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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Omega78

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 01/29/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Guide to Harvest Moon 64 
    Version 0.4
    By Omega78 <mitch@networx.on.ca>
               ___   ___   ____       _________  __     __    ______   _______   ____________
              /  /  /  /  /    |     /  ___   / |  |   /  /  /  ___/  /  ____/  /___    ___ /
             /  /__/  /  /     |    /  /__/  /  |  |  /  /  /  /_    /  /___        /  /
            /  ___   /  /  /|  |   /  _   __/   |  | /  /  /  __/   /___   /       /  /
           /  /  /  /  /  __   |  /  / \  \     |  |/  /  /  /__   ____/  /       /  /
          /__/  /__/  /__/  |__| /__/   \__\    |_____/  /______/ /______/       /__/
         ___________     _______   _______   ______         __________     ___   __
        /  _    _   \   / ___  /  / ___  /  /  _   \       |   _______|   /  /  |  |
       /  / /  / /  /  / /  / /  / /  / /  /  / /  /       |  |_______   /  /___|  |_
      /  / /  / /  /  / /  / /  / /  / /  /  / /  /        |   _____  |  |______    _|
     /  / /  / /  /  / /__/ /  / /__/ /  /  / /  /         |  |_____| |         |  |
    /__/ /__/ /__/  /______/  /______/  /__/ /__/          |__________|         |__|
                   >---This document Copyright 2000 Cameron Mitchell---<
                   Only sites with my permission may post this Guide!!!!!  
    Table of Contents
    2-My Ten Cents (Canadian)
    3-The Story
      -How to win Races and the Cow Festival
    9-The Basics
      -Crop Strategies
      -Livestock Strategies
    10-The World
    13-Q and A
    Version 0.4
    Hello everyone Exams have started so I have to study, but I will try to squeze in an update or 
    two. As far as my plans for world domination go I have had a few small problems, but I will keep 
    tring. I added some info on rivals for all the girls. Added to the Q & A section. Added to the 
    Version 0.3
    Added a recognition section. Plus more info on the girls. I will try to update alot but I have 
    Exam's next week so I have to study but it can't keep me from the call of Harvet Moon, also I 
    have to work my plan to take over the world. I have my operitives planted all around the world,
    there are only a few countries left, if you want to join in my new world order e-mail me. The 
    hour of my rule is coming. 
    Version 0.2
    Took forever to get the first version ready, but I did it. Added to the Items list. More info 
    on Ann. New pictures and berries in the secrets section. I added a section on Racing and the 
    Cow festival in the Animal section.
    Version 0.1 
    This is the first version. I started this guide after my friend, Techni, talked me into it. I 
    would quote his statement but it is not suited for younger audiences, or an audiences for that 
    matter. I have tried to put in all the basics into this version. I will add more as I get it.
    Please send me any information, secrets you have found, praises of worship or whatever to me at
    mitch@networx.on.ca. If I reply please not my name is not Bob Mitchell, it is Cameron Mitchell.
    2-My Ten Cents (Canadian)
    This game is more addictive than breathing. I just couldn't put it down. The Time will fly by.
    I must caution you to have a clock on top of your T.V. so you will not lose track of time. Oh ya 
    remember to blink, starring at the T.V. for long periods of time, which you will be doing, will 
    dry out your eyes.
    As great as this game is it has small bugs and tons of them. For example some trees in the town
    will just appear and disappear instead of scrolling on to the screen. Tops of buildings in the 
    town will vanish. These are no big deal, the real weird one is the slow down when there are tons 
    of characters on screen, for example during festivals. Plus the Game has froze on me twice since 
    I got it. But this game is still one of the best games for the N64. 
    One of the coolest things is that is has unlimited replay value because it doesn't end, you just 
    keep going and going forever.
    I give Harvest Moon 64 9/10 cents Canadian or for those Americans it is a 5.5/6 cents American.
    Despite the flaws (the only reason it didn't get 10/10 cents) Buy this game now! 
    3-The Story
    You have just inherited a your grandfathers run down farm. You decide your going to run the farm 
    yourself and try to turn it around. The goal in this game is to have a profitable business and 
    social live. Through out the game you will meet and interact with tons of characters, raise 
    livestock, grow crops and so much more 
    Jack-This is the Default name for the main character, you can choose you own name too.
    Mr. Mayor-He will welcome you in the beginning and remind you of up coming festivals. Maria's 
    Mrs. Mayor-She is the Mayors wife and mother to Maria. She will run the library if you marry 
    Karen's Dad-He Own's the vineyard. 
    Karen's Mom-She is very concerned about Karen.
    Vineyard worker-He works for Karen's Dad. Refers to him as Master. Slave?
    Lillia-She runs the Flower store. She is Popuri's Mother.
    Popuri's Father-He is a traveler. He searches the land for seed and is only in town in the 
    Ann's Father-He runs Green Ranch. He will sell you all your animals. 
    Ann's Brother-He hates you, never talks to you that much.
    Harris-He is the mail man wh brings you your mail. He enjoys to talk to people.
    Fisherman-Gives you the Fishing Rod.
    Rick-He owns the tool shop. His also an inventor and very lazy.
    Priest-He will preform the marriage when you get married.
    Midwife-You trade recipes and she will deliver your child.
    Saibara-He is the artisan, he runs the souvenir shop.
    Baker-Runs the Bakery, old friend to Elli's Dad
    The Buyer-He picks up all of the items in you shipping box. He is also May's Father.
    May- Buyer's Daughter.
    Head Carpenter-Lives in the Forest. Buy all your addition from him. You will also work for him 
                   a few times.
    Carpenters-Work for the Head Carpenter.
    Bartender-Work in the bar, Duh!
    Potion Shop Owner-He make all the potion and he is the grand Father to Stu and Kent.
