don't know what size it will be. Therefore, it's only a
         good idea to fish if you have a lot of time. You can also fish in
         the Summer and Fall, too.
    1. Walnuts: Found- River Shore, Carpenter's House Area (Near River)
                Selling Price: 70 gold             Gift Rating: 5
         Walnuts are a nice treat for many of the townsfolk, and they're
         willing to pay a decent amount for one as well. This don't make
         as great of gifts as Tropical Fruits, though, so sell them.
    2. Tropical Fruits: Found- Spring Area, Carpenter's House Area
                    Selling Price- 40 gold          Gift Rating: 6
         These tasty fruits should be collected for gifts or food, but can
         also be sold for a decent amount.
    1. Poison Mushroom: Found- Carpenter's House Area
                        Selling Price- 30 gold         Gift Rating: 1
         Poison Mushrooms can strangely be sold (who would want them?), but
         not for much. The reason, however, people buy them is to compress
         them into medicines (like in the SNES Harvest Moon).
    2. Wild Grapes: Found- Carpenter's House Area, Spring Area
                    Selling Price- 40 gold             Gift Rating: 6
         The Veryberry Fruit of the Fall, Wild Grapes go over extremely well
         with Karen and Kai. Many of the other townspeople enjoy snacking on
         them as well.
    3. Mushrooms: Found- Fisherman's Tent Area, Carpenter's House Area
                  Selling Price- 70 gold               Gift Rating: 5
         Unlike their Poisonous cousins, these fun guys (he he) will get you
         a cool 70 gold for each one picked. They are quite helpful in
         the making of soups.
    1. Coin: Found- Mine      Worth: 10 gold
         In the winter, the only place you can go in the mountain to make
         money is the mine. If you find some nice stones, they can be sold
         for a good price (the next day, though). The rocks usually do not
         make very good gifts. Anyway, the coin actually can't be kept but
         instead instantly adds 10 gold to your funds.
    2. Iron Stone: Found- Mine          Selling rice: 100 gold
         These small rocks are the least valuable, and therefore the most
         abundant resource in the mine. A good idea is to store rocks in
         your Room Organizer (Chest of Drawers) until you fill it up, then
         sell it all.
    3. Moonlight Stone: Found- Mine     Selling Price: 500 gold
         The crystal-clear Moonlight Stone is a large step up in rarity and
         money made from the Iron Stone.
    4. Blue Stone: Found- Mine          Selling Price: 700 gold
         No other things can be found in the mountain at winter, so taking
         a chance in the mine is the only way to go. You also may uncover
         some secret holes in the mine. Where do they lead to? Lower layers
         of the mine, in which it is easier to find more valuable stones.
         Rick is looking out for some of these...
    5. Rare Minerals: Found- Mine       Selling Price: 1000 gold
         Finding these objects is like winning the lottery. These beautiful
         stones are sold for a hefty price of 1000 gold.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - RAISING ANIMALS - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Animals are a luxury early in the game, but will come to be your biggest cash
    cow (he he). The usual Cows and Chickens are returning from the SNES and GB
    versions, but a new animal by the name of "Sheep" has appeared. What is this
    strange creature? Read on to discover things you never knew.
    KEY: Found- Location where you first get the animal
         Money Maker- What the animal has to get you money (Milk, eggs)
         Usefulness How useful the animal is
         Happy-What to do to make it happy
    DOG- Found: Your Farm       Money Maker: None       Usefulness: 3
         Happy: Whistle for it, Give it food (put anything in its dish)
    Your grandfather's only animal was his dog. When you arrive on your farm, it'll
    be waiting for you, its new master. Your dog will enjoy you playing with it.
    You can play with it by whistling and running around. While you don't need to
    feed it, it will be happier if you give it food by placing any food item in its
    dish near the doghouse. Also take it inside on rainy days. While a dog won't
    make you any money, you can enter it into the Winter Dog Race, which will raise
    your social status if you win.
    HORSE- Found: Green Ranch     Money Maker: None     Usefulness: 8
           Happy: Talk to it, Ride it, and Brush it
           Cost: Free     Items Needed: None     Other Items: Brush
    The Green Ranch has an extra pony that they are willing to give away in the
    first spring of your game. The pony has no use, but if you brush it and talk to
    it will eventually grow into a horse. The horse automatically comes equipped
    with saddle bags, which are essentially a portable shipping bin. (look at the
    trick below to find an efficient way to collect your crops) Also, the horse
    will transport you throughout the ranch more quickly than if you went on foot.
    If you have an item and want to ride your horse, just put it into your
    backpack. Finally, the Horse can be entered into the Spring or Fall Horse
    Races, and, like the dog, better training will result in a better chance of
    winning. Your horse has three stages: Pony, Horse, and Tamed Horse. A tamed
    horse has no different appearance from a regular horse, but is the best you can
    possibly get your horse.
    CHICKENS- Found: Green Ranch    Money Maker: Eggs (50g)  Usefulness: 5
              Happy: Take Outside on Good Days, Feed
              Cost: 1500 gold       Items Needed: Chicken Fodder (10g)
    Chickens are the least expensive of the livestock, and will therefore likely be
    the first one that you purchase. When you purchase a chicken from the Green
    Ranch, you'll decide its name. Be sure to feed it every day (if you're keeping
    it inside) in its respective bin (press the A button next to a bin to find the
    name). If you feed it, a chicken should lay an egg. If you don't feed it or
    leave it outside during snow/rain, then it will sulk and won't lay an egg for
    two days. You can also leave chickens outside during good weather, as long as a
    secured fence (no holes) has been built around the area. The chickens will then
    find their own food (and still lay eggs), and you won't have to buy food for
    them. However, you must waste time transporting the eggs to the shipping bin,
    and time is money. After a rain, be sure to check the fence to see if there are
    any holes. Even if you do keep your chickens outside, have a few bags of
    chicken fodder handy for rainy days. To raise a chick, put an egg that your
    chicken has laid into the incubator in the back of the room. After two days,
    the egg will hatch, and a little chick will be out. You do not need to feed the
    chick, and, in fact, you can take him outside in the rain or snow and it will
    have no effect! However, there's no point in being cruel to it. After five days
    (I think) the chick will grow up and become a full-grown chicken. You can keep
    it for eggs or sell it to the ranch.
    SHEEP- Found: Green Ranch     Money Maker: Wool (900-1800g)
           Happy: Brush, Talk, Take Outside on Good Days    Usefulness: 7
           Cost: 4000 gold        Items Needed: Brush, Shears
    Sheep are a good source of money, but take a lot of effort. Sheep take longer
    than chickens but less time than cows to mature. Be sure to brush them and talk
    to them every day, even after they mature. This will increase the quality of
    their wool. Once a sheep has a large coat of wool on its back (It'll be easy to
    tell the difference once it matures), then you can shear it and sell the wool
    for a high price. However, sheep do not grow wool every day. It takes about a
    week to get wool. The wait is well worth the large amount of cash you bring in.
    Sheep eat grass and only grass, so be sure to have enough on hand or your sheep
    will go without food. As with other animals, it likes to go outside but doesn't
    like to in inclement weather. Here's the money you make for different types of
    Normal Wool: 900 gold
    Quality Wool: 1800 gold
    COWS- Found: Green Ranch     Money Maker: Milk (100-500g)
          Happy: Brush, Talk, Take Outside on Good Days     Usefulness: 8
          Cost: 6000 gold        Items Needed: Milker, Brush
    Cows are a very large source of income, as you can milk them every day. Most of
    the same rules apply to them as they do other animals, such as feed them grass,
    don't take them outside on bad days, and brush them. Cows take a very long time
    to mature (23 days), and even then they produce only small quantities of milk.
    Sheep will have the edge on them in their early stages and will make more
    money. But after a cow becomes more tame, it's milk output and quality greatly
    increases, and you'll make way more money off of it than a sheep. Even despite
    the cows long growing time (3 seasons until the surpass sheep), their intake
    when they get older will make them the most valuable item, crop or livestock,
    on your ranch. If you want to be a millionaire, than load up your barn with
    cows. If you want larger milks, cows produce gold milks after winning the cow
    Small Milk:  100 gold
    Medium Milk: 150 gold
    Large Milk:  300 gold
    Gold Milk:   500 gold
                      - - - - BEST ANIMAL: COWS!!! - - - -
               Season Net: 15000 max (+7800 over sheep) per cow
    COW MILK TRICK: Are you tired of getting only small and medium size milks from
    your cow? Here's a nifty little trick that can increase the sizes of your milk
    with only a little cost. First, "forget" to feed your cow. The next day, use
    some medicine on it. It will produce a milk that is one size larger than it's
    normal production! This won't work on a cow producing large milk. The only way
    to get gold milks is to win the Cow Festival.
    SADDLEBAGS TRICK: An annoying feature farmers may come across is with your
    saddlebags. Your horse never seems to stay put. It runs away, gets in the way
    of your path, or moves at the last second (resulting in a smashed crop). This
    frustration can all be ended quite simply. How? Just whistle for your horse!
    Your horse, if well trained, will come over to you, and will follow you for a
    while. Because the horse will move towards you, you can just turn around and
    the saddlebags will be right there. This will result in the minimum time used
    to pick crops.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FESTIVALS - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Festivals are town gatherings that
    are meant to give you a break from work. Each one involves some special theme.
    Participation in these festivals will make the villagers like you more. They're
    also a lot of fun, so don't miss out on them! Most of the festivals are
    celebrated in the town square, but many are celebrated at other places.
    PLANTING FESTIVAL: 8th of Spring                Theme: Planting
                       Fun Rating (1-10): 7         Items: None
      The first festival of the year involves the King and seeds. When the festival
    begins, the King (who was chosen at the previous Harvest Festival) will ride up
    into the sky in a hot air balloon. He can choose one person to go along with
    him. After they've taken off, every one gets a balloon. They put seeds for
    plants inside the balloons and hope they land somewhere and grow. When
    everyone's ready, the balloons are all released to make a magnificent sight.
    Like many other festivals, there are multiple names for this festival, such as
    the Growing and Sowing Festivals. The point of this festival is to hope the
    farmers have a prosperous year in planting.
    FLOWER FESTIVAL: 23rd of Spring    Theme: Flowers      Fun Rating: 7
          Items: Power Berry, Bottle, Pink Cat Mint Seeds
      When the flowers are in bloom and a nice smell is in the air, the Flower
    Festival takes place at the town square. The first part is when the guests are
    allowed to mingle and purchase any items of interest. Then the Flower Princess,
    or Queen, who was voted for by the townspeople a few days before the festival,
    is escorted by an entourage of flower-throwing girls. The Princess is covered
    with flowers and dances with the King. While the princess dances, other town
    members can join in with one of the eligible girls.
    FIREWORKS CELEBRATION: 1st of Summer          Theme: Fireworks
                           Fun Rating: 7          Items: None
      Although not officially a Festival, the Fireworks celebration celebrates the
    beginning of Summer. The five girls take a position to watch the fireworks go
         Maria: Town Square
         Popuri: Mountain
         Elli: Bakery Garden
         Ann: Green Ranch
         Karen: Beach
    Each area unfolds a different story, but most of the townspeople gather at the
    square. The fireworks go off in a blazing show of lights and sounds.
    VEGETABLE FESTIVAL: 9th of Summer             Theme: Vegetables
                        Fun Rating: 5             Items: None
      The best farmer's share their garden's best tasting and most nutritious
    vegetables at this festival. There are many good vegetables on display, and
    only very good ones will win. You can enter a vegetable or go empty handed.
    FIREFLY FESTIVAL: 17th of Summer              Theme: Lanterns, Ancestors
                      Fun Rating: 6               Location: Beach
      Down at the sandy beach the townsfolk gather at night to remember their
    departed ancestors. Special lanterns that glow with moonlight stone are give to
    the people. In memory of the deceased, everyone floats their lanterns out to
    the sea, making a reflection of warm light on the water.
    SEA FESTIVAL: 24th of Summer                  Theme: Swimming
                  Fun Rating: 8                   Location: Beach
      This festival takes place once again at the sand shores of the beach. It
    celebrates the beginning of swimming season. As a feature, the men gather and
    hold a swimming competition. By pressing the A button in a consistent and quick
    manner, the winner could win a prize. The first year's prize is an Invincible
    Katori, and the second prize is a year's supply of lumber.
    COW FESTIVAL: 4th of Fall                     Theme: Cows/Milk
                  Fun Rating: 7                   Location: Green Ranch
      The day before the cow festival you can choose whether or not to enter one of
    your cows. At the cow festival, you can drink milk and here everyone's views on
    cows and milk. At the end, the cow with the best tasting and most nutritious
    milk will be selected. If your cow wins, it will get a gold trophy and the cow
    will be happier.
    HARVEST FESTIVAL: 12th of Fall                Theme: Harvest/King
                      Fun Rating: 6               Location: Town Square
      While this festival isn't very exciting, its main attraction is the drawing
    of the next year's King. Elli bakes cakes, and gives them to the men. The one
    who finds a coin in the cake will become King! The festival also celebrates the
    year's Harvest, and much food is displayed.
    EGG FESTIVAL: 20th of Fall                    Theme: Egg Hunt
                  Fun Rating: 10                  Location: Town
      The Egg Festival is a very fun festival that has everyone running around town
    hunting for colored eggs. The mayor holds a certain egg up, and then the
    townsfolk scatter and look for one like it. If you win, you get a Power Berry.
    Unfortunately, the other townsfolk don't seem to try to hard and usually lose.
    THANKSGIVING: 10th of Winter                   Theme: Giving Cakes
                  Fun Rating: 9                    Location: Town/Ranch
      On Thanksgiving, many people will bring you cakes to eat if you hang out at
    the farm. If you choose not to, you can go into town and visit the people
    themselves. Many will give you cakes.
    STARRY NIGHT: 24th of Winter                   Theme: Stargazing
                  Fun Rating: 7                    Location: Various
      You can celebrate the Starry Night in different ways. There's a performance
    at the Church in which Ann, Elli, and Maria play instruments. Popuri hangs out
    in the mountain forest and Karen is down at the Beach.
    SPIRIT FESTIVAL: 27th of Winter               Theme: Spirit Driving
                     Fun Rating: 4                Location: Town Square
      There's not much happening at the Spirit festival rather than a group of
    instrument players scaring off spirits. You can join in playing the bell or the
    Ocarina if you wish.
    NEW YEAR'S EVE: 30th of Winter                Theme: New Year's Eve
                    Fun Rating: 6                 Location: Various/Church
      The main celebration is held at the church. There most of the townsfolk
    gather. There are also other places you can go, such as the Bar to drink and
    celebrate with Karen.
    NEW YEAR'S FESTIVAL: 1st of Spring            Theme: New Year's
                         Fun Rating: 8            Location: Town Square
      Celebrate the New Year by watching the sunrise and having a few drinks with
    the townsfolk.
    LOCAL HORSE RACE: 17th of Spring, 28th of Fall    Theme: Horse Racing
                      Fun Rating: 8       Location: Town Square/Racetrack
      While not officially festivals, the two horse races are gatherings where
    people come to ride and bet on horses. If you have a ridable horse, than you
    can enter the race. Race by tapping the A button at a steady pace (pressing it
    really fast will just tire your horse out). You can also bet on the races, and
    win medals. The more medals you win, the better prizes you can exchange for. If
    you would like the details, look at the 17th of Spring entry in the Fame
    LOCAL DOG RACE: 19th of Winter                 Theme: Dog Racing
                    Fun Rating: 8                  Location: Racetrack
      The Dog race is very similar to the horse race, and you can bet medals, buy
    food, and win prizes. However, there are different prizes, different foods, and
    the actual racing is harder.
              - - - - - - - - - ROAD TO MARRIAGE - - - - - - - - -
         Although your main priority in this game is farming, one of the more
    interesting elements included in the game is romance. There are five young
    women that are eligible for marriage. Karen, Elli, Popuri, Ann, and Maria all
    can be married by you- or by one of the other men in the town. Its best if you
    choose one target and stick to it, but if you want to keep a steady
    relationship with multiple girls its okay. However, you may want to know what a
    girl likes, what you should do in a certain situation, or where you should go
    to meet her. This is the extensive guide to marriage!
    Heart Rating: When you talk to the eligible girls, you'll spot a little heart
    in the bottom right corner. The color of this heart relates to the amount of
    interest a girl has in you.
                   White= No Interest
                   Blue= Slight Interest
                   Green= Moderate Interest
                   Yellow= High Interest
                   Red= Ready for Marriage
    Locations: Beach, Woods Near Carpenter, Vineyard       Night: Bar              
          Birthday: Winter 29th             Rival: Kai (Vineyard Worker)           
           Fireworks: Beach                  Starry Night: Beach
    Special Likes: Veryberry Fruit, Wild Grapes
    Also Likes: Tomatoes, Strawberries
    Dislikes: Your Dog                Chores: Crates Eggs (She may drop some!)
    Karen, the daughter of the Vineyard owner, lives at the Vineyard and works at
    the bar. Many would say that she is the easiest to date, because she works at
    the bar. While this is true, she isn't always at the bar and isn't easy to win
    over. She is quite indifferent and hard to woo because she is sort of picky.
    The information above should tell you pretty much all you need to know, but
    this part will go into the details. She generally likes dancing, wine, and her
    favorite spot is the beach (away from all of the people). She has a poor
    relationship with her father, and often gets angry. Because of her dancing,
    choosing her as a dance partner at the Flower and Harvest festivals will
    greatly increase the closeness of your relationship. She has a somewhat poor
    temper, and doesn't like it when you talk too much (it doesn't seem to have a
    dramatic effect). On New Year's Eve she hangs out at the bar. On New Year's day
    she might challenge you to a drinking contest. She'll be happy if you can beat
    her. Kai, the Vineyard worker who eventually gets interested in Karen, is also
    the guy you should become friends with if you want to make Karen happier. If
    you don't get serious with her fast enough, Kai will start courting her, or she
    might even move to the city. Like the other girls, Karen has a dream sequence,
    sickness, and sprained ankle. Be sure to take advantage of these situations,
    because you will get closer to the girl after.
    Sick: When Karen gets sick, head to the house at the vineyard and talk to her
    mother. She'll allow you into Karen's room where you can talk and look around.
    You don't know when she gets sick, and I'm not sure if its a random date or
    just "the next time you visit" that it happens. Pretty much the same thing
    happens with the other girls, too.
    Dream: There will be one day when you have a dream about a little girl falling
    into a hole and her dad helps her out. This is a hint that you should go see
    Karen, a very obvious hint. You have to go to the wine cellar (the other
    building besides the house) and she'll meet you and say she'll give you a tour.
    Then you'll both get locked in, and you better have something to give her
    because she is hungry.
    Ankle: This can be interpreted for all the girls. When she sprains her ankle,
    the only advice really is to carry her rather than go get help.
    Fireworks Festival: You'll go down to the beach, where Karen will reveal that
    she doesn't like crowds, but also doesn't like to be alone. After watching the
    fireworks reflect off the water, you'll set off a few firecrackers of your own.
    Locations: Ranch Fields, Barn, Grove, Tool Shop                                
                          Birthday: Summer 14th                  Rival: Cliff
    (Wanderer)           Fireworks: Green Ranch                 Starry Night:
    Special Likes: Wool, Your Dog
    Other Likes: Eggs, Milk, Corn          Chores: Crates Eggs, Feeds Animals
    Ann, the red-headed girl who cares for the animals at the ranch, spends most of
    her days in the fields or the barn caring for the animals with her angry
    brother. Rumor has it that she likes the animals from the forest, but most of
    the reactions that I've gotten were actually negative. She really likes your
    dog and wool (WARNING!!! EXPENSIVE GIFT). Sometimes she visits her cousin
    Rick's shop in town. At the starry night festival she performs at the church.
    She also likes winners of the horse races, if that's a hint. Try to become
    friends with her brother to boost her friendliness.
    Dream: After the dream, head to the tree behind the carpenter's house.
    Starry Night: On the Starry Night, Ann, Elli, and Maria have a musical
    performance at the church. Ann and Elli play flute, while Maria plays the
    organ. After they're done, be sure to say good night.
    Cake Card: If Ann has a green heart rating towards you during the second fall,
    this may happen. As you leave the Green Ranch, Ann will follow you and tell you
    that you've dropped your cake card (if you have one). She'll ask you if you
    like sweets. If you say yes, she'll be happy, but if you say no, she'll think
    that the reason you buy cakes is for Elli!
    Locations: Outside Flower Shop, Inside Flower Shop, Bakery, Summit     
    Birthday: Spring 22nd                 Rival: Gray (Ann's Brother)  Fireworks:
    Mountain                   Starry Night: Mountain
    Special Likes: Flowers
    Also Likes: Cake, Pie
    Dislikes: Butterflies                  Chores: Crates Eggs, Waters Plants
    Popuri, the pink haired girl whose parents own the flower shop, loves plants,
    specifically flowers. She also likes sweets from the bakery. She'll like to see
    flowers planted at your farm, and also seems to like the old couple up on the
    mountain (she visits them every once in a while). Her choice spot is the
    mountain, ablaze with plants and flowers. One time she will come to your ranch
    wanting a flower. Another time she would like you to purchase something at the
    flower shop. Be sure to buy and take care of the Blue Mist plant, which will
    raise her heart rating towards you. Become friends with her parents. When you
    get married to her, it may seem great that she'll water the plants for you, but
    don't be fooled. All she does is water a few random plots of tilled soil.
    Finally, at some point she might ask you a question. Say yes. Then she'll ask
    you if you like any of the girls. Say yes. She'll ask who, and then say her.
    That will make her really happy.
    Dream: You'll have a dream about a girl falling after she tries to pick a
    flower. The next day, head to the forest (carpenter's area) and you'll spot
    Popuri dangling from the cliff. Climb up the tree behind the carpenter's house
    (press A) and then save her. She'll ask if you remembered something like this
    before. She seems happy if you say yes.
    Starry Night: Go to the summit, where Popuri will be waiting. She'll say it's
    cold, and if she likes you, might cuddle.
    Locations: Bakery, Mountain (Carpenter & Fisherman Areas), Flower Shop 
    Birthday: Fall 1st                     Rival: Bakery Owner
    Fireworks: Bakery Garden               Starry Night: Church
    Special Likes: Cake, Pie, Cookies
    Also Likes: Eggs, Milk, Fish
    Dislikes: Squirrels, Bugs
    Elli, the bakery worker has had a tough time. After her father passed away, the
    bakery owner let her stay at his place. Elli loves sweets, so she decided to
    live and work there. Most of the time she can be found working at the bakery.
    She also likes to fish. To make the sweet cakes, she also likes milk and eggs.
    Even if you eat the snacks at the shop, she grows happier. Become friends with
    the bakery owner to raise her heart status. But if you don't act soon, the
    bakery owner will live up to his promise of watching Elli get married, but not
    in the way he meant it at the time.
    Dream: Go to the bakery and watch or talk to the little children and she'll
    Locations: Library, Mayor's House, Fisherman's Tent Area
    Birthday: 11th of Winter                Rival: Harris (The Mailman)     
    Fireworks: Town Square                  Starry Night: Church
    Special Likes: When you Read the Books in the Library
    Also Likes: Cabbages, Bugs
    Dislikes: Your Dog
    Maria, the shy mayor's daughter, likes to read and spends most of her time in
    the library as the receptionist. She especially likes when you come to read the
    books there. Although she really hates your dog, she likes bugs. Her choice
    gift is probably cabbages. She's almost always at the library when it's open.
    Visit and read the books there to get her to like you more.
    Fireworks: Maria will be happy to see some fireworks at the town square with
    you, along with many of the other townsfolk.
           *Special Gift: Music Box- Give it to the girl you love!*
    If you've been nice enough to a girl to get a Red Heart in her box, then you're
    ready to get married. If you get the red heart, than the blue feather, which is
    sort of the engagement ring of Harvest Moon, will appear at Rick's Tool Shop.
    When you propose, you'll get married the next Sunday. Once you're married, you
    must do certain things to keep a loving relationship. A no-brainer is to not
    give the other girls gifts and only dance with your wife at the festivals.
