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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EBurton

    Version: 5.1 | Updated: 08/28/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon 64
    FAQ and Walk-through 
    By The >^..^<
    Table of Contents:
    1.) Versions
    2.) Intro
    3.) Story
    4.) Characters
    5.) Animals
    6.) Item List
    7.) Calendar
          -Photo Album included
    8.) Map
    9.) Walk-through
          -1st Year
          -2nd Year
    10.) Father's Evaluation
    11.) The Girls
          -The Bachelors 
    12.) Secrets
          -The Recipes
          -Power Berry Locations
          -Special Items
          -Second Album
    13.) Greenhouse Effect
    14.) Tips/Farming Strategies
    15.) FAQ
    16.) Mysteries
    17.) Credits
    18.) Copyright Info and Everything Else
    1.)	Version
    -Version 1- 1st draft
    -Version 1.1- Added more information to the girls, and characters, 
    strategy for Harvest Festival, secrets, and created Greenhouse section.
        -Version 1.2- Added info on the girls' presents, their purpose, etc.
        -Version 2- Added the 2nd Album, Lottery Prizes, and more info on girls
        -Version 2.1- Made a mistake on characters' names (fixed baker's name, 
        it's really Jeff), added more to bachelors
        -Version 2.5- Added important info on the bachelors and important tip
        -Version 3- Added more info on bachelors, girls, pregnancy (important).
        -Version 4- Added the section Mysteries, updated in general
        -Version 5- Added Father's Evaluation, updated Mysteries
        -Version 5.1- Added a few rumors, updated in general
    2.)	Intro
        Hello everyone!  I'm Cat, and I'm here to inform you on a very intriguing 
    game, Harvest Moon.  Now Harvest Moon is just addicting, turn on the 64 and 
    you'll be on it for hours.  It is not the shoot-'em-up game or the quest for 
    the damsel in distress.  Natsume makes everyone become down to earth with 
    this game, down enough to smell the sweet odor of cow dung.  It is truly a 
    very interesting simulation and everyone should give it a try.  I know I'm 
    not the best, but I have gathered info from all around and feel that others 
    should know it.  I've covered most of the game and there are still a few 
    mysteries, but in time, those will be revealed.  This is a pretty good guide 
    for beginners and such.  I have the complete recipe, photo album, and power 
    berry list, I believe the first to be published.  Have fun reading!!!
    3.)	Story
        You are Jack (default name) and have inherited a broken, deserted farm 
    from your Grandpa.  Your goal is to become prosperous and famous in five 
    seasons (2  years).  Your dog, Jiro (default name), is yours.  You have 300 
    G in your pocket and a whole day in front of you.  Can you succeed?
    4.)	Characters
    1. You- the main character
    2. Jiro- your dog, who can enter the Dog races
    3. Foal- your horse, can have a different name, enters horse races
    4. Mayor- self-explanatory, hosts all the festivals, found in town, likes 
    potatoes and anything else
    5. Mayor's Wife- obvious, also helps host, usually found at her house or 
    library, sometimes found at the bakery
    6. Maria- Mayor's daughter, found usually at library, possible mate
    7. Midwife- Lives in the shack, helps you give birth to your child, likes  
    cakes, eggplants, and flowers, found outside of her house
    8. May- the little girl, granddaughter of midwife, likes anything you give 
    her, especially flowers and potatoes.  Found in library, church, near 
    midwife's shack, and woods.
    9. Buyer- the father of May, buys your produce, seen in the bar/inn, likes 
    any produce you give him
    10. Potion Shop Owner- owns Taro, gives you medicine, likes getting Medical 
    Herbs, found at his house, woods, cave, mines.
    11. Kent- brown hair boy, likes eggs, and calls you brother, wants to buy a 
    farm, grandson of Potion Shop Owner, found at beach, woods, church, higher 
    12. Stu- black hair boy, loves flowers, brother of Kent, both are at church 
    or in the village, sometimes at the woods or beach
    13. Taro- Potion Shop Owner's dog, is in the Dog races, gives birth to 
    14. Elli- works at the bakery, usually there, possible mate
    15. Jeff- works at the bakery, mistaken for Elli's father, likes milk, found 
    in bakery or river
    16. Elli's Grandma- usually outside the bakery, dies later in the game
    17. Popuri- works at the Flower shop, loves flowers, possible mate
    18. Lillia- Popuri's mom, sells you seeds, always at the shop, likes flowers, 
    very nice
    19. Basil- Popuri's dad, comes home on 15 Spring leaves early Fall, a 
    botanist, found in flower shop, behind the shop, and in the woods
    20. Pastor Brown- teaches the children, either inside or outside church, a 
    priest, likes it when you come in on Sunday
    21. Rick- works at the tool shop, Ann's cousin, likes metals, found at mine 
    at times, found outside of shop
    22. Siabara- artisan, next to tool shop, sells you sundry goods, found at hot 
    springs or in shop
    23. Ann- works at Green Ranch, possible mate, likes animals, found in woods
    24. Gray- works at same place, snide until you get to know him, Ann's 
    brother, found in woods or at Green Ranch, likes your dog and eggs
    25. Ann's Dad (Doug?)- sells you animals, found at bar at night, enters your 
    animals in competitions, found at the bar, or Green Ranch
    26. Karen- works at vineyard, possible mate, can leave the game, found in 
    27. Karen's Dad- owns vineyard, rude, found at bar at night and at vineyard 
    in the morning, seems gruff but loves daughter
    28. Karen's Mom- always in house, works in harvest time, likes tomatoes
    29. Kai- a vineyard worker, can leave the game, found at the bar or at 
    vineyard, likes berries or grapes.
    30. Cliff- stranger, comes on 18 Spring, Karen's cousin, can leave the game, 
    may send you letters, likes eggs and berries, owns a falcon
    31. Bartender (Duke?)  - Only found at the bar, gives you a special item, 
    likes grapes and berries
    32. Fisherman (Greg)- gives you fishing pole, likes fish, found in 
    33. Head Carpenter- old man, builds your extensions and other stuff, found in 
    woods, likes mountain items, primarily mushrooms
    34-35. Carpenter- 2 of them, work for old man, like mushrooms, found in woods 
    and mines
    36-39. Sprites- 3 of them, like mushrooms, may take care of your animals, 
    helpful if you befriend them, found in cave and their room
    40. Goddess- summoned by throwing a veggie into her pond, grants wishes, can 
    be befriended, can use egg/milk/wool to summon her
    41. Sea Imp- in pond behind fisherman's tent, likes fish, gives you gifts
    42. Old Man- lives in restaurant on top of Moon Mt., friendly, likes 
    visitors, very nice
    43. Old Lady- Old man's wife, both found up there, don't leave usually, very 
    forgetful but kind-hearted 
    44. Entomologist- comes in 2nd year, searching for a rare bug, found in woods 
    at night
    45-46. Red/Blonde Couple- Come visit your farm and end up making out
    46-49. 3 Girls- found at the races, come visit your farm
    50-51. Old Couple- come to races, only found there, come visit your farm
    52-53. Mrs. Mana and Her Son- ask you to watch their cows, friend of Green 
    Ranch, son is in your barn at times, mother found at bar
    54. Photographer- takes pics of your accomplishments
    55. Father- will visit you at the beginning of the 3rd summer and evaluate you
    56. Gourmet Judge- is at all the festivals that involve food, and judges 
    them.  In some games, he'll be at Green Ranch all the time or at the 
    57. Samuel the Salesman- do not buy anything from him!!! He lies!  There is 
    only one authentic thing he sells you, which is at the Flower Festival.
    5.)	Animals
       You are allowed to have 6 chickens, 8 cows, or 8 sheep, or a combination 
    of both.  You have a dog and a horse.  Here is summary of all the animals and 
    how much profit they will make when they are full grown, and all the other 
    necessary items.  I'm using good ole algebra.
    Dog- You have him since Day 1.  He likes being fed, by putting anything in 
    his dog bowl.  He will enter the Dog Races.  If you call him, pick him up, 
    and feed him all year he will have a greater chance of winning.  Also putting 
    food in his bowl the day before the race will increase your chances.  He may 
    have puppies with Taro, depending on how good of friends you are with the 
    Potion Shop family.  He doesn't like being outside when it rains or snows, so 
    keep him in while the bad weather is outside.  He can be out in the Winter, 
    but just don't keep him out when it snows.  If you whistle for him, then get 
    on your horse and make him chase you, you'll be killing two birds with one 
    stone, for the horse and dog get exercised
    No Profit
    Horse- Can get him anytime during the First Spring he's free, but you will 
    only be able to get him then.  When he is a colt, talk to him and brush him 
    (when you buy the brush).  When he is older, he'll have saddlebags, and you 
    can ride him.  The saddlebags are like mobile shipping boxes, face him with a 
    veggie and press A and it will automatically be put in the shipping box.  
    Riding him and brushing him all year will better increase your odds to win.  
    Strategies for the Horse Race are in the Calendar section.
    No Profit
    Chickens- sold at 1500G at Green Ranch.  You only need to buy one chicken, 
    then put the eggs in the incubator to hatch chicks.  You have to feed the 
    chickens Chicken Feed, which costs 10G per bag.  To make sure you are feeding 
    the right bin, face the bin and click A and it will give you the name of the 
    chicken.  If you put them outside, then you don't have to feed them.  Keep 
    them in a fence, but take them in when it's raining.  They can die so be sure 
    to take care of them.  Chickens do not get sick but can get in a bad mood and 
    will not produce eggs.  Their eggs sell for 50G
    6 Full Grown Chickens  Unit Price: 50G  Maintanence: -10G
    Subtotal:120(50x6)=3600G  Negative Income: 3600-(120x10)=2400 
    Total Profit:2400G
    Cows- sold at 6000G at Green Ranch.  Will give you four different milk sizes: 
    Small 100G, Medium 150G, Large 300G, and Special 500G.  You can only get the 
    Special if your cow wins the Cow Festival.  There is conflicting opinions 
    about getting your cows pregnant.  The Magic Potion is 3000G, and will 
    impregnate your cows.  Your cow will be pregnant for 21 days, and will give 
    you smaller milk.  The calf will take 21 days to grow into cow.  It is 
    actually more economical to just buy the cows at 6000G, BUT your cows will 
    not like you as much.  The cows you give birth to are easier to handle, give 
    bigger milk faster, are more likely to win the Cow festival, etc.  I think 
    that you should buy one cow and just give birth to the rest, because it's 
    easier for me.  Also do a little family tree thing like Bessie gives birth to 
    Tess and Tess gives birth to Jesse, the calves whose mothers were born at 
    your farm are even better.  I suggest you have six cows. 