    Kent-Potion Shop Owner's Grandson.(Brown Hair)
    Stu-Potion Shop Owner's Grandson.(Black Hair)
    Goddess-She will grant you one wish.
    Salesman-This man will be at one of the festivals and he will come by your house to offer you a 
             great deal, but it is a rip off.
    One of the Goals in this game is to fall in love with and then marry a girl. There are a total
    of 5 lovely women to chose from. The first step in the game of love is to choose who you wish to 
    marry. This is up to you. There is heart in the lower right hand corner of their Caption.
    Here is what each color means:
    White  - Normal
    Blue   - Friendly
    Green  - Flirtatious
    Yellow - Enchanted
    Pink   - Head over heels in Love
    Now here is all the information you will need on get what ever girl you picked to fall in love 
    with you. 
    The Girls:
    The Mayor's Daughter, Maria works in the library. She is a bit shy, but appreciates being keep 
     Locations: Church     
         Likes: Cabbage
         Rival: Harris (the Mailman)
      Birthday:11th of Winter
    Situations: At some point she will sprain her ankle you can carry her or go for help. I am not 
                sure which is better. I carried and I noiced no major change.
                One night you are going to get a real wierd dream thing, I couldn't even understand
                it. Go see her the nest day and she will have a book. She will ask if you gave it 
                to her. Say yes to make her realy happy. 
       Comment: She is not that hard to marry, but You will have to compete with Harris. I think 
                having the Mayor as a father in-law would have it's perks  
    Elli is the daughter of the Baker, and is quite the cook in her own right, though she is too 
    humble to say so.
     Locations: Bakery
         Likes: Eggs + Milk
                When you buy Baked goods
         Rival: Baker
      Birthday: 1st of Fall
    Situations: You have a dream about a girl and boy playing house and the boy gets sick after 
                eating mud pies. Go to the city to you will find May and Stu playing house then 
                Elli will show up and ask you if you ever got sick playing house, say yes and she 
                will blush 
                At some point she will sprain her ankle you can carry her or go for help. I am not 
                sure which is better.
       Comment: She is the Hardest to marry because she is realy expensive. She is a great cook so 
                she would probly be a great wife.
    Popuri is as bright and chipper as the flowers sold at her parent's florist shop. She loves to 
     Locations: Woods             
                Inside/outside the flower shop 
         Likes: Flowers
         Rival: Ann's brother
      Birthday: 22nd of Spring
    Situations: If you grow flowers she will caome to your arm and ask for one give it to her.
                She will also ask you to come to the shop and buy her some thing. I you don't 
                she will get real mad, so I sugest you do.
       Comment: She is hard to keep happy, but it is also realy easy to tell if she is not happy 
                because she will tell you.
    Though a bit temperamental, Karen is actually quite nice. She works at the bar, and her family 
    owns the vineyard. 
     Locations: Bar  
         Likes: Corn
         Rival: Vinyard worker
      Birthday: 29th of Winter
    Situations: If one day you can't find her look at her house she may be sick. If she is sick you
                should visit her every day until se is better and bring her stuff too.
                You and Karen will get locked in the basement of that small storage biulding at the                                                             
    Vinyard together. You will want to keep some food in your rucksack because she will                         
    get hungry
       Comment: She doesn't get along with her family and they don't seem to like you either. If 
                you want to marry her you should try to be friendly with her family but also the 
                vineyard worker because he understands her and will give you information.
    Ann is the daughter of the Ranch owner, and is very outgoing. She is very found of animals.
     Locations: Ranch    
         Likes: Animals
         Rival: Cliff
      Birthday: 14th of Summer
    Situations: Like Maria she too will sprain her ankle and you get the same two options. You can 
                carry her or go for help. I am not sure which is better. 
       Comment: Her brother hates you for no real reason. He is probly jealous of how much his 
                sister likes you.  
    To get married you first have to get a pink heart to appear in the bottom right hand corner of
    their caption. Then go to Rick's and buy the Blue Feather. Give the girl the feather and you 
    will get married on the next Sunday. On of the perks of been married is that 
    You don't get your wife pregnant it will just happen if she is happy. To make her happy give her 
    flowers and her favorite food, be home by 7:00 and talk to her. She will get tired and dizzy 
    when she is pregnant but it is not final until she says she is pregnant. It will take about 1 
    and half season for your wife to give birth. On that day you can't leave your farm. Just do all 
    of the stuff you have to do then go into the house, after 3:00, and you will hear but not see 
    your wife give birth. 
    You get the dog right from the start. You can name him (up to 6 characters). You can enter him 
    in the Dog race if you wish to. You don't need to feed him but if you want to make him real 
    happy you should put some food into his bowl from time to time. 
    Go to the Green ranch as soon as you start the game to get the horse. He is free. You can name 
    him (up to 6 characters). He is a pony when you first get him. It will take awhile before he 
    grows up. While he is a pony you should talk to him every day. When he becomes a horse you 
    should brush him. If you put items into his saddle bags it will go right in to the shiping box.
    Like your dog you can race the horse too. One thing that sucks is that you can't take him off 
    the farm, except for when you go race.
    You have to buy your first chicken from Green ranch. You can have up to 6 chickens After that 
    you can put an egg into the incubator to get them for free. It take 3 days for a egg to hatch. 
    Then you get a chick it will take another 7 days for it to mature. If you buy a chicken it comes 
    fully matured. The major down side to chickens is that they don't eat fodder they eat chicken 
    feed which you have to buy for 10g a meal.  
    You have to buy all your sheep from Green ranch. You can have up to 4 sheep. Sheep need to 
    mature before you can cut off there wool. To cut off the wool you need to buy the sheers from 
    Ricks To make your sheep happy you need to brush them and talk to them every day. Unfortunately 
    they only give wool once a week. but you can get top dollar for high quality wool. They eat 
    fodder. Which you can get by cutting down grass.