    Also, try to get home before dark. The best thing you can do is give gifts. If
    you give gifts daily, your wife may get pregnant. In order to have a child, you
    have to continue to give her gifts. She'll get cravings soon, like wanting
    cake, and saying she's read many maternity books. Pregnancy lasts from 2-4
    seasons, you'll know she'll give birth when the midwife magically appears at
    your ranch. The child you give birth to has three "stages":
    1. Blanket Stage                     2. Crawling Stage                         
                                  3. Talking Stage
    Each stage lasts a little while (the blanket lasts 1 season). You are suppose
    to give your baby gifts and interact with it every day. A really good way to
    please the baby is to just show him/her your dog (when it's in the crawling
    stage). Try to give it eggs in the blanket stage or something else that's
    inexpensive. Don't forget to pick it up and carry it around.
    If you have a good relationship with your wife, she should be waiting outside
    your house near the shipping crate on Summer 7th between 6 and 7 pm. If you
    come then, she will take you to a bamboo boat and ask you to make a wish. If
    the boat floats, your wish will come true.
          - - - - - - - - BERRIES OF THE POWER TREE - - - - - - - - - -
    Berries of the Power Tree, or Power Berries for short, are tasty fruits found
    throughout that game that increase your stamina capacity. These are valuable
    items, so get them whenever you have the chance.
    1. In the winter, go on the fishing pond (you can walk on it because of the
    ice) and pound the boulder with your golden hammer.
    2. If you spend enough time tilling your land, you'll dig up one.
    3 Buy one at the flower festival from the Wandering Salesman for a steep 1000
    4. Throw a vegetable in the pond in the grove and wish for strength.
    5. In the winter, you may dig up one in the mine.
    6. By defeating everyone else and becoming the winner of the egg festival,
    you'll take home one of these as your prize.
    7. Throw a fish that you caught into the pond above the fisherman's tent.
    8. Go down to the beach and fish off the dock. You may catch a power berry!
             - - - - - - - - - HOUSE ADDITIONS - - - - - - - - - -
      If you enjoy the small house that you live in, then there's no need for
    additions. However, who could resist having a hot bath in their home or a
    freezer for storing food? For those with the resources, making a bigger and
    better house is a big part of the game.
    1. Kitchen:     Cost- 5000 gold               Lumber- 450 pieces
    The kitchen is the only addition that is actually needed to keep track of
    things, and the only one to have a significant use (besides the Greenhouse).
    The kitchen's entrance is on the left side of your house. Inside, there are
    three useful things, besides the decorative sinks, cupboards, and tables. The
    Freezer allows you to store vegetables and other food for gifts, snacks to
    recover stamina, or something to bring to the vegetable festival. On the wall
    are two lists. One keeps track of the recipes you've gotten (see Part 2 Section
    12 for details). The other keeps track of the Power Berries you've obtained
    (see Part 2 Section 10 for details). Of all the additions, the kitchen is the
    most needed (besides the Greenhouse, of course).
    2. Bathroom:    Cost- 3000 gold               Lumber- 300 pieces          The
    bathroom branches off the kitchen and is the area of relaxing. There are two
    main things: the bathtub and the toilet. The toilet serves no purpose, except
    to answer the question "how does he go to the bathroom?"  It's merely a
    gimmick. The bathtub, however, does have significance. Rather than refilling
    stamina (as the popular belief is), it instead helps to prevent you from
    getting sick. If you've been working late and your forehead's getting dark,
    then a dip in the tub should help to cure you.
    3. Greenhouse:     Cost- 30000 gold           Lumber- 580 pieces          The
    most expensive but most useful of all the additions, the greenhouse actually
    goes into the yard south of your house. The greenhouse serves several purposes.
                                                               *Allows you to grow
    crops during the winter.                                 *Allows you to grow
    strawberries.                                         *Places a Watering Can
    refilling area at the other end of the farm.                  *Allows you to
    grow any crop year round.
    Pretty nice, huh? Not only do you get the high profit strawberries, you also
    get those other features. If you wish, you can grow all of your crops inside of
    your greenhouse, which allows no time being wasted watering, harvesting, or
    planting. If you don't plant too many crops (under about 16 plots) then you can
    shift everything inside and save time. The only downside to this is that you
    can't take your horse inside, and it will be tedious running back and forth
    between the shipping bin and crops. Definitely the best purchase, but it may be
    out of reach for those with few resources. If you're going for money, having
    one at the first winter is essential. The only downside to Greenhouses is that
    they're unstable and could be blown away by fierce winds...
    4. Log Terrace:    Cost- 7000 gold             Lumber-  350 pieces       
    Outside of your house, above your barn, the Log Terrace can be built. It
    actually has no purpose other than looks. It's elevated and has a picnic table.
    You can walk up on it and run around, but other than that there's not much you
    can do with it.
    5. Staircase:      Cost- 2000 gold             Lumber- 250 pieces         The
    staircase actually kind of makes your house look ugly and you might want to
    think twice before getting it. If you do decide to, it makes a staircase (duh)
    in the main section of your house that goes up to the roof. You can walk around
    on the roof, but that's it. Is it worth it? No, but if you have to have a house
    with EVERYTHING in it, then go ahead and get it.
    6. Baby Bed:        Cost- 1000 gold            Lumber- 200 pieces
    The baby bed is exactly what it is. A bed for a baby. If your wife is pregnant,
    you'll definitely need one. It's needed to have a baby.
                 - - - - - - - - - - RECIPES - - - - - - - - - -
    Recipes are kept track of in your kitchen, and add a sense of collectibility to
    the game. You can't actually use any of them, but they if you have an
    incomplete list, you'll feel that you need more. Practically every character
    can give you one, but you'll have to give them a key ingredient to get it. I
    think there's 34 or 35 total, but there are 48 spaces. What could this mean?
    Anyway, thanks to an Anonymous, dedicated Harvest Moon player, I've gotten this
    section rearranged so it's easier to find the items you need to get the
    Tomato Rice- Give a tomato to Karen's Mom.
    Easy Tomato Soup- Give a tomato to the shipper. You can usually find him at the
    bar during the evening.
    Simple Tomato Soup- Give tomatoes to the priest.
    Twice Cooked Tomatoes and Greens- Give a tomato to Lillia.
    Mashed Potatoes- Give a potato to Ann.
    Potato Pancakes- Give a potato to the little girl named May.
    Fried Potatoes and Bacon- Give the mayor a potato.
    Garlic Potato Beef- Give a potato to the mailman.
    Hunter's Tea- Give an egg to Cliff.
    Stuffed Omelet- Give an egg to Ann's brother Gray.
    Spa Poached Egg- Give an egg to the brown haired kid named Kent.
    Bread Pudding- Give an egg or milk to Elli.
    Butter Recipe- Give milk to Rick.
    Cinnamon Milk Tea- Give a milk to the Bakery Owner to get this warming drink
    recipe for those chilly winter days.
    Cinnamon Milk Tea- Give milk to the bakery owner.
    Mushroom Rice- Give a regular mushroom to the carpenter.
    Char Stuffed W/Mushrooms- Give one of the carpenters a mushroom.
    Mushroom Salsa- Give a lot of mushrooms to the elf outside the cave.
    Steamed Clams with Wine- Give wild grapes (Found in autumn) to Karen's Dad.
    Veryberry Wine- Give Kai (the vineyard worker) a Verryberry fruit or wild
    Hot Spicy Wine- Give a wild grape to the bartender.
    Strawberry Dog- Give some strawberries to the little boy with black hair named
    Strawberry Champagne- Give a strawberry to Karen.
    Strawberry Jam- Give a strawberry to Popuri.
    Corn Fritters- Give corn to Ann's dad.
    Corn Pasta- Give some corn to Popuri's dad.
    Pickled Turnip and Cabbage- Give a turnip to the old man on Mt. Moon.
    Turnip Stew- Give a turnip to Maria's mother.
    Herb Rice Cake- Give an edible herb to the old woman on Mt. Moon.
    Miso Soup- Give an edible herb to the Potion Shop owner.
    Fried Char- Give a big, blue fish to the fisherman.
    Grilled Trout W/Cheese- Give a fish to one of the carpenters.
    Eggplant with Miso Paste Give an eggplant to the midwife.
    Sesame Dandelion Greens- Give the souvenir shop owner a medicinal plant.
    Rolled Cabbage- Give a cabbage to Maria.
    Walnut Cake- Give a walnut to Elli's grandmother.
          - - - - - - - - - - - - PHOTO ALBUM - - - - - - - - - - -
    On your table near your bed sits your dusty photo album. In here are pictures
    of the main events in your life. It's fun to look at them and collect them, so
    here's how to get 'em!
    Picture with Grandpa:
    This Picture taken with your grandfather and your dog is in here from day one.
    Not very hard to get, huh?
    Planting Festival Picture:
    When you're King, this picture will be taken of you and the mayor before you
    set off in the balloon.
    Horse Race Picture:
    Win the horse race, and the Green Ranch owner will pose for a picture with you.
    Sea Festival Picture:
    Win the Sea Festival, and you'll all gather around for a picture.
    Hot Springs Picture:
    If you work with the Carpenters on the hot spring, then you'll all take a
    picture together.
    Wedding Picture:
    When you get married, your picture of the special occasion will be put here.
    Blue Mist Picture:
    If you plant the Blue Mist seed and take care of it until it blooms, the
    explorer will take a picture of the flower, you, Popuri, and the Emerald
    Baby Picture:
    When your baby is born, you'll get a picture to remember its birth.
    Dog Race Picture:
    Like the horse race, victory at the dog race will get you a nice picture to add
    to your album.
    All Building Extensions Picture:
    Complete all of the Extensions on your house to get this. That means you'll
    have to get everything built from the carpenter's, including the baby bed.
    Cow Festival Picture:
    If you win the Cow Festival, the three girls that are from out of town will ask
    to take a picture of the cow. However, you must keep your cow outside for this
    to happen.
    Maria Picture:
    Get this picture before the Firefly Festival, but only if you're friends with
    Elli Picture:
    If you're friends with Elli, you'll get this during the Fall with the Spring
    Goddess. Has to do with the Moondrop Potion.
    Ann Picture:
    On the 2nd Winter, if Ann is enamored with
     you, she'll come by your ranch and
    ask you to come to the mountain to see the very rare Pika Bunny.
    Karen Picture:
    If you're friends with Karen, you've gotten the old wine, revived the vineyard
    tree, and it's Fall, she may call you to watch the fairies dance. (details on
    this later in the "Other Secrets" section.)
    Party Picture:
    If you're friends with everyone, have a kid, and have all of the house
    extensions, you'll have a party at your farm.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - ENERGY AND STAMINA - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Once you begin to do intensive chores such as cutting grass, chopping wood, and
    watering crops, you'll lose stamina quickly. There are four stages of energy:
    50%- You'll take out your handkerchief and wipe your forehead. You've used
      half your energy.
    25%- You'll start to pant and breath harder. You still have a bit of energy
    10%- After you've depleted almost all of your stamina, you'll fall to the
      ground, but get back up to do a little more work.
    0% to 5%- You'll start to tip back, then you'll fall down. Sometimes this means
      you have no energy left, and other times it means you only have around 2 or 3
    As you all know, Power Berries will increase the maximum percentage of energy
    you have. One power berry raises it 10%. So, say you've found three power
    berries. You will then start the day with 130%. Here's a few more tips:
    *Cake is one of the best things to refill energy. It will refill 25%.
    *Water will refill 10%.
    *Many of the items you find in the forest will also restore about 10%.
    *Level 1 (Normal) items will use up about 1% of your energy with each use.
      Higher levels will require more.
    *Losing a lot of Energy late at night or on rainy/snowy days might result in
    *Your bathtub/the hot springs do not refill energy, contrary to popular belief.
      Instead, they help to prevent you from getting sick.
          - - - - - - - - - - - - OTHER SECRETS - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Harvest Moon is a game filled with many secrets. You can play for weeks and
    weeks and still not find some of this stuff. Here are some of the far-out,
    interesting things that you can do in the game.
    1. Music Box
    The music box is can be found at your very own ranch, and is one of the best
    gifts that you can give to a girl. The music box is very hard to find, however,
    so here is a map of your farm to help you:
    []=Land     <=path from tree/doghouse      T= Tree        D= Dog House
    []V [][][][][][][][][][]
    []V [][][][][][][][][][]
    []V [][][][][][][][][][]                                                      
    []X < < < < < < < < < <        T
    You need the treasure map before you can find this, which is located inside the
    tree. Once you find this area, which is located exactly between the dog house
    and tree, dig there with the hoe around 15 times. If you uncover it, take it to
    Rick to get it fixed. After that, you can give it to a girl (they'll notice
    it). The music box is found in the Summer.
    2. Old Wine and Reviving the Vineyard Trees
    Karen's grandmother used to make very good wine that made the vineyard very
    profitable. However, little of that wine is left, and the vineyard is in
    trouble. If you become good friends with the bartender by giving him
    Verryberries and Wild Grapes, he may give you some of that old wine. After you
    get this wine, become friends with the elves. Eventually, they will notice the
    wine and ask you about it. After you do this, put a vegetable in the pond
    inside the mountain grove, and ask the goddess to revive the tree. If you're
    good friends with Karen, in the Fall she may ask you to watch the fairies dance
    (this is her photograph).
    3. Marbles
    Stu, the black-haired, flower-loving son of the Potion Shop owner, will give
    you these. But, of course, there's a requirement to get them. On your third
    year or later, plant flowers at your house. The number is around eight (mixture
    of Pink Cat Mints and Moondrop). I usually plant five Moondrops and three Pink
    Cat Mints, but other ones will work. You'll know you're doing good if a young
    couple comes by to look at the flowers. If you plant enough, Stu will come by
    one day asking for a flower. He doesn't have any money, so he'll give you his
    marbles instead. After you receive them, take them to the elves. If you're
    friends with them, they'll give you a Power Berry.
    4. Full Moon Berry
    During the Fall, the poster on the back wall of the Flower Shop has smiley
    faces between the 10th and 12th. This is actually the dates that the Full Moon
    Berry is in bloom. To get it, go to the restaurant on the summit one of these
    days. If you head south from it, you'll see two trees close to each other (on
    the left side). In between the trees is the Full Moon Berry. It's like every
    other mountain item, but sells for more.
            - - - - - - - - - - - - POSSESSIONS - - - - - - - - - - - -
        If you press pause and look to the right section of the screen, you'll see
    a brownish column. When you begin the game, you'll have nothing there, but by
    the end, you may have many things. What can you get? Take a look!
    1. Medal Bag:   Found- Town Square     Use- Holds Medals
         The medal bag is simply a bag to store your medals. When you go to the
    races and win for the first time, you'll automatically get this to hold your
    medals in. If you press Z, it'll tell you how many medals you have.
    2. Ocarina:     Found- Craft Shop      Use- Play at Spirit Festival
         The people of the village have two instruments- flutes and ocarinas
    (excluding the organ). Since the girls play flutes, the guys play the ocarinas.
    These potato-shaped pipes play a good sound, but can only be played at the
    Spirit Festival. If you're friends with the King, he'll call you to play with
    3. Cake Card:   Found- Bakery          Use- Holds Stickers
         One of the things to look forward to is the raffle at the end of each
    year. When you purchase a cake, the bakery owner will give you this. On it are
    stickers. For each cake you buy, you'll get an extra sticker added to your
    card. For every 10 stickers, you can draw one raffle ticket at the end of the
    4. Flower Card: Found- Flower Shop     Use- Holds Stickers
         This is the exact same as the Bakery Card, except it holds Flower
    Stickers. Remember, Flower Stickers are not interchangeable with Bakery
    Stickers, so you'll have to buy ten bags of flower seed (any kind) to get a
    prize here.
    5. Marbles:      Found- Stu            Use- Give them to Elves
         These are explained in more detail in the "Other Secrets" section.
    Basically, if you plant enough flowers in the spring, Stu will give these to
    you. Give them to the elves (become friends with them) and they'll give you a
    Power Berry.
    6. Music Box:    Found- Your Ranch     Use- Give it to a Girl
         One of the most elusive items in the game (read the section "Other
    Secrets" to find out how to get it) is the music box. Hidden deep beneath the
    soil, this box is old and worn. If you happen to be friends with Rick, take
    this to him and he'll fix it up to be good as new. After it's fixed, the
    eligible girls in town will notice it. After they say something, you can choose
    to give it to them or not. If you do, it'll make them very happy.
    7. Popuri's Potpourri: Found- Popuri   Use- Raises Energy
         If you happen to be really good friends with Popuri (Pink Heart), then she
    may drop by your house on your birthday to deliver this gift. This potpourri
    (ironically pronounced the same as Popuri) is composed of many plants and
    flowers. It is said to help aid you in sleep, which will raise your energy.
    8. Hand-Knit Socks: Found- Ann         Use- ???
         Ann, originally not a knitter, has become very skilled at the art. Like
    Popuri and the rest of the girls, if you're super-extra-good friends with her
    she'll say hello on your birthday and bring along a pair of lovely hand-knit
    socks as a present! How nice. This has a helpful power, but I forgot what it
    9. Lucky Bracelet: Found- Karen        Use- ???
         This charming bracelet is given to you by Karen, but only if you're good
    friends. It's received just like all the other girl's gifts. This has a helpful
    power, supposedly to help prevent bad weather.
    10. Treasure Map:  Found- Tree         Use- Use to find Music Box
         Go to the tree at the bottom/right side of your farm, stand next to it,
    and Press A. You'll get the treasure map. It will tell you to go where the tree
    and doghouse meet. This is the location of the music box (see Section 15 "Other
    Secrets" for details).
    11. Handkerchief: Found- Elli          Use- Conserves Stamina
         Like the other girls, Elli will kindly drop this gift off on your birthday
    if you two are really good friends. It is said to make you sweat less,
    conserving your stamina. How nice of her!
    12. Gold Pendant:  Found- Mailbox       Use- Give it to Maria
         An interesting scene appears later in the game if you're friends with
    Maria. The wandering peddlar, commonly known as the con man, will get on the
    mayor's back about some debts, and Maria will give him her gold pendant to pay
    them off. However, the peddlar will send it to you in the mail, and you can
    keep it or give it back to Maria. I don't think that either decision has much
    13. Old Wine:      Found- Bar Owner      Use- Revives Tree
         The bartender will give this Old Wine made by Karen's grandmother to you.
    It' known as the "Door to Heaven". This is a key element that you need to
    revive the tree. If you take it to Kai and Karen, they may notice that you have
                   - - - - - - - - - - PART 3 - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - -  - - - - - WALKTHROUGH 1: FAME - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I'll be honest. You won't really get famous with this walkthrough, but you'll
    have a good time while making some friends and a decent amount of cash. If you
    want solely cash, take a look at the other walkthrough. I'll start with year
    one and go through all the seasons, and many of the days. Then I'll do the same
    for the second year. I recommend this walkthrough for a first-time player or
    someone who wants to have fun, and also for a person who is looking for an
    answer to something that doesn't pertain to money-making. This walkthrough will
    be pretty much for the bachelor, because the different tastes of the girls
    would make it overly complicated. I'm currently thinking about making a third
    walkthrough, the Marriage Walkthrough, if I get enough support. And hey, I'm
    always open for suggestions on other unique walkthroughs, such as a combination
    of fame and fortune or a combination of fortune and marriage, so send in an
    idea. Now back to the original topic and the first walkthrough!
    Note- There is a Marriage walkthrough now! Take a look at it later in this
                                    *   *   *
                                - - YEAR ONE - -
    SPRING: The first year begins with the fresh, new spring. Everything is green,
    and rain pours throughout. There are three Events/Festivals, which you might
    want to mark on your calendar. Here's the virtual calendar:
         Planting Festival:  8th
         Spring Horse Race:  17th
         Flower Festival:    23rd
    3rd of Spring: First Day
       Your first day on the farm! It's strange that the game starts on the third
    rather than the first or second, but what are you gonna do? After you wake up,
    see what's on TV. Get used to checking it every morning, as it may help you
    plan your day. When you first leave your house, the mayor will be waiting
    outside. If you'd like a tour of the town, accept his offer. You'll get to meet
    many of the characters and learn about the shops, so I recommend that you do
    this. The tour won't waste too much time, so after you get back, start to clear
    out your land. Don't expect to get it all done, just clear out a portion large
    enough to plant a bag of crops. Till the soil, then go into town and visit
    Lillia's shop to get some seeds to plant. Everything comes at a price, so you
    should start making a steady course of income as soon as possible. I suggest
    that you buy a bag of turnip seeds, because they grow quickly and will give you
    a decent amount of cash. Go home and plant these. You don't need fences around
    them, so the time of day should tell you what to do next. If you were super
    fast and it's 12:00-2:00, than you could make a quick trip up to the forest to
    grab some Edible herbs and Veryberry fruit near the fisherman's tent. If it's
    3:00-5:00, than stay at the farm and clear some more land. Stay up until about
    8:00 clearing your land. Get a good nights sleep.
    4th of Spring: Get a Foal                    Money: 0-70g
      6:00- Leave your farm early and head down to the Green Ranch. The
           owner will kindly give you a foal if you're interested. Be sure
           to talk to it every day to make it happy.
      8:00- Go to town and talk to some people. It doesn't matter who in
           particular, but just let everyone know you're here and begin some
      10:00- Go to the Vineyard, and see Karen and here father getting in a
           fight. They'll both be angry afterwards, and even a kind word
           won't change their feelings.
      12:00- Go up to the forest and talk to the fisherman. He'll give you
           the fishing pole and tell you how to use it. Try it out in the
           river or pond. If you catch a fish, good job. If you do or don't,
           be sure to grab the Veryberry Fruit and Edible Herbs on your way
           back to the farm (remember, you can carry multiple items by
           storing them in your rucksack). A general rule is to head back to
           farm by 4:00, 3:00 if you're far away.
           (*Note: I don't think that you have to be home to collect your
           money. But it's always nice to have some time to do things at
           home before the day is done.)
      4:00- Head back to the farm and put whatever you have in the shipping
           bin. While waiting for the shipper, water your crops. When you're
           done, continue to clear your land. Try breaking up stumps first,
           so you can get valuable wood.
      8:00- Go to bed.
    5th of Spring: Forage for Food                    Money: 70+ gold
           If you didn't notice, yesterday's entry was in the form of a timeline.
    I'll use a timeline if there is a strict schedule that you must follow. For
    entries like today's, there is really no time that you must get something done
    by, just be sure to get it all done. That being said, today you should continue
    to forage for food, water your plants, and clear your land. Also till a few
    extra plots so that you can plant when ready. Remember to cut and re-till and
    square that a weed has grown in. Whenever you make enough cash from the forest
    plants (medical herbs are worth the most), than head to Lillia's Flower Shop to
    buy some more seeds. Get some Potatoes, than some Cabbages, than some more
    turnips. If you have money, you can replant after you pick. Four plots will be
    good for your first year, and is about how much your cash will allow.
    Rainy Spring Day: Don't Get Sick
        I'm just putting this entry in as a general day, but none specifically.
    Rainy days are both helpful and hurtful. You won't have to water your crops, so
    if you have vast fields a little rain will be heavenly. However, if you work to
    hard, you run a greater risk of getting sick. Don't stay up to late either.
    Your animals will also get sick if you leave them outside in the rain. If you
    ever do get sick, go to the potion shop owner, and remember to bring an empty
    6th of Spring: Normal Work Day
         Normal Work Day? This is basically what you would do every day; forage the
    forest, water crops, clear land, etc. Also, you can use these days to visit a
    girl if you're planning on marriage.
    7th of Spring: 1st Turnip Harvest
         Congratulations, your first harvest has arrived! Turnips grow rather
    quickly and should be ready to be picked if you took good care of them (they
    can be picked when you see their white bottoms above the soil).  Your crop
    should have earned you somewhere from 180-340 gold, so you can go on a small
    shopping spree! After you buy some seeds to replace the turnips (you might want
    to replace them with Potatoes or cabbages), if you've saved up 500 gold, I
    suggest you purchase some grass. It's always good to get your fields started as
    soon as you can. After you purchase a plot or two of grass, start saving up
    1000 gold.