     *8 Full Grown Cows (Maximum)  Unit Price: 300G (assuming all have Large  
      milk) No Maintenance       
      Total Profit:120(300x8)=288000G
     *6 Full Grown Cows  Same Unit Price  No Maintenance
      Total Profit:120(300x6)=216000G
     *4 Full Grown Cows (Minimum) Same as above
      Total Profit:120(300x4)=144000G
    Sheep- sold at 4000G at Green Ranch.  Take about 21 days to become full 
    grown.  You cannot breed sheep, just cows.  They give you wool every 7 days, 
    a week essentially.  The wool is priced at 900G for Regular and 1800G for 
    Quality wool.  In order to get your sheep to produce Quality wool, just brush 
    them, talk to them, take them outside, and feed them all year round; after a 
    while they will start to produce it.  You make more money by cows daily milk 
    (if it is large) than the sheep's' wool once a week.  Sheep are fun to raise 
    though and your father gives you a better rating if you have 4 of each.  I 
    suggest you have 2 sheep. 
     *8 Full Grown Sheep (Maximum) Unit Price:1800G  No Maintenance
      Total Profit:17(1800x8)=244800G
     *6 Full Grown Sheep  Same thing
      Total Profit:17(1800x6)=130600G
     *4 Full Grown Sheep (Minimum) Same thing
      Total Profit:17(1800x4)=122400
    *Your animals will not produce anything unless you talk and brush them every 
    single day, there is no other way!  Don't try to shirk it.
    **You can bring both sheep and cows outside, but you need to have your grass 
    at it's full height (when it's ready to be harvested), or they will get sick.  
    Put a fence around your pasture, or your animals will wander around and will 
    be very hard to round up.  Do not leave them out in the rain or forget to 
    feed them, or they will become sick and eventually die.  It is harder to take 
    care of them all if they are outside since Time is running, so let them out 
    once a week.  You feed them grass or fodder, which is harvested when you cut 
    the grass.  The fodder in the barn comes from the silo.  Make sure you 
    harvest enough grass to feed the animals through winter, if you can't go buy 
    animal food from Green Ranch.
    Mountain Animals- Here are all the animals I've found in Moon Mountain.  
    Monkey, Rabbit, Snake, Fox, Squirrel, Cricket, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Stag 
    Beetle, Locust, and the *Pika Bunny.
    *Look in Calendar
    6.)	Item List
       This is a list of all the regular items in the game, if you want to know
    about the special items look in the Secret section.
    Leveling Up- To level up an item, you must use it a lot.  Only some of the 
    items level up.  There is a trick to leveling up your items: use them inside.  
    This levels them up but doesn't take anytime, and the only thing you have to 
    worry about is your energy.  I suggest you do this at night after the day is 
    done.  To use a 2nd level or 3rd level tool just hold the A button longer and 
    the character will demonstrate that he is going to a higher level.  WARNING: 
    the higher the level the more energy you use so use the higher levels wisely.  
    For example, don't use a 3rd level hammer on a small stone, use a 1st level.
     Ax- used to cut wood.  Has three levels.  1st level: it takes 6 chops to cut 
    wood.  2nd level: it takes 2 chops.  3rd level: one chop.  Do not point this at 
     Hammer- used to destroy stones and boulders, and broken fences.  1st level: 
    takes 6 blows to destroy boulders, 1 blow for stones.  2nd level: 2 blows, 1 
    blow.  3rd level: 1 blow each.  TIP: If you don't want to waste energy, just 
    throw the small stones into the pond.  Do not point this at animals.
     Sickle- used to cut grass, weeds, and plants.  1st level: cuts one square.  
    2md level: cuts 3 squares.  3rd level: cuts 9 squares (all around you and the 
    one you are standing on).  Do not point this at animals!
     Hoe- used to till the ground so you can plant seeds.  1st level: tills 1 
    square.  2nd level: tills 3 squares vertically in front of you.  3rd level: 
    tills 6 squares vertically in front of you.  Do not point this at animals!
     Watering Can- the last one that can level up, waters your produce.  1st 
    level: waters one square.  2md level: water 3 squares horizontally in front 
    of you.  3rd level: waters a whole 3x3 square in front of you.
     Brush- 600G at the Tool shop.  Used to brush your cows, sheep, and horse.
     Wool Shears- 1000G at the Tool shop.  Used to shear the wool on sheep.
     Milking Machine- 1800G at the Tool shop.  Used to milk cows.
     Cattle Feed- 30G at Green Ranch.  One bag feeds one animal.
     Chicken Feed- 10G at Green Ranch.  One bag feeds one chicken.
     Bell- free with your first cow or sheep.  Used to call the animals, helps 
    when you are outside.
     Animal Medicine- 1000G at Green Ranch.  Used on sheep and cows, they will 
    recover instantly.
     Cow Potion- 3000G at Green Ranch.  Used to impregnate a full-grown cow.
     Fishing Pole- given to you when you talk to the Fisherman used to fish.
     Bottle- bought at the Flower Festival at 200G (I'm not sure about the 
    price).  You can put any liquid in it like wine, water, or medicine.
     Pink Cat Mint Seeds- 300G at Flower Festival only, a flower.  Plants a 3x3 
    square of seeds on tilled soil
     Moondrop Seeds- 200G at Flower Shop, a flower.  Same as Pink Cat Mints.
     Vegetable Seeds- will give the specific prices of seeds in the walk-through.
     Blue Mist Seed- 500G at Flower Shop, a special flower.  *See Calendar. 
     Grass Seeds- 500G at flower shop.  Used to feed cattle, doesn't need to be 
    watered, must till the ground you want to plant the seeds on.  10 day growth.
     Blue Feather- either 980G or 1000G depending if Rick likes you, at the Tool 
    Shop.  Used to marry a girl.
    Rug- 3000G at Tool Shop.  A decoration
    Room Organizer- 2000G at Tool Shop.  Store things in here.
    Vase- 2000G at the Souvenir Shop.  Must give Siabrasa a Blue Rock to buy it.  
    Stuffed Horse- 1000 Medals at the Horse Race, sits on top of the Room 
    Lottery Prizes- tablecloths, decorations, a mug, pink cat seeds, fodder, etc.  
    Win in the lottery, *See Calendar.
    Cure-all- 1500G at the Potion Shop.  Cures everything and works on animals.  
    Must give the Potion Shop Owner a medicinal herb to get this.
    Vitamins- 1000G at the Potion Shop.  It will cure a cold, no other use.  Must 
    give the Owner a poisonous mushroom
    Strong Vitamins- 2000G at the Potion Shop.  Helps with tiredness, must give 
    the Owner a Pontara Root.
    7.)	Calendar
      A list of events throughout the year, which will happen every year.  Photo 
    Album is after this.  *Picture* means that it is a part of the Photo Album
    1st- New Years Festival.  All day, go to Town Square.  Every time you talk to 
    someone you must have a drink [how horrible ;o)].  If you are after Karen, 
    you can impress her if you out slug her (she'll get drunk and leave).  Tips 
    on how to prepare in Girls section
    1st-10th- Library closed, starting 2nd year
    1st-30th- You can get your horse only in the 1st year
    8th- Sowing Festival.  If you are King, you will go up in the balloon.  You 
    choose an assistant to go up with you.  You can only signal the balloons in 
    the first year.  *Picture* 
    15th- Daddy comes home!! That is, Popouri's dad.  He'll introduce himself
    16th- Deadline for Entering the Horse Race.  Ann's Dad will come and ask if 
    you want to enter your horse.  This is a good time to ride your horse one 
    last time.
    17th- Horse Race.  The first year you can't enter your horse, because it 
    hasn't grown yet.  Go to the Town Square as soon as you are done with your 
    chores, the first race starts around 7 am.  Here are the strategies: to win 
    the race, you can do several things.  Some say that you should tap the A 
    button like this 1A1A1A1A, every other second.  Others say you should wait 
    for seven seconds then start tapping like heck.  I like the first one, but 
    your horse will lose it's speed so whatever your strategy don't wear the 
    horse out.  You can bet on horses, I like to bet on them all, while putting 
    more medals on the horses with greater odds, of course this was when I had 
    100,000G.  Bet all you want on the horses with the best odds, then press B 
    like you cancelled the order, but they still will be present as a bet 
    (strategy by Watsonz).  I like Tieoha, Star C, Taraba, and Guard.  You can 
    win a new stable with 3000 medals, a stuffed horse at 1000 medals, and a 
    sustaining carrot at 500 medals.  *See secrets to know more about the carrot  
    18th-Cliff comes to your farm.  He will ask for food give it to him, so keep 
    something in your rucksack.
    18th-22nd- Vote for the Flower Princess.  Self-explanatory.  Go to the Town 
    Square to vote, vote on the girl you are chasing, she may have a chance to 
    22nd- Popuri's B-day.  Give her a flower for a present
    23rd- Flower Festival.  Whoever got the most votes will be the Goddess.  You 
    can't dance with your girl if she is the goddess but do compliment her.  The 
    Goddess will dance with the King.  After they announce the Goddess, you can 
    choose a dancing partner.  You can buy a bottle, pink cat mint seeds, and a 
    power berry here.  *See secrets for info on the power berry.
    26th-Summer- You can buy the Blue Mist seed, starting in the 2nd year.
    1st-30th- Blue Mist Flower.  The Blue Mist seed can be bought at this time.  
    You will plant it in the Goddess Meadow (*see Map), Popouri will tell you how 
    to take care of it.  It will bloom at one time and the rare butterfly will 
    come and see it.  The Entomologist will take a picture of this event.  
    1st-Fireworks.  This is at night.  You want to spend your time with the girl 
    you like.  They will tell you where they are going to be if you ask them.  
    Elli is at the bakery, Ann is at Green Ranch, Maria is in the Town Square, 
    Popuri on Moon Mountain, and Karen at the beach.  If they like you, they may 
    ask if you want to light fireworks with them.
    2nd-30th- Hurricane Season!  Watch the weather channel every single day in the 
    summer.  The hurricane will not be on a festival day though.  It will destroy 
    some of your crops, your fence, and your greenhouse.  Unless you have the 
    Invincible Katori and Turtle Figurine (*see Secrets)
    1st-10th- Library Closed (not sure)
    7th or 8th- Bamboo Boat Float.  At night, must be married to do this, your wife 
    will be standing outside waiting for you.  Say yes you want to go, then 
    you'll go to the river.  You'll have the option to wish for Animals, Family, 
    or Weather.  One of the first festivals your kid will be at.