    Normal wool.....900g
    Quality wool...1800g
    You have to buy your first cow from Green ranch, but after that you can buy the Cow Potion and 
    use it on a mature cow to get it pregnant. It takes 20 days for the Cow to give birth. During 
    that time it will give less milk. When a Cow is born it starts out as a baby then grows in to a
    young cow then to a Fully Matured Cow it take a long time but it is cheaper. To make your cow 
    as happy as possible you need to brush it and talk to it every day. In return the Cow will give
    you milk every day Cows eat the same fodder as the Sheep. To milk a cow you need to buy the 
    milker off Rick. You can enter one of your Cows in the Cow contest. If your cow wins it will 
    give gold milk. 
    Small Milk.......100g
    Medium Milk......150g
    Large Milk.......300g
    Gold Milk........500g
    Note: Livestock can get sick and die but pets can't.
    -How to win Races and the Cow Festival
    One of the best parts of haveing animals is showing them off. You can show off the talent of 
    your horse and your dog by racing them and you can show off your Cow at the Cow fetival. These 
    events will play a big role in how sucessful you are.
    -The Horse Races
    There are two Horse race in each year. They are:
    Race 1.....Spring 17th
    Race 2.......Fall 28th
    Note:You will not ready to race in the first ace of year 1. 
    The key to winning is preparation, if your is too tired it can't run fast. To get your horse 
    ready do the following every day starting about one month in advance:
    -Brush it
    -And ride it.
    Note:In order to get in all the riding you need without wasting any time don't walk arond your
    farm ride. No matter how far you are going you should ride you horse if it's from your house to 
    you barn or whatever. Riding will pay off. 
    When you actually race you should pace yourself hit the buton slowly then whe the crowed roars
    pound away. It is that simple.
    -The Dog Races 
    There is only one race every year.
    Dog Race.........Winter 19th
    The key is the same as with horse racing preparation, Because you don't control your dog it is 
    the only factor. I have heard that hitting the A button whe you dog race can help, but I am not
    sure. Do this every day:
    -feed him (just put food in his bowl
    -leave him inside at night and on snowy and rainy day.
    -get him to case you
    The best way to get him to case him is too call him then get on your horse and he will case 
    you. Because you are on your horse you go faster.  
    -Betting (The same for dogs and horses)
    This is the real reason you race, to win medals and get prizes. You can get different prizes for 
    each of the races. 
    ---Complete List of prizes coming soon---
    When you bet you need to buy medal which cost 50g each. The trick to betting is the odds, the 
    lower the number the better the chance there is that that horse or dog will win. But Long 
    shots, the ones with high numbers, get a bigger pay off. This is because they times the number 
    of medals you bet by the odd so therefore the higher the odd the bigger the pay off. 
    Unfortunatly Long shots never win. I suggest wait until you have a ton of money then bet on all 
    the favored horses, the ones with the low numbers. You can get about 400 medals this way.
    The Cow Festival
    The Cow festival takes place on the 4th of fall. If you win your cow will give gold milk. Each 
    gold milk is worth 500g. I suggest entering a different cow each year so they will all give 
    gold milk. All you have to do is keep your Cows as happy as possible. To make them happy do 
    -Feed them everyday.
    -Brush them everyday.
    -Don't bring them outside when it rains. 
    If you do this they will win for sure. It works for me.
    |  Cabbage  |
    Cabbage is the best vegetable to grow during the spring. It take longer but pays more
    Cost-200g/bag  Sell-90g/each  Growth-7 days
    Recemmended Patterns
      1)[][][]     2)[][][]  
        [][]         [][][]    
        [][][]       [][][]     
    Use 1 one until you get the gold Watering can then you should use 2. 
    | Potatoes  |
    Potatoes are O.K. but it only takes one day more to grow Cabbage and it is a bigger pay off so 
    I don't use them.
    Cost-200g/bag  Sell-80g/each  Growth-6 days
    Recemmended Patterns
      1)[][][]     2)[][][]
        [][]         [][][]
        [][][]       [][][]
    Use 1 one until you get the gold Watering can then you should use 2. 
    | Turnips  |
    Turnip are good if it is near the end of the month and there is not enough time left to grow 
    anything else.
    Cost-200g/bag  Sell-60g/each  Growth-4 days
    Recemmended Patterns
      1)[][][]     2)[][][]
        [][]         [][][]
        [][][]       [][][]
    Use 1 one until you get the gold Watering can then you should use 2. 
    |  Corn   |
    Corn is the Best Crop in the Game. It may take along time to grow but it has the biggest pay 
    off. Plus you can get more than on crop for it without replanting.
    Cost-300g/bag  Sell-120g/each  Growth-12 days
    Recemmended Patterns
      1)[][][]     2)[][][]
        [][]         [][][]
        [][][]       [][]
    Since you don't need to replant the Corn it is impossible to get to the middle crop unless you 
    leave on out. I use 1 but it doesn't matter.
    | Tomatoes |
    Tomatoes are the second best crop. I like to grow both Corn and These in the summer.
    Cost-300g/bag  Sell-100g/each  Growth-9 days
    Recemmended Patterns
      1)[][][]     2)[][][]
        [][]         [][][]
        [][][]       [][]
    Since you don't need to replant the Tomatoes it is impossible to get to the middle crop unless 
    you leave on out. I use 1 but it doesn't matter.
    | Eggplant |
    Eggplant are the only crop you can grow out side in the Fall. Once you get the green house you 
    will have no need for them.