         Continue with your normal work, but it would also be fun to go to town to
    talk with people. Not only will this make you a tad closer to being friends
    with some people (talking does help. Even the meanest person may eventually
    become your friend through talking and an occasional gift), but you'll also
    here some interesting conversation regarding the festival. People's dialogues
    change before festival days, and many of them have interesting things to say.
    It's not vital for you to go and talk, though, so put your chores before it.
    8th of Spring: Planting Festival
         Your first free day has finally arrived! If you have crops to harvest,
    don't worry, the shipper will pick them up. As always, water your plants, and
    if you have a little time, get a few things from the forest. As long as it's
    daytime, you can go to the festival. I personally prefer to go around
    1:00-2:00. At the Planting Festival, the village king (chosen at last year's
    harvest festival, which you didn't go to) gets to take off in a hot air
    balloon. The king this year is the potion shop owner, and he takes his son to
    go with him. Everyone gets a balloon which is filled with seeds. When you're
    ready, everyone will release them into the sky. This concludes the festival,
    and you'll go home to rest.
    9th of Spring: Continue with Normal Work
    10th of Spring: Buy a Brush                          Money: 1000 gold
         If you've saved up some of your money, than head into town and to Rick's
    tool shop to purchase a brush. You'll definitely need the brush later in the
    game for your cows and sheep, but now it would be good to brush your horse and
    try to get it full-grown. Spend the rest of the day normally. Also try to get
    some of your tools up a level. The Hammer will gain levels the quickest, but is
    the least useful. The main item you want to get powered up is the watering can.
    11th of Spring: Chop Some Wood
         Today you should spend less time foraging for food and more time chopping
    wood. This will help power up your axe, and will also give you wood needed for
    fences and additions to your house. A good place to chop wood is up the
    mountain a little ways, near the broken bridge (I'll refer to this place as the
    Spring Area, as the Spring will eventually be built here). There is an
    abundance of wood here, so chop and then pick up some plants on your way back
    12th of Spring: Visit the Bar
         If you haven't already, this is as good of night as any to visit the bar
    (unless you have a lot of work to do). After the shipper collects the shipment,
    head into the village and to the bar. Talk with the people, but only get water
    (for now). You might want to arrive home a little early so you can water your
    plants before the shipper comes.
    13th-14th of Spring: Continue with Normal Work
    15th of Spring: Lillia's Husband Returns
         One of the reason Lillia loves Spring is that her husband comes back from
    he travels. You'll get to meet him in the morning, but he won't explain to
    clearly who he is. He, as I said earlier, is Lillia's husband. He hangs around
    the flower shop and likes flowers. During the cold Winter and Fall months he
    travels to the South to find interesting plants. When the weather gets warm
    where you live, he comes back. After meeting this guy, you can go to the Flower
    Shop anytime you want to talk to him.
    16th of Spring: Enter Horse Race
         If you've managed to grow your foal into a large horse (chances are you
    won't have by now), than you can enter into the horse race. Do whatever you
    feel like, but remember that you only have to participate in 1 of the 3 races.
    The Green Ranch owner will approach you in the early morning, so there is no
    way you can miss this. Continue the rest of the day normally.
    17th of Spring: Spring Horse Race
         The Spring Horse Race isn't officially a festival, but as Elli would say,
    "When I was young, I assumed it was a festival." It's a lot like festivals,
    with snacks, drinks, and three horse races! You can buy a bunch of treats such
    as Candy, Cookies, and Iced Tea. To bet on the race, which makes it more fun,
    go to the Mayor's Wife and select the horse you want. Press up or down to bet.
    The mayor will let you exchange the gifts for prizes, such as a new stable, a
    stuffed horse, and an energy carrot. The most valuable to get is the new
    stable, but likewise requires the most medals. Here's some other things you can
    Medals:   Use- Exchange for Prizes       Cost- 50 gold
    Candy:    Found- Buyer's Booth           Cost- 120 gold
    Fry:      Found- Buyer's Booth           Cost- 200 gold
    Corn:     Found- Buyer's Booth           Cost- 250 gold
    Iced Tea: Found- Baker's Booth           Cost- 150 gold
    Cookie:   Found- Baker's Booth           Cost- 300 gold
    Prizes:  New Stable-         3000 medals
             Stuffed Horse-      1000 medals
             Sustaining Carrot-  500 medals
    18th of Spring: The Mysterious Stranger
         When you get up on this bright sunny day, everything seems normal. But
    when you go out the door, you find a man on the ground. He asks for some food.
    What do you do? Give it to him! Don't go to the mountain, but grab something
    from your farm. If you give it to him, you may become friends. This guy will
    introduce himself as the wanderer Cliff, with his pet condor Cain. He stays at
    the mountain and likes to fish.
    19th of Spring: Vote for the Flower Princess
         The Flower Princess, or the Queen, is one of the Five eligible women from
    the town (in other words, the ones you can marry can become the Flower
    Princess). It seems like no one else votes, because whoever you vote for will
    become the Queen. Remember, if you want to dance with a particular girl at the
    Flower Festival, do not select her to be the queen, because the Queen and King
    must dance together. You can vote at the Town Square (at the bottom near the
    lower exit). If you've saved up enough money for a chicken (1500 gold), after
    you vote, it may be a good idea to start building a pen for it outside.
    20th of Spring: Get a Chicken                     Money- 1500 gold
         You'll need a steady source of income, and the simplest animal to purchase
    and raise is the chicken. Head down to the Green Ranch and spend your hard
    earned cash on the chicken. It would also be wise to purchase some feed, even
    if you do plan to keep it outside. Be sure to feed it in its respective food
    bin (check the bin with the A button to make sure which bin it is). Take it
    outside on nice days, and build a pen for it. It'll be delivered to the farm
    and you'll get to name it. The name doesn't matter, because you won't be seeing
    it much. It could be anything from Alfred to Zuzu. If you really can't think of
    a name, you can ask me (tell me what kind of name you want, like serious,
    funny, happy, etc.). I would recommend that early in the game you should keep
    them outside in good weather, to save money. You will also have the time to
    transport the eggs.
    21st of Spring: Fields of Greens
         For the rest of Spring you should be spending a little bit of your cash on
    grass. Getting grass up as soon as possible is key, and will help you get more
    grass. Still save, but every once in a while, say four to five days, purchase
    some grass.
    22nd of Spring: Popuri's Birthday
         Whether or not you're dating Popuri, it's always nice to give someone a
    present on your birthday. Popuri especially likes flowers, an giving her some
    from the mountain will make her very happy. If you are dating her, don't miss
    this golden opportunity to score big points with her.
    23rd of Spring: Flower Festival
         The flowers are all in bloom across the land, and what better way to
    celebrate than having the flower festival? Here you can observe the flowers,
    purchase items from merchants, watch the entourage escort the Flower Princess,
    and dance with the girl of your choosing. I strongly suggest that you go,
    because it's quite fun and will raise a girl's interest in you. Here's some
    things you can buy:
    Bottle: Found- Rick's Booth                  Price- 200 gold
    Pink Cat Mint Seeds: Found- Lillia's Booth   Price- 300 gold
    Power Nut: Found- Wanderer                   Price- 1000 gold
    the bottle can hold medicine and other liquids in it, so if you have the money
    it would be a good idea to get it. Like all festivals, you'll go home when
    you're done. Also, today is the last day that you can plant Cabbages and
    harvest them before the season ends.
    24th of Spring: Last Day to Plant Potatoes
         Don't buy any more Potato seeds after this day, and if you have a few
    extra bags either save them for the next year or plant them now. Like all
    crops, when a season is over, the crops found in that season will die. Also,
    remember to take trips down to the Green Ranch frequently if you keep your
    chicken indoors.
    25th of Spring: Clear Land
         Your entire land should be cleared by now. If it isn't, stay up late to
    finish clearing it. If you have a large job and need to conserve stamina, throw
    rocks into the pond instead of smashing them, and throw leaves on the ground
    instead of cutting them. Having clear land will allow you to think of better
    planting designs and have more room. Be sure to periodically check your land
    for re-growing weeds, though, especially after rain.
    26th of Spring: Last Day to Plant Turnips
         Spring is finally drawing to a close, and this is the last possible time
    to plant turnips until next year. I highly recommend staying up late tilling
    and planting and watering over waiting to plant next year, because you'll need
    as much cash as you can possibly get.
    27th of Spring: Raise Another Chicken
         This is a good time to get a second chicken. Instead of purchasing one,
    It's much cheaper to raise your own. Put an egg in the incubator and watch it
    until it hatches. Take the chick outside. You'll have to buy more feed if you
    keep them inside, but remember that you'll be getting a profit of 40 gold
    still. If you're keeping them outside, possibly expand the pen before you raise
    28th of Spring-29th of Spring: Normal Work Days
    30th of Spring: Last Day of Spring
         Spring is coming to a close, and grab as many items from the forest as you
    can. At the end of the day, If you've made a good amount of money (over, say,
    3000 gold), than head into town and congratulate yourself for making it through
    the first season with a drink at the bar. Don't get beer, as it's too
    expensive, but milk wouldn't seem right for the occasion. Get either Wine or
    Liquor. If you're low on cash (Under 1000g) or haven't made a good amount yet
    (only go if you have at least 2000g), there's always next year.
    SUMMER: The tranquil country paths are now all sitting under the hot summer
    sun. The sun shouldn't effect your work, so there's reason not to be making
    money. In fact, Summer is the most profitable season. There's also a few
    interesting festivals, many of which are held at the warm beach.
         Fireworks Celebration: 1st
         Vegetable Festival:    9th
         Firefly Festival:      17th
         Sea Festival:          24th
    1st of Summer: Fireworks Festival
         The hot days of Summer last no longer than the beautiful days of Spring,
    so hurry up and get started on the first day. Head to the shop, and with your
    savings from last month, buy at least two bags of tomatoes and three bags of
    corn (even though today is the Fireworks Celebration, it's not officially a
    festival so the shops are still open). Head back to the farm and plant your
    crops (you can use the same plots as you did in Spring). Water, cut grass, and
    do all that good stuff, then head to the forest and grab as much stuff as you
    can (Walnuts in particular) before the shipper returns. After he comes, you can
    head to one of five places, depending on which girl you want to see. These
    spots are where you can observe the fireworks.
    -Town Square: Maria- This is where Maria hangs out and also a large portion of
    the town. I recommend going here if you don't like any particular girl.
    -Beach: Karen- If you don't like crowds, the deserted beach is a good place to
    go. Karen is happy not to be alone. After watching the fireworks explode over
    the water, you'll set off your own.
    -Green Ranch: Ann
    -Mountain: Popuri
    -Bakery: Elli- You will be served snacks as you watch the fireworks from the
    Talk to the girls early to find out where they're going to go. The fireworks
    will go off after you talk to the girl, and then you can go home. Summer has
    Summer Typhoon: Check the News and Get Animals Inside!
         During the Summer, it is most likely that a typhoon will hit the area (if
    not multiple times). The typhoon effects are harmful, but not devastating.
    Plots of crops usually lose one square of plants, and grass goes back to the
    first stage of growth. Fences are also torn apart by the high winds. But
    absolutely DO NOT leave animals outside. During the typhoon you won't be able
    to leave your house. Yup, that means you won't be able to feed your animals
    (which is kinda cheap), and they'll get angry. The only thing you can do
    against a typhoon is to prepare for it, so watch the news every day to find the
    2nd of Summer: Save for a Sheep
         A sheep will be a good source of income, and you should start saving for
    one now if you haven't already. Remember, to save for a sheep you not only need
    money, but fodder as well. Plant a few more grass plots for your animals.
    3rd-8th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    9th of Summer: Vegetable Festival
         It would make more sense if the vegetable festival took place when the
    vegetables were ready to be picked. Even if you planted tomatoes your first
    day, they still won't be ready for harvest. This will force you to go to the
    festival empty-handed, but don't worry, you can still have fun. Enjoy some
    conversations and listen to who had the best vegetable.
    10th of Summer: First Tomato Harvest
         Your Tomatoes should be ripe and ready to pick now, getting you a nice
    amount of cash. With the money, buy some grass, more tomatoes (if needed), or
    possibly the sheep you've been saving up for.
    11th of Summer: Raise a Third Chicken
         A third chicken will add to your revenue, so now is a good time to get
    one. Remember, a young chick doesn't need to be fed or taken care of; you can
    leave him outside in the rain if you want! Chickens will get you money, and
    their feed is a mere 10g, so the more the merrier!
    12th of Summer: Get a Sheep
         You should definitely have a sheep by now, and should be taking good care
    of it (brush and talk to it every day). If you don't have the cash to get one,
    I suggest spending a little more time in the mountains getting things to sell
    rather than talking to people in the town. Fun is fun, but you need to start
    getting a steady source of income.
    13th of Summer: Tomato Re-Harvest
         Wow! A whole new set of tomatoes are ready to be harvested, and you'll get
    some cash every three days! Pretty nice. Now you should be spending your money
    on grass, and save up money for a cow.
    14th of Summer: First Corn Harvest
         The corn you planted on your first day is ready to be picked, and at 120
    gold per ear, it's going to be a good day. You should have quite a bit of cash
    from your summer crops by now. Also, don't forget that today is Ann's birthday.
    Bring her something nice, like a tomato from your field.
    15th-16th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    17th of Summer: Firefly Festival
         The Firefly Festival takes place down at the beach, at 7:00. The townsfolk
    reminisce on their ancestors. This may offer hints of their pasts, so it might
    be interesting to talk to some. The mayor will give you a lantern at the end,
    which is lit with the brilliant moonlight stone. The villagers will then send
    the lanterns off into the ocean, making a pink glow to see their ancestors off.
         This is also the last day to plant corn and harvest it before the season
    is over.
    18th of Summer: Corn Re-Harvest
         Your corn will once again be ready for pickin', and if you have a little
    extra share it with one of the townspeople.
    19th of Summer: Get a Cow
        Because of your many harvests and re-harvests, you should be swimming in a
    cash. Well, maybe not, but you should have the 6000 gold needed to buy a cow.
    Head down to the Green Ranch and purchase one of the little calves. But be sure
    you have enough feed, or you may have to sell it back before winter.
    20th of Summer: Normal Work Day
    21st of Summer: Last Day for Tomatoes
         What's more to say? Planting tomatoes after today will be a waste of
    money. This is the last time you can plant them and harvest them in time for
    22nd-23rd of Summer: Normal Work Days
    24th of Summer: Sea Festival
        The Sea Festival, or swimming race, is held down at the beach. It's a
    really fun event, similar to the horse race, but instead you race. It's not
    incredibly hard to win, and this year's prize is the Invincible Katori!!! What
    does it do? Absolutely nothing! It's a little pig ornament that goes in your
    house. There are rumors saying that it protects your greenhouse from typhoons,
    but I'm not sure. Anyway, the swimming race is really fun, and definitely worth
    25th-28th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    29th of Summer: Buy the Shears
         Your sheep will probably be mature (or near maturity) by now, and any
    money you have left over from your cow purchase should go toward the shears.
    Trimming your sheep will get you a lot of money. This is what you've feeding
    and brushing it for, so be sure to get money in return.
    30th of Summer: Last Day of Summer
         Summer's ending, and it's just going to get colder from now on. Everything
    will soon be turning color and winter will be just around the corner. Today is
    also the last day to plant grass this year. I you don't have a lot of grass, I
    strongly suggest buying some more. Even if you think you have enough, more
    never hurts, especially come the end of winter when you can't feed your
    FALL: The trees lose there brightly colored leaves, and many of the animals
    disappear from the forest. The bridge to the mountain top is still broken, so
    the summit is out of reach... but for how long? There are many fruits to be
    found in the forest, as well as some eggplants that can stand the harsher
    weather. The townspeople also host some athletic festivals.
    4th of Fall:  Cow Festival
    12th of Fall: Harvest Festival
    20th of Fall: Egg Hunt Festival
    28th of Fall: Local Horse Race
    1st of Fall: First Day of Fall
        The golden leaves of Fall have come, and now is the time to prepare for
    winter. Get some money from the forest, as there are Wild Grapes and Mushrooms
    to be found. You'll need all the money you can get, so also head to the flower
    shop and buy 4-10 packages of Eggplants. They won't get you a whole lot of
    money, but enough to be able to buy more things. If you're dating Elli, be sure
    to remember that today is her birthday. She likes eggs, so bring her one from
    your chicken coop.
    2nd of Fall: Watch for Rain!
         Like the Spring, Fall has a good amount of rain. You'll need to repair
    your fences (you cans still take animals outside in the Fall), so go up to the
    forest today and chop a lot of wood. While you're up there, grab some
    mushrooms, herbs, and Wild Grapes. Even Poison Mushrooms can be sold! The
    potion shop owner likes to receive poisonous mushrooms, but everyone else hates
    3rd of Fall: Normal Work Day
    4th of Fall: Cow Festival
         This festival takes place early in the season. It's a very good festival,
    because you can see the local farms' cows and drink their milk. Unfortunately,
    you don't have a cow yet, so you can't enter. The Green Ranch cow is likely to
    win, because of its rich coat and vitamin filled milk.
    5th of Fall: Basil Leaves
         Now that the plants have stopped growing, Basil sets back out on the road
    to warmer regions to find tropical plants for the next season. Bid him farewell
    (he won't be back until next Spring! Oh No!), then get back to work.
    6th-7th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    8th of Fall: First Eggplant Harvest
         Your eggplants should be ready for harvest. The profits should go towards
    a cow, which will make you some money during your first winter. Without a
    steady source of income during the winter, you may not be ready for next
    9th-10th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    11th of Fall: Eggplant Re-Harvest
         Your first eggplants will have another harvest now, with some good purple
    goodness. The revenues, of course, should go to the cow fund.
    12th of Fall: Harvest Festival
         This could possibly be the biggest festival of the year, although it's not
    the most exciting festival. However, the next year's King is chosen, you get to
    eat food from the harvest, and to top it off you can dance with the girl of
    your choice! The first part is where you mingle with people. Tell Popuri that
    her salad tastes strange; she doesn't like dishonest people. If you do, you can
    sample the other girl's meals. After this, go to see Elli. She spent all of
    yesterday cooking up cakes for the festival. As the tradition goes, whoever
    finds a coin in their cake slice will become King! Unfortunately, there's no
    sure-fire way to become King. The only way to improve your odds is to become
    friends with the townsfolk. The final part of the festival is the dance.
    Afterwards you'll head home to a good night's sleep.
    13th-14th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    15th of Fall: Buy a Cow
         You should have more than enough money to buy a cow now. How? Your
    eggplants should have helped you, as yesterday was your third harvest. If you
    want to buy the milker right away, make a stop at the tool shop (there sure is
    a lot of rhyming in this entry). This will save you the hassle later, and you
    should have enough money to be able to afford it.
    16th of Fall: Chop some Lumber
         It's time to start getting a lot of lumber... winter's coming and you
    might want a nice addition to your house. Also, once the Hot Spring has been
    restored, much of the wood in the forest will disappear. Take advantage of the
    abundance of wood by spending the day gathering foods and chopping wood. Start
    saving up a little money, too.
    17th-19th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    20th of Fall: Egg Festival
         The egg festival is perhaps the most fun festival. Similar to another
    holiday, the mayor hides eggs over the town in special crates. Each one has a
    different colored egg. Here's the different part: when the mayor holds up an
    egg, the players run around the town looking for another egg that is identical.
    The one who finds it first (in a time limit) will win that round. It's very
    fun, and good exercise, so you should participate. However, it's kinda hard to
    lose, which eliminates some of the excitement.
    21st of Fall: Normal Work Day
    22nd of Fall: Tomorrow is the Last Day to Plant Eggplants!!!
         Tomorrow is the last day to plant eggplants. Why don't I have this entry
    on tomorrow's date then? Because you might be busy working, and accidentally
    miss planting and watering. It's a good idea just to plant today instead.
    23rd of Fall: The Bridge to the Mountain
         Since your first day, the sign near the three stumps has said BRIDGE OUT.
    Now's your chance to fix it and see what's up on the summit! The carpenter's
    wills top by and ask you to work on the bridge with them. If you do, you'll get
    paid, and only for a half-hour of work! The second you step foot on the
    mountain ground, you'll begin to work. You have to arrive before 3:00, but you
    can come whenever you want before then (like 2:30). After you're done, it'll be
    three. You'll also have an extra 1000g in your pocket! This lasts for more
    days, so be sure to go and get some money.
    24th of Fall: Return to the Mountain
         Once again, return to the mountain for work. Continue the rest of your day
    as you normally would.
    25th of Fall: Normal Work Day (Work on Mountain Bridge, too!)
    26th of Fall: Get Ready For the Horse Race
         The deadline for entering the horse race is tomorrow, and by now your
    horse should be full-grown. It's fun to race, and your horse will be happier if
    you win. Enter in the Fall Horse race. Remember, there's three races, so you
    can still bet!
    27th of Fall: Bridge is Completed!
         After all of these working days (and making a total of 5000 gold!!!), the
    bridge will finally be completed. Why not go see what all of your hard work was
    for? At the summit, be sure to meet the restaurant owner and his wife. They'll
    be happy to see someone from the town after all this time.
         Also, the Green Ranch Owner will stop by in the morining, asking you if
    you want to enter the race. You should, because if you win, you'll get a nice
    picture (and praise).
    28th of Fall: Fall Horse Race
         The second Horse Race of the year, and you'll be racing in it! Be sure to
    arrive by 10:00 (definitely no later!) if you want to make it in time for the
    first race. Many of the same things can be found at the Fall Horse Race that
    are at the Spring Race too.
    Medals:   Use- Exchange for Prizes       Cost- 50 gold
    Candy:    Found- Buyer's Booth           Cost- 120 gold
    Fry:      Found- Buyer's Booth           Cost- 200 gold
    Corn:     Found- Buyer's Booth           Cost- 250 gold
    Iced Tea: Found- Baker's Booth           Cost- 150 gold
    Cookie:   Found- Baker's Booth           Cost- 300 gold
    Prizes:  New Stable-         3000 medals
             Stuffed Horse-      1000 medals
             Sustaining Carrot-  500 medals
    29th of Fall: Normal Work Day
    30th of Fall: Last Day of Fall
        Gasp! The year is coming to an end! Even worse, the harsh season of winter
    is upon you. Be sure to make trips to the forest for items, as little can be
    found during winter. Harvest all remaining crops and cut all of your grass.
    Stay up late if you have to, but fit it all in!
    WINTER: All of the golden leaves have fallen from the trees, and freshly fallen
    snow covers the cold ground. Winter is here, and you won't have much to do the
    first week or so. No crops, no foraging in the forest. However, the Mine's
    opening on the 8th should provide you with an excellent source of income during
    this frosty season.
    10th of Winter: Thanksgiving
    19th of Winter: Local Dog Race
    24th of Winter: Starry Night Festival
    27th of Winter: Spirit Festival
    30th of Winter: New Year's Eve
    1st of Winter: Lumber and Cows
         Brrr... Winter's here, but that should be no reason to slack off. But you
    can't grow crops? The mine's not open yet? Well, you should still do
    something... why not chop wood? You'll need 500 wood towards the purchase of a
    nice Kitchen, so you can store items, keep track of the power berries you've
    found, and take a look at your recipes. You should add on to your house instead
    of buy additional animals, because it'll be hard enough to feed the one's you
         Also on today, the Green Ranch Owner will come by. He's just got a few
    extra cows from a sad-looking woman, but he's run out of room in his barn.
    He'll ask you to look after three cows from today to the fifth. If you do so,
    he'll be more than happy to pay you for your trouble. If you have plenty of
    feed, than accept. you need all the money you can get, especially in the
    Winter. If you don't have much feed, still accept! With the revenue, you can
    buy more cow feed from the Green Ranch than you would waste. Either way, help
    the Green Ranch Owner and you'll become better friends.