    9th- Vegetable Festival.  You must save a vegetable from spring to enter this 
    contest, unless you have a greenhouse.  You need either an eggplant or tomato 
    to win; I haven't won it yet.  The Potion Shop owner usually wins. 
    14th- Ann's birthday! Give her wool, eggs, or anything else
    17th- Firefly Festival.  At night on the beach.  If you give Rick a moonlight 
    stone sometime before this day and he'll have a firefly lantern for sale.  If 
    you are courting Maria, you can do something special this night.  *Picture*
    24th- Sea Festival.  This is where you compete in a swimming contest.  They 
    talk about timing, but disregard that, just push the A button like crazy and 
    as fast as you can.  Kai or Gray usually wins, if you win though you get the 
    Invincible Katori (*see Secrets).  After that, you win regular prizes like a 
    month of fodder or 5000 pieces of lumber.  *Picture*
    1st- Elli's Birthday! Give her milk or eggs!
    1st-10th-Library closed (not sure) 
    1st-30th- Essence of Moondrop.  Elli may come over at some time in the evening 
    and ask to do this with you.  *Picture*
    1st-30th- Keifu Fairy Dance.  Karen will come over some time in the evening and 
    ask you to join her.  NOTE: you must have restored the vineyard to do this 
    (see Secrets).  *Picture*
    2nd-4th- Cow Festival.  On the 2nd, Kent will come and tell you which cow he 
    thinks will win.  Listen to him, the cow he chooses pretty much wins, so on 
    the 3rd when Ann's dad comes give him the cow Kent chose.  Nothing much here, 
    you get to talk to everyone and then the winner will be chosen.  Yours 
    hopefully, if your cow does win then it will start producing Special milk.
    *7th of Fall*-  Karen comes and asks you to see the Keifu Fairies.  I'm 
    unsure of this date, someone gave it to me saying that she would come.  You 
    must be there before 6:00 or she won't come.
    *10th of Fall*- Elli comes and asks you to do the Potion.  Same thing applies 
    here, same person gave me the information.  Again, you must be there before 6 
    10th-Full Moon.  Now I'm not sure if you do this when you are married or if 
    you can still do it when you are not.  It's only happened when I was married.  
    Your wife will be waiting outside for you at night.  She will ask if you want 
    to go see the full moon.  You can go if you want to.  This is another 
    festival where your kid will be at.  After the Full Moon, you can go get the 
    Berry of the Full Moon Plant (*see secrets).
    12th- Harvest Festival.  You want to go to this!!!  They will be choosing next 
    year's King, which you want to be.  Now the choosing is totally luck, either 
    you get the coin in the cake or you don't.  The girls may have cooked 
    something up, so test it.  To Popuri's dish say it tastes strange or she'll 
    get mad at you.  If you are King, you get to participate in the Spirit 
    Festival. ***Strategy*** (thanks to Trev79), there is one way you can become 
    King.  It is based totally on luck, but there is a way you can be King every 
    year.  Save the game, 2 to 3 days before the festival.  Go to it and if you 
    aren't King, reset it, and try again.  Every 4th time, you are chosen as 
    King.  Another thing, do not save on the day of the Festival, because the 
    King is chosen as soon as you go to sleep.
    20th- Egg Festival.  It's like an Easter Bunny thing, try to find the eggs.  
    Very easy since you are the only person competing although if you don't do 
    anything someone else may win, like Jeff. The first year you get a Power 
    Berry, the 2nd year you will get a Turtle Figurine, see secrets to see what it 
    does.  After that, you will get wood, fodder, etc.
    23rd-27th-Bridge Repair.  The Head Carpenter will come and ask you to help him.  
    You earn 1000G every time you work, a very easy way to get 5000G.  Work ends 
    at 3 o'clock, just go there around 1 or so.  After it's done you can go up to 
    Moon Mt. officially, even though you could just climb that tree to get up 
    there.  In appreciation of your help, they will give you some lumber like 10 
    27th-Deadline for Fall Horse Race Entry.
    28th- Horse Race.  Same as the Spring, hopefully you can win it. 
    30th-In the first year, Ann's Dad will come and ask you if you can take care 
    of some cows.  You should do this if you have enough fodder; he'll give you 3 
    cows that will stay for a week.  Make sure above all else that they do not 
    fall sick, and brush them and talk to them too.  After you've looked after 
    them, he'll give you 2000G.  He says he may need a favor in the future, it 
    hasn't happen to me but that's because my barn is full.
    1st-10th- Library closed.
    1st-30th- Pika Bunny.  Ann will come over in the daytime and asks if you want 
    to see a curious animal.  *Picture*
    10th- Thanksgiving.  The girl who likes you or if they all like you, will come 
    over and give you a cake.  Stay home and wait for them, it will make them 
    like you more.  When you are married, your wife will give you a cake in the 
    kitchen around 5 to 7 p.m.
    8th-30th- Mine Open to Public.  This is where you can mine for things.  If you 
    don't have a greenhouse then this is the way for you to make money.  Once you 
    go in you can't come out until 5, so make sure you are ready.
    11th- Maria's birthday.  Give her a cabbage.
    12th-16th- Work on Mountain Spring.  The Head Carpenter will come and ask for 
    your help again.  You'll be building where the 3 tree stumps are.  After you 
    are finished, those stumps will be gone forever, and all the goodies you 
    could forage there.  I hope that you used that place a lot, wood will be slow 
    coming in from now on.  They will pay you 1000G a day again, and will give 
    you some more wood.  The spa will help you a lot through out the game, will 
    keep you relaxed.  *Picture*
    18th- Deadline for Entering Dog Race.
    19th- Dog Race.  I hope you have been giving your dog attention, or else he'll 
    lose.  Use the strategies I told you about in Animals.  There is a strategy 
    to winning the dog race, that some one told me.  Even though you don't have 
    to do anything in the race, if you push the A button rapidly while your dog 
    is racing, he'll speed up and get in 1st or 2nd place.  The prizes are: Awesome 
    House 3000 medals (it's a cool dog house), Moo Moo Clock 1000 medals (changes 
    your clock on the rucksack screen), 500 lumber pieces 500 medals.  I like 
    Maron, Bisch, Karin, Wonder, and Koshi.  *Picture*
    24th- Starry Night.  This is one of the sweetest holidays in my opinion.  It 
    is where you get to spend the night with the girl you love.  Karen is at the 
    beach, Popouri in the woods, and Elli, Ann, and Maria inside the church.  
    25th-29th- Raffle.  Talk to Greg and Lillia and they will enter you into the 
    lottery.  If you win, you get a decoration.
    27th- Spirit Festival.  Unless you are King or if the King asks you,
    you will watch the festival.  You need to buy the Ocarina (see Secrets) to do 
    this festival at all.  Here is a mystery for you, who is the person behind 
    the mask?
    29th- Karen's birthday! Give her berries, grapes. 
    30th- New Years Party.  Go to the bar and Ann and Karen will be there, though 
    Elli, Popouri, and Maria are at church.  After that, the girl you like may 
    ask you to watch the sunrise with her. 
    Photo Album-
       These are listed in no particular order, just all put down.  I tell you 
    how you get the photos too.  I'm still not sure about the Girl pics, whether 
    you are able to get them if you are married or not (or the girls for that 
    matter).  I also know that it may take a year before the pics will happen.  
    For example, the year after the Vineyard is restored then Karen will come to 
    you.  I'm still trying to find that out but if anybody knows the answer to 
    that question, please tell me.
    1.	Wedding Ceremony- get married
    2.	Baby delivery- get your wife pregnant (*see Girls)
    3.	Rode a balloon- must be the King not the assistant
    4.	Horse Race Champion- win the horse race
    5.	Swimming Champion- win that race
    6.	Dog Race Champion- same thing
    7.	Completion of Hot Springs- help out at least one day (the last one) and go 
    up to hot springs, preferably help them all the time
    8.	All building extensions- get them all
    9.	Sightseeing with 3 girls- 1st win the cow festival, then let your cows out 
    and the girls will come and ask to take a pic
    10.	Blue Mist event- already described in Calendar
    11.	Firefly Night- must be on good terms with Maria (red or yellow heart), 
    will come to you at night a few days before the Firefly Festival (or 
    after, or even on the Firefly Festival)
    12.	Essence of Moondrop- the same with Elli, Fall evening, wait at your 
    farm for her to get you
    13.	Pika Bunny- same with Ann, during the Winter, she will come and take 
    you in the morning
    14.	Keifu Fairy Dance- same with Karen, MUST restore the vineyard, Fall 
    15.	Party with Everyone- must be friends with EVERYONE, married, house has 
    all extensions, have a kid, then there will be a party at your farm (that 
    means Cliff, Karen, and Kai are still around)
    8.) Map
       I'm not a good drawer, but I can point out where everything is as we go 
    through the various areas.  I'll use the cardinal directions to help with 
    locations; North is the top of your TV screen.  I'll also be using left and 
    right but this is meant towards the character not you, like to the 
    character's left is the shipping box.  I'll be listing when the shops are 
    opened and closed in here too.
    Your House-
       From entering the house, you are in the main bedroom.  To your right is 
    your toolbox, where tools are stored.  When your hands are full with tools, 
    every tool you buy will be shipped to your toolbox.  You can trade tools by 
    pressing A on one item and pressing A on the other item.  To your left is a 
    cabinet, when you buy it.  You can store things like flowers, stuff from the 
    mine, and wool, anything that is not food.  In the corner is the bed.  Above 
    the little nightstand is your calendar.  Your TV has 4 channels, C^ is the 
    weather channel C> is the Events channel (monthly, gives the dates of 
    festivals) Cv is the Educational Channel (gives advice on farming) C< is the 
    Entertainment Channel.  To the upper right corner, the stairs will be built.  
    In between the toolbox and stairs is the Invincible Katori.  The baby bed 
    will be underneath your bed.  There is a table in the middle of the room.
    The Farm-
       From the starting point on the 3rd of Spring.  Your house is behind you, 
    the doghouse is on the right, and the shipping box is on the left, the Buyer 
    will come on 5 o'clock to pick up anything.  The mailbox is right next to the 
    entrance of your farm.  The Field is that big patch of dirt on your far left.  
    There is a row of buildings on the northeast side of the farm, a line of 
    buildings.  The first building is the stable for your horse, the second the 
    barn, the third the silo which holds 999 amount of fodder, the fourth the 
    chicken coop, and the fifth the lumber stack which holds 999 pieces of 
    lumber.  The pond is following, with your only tree in the corner.