    Cost-300g/bag  Sell-80g/each  Growth-7 days
    Recemmended Patterns
      1)[][][]     2)[][][]
        [][]         [][][]
        [][][]       [][]
    Since you don't need to replant the Eggplants it is impossible to get to the middle crop unless 
    you leave on out. I use 1 but it doesn't matter.
    | Strawberries |
    These are great but can only be grow in a green house, and they are expensive too. 
    Cost-500g/bag  Sell-150g/each  Growth-6 days
    Recemmended Patterns
      1)[][][]     2)[][][]
        [][]         [][][]
        [][][]       [][]
    Since you don't need to replant the Eggplants it is impossible to get to the middle crop unless 
    you leave on out. I use 1 but it doesn't matter.
    There are no Winter crops. If you have a Green house you can grow other crops. 
    Tools are items that you can use to do a certain job.
    Use:Chopping stumps to get lumber.
    found:Start with it
    Use:Breaking rocks and removing pieces of broken fence.
    Found:Start with it
    Use:Cutting down crops, grass, and weeds.
    Found:Start with it
    Use:Preparing the ground for planting, and digging
    Found:Start with it
    Watering Can
    Use:Watering Crops
    Found:Start with it
    Use:Plant to make Crops and Flowers grow.
    Found:Florist shop
    Empty bottle
    Use:Storing liquids
    Found:Sowing festival
    Use:Brushing your animals
    Use:Milking Cows
    Use:Cutting off wool
    Use:Calls your Cows to you
    Found:You get it when you buy your first Cow at Green Ranch
    Cow Potion
    Use:Gets Cows pregnant
    Found:Green Ranch
    Cow Medicine
    Use:Cures the Cows of any sickness
    Found:Green Ranch
    Chicken feed
    Use:Feeding Chickens
    Found:Green Ranch
    Cost:10g/per meal
    Fishing Pole
    Use:Fishing, Duh!
    Found:Woods, from the fisherman
    Belongings are stuff like crops and flowers 
    Use:Selling, eating and gifts
    Found:you have to grow them
    Selling Price:See Crop section
    Use:Eat it to regain stanima or give as a gift
    Found:Cake Shop
    Found:In the woods and you can grow them.
    Cost500g/per bag of seeds
    Use:Selling, Eating, and gifts(not good ones)
    Selling Price:70g
    Use:Eating, Gifts, and selling
    Selling Price:40g
    Edible Herbs
    Use:Eating, selling, and gifts
    Selling Price:30g
    Medical Herbs
    Use:Selling, Eating, and gifts(give one to the Potion shop owner)
    Selling Price:70g
    Use:feeding Cows and Sheep
    Found:Cut grass
    Cattle Fed
    Use:Buy if you run out if fodder
    Found:Green Ranch
    Cost:30g/per bag
    Use:Selling,Eating, and gifts
    Found:you have to fish for them
    Selling Price:
    Small Fish........30g
    Medium Fish......100g
    Big Fish.........180g
    Use:Building extension and fences
    Found:Get when you cut up stumps 
    Use:Eating, selling, and as gifts
    Selling Price:70g
    Blue Feather
    Use:Need to Propose to a girl.
    Possesions are items you carry with you that preform no action,and can't be given away but the 
    are still important. I have got a few.
    Treasure Map
    Use:Gives you direction to the music box.
    Found:In the tree in the top right hand corner of your farm
    Use:At the Spirit Festival
    Found:Souvenir shop
    Cake Card
    Use:Keeps track of all your points.
    Found:You get it in the Bakery when you buy a cake.
    Flower Card
    Use:Keeps track of all your points.
    Found:You get it in the Flower store when you buy flowers.
    Music Box
    Use:You can give it to a girl.
    Found:Follow the map, then bring it to Rick 
    If you can't find it with the map, here is a map id did.
    Follow the equal sign then dig at the X for awhile, about 10 times.
    |          --------    ___|| |        
    |  -----   --------   (___)  |               
    |  -----   --------          |                 
    |  -----   __________________|                 
    |  [ ]    |                  |          
    |         |                  |          
    |     [ ]=|================X |          
    |         |                  |          
    | -----   |                  |       
    | -----   |                  |       
    Weather vein
    Use:Give it to Rick.
    Found:On the 3rd or 4th level of the Mine. 
    9-The Basics
    Control Stick
    Moves you around the map and the menu screens.
    L and R
    Either button rotates the view of your farm.
    Pauses the Game and brings up the Rucksack screen.
    Z Button
    Identifies a selected item.
    A Button
    Selects menu options, talk, open doors, give or throw an item you are holding.
    B Button
    Use the tool you are currently holding. 
    Place the item you are holding into your Rucksack.
    Eat the item you are holding.
    Whistle to call your dog.
    Whistle to call your horse.
    -Crop Strategies
    First you should Clear all your land.
    Pattern Legend
    - = fence
    [] = crop
    Grass- Fence off a large section near the door to your bar to use for a grazing field. You might
    want to plant some more grass just for cutting down. Myself, I feed all my Cows and sheep fodder 
    because it is easier than taking them out side, and they still give the best milk too.
    |--  --------|
    |[][][][][][]|   If you find yourself getting not enough fodder you should expand the fence and 
    |[][][][][][]|   grow more grass.
    Other crops-
    I have divide the crops into two sections, one for replantable crops and the other is 
    non-replantable crops.
    1)[][][]    2)[][][]     [][][]
      [][][]      [][]   or  [][][]
      [][][]      [][][]     [][]
    Use 1 as soon as you get the Golden Watering Can. Before that use 2 because you can't water the
    middle square. I dosen't really matter which one but you have to leave one square out so you 
    can get to the middle square.
    1)[][][]     [][][]
      [][]   or  [][][]
      [][][]     [][]
    Since you only need to plant these vegetables once you can't get to the crop in to the center. 