    2nd of Winter: Take Care of the Cows
         Today will be your second day with the Green Ranch cows. To make Rick a
    little happier, brush and talk to the cows. They'll be happy, even though
    they're not your cows. Feed them, of course, too. Afterwards, head back to the
    forest to chop some more wood. These days, after chopping all seven stumps,
    head into town and become better acquainted with the people there.
    Snowy Day: Don't Catch A Cold!
         Snowy days are very similar to rainy days. You'll catch a cold if you work
    to hard, and the fences in your field will break down. If you want to save
    lumber, take all of your fences and put them in your lumber bin. That way you
    won't lose any wood.
    3rd-4th of Winter: Chop Wood and Take Care of Animals!
    5th of Winter: The Cows will be Picked Up
         After being with the Green Ranch cows for four days, the Green Ranch owner
    will come by and pick them up. He'll pay you for the job, and will be quite
    happy, too. Afterwards spend the day as you normally wood (pun intended), by
    chopping stumps and visiting the townspeople.
    6th of Winter: Chop Wood and Take Care of your Animals!
    7th of Winter: Go see the Carpenter for a Kitchen
         The time has come! You'll finally be extending the tiny little shack you
    call a home and be adding on a beautiful new kitchen! The kitchen has a bunch
    of wonderful features, like the freezer, which can store foods, and the signs
    on the wall keep track of all the recipes and power berries you've collected.
         To get the kitchen, head to the carpenter's house in the forest and go to
    the back wall. The sign there will explain the extensions cost and the amount
    of lumber required. Get the kitchen and the carpenter will handle the rest. In
    a few short days, a lovely Kitchen will be yours!
    8th of Winter: Mine Opens!!!
         What a great day! Your days of chopping wood are over! Now you can dig at
    the mine (and for money, too!). The mine is a fairly good source of income, and
    opens on this day. Head to the back of the cave in the forest to find it. It
    stays open until the last day of winter. Here's what you can mine:
    Iron Stone: 100 gold
    Moonlight Stone: 500 gold
    Blue Stone: 700 gold
    Rare Minerals: 1000 gold.
    You can also find many coins, which are worth 10 gold each. Also in the mine
    are two types of roots and the weather vane. What are they? You'll have to find
    out for yourself...
    9th of Winter: Visit the Bakery
         Now that you'll soon be having a Kitchen, wouldn't you like to spruce it
    up with some mugs or table mats? You can decorate it with some items you can
    win from the year end lottery drawing. To be able to enter the drawing, you'll
    need some points to enter! It's too late to get enough for the Flower Drawing,
    but the bakery will still be selling cakes, which are what you need for points!
    Make sure you've bought at least ten cakes (if funds permit) by the end of the
    year so you can enter the drawing. Eat the cake for stamina or give it to your
    10th of Winter: Thanksgiving
         A day of giving thanks is also a day of eating a lot. Like in our world,
    the residents of Harvest Moon celebrate Thanksgiving. If a girl likes you, she
    may stop by your farm to give you a cake. Be sure to be there when she arrives.
    Other people of the town also bake cakes, so talk to as many people as you can
    today. Take a break from work for today.
    11th of Winter: Maria's Birthday
         Today is Maria's Birthday. If you're courting her, don't forget to bring
    her a gift. Cake will do nicely if you can't find anything (and will add
    another sticker to your card!). If you're not courting her, it'd still be nice
    to pay her a visit, although it's not necessary (Harris might be well into
    courting her by now).
    12th of Winter: The Hot Springs
         An earthquake rumbled loose some rocks near a spring of hot water, and the
    local carpenters were thinking about making it into a spa where people could
    relax. They'll come by today and ask you to help. Like the bridge, they'll pay
    you every day. You can also come at the last second and still get paid.
    However, work ends at 3:00, so you won't get any time to dig for minerals if
    you agree. But, if you do work, you'll get another bonus at the end. I
    encourage you to help.
    13th of Winter-15th of Winter: Work on the Hot Springs
    16th of Winter: Completion of the Hot Springs
        After today, the hot springs will be finished! And how great it is! While
    it won't refill energy, taking a dip will help prevent a cold. If you're
    chopping wood or mining on a snowy day, stop by here on your way. When you
    finish, you and the carpenters will all gather around for a photo, which will
    be added to your album. Very nice!
    17th of Winter: Precious Stones
        In your diggings in the mine, you may have come across some precious
    minerals. If you find a Moonlight Stone, Blue Stone, or Rare Mineral, save it.
    The Moonlight Stone and Rare Minerals are both given to Rick. If you give Rick
    a Moonlight Stone, he'll sell a Firefly Lantern before the next Firefly
    Festival in the Summer. The Rare Minerals will get Rick started on a strange
    device. A teleporter! See for yourself the wacky outcome of this. The Blue
    Stone, however, do not give Rick! If you do, he'll tell you the Craft Shop
    Owner wanted one, but if you went to all the trouble, he'll take it. To avoid
    losing it, give it to the Craft Shop Owner. He'll use it to dye the "mess up"
    pot you've seen since the first day. You can then purchase it, but you should
    probably save up for more important things.
    18th of Winter: Enter the Dog Race
         If you've been playing and feeding your dog (even though it's kinda hard
    to feed it in the first Winter when there's nothing to give it), enter it into
    the race. It'll most likely lose, but you might as well give it a try, right?
    19th of Winter: Local Dog Race
         Today is the day of the race. Though not as popular as the Horse races,
    the dog race is still fun to watch. Arrive there. There are different prizes
    you can get, such as the new Dog House and Cute Clock. There's also different
    things to eat and drink. You can bet on the race or just watch, depending on
    how much money you have. Enjoy the races!
    20th-23rd of Winter: Mine and Cut Wood
    24th of Winter: Starry Night
         Today is the perfect day to spend with your girlfriend. Each girl goes to
    a different spot (well, not all of them)
    Popuri: Mountain Summit
    Ann:    Church Performance
    Elli:   Church Performance
    Maria:  Church Performance
    Karen:  Beach
    Visit the girl you like and not only will she be very happy, you might share a
    special moment together. If you don't have a girlfriend, head to the church for
    the performance. Maria plays the organ while Ann and Elli play the Flute. This
    performance is nice and is where some of the townspeople gather. Because it's
    the Starry NIGHT festival, don't come until 7:00 p.m.
    25th of Winter: Beginning of Bakery Drawing
         This is it! Count up the stickers on your Flower (shouldn't be too many)
    and Cake (should be at least ten) cards and take them to the shops. If you have
    ten stickers, the owners will enter you in a raffle drawing. In the bakery
    drawing, some of the prizes you could win are Honey (refills energy to
    maximum), a mug, and two table mats (decorate your kitchen). If you find
    yourself short a couple bakery stickers, just buy some more cakes and you'll
    receive more stickers! This raffle lasts until the 29th.
    26th of Winter: Mine and Chop Wood
    27th of Winter: Spirit Festival
         If you happen to be good friends with the potion shop owner, he may invite
    you to come and play in the Spirit Festival. You probably don't have an Ocarina
    now, but you can always play on the bell the Green Ranch Owner gave you when
    you bought a sheep. If you do have an Ocarina, it'll sound better, but don't
    rush out and buy one just for this festival. Come evening (7:00), head to the
    Town Square. The performance to drive evil spirits away will start, and it
    seems a large crowd has shown up for it!
    28th of Winter: Mine and Chop Wood
    29th of Winter: End of Lottery & Karen's Birthday
         Today is the last day to enter the drawings, so if you have enough
    tickets, race down to the shops and enter!
         This day also marks Karen's birthday. If you have any Wild Grapes left
    over from Fall (you probably won't), she'd love those, but Cake works nicely
    for those willing to spend a little dough.
    30th of Winter: New Year's Eve
         Wow! Winter's almost over. Can you believe it? The new year will be
    starting soon, but tonight you can listen to resolutions and even get your
    fortune told by Elli. After 7:00, head on down to the church for the public
    gathering. Talk to everyone, then leave. There's no big ceremony, and you can't
    stay until midnight. If a girl likes you, she may ask you to come somewhere
    with her before you go home.
                               - - YEAR TWO - -
    SPRING: It looks like you've made it through an entire year! But you can't stop
    yet, 'cause the second year is even more full of social activities and things
    to do. This Spring will be the first time you've been to the New Year's
    Festival, and a strange new person will appear at the base of the mountain.
    Here's the calendar of events:
    1st of Spring:  New Year's Festival
    8th of Spring:  Planting Festival
    17th of Spring: Local Horse Race
    23rd of Spring: Flower Festival
    1st of Spring: New Year's Day
         The new year has just begun, and what better way to celebrate than to
    drink yourself crazy? You may have gone to the bar a few times, or you may have
    not. Depending on the amount of drinks you consumed over the last year, the
    more you can drink at this festival. The goal is to outdrink everyone. Everyone
    will toast to you when they meet you, but when they've had enough, they'll go
    home. Go around and see how many people you can beat. Be warned, however, that
    some people such as Karen and Kai are good drinkers, while others, such as
    Maria and the Bakery Owner aren't used to alchohol. If you want to beat Gray,
    challenge him before you challenge Ann. The shops will all be closed today, so
    don't worry about buying seeds and such.
    2nd of Spring: Buy Seeds
         Take a trip to your friendly neighborhood Flower Shop and buy some seeds.
    Start your fields off with some dandy potato or cabbage seeds. If you need some
    quick cash, plant some turnips. Try planting more vegetables, about 6-12 plots.
    Save room for grass, though, because you might be getting another cow soon.
         After planting your seeds, take a trip to the forest to forage for money
    making items and to chop wood. When you're there, you may notice a strange
    looking scientist. He says that he's looking for the Rare Emerald Butterfly.
    Could you help him find it? Maybe...
    3rd of Spring: Spring for A Room Organizer
         I think it's about time you bought this handy little item if you haven't
    already. Head down to Rick's Tool Shop with 2000 gold and pick up the item on
    the counter. While it looks small here, it actually is a cabinet used to store
    non-food items (but not tools). You can store wool, flowers, minerals, or other
    things in this cabinet. It's not necessary, but it's very nice to have.
         After your trip to the shop, make up for some of the money by stopping by
    the forest on the way home. If you grew turnips, they should be ready soon.
    4th of Spring: Normal Work Day
    5th of Spring: First Turnip Harvest
         If you decided to be eager and grow turnips, they should be ready now.
    Pick them and start saving up for another cow with the profits. Looks like you
    potatoes will be ready before the Planting Festival. How nice!
    6th of Spring: Normal Work Day
    7th of Spring: First Potato Harvest
         If you were a little more patient (and a little wiser), your potatoes will
    be ready today, earning you big bucks. Be sure not to forget to always have
    some seeds handy so you can replant after you pick. It's easier than going back
    to the Flower Shop every time (unless you like to talk with Popuri and
    8th of Spring: Planting Festival
         The second annual Planting Festival is just like the first one. The King
    flies up in the balloon with one person and spreads seeds across the country
    side. Everyone releases their balloons into the air after they leave.
         If you have been chosen King, you get the honor of riding in the balloon!
    You can choose 1 person (anybody) that will accompany you in your flight. Up in
    the air, you two will watch the balloons fly by and will exchange a few
         Cabbages planted on Spring 2nd will be ready to pick today.
    9th of Spring: Second Batch of Turnips
         Your second crop of Turnips is ready. Go out into the fields and pick some
    of these white little beauties. The proceeds should go towards another animal;
    specifically, a cow (perhaps a sheep if you prefer).
    10th of Spring: Go Chop Some Wood
         Now that you have plenty of cash to grow crops, you might want to save
    time (remember, time is money!) by purchasing a Greenhouse. Not only will this
    nifty extension allow you to grow crops year-round (including in the Winter),
    you'll spend no time doing it (at least in the game). However, there are some
    cons to a greenhouse. First of all, rain won't water the crops. You'll still
    have to water them yourself. Second, it costs a ton of gold and lumber, so you
    might as well start saving and chopping wood soon. Also, it can be blown away
    in a typhoon. This means all of your money, lumber and crops inside of it will
    be gone. Bummer.
         Because of this I recommend that you wait until Fall to buy a Greenhouse.
    That will also give you time to save some money and chop some more wood.
    However, the New Hot Springs has replaced the three stumps, which limits the
    amount of wood you can chop in a day. Start making a habit out of chopping
    wood. You'll need all you can get. And hey, if you have any left over you can
    get a cool Bathroom, too.
    11th of Spring-12th of Spring: Normal Work Days
    13th of Spring: Double Veggie Day
         Guess what? More potatoes! Yipee! Run around your farm celebrating until
    nighttime. Then stay awake all night drinking beer. No, actually, pick the
    potatoes and get to your daily chores.
         Not only are there potatoes, but turnips! Wow, what a day. You'll probably
    spend most of it picking crops, but leave time for other chores.
    14th of Spring: Normal Work Day
    15th of Spring: Cabbages and Cows: Don't you love Alliteration?
         There are two parts to today, Cabbages and Cows. Follow the complex guide
    below or think about the title some more.
    Cabbages: Pick your cabbages. Put them in the Shipping Bin. Make Money.
    Cows: Go to Green Ranch. Talk to Owner. Buy Cow. Name Cow. Brush Cow. Talk
          to Cow. Feed Cow.
    16th of Spring: Enter the Horse Race
         The title is pretty self explanatory, but if you want, I'll go into
    detail: Enter the Horse Race today. If you didn't win the trophy before, here's
    another chance. If you've been slicing your horse with the axe and sickle,
    however, your odds might be quite low.
    17th of Spring: Local Horse Race
         This is the same festival as before, with the same food and items. Because
    you have a little cash now, bet a few medals on a horse that you think will
    win. Even if you lose, it's fun to bet.
         When it's time for your race, press the button repeatedly and with rhythm.
    Remember to give it all you've got once the crowd begins to cheer (near the end
    of the race).
    18th of Spring: Normal Work Day
    19th of Spring: Vote For the Flower Princess
         Unfortunately, your vote doesn't necessarily count for a lot. If the King
    this year likes a particular girl, then it's likely that they will dance
    together (for example, if Harris is King, Maria will most likely be the Flower
    Princess). Your vote does count, however, so take a trip to the town square and
    cast your ballot.
    20th-21st of Spring: Normal Work Days
    22nd of Spring: Popuri's #1 Day
         Today, shockingly, is Popuri's birthday. What's even more shocking is that
    it's on the same day as it was the year before. What if it's on the same day
    the next year? That would be freaky. Oh, yeah, Popuri likes flowers, so it'd be
    a good idea to give a bouquet to her.
         Today is also the last day you can buy and plant cabbages (the Flower Shop
    will be closed tomroow), so get another batch in before the year's end.
    23rd of Spring: Flower Festival
         One of the most beautiful days of the year is here, decorated with Flowers
    throughout the square. You can come, dance with the girl you like (or if you've
    gotten married, your wife), and see who's been crowned Queen.
    24th of Spring: Last Day to Plant Potatoes
         After today, potatoes won't sprout until it's too late. Go to the flower
    shop and buy a couple bags to plant and harvest before the season's closing.
    25th of Spring: Blue Mist Seeds
         Notice that scientist guy up at the base of Moon Mountain? He's searching
    for the Emerald Butterfly, and here's a way to help him find it. Today, the
    Blue Mist seeds will arrive at the Flower Shop. Buy them, and Popuri will help
    you plant them in the rich soil of the forest. You have a big responsibility,
    though. You must water them every day without missing a single day, or they
    will die. Fortunately, you have until the end of Summer to get it full grown
    and you can buy the seeds and try again as many times as you want.
    26th of Spring: Last Day to Plant Turnips
        After today, no visits to the Flower Shop until summer will be necessary.
    Go purchase some turnips to make some extra money for your Greenhouse.
    27th-29th of Spring: Normal Work Days
    30th of Spring: Visit the Vineyard for a Drink
         Visiting the Bar for some wine is perfectly fine, but you need to save
    some money for your future Greenhouse. But you still want to be able to beat
    everyone at the next New Year's Festival, right? There's a nice solution,
    unless you have some moral obligation against "borrowing" wine from someone. Go
    to the Vineyard and go into the Wine Cellar. Stand in front of one of the kegs.
    Get your bottle out and press B. It may take try or two, but you'll fill it up
    with wine! Drink some more (not too much!), then fill up the bottle again for
    later. You can do this whenever you have spare time. It's not the same as the
    lively bar, but hey, it's free.
         Also, if you have any leftover crops, pick them, but be sure to save one
    for the Vegetable Festival at the beginning of Summer. My recommendation is
    bring keep a Potatoe. Store whatever food you choose in the refrigerator of
    your Kitchen.
    SUMMER: Another lovely Summer have come back, and the hot winds will bring some
    prosperous crops back as well. Corn and Tomatoes survive well in this harsh
    time, but be wary of typhoons!
         Fireworks Celebration: 1st
         Vegetable Festival:    9th
         Firefly Festival:      17th
         Sea Festival:          24th
    1st of Summer: Get Some Seeds!
         On this warm, humid first day of Summer, run to the flower shop and
    purchase a bunch of seeds for your fields. Tomatoes will get you the most
    money, but golden corn looks nice too, so buy a nice mixture of seeds. You
    should spend today planting and watering your new crops. If you have any extra
    time, talk to some of the people to learn how they feel about Summer.
         Don't forget about the Fireworks Festival at night. Go visit the girl you
    like and spend the evening watching the gorgeous display of exploding lights.
    2nd of Summer: Chop Wood and Tend Crops
         Like usual, you'll need two things for your greenhouse. Money and wood. So
    you should make sure your crops will grow big and strong and that you have
    plenty of wood to build it. Spend any extra time in your day to visit the
    forest to talk and forage for some extra cash.
    3rd of Summer: Blue Mist Flower
         If you bought and planted the Blue Mist seeds on the 25th of Spring and
    watered them every day, the Blue Mist Flower should be in full bloom at the
    mountain grove. Go look at the flower to see it's beauty and to get a special
    4th of Summer: Normal Work Day
    5th of Summer: Carpet Your Home
         You should have enough money by the end of Summer and still have a little
    left over, so you should be able to buy something. Another house addition would
    take up too much precious wood, so you'll have to get something else. Why not a
    lovely carpet? This carpet will decorate the center of your main room and makes
    it a little more cozy. It costs 3000g, but you should be able to afford it.
    Spend the rest of your day as you normally would.
    6th-7th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    8th of Summer: Buy a Cow
         Plunk down the cash for another cow today. The extra revenue you'll get
    will most definitely help you in the future.
    9th of Summer: Vegetable Festival
         The Vegetable Festival is today. You should have saved a Vegetable from
    the Spring in your Kitchen's refridgerator, but if you didn't it's OK. If you
    did, take it out and get down to the Town Square before and give it to the
    Mayor to enter. You'll have the best chance with a Potato. As you may have
    discovered, the Potion Shop Owner is very good at growing food and usually
    wins. See if this year it'll be different.
    10th of Summer: Tomatoes Ready
         Just in time to miss the Vegetable Festival, you're tomatoes should be
    ready to pick today. Don't forget to water them again and again to get more
    11th-13th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    14th of Summer: Corn Ready
         Your Corn will be ready now. In four more quick days, another harvest will
    be ready. How nice!
    15th-16th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    17th of Summer: Firefly Festival
         Today should be a normal work day. At night, however, head down to the
    beach to celebrate the annual Firefly Festival with the rest of the
    townspeople. Keep your grandfather in mind as you sail your firefly lantern out
    to sea (I think I'm getting a little too into this game...).
         Today is also the last day you can plant corn and get one harvest before
    the season is over.
    18th-20th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    21st of Summer: Last Day to Plant those Tomatoes
         If you want to even be able to get one small harvest of tomatoes in before
    the season ends, you'll have to plant the seeds today and never miss a day of
    22nd-23rd of Summer: Normal Work Days
    24th of Summer: Sea Festival
         It's time for another Sea Festival, and it's a lovely day for swimming.
    Head down to the beach somtime during the day to participate in the race to the
    bouy. If you won last year, this year's prize will be very helpful toward your
    goal of getting a Greenhouse: 500 pieces of wood! Swim like you've never swum
    25th-29th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    30th of Summer: Last Day of Summer
         Summer has come to a close, and soon Fall will be here. Fortunately, you
    should be nearing your money needed for a Greenhouse, so you'll be able to
    continue to grow crops throughout the winter. Pick up any special mountain
    items you want to save in your fridge, save a tomato for next year's Vegetable
    Festival, then go to bed and wake up to a beautiful Autumn morining!
    FALL: Your second Fall is upon you, and you know what that means... Winter's
    coming soon. Fall's your last chance to build up feed and money before Winter
    comes, where money is hard to make and feed will cost you extra gold.
    4th of Fall:  Cow Festival
    12th of Fall: Harvest Festival
    20th of Fall: Egg Hunt Festival
    28th of Fall: Local Horse Race
    1st of Fall: Golden Leaves and Eggplants
         Those are the two major changes from summer to Fall. Wake up bright and
    early and head down to the Flower Shop when it opens. Purchase at least 5 bags
    of this. However, you will be getting your Greenhouse this Fall (where you will
    spend most of your gardening), so you don't need to go overboard. Don't forget
    to take a trip to the forest and collect some of the seasonal fruits.
         Also, today is Elli's birthday. If you're dating her, bring her some Milk
    or Eggs to get an extra special thanks.
    2nd-3rd of Fall: Normal Work Days
    4th of Fall: Cow Festival
         The Cow Festival is today! The cow you raised from last Fall will be
    producing large milk by now (assuming you took care of it), and it should be
    your choice to send. If your cow wins (and it most likely will), it'll begin to
    produce the luxorious gold milk, which you can sell for a hefty 500g.
    5th of Fall: Bye-Bye Basil
         Basil, the devout plant studier and husband of Lillia, will set out on the
    road again today. He'll be going to warmer places where rare plants grow,
    because there won't be many plants growing during the Winter in Flower Bud
    Village. Say goodbye, then continue the day as you normally would.
    6th-7th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    8th of Fall: First Eggplant Harvest
         Your eggplants will be ripe today and read for picking. Get on your horse
    and ride around collecting them. The money will be put to good use soon.
    9th-10th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    11th of Fall: Eggplant Re-Harvest
         After every three days from now until the end of Fall, your eggplants will
    be ready for picking again. Attack of the Killer Eggplants! No wait... that was
    a different crop in this game...
    12th of Fall: Harvest Festival
         The Harvest Festival is today, and you have another shot at being the
    King. Head down to the Town Square after all your chores are done, and talk to
    the girls, sample the foods they have, then eat the special cake. If you find a
    coin in the cake, you'll be next year's King. If you didn't, better luck next
    13th-14th of Fall: Normal Work Day
    15th of Fall: Buy a Greenhouse
         Well, this is it. The time has come for you to purchase a Greenhouse. A
    Greenhouse will be incredibly useful for making money, especially in the coming
    Winter. in a Greenhouse, you can grow any crop (and in Winter you can grow
    strawberries). There's also a ton of room inside, and best of all, time stop
    when you enter! Head into the forest and to the carpenter's house, and request
    the extension. In a few days time, you'll get the beautiful Greenhouse for all
    your growing needs.
         When it is built, head down to the Flower Shop and purchase some 1-12 bags
    of Tomatoe seeds. Tomatoes will get you the most money out of any crop in the
    Greenhouse. There is room for 16 3x3 squares of crops, but unfortunately, on
    one side you won't be able to harvest the crop facing the wall, so its a good
    idea to plant crops that only grow once
    (strawberries/potatoes/cabbages/turnips). However, you can still plant
    multiple-harvest crops there and make plenty of cash. It's up to you and what
    you'd like to see in your Greenhouse (and hey, you can always chop down
    unwanted/misplaced plants with the sickle).
    16th-18th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    19th of Fall: Buy Another Animal
         If you still have money left over from your Greenhouse purchase (and have
    enough feed to last through the Winter), buy another animal (sheep or cow -
    whichever you prefer). It's always nice to have more animals.
    20th of Fall: Egg Hunt Festival
         The Egg Hunt has come again, and with it another game of "find the
    matching egg". Like last year, it shouldn't be too hard to win. If you do
    prevail, you'll get some lumber, which will help you make up for the lumber you
    spent in building the Greenhouse.