    The Crossroads-
       I call the place that is outside the farm the crossroads, because you can 
    go many places.  Green Ranch is to your left (from the entrance), the path to 
    Moon Mt. to the right with the Vineyard forking from it.  The town is ahead; 
    the left is to the lower part of town, the right to the higher.
    Green Ranch-
       This screen also leads you to the beach, by taking an immediate left as 
    soon as you go onto the screen (character's left).  When you go into Green 
    Ranch, the shop is on your left, it is open from 8 to 5 and closed on 
    Thursdays.  To your right is a house that is vacant, Ann and Gray go there 
    when it rains.  If you go further down, next to the house is an opening to 
    the pasture, go in there.  On the southwest side, you will usually find Ann 
    and Gray walking around.  The Barn is directly in front of you.
       When you walk all the way up to the entrance, the Wine cellar is on the 
    left and the house is on the right.  Kai and Karen's Dad are usually near the 
    house.  When it rains Kai will be in the Wine cellar, and Karen's Mom and Dad 
    will be in the house.  Straight in front of you is the vineyard.  In the 
    North, in the corner, is a dead tree.  If you go into the Wine cellar, if you 
    have the bottle, you can get free wine from the barrels.
    Moon Mountain-
       As soon as you enter the screen, you are in the fisherman area.  There is 
    a bridge leading to the Carpenter area on your left.  The fisherman's tent is 
    on your right with the Sea Imp pond behind it.  A good fishing spot is to 
    your left.  If you go straight ahead, you'll climb up this path to the 3 
    stump/hot springs area.  Cut up the stumps while you can until the carpenters 
    start building the hot springs.  To your left is the bridge to Moon Mountain, 
    go up that.  Follow the path to the restaurant and Moon Mountain.  The 
    restaurant has the hours of 9 to 5, but they don't sell you anything.  
    Further up is Moon Mountain, nothing special really.  Go back down to the 
    area where you can cross the bridge, instead of crossing the bridge go to the 
    edge of the mountain.  Go up to where a tree top is close to the cliff, press 
    A and you will jump down.  You are now in the Carpenter area.  To your right 
    is the solitary tree which can be climbed on with the A button, behind you is 
    the cave.  In front of you is the carpenter's house, which is open 8 to 5 and 
    is closed on Tuesday.  If you go straight down, the bridge to the Fisherman 
    area is to your left, and to your right is a path that leads to the Goddess 
    Meadow.  Head back to the cave entrance and go inside.  If you go straight 
    ahead, you'll meet a Sprite, if you go behind him there is a hole in the 
    wall, press A to go in.  You are in the Sprites' room.  Here there are two 
    other sprites.  Go out and to your right there is a door.  This is the 
    entrance to the mine.  Now get out of the cave and head towards the Goddess 
    Meadow.  When you enter it, the Goddess Pond is to the right of the little 
    Flower Bud Village-
        So take the right fork in the road, this will lead you to the busier part 
    of town, which you will visit more often.  From the main path, I'll list the 
    stores on each side.  On your right side is the Flower Shop, which is open 
    from 9 to 5 and closed on Sundays.  On your left is the Cake Shop, which is 
    open from the same times and is closed on Monday.  Further along the road, 
    the church will be on the right, same hours, never closed though.  Continue 
    down and to the right is the Inn/Bar, which is open from 6 to Midnight and is 
    closed on Sundays.  To the left are two shops.  The one closer to Town Square 
    is the Tool Shop, which is open from 10 to 6, and is supposed to be only 
    closed on the weekend (including Friday), and Wednesday, Rick doesn't always 
    have it open though to the frustrations of many.  The other shop, which is 
    closer to the Cake Shop, is the Souvenir Shop, this is where Siabrasa is, and 
    it is open from 9 to 5 and closed on Mondays.  Straight ahead of you is the 
    Town Square, which is always open, but is used for Festivals.  On the lower 
    path, there will be two small bridges that will lead to Lower Flower Bud 
       Taking the left fork in the road, you will enter the housing area.  On 
    your right is the Potion Shop, which is closed on the weekend (Friday it is 
    open), and is open from 9 to 5.  Further down is the graveyard to your left 
    and the Midwife's house to your right.  Go further down and to your left is a 
    path to the Mayor's house and to your right is the Library, which is open 
    from 9 to 5 and closed on Mondays.  
    9.) The Walk-Through
       Well, these are the things I want you to have by the evaluation.  Friends 
    with everyone, all the buildings the carpenters build, all the girls have red 
    hearts for you, married, have a kid, 8 cattle, 6 chickens, all the power 
    berries and all the recipes.  I'll describe my strategy.  The first year is 
    the survival year, which is mainly where you are trying to get cash and at 
    least your girl.  The 2nd year is the Social year.  I'll explain more when I 
    get to each year.  I have something to say about your birthday, place it in 
    the Winter or Fall.  If it is in the Spring or Summer, people won't give you 
    a birthday present because they don't know you enough.  You can place it in 
    the spring and  just not marry until after your birthday in the 2nd year.
       Now, say you missed some crucial event with your girl, or a festival, or a 
    typhoon for that matter.  There is a way you can go back and start over.  
    This is by backing up you game.  On the menu where you select the game, you 
    want to play, go to button that says "Move".  Then select the file you want 
    to 'move' (move as in copy), then select another file to copy this one too.  
    Be aware that any data you have on the file you are replacing with a copy 
    will be lost.  You now have a backup of your game.  My advice is to make a 
    backup every week, to be on the safe side.  Believe me, it will save your 
        FIRST YEAR
       This year I have objectives for you.  I'll tell you what generally should 
    be done in each season and maybe a brief touch on the daily schedule.  I'll 
    include the money you get from all the items of that season, etc.  The main 
    objective for this year is to get married to the girl you are chasing, and 
    have enough money and wood for a greenhouse.  I have a few more objectives: 
    befriend Karen, Kai, Cliff, the Sprites, and Elli's Grandma.  These people 
    can leave the game but most importantly, they have recipes you need.  Also, 
    wouldn't it be nice to have them around town anyway?  Please take a look at 
    the Girl section so you know who you will start courting and how.
            Mainly here is your schedule: Water/Harvest Plants, Feed Animals; in 
    the morning; Forage, chase girl; in the evening/afternoon.  The main 
    accomplishments for this month is: get your girl's heart to a blue, get 
    Karen's heart to a blue, befriend the other people, and at least have one 
    chicken.  You will be using cabbages right now, and only those, yes, I know 
    there are recipes to collect but that's for next year.  
    Cabbages: Seed Cost 200G  Potatoes: Seed Cost 200G  Turnips: Seed Cost 200G
              Unit Price 90G            Unit Price 80G           Unit Price 80G
              Growth 7 days             Growth 6 days            Growth 4 days
    Veryberry: Unit price 40G  Medicinal Unit Price 70G  Edible Unit Price 30G
    Fruit:     Number of 4     Herbs:    Number of 3     Herbs: Number of 2
       3rd Day of Spring-
      Take the tour with the mayor, after that is done go to the Flower shop and 
    buy one pack of cabbage seeds.  Next go to Green Ranch and get your horse 
    (just enter the pasture).  Go to the field, and start tilling a 3x3 square 
    adjacent to the shipping box.  After that is done, plant your seeds then 
    water them.  Next go to the Vineyard, and you will see a little fight, then 
    leave.  Go to Moon Mountain and get as much stuff as you can: 1 flower, 1 
    edible grass, and 2 veryberry must be saved not shipped.  Give the Sprite the 
    edible herb beside him.  The locations of the berries are: fisherman, Hot 
    Spring/3 stump, carpenter, and Goddess Meadow.  The edible herbs: cave and 
    fisherman area.  The medicinal herbs: cave and Goddess Meadow.  By this time, 
    it should be night, if it isn't go back to your farm and destroy boulders or 
    stumps (leave the little stones alone for now, I have a tip about them).  
    When it is dark, head towards the Bar.  Give the bartender a berry, this will 
    become a regular process, so always have a berry when you go to the bar.  Go 
    back to your farm, do whatever until it is 9 or 10 PM.  Don't forget to talk 
    to your horse.  Feed your dog that herb in the morning.  Follow this 
    schedule.  In the afternoon, give Karen a berry.  As soon as you can plant 1 
    more field of cabbage 
       4th through 16th-
      Go to the Sowing Festival, and signal the balloons.  You should have 2 
    fields of cabbages that are being harvested soon.  Keep to 2 fields mainly 
    because watering takes so much time (that's until you get to 2nd level).  You 
    should have gotten the Old Wine from the Bartender right now (if you have 
    been shirking, shame on you).  You should have been giving him berries for 
    the past 13 days, if you haven't then start right back up.  It may be easier 
    to give berries to Karen too at the bar (if you are not chasing her).  I know 
    it may take a little more time that you don't have, but you need to befriend 
    her so she won't leave!  Don't forget about Kai, if you can, give him lots of 
    gifts and he'll marry Karen, which will keep them in place.  You should have 
    around a 1000G by now, or at least hopefully.  There is no need to go to the 
    Horse Race, since your horse is still a colt, and you can't be spending your 
    money so freely.  Try to buy a pack of grass seed, if you have more than 
    1000G.  Plant it next to the entrance to the barn.  Leave a space on each 
    side, so it should look like this, x equals grass, - equals space.
    ----              ========
    xxx-   Barn       =xxxxxx-  Barn
    xxx-              =xxxxxx-  Entrance
    xxx-              =xxxxxx=
    I have the ideal place for a pasture, right next to the barn.  You need to 
    make a fence for 2 3x3 squares side by side, straight down the field the 
    field (look at the 2nd figure, = means stone, + means to continue to the 
    bottom of the field).  Your goal is to have a huge pasture by the evaluation.  
    Don't use lumber for the fences, use stones, so you won't waste energy 
    destroying them and you will never have to fix them (since lumber 
    deteriorates after time).  Leave gaps in between the stones every 5 or so, so 
    you can skip across the pasture if need be.  (place lumber in those spaces.)  
    Now you don't have to waste lumber anymore.
       23rd of Spring-
      Go to this Festival.  See if your girl is Goddess or not (pros and cons).  