    So you need to leave one crop out, it is up to you.
    Staggered Planting
    Once you start growing tons of crops it will take you all day to harvest them an easy solution 
    is what I call stagered Planting. This is when you plant 1 3x3 square on day one than the next 
    on day two an so on till on your crops are planted. This way all your crops won't harvest on the 
    same day. Instead they will be stagered over a few days depending on how many crops you plant.
    Note:You don't need to do this in a green house because time dosen't pass while you are inside.  
    -Livestock Strategies
    Keep all your Livestock inside.
    There is not much to chickens just feed them every day and they will give you eggs. Unlike Cows
    and Sheep you don't have to make them happy, because they only give one quality of eggs
    This should be the first animal you get. To make them happy you need to do 3 thing to them 
    every day.
    -Talk to them
    -Feed them
    -Brush them
    If you do this every day your sheep will give you the best wool. 
    To get the best milk from your Cows you need to win the Cow Festival. Just follow the same 3 
    steps as for the sheep.
    -Talk to them
    -Feed them
    -Brush them
    By year 2 you should be ready to enter the Cow Festival.
    10-The World
    Flower Bud Village
                   |              |   -------     -----       -----------      |
                   |--------------|   ---F---     -----       -----------      |
                   |              |   -------     --I--       -----J-----      |
                   |              |___            -----       -----------      |_
               ____|      N        ___                                          _
              |    |              |        ---|---             --------        |         
        ______|                   |        -G-|-H-             ----K---        |     
       |  -L-      |              |___     ---|---             --------        |  
       |           |__________________                                         |      
       |           |_____________|_____    ________    ________________________|                     
       |-----------|             |_____|  |________|  |_______________|
       ______________           |-----     ---                       |
      /  __________  \          |--A--     -C-         --------      |
     /  /          \  \         |-----     ---         ----E---      |_
    (  (     M      )  )        |------                --------       _
     \  \__________/  /         |--B---                              |
      \______________/          |------      | + D + |               |
    Flower Bud Village
    A-Flower Bud Library 
    Open: 9am - 5pm 
    Closed: Sunday
    The library has a lager volume of books on a wide array of topics, from art history, to animal 
    behavoir, to technology and science. Maria, the receptionist is the Mayor's daughter.
    B-The Mayor's House
    One of the nicest houses in all of the village is the Mayor's ivy coverd manor. The mayor and 
    his wife are extremly pleasent and helpful people
    C-Midwife's House 
    The village's midwife has been friends with your family for years, and is like a grandmother to
    you. She will share recipes with you and when the time comes, welcome your child into the world.
    This is were your grandfather is buried, but it is mainly filled with animals. I hope none of 
    your animals end up here.
    E-Potion Shop
    Open: 9am - 5pm
    Closed: Weekends
    The old man who runs th apothecary is very wise, and very popular with the villagers. He is 
    always on the look-out for some one to help gather medicinal herbs for his compounds. 
    Open: 6pm - Midnight
    Closed: Sundays
    The Bar is open in the evenings, and is a good place to unwind after a hard days work. Many of
    the towns folk can be found here unwinding. Karen, form the vineyard, serves the drinks.
    Open: 10am - 6pm
    Closed: Wensdays and Weekends 
    Rick, the shops proprietor is quite a cleaver inventor. Most of the tools you will need will 
    be found at this shop.
    H-Craft Shop
    Open: 9am - 5pm
    Closed: Mondays
    This shop is run by Saibara, the local artisan. He dosen't have muck on sale because he only 
    sells what he likes.
    Open: Everyday, School Monday - Friday, Empty Saturdays, and Prayer Sunday
    Closed: At night
    Most of the village goes to churh on sunday mornings, but it also serves as a schoolhouse for 
    the children. The village's kind Preist is a good sorce of encoragement.
    Open: 9am - 5pm
    Closed: Sunday
    Florist Lillia sells all the seeds that you'll need. Their selection changes with every season.
    The florist will also provide a lot of helpful information on raising differnt plants.
    Open: 9am - 5pm
    Closed: Monday
    The villages bakery has a reputation for quality and freshness. The Cookies and Cakes there 
    will help you regain some of your energy. They're all delicious and from recipes handed down 
    over the years.
    L-Snack Stand
    The snack stand is open during races. The baker runs the stand 
    M-Race Track
    The Track is close for most of the year. It is were both the dog and hore races are held. 
    N-Town Square
    The walled cobblestone courtyard of the square host most of the town's festivals. 
    Moon Mountain        
    =============        ____________________________
                        /   0                    0   \
                       /  0                       0   \
                      |          _____________________0|
                      |                                |
                      |____________________     ------ |
                      |                         ---F- |
                      |                         ------ |
                      |       ________________________0|
                      |         |_____|  ------    0   |
                      |                  ---E--      0 |    
                      |          _____   ------        |    
                      |         |     |    _________0__|
                      |         |     |                |
                      |---------|     |____________    |
                      | /\      |     |                | 
                      //  \___C_|     |    ____________|
                     |/____\  ^ |     |           |    |     
                     |   D      |    /|           |____|     
        ___________  |  ---     |    ||                |   
       | 000 (__)  | |  -B-     |    ||            -A- |     
       |0     __     |  ---     |____||               0|     
       |0000  ||   |_|  ---      ____                  |   
       | 000  ||    _           |    |                0|   
       |00000_||___| |0000______|    |______    _______|
                                            |  |
    Moon Mountain        
    A-Fisherman's Tent
    This is the home of the fisherman. He is gone in the Winter. 
    B-Carpenter's House
    The Carpenter is one of the hardest work characters in the game.  