    21st-24th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    25th of Fall: Save for a Bathroom
         With the new wood you should've won from the Egg Festival, you have enough
    to build a bathroom. just think, a warm bath for you to relax in on snowy days.
    It'll also help to prevent you from getting sick if you work too long in the
    snow. However, you're probably a little strapped for cash after your
    Greenhouse/crops purchase, so start saving money, and chop any additional wood
    you might need.
    26th of Fall: Normal Work Day
    27th of Fall: Enter the Horse Race
         The Green Ranch Owner will drop by today and ask you if you'd like to
    enter tomorrow's Horse Race. It's fun to do so, and if you haven't got the
    picture yet, definitely do it.
    28th of Fall: Fall Horse Race
         The second Horse Race of the year, and you'll be racing in it! Be sure to
    arrive by 10:00 (definitely no later!) if you want to make it in time for the
    first race. Many of the same things can be found at the Fall Horse Race that
    are at the Spring Race too. Here are the prices:
    Medals:   Use- Exchange for Prizes       Cost- 50 gold
    Candy:    Found- Buyer's Booth           Cost- 120 gold
    Fry:      Found- Buyer's Booth           Cost- 200 gold
    Corn:     Found- Buyer's Booth           Cost- 250 gold
    Iced Tea: Found- Baker's Booth           Cost- 150 gold
    Cookie:   Found- Baker's Booth           Cost- 300 gold
    Prizes:  New Stable-         3000 medals
             Stuffed Horse-      1000 medals
             Sustaining Carrot-  500 medals
    29th of Fall: Normal Work Day
    30th of Fall: Last Day of Fall
         Today's the last day of somewhat-cold weather. Tomorrow is the first of
    really-cold weather. Pick a few Wild Grapes, Mushrooms, and herbs to put in
    your refridgerator (in case you want to give them as gifts out-of-season).
    WINTER: Once again, the chilling season of Winter rolls around. Wouldn't it be
    nice to spend it indoors? Sorry, you'll have to work your butt off if you want
    to have a good evaluation at the beginning of next Summer. Don't worry though,
    you'll still have time to drink some hot tea at the bakery, take a dip in the
    Hot Springs, and if you have enough cash, build a bathroom complete with
    steaming bathtub. How cozy.
    10th of Winter: Thanksgiving
    19th of Winter: Local Dog Race
    24th of Winter: Starry Night Festival
    27th of Winter: Spirit Festival
    30th of Winter: New Year's Eve
    1st of Winter: Winter Begins
         OK, Winter has come, and the only source of income will be from your
    animals and your Greenhouse. In order to start raking in the cash, I suggest
    you fill your Greenhouse with plants (unless you already have or don't want
    to). There are several purchases I'll be suggesting soon, and while they aren't
    necessary, it's nice to have them, and a Greenhouse with crops will most likely
    be needed to get them.
    2nd of Winter: Chop Wood and Grow Greenhouse Crops
         There's not much to do in the beginning of Winter, so you may want to just
    chop some wood. Don't forget about your Greenhouse crops, either. Wood is
    essential for the Bathroom you'll be buying in a few days, so chop like crazy
    to get enough wood.
    3rd-5th of Winter: Normal Work Days
    6th of Winter: Build a Bathroom
         OK, it's been less than a month since your giving up most (if not all) of
    your wood for the Greenhouse, so it's understandable if you don't have the
    materials yet for this. That's OK, just build it whenever you do. If you have
    the right stuff, head up to the carpenter's house and ask them to build it. In
    a few days, a nice bathroom will be added on tot he side of your kitchen. In
    here, you can take a nice hot bath, and there's even a toilet (wonder what you
    did before you had a bathroom...).
    7th of Winter: Normal Work Day
    8th of Winter: Mine Opens!!!
         Today is the official opening of the mine, and from now until the end of
    the year you can take your trusty hoe to the cave and start digging for
    treasure. The items you can find and their selling prices are as follows:
    Iron Stone: 100 gold
    Moonlight Stone: 500 gold
    Blue Stone: 700 gold
    Rare Minerals: 1000 gold.
    You can also find many coins, which are worth 10 gold each. Also in the mine
    are two types of roots and the weather vane. What are they? You'll have to find
    out for yourself...
    9th of Winter: Normal Work Day
    10th of Winter: Thanksgiving
         The warming festival of Thanksgiving is today. If you happen to be
    married, your wife will give you a cake. If not (and if you're married, you can
    do it too), go around town and visit the girls to see if any baked you a cake.
    If they have a high heart level (usually yellow to pink), you'll get a cake.
    Bon appetite!
    11th of Winter: Maria's Birthday
         Today is Maria's birthday, and it's a great opportunity to raise your
    friendship with her. Bring her a Cabbage if you've planted any in your
    Greenhouse. The rest of the day should be your normal work day.
    12th-14th of Winter: Normal Work Days
    15th of Winter: Mountain Day
         Spend all of today (except feeding and harvesting/watering) at the
    mountain, visiting people, chopping wood, and digging for minerals in the mine.
    16th-17th of Winter: Normal Work Days
    18th of Winter: Enter the Dog Race
         The Green Ranch Owner will drop by in the morning and propose that your
    dog enters the Local Dog Race tomorrow. Although it's tough to get him to win,
    it doesn't hurt to enter.
    19th of Winter: Local Dog Race
         Today's the Dog Race, and after you finish your chores on the farm, head
    on down to the race track and see if your dog does well. Have a little fun and
    bet on the other races, too.
    20th-22nd of Winter: Normal Work Days
    23rd of Winter: Bakery Visit
         The Bakery Raffle is coming up soon, and it'll be nice to take a break and
    have a little snack. Enjoy a piece of cake and some hot tea while the snow
    swirls outside.
    24th of Winter: Starry Night
         On the Starry Night, go where your girlfriend goes and spend a nice
    evening with her. The locations are listed below:
    Popuri: Mountain Summit
    Ann:    Church Performance
    Elli:   Church Performance
    Maria:  Church Performance
    Karen:  Beach
    Visit the girl you like and not only will she be very happy, you might share a
    special moment together. If you don't have a girlfriend, head to the church for
    the performance. Maria plays the organ while Ann and Elli play the Flute. This
    performance is nice and is where some of the townspeople gather. Because it's
    the Starry NIGHT festival, don't come until 7:00 p.m.
    25th of Winter: Beginning of Bakery Drawing
         The Bakery Drawing starts today! Enter the drawing to win prizes, and buy
    cakes to get more chances to win!
    26th of Winter: Normal Work Day
    27th of Winter: Spirit Festival
         The Spirit festival is great fun, a musical celebration. If you're friends
    with the King this year, he'll ask you to help in the ceremony. It's best to
    accept; it doesn't hurt, and it's fun.
    28th of Winter: Browse the Shops
         As Winter ends, take a stroll through the Artisan's and the Tool Shop and
    buy something to decorate your house with. It's obviously not essential to do
    this, but it's nice and will make your house look better. One recommendation is
    the carpet from the Tool Shop.
    29th of Winter: End of Lottery & Karen's Birthday
         The Lottery ends today, so enter for the last time and buy a few cakes if
    you're close to having another drawing. Today's also Karen's birthday, and if
    you have any Verryberries or Wild Grapes left over, she'd be very happy to get
    30th of Winter: New Year's Eve
         Winter's finally ending, and the New Year is just around the corner.
    Tonight, head down to the church (after 7:00) and you can listen to resolutions
    and even get your fortune told by Elli. Talk to everyone, then leave. There's
    no big ceremony, and you can't stay until midnight. If a girl likes you, she
    may ask you to come somewhere with her before you go home.
                               - - YEAR THREE - -
    SPRING: This is your third Spring, so you should be pretty used to what goes
    on. Spring, like usual, is a welcome sight after the harsh, cold Winter. In You
    probably know the festival dates by now, but they're listed below again for
    your convenience.
    1st of Spring:  New Year's Festival
    8th of Spring:  Planting Festival
    17th of Spring: Local Horse Race
    23rd of Spring: Flower Festival
    1st of Spring: New Year's Day
         New Year's is a time of celebration... and in Harvest Moon, getting drunk.
    Head down to the Town Square, where you'll toast with all of the townspeople.
    The more wine you can drink the better, so if you're used to it, it'll benefit
    2nd of Spring: Buy Seeds
         If you'd like to have a garden outside of your Greenhouse, buy some
    vegetable and you can make even more money. However, I recommend transforming
    your outdoors into a huge field of flowers. It looks very nice, and you should
    be getting enough money from the Greenhouse.
    3rd of Spring: Plant Grass
         Now that you have a Greenhouse, you won't need to take up much (if any)
    space outdoors, so expand your lawn and plant some more grass. Head down to the
    Flower Shop today and purchase some grass seed.
    4th of Spring: Purchase Animal
         If you haven't filled your barn up yet, buy another cow or sheep to make
    some more money (and to look better for your evaluation next Summer). Another
    animal, while a little more work, will be worth the effort. Consider buying
    some potion to make a cow pregnant, and raise a calf yourself.
    5th of Spring: First Turnip Harvest
         If you planted turnips on the second, they should be ready for harvest
    today. However, if you grew any in your Greenhouse, they could've been ready
    before or after this.
    6th of Spring: Normal Work Day
    7th of Spring: First Potato Harvest
         Like the first turnip harvest, this only applies if you planted on the
    second of Spring.
    8th of Spring: Planting Festival
         Once again, the Planting festival will take place. If you're King, you get
    to fly in the balloon, and if you're not, you get to let balloons go from the
    ground. Fun, but over quickly either way.
    9th of Spring-12th of Spring: Normal Work Days
    13th of Spring: Build Log Terrace
         Your wood-chopping throughout the Winter and the money you get from your
    Greenhouse should allow you to buy this, which will be nice to have for your
    evaluation. Visit the carpenter today with 7000g and 350 lumber and he'll
    construct one for you.
    14th-15th of Spring: Normal Work Days
    16th of Spring: Enter the Horse Race
         This will be your fifth Horse Race, so you should know the drill by now.
    The Green Ranch Owner will come by today, and ask you if you want to enter.
    Unless you're not gonna go, I suggest entering.
    17th of Spring: Local Horse Race
         Head down to the racetrack after the chores are done and watch the races.
    If you have a lot of cash, bet on the horses and buy some things to eat while
    you watch.
    18th of Spring: Normal Work Day
    19th of Spring: Vote For the Flower Princess
         From now until the 22nd, you can vote for the Flower Princess. Cast your
    vote for who you think should win whenever you have time.
    20th-21st of Spring:
    22nd of Spring: Popuri's Birthday
         Today's Popuri's birthday, and a quick trip to the forest to pick some
    flowers for her will greatly boost her affection towards you.
    23rd of Spring: Flower Festival
         One of the most beautiful days of the year is here, decorated with Flowers
    throughout the square. You can come, dance with the girl you like (or if you've
    gotten married, your wife), and see who's been crowned Queen.
    24th of Spring: Last Day to Plant Potatoes (In the Field)
         While you can grow them year-round in the Greenhouse, and Potatoes grown
    outdoors won't become ready for harvest before the season ends, so plant them
    now if you're still planting outdoors.
    25th of Spring: Blue Mist Seeds
         Notice that scientist guy up at the base of Moon Mountain? He's searching
    for the Emerald Butterfly, and here's a way to help him find it. Today, the
    Blue Mist seeds will arrive at the Flower Shop. Buy them, and Popuri will help
    you plant them in the rich soil of the forest. You have a big responsibility,
    though. You must water them every day without missing a single day, or they
    will die. Fortunately, you have until the end of Summer to get it full grown
    and you can buy the seeds and try again as many times as you want.
    26th of Spring: Last Day to Plant Turnips
         While you can grow them year-round in the Greenhouse, and Turnips grown
    outdoors won't become ready for harvest before the season ends, so plant them
    now if you're still planting outdoors.
    27th of Spring: Last Few Days Before Evaluation
         In a few mere days (Summer 1st to be exact), your father will come to
    visit you. In these last few days, purchase animals, sell crops, and make
    friends as best you can in the time allotted. Don't worry, you won't get
    penalized for a poor evaluation, but it's always nice to do good.
    28th-29th of Spring: Normal Work Days
    30th of Spring: Get Prepared for the Evaluation
         Well, today there isn't really much you can do to prepare, but just get
    ready for tomorrow. Ship a few extra things to make some more cash. Good luck!
    *Well, you've done it! You've made it through an entire game, and you've made a
    lot of friends to boot. Continue harvesting and making friends, or start a new
    game and try one of the other walkthroughs. Good luck in the future of
      - - - - - - - - - - - WALKTHROUGH 2: FORTUNE - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Who wants to be a Millionaire? Sure, having a fun game is nice, but have you
    ever dreamed of being rich? Having as much money as you could at the end of
    your game? Become a Millionaire? Don't lie, we all know you want to. If you
    want to squeeze every last gold piece that you could possibly get, than look no
    further, this Walkthrough is for you. Forget about that "social status" stuff,
    cause there's money to be made!!!
                                  *   *   *
                                - - YEAR 1 - -
    SPRING: Fresh Dew, Chirping birds, and the sound of a maniac sprinting down the
    road so he can collect some herbs and add to his money. As a basic rule, if you
    want to get as much money as possible, you'll have to skip festivals. I fact,
    you'll eventually come to curse them as shops are closed on those days. Spring
    is a great season to get started, but getting started is the hardest part,
    especially when you're trying to conserve money. If you ever have any extra
    time, search for Power Berries to increase your stamina.
    3rd of Spring: Getting Started
         When you get up, don't forget to check the TV. Get in a habit of doing
    this, because remember that time stops while you're inside. Don't bother with
    doing anything for your dog, he's worthless (yeah it's cruel, but spending time
    trying to find him is bad). You might want to take him inside and leave him
    there forever. Decline the Mayor's offer of the town tour and get to work
    clearing your fields. Once you have a 4x4 space clear, go to town and buy some
    Potato seeds. Sorry for you cabbage planters but I made a mistake in my
    calculations and you will actually only get three cabbage harvests as opposed
    to the potatoes four. Get your single plot of potatoes planted and watered
    (close to the shipping bin, of course), then head for the forest and get as
    much as possible. If you have time, go to the cave before anywhere else because
    the items there will get you a total of 170 gold, much higher than 40-70 gold
    you can get in other areas. Don't waste any time with flowers. Spend the rest
    of the night clearing land, but it is imperative that you do not get sick, so
    go to bed at a decent time.
    4th of Spring: Get a Foal
         It's more important to get money every day, so reserve some time (2-4
    hours) at the end of every day early in the game so you can head to the forest
    and get some money making items. Today, get a foal from the Green Ranch. Here's
    some rules for taking care of it:
    *Don't Spend time trying to find it. Whistle for it when you stay outside for a
    while, and it may eventually come to you. It's not important enough to talk to
    it that you should waste substantial time looking for it.
    *Don't Brush it. Talking will take a lot longer, but the brush is a large
    investment early in the game when you need the money for more important things.
    If you made 200 gold from the day before (which you should have. Expect to make
    at least 200g every day from the mountain), head to town to buy some cabbages.
    Plant 'em and water 'em. Finish up the day by clearing all your stumps, and
    start working on the rocks.
    5th of Spring: Clear the Forest
         Today, spend a decent amount of time foraging. You'll make 430 gold if you
    collect every plant in the forest, so do so. Buy two packs of potato seeds. You
    should start taking more time away from clearing land and put more into
    collecting selling items from the mountain.
    6th of Spring: Field of Potatoes
         From now on, instead of planting new potato plots, plant cabbages. You'll
    make more money of it now. Continue to replace your old potato plots with
    potatoes, though. By the end of the day you should have four potato plots and
    two cabbage plots. Start clearing a little area off to the side for grass.
    7th of Spring: More Cabbages! More! More!
         Once again, spend all of your earnings from the forest on cabbage seeds.
    You should still be getting +30 gold a day, and that will eventually
    8th of Spring: Clearing Land
         Your land should be free of Rocks by now, and you should only spend a
    little amount of time at the end of the day clearing from now on. Spend more
    time in the forest getting money for cabbage seeds!
    9th of Spring: First Potato Harvest
         Your potatoes from day 1 should be ready to pick, and you'll get a nice
    520 gold for it. Spend it on grass, so you can start to have some fodder to
    feed your future cows. Also, quit with buying cabbages, go back to the potatoes
    again now. Because of your harvesting, you might have to cut down on some other
    chores, such as clearing land or maybe some of the trip to the forest (but be
    sure to make enough in your trip to replace the potatoes).
    10th of Spring: Some More Taters
         Ahh, another lovely batch of potatoes is ready to pick, and with its
    earnings you can buy more potato seeds.
    11th of Spring: Double potatoes
         What's this? Two potato harvests in one day? Excellent... Instead of
    spending it all, use the forest money for new seeds and use this money to save
    up for a chicken (you're almost there!).
    12th of Spring: Normal Work Day
         Forage in the forest, buy some new seeds, water your crops, and clear a
    little land. This describes a normal work day.
    13th of Spring: Cabbage Harvest #1
         Some fresh little cabbage leaves are sprouting from the damp soil. What a
    tranquil little journey these cabbages have gone through to become large. It's
    too bad that you'll have to rip them out of the ground so you can make a little
    money. But the 610 gold you make will be great towards your chicken purchase.
    In fact, go down to the Green Ranch today and get a chicken. Also, plant
    cabbages instead of potatoes from now to the 15th.
    14th of Spring: Chicken Farm
         While more and more plots of crops are sprouting in your fields, you
    should begin to work on your poultry empire. The first egg that you get should
    not be sold, but instead put in the incubator to make more chickens. Continue
    this process until you have a full coop of six chickens.
    15th of Spring: 2nd Potato Harvest
         Your re-planted potato plots should be back with some more fresh potatoes,
    or as they say in french, "pomme de terre" (that translates directly into
    "apple of the earth"). Also, go back to planting potatoes once again.
    16th of Spring-18th of Spring: Normal Work Day
    19th of Spring: Back to Cabbages
         The tables have turned. From now on, you can only get one harvest from
    each plot. Therefore, Cabbages (making the most money) are the top choice.
    Plant them now until the 23rd.
    20th of Spring: Cabbage Harvest #2
         Your second harvest of Cabbages should be here, and the money should go
    towards your first cow.
    21st of Spring: 3rd Potato Harvest
         Yum, more tasty vegetables are sprouting from the ground. You'll have lots
    of cash now, and you should be getting closer to that cow!
    23rd of Spring: Last Day to Plant Cabbages!!!
         After this day absolutely DO NOT PLANT CABBAGES! If you do, they will die
    when the seasons change. Be sure not to waste valuable money, but be sure to
    get a lot of cabbage seeds to plant today.
    24th of Spring: Last Day to Plant Potatoes!!!
         Oh no! The choices of crops are diminishing quickly, so if you didn't
    spend enough on cabbage seeds, get some potato seeds. What should you plant
    after this? Go to the low-profit turnip seeds. They won't make you nearly as
    much money, but they will be all you can plant and harvest in time for summer.
    25th of Spring: Normal Work Day
    26th of Spring: Last Day to plant Turnips!!!
         This is it, the absolute last day to plant crops in the Spring!!! It
    actually may be wise to spend as much as you can afford (or plant), because
    you'll still make a good profit from it. Buy like crazy!
    27th of Spring: Full Chicken Coop
         By now there should be a full pen of chickens at your farm. True, some of
    them may still be chicks, but the coop should be full. Be sure to stock up on
    as much feed as you can when you visit the Green Ranch, because frequent trips
    will waste time.
    28th of Spring: Buy a Brush and a Cow
         You've finally got enough chickens, and now what? A cow??? Don't worry,
    you should have plenty of money from your crops and chickens to afford this
    animal. In fact, if you've saved up enough money before now it would be great
    to get one. You'll need a brush to take care of it, and a good amount of grass
    (a few plots should do) to feed it. After getting it, don't ever take it
    outside! This will waste time getting it in and out, something you can't
         Now that you have the brush, it might be a good idea to brush your horse
    so it grows up quicker. However, only do this if you have time.
    29th of Spring: Normal Work Day
    30th of Spring: Last Day of Spring
          Ahh, a prosperous season of money and more money. You have a baby cow,
    six chickens (maybe a few chicks), and a horse that should be getting close to
    maturity. You should celebrate... perhaps a drink at the bar? Yeah right! This
    is the fortune walkthrough! If you want consolation give yourself a pat on the
    back. You've got some Summer crops to plant!
    SUMMER: The lazy days of Summer... at least for others. Summer is the most
    profitable season, and you'd better take advantage of it if you want to get a
    Greenhouse before Winter (which is definitely needed for the success of
    millionaires). Tomatoes are your main cash crop, but trips to the forest can
    prove helpful for those lean times. Summer also has many festivals that you
    won't go to. Festivals are for the lazy bums who don't know how to work.
    1st of Summer: Buy Some Seeds
         Today you'll spend entirely in your fields planting and watering crops.
    You must get enough crops this season so you can get a Greenhouse in the middle
    of Fall. You won't have to purchase new crops in the middle of the season (you
    should plant all the space you can with tomatoes), so there is no need for me
    to tell you when corn will be more beneficial to grow than tomatoes. Anyway,
    Here's the timeline for today:
    6:00- Because the shop isn't open yet, make use of your time by tilling
          any soil that's still untilled from spring. Try to get as many
          crops in this season, so till as much as you can. If you get done
          early, head to the forest and quickly grab some stuff to sell.
    8:30- Go to town and visit the Flower Shop. Purchase as many tomato
          seeds as you can plant. Rush back to your farm quickly. Plant the
          seeds and water them.
    2:30- If you need more time to plant, it's OK if you need to. For those
          fast workers, head to the forest and get some plants you can sell.
    5:30- Head back to the farm and put in your fruits and other plants.
          Feed the animals and do any other last minute chores.
    8:30- After finishing your work, go back to your house and go to sleep.
    2nd of Summer: Crops First, Plants Second
         Your main duty every day is to make sure you water your crops. Make sure
    this gets done, because you'll need every gold piece. If you're done watering,
    cut your grass for feed for your animals. Go to the forest for plants to sell
    after that. If all of your chores are done, chop some wood. You'll need it when
    you have to build the Greenhouse. This should be your schedule for every day.
    If you have free time after that, don't forget that there are Power Berries out
    there that will raise your stamina. But you probably won't have time to find
    them, with all the chores you have to do.
    3rd of Summer: Mature Horse
         If you remembered to talk and brush your horse every day, you may have a
    mature horse by now, but chances are you won't. When it does grow big, its
    saddle bags are a priceless item. And best of all, they're free! When your
    horse matures it will instantly have saddlebags, which are the same as a
    portable shipping bin. This will save you a lot of time in the fields. If you
    don't have the saddlebags, the second quickest way to transport items is to
    load 8 into your backpack and carry a ninth. Take them out one by one. While it
    may seem slow, you actually go much quicker than you would by running back and
    4th-5th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    Typhoon Day: The Natural Disaster
         Typhoons are awful. The destroy crops, which will seriously cut into your
    funds. If you want to get the maximum money possible, copy your game into
    different files so you can bail out when you see a typhoon. This is tedious,
    but will save you a lot of money.
    6th of Summer: Purchase Another Cow
         Although it's cheaper to raise cows, there are three good reasons why you
    1. Your little cow isn't old enough yet
    2. A cow will produce small milk when pregnant, cutting deeply into your funds
    (more than it will save)
    3. A baby cow will take just as long to grow, but will also hinder the adult.
    Buying a cow won't cost that much, and it'll actually save you money. Only buy
    this if you have enough feed. Be sure to crush and talk to it so it'll grow big
    7th-8th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    9th of Summer: 1st Tomato Harvest!
         Finally! Your crops will finally be pulling their weight and getting you
    some nice cash. You'll have to spend most of your day planting and watering. In
    three days, more red, ripe tomatoes will sprout from the same vines. What a
    beautiful season Summer is!