    If she is then you can't dance with her unless you are the King, but you can 
    compliment her.  If she isn't then you can dance with her, dancing with a 
    girl raises their feeling level towards you.  At this festival you want to 
    buy the bottle sold by Rick and the Power Berry sold buy the Salesman.  If 
    you don't have enough money to buy the Power Berry (1000G), then there is 
    always next year.  If you are faced with the choice between the bottle and 
    the power berry, get the bottle because you can store medicine in it.  They 
    will both be at the Flower Festival every year until you buy them.
       26th-30th Spring
      Try to buy a chicken during these dates.  Though save enough money to buy 
    at least two bags of Summer crops.  Don't forget to keep a vegetable in your 
    rucksack for the Vegetable festival on the 9th of Summer.
    Completions:  Hopefully these are the things you have completed: get your 
    girl to a blue, get Karen to a blue, get Kai and Cliff as friends, have at 
    least one chicken, the Old wine, and a bottle.
       Objectives: Your schedule is the same with caring for animals in the 
    morning.  The objectives are to: get your girl to a green heart, get Karen to 
    a green heart, win the Sea Festival, win the Vegetable festival, and have a 
    cow or a sheep.  A strategy for your crops is to buy at least two bags and 
    then after they have been bringing in income, buy three more (believe me 
    that's plenty). NOTE: Edible Herbs and Medicinal Herbs are in all the seasons 
    except Winter.  One of the most IMPORTANT things this month is to give Elli's 
    Grandma a walnut so she will give you a recipe, before you do that go up to 
    Moon Mt. via the tree and give the Old Lady a edible herb.
    Tomatoes: Seed Cost 300G     Corn: Seed Cost 300G   
              Unit Price 100G          Unit Price 120G
              Growth 9 days            Growth 9 days
    Walnuts: Unit Price 70G     Tropical Fruit: Unit Price 40G
             Number of 2                        Number of 2
       1st-13th of Summer
      You want to buy one bag of tomatoes and corn.  When the money starts 
    rolling in from foraging, buy two more bags of tomatoes and one of corn.  The 
    first few days are slow, except maybe the 1st.  If the girl you are chasing 
    likes you, she will come to your farm and tell you where she will be.  During 
    these slow days, spend them with your girl.  Also, work with either Karen or 
    Kai, Kai to get them married, or Karen to get her to love you.  I want you to 
    work her up to a yellow heart by the end of the year so she won't leave so 
    soon.  The walnuts are found next to the river on both sides, the tropical 
    fruit is near the solitary tree and up in the 3-stump area.  Start chopping 
    wood when you go foraging, this will become a routine so get used to it.
    Use this planting field for corn and tomatoes:
    X X
       13th-30th of Summer
      You should have enough money now to buy a sheep and a cow, go ahead and get 
    them.  You don't need the milker or the shears until they are grown up so 
    don't worry about that.  Before the Sea Festival, go to the Goddess in the 
    morning (do nothing and go and see her at 9 o'clock, remember NOTHING), toss 
    a veggie in, and wish for strength.  If you listened to me and did what I 
    said, she'll give you a Power Berry.  Try to win the Sea Festival, if not, no 
    big deal.  The Invincible Katori does help though, and is crucial for the 
    protection of your greenhouse.  You should have your girl's heart to a green.  
    Good job!  Keep on chopping wood, hopefully, you will be able to build a 
    kitchen by the middle of Fall.
    Completions: Got the recipe from Old Lady and Elli's Grandma, was able to get 
    your girl to a green, either get Kai married, or get Karen to a green, and 
    have at least 150 pieces of wood.  Your watering can should be at its 2nd 
    level, in fact all of your tools should.  If they aren't just bang them 
    around inside and use them to get experience.
      Objectives: Get your girl's heart to a yellow, get Kai and Karen married 
    (or get her to a yellow), have the baby's bed, bathroom, and kitchen.  Become 
    good friends with Cliff, win the Horse Race, become King, win the Egg 
    Festival, and have two more cows.  For the cows, buy one and impregnate the 
    one you already have.  Same schedule, don't forget to fish a little.  Cutting 
    grass is important right now, make sure you have plenty for your cattle.  
    Chopping wood is important now too!  Chop as much as you can.  Planting 
    veggies won't get you many cash, but plant two bags of eggplants.  Save up on 
    your girl's favorite gifts for the Winter, and a few treats for your dog.
    Eggplants: Seed Cost 300G       Wild Grapes: Unit Price 40G
               Unit Price 80G                    Number of 2
               Growth 7 days
    Mushrooms: Unit Price 70G    Poison    Unit Price 30G  Fish: Little:30G, tiny  
               Number of 4       Mushroom: Number of 2           Medium:100G, red
    									       Big:180G, blue
    House Extensions:
    Kitchen.....5000G/450 Wood
    Bathroom....3000G/300 Wood
    Stairs......2000G/250 Wood
    Greenhouse..30000G/580 Wood
    Log Terrace.7000G/350 Wood
    Child's Bed.1000G/150 Wood
       1st-12th of Fall
      I doubt that your cow is big enough to enter the contest, but go to it 
    anyway to earn points with the townfolk.  I hope that you have been chopping 
    wood this whole entire time and have enough money and lumber to buy the 
    kitchen.  You may have had the luck of being King too, good job!  If you 
    haven't then don't worry, you'll get it some day.  The main point of this 
    month is to get those three extensions, and two more cows.  Give a Medicinal 
    Herb (if you haven't already) to the Potion Shop Owner, and a Poison 
    Mushroom.  This will make him create more potions for you.
       12th-20th of Fall
      For these few days, focus on fishing and getting a small fish and a big 
    fish.  Toss them into the Sea Imp's pond and he'll give you a Power Berry and 
    a Blue Power Berry.  The Blue one helps you become immune to getting sick 
    when it rains.  Don't forget to chop wood and cut grass, and in between visit 
    your girl.  Go to the Egg Festival and find at least two or more eggs and you 
    will win.  The prize is a Power Berry.  Also, try to find the Power Berry on 
    your farm during this time.  It is anywhere in there, very very  random, so 
    just until away with the hoe.  Don't forget to check under your fence.  Let 
    your cows and sheep out for the last few days of Fall since they can't go out 
    in the Winter.
       21st-30th of Fall
      This is a busy time.  You should go help the Carpenters with the bridge; 
    you will get the money in the easiest way if you help them, 5000G to be 
    exact.  By now you should already have your kitchen built and am working on 
    the bathroom.  Try to win the horse race, your horse may not have enough 
    stamina but it doesn't hurt to try.  Bet on a few horses, and try to get some 
    medals.  If you land in the jackpot, save the medals, don't get anything.  
    Use these medals to buy all the lumber you want in the Dog Race (will help 
    because you won't have to chop nearly as much wood to get everything else).  
    By now your cow should be fully-grown, so buy the Cow Potion and impregnate 
    her.  The Green Ranch Owner will come by and ask if you can do a favor for 
    him, which is to take care of three cows.  Say yes if you have enough fodder 
    to last all the way to the fifth of Winter (when they leave).
    Completion: You have the three extensions, the girl has a yellow heart, 
    either Kai is married or Karen has a yellow heart.  Going to be King, won the 
    horse race, won the egg festival.  Restored the Vineyard (*see Secrets), have 
    one sheep and two cows and one coming, and have at least five Power Berries.
       Objectives: To get married, to get Kai married or Karen to a red, get the 
    recipe from Cliff, to win the dog race, to have all the extensions but the 
    greenhouse, and to out drink everyone on New Years day.  Chop wood like crazy 
    this season because the intake will decrease after the hot springs are built 
    (they will replace the three stumps, leaving you with four stumps left).  If 
    you don't have the greenhouse, then you have to hit the mines.  This actually 
    gives you a good income.  The Winter is one of the best seasons for getting 
    cash, since you can get it everyday.  The Mine closes at five and you should 
    go there everyday.  This might alter your plans for your girl, since you 
    usually can't find them until 9 o'clock.  If you can't give them gifts, then 
    go talk to them everyday it helps too.  Don't forget to feed your dog with 
    eggs or something, since you should have six chickens by now.  Help the 
    carpenters when they ask.  Don't forget to give Rick a moonlight stone, 
    Siabrasa a blue stone, and the Potion Shop owner a Pontara Root (found in the 
    mine).  Winter is also the busiest season, so try to balance everything out.  
    You don't have to marry the girl, but I suggest you should.  She'll have a 
    kid in the second year and it will probably be in its second stage when your 
    dad comes to evaluate you.  Buy another sheep, if you want to get a better 
    rating with dad even the sheep and the cows out, four and four.  I suggest 
    you do, then just get rid of two of them after that so you can have more 
    cows, or get rid of them all if you don't like sheep.  You should have lots 
    of money now, and can start to socialize with everyone.  There is one crop 
    you can grow this season but you need the Greenhouse to do so.
    Strawberries: Seed Cost 500G
                  Unit Price 150G
                  Growth 6 days
    Iron Stone: Unit Price 100G  Moonlight stone: 500G  Blue Rock: 700G  
    Rare Metal: Unit Price 1000G Pontara Root: 200G
    Mining:  In order to get the good stuff like the blue rock and rare metal, 
    you must find a hole to the next level.  The holes are totally random and 
    there is no sure-fire way of finding them, just pure luck.  When you are 
    digging just randomly dig, there is no strategy here.  If you get to the 3rd 
    or 4th level down, dig like a mad man, and you may get a very pleasant 
    surprise (*see Secrets).  Unfortunately, the game will not let you use a 2nd 
    level or 3rd level hoe, so it's just one square at a time.  If you give Rick a 
    rare metal, you will instantly be befriended by him, and he will give 
    discounts to all his items (if you haven't bought them all yet).  He will 
    also make something very important in the future, so give him a rare metal.
       1st-16th of Winter
      Remember that you can't let your animals out during the Winter (they can't 
    eat any grass and it's cold outside).  Start working on the other girls now, 
    it will help in next year.  Don't try to work really hard on wooing them, but 
    stop by sometime.  Don't forget to stay home on the 10th, the girls come at 
    different times and you wouldn't want to miss them.  The first seven days 
    will be very slow if you don't have a greenhouse.  Mainly chop LOTS of wood; 
    try to build the deck (log-terrace) and stairs.  Pound the rock that is in 
    the frozen pond of the Sea Imp with a 3rd level hammer and you'll get a Power 
    Berry.  Chop like crazy until the 12th, and then work with the carpenters for 
    another easy 5000G.  Don't work to hard when it snows, mainly see all the 
    girls and work in the mine, it's really easy to get sick.  So if you ever see 
    your character rub his brow, slow down and go to the vineyard to get some 
    wine to ease him back into energy.  Buy the Ocarina for the Spirit Festival.  