    Kitchen.........5000g (450w)
    Bathroom........3000g (300w)
    Stairway........2000g (250w)
    Green House...30,000g (580w)
    Log Terrace.....7000g (350w) 
    Baby Bed........1000g (150w)
    C-Cave Enterence
    The Cave is home to the Elfs. They are a group of joyful little people, who are older and wiser
    than they look. The enterence to the Mine is also in here.
    D-Big Tree
    This Tree will serve as a way to get up the mountain without the bridge.
    After you and the other carpenters build it you can use the spa to regain energy. 
    The his restaurant is maintained by and old couple. They don't get many visiters so they love 
    it when you visit. 
    Green Ranch
    |------       |                   ____        |   
    |------       |-----       ------|    |       |  
    |------       |--B--       ------|    |       | 
    |--C---       |-----       ---A--|    |       |
    |------       |            ------|    |   F   |     
    |------                          |    |       |     
    |             |------------------|    |       |
    |                                |    |       |____
    |              D                 |    |        _E__|
    |________________________________|    |_______|
    Green Ranch
    A-Main House/Store
    This is were the Ann and her family lives. It is also her fathers store where he sells animals 
    and animal related goods. If you have any trouble or just some Questions about animals you will 
    find the answers here. If you can't find a certain animal related tool here than it is at Rick's 
    B-Empty House
    This is an extra building. I belive it is for any Farm hands they happen to employ.
    There is the Green Ranch Barn Home to all there animals. You can find Ann and her brother here 
    all the time.
    The Green Ranch has a great big Feild for all there animals to grase in. This is another place 
    you will find Ann and her brother. 
    This is a great place to fish.
    The Beah is host to the swimming contest and other events.
    |               -------|                   
    |    ______     ---A---|                   
    |   |======        ----|
    |   |======            |                   
    |   |==C===            |                   
    |   |======  ---   |   |                   
    |   |======  -B-   |   |                   
    |   |______  ---   |   |                   
    |__________________|   |
                       |   |
    A-The Main House
    This is the house where Karen and her parents live. You can find her parents there very often.
    B-Storage Building
    All the wine is made and stored in thi building. 
    Note: You can get wine by using your bottle by the rack in the basement. 
    C-Grape Feild
    The grape grow from spring to fall.
    Your Farm
    =========                 __
    |          --------    ___|| |        
    |  -----   ---B----   (_C_)  |               
    |  --A--   --------          |                 
    |  -----   __________________|                 
    |  [E]    |                  |          
    |         |                  |          
    |     [F] |                  |          
    |         |        G         |          
    | -----   |                  |       
    | --D--   |                  |       
    Your Farm
    A-Your House
    Your House starts as an old shack, but you can get Additions (see section 12). This is your 
    home you eat sleep here.  
    B-The Barn
    You keep all your livestook in the 
    This little pond is where you fill your watering can you can also get rid of rocks by throwing 
    them in. 
    D-Green House
    The green house is great. It lets you grow any crop all year round, an it has a lot of room 
    E-Dog House
    This is where your dog lives if you leave him outside.
    F-Shipping Box
    You put crops and other items you wish to sell in here.
    G-Crop Area
    This iss the only area in which you can grow crops.
    It is hard to right a walkthrough for this game because some events are random, but I will try
    to help you as much as I can.
                                       |   Spring   |
    1st...........New Year Festival             
    8th...........Planting Festival              
    17th.................Horse Race             
    18th-22nd....Vote for the Queen               
    23rd............Flower Festival              
    =====      Cost      Sell    Growth
    Cabbage  200g/bag  90g/each  7 days
    Potatoes 200g/bag  80g/each  6 days
    Turnips  200g/bag  60g/each  4 days
    Other ways to make money
                    Sell     Found
    Fruit           40g      Woods    
    Medical Herbs   80g      Woods
    Edibal Herbs    30g      Woods
    Year 2 and up - New Years Festival 
    To celebrate the new year every one gets together and has a party. There is a rule that you 
    have to drink after you talk to someone. After 2 Drinks you will Pass out and get carried home
    I suggest you talk the women you wish to marry and the other is your choice.  
    Year 1 - 3rd  FIRST DAY ON THE FARM
    The mayor will show up and take you on a tour of the town.
    Year 1 - 4th to 6th
    Clear your entire farm, and plant your first crop. I recemmend cabbage.
    Get your Horse from Green Ranch during this time. It is Free!!!.
    Note:You Should talk to your Horse every day.
    All Years - 8th - Planting Festival
    This is the Day of the Planting Festival. This festival celebrates the begining of spring.
    In this Festival the King and his helper go up in a balloon and every one else lets little
    balloons filled with seeds go, in hope they land on the ground and grow.
    All Years - 15th 
    On this Day popuri's Father will return home. In year on he will be starving you will need to 
    feed him. You can go to him for help because he is an expert with plants.
    All Years - 16th - Sign up For Horse Race
    in the morning the owner of Green Ranch will come to the far and ask you if you wish to enter 
    the race. If you are in you first year your horse will be too young to race. 
    All Years - 17th - Horse Race
    You can't enter in the first year because your Horse is still a pony, but you can still bet on
    the race. There are total of 3 races and you get to bet medals which you have to buy for 50g 
    each. Personally I don't bet because it is too hard to guess on who is going to and it is random 
    so you can't cheat. The best way to win is to bet on all the hourse when you have money to waste 
    because it is expensive.  
    All Years - 18th-22nd - Vote for the Queen
    To vote you need to go to the town square. There will be a bow on a table on the bottom part of
    the square. 
    Note:You can't dance with the Queen unless you are the King. The King is chosen in the Fall. 
    All Years - 23rd - Flower Festival
    This festival is for praising the goddess. A girl is choosen to dress up as the goddess and she
    will dance with the king. You should buy the Empty bottle off Rick and the Power nut from the 
    salesman. The nut is actually a power berry. If you aren't the king you will need to dance with 
    someone other than the Queen. To ask them to dance just talk to the Mayor, he will tell you to 
    pick a partner, then talk to the girl you want to dance with. 