    10th-11th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    12th of Summer: Tomato Re-harvest
         As I said before, new tomatoes will sprout in three days, as long as you
    continue to water them. These lovely red money-makers sell for a nice 300 gold
    apiece. Load them into your horses saddlebags if it's old enough to carry them.
    13th-14th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    15th of Summer: Another Tomato Re-harvest
         Some nice red tomatoes will be ready today, so spend time picking them to
    get money for your greenhouse. Also don't forget to take care of your animals,
    because they provide good income, too.
    16th of Summer: Stumped? Chop Some Wood!
         You want and NEED a Greenhouse this year, so what should you do to meet
    the hefty 580 wood requirement? You can bump chopping wood up on your list of
    chores to get more wood. However, only do this if you also have enough money
    for a greenhouse. Money will probably be your #1 concern. After you have enough
    cash, worry more about wood.
    17th of Summer: Normal Work Day
    18th of Summer: Once Again, Tomatoes Are Ready
         Make more and more profits off your quickly growing tomatoes. It'll
    definitely come in handy in the Fall. It would also be nice to have some more
    cows... but save those thoughts for later. Your Greenhouse is your #1 priority
    19th of Summer: Normal Work Day
    20th of Summer: Last Day to plant Tomatoes
         If for some odd reason you've waited this long to plant tomatoes, this is
    the last day you can plant and make a profit off of them before the end of
    Summer. You should have a fairly full field of them, but if you don't you can
    still make a quick buck off of them.
    21st of Summer: This is Getting Repetitive...
         More tomatoes. That's pretty much all I have to say for today. Oh yes, I
    nearly forgot the also repetitive "don't blow you rmoney on anything, you're
    aving for a Greenhouse!" motivational speech.
    22nd-23rd of Summer: Normal Work Days
    24th of Summer: Guess What's Red and Ripe and Harvestable Today?
         That's right, tomatoes. These poor plants are dreadfully overworked. Oh
    well, they'll be dieing soon, so I guess they won't have to worry much longer.
    25th-26th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    27th of Summer: Tomatoes Are Back
         The people of the town must be sick of eating tomatoes. But you won't
    stop. You get good money for them. And money is what you need.
    28th-29th of Summer: Normal Work Days
    30th of Summer: Last Day of Summer and Last Day of Tomatoes
         Today's the last day you'll be having summertime and the last day you'll
    have to pick those darn tomatoes. Luckily, the Fall has a replacement crop very
    similar in growing patterns to tomatoes. So you'll still have something to
    spend all day picking.
    FALL: Fall has come and soon the end of the year will be here. Fall isn't a
    good season for potential millionaires, because the Eggplants that can be grown
    don't give you much return. Fortunately, later in the season you'll be able to
    get a Greenhouse, which is perfect for growing crops.
    1st of Fall: Buy Packages of Eggplant Seeds
         Like every season's first day, today will be spent slicing away old crops,
    buying new ones, planting the new one's, watering them, and waiting for the
    cash to come in. The only Fall choice for crops is the Eggplant, so you'll have
    to buy them if you want any money from crops. Eggplants don't give you a large
    profit, so you'll need to plant a lot of them if you want a serious income.
    2nd of Fall: Chop More Wood and Look for Plants
         Visit the forest today and chop some more wood for your future Greenhouse.
    Also, don't forget to grab some of the plants that grow in the forest while
    you're up there, as money is also needed for a Greenhouse.
    3rd of Fall: Enter Your Cow
         The Green Ranch owner will come by today and ask you if you'd like to
    enter your cow into the Cow Festival. Say yes. Yep, you heard me. I'll explain
    it in the next entry.
    4th of Fall: Cow Festival
         What's this? A festival? No, I'm not joking, this festival will actually
    be beneficial to you if you win it. If you have a large cow that is producing
    large milk (you can also try to win if it's producing lower than that, but it's
    not likely you will), bring it to the festival for a chance to win. Of course,
    don't go to the Green Ranch (where it's held) until the end of the day
    (4:00-5:00) so you don't waste time. When you get there, you can actually enjoy
    yourself! I know this doesn't sound like it belong sin the Fotune Walkthrough,
    but it does. If your cow wins first prize, it'll begin to produce gold milks,
    which can be sold for 500g! Now it's beginning to sound more like the Fortune
    Walkthrough... heh heh heh...
    5th-7th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    8th of Fall: Buy Another Cow
         Begin to fill up more of your barn with another cow. This extra cow will
    be bringing in some good money by the year's end, and it'll be worth it. If
    you're in danger of not having enough money for the Greenhouse, than you can
    skip this, but another cow would be very helpful to your income.
         Guess what? Your eggplants will be ready today too, so you can make a
    little more cash for the cow, and if there's any left over, for your
    9th-10th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    11th of Fall: Second Eggplant Harvest
         Your eggplants will be ready again. Harvest them and save the money for
    your Greenhouse... it's getting near time to buy it.
    12th-13th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    14th of Fall: Third Eggplant Harvest
         This is your last chance to bring in some serious money before you spend
    the cash for a Greenhouse.
    15th of Fall: Buy the Greenhouse
         Take a trip to visit the Carpenters up in the forest and pay them the wood
    and the money necessary to get a Greenhouse. If you can do this sooner, great,
    do it sooner, but if you need to wait a while longer, well, I guess you have no
    choice but to wait. The Carpenters should finish there work in a few days.
    Until then, save money for crops for your Greenhouse.
    16th of Fall: Normal Work Day
    17th of Fall: Fourth Eggplant Harvest
         These eggplants you harvest today will help you bring in some cash for
    crops in your Greenhouse.
    18th of Fall: Buy Crops for Greenhouse
         The Greenhouse should be completed soon, and you'll need some crops to put
    in it. The Greenhouse can fit 16 squares of crops, but on some you will not be
    able to reach all sides. Plant there anyway. The best crop to plant is
    Tomatoes, as it will get you the most cash. If you have 4800 gold, purchase the
    seed necessary. If you're qiped out from buying the Greenhouse, buy as much as
    you can afford and work your way up.
    19th of Fall: Fifth Eggplant Harvest
    20th-21st of Fall: Normal Work Days
    22nd of Fall: Sixth Eggplant Harvest
    23rd of Fall: The Bridge
         What's this? A social event? And I'm telling you to do it? Yes indeed. Not
    only will you spend nearly no time working on the bridge, you'll get a nice
    1000 gold each day, which will help build up your cash after the spending
    spree. You can go anytime before 3:00... try to go as late as you can. The work
    ends at three, but your pay doesn't depend on how much you work. The only
    downfall to this is that you can't go to the mountains before 3:00 or you'll be
    forced to work. If you think you can make more than 1000 gold a day off the
    plants and items growing here, skip building the bridge.
    24th of Fall: Normal Work Day
    25th of Fall: Seventh Eggplant Harvest
    26th of Fall: Normal Work Day
    27th of Fall: Bridge is Complete
         The Carpenters will finish the bridge today, and you'll have an extra 5000
    gold (if you helped every day) for spending 10 minutes of your time. Very nice.
    5000 gold will be enough to buy a full set of crops for the Greenhouse, if you
    haven't already.
    28th of Fall: Normal Work Day
    29th of Fall: Last Eggplant Harvest
    30th of Fall: Winter's Coming
         Tomorrow starts Winter, and nothing will grow... at least outside, anyway.
    If you don't have your Greenhouse by now, you'll be in for some trouble making
    money, so it's incredibly important to have it before Winter starts. Be sure to
    chop all your grass so you can have feed to give to your animals.
    WINTER: Winter is a very harsh time of year, and raising money is very
    troublesome. Be sure to have a Greenhouse before you enter, or your cash flow
    will come to a grinding halt.
    1st of Winter: How to Spend Your Winter Days
         Since most of your chores will be done indoors, you'll have a lot of free
    time in the Winter. You won't need any more wood, either, so there's not really
    much you can do. Until the mine opens, you can do whatever you want to fill the
    free time. If you want, spend some time using your tools so they power up.
    2nd of Winter: Cows from the Ranch
         The Green Ranch Owner will come by today and ask you to watch some of his
    cows. If you have some extra feed, do it, because you'll get some money for
    doing it. He'll pick them up on the 5th.
    3rd-5th of Winter: Normal Work Days
    6th of Winter: Buy a Cow
         Money from your Greenhouse should be beginning to pour in, and celebrate
    by buying another Cow... to make even more moeny! He he he he he!
    7th of Winter: Normal Work Day
    8th of Winter: Mine Opens
         The mine opens today, and at last you can spend the day getting some
    money. However, finding stuff in the mine is pure chance, and it'll eat up most
    of your time. Oh well.
    9th-11th of Winter: Normal Work Days
    12th of Winter: Build Hot Springs
         Working on the Hot Springs is exactly like building the bridge. You get
    paid! Like with the bridge, go as little before 3:00 as possible.
    Unfortunately, you won't be able to visit the mines these days. If you think
    you can make more money at the mine (1000 gold a day), skip this.
    13th-15th of winter: Normal Work Days
    16th of Spring: Hot Springs Completed
         The work (and pay) stops today. Go back to your normal mining schedule,
    with an extra 5000 gold in your pocket.
    17th-19th of Winter: Normal Work Days
    20th of Winter: Buy a(nother) Cow
         You'll be filling up your barn this Winter. Buy another Cow today and
    begin to raise it.
    21st-25th of Winter: Normal Work Days
    26th of Winter: Buy Yet Another Cow
         Read the title and you'll know what to do. At least I hope you can
    understand something as simple as that...
    27th-29th of Winter: Normal Work Days
    30th of Winter: Get Ready for Spring
         Spring starts tomorrow, and with it a new season of Turnips, Potatoes, and
    Cabbage. Plant your fields with it to make even more money than your Greenhouse
    alone. That's all. It's up to you now to get as much gold as possible. Good
    *This is the end of the Fortune Walkthrough. Because you will not participate
    in any social events, the second year will be nearly identical to the first, so
    this year will also generally work for Year 2 and beyond.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - WALKTHROUGH 3: MARRIAGE - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    It's finally here! Since Day 1 people have been waiting for this walkthrough,
    and now it's here! I was originally going to put it all into a single
    walkthrough, but I recently decided that would be too big and confusing. So I
    instead opted to make individual walkthroughs for each of the girls. But what
    about you people who want to date all the girls at once? I may have something
    for you soon... but for the rest of you normal people who are content with 1
    girl, you'll love this little walkthroughs of joy.
                                   *   *   *
                            ~Walkthrough #1: Popuri~
    Popuri, the little flower bud with pink hair, works at the Flower Shop. Because
    she grew up surrounded by flowers (not only did her parents own the flower
    shop, she was born the day before the Flower Festival!), she loves to be around
    them. She is sort of a perfectionist when it comes to flowers, and is very
    happy about people interested in growing flowers. She has some friends, mainly
    Elli and Ann. Her mother wants her to get married soon... who will be her
    husband? Here's the facts about her:
    Locations: Outside Flower Shop, Inside Flower Shop, Bakery, Summit     
    Birthday: Spring 22nd                 Rival: Gray (Ann's Brother)  Fireworks:
    Mountain                   Starry Night: Mountain           Special Likes:
    Flowers                Befriend: Parents                                   Also
    Likes: Cake, Pie                                                 Dislikes:
    Butterflies                 Chores: Crates Eggs, Waters Plants
                                  *   *   *
                                - - YEAR 1 - -
    SPRING: Spring is Popuri's favorite season, because of many things. Not only is
    her birthday in this season, her favorite festival, the Flower Festival, is the
    after! Also, her father returns home and many flower seeds are on sale (and
    wild flowers are growing in the forest). There's a lot of things to do to
    impress her, so get started early!
    3rd of Spring: Get to Know Popuri
         Accept the mayor's offer for the town tour, and you'll meet Popuri and her
    mother Lillia.
         After the salutations, head to the forest to get some items to sell and
    some flowers. Popuri loves Flowers, so pick between 2-6 for her every day. When
    you go to visit her, also bring a gift for her mother, Lillia. If you become
    friends with her, Popuri will like you more.
         While you're at the Flower Shop, don't forget to get seeds. Dating
    somebody isn't cheap, and you'll need money to impress her and to buy gifts for
    4th of Spring: Normal Gift Day
         On a normal gift day, give Popuri anywhere from 2-6 flowers. You might
    want to throw in something else for variety, but it's best that you give her
    flowers (you can't sell them) and keep the other stuff (you can sell them).
    5th of Spring: Plant Some Flowers
         Popuri really likes to see flowers on your farm, and it'd be easier to get
    through the tough "white heart" stage with some help. Buy a package of Moondrop
    Seeds and make a little fenced off area to be your garden. You can also put
    grass in there to make it even more beautiful (but I suggest waiting until you
    have more money to include grass/more flowers).
    6th of Spring: Lillia Loves Flowers
         Lillia, Popuri's mother who owns the Flower Shop, is one of the characters
    you must please in order to get Popuri to like you. This shouldn't be hard,
    because Lillia is very friendly and likes pretty much anything you bring her.
    You can't sell flowers, and she seems to like them the best, so bring them to
    her during your visits with Popuri.
    7th of Spring: Popuri's Locations
         Popuri goes to many different places. She's usually to the left of the
    Flower shop, watering some unseen plants. If she's not there, there are some
    other locations she may be. On most Sundays she visits the bakery for a snack,
    and other times she'll go out to the forest (near the cave entrance). On rare
    occasions she'll be at the grove, and sometimes up on the summit (you can't get
    there yet).
    Rainy Spring Day: Popuri's Inside
         Even though the rain is good for the plants, Popuri and Lillia don't
    really like the rain. Visit them with some gifts. They both are inside the
    Flower Shop.
    8th of Spring: Planting Festival
         The townspeople like you more if you attend the festivals, so visit the
    Town Square for the Planting Festival today. Popuri will be there, along with
    Lillia, who will give you a balloon to release into the air. Talk to them and
    the rest of the townspeople to learn about the tradition of the Planting
    9th-12th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    13th of Spring: Buy More Flowers
         Expand your tiny little garden with more Moondrop Flowers. Each plot you
    have will make Popuri a little happier. Buy another package while visiting
    Popuri and Lillia
    14th of Spring: Chop Some Wood
         The girls like guys with bigger houses, so adding on to yours will help
    convince her that you're good. To add on to your house, you'll need to chop
    wood and have money. Spend a lot of today chopping wood for a Kitchen (or
    perhaps a Greenhouse), but don't forget to harvest crops and get food from the
    forest for money.
    15th of Spring: Basil Returns
         Popuri's father, Basil, is a wandering traveler who goes to foreign lands
    in search of strange and exotic plants and flowers. Today he returns from his
    journeys, and will be staying until Fall. He'll drop by your farm at the
    beginning of the day to say hello, and Popuri will come to get him. You can
    visit him at the Flower shop from then on.
    16th of Spring: Popuri's Parents
         Basil doesn't run the shop, so he likes to go out into the forest
    sometimes and look at the plants. If you don't see him at the shop, he's
    probably out in the forest by the fisherman's tent. He is another key person to
    become friends with if you want to marry Popuri. He likes will like pretty much
    anything you give him, but he also likes flowers. Popuri's parents like other
    items better, but you can grow them only during the Summer. Until then, make do
    with some flowers. Eight fit perfectly into your bag, and you can give one to
    Lillia, one to Basil, and the rest to Popuri!
    17th of Spring: Local Horse Race
         This is another Festival that Popuri attends, and it would be wise if you
    did too. Although Popuri likes to bet, don't spend your money at this early
    point of your farming. Just watch and enjoy the races.
    18th of Spring: Normal Gift Day
    19th of Spring: Vote for the Flower Princess
         Today is the first day that you can vote for the Flower Princess, and you
    can choose between Popuri, Ann, Elli, Maria, or Karen. Because the Potion Shop
    owner is the King, whoever you vote for will most likely become the Flower
    Princess. You'd think you should vote for Popuri (seeing as she loves flowers),
    but you probably shouldn't. If you do, you won't get to dance with her, which
    is a big opportunity to raise her affection towards you. Instead, vote for one
    of the other girls. The voting box is at the bottom of the Town Square, on a
    table near the lower exit.
    20th-21st of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    22nd of Spring: POPURI'S BIRTHDAY!!!
         This is the big time of the year, the birthday of the girl you love!
    Popuri, the little flower lover, has a birthday the day right before the Flower
    Festival. As Lillia says "Basil was so excited, he was saying that the flower
    goddess and the whole town celebrated her birth."  You should too, by
    continuing to bring her flowers. She'll be very happy that you remembered her
    birthday. Don't forget this day, because it's the biggest day of the year if
    you're going after Popuri!
    23rd of Spring: Flower Festival
         Popuri's favorite festival is today, and is held in the Town Square. Be
    sure to come, not only because Popuri will be there, but also because you get
    to dance at the end! After talking with all the townspeople, the Flower
    Princess (whom you voted for beforehand) will come in with her entourage (the
    other girls). Talk to them, then the mayor will announce that the dancing will
    begin soon. Choose Popuri as your partner, and watch yourselves dance!
         Another big part of the Flower Festival is that you have a chance to buy
    things. A mysterious man is selling an expensive "Power Nut", but you'll
    probably find the Pink Cat Mint Seeds that Lillia is selling more affordable.
    Purchase a package or two to have these beautiful flowers bloom on your farm.
    This is your only chance during the entire year to buy them, so take advantage
    of it!
    24th-28th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    29th of Spring: Flower Garden
         Buy another package of Moondrop Seeds to go with your other Moondrops and
    new Pink Cat Mint Seeds. Plant them in your garden and water them just like any
    other plant. However, the question is, should you pick them after they've
    grown? The answer's no, because Popuri won't notice them if they're not there!
    There's plenty of flowers to be found in the forest, so there shouldn't be any
    need to, either.
    30th of Spring: Last Day of Spring
         This is the last day of Spring, but you should go about your normal
    routine. Flowers will still grow in the forest during the Summer, so you
    shouldn't be alarmed about anything. Continue today as if it were another
    Spring Day (which it is).
    SUMMER: Your daily schedule shouldn't change too much with the arrival Summer,
    but Popuri may be in different places than before. Search around if you can't
    find her.
    1st of Summer: Fireworks Festival
         Don't forget that just because you're very committed to Popuri doesn't
    mean that your fields must go untended. Buy some seeds (from the flower shop...
    how convenient!) and plant. Tomatoes are the best money makers, and Lillia also
    likes them (she'll even be kind enough to share a recipe with you if you give
    her one).
         Also, today is the Fireworks Festival. Popuri watches them from the
    mountain summit (you can get there by climbing the tree behind the carpenter's
    house). Visit her on this special occasion to watch the fireworks explode and
    she'll be very happy.
    2nd of Summer: Flowers Are Still Around
         The hot, humid days of summer have withered some of the plant life in
    other regions, but luckily for you the mountain plants are surviving just fine.
    This includes the beautiful wild Moondrop flowers that grow in the grove and by
    the river. These should once again be your main gifts to Popuri, as with Basil
    and Lillia.
    3rd of Summer: Extend your Garden
         Moondrop Seeds are still on sale at the Flower Shop, so buy another
    package and make your garden larger. Because the Flowers are still abundant in
    the forest, you can keep these in the garden and won't have to worry about
    picking them... yet.
    4th-5th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    6th of Summer: Buy a Room Organizer
         A Room Organizer, which should be new to the tool shop, is very helpful in
    your quest for Popuri's hand in marriage. Once the cold Fall and Winter come
    around, there will be no flowers anywhere. What to do? Store flowers in them!
    If you have any extra flowers, you can start putting them in here to store them
    (but you should have plenty from your fields to fill the Room Organizer).
    7th-8th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    9th of Summer: Buy a Chicken and Some Feed
         A steady flow of cash will be very helpful, so you should start out by
    buying a Chicken and 10-20 packages of feed from the Green Ranch. To save
    money, you can keep your chicken outside (as long as you have enough wood to
    fence in a grassy area). It'll produce some eggs that sell for 50g. Not much,
    but it'll add up in the long run. Keep some feed handy at all times in case
    there's a rainy day coming.
         Also, today is the Vegetable Festival. Popuri goes, and she'd be happy to
    see you there, so you might as well go, too.
    10th of Summer: Tomatoes are Ready!
         Your first batch of tomatoes will be ready to pick today. Sell most of
    them for profit, but save one or two to give to Lillia. She'll be very happy.
    Don't forget to water them after you pick them to get more tomatoes in three
    measly days. You should usually leave one out to give to Lillia.
    11th-12th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    13th of Summer: Greenhouse?
         Now it's time to start thinking about building a Greenhouse. A Greenhouse
    will not only be practically a mint with the great number of crops you can grow
    year-round, but also, when Winter comes along and there's nothing to give to
    Popuri, you can grow Strawberries, her second favorite gift. Also, you can grow
    flowers year-round, Popuri's favorite gift. However, Greenhouses cost a ton in
    gold and wood, and getting the resources to build one will take some serious
    work. If you think you can do it, go for it.
    14th-16th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
        *Note- If you're going for a Greenhouse, consider chopping more wood
         in addition to your other chores.
    17th of Summer: Firefly Festival
         It's the seventeenth of Summer, and tonight is that mysterious and
    heartwarming festival known as the Firefly Festival. Head down to the beach
    after the shipper comes to experience setting off the firefly lanterns into the
    depths of the ocean. Popuri is there as well.
    18th of Summer: Buy A Cow (and the Proper Tools)
         Cows can bring in some serious money if treated well, so mosey on down to
    the Green Ranch and buy one. Also, head into town (specifically Rick's Tool
    Shop) to buy a Brush. You can also buy a Milker, but it's also OK to wait a
    while if you want.
    19th-20th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    21st of Summer: Start Picking Flowers
        Your large flower fields will soon die away with the arrival of Fall, so
    pick all your flowers. You can do two things with them: store them for Fall and
    Winter when no Flowers can be found, or give them to Popuri. Your first
    priority should be filling the Room Organizer with flowers. Once it's packed
    entirely with flowers, start giving the rest to Popuri (yes, that's a lot of
    flowers to give, but she'll love them).
    22nd-23rd of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    24th of Summer: Sea Festival
         Only men attend the Sea Festival, so Popuri won't be there, as well as
    Lillia. So, attending the Sea Festival will only make the other townspeople
    happy. It's not Popuri, so you can skip it, but it is fun and you can take a
    break from Popuri every once in a while.
    25th-27th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    28th of Summer: Gifts for Basil
         Today, concentrate on giving gifts to Basil , because he won't be around
    for much longer, and it'll be good to become better friends with him before he
    leaves. That doesn't mean stop giving flowers to Popuri, but give Basil a
    couple bouquets and some herbs/tropical fruits.
    29th of Summer: Normal Gift Day
    30th of Summer: Stock Up on Flower Packages
         When you get a Greenhouse, you'll likely plant Flowers to grow for Popuri.
    However, if you can make enough cash before Spring, you won't have any packages
    to use to plant them. Therefore, it might be nice to buy a few packages before
    they go out of stock. A good 10 packages will be plenty to last through Fall
    and Winter, but the more the better.
    FALL: Fall brings on some harsh changes, especially in the fact that Popuri's
    favorite gift, flowers, can't be found anywhere. What to replace them with?
    Read on.
    1st of Fall: Gifts for Popuri
         The arrival of Fall means the departure of flowers growing in the forest
    or for sale at the Flower Shop. This means you'll need something else to give
    Popuri. But wait, those Flowers you saved should help. You'll only have enough
    flowers to give Popuri one every other day, so what do you give her those other
    days (and as additional gifts)? Cake is nice, but is expensive and will dig
    into your funds, especially if you're planning on building a Greenhouse. So, to
    save money, just about anything in the Forest will be a good gift. Bring her
    some Wild Grapes, Edible Herbs, or Mushrooms. She'll be happy. Also, she is
    somewhat fond of your dog. That's the cheapest way to make her happy (although
    that shouldn't be all you give to her).