    During this whole entire season, drink at least two glasses of wine a day 
    (just go to the vineyard early in the morning and drink the wine from the 
       17th-30th of Winter
      Impregnate your other full-grown cow, or at least it should be full-grown.  
    This is a really busy time of year, entire your dog in the race, he probably 
    won't win.  Try to get at least 500 medals (restart until you do) so you can 
    get the prize 500 pieces of lumber, which will REALLY help.  Go to the mine 
    whenever there is no holiday and chop wood.  The Spirit Festival is like the 
    Harvest Festival; you get in by total luck.  You only join it by chance and 
    luck so don't worry if you did something wrong, you didn't.  Get the recipe 
    from Cliff if you haven't already.  Get all the extensions if you can, and 
    don't forget to ask for your girl's hand!  She should have a red heart for 
    you by now.  When she says yes, the wedding will be held the next Sunday.  
    Don't build the Green house yet, unless you have the Invincible Katori.
    Completions: You are married, got Kai married, or Karen to a red heart, got 
    Cliff's recipe, 2 Power berries, 500 or more pieces of lumber, all the 
    extensions (note: the extensions aren't that important to complete in the 
    first year but remember to do them by the evaluation), and have at least 3 
    cows, 1 coming and 3 sheep.
       Objectives:  To have the Greenhouse, to be friends with everyone, to have 
    all the girls in love with you, to have all the bachelors married to the 
    girls, to have the majority of the Power Berries, to win the majority of the 
    festivals, to have 4 cows and 4 sheep, to complete most of the photo album, 
    and to have a good evaluation with your dad.  Also, have all the tools at 
    third level.
       Objectives: To get your wife pregnant, to have all the Spring recipes (7), 
    the non-season (*explained in Recipes) recipes (10), to befriend Kai, Karen's 
    Dad, Basil, and the bartender (if you haven't already), and the sprites.  To 
    get all the girls' hearts up to blue (the ones you haven't been working on), 
    and to get one of the couples married, your choices are: *Ann & Cliff, *Maria 
    & Harris, *Kai and Karen, ^Elli and Jeff, ^Gray and Popuri.  * means that 
    this would be the perfect time, because the guys' favorite gifts are around 
    at this time.  ^ means that their gifts are always available.  To see what 
    gifts they like, and everything else about the guys check out The Girls 
    section.  You also want to have at least six bags of each flower planted in 
    your field, and you want to befriend the little kids and their 
    parents/relatives.  Try to get your wife pregnant.
       1st-14th of Spring
      Buy the vegetables you need that will get you the recipes and plant them.  
    This year isn't really about money so just grow two fields of cabbages and 
    plant more whenever they are harvested.  Take care of your livestock in the 
    morning and the plants and then spend the whole afternoon socializing and 
    foraging.  On the first, try to out drink everyone at the festival, it's fun 
    to do, at least it was for me.  The only people who give you a run for your 
    money are Karen, the Mayor, and Kai.  If you are successful then you will be 
    the only person left in the Town Square.  Spend the whole month befriending 
    the sprites, they will come in handy during the summer.  Spend this first 
    week on Kai, Karen's Dad, Cliff, and the bartender.  You should already have 
    the bartender and Kai as your friends, Karen's dad is the hard one, and he is 
    very gruff.  If you have befriended them, Kai will start talking about how he 
    likes Karen; her dad will talk about being calm and talking about Karen; 
    Cliff will start talking about being betrayed and about Ann; the bartender 
    will talk about people and their problems.  The bartender also refers to a 
    mysterious 'he', he's talking about Jeff.  Notice how they are always close 
    to each other?  He also calls Jeff the Master.  He starts talking about 
    Jeff's problems: Elli.  Go fishing a lot too, especially of the dock on the 
    beach.  Elli's Grandma has the possibility of dying from now to the end of 
    the game.  When you go up to her she'll start a little sequence and then it 
    will black out and you'll wake up in the morning, she is also sleeping 
    instead of rocking in her chair.  She died on the second of Spring in my 
    game; Elli is totally depressed after that.  She only was like that for 5 
    days for me because I made her happy by asking her to join me on the balloon 
    ride (I luckily was King that year).  Kent will be really sad too so try to 
    cheer him up.  During the second week, buy the six bags of moondrop seeds and 
    plant them on your farm.  Stu should come over and say how pretty they are 
    and that you should plant more.  Start befriending all the little kids and 
    their relatives.  For the Potion Shop Owner, give him medicinal herbs.  Give 
    Stu and May flowers, Kent eggs, the buyer anything you have grown, and the 
    midwife flowers.  The kids are easy to befriend, just give them three gifts 
    or so.  The grown-ups are a little bit harder, keep on giving them gifts 
    until they start saying something more than just their regular small talk.  
    If they still aren't your friends then don't worry, you have until the winter 
    for the Potion Owner, the midwife, and the buyer.  A few ways you know that 
    you are friends with the kids, is if you have events with them.  Like one day 
    Stu and May will be clustered around a bush and tell you that there is a 
    butterfly trapped in the spider's web, they will ask whether you should let 
    it go or not, say let it go.  Another time, Kent will be in your house and 
    ask to stay with you, ask what happened, he'll tell you he had a fight with 
    Grandpa.  When he asks you about studying is important, say not always (I 
    accidentally said yes, oops!), then Stu will come and say Grandpa's sick.  
    Another event is that Taro and your dog have puppies, one is given away (not 
    to you) and the other stays with Taro and is named Jiro.
       15th-30th of Spring
      From now until Basil leaves you want to try to befriend him, because he 
    will give you a Power Berry if you do.  The next week focus on the guy you're 
    trying to get to marry off, and on the Mayor and his family.  The Mayor talks 
    about he being happy when his family is happy.  His wife talks about 
    festivals, and gives you good advice  Don't forget to work on all the girls.  
    Don't worry about crops that much.  Go to the Flower Festival and dance with 
    the girl you want, if you're King, you have the option of dancing with the 
    Goddess or the girl of your choice.  Don't forget to buy at least 10 bags of 
    Pink Cat Mint Seeds (this is important).  On the 26th, the Blue Mist seeds 
    have arrived go and buy them.  This is important with the Butterfly event, 
    since the Entomologist is around this year.  Work on completing the 
    objectives.  Hopefully you'll get all the girls to blue by now and at least 
    married off one of the guys.
    Completions: got all the recipes I listed, got all the girls to a blue, 
    married off one of the guys, are friends with the Mayor, his wife, Maria, 
    Karen's Dad, Kai, bartender, May, Stu, Kent, Potion Shop Owner, Midwife, and 
    the buyer.  Also, you should have at least six bags of each flower, the Blue 
    Mist seed planted, and at least married by NOW!
      Objectives:  All the girls' hearts to a green, another guy married off (try 
    Jeff or Gray), to build the greenhouse AFTER the typhoon, to have the Blue 
    Mist seed event, have your wife pregnant by now, all the cattle, win the Sea 
    Festival and Vegetable Festival, get the 6 Summer Recipes.  Befriend the 
    following people: Karen's Mom, Ann's Dad, Gray, Lillia, Basil, and the 
       1st-30th of Summer
      Yes!  I'm putting it all together, don't worry it won't be long, heh heh.  
    This year, buy the same number of bags and save up money for the Green House.  
    Also, start tilling the sole and planting flowers for Stu, if you haven't 
    already.  If he hasn't come by, give him a flower and he'll come by the next 
    day.  Always watch your weather reports for the typhoon, especially now since 
    you have animals.  The sprites, if they are your friends, will come the day 
    before and tell you that they will take care of your animals.  Work on 
    befriending the moms this first week and the other dads.  Lillia usually 
    talks about the weather, or the season.  Karen's mom talks about Karen and 
    often staring out into space.  Ann's Dad talks about not expecting so much 
    from you, Ann, and how he feels he's getting old.  They will start talking 
    about their kids and everything.  Also, work on the people that I mentioned 
    before, if you haven't befriended them.  Work on the Pastor too.  He talks 
    about the children, and gives advice to you like 'Everybody wants to be 
    kind.'  Try to get your wife pregnant if you already haven't been working on 
    it.  Work on Rick and Siabara, try giving them the stuff the items that got 
    you recipes.  Rick will start talking about himself, his family, and about 
    your items.  Siabara talks about very mundane things, but there will be a 
    difference between what said before and after being your friend.  As soon as 
    the typhoon is over, build your greenhouse.  Then transport all your crops to 
    the greenhouse, essentially buy more seeds.  Plant only tomatoes and corn.  
    You can also plant things that can be given as gifts to people.  I want you 
    to build after the typhoon because, the Invincible Katori isn't 100% 
    garunteed, but after you get the Turtle Figurine you will be completely safe.  
    Fish the whole entire month!!! Off the dock especially, maybe you could get 
    the Power Berry.  If the Blue mist seed is destroyed by the typhoon and you 
    haven't gotten the picture yet, don't worry, just plant it again.  If it was 
    destroyed after you got the picture then don't worry.  Your wife should be 
    giving obvious hints of her pregnancy by the end of the month.  
    Completion: you know what you need to complete.
      Objectives: Get all the girls to a yellow, marry off any of the guys (now 
    that you have the greenhouse you can plant any crops you want).  Work on the 
    carpenters, the fisherman, the Gourmet man (if he is in your game), the old 
    couple on top of the mountain, and whoever you haven't been able to befriend.  
    Give the carpenters mushrooms everyday.  Don't buy eggplants for profit!! 
    Remember that you have the greenhouse now with those five great summer crops.  
    Get the Fall recipes (6), and try to buy everything you need.  Continue to 
    fish, start cutting grass for winter, buy cakes from the bakery for lottery 
    points, drinking wine in preparation for New Years, and plow your field for 
    that elusive power berry.  Hopefully you are friends with Basil by now.  
    Maybe you will be King this year too.
    I have nothing to say, just follow this routine.  Greg (the fisherman) only 
    talks about fishing, he doesn't change that much even when you befriend him, 
    always give him big fish.  The carpenters don't change either, they will give 
    you more advice.  The Midwife talks about your baby, and how she's really 
    good.  The old couple doesn't change that much either, they talk about you.  
    Your baby may be born this season, so be prepared, you'll have to make a mad 
    50 mile dash to the hospital, actually you'll wake up with the midwife in 
    your house (aahh!!) and your wife's mom (except for Elli and Ann). 
    Completions: same thing as Summer, complete the tasks.