    Tips for Spring.
    -Keep a vegetable in your Rucksack for the Vegtable festival. There is not enough time to grow 
     one before the festival in the summer
    -In year 1 try not to let a day go by without making money. You whant to get the green house as 
     soon as possible
    -If it rains don't stay out too long or you will get sick.
                                       |   Summer   |
    7th............Bambo Float
    9th.....Vegetable Festival
    17th......Firefly Festival
    24th..........Sea Festival
    =====         Cost       Sell     Growth
    Corn        300g/bag   120/each  12 Days
    Tomatoes    300g/bag   100/each   9 Days
    Other ways to make money
            Sell        Found
    Nuts    70g         Woods
    Fruit   40g         Woods
    Year 3 - 1st
    In year 3 your Father will show up to see how good you are doing. The dosen't end here you can 
    keep playing forever!! 
    All Years - 1st - Fireworks
    The Fireworks start at 7:00. You can see them from the town square. If you are married you 
    should wait for your wife to ask you if you want to go. 
    Year ? - Bambo Float
    I don't know if you can go to this event until after you are married, because I didn't know 
    about it until she asked if I wanted to go. It is held in the forest by the river. You write a
    wish on a piece of paper then float it down the river. If your boat makes it down the river 
    without sinking then your wish will come true. You can choose from one of three wishes, family, 
    weather, or harvest.
    All Years - 9th - Vegetable Festival
    This is why you should have saved a vegetable, if not you can judge. ALthough you don't do 
    anything at all. A special food judge is brought in to choose the best vegetable. I didn't get 
    anything for winning.   
    All Years - 17th - Firefly Festival
    This is a Festival where you float flowers in order to honnor the dead. It take place at the 
    Beach at night.
    All Years - 24th - Sea Festival
    This festival is just a swimming race to usher in the swimming season. It is real easy to win 
    just press A as rapidly as you can. In the first year you will win the invincible thing. (I 
    know the real name but I can't sell it, so don't ask me too)
    Tips for Summer.
    -In year 1 you should try to make as much money as possible. Do this by growing tons of crops. 
     You should also get some livestook of some kind. I would buy a Cow or a sheep.
    -Chop wood everyday, because you need 580 pieces to build the green house.
                                        |   Fall   |
    4th...............Cow Festival
    12th..........Harvest Festival 
    20th..............Egg Festival
    23rd-27th...Work on the Bridge
    28th................Horse Race  
    =====           Cost       Sell     Growth
    Eggplant      300g/bag    80/each   7 Days
    Strawberries  500g/bag   150/each   6 Days
    Note:Strawberries Can only be grown in a Greenhouse
    Other ways to make money
                     Sell         Found
    grapes            40g         Woods
    Mushrooms         70g         Woods
    Poison Mushrooms  30g         Woods
    All Years - 4th - Cow Festival
    This is a great festival, because if you win your cow will give Gold milk. You should take a 
    different Cow each year so they can all get Gold milk.
    All Years - 12th - Harvest Festival 
    This is the festival where they choose who is going to be King for next year. To find out if 
    you are going to be King talk to Elli she will give you a piece of cake if there is a coin in 
    it then you are going to be King if not then someone else is. I sugest trying this day because 
    being King is a big deal. After this you get to Dance. So pick your partner then the day will 
    All Years - 20th - Egg Festival
    This is not realy a festival it is more of a sporting event. You need to find a coloured egg 
    that matches one the mayor holds up. If you win you will get a Power berry.  
    Year 1 - 23rd-27th - Work on the Bridge
    Over these 5 days you will get 1000g a day if you help the carpenters with the bridge. All you 
    have to do is go to the Woods and the rest is atomatic. They only work till 3:00 so you can get
    5000g over the 5 days for doing nothing. Great!!!
    All Years - 28th - Horse Race  
    This race is the same as the one in the spring only in the first year your horse will be fully 
    matured and ready to race. If you want to race and win you should ride your horse and brush it 
    too every day of this month. If you don't race you can still bet on the other races. when you 
    race you should push the A botton slowly at frist them speed up when the crowd cheers.
    Tips for fall.
    -You won't get much money from vegtable so try to focas on your livestock and other ways to 
     make money 
    -Make sure you have 30 pieces of fodder per cow and/or sheep.
    -start to get your horse ready ate the begging of the season if you want to race.
                                       |   Winter   |
    8th-30th............Mine Opens
    12th-16th...Work on the Spring
    19th................Dog Racing      
    24th..............Starry Night
    27th...........Spirit Festival
    30th............New Year's Eve
    There are no Winter crops. If you have a Green house you can grow other crops. 
    Other ways to make money
                      Sell        Found
    Iron              100g        Mine 
    Moonlight Stone   500g        Mine 
    Blue Stone        700g        Mine 
    Rare Minerals    1000g        Mine
    All Years - 8th-30th - Mine Opens
    The mine is the best way to make money but you have to get their early because it is only open 
    till 5pm. You can find holes and get down levels but they are random and hard to find
    All Years - 10th - Thanksgiving
    On this day you should give your loveones Cake. Try to stay home too because if you are popular 
    your friends will stop by.
    Year 1 - 12th-16th - Work on the Spring
    This is same as the when you worked on the bridge. 
    All Years - 19th - Dog Racing      
    Dog racing is the same as horse racing but you don't control the dog. Betting is the same as 
    with the horses but the prizes are diferent. 