    2nd-3rd of Fall: Normal Gift Days
    4th of Fall: Cow Festival
         This lovely event is the only one held at the Green Ranch, and the usual
    bunch of Festival-goers is there. That includes, of course, Popuri. Take a trip
    down to the Ranch for a day and see who's cow is the best (yours won't be ready
    5th of Fall: Say Goodbye to Basil
         Basil heads back out on his never-ending journey to find new and better
    flower species, so say goodbye. Now you can concentrate on giving gifts to
    Popuri and Lillia. When he returns, you and Popuri will be getting ready for
    6th-7th of Fall: Normal Gift Days
    8th of Fall: Chop More Wood!!!
         Increase the amount of wood you chop, as you'll be needing a Greenhouse
    soon if you want to plant Flowers and Strawberries for Popuri and Lillia. Don't
    forget that you'll need money, too. And on top of that, you'll have to give
    Popuri gifts! This Fall will be rather hectic for you.
    9th of Fall: Raise More Chickens
         An easy way to increase the money you'll get is to raise more chickens/ A
    coop full of chickens will bring you an extra 240g each day, which isn't bad.
    Be sure to keep them outside so you don't have to pay for feed. Once Winter
    comes around, sell 5 of them for a nice quick 2500g. You can also raise more
    and sell them throughout the Winter, which will be quite nice for your profits.
    10th-11th of Fall: Normal Gift Days
    12th of Fall: Harvest Festival
         Head down to the Harvest Festival today for a chance at being next year's
    King (and to see Popuri). The King gets special priveledges, such as dancing
    with the Flower Princess and riding in the hot air balloon. If you don't win,
    no big deal,but being King will help your relationship with Popuri mildly. Also
    at the festival, tell Popuri that her salad tastes kinda strange. She'll
    appreciate your honesty.
    13th-15th of Fall: Normal Gift Days
    16th of Fall: Buy A Cow
         To make some more cash, buy another Cow. It'll help you out in your
    savings for a Greenhouse later and to buy flowers in the Spring.
    17th-19th of Fall: Normal Gift Days
    20th of Fall: Egg Festival
         It's time for the annual Egg Festival, a wonderful romp through town
    finding hidden eggs. Popuri will attend, as well as most of the other
    townspeople, so it's a good idea to show up. Take the day off (after chorse, of
    course) and have some fun.
    21st-23rd of Fall: Normal Gift Days
    24th of Fall: Build a Greenhouse
         If you don't have the money and materials you need for this, it's not the
    end of the world. There are still other things you can give Popuri during the
    imminent Winter, but I'll tell you that a Greenhouse makes things a lot easier.
    Build it today if you have the stuff to have it ready by Winter.
    25th-27th of Fall: Normal Gift Days
    28th of Fall: Flowers In Greenhouse
         If you decided to build your Greenhouse on the 24th, it'll be ready soon.
    When it's done, plant some Flowers in it that you bought earlier from the
    Flower Shop. Plant them all at once or one at a time, but be sure to make them
    last through Winter.
    29th-30th of Fall: Normal Work Days
    WINTER: Winter may seem worse than Fall, but if you saved smart and have a
    Greenhouse, it shouldn't be very hard to please her. If you've been doing your
    duty of giving her constant gifts, you should be ready to marry her next
    Spring. Yup, marriage! Winter is critical in raising her heart levels, so get
    to work.
    1st of Winter: Winter Gifts for Popuri
        Winter has destroyed all the tasty plants that make good gifts in the
    mountains, but the gifts you give Popuri this season can all be made/grown
    indoors. Of course, Flowers will be the best, but saving the packages from
    Spring and having a Greenhouse also makes this the most difficult. Strawberries
    are also good to give Popuri and Lillia, but you can only grow them if you have
    a Greenhouse. The last option, for non-Greenhousers, is the most expensive.
    You'll have to buy Popuri cakes to keep her happy, and even these aren't her
    favorite. Obviously, it is very helpful to have a Greenhouse.
    2nd-4th of Winter: Normal Gift Days
    5th of Winter: Chop and Save for a Kitchen
         In order to get married, you will need to have a Kitchen (my, aren't these
    girls greedy). Your Greenhouse purchase will have wiped you out in wood and
    cash, but if you plant some crops in it and spend significant time in the
    forest chopping wood, you'll get it back in no time.
    6th-7th of Winter: Normal Gift Days
    8th of Winter: Mine Opens
         The Mines opens today. While it's a decent source of money and fun to dig
    in, the gifts don't really please Popuri. It's best to spend time elsewhere.
    9th of Winter: Normal Gift Day
    10th of Winter: Thanksgiving
         Visit Popuri today and see if she bakes you a cake. If she has, it means
    she really likes you and you're in a good position to head on into marriage. If
    she didn't there's still time to catch up.
    REST OF WINTER: Continue to give Popuri Flowers, Strawberries, and Cakes. Save
    up for a Kitchen, and chop lots of wood in your spare time.
    SPRING: This is your time to get married! Whenever you have a Pink Heart and a
    Kitchen, pop the question. Also, Blue Mist seeds will come in later this month.
    Buy them and plant them with Popuri to et her picture.
    *This Walkthrough will be stopped in this place. Use the knowledge given
    throughout to continue. Good luck!*
                                  *   *   *
                            ~Walkthrough #2: Karen~
    Karen, the brash brown-haired daughter of the Vineyard Owner, isn't very happy
    with her life. She says that her father is mean and her mother cries too much.
    The only one at the Vineyard she kinda likes is Kai. She also doesn't really
    like the small village, and is thinking about moving to the big city. Unless,
    of course, she has something to stay here for. That something could be you.
    Karen's bad mood will make her grouchy toward strangers, but once you get to
    know her, she'll be very kind. She really wants the Vineyard to do good, but
    doesn't like hanging around her family. She sometimes goes down to the beach or
    to the forest to be alone. She does have some friends, Ann in particular.
    Locations-  Sunday: Beach         Tuesday/Saturday: Woods Near Carpenter  
    Monday/Wednesday-Friday: Vineyard         Nights: Bar                    
    Birthday: Winter 29th             Rival: Kai (Vineyard Worker)                 
     Fireworks: Beach                  Starry Night: Beach                  
    Special Likes: Veryberry Fruit, Wild Grapes                              Also
    Likes: Tomatoes, Strawberries                                    Dislikes: Your
                                  *   *   *
                                - - YEAR 1 - -
    3rd of Spring: Get to Know Karen
         Get to know Karen soon by visiting her on the first day. The mayor's tour
    won't take you by the vineyard, so you'll first meet Karen when you visit. Your
    first time going to the Vineyard you'll see Karen storm off after a fight with
    her father. Leave the Vineyard and return to find Karen near the Wine Cellar.
    She loves getting things that can be made into wine, so bring her some
    Verryberries. After you talk to her once, don't talk to her again or she'll get
    annoyed. Also buy some seeds (preferably potato or cabbage) to get some money
    starting to come in. Dating isn't cheap, and you may need help from some Forest
    items (not Verryberries! Give those to Karen!) to make some cash.
         You can also go get the foal from the Green Ranch today. It's quite
    helpful and will be of good assistancein the future.
    4th of Spring: Normal Gift Day
         A normal gift day for Karen includes at least two Verryberries and
    possibly some flowers. Save the other items of the forest to sell.
    5th of Spring: Get to Know Karen's Parents Better
         Karen's parents are quite a strange bunch... one is unkind and the other
    is unhappy. Bring some gifts to Karen's mother to make her happier. She'll
    become friends quickly. Karen's father, on the other hand, is very hard to win
    over, and it'll take some time. If you give him a gift, he may seem mad, but
    talking and giving him gifts is the only way to become better friends. Also,
    become friends with Kai, the other Vineyard worker with a purple bandanna. He
    likes Verryberries, but these precious items should be saved for Karen.
    Instead, give him something like Edible herbs.
    6th of Spring: Karen's Locations
         Karen is one of the most hard girls to find. She goes to many different
    places, and if you can't find her at one you might have to go around looking.
    She is at the Vineyard (near the wine cellar) a lot, but not there all the
    time. She goes down to the beach most Sundays, and also spends some good time
    in front of the Carpenter's House in the forest. If you can't find her during
    the day, she is often at the bar at nights (she works there part time for some
    extra money).
    Rainy Spring Day: Where's Karen
         On most rainy days, Karen's no where to be found. Try visiting the Bar at
    night, and she'll probably be there.
    7th of Spring: Normal Gift Day
    8th of Spring: Planting Festival
         Karen goes to the Planting Festival every year, and you should, too. It'll
    raise your status and maybe get Karen to like you a little bit more. She's in a
    good mood during the festival, and will release her balloon along with everyone
    9th of Spring: Visit the Bar
         Karen, like I said before, usually goes to the bar at night to work. You
    can visit her there, and will also save you time during the day to concentrate
    on growing crops and getting things from the forest. Bring along some
    Verryberries to give to Karen. She likes it when you buy a drink, but because
    your funds are limited, only get the water. Remember, if you talked to her
    during the day, she'll get mad if you talk to her again.
    10th-12th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    13th of Spring: Give the Bartender Gifts
         In order to get Karen's picture (which helps to raise the amount she likes
    you), you'll need the old wine from Karen's Grandmother. Strangely enough,
    Karen won't give you this hallowed item; the bartender will. His favorite thing
    is Verryberries and Wild Grapes, but you SHOULD be giving those to Karen...
    perhaps you can afford to only give her one less a day and give the bartender
    that one? It sounds like a good idea. You also might want to give the bartender
    other gifts as well.
    14th of Spring: Chop Some Wood
         The girls like guys with bigger houses, so adding on to yours will help
    convince her that you're good. To add on to your house, you'll need to chop
    wood and have money. Spend a lot of today chopping wood for a Kitchen, but
    don't forget to harvest crops and get food from the forest for money.
    15th-16th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    17th of Spring: Local Horse Race
         Karen likes to celebrate and take time off, so you can bet she'll visit
    the track to see the horses race. Why not come yourself and say hi? Save your
    money and don't buy any medals, because your funds aren't exactly high right
    now. Instead, talk to Karen and enjoy the races.
    18th-19th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    20th of Spring: Vote for the Flower Princess
         While you may think that Karen is a beautiful little princess (if you
    actually do you really need help), you should keep in mind that one of her
    favorite things to do is dance. If you vote for her for the Flower Princess,
    you'll forfeit this great opportunity the King (who must dance with the Flower
    Princess). Instead, vote for one of the other girls to be the princess.
    However, be sure to vote so that it isn't Karen who is randomly selected. You
    can also vote on the 19th, 21st, or 22nd if today isn't a good day for you to
    21st-22nd of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    23rd of Spring: Flower Festival
         The Flower Festival is a prime opportunity to get better acquainted with
    Karen. While you can't take a gift to here there, you can dance with her. And
    Karen LOVES to dance. This is one of her favorite activities (as you'll get to
    know later), so don't miss out on this chance.
    24th of Spring: Get the Old Wine
         Having the Old Wine will do several things to help you. First of all,
    it'll give you something good to talk about with Karen. Second, Kai will be
    impressed (friends with Kai=Friends with Karen!). Finally, You may get Karen's
    picture out of it, which is a good way to boost her affection rating. The only
    one with any Old Wine left is the Bartender. Of course he doesn't have much of
    it, so he won't be willing to give it aweay to just anyone. You'll have to
    become friends with him to get it. It's convinient that both he and Karen work
    at the bar. Bring an extra Verryberry or two for him. He'll appreciate it and
    eventually give you the tresured wine.
    25th-27th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    28th of Spring: Get Verryberries In
         Spring will be ending soon, and Summer has no Verryberries! You'll have to
    wait until Fall to get Karen a gift she really likes (Wild Grapes), so give
    Karen all the juicy Verryberries you can find. Don't give any more to the
    Bartender, unless you'd really like the Old Wine.
    29th of Spring: Normal Gift Day
    30th of Spring: Last Day of Spring
         You may want to save a Verryberry or two for the Summer. Keep them in your
    rucksack and give them to Karen. She'll appreciate the out-of-season gift, even
    if it doesn't make a significant difference on her affection meter.
    SUMMER: Summer brings some drastic changes to your schedule. Veryberries are no
    longer found in the forest, so you'll need a new gift to give to Karen. Karen
    sometimes likes to hang out at the beach in the Summer, so visit there a couple
    times for some conversation.
    1st of Summer: Fireworks Festival
         The first of Summer marks the Fireworks Festival, a great day to spend
    with the one you love to watch fireworks explode in the sky. Karen hangs out at
    the beach after 7:00. If you're both friends, she may come during the day and
    ask you to come. When there, you'll learn more about Karen and her personality.
         Start your next season of growing off to a good start by filling up your
    fields with tomatoes. Karen likes tomatoes, and they make good money, so this
    should be your choice crop of the Summer.
    2nd of Summer: Gifts for Karen
         Summer brings a difficult situation with the departure of Verryberries
    from the choices of things to give to Karen. While flowers are still abundant,
    Karen isn't particularly fond of them, so I suggest giving her something else.
    Cakes would be nice, but are a tad too expensive to buy this early on in the
    game. So, you'll just have to give Karen anything you can find. Tropical Fruits
    are good as well as edible herbs. Once you get your fields growing, you can
    give Karen tomatoes. More details on tomato-giving later.
    3rd-4th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    5th of Summer: Chop Some Wood
         Later in the year you'll need to buy a kitchen (mainly for the freezer
    that you can store food in). To be able to get one, you'll need a good amount
    of wood. Visit the forest and chop some wood for the carpentar's to use, but
    don't forget about giving gifts to Karen (like you need to be reminded).
    6th of Summer: Buy a Chicken and Some Feed
         A Chicken will help you get some nice money, so head on down to the Green
    Ranch today and get one. Don't forget to pick up some packages of feed, whether
    or not you've built a fence to keep it in outside.
    7th-8th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    9th of Summer: Vegetable Festival
         Karen visits this festival of wonderful things to eat, so you should to.
    Obviously, spend some time talking to her and tasting the dishes (tell Popuri
    her Salad tastes funny to taste the others).
    10th-12th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    13th of Summer: Befriend the Elves
         If you have the Old Wint and want to get Karen's picture, spend some extra
    time making friends witht he elves now. If you don't you won't be able to get
    the picture.
    14th-16th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    17th of Summer: Firefly Festival
         Karen reminices at the beach this night. Visit her and the other
    townspeople and remember your ancestors.
    18th-20th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    21st of Summer: Goddess of Spring
         When you become good friends with the elves, they'll tell you to go visit
    the Goddess of Spring. Throw a vegetable in the pond in the grove, and she'll
    revive the vineyard. Wait until Fall for the results.
    22nd-23rd of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    24th of Summer: Sea Festival
         A male-only festival, Karen doesn't visit. However, it's still fun and
    will better you in the eyes of the other townsfolk.
    25th-27th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    28th of Summer: Build a Kitchen
         Prepare for Fall by getting a Kitchen. While you should give Karen
    everything you can, there are always some days that you just can't find her. In
    that case, you can store the Wild Grapes you would've given her in the freezer
    for Winter, when there's none to be found.
    29th-30th of Summer: Normal Gift Days
    FALL: Karen will love any Wild Grapes you give her. Store any leftovers in the
    freezer in your Kitchen. Near the 7th, if you're good friends with Karen, she
    may, at night, invite you to see the Keifu fairies and get her picture. The
    Harvest Festival also occurs this month, and remember that Karen loves to
    WINTER: Winter will be a hard month. Give Karen any Wild Grapes you have
    stored, but after they run out you'll have to got to the expensive route of
    buying cakes. Visit Karen at the beach for this month's Starry Night Festival.
    The biggest event of this month is Karen's Birthday on the 29th. Save a Wild
    Grape for this occasion.
    SPRING: Veryberries are plentiful and good for gifts. If Karen's heart turns
    Pink this month, it's an excellent time to ask the big question. Oh, Karen
    fair, wilst thou marry me?
    *This Walkthrough will be stopped in this place. Use the knowledge given
    throughout to continue. Good luck!*
                                  *   *   *
                            ~Walkthrough #3: Elli~
    Elli's father passed away some time ago, and no one is sure of much anything
    about her mother. So, she spends much of her timing working at the bakery. She
    loves to bake lovely foods such as cakes and pies, and she's very happy when
    someone comes in and tastes the things she's worked so ahrd on (hint, hint).
    Every once in a while she likes to visit the mountain and watch the river. Elli
    is very kind and very courteous towards others, so getting to know her won't be
    a problem. She's good friends with Popuri and the mayor's wife.
    Locations: Bakery, Mountain (Carpenter & Fisherman Areas), Flower Shop 
    Birthday: Fall 1st                     Rival: Bakery Owner           Fireworks:
    Bakery Garden               Starry Night: Church             Special Likes:
    Cake, Pie, Cookies                                        Also Likes: Eggs,
    Milk, Fish                                        Dislikes: Squirrels, Bugs
                                  *   *   *
                                - - YEAR 1 - -
    3rd of Spring: Meet Elli
         On your first few days, you should get to know Elli and the places she
    hangs out. In particular, she'll be inside the bakery or just outside of it in
    the Garden with her grandmother. If you impress her grandmother, you'll also
    impress Elli. Her grandmother especially likes walnuts, but you won't be able
    to find those until Summer. Any gift, such as herbs or flowers will do.
         Elli's requires a lot of money to please. Not only will you need to
    purchase some of the goods she sells in the bakery (which cost a pretty penny),
    but you'll need animals, too. Elli is very fond of eggs and milk (to bake
    things with), and she'll be very happy if she receives some as a gift. So,
    don't waste any time making money. Buy a bag of potatoes on your first day, and
    also spend a little time foraging the mountain for some extra gold.
         Finally, you can also get a foal from the Green Ranch today if you have
    any time. If you're too busy, you can come back any other time in the Spring to
    get it.
    4th of Spring: More Money
         Water your plants and fill up your rucksack with money-making plants from
    the forest. Because you don't have the money or animals necessary to give Elli
    her favorite gifts, you'll have to compensate. Flowers are good gifts as you
    can't sell them and they're abundant in the Spring.
    5th-6th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    7th of Spring: Buy More Seeds
         By now you should have enough money for a couple more packages of potato
    seeds, so run down to the Flower Shop and buy some. Money is very important,
    because you'll need grass to feed the animals, items to keep the animals
    healthy, and the animals themselves. You'll also need money for cakes and pies,
    so start getting in some cash by regular trips to the forest and taking care of
    crops. Don't chop wood yet, because you don't need any right now.
    8th of Spring: Planting Festival
         The Planting Festival takes place today. Most everybody that lives nearby
    comes, which includes Elli. Come, talk to the townspeople, and let off the
    9th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    10th of Spring: Buy Some Grass Seeds
         Begin growing your large grass field with your first package, which you
    should buy today. Plant it in a good location. Soon, you will have some cows.
    11th-13th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    14th of Spring: A Trip to the Bakery
        Although you should be visiting the bakery every day, today you'll actually
    purchase something! Sit down at the table and order something from the menu.
    Elli will be happy that you ate whatever you ordered. Also, you may want to
    bring a gift for Elli's grandmother. Don't buy anything more from the bakery
    for a while.
    15th-16th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    17th of Spring: Local Horse Race
         Elli has taken time out of her day to visit the Horse Track to watch the
    Spring Horse Race. You should go too, although the horse you're raising will be
    too small to enter. Talk to Elli and the rest of the townspeople and have a
    nice day off. If you're too busy making money for grass/animals/bakery foods,
    you can skip the festival.
    18th-20th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    20th of Spring: Vote for the Flower Princess
         The ballot box in the town square is put out from now until the Flower
    Festival. Although your vote won't necessarily decide who wins, it's best not
    to vote for Elli, so you can dance with her at the Festival.
    21st-22nd of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    23rd of Spring: Flower Festival
         The Flower Festival is today, and Elli will be attending. Go to the Town
    Square, and if Elli isn't Queen, you can dance with her to celebrate the
    24th-26th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    27th of Spring: Buy a Chicken
         It's time to bring a steady source of gifts for Elli, and this can be done
    by purchasing the least expensive animal, a Chicken. Give the eggs it lays to
    Elli, and raise more Chickens for more gifts and some extra cash. Elli really
    likes eggs, so this is an excellent addition.
    28th-30th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    SUMMER: Increase your Chicken numbers and buy a cow to provide milk, which Elli
    also likes. Increase your grass fields so you can buy more animals. Visit Elli
    in the Bakery Garden for the Fireworks Festival.
    FALL: Elli's birthday falls on the 1st of Fall. Bring her some milk or eggs and
    she'll be very happy.
    WINTER: There's not much to do in Winter but chop wood for a Kitchen that you
    need to build this month. Don't forget about the Thanksgiving and Starry Night
    Festivals. Stop in frequently at the bakery for some snacks, as it will please
    SPRING 2: This is a good time to get married.
    *This Walkthrough will be stopped in this place. Use the knowledge given
    throughout to continue. Good luck!*
                                   *   *   *
                            ~Walkthrough #4: Ann~
    Ann lives at the Green Ranch with her father and her brother, Gray. The Green
    Ranch is properous and doesn't seem to mind your ranch being so near it. Ann is
    very friendly towards everyone, but her brother isn't. Ann and her family love
    animals. Ann spends most of her time in the fields caring for the animals of in
    the forest searching for new types. Ann enjoys gifts of wool and loves to eat
    corn. She really likes your dog, too. Ann happens to be the cousin of the Tool
    Shop owner, Rick, also.
    Locations: Ranch Fields, Barn, Grove, Tool Shop                                
                          Birthday: Summer 14th                  Rival: Cliff
    (Wanderer)           Fireworks: Green Ranch                 Starry Night:
    Church             Special Likes: Wool, Your Dog                               
               Other Likes: Eggs, Milk, Corn          Chores: Crates Eggs, Feeds
                                  *   *   *
                                - - YEAR 1 - -
    SPRING: Spring is a good time to get started. Ann, like Elli, is an expensive
    person to woo. You'll need to start getting some livestock and some crops early
    3rd of Spring: Get to Know Ann
         Ann spends 90% of her time out in the fields of the Green Ranch, so she
    shouldn't be too hard to find. On your first visit to the Ranch, she'll kindly
    give you a foal to raise. On rainy days you can find Ann inside the barn. She
    usually hangs out with her brother, Gray. On Thursdays, Ann will usually take
    the day off the go to the forest.
         Go to the Flower Shop today and buy a bag of Potato seeds to start making
    4th of Spring: Gifts for Ann
         Ann likes wool the best, but getting a sheep and the neccessary tools this
    early in the game would be nearly impossible. Instead, you should please Ann in
    a very inexpensive way: with your dog! Bring your dog over to the ranch and Ann
    will be happy. She may want some other gifts, too, so bring a few flowers
    along, too. This is the best way to make her happy and save money.
         Gray, Ann's mean brother, also likes your dog. Because Ann is very close
    to her brother, becoming friends with him will also help you become friends
    with Ann. Be sure to show him your dog too during your visits to Ann.
    5th-6th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    7th of Spring: Ann Doesn't Like Animals?
         It may seem that showing Ann some of the animals from the forest would be
    a good idea because of her fondness toward animals. However, Ann doesn't get to
    pleased when you do this, so it's best to just stick with showing her you dog
    and giving her flowers.
    8th of Spring: Planting Festival
         Ann happily goes to the Planting Festival, so you should go to. Watch the
    hot Air Balloon go off as you let the balloons fly majestically into the open
    9th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    10th of Spring: Buy Some Grass Seeds
         Head over to the Flower Shop today intent on purchasing some Grass seeds.
    These seeds will help feed your future sheep, which will give some precious
    wool that Ann loves so much.
    THE REST OF SPRING: Expand your ranch with chickens and grass, as well as mroe
    crops. Start saving for a sheep.
    SUMMER: This is Anne's birthday month. It'll be hard to raise a sheep in time
    for her birthday, but if you can, it'll be worth it. If you can't just bring
    her an egg. Regardless of birthdays, start raising sheep this month.
    FALL: Not much to doin Fall. Cut grass for the Winter and expand your sheep
    WINTER: There's not much to do in Winter but chop wood for a Kitchen that you
    need to build this month. Don't forget about the Thanksgiving and Starry Night
    SPRING 2: Like the other girls, this is a good time to get married. Just wait
    until the time is right, though, as it's best not to rush things.