      Objectives: find the power berry in the mine, befriended everyone by now, 
    got all the girls to red, and that's about it.  Win the dog race if you 
    haven't already.  Basically just go to the mine everyday, but don't forget to 
    socialize with everyone.  If you haven't befriended everyone, don't worry, 
    you still have until the end of the 3rd Spring.  Get all your tools to level 
    three.  You should have a kid by now, don't forget to give him gifts.  Also 
    get all the guys married to the girls.  I know I'm a little lazy to not do 
    specific days, but there is not much else to know.  Don't forget to get the 
    Winter recipes (4).
         THIRD YEAR
       Objectives:  To have a great year!  And to have a good evaluation by your 
    dad, most importantly watch the credits!  You can actually continue with your 
    game just say yes you want to continue at the end of them.  I hope this walk-
    through was helpful.  Now we're going to get into the interesting stuff.
    10.) Father's Evaluation
       This section is to help you prep up for your Father's visit.  As you 
    should know, it will be on the 1st day of the 3rd Summer.  This evaluation is 
    based on the evaluation I got at the end of my game.  I hope it helps.
        It starts with your father asking various townspeople their opinion of 
    you, and he asks the townspeople in this order:
    1. The Mayor: He is going to rate the general opinion of the town towards 
    you.  If you had become friends with everyone in town, he will make a good 
    remark.  So in order to complete this aspect, you must befriend everyone.
    His comment of me: Everyone respects and trusts Jared.
    2. The Midwife: She will rate the affections of all the young ladies.  In 
    order to complete this objective, you MUST have all the girls to a Pink 
    Her comment of me: All the girls have crushes on him.
    3. The Potion Shop Owner: He will comment on your general health throughout 
    the years.  This one should be easy, just make sure you go to bed early, 
    don't get sick too often, etc.  Power berries also affect this, just try to 
    get as many as you can to get a better rating.  So watch your health and 
    don't work too hard and you have this one in the bag.
    His comment: He is strong and healthy and knows how to look after himself.
    4. Ann's Father: Based on how you treat your animals and the quality of their 
    produce, he will base his opinion.  So keep your animals fed, brushed, and 
    loved and you got his respect.  It *probably* also helps to have all the 
    animals producing their finest products.  Also having 4 cows, 4 sheep, and 6 
    chickens will make your father happy.
    His comment: He has a way of talking from the heart with animals. (!?)
    5. The Buyer: I didn't do too well with this guy, apparently he is a greedy 
    blood sucking employee who isn't satisfied with anything.  I was a little mad 
    that he still wanted more, even though I shipped him thousands of tomatoes.  
    If any of you get a better comment than me, please tell me, and I'll post 
    your name (must include his comment).  Anyway, in order to please him, you 
    must ship LOTS (I mean LOTS) of produce.
    His comment: I still want him to ship more stuff.
    6. The Head Carpenter: Another piece of cake.  Make sure you get all the 
    buildings and upgrades.  That's all.
    His comment: His buildings are all perfect.  I'm impressed he's gotten this 
    7. Greg the Fisherman: In order to get his approval, you need to fish all the 
    time.  He will judge you on how you relax, "relaxing" as in fishing.  So make 
    sure you fish on a regular basis.
    His comment: He seems pretty laid back. (Note: I'm not sure if this is the 
    best comment you can get, if you have gotten better please tell me)
    8. Basil the Florist: I'm not sure what the exact expectations of him are, 
    but I bet it's about vegetables ;o).  Just make sure you continue to grow 
    vegetables throughout the years, and I'm sure growing flowers helps too.  He 
    will probably say more if you win a few Vegetable Festivals.
    His comment: I would like to give him the 'Green Master' award.
    9. The Gourmet Man: This clown will rate you on how many recipes you were 
    able to collect. So just collect all the recipes and you've earned his 
    double-chinned approval.
    His comment: His recipe notebook is fabulous.  I would like to give him the 
    'Recipe King' award.
    Now, after you have heard the townspeople either vent or praise you, your 
    father gets to say his piece. This part involves him asking you questions, 
    and based on how you answer them, gives you his approval/disapproval.  This 
    is another piece of cake, just use your practical sense and you'll have his 
    instant approval.  He asks you about 5 questions, and I don't think I'll need 
    to guide you through them. So after you answer these questions you'll end up 
    next to the deck.  Your wife will come down with your baby (if you have 
    either) and will say hi to your father.  Then various people will come to 
    celebrate with you.  They will come depending on how well you tend your 
    friendships, and I believe the number varies too.  Here are the people who 
    came to my party:
    The Buyer
    Karen's Father
    The Mayor
    And then my father said "Is that all your friends?!" and Karen, my wife, 
    says, "That's all for now, but I'm sure everyone else will come later."  
    Then, if you have a child, this plays out a little more.  Your wife would ask 
    if you knew what your grandfather wished for you to do on the farm.  You have 
    the liberty of telling her yes or no.  If you say yes she rewards you with a 
    kiss and asks you to tell your son/daughter.
    So that's what it all is.  Not as scary as you think, huh?  Don't forget to 
    continue your game after they roll the credits.
    11.) The Girls
       I hope that this will be very helpful for you.  I have information on all 
    of them and some personnel experience.  I give a whole lot of information 
    under each one's name.  I liked to say that I don't rate the girls, they are 
    all hard in some aspects, I'll tell you which ones, but other than that they 
    are all great, it's your preference that matters.
      First of all, there are many things in common with all of the girls.  They 
    all get sick at some point in the game (usually when they have a green or 
    yellow heart).  There is also a Dream connected to each of them.  You are 
    some how supposed to be connected to their past so yes when they ask you 
    about it.  They all sprain their ankles too, even if they complain about you 
    carrying them home, deep down they like it, but if you call for help, your 
    heart rating will decrease.  They will all give you birthday presents on your 
    birthday.  I stress that your birthday be in the Fall/Winter/Spring.  That 
    will give you enough time to get birthday presents from them (Spring being 
    the second year), the best one though, is Winter.  They will give you a 
    birthday present only if they have a red heart for you.  Every time you dance 
    with a girl, it halves the remaining amount of points to get to the next 
    heart rate, so basically it fills half her heart.  If they like you enough, 
    they will send you letters.  Wishing to the Goddess for Love helps too; the 
    girls will like you much much faster.  At some point, the girls will ask you 
    themselves if you like them or not.  Here are the hearts:
    White= Indifferent
    Blue= Friendly
    Green= Flirtatious
    Yellow= Enamored
    Red/Pink= In Love
        I know the most about her.  She loves berries, any kind, strawberries, 
    veryberries, and wild grapes.  She does not like your dog, cakes, or flowers.  
    She loves to dance, so always ask her to dance at the festivals.  She works 
    at the bar at night and lives in the vineyard.  She is usually found at the 
    vineyard, the beach, the woods, and the bar; sometimes she just disappears.  
    Her is a schedule sort of goes like this Sunday at the beach, Monday at the 
    vineyard, Tuesday the woods, Wednesday the vineyard/beach, Thursday the 
    woods, Friday the vineyard, Saturday the woods/beach, and Sunday the beach.  
    She is usually at the bar each night.  When it rains, then you can't find her 
    (unless she is sick), but she will most likely be at the bar at night.  It 
    helps if you befriend Kai, because she will like you more.  Restoring the 
    vineyard is a great way to change her heart levels.  Her dream sequence is 
    like this: a little girl runs away because her dad is mad at her, she is 
    locked in some room, someone else is in there, they find a hole, and he walks 
    home with her.  After you have this dream sequence head toward the vineyard 
    and go to the Wine cellar.  She will be in there and ask you if you want to 
    take a tour, agree, when you come back up to the first floor the door is 
    locked.  She will say she is hungry and will be rude to you, after a while 
    her dad will let you guys out.  BUT that's not suppose to happen, if you 
    search the upper right corner in the first floor you will find a way out.  
    Karen will ask you if you were the same person, who helped her out years ago, 
    say yes, and you will improve your heart rating.  She is very nice once you 
    get to know her.  If you marry her, she'll pack the eggs up.  If you don't 
    marry her, she will leave in the second year of the game (that is if she is 
    indifferent), but if you restore the vineyard, she will marry Kai.  Where she 
    is when she sprains her ankle is under the solitary tree.  Only talk to her 
    once, in the beginning, or she'll get mad at you.  There three events that 
    happen as you get close to her, the first day you go to the vineyard she will 
    have a fight, another time she will be at the bar with Kai and sleepy, and 
    third she will be at the vineyard.  She comes over to your house to test her 
    wine, and she likes to see you working.  During the Fall, she will be at the 
    vineyard most of the time until the harvest is done.  She likes when you 
    drink her under the table at the New Years Festival.  She is pretty hard to 
    get since she can be almost anywhere, but you should be able to find her most 
    of the time.  She will give you a lucky bracelet for your birthday.
    Her Birthday is the 29th of Winter.
        She is a very funny person.  She is also depressed in the Fall, I'm 
    trying to figure out why at the moment.  She loves wool and your dog.  I've 
    heard that giving her small animals help but they don't help that much.  She 
    also likes getting eggs and milk and seeing your chicks and chicken.  Her 
    brother is mean to you, but just ignore him.  Winning the horse race makes 
    her happy.  She can be almost everywhere, and like Karen, is very hard to 
    find.  Usually she is always at Green Ranch, on Thursdays she is at the 
    solitary tree or in the cave.  Sometimes she can be found at Rick's shop (the 
    few times when it is actually opened), or at Karen's house, because they are 
    best friends.  When she sprains her ankle, she will be right in front of your 
    farm.  Her dream sequence is about birds, go to the solitary tree and answer 
    her question by saying yes you were that person from long ago.  She too gets 
    sick, usually when it rains.  In the beginning, bring your dog to her 
    everyday.  When you get a chicken, bring your dog to her and an egg.  When 
    you finally get a sheep, bring it's wool to her.  She is always in good 
    spirits, unlike Karen.  I say you can pretty much always find her at the 
    Ranch, the hardest thing about her is her gifts after all the wool is 
    expensive.  She is in that house next to the Green Ranch Shop when it rains.  
    Though your dog really helps.  She can't cook at all, which is funny, because 
    they have many events about that and little things.  If you don't get her, 
    Cliff will.  She gives you Hand-knitted socks for your birthday.
    Her birthday is the 14th of Summer.