    All Years - 24th - Starry Night
    This is not really a festival. You just go to were ever the girl you are wooing is then go home
    Maria - Church
    Elli - Church
    Ann - Church
    Popuri - Woods
    Karen - Beach
    All Years - 27th - Spirit Festival
    This is a festival to ward off evil spirits. If you have the ocarina you can join in.  
    All Years - 30th - New Year's Eve
    You can go to the church on this night to talk to people but the real party is not until the 
    1st of spring. 
    Tips for winter.
    -There is not much to do in the winter because there are no crops so you should buy some of the 
    -To make lots of money you should go into the mine. 
    -If you wish to race your dog you should feed him and exercise him by getting him to chase you.
     You can also call him then get on your horse and he will chase you while you are on the horse.
    You get recipes by giving different items to different people
    Recipe                           Character                   Item
    Miso Soup with Sprouts           Potion Shop Owner           Edible Herbs
    Bread Pudding                    Elli                        Milk or Egg
    Mushroom Rice                    Master Carpenter            Mushroom 
    Rolled Cabbage                   Marira                      Cabbage
    Eggplant with Misopaste          Mide Wife                   Eggplant
    Corn Fritter                     Owner of Green Ranch        Corn
    Fried Char                       Fisherman                   Big Fish
    Strawberry Dog                   Stu                         Strawberry
    Cream of Turnip Stew             Mrs. Mayor                  Turnip
    Cinnamon Milk Tea                Baker                       Milk
    Very Berry Wine                  Vineyard Worker             Fruit (Spirng)
    Stuffed Omelet                   Ann's Brother               Egg's (one every day for a awile)
    Mashed potatoes                  Ann                         Potato
    Pickled Turnips and Cabbage      Old Man on the Mountain     Cabbage 
    Garlic Potatoes Beef             Harris (mailman)            Potato 
    Herb Rice Cake                   Old Lady on the Mountain    Edible Herb
    Spa-Poached Eggs                 Kent                        Egg
    Simple Tomato Soup               Preist                      Tomatoes
    Easy Tomato Soup                 The Buyer                   Tomatoes
    Walnut Cake                      Elli's Grandma              Nut
    Twice Cooked Tomatos and Greens  Lilla                       Tomatoes
    Corn Pasta                       Popuri's Father             Corn
    Grilled Trout w/Cheese           Carpenter                   Big Fish
    Fried Potatos and Bacon          The Mayor                   Potato
    Potato Pancakes                  May                         Potato
    Milk Recipe                      Rick                        Milk
    Hot Spicy Wine                   Bartender                   Red grapes
    Steamed Clams with Wine          Karen's Father              Red grapes (lots of them) 
    House Additions
    You buy all your addition from the Master Carpenter. Read the poster on the back wall.
    Kitchen.........5000g (450w)
    Bathroom........3000g (300w)
    Stairway........2000g (250w)
    Green House...30,000g (580w)
    Log Terrace.....7000g (350w) 
    Baby Bed........1000g (150w)
    You can buy things for your house at Rick's too.
    Power Berries
    These fruit will increase your stanima, which lets you work longer.
    1-In the winter walk on to the frozen pond by the Fisherman's Tent and break the big rock with 
      your hammer.
    2-Win the Egg Festival.
    3-Buy one at the Flower Festival.
    4-Go to the goodess and ask for strengh with full energy.
    5-Dig aroud on your farm it is in a random area.
    I have found only one blue berry.
    1-Throw a small fish into the pond behind the Fisherman's tent.   
    The book beside your bed is more than just a Diary it is a photo album too. You get Photos at 
    different events. 
    -You start with an old photo of you and your grandpa
    -When you get married you get a picture of you and your wife out side the church.
    -After you finsh the Spa you get a photo.
    -If you win the swimming race you get a picture of you and all the other racers
    -After you have a kid you get a picture. 
    The Goddess
    If you throw a crop into the pond that is to the left of the Carpenters house. The goddess will 
    grant you a wish of Strength, Weather or Love. Choose what you need most. I have heard you can 
    go back again for more wishes
    The Lottery
    The Lottery is held near the end of the year. You will get a ticket from the Bakery and the 
    Flower store, if you get 
    10 points on a point card. 
    1st.......Table Cloth
    After you have more than 10 points on either of the cards go to The Bakery or the Flower   
    Store, depending on which card has more than 10, and talk to Lillia or The Baker. Remember you   
    can only enter at the end of the year.
    13-Q and A
    Q-How do you get Married
    A-Once the girl has a pink heart give her the blue feather
    Q-How do you Have kids
    A-It just happens if you make you wife happy. 
    Q-Can you use recipes?
    A-No they are just for collecting the more you have the better the rating you will get for the 
      Gourmet Judge will give you when your father shows up.
    Q-What language are the Elfs speaking?
    A-They are speaking Pig Latin. You take the first letter put it on the end and add ay. 
      Hello = Ello-hay  
    Q-How big is the green House? 
    A-Big. I can grow 4 row of 4 3x3 squares with room between.
    Q-How do you enter the lottery?
    A-After you have more than 10 points on either of the cards go to The Bakery or the Flower   
    Store, depending on which card has more than 10, and talk to Lillia or The Baker. Remember you   
    can only enter at the end of the year.
    This section will give recognition to everyone who helps me. If you hve helped me and you are 
    listed below then e-mail me telling the name you want me to list you under and exaclt how you 
    have helped me. Thank you for your help.
    Who               How they helped me
    Techni            He talked me into writing this guide. Without him I would never started this 
                      Check out his Pokemon site at: http//:pokemon.acmecity.com/rattata/181/       
    MBE005            Gave me some info on the girls and told me what the recipes are for. 
    Harvest Bauler    He answered some questions for me on the message board. 
    Markodorico       He gave me the info on the Weather vien.
                                         >---End of File---<
    By Omega78 <mitch@networx.on.ca>

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