    *This Walkthrough will be stopped in this place. Use the knowledge given
    throughout to continue. Good luck!*
                                   *   *   *
                            ~Walkthrough #5: Maria~
    Maria, the shy daughter of Flower Bud Village's very own Mayor, will be
    somewhat hard to get to know at first. As I mentioned before, she's quite shy
    and won't say much more than "Hi" when you first meet her. Also, Harris the
    postman has his eye on her and won't waste any time getting to know her. While
    considered by many the least attractive and having an annoying or not fun
    personality, Maria is quite helpful around the house when you get married, as
    she pulls some weeds and loads the chicken eggs (without dropping them). She
    spends most of the time at the Library working, but will also visit a few other
    Locations: Library, Mayor's House, Fisherman's Tent Area            Birthday:
    11th of Winter                Rival: Harris (The Mailman)      Fireworks: Town
    Square                  Starry Night: Church           Special Likes: When you
    Read the Books in the Library                    Also Likes: Cabbages, Bugs    
                                         Dislikes: Your Dog
                                  *   *   *
                                - - YEAR 1 - -
    SPRING: Spring is a nice time of year, the time to work, and the time to start
    becoming friends with Maria. Don't forget your crops, though, because
    relationships don't come cheap.
    3rd of Spring: Get to Know Maria
         Maria hangs out around her house and the Library most often, so look for
    her there. She likes the bugs you find from the mountain, so bring some back
    when you get the chance. She also gets happy if you visit the Library
    frequently and look at the books there.
         Also, don't forget to pick up the Foal down at the Green Ranch. It'll help
    you in the future.
    4th of Spring: Gifts for Maria
         Gifts? For gifts, you should stick to giving her Flowers. Maria doesn't
    really have a favorite gift, but Flowers seem to do nicely. She also likes
    Cabbages, so make that your first purchase down at the Flower Shop.
         Also, if you made enough money for another bag of vegetable seeds, head
    down to the Flower Shop and pick up a bag of Turnips.
    5th-7th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    8th of Spring: Planting Festival
         You should visit the Town Square and go to the Planting Festival today, as
    most of the town (including Maria, the mayor, and his wife) does. It's a good
    idea to make good impressions on the townspeople, so let off the balloons into
    the air with them.
    9th-11th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    12th of Spring: Cabbages Grown
         Your first crop of Cabbages should be ready to pick by now. Pick them and
    sell them, but save one or two for Maria, as they are one of her favorite
    13th of Spring-15th of Spring: Normal Gift Days
    16th of Spring: Visit the Library
         Maria likes to see you read the books at the library, and today is a
    perfectly good day to. Head on down to South Flower Bud Village, browse
    throught he categories, and talk to Maria.
    THE REST OF SPRING: Harvest cabbages and give them to Maria. Also begin to
    raise Chickens.
    SUMMER: The library will be closed at the beginning, so you'll have to do other
    things besides read books. Buy a cow and chop some wood during this season.
    FALL: Chop wood and save money if you want to get a Greenhouse. Also dut grass
    to feed your animals for the Winter.
    WINTER: Maria's Birthday is on the 11th of Winter, the day after the
    Thanksgiving Festival. If you have a Greenhouse, bring her some Cabbages. The
    library is also closed at the beginning of this month.
    SPRING 2: Marriage is good for Maria as well in this season, but it can always
    wait if you're behind. Cabbages are growing again, so plant a bunch.
    *This Walkthrough will be stopped in this place. Use the knowledge given
    throughout to continue. Good luck!*
                   - - - - - - - - - - PART 1 - - - - - - - - - -
                     - - - - - - ADDITIONAL TIPS - - - - - -
    If you want a few additional tips that I won't include in the walkthroughs or
    other sections. Some of them are basic tips and others are interesting things
    you might want to know about. It's not a whole lot, but it'll do (some of these
    are also found in the instruction manual).
    1. It doesn't matter if you're inside on a rainy/snowy day. If you're working
    in the mine or in a greenhouse, you'll still run the risk of catching a cold
    just the same as if you were outside. Don't think by getting out of the storm
    will prevent it.
    2.Be sure to prevent sickness. If you get sick, you have to stay in bed all
    day. Not only does this waste a productive day, your crops will go unwatered
    and your animals will go unfed. This could cost you serious money for medicine,
    so once you notice symptoms (a dark forehead and you rubbing it when you're
    mildly sick, and a dark forehead and you collapsing when you're very close to
    sickness) get some medicine and some good sleep. Also, a dip in your tub or the
    hot springs should help to cure you.
    3. Fences aren't needed to protect your crops but rather animals (particularly
    chickens) that stay outside. Don't waste valuable lumber on surrounding crops
    unless you want your fields to look better.
    4. Your Dog should stay outside on nice, sunny days (even in the winter it's
    OK), but never leave him outside on rainy or snowy days. These will make him
    angry. However, your dog doesn't really serve any purpose, so unless you want
    him to be a better racer (and you're evil and cold-hearted) you can leave him
    outside all the time.
    5. Your horse is fine outside and will always be happy. Like your dog, he
    doesn't require food, just love. Even during a disastrous typhoon he won't get
    6. Store Items in your rucksack. If you go to the mountain, Hit top C and put
    the item away. You can carry up to nine items (including one in your hands),
    whether its tomatoes, eggplants, milk, tropical fruits, or minerals. Also note
    that you can store wood in your backpack, which is quite handy if you're
    building a fence.
    7. Plant your crops near the shipping bin early in the game. This will allow
    you to transport them quicker. Later, after your horse gets saddlebags, you can
    put them in here.
    8. Don't throw away food! This is about as annoying as you can imagine. If it's
    happened to you, do you remember when you threw your pricey corn on the ground
    and lost 120 gold? Characters who you give items to and your horse move around,
    so be careful when throwing. If you want to be sure you don't miss, use the
    shipping bin instead of saddlebags.
    9. This one's pretty well known, but first time Harvest Moon players may not
    know this. Time stops while you're indoors (excluding the cave). So you can
    take all the time brushing cows, buying seeds, or purchasing items that you
    -Reader's Tips-
    *You can fish at the beach in the winter, so you can catch the Power Nut year
    *During the Summer, there may be some fierce typhoons. So fierce, in fact, that
    they'll blow away your prize investment... THE GREENHOUSE!!! To prevent this,
    you can copy your file and reset if there's a typhoon coming, but I find it
    easier to just take it and have enough wood and money to build a new one.
    *If you become friends with the sprites (the one in the cave and the ones in
    the back of the cave through the hole), they may feed your animals during a
    typhoon. Very nice.
    *Become friends with lots of people, because the amount of friends you make in
    the game will come to your house at the end of the game.
    *You can win a year's supply of lumber/fodder by winning the Sea/Egg festivals
    multiple times.
    *At the races, place 99 medals on one animal, then start the day over if you
    lose. You can win a lot of medals this way.
    GREAT HORSE RACE TRICK!!!: You can bet for free at the horse/dog races... just
    bet as much as you want on one or all (all is much better if you have the
    money) and then don't select OK. Just push B again to get leave the betting
    screen. Don't talk to the mayor's wife again until after the race is over. The
    race will start, and you don't lose ANY money and you get a sure win if you bet
    on all of the dogs/horses.
    BECOME KING TRICK: Make sure you save the game two days before the day of the
    festival, and play up to the Harvest festival WITHOUT SAVING! If you don't
    receive the coin from Ellie's cake, reset the game and play to the Harvest
    festival. (It might take up to 4 or 5 trys) But, if you save the day before the
    Harvest festival it won't work, I guess the game has the winner "set" in at
    that time and you will have to wait until next year.
    UNLIMITED MUSIC BOXES TRICK: This trick, though often overlooked, is quite
    simple. After you fix the music box and give it to a girl, go back to the same
    spot where you dug it up, dig a lot of times, and you'll get another one. You
    can do this as many times as you want, greatly boosting the heart levels of the
    girls easily.
                                    *   *   *
            - - - - - - - - Frequently Asked Questions - - - - - - - -
    Here's some more juicy FAQ's sent in by the readers. If you have a question,
    you might not be alone! Look here.
    Q: How do I cook the Recipes? I've tried everything!
    A: Unfortunately, you can't cook these recipes. They're just there to collect,
    that's all. It's still fun to try to get them all though... isn't it?
    Q: What's the Weathervane for?
    A: Actually, the weathervane that you find on the bottom floor of the mine
    isn't used for anything much. You can give it to Rick, but he'll just take it
    without giving you anything in return.
    Q: Why won't Rick fix the music box?
    A: To get Rick to fix the music box, you have to be friends with him. Rick is
    commonly a character that many do not become friends with, because he isn't
    around a lot. Be sure to give him gifts and talk to him more.
    Q: Why won't the Blue Feather come into the Shop?
    A: Even if you do have the girl you love t a pink heart, the Blue Feather may
    not appear in the shop. It's for the same reason that Rick won't fix the music
    box. Because you aren't friends with him! If these two things aren't reason
    enough to become friends with him, I don't know what is. Also, you'll need a
    kitchen to get married (and for the blue feather to come in).
    Q: Where does the hole in the back of the elve's cave go? Can I go in it?
    A: You can't go into the hole, but the elves can fit. This hole leads to your
    barn. The elves may feed your animals while a typhoon strikes (if you're nice
    to them).
    Q: If I buy something from a shop when my inventory is full, where does it go?
    A: The owner of the shop will kindly ship the item directly to your farm in no
    time at all. The next time you check in your tool box (at the bottom of the
    main room in your house), it'll be inside. You can then switch it.
    Q: How do I take out one of my possessions?
    A: You don't. They stay in your inventory until they're needed. When they are
    needed, the character that is involved will notice it and take/ask you to take
    it. However, many times you must be friends with this particular character for
    them to notice it.
    Q: How do I get animals out of the barn?
    A: Take them out the same way you would get out. Either get behind them and
    push them out the door (where you come in) or use the bell to guide them to it.
    Q: How do I get other people to marry each other?
    A: To get others to marry faster, give both of them (the an and woman) some
    gifts. Even if you're married, your wife shouldn't get too jealous from a few
    gifts. You'll hear them start to talk about each other before they get married.
    Q: How do I become King?
    A: Sorry, but it's a random event. Your chances will increase slightly if you
    become friends with the townspeople, but other than that, the chances of you
    winning are the same as you finding a coin in your cake.
    Q: When does Elli's Grandmother die?
    A: Elli's grandmother is a tricky thing, and if you become friends with her,
    she'll live a longer life. She usually dies in the second year, but you can
    keep her alive longer if you give her gifts. The earliest she will die is
    Spring Year 2.
    Q: How many Kids can I have?
    A: One's the max. Where would the other one stay???
    Q: How long does it take to have a baby?
    A: After your wife gets pregnant, it should be about 2 1/2 to 3 seasons before
    the child is born.
    Q: Where do I find the Treasure Map?
    A: It's located inside the Tree that's on the right side of your ranch. It's by
    the pond and chicken coop.
    Q: How do I build Fences?
    A: To build a fence, go to the bottom end of the chicken coop (near the pond
    and the tree). You'll see a large crate, somewhat like a shipping crate. If you
    stand next to it and press A, you'll take some wood out. Transport these pieces
    of wood to wherever you wish to build your fence in the field. Make a row of
    them for a fence!
    Q: How do I Get a Raffle Ticket and Use it?
    A: First of all, you'll have to get enough stickers. For every packet of
    flowers you buy, be it Pink Cat Mint, Blue Mist, or whatever, you'll get one
    sticker on your flower card. If you buy a cake at the bakery, you'll get one
    point on your cake card. At the end of the year, between the 25th and 29th of
    Winter, the raffle drawing takes place. If you have 10 stickers or more on one
    of your cards, you'll be able to go the shop in which you have the points and
    draw. Note that the shops are not in this together, as flower stickers can not
    be used in the bakery drawing, and vice versa. Stand BEHIND the counter, not
    next to the owner, and the owner of the shop will enter you into the drawing.
    Depending on your placement, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, you'll get a prize. You can
    repeat for every ten stickers you have. These prizes are generally decorative
    objects, but some have other uses. If you don't quite have enough stickers for
    the bakery drawing, you can always buy some cakes to get stickers.
    Q: After Karen leaves, does she ever come back?
    A: Nope, I don't think Karen returns. But hey, who knows, she might return on
    your 158th year.
    Q: What do I do with the Music Box?
    A: Give it to a girl that you like. It'll really boost the amount she likes
    you! See the secrets section to find out how to get it.
    Q: In HM64, does the game end or can you continue on?
    A: Unlike the its SNES predecessor, HM64 allows you to continue on after your
    two years are up. Why? Many players of the original complained to Natsume about
    not being able to continue. It seems that Natsume heard them and put the
    feature into the next game. If you did continue, the reason would be purely for
    fun. After your two years are up you get rated, so further play would be for
    Q: How do you use the GameShark Codes?
    A: I myself do not own a GameShark device, so I'm clueless as to how it works.
    I've simply put the codes here for the convenience of those who know how to use
                                  *   *   *
             - - - - - - - - - - - RUMORS - - - - - - - - - - -
    This game comes with a lot of secrets. With secrets, however, you get tons of
    rumors. Are they true? Most likely not, but maybe...
    Fix Channel 4: Rumors about getting this "entertainment" channel to work are
    everywhere. Supposedly, the elves will come and fix it for you sometime.
    2nd Photo Album: If you get this before Elli's grandmother dies, you can start
    collecting even more pictures.
    Jumper: A black fish that you can catch in the river later around the fifth
    Great Hall: You can get it after you collect all of the pictures in both the
    albums. The carpenters will supposedly make it.
                                  *   *   *
               - - - - - - - - GAMESHARK CODES - - - - - - - -
    While I usually despise cheating and using codes, I understand that when you're
    a veteran and have beaten the game 50 times that you might want some annoying
    things out of the way. That's why I decided to put some Gameshark codes up. If
    this is your first time playing Harvest Moon, stay away from these! It'll ruin
    the experience. Special thanks to Laura for finding most of these.
    Infinite Money-             811FD60E FFFF
    Infinite Health-            80189060 FFFF
    Infinite Watering Can Uses- 8016FBCD 0004
    Infinite Lumber-            81189E50 03E7
    Infinite Fodder Spout-      81180714 0063
    Infinite Chicken Feed-      80237411 005C
    1M Master Bryan's Activator 1 P1 D0170404 00??
    2M Master Bryan's Activator 2 P1 D0170405 00??
    1D Master Bryan's Dual Activator P1 D1170404 00??
    Normal Activator 1: Quantity Digits- Buttons Pressed to Activate
    00 No Buttons
    01 Right on Control Pad
    02 Left  on Control Pad
    04 Down  on Control Pad
    08 Up    on Control Pad
    10 Start Button
    20 Z Button
    40 B Button
    80 A Button
    When you need a number like 28, you would first press Up on the Control Pad and
    then press the Z button, combining the two numbers together.
    Normal Activator 2: Quantity Digits- Buttons Pressed to Activate               
    00 No Buttons
    01 Right C
    02 Left C
    04 Bottom C
    08 Top C
    10 R Button
    20 L Button
    Dual Activator: Quantity Digits- Buttons Pressed to Activate                
    0000 No Buttons
    0001 Right C
    0002 Left C
    0004 Bottom C
    0008 Top C
    0010 R Button
    0020 L Button
    0100 Right on Control Pad
    0200 Left on Control Pad
    0400 Down on Control Pad
    0800 Up on Control Pad                                                       
    1000 Start Button                                                              
    2000 Z Button
    4000 B Button
    8000 A Button
    Time Of Day Modifier (Minutes 00-3B) 8117027E 00??
    Day Modifier 80158260 00??
    Belongings Modifier Codes
    Slot 1 80189084 00??
    Slot 2 80189085 00??
    Slot 3 80189086 00??
    Slot 4 80189087 00??
    Slot 5 80189088 00??
    Slot 6 80189089 00??
    Slot 7 8018908A 00??
    Slot 8 8018908B 00??
    A Button Modifier Equipped Modifier 8018908C 00??
    Tool Modifier Codes
    Slot 1 80189075 00??
    Slot 2 80189076 00??
    Slot 3 80189077 00??
    Slot 4 80189078 00??
    Slot 5 80189079 00??
    Slot 6 8018907A 00??
    Slot 7 8018907B 00??
    Slot 8 8018907C 00??
    B Button Equipped Modifier 8018907D 00??
    Item Modifier Codes
    Slot 1 8018908E 00??
    Slot 2 8018908F 00??
    Slot 3 80189090 00??
    Slot 4 80189091 00??
    Slot 5 80189092 00??
    Slot 6 80189093 00??
    Slot 7 80189094 00??
    Slot 8 80189095 00??
    Slot 9 80189096 00??
    Slot 10 80189097 00??
    Slot 11 80189098 00??
    Slot 12 80189099 00??
    Slot 13 8018909A 00??
    Slot 14 8018909B 00??
    Slot 15 8018909C 00??
    Slot 16 8018909D 00??
    Slot 17 8018909E 00??
    Slot 18 8018909F 00??
    Slot 19 801890A0 00??
    Slot 20 801890A1 00??
    Slot 21 801890A2 00??
    Slot 22 801890A3 00??
    Slot 23 801890A4 00??
    Slot 24 801890A5 00??
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Belonging Modifier Codes
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Weeds
    02 - Boulder
    03 - Lumber
    04 - Moondrop Flower
    05 - Pink Cat Mint Flower
    06 - Blue Mist Flower
    07 - Cake
    08 - Pie
    09 - Cookie
    0A - Blue Feather
    0B - Pink Liquid In A Bottle
    0C - Red Box
    0D - Turnips
    0E - Potatoes
    0F - Cabbages
    10 - Tomatoes
    11 - Corn
    12 - Eggplant
    13 - Strawberries
    14 - Eggs
    15 - Small Size Milk
    16 - Medium Size Milk
    17 - Large Size Milk
    18 - Gold Milk
    19 - Sheared Wool
    1A - High Quality Wool
    1B - Wild Grapes
    1C - Very Berry Fruit
    1D - Tropical Fruit
    1E - Walnuts
    1F - Mushrooms
    20 - Poisonous Mushroom
    21 - Green Box
    22 - Berry Of Full Moon Plant
    23 - Medicinal Herbs
    24 - Edible Herbs
    25 - Small Fish
    26 - Medium Fish
    27 - Large Fish
    28 - Dumpling
    29 - Cotton Candy
    2A - Fried Octopus
    2B - Roasted Corn
    2C - Candy
    2D - Chocolate
    2E - Iron Ore
    2F - Blue Stone
    30 - Rare Metal
    31 - Moonlight Stone
    32 - Pontata Root
    33 - Chicken
    34 - Chocolate Bar Picture
    35 - ??
    36 - Blue Egg Shaped Device
    37 - ??
    38 - Chocolate Bar Picture
    39 - Fodder
    3A - White Bag
    3B - Tan Bag
    3C - Green Bag
    3D - Red Bag
    3E - Yellow Bag
    3F - Purple Bag
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Tool Modifier Codes
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Sickle
    02 - Hoe
    03 - Axe
    04 - Hammer
    05 - Watering Can
    06 - Milker
    07 - Bell
    08 - Brush
    09 - Clippers
    0A - Turnip Seeds
    0B - Potato Seeds
    0C - Cabbage Seeds
    0D - Tomato Seeds
    0E - Corn Seeds
    0F - Eggplant Seeds
    10 - Strawberry Seeds
    11 - Moon Drop Grass Seeds                                                    
    12 - Pink-Cat-Mint Seeds
    13 - Blue Mist Seeds
    14 - Bird Feed
    15 - Ball No Picture
    16 - Feeding Bottle
    17 - ??
    18 - Fishing Pole
    19 - Miracle Potion
    1A - Medicine For Cows
    1B - Grass Seeds
    1C - Blue Feather
    1D - Empty Bottle
    1E - ??
    1F - Weeds No Picture
    20 - Boulder No Picture
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Ocarina
    02 - Flower Card
    03 - Cake Card
    04 - Broken Music Box
    05 - ??
    06 - Old Wine
    07 - ??
    08 - ??
    09 - Book From Library
    0A - Scroll To Bury
    0B - Marble
    0C - GoodLuck Charm
    0D - Empty Metal Bag
    0E - Horse Race Ticket
    0F - Dog Race Ticket
    10 - Potpourri
    11 - Embroidered Hankerchief
    12 - Hand-Knit Socks
    13 - Lucky Bracelet
    14 - Flower Bath Crystals
    15 - Stamina Carrot
    FUN MARRIAGE TRICK: You'll need a Gameshark for this one. First, you must be
    married and have a baby, then wait for another couple to have a baby. Now, use
    the code to get the Blue Feather, and propose to one of the married girls (with
    a baby). The next day, not only will you have a new wife, but a new baby! The
    picture in your photo album will change as well.
                                   *   *   *
             - - - - - - - - CLOSING/THANKS/CREDITS - - - - - - - -
    Have some questions about the game? Comments about my FAQ? Something I left
    out? Info that I got wrong? If there's something you need to know or say about
    my FAQ, be sure to:
    E-mail me Questions or Comments- croco64@yahoo.com
    Stuff to Send Me: Thanks to everyone for the possessions and Gameshark Codes.
    They were really helpful. Now I need to know of any events I'm missing in my
    Walkthroughs. Any event you can think of, no matter how minor, that you can't
    find there. Also, a few of you have sent me things, but I forgot and couldn't
    find your mail again (perhaps I deleted it). If you had something cool I forgot
    to post, tell me again.
    Question to Ponder: Hey, something just occured to me. I have a walkthrough for
    becoming friends with people. I have a walkthrough for becoming rich. I have a
    walkthrough for becoming a hit with the ladies. But what about getting the best
    evaluation? Like getting all the recipes, pictures, money and other stuff that
    you can? In otherwords, the Ultimate Walkthrough. What do you think? Should I
    do it? I think it's be fun to write it. What's your opinion?
    Poll: How 'bout a new poll? Which season do you like the most? Why? Mine's
    probably Summer, because of the excellent crops, fun festivals, and... well,
    not the typhoons, but it's still good anyway.
    Just so you know, the official name of the elves is actually "sprites". Instead
    of changing every word in this FAQ, I'll just leave it as elves. They look like
    them anyway.
                                   *   *   *
                                  - CREDITS -
    Thanks to these hard-working people for assisting me in the making of this FAQ!
    Laura:             For the excellent Level-Up Trick, Gameshark Codes,
                       and the Horse Race Trick (also, some other stuff I
                       forgot... Sorry Laura!)
    Haunter120:        For some of the Gameshark Codes.
    Austin:            For some of the Gameshark Code stuff.
    Cat:               For help with the girls and marriage.
    Fox:               For the recipes and photo album.
    Another HM Player: For rearranging the Recipes section so it's easier to
    Mrs. Gina Foster:  For some tips.
    Gumbyte:           For some Power Berry locations.
    Dan Evans:         Gave tips on how to become King.
    Samantha:          For the Heart Meter Trick.
    Jeremy:            Helped with Gameshark codes and some secrets.
    Cloud_Strife:      For the Bamboo Float information.
    Popuri:            For information of Karen's bracelet.
    Tomintul:          The first person to find an error.
                                     *   *   *
    Special Thanks to:
    *Nintendo Power- I got lots of info from your reviews and previews.
    *Natsume- For their game (and the educational channel which I also got some
    info from!)
    *The Instruction Booklet-Another helpful resource other than my brain that
    aided me in this FAQ
                                     *   *   *
                                -CLOSING STATEMENT-
         Done. It's finally done. Although some of the Walkthroughs aren't entirely
    complete, I feel that I've covered anything and everything in Harvet Moon 64
    throughout this FAQ. A compilation of all that is Harvest Moon. Here it is, my
    complete FAQ, my first FAQ now complete. What a good feeling. Sort of like when
    you play Harvest Moon. Have fun playing, and so long.
                          This FAQ Has Been                      _______
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