        She is the sweetest person in the game.  She loves your dog, eggs, and 
    milk.  She also likes it when you buy her sweets, but that doesn't give you 
    as much as an effect as the other things.  She loves fish too.  Her dream 
    sequence is about a boy and a girl making mud-pies and eating them.  Go to 
    the bakery and watch the kids (talk to them?) or to the midwife's house, the 
    kids are at one of those places.  She will come and talk to you.  In the 
    beginning of the game, bring your dog to her and some fish if you caught 
    some.  When you get the chicken, give her eggs.  If you give her golden milk 
    for a while, she will increase her heart rating rather fast.  When she 
    sprains her ankle, she will be in the fisherman area next to the little path 
    to the river.  Her grandma dying really upsets her and it takes a season or 
    two before she becomes cheerful again.  Though if you do something major with 
    her, like riding a balloon with her, she will get over it in a week.  She is 
    found most of the time at the bakery or outside in that yard.  She can also 
    be found over in the flower shop.  On Sundays she totally disappears, one 
    time though, she was there helping Ann cook, it was funny to listen to.  She 
    is found in the woods on either side of the river, on Mondays.  She is in the 
    shop when it rains.  She is very predictable, but her gifts are sometimes 
    expensive.  She gives you an Embroidered handkerchief.
    Her birthday is the 1st of Fall.
        She loves flowers!!  Give her flowers for her gifts.  Your dog works too 
    and so does strawberries.  Popuri is found outside the shop, at the bakery, 
    in the woods, at Green Ranch, and on top of Moon Mountain.  Planting flowers 
    at your farm pleases her too.  When flower season is about to end, during the 
    summer, collect flowers and put them in the cabinet (room organizer).  Many 
    people have boasted of getting her heart to a red by the end of Summer.  Her 
    dream is about flowers and falling.  When you have the dream go to Moon 
    Mountain, and search at the Hot springs area, the place above the carpenter 
    area, and at the very top of Moon Mountain.  She'll fall and you will save 
    her.  She will about to fall from the top of Moon Mountain near the solitary 
    tree.  You are supposed to climb up it and rescue her.  She trips too, though 
    I'm not sure where.  Try the moon mountain area, look at the Goddess Meadow 
    or near the solitary tree.  On Sundays, she is usually at the bakery or at 
    Green Ranch.  If she isn't outside the shop, go check the Moon Mountain area.  
    She is in the shop when it rains.  She is one of the easiest to get, because 
    of her gifts and her locations.  She will give you Potppuri for your 
    Her Birthday is the 22nd of Spring.
        I have to be honest, I don't know that much about her because she isn't 
    exactly in my taste, but I do have information on her.  She loves cabbages!  
    So plant a lot and give them to her.  She is afraid of your dog, so don't try 
    to use him as an icebreaker.  She is a total sucker for Sam's (Samuel) 
    products, and usually buys them.  She likes it when you check the books and 
    come talk to her, she also likes bugs.  Stag Beetles are in the Hot Spring 
    area, Ladybugs in the carpenter area, a beetle in the carpenter area, 
    crickets in the fisherman area, dragonflies in the fisherman area, and 
    butterflies in the Higher Flower Bud Village.  When the library is closed, 
    she is usually next to the church, or in the woods (Goddess Meadow, 
    carpenter, and fisherman area).  She sprains her ankle at the library.  Her 
    dream is about a book, head towards the library when you have it.  Instead of 
    talking to her, pick up the book and tell her you gave it to her.  There is 
    another event with her that can increase her heart rate. One day when you go 
    to the section of the town where the potion shop is, the mayor and his wife 
    will talk about getting ripped off by Samuel. Go to the crossroads and Maria 
    will be talking to him and give him a gold pendant. Tell her you don't know 
    if he's happy or not.  The next day you will get the pendant, give it to her 
    and her heart will increase.  Her birthday present is a book.  
    Her Birthday is 11th of Winter.
    The Courting
       There is no right or wrong way to court the girls.  Just give them gifts 
    and talk to them.  Seeing them everyday helps too.  In fact, that is the only 
    rule, to see them at least once a day.  Choose your wife carefully because 
    you will be stuck with her.  I believe that all of them are great!
    Marriage and Happily Ever After
       Don't think now that you're married that you don't have to give your wife 
    gifts, you're wrong.  She doesn't like it when you talk to the other girls 
    and the only way to pacify her is to give her gifts.  If you don't give her 
    gifts, her heart rate will eventually decrease too.  The MOST IMPORTANT 
    reason to give her gifts is to get a kid.  She will become pregnant if you 
    shower her with love.  Or as Kent put it, "The girl has seeds in her stomach 
    which sprout when you show that you love her, am I right?"  Therefore, you 
    must continue to give your girl gifts.  If she slinks down to a blue heart 
    she will leave your house and go back to her own.  During this time all the 
    other girls disappear, you must go talk to her and bring her back.  You 
    cannot divorce her, so choose your wife carefully.  Your wife also helps you 
    with your chores, not all the time and not all of them either.  Here is what 
    they do:
    Karen: pack the eggs
    Ann: feed the animals, pack the eggs, and feed the chickens
    Elli: pack the eggs, feed the chickens
    Maria: crates eggs, weeds gardens
    Popuri: water the plants, feeds chickens
      There are 4 stages in your wife's pregnancy.  The each month, the day after 
    your wife's wedding, she'll go into the next stage (ex. Married the 27th of 
    Spring, every 28th she'll go into the next stage).  Your child shall be born 
    three seasons after you are married.  The first month after you are married 
    she will work herself up to pregnancy.  Your wife will get cravings when she 
    is in the very beginning of pregnancy, for example, Ann wants to eat fodder [ 
    ;o)].  Elli will talk about how big she is getting, Karen talks about eating 
    something sweet, and Popouri and Maria say things out of the usual.  In the 
    2nd stage, they will be having those cravings.  In the 3rd stage, they will 
    give obvious hints.  They will also talk about reading maternity books, 
    getting morning sickness, eating too much, and their relatives coming and 
    giving them food.  The last stage goes all the way to the anniversary date, 
    and your baby will be born the day after, but before that they talk about the 
    baby(so using the example before, my kid should be born on Winter 28th).  
    They will then start talking concretely like "Our baby gets nutrition from my 
    body", etc.  The pregnancy lasts for 2 seasons, though it depends on how many 
    gifts you give her.   So, continue to give her gifts, which you should be 
    doing anyway because you love her, right?  NEVER EVER dance with another 
    girl, your wife will get really really mad.  On your birthday, she will have 
    a feast for you.  Go from 12 to 7 o'clock to the kitchen.  When she asks you 
    what day it is, you better know that it's her birthday.  Give her something, 
    and I think she may have a feast for you to eat too.  Your wife may be 
    jealous if you give gifts to other girls (heard Elli is like that), even if 
    you give her gifts too.  She will also start decreasing her heart rate.  As 
    long as you give them all gifts, she won't mind (there are exceptions).  Your 
    wife will also work harder depending on the time and your love.  They won't 
    do those things every day, but they will gradually do more and more.  Popuri, 
    for example, will begin only watering like 5 squares, but if you keep 
    everything going, she can be watering about 30 in a year.
      Well, the day that your baby is born, the midwife will be by your bed and 
    so will the girl's mom.  You are told to leave but you can't leave your farm, 
    the big pro-wrestler-looking buyer is blocking your way.  Just do your daily 
    chores and come in at the time the midwife gave you.  I have a funny 
    suspicion that your kid will be a boy!  I think it is programmed like this, 
    sexist Natsume, lol, but if you have a girl tell me.  Your kid has 7 stages 
    of growth, which take twenty years to complete, yes yes I know that kids 
    don't take that long to grow but in this game they do.  No I haven't gotten 
    that far, but my fellow fanatics told me since one of them has had a game for 
    that long.  The only stages I know of are the blanket stage, crawling, and 
    talking stage.  Eventually he is supposed to help you around the farm.  You 
    must interact with him too and give him gifts.  My advice is to use your dog!  
    That is the best way, since you only have to show him one thing to make him 
    happy.  During the blanket stage, he is wrapped in a blanket and usually in 
    someone's arms or the bed.  To give him a gift, hold your dog up against the 
    bed and click A and the baby will say Kya, Kya or use eggs.  This might not 
    always work, I've had hundreds of broken eggs around his bed because he won't 
    accept them.  The way you know that he will accept the gift is when the gift 
    is in his shadow.  Pick him up and carry him around a lot.  After he has been 
    in this stage for a season, he'll start crawling and will take gifts much 
    more easily.  You will notice his outrageous costume for the first time, it's 
    cute and stupid at the same time, more cute for me though.  You can still 
    carry him around too.  He will get a fever or the measles or whatever during 
    this stage, you'll wake up to him crying and have the option of calling the 
    girl's mom, the midwife, or the potion owner.  They do it free of charge, I 
    got a potion from the owner.  He will stay in this stage until he turns one.  
    Then he will actually start walking upright and crawl a tad, but mostly he 
    will be talking.  He can say Daa, and stuff like that.  That is as far as I 
    have gotten, I heard he stays in that stage for a couple of years or so.  Now 
    there is something important about the kid, you must give him gifts and carry 
    him around (when possible).  Your wife will complain about you not helping 
    with the baby and may leave because of that.  While it is an infant, carry it 
    everywhere, which will greatly please your son and your wife.  When he is 
    past the stage where you can carry him, bring him gifts all the time.  
    The Neighborhood Kids
        All the married couples will give birth to kids, who will grow up with 
    yours.  I think that all the kids are boys except Popuri's.  They all have 
    their own little costumes too, the ones I know of is Ann & Cliff's is a 
    lizard, Karen's & Kai's is a mouse, Elli & Greg's is a chicken, Popuri & 
    Gray's is a bunny, and Maria & Harris's is a panda.  Tell me what the other 
    costumes are if you can.  Stu, May, and Kent will grow up.  If you haven't 
    noticed, Stu and May have this little thing going.  Puppy love!!! How sweet!  
    Anyway, they will grow up too, and I'm guessing that those lovebirds may get 
    married, but I'm not sure since I'm not that far in the timeline.  I also 
    know that some of the kids may have different costumes (Karen may have a 
    cat).  Also, different people may have girls.
    The Bachelors
       It is your duty to get the guys married, one because you will become their 
    friends, and two because your kid will have friends.  There is one challenge 
    to this: the girls, if you have them all up to reds and yellows, it will take 
    the guys longer to ask the question.  I believe that you should work on the 
    girls first and then the guys.  Either way, you want the guys to marry the 
    girls.  Harris likes potatoes, Jeff likes milk (give him golden milk and he 
    will ask her sooner), Gray likes eggs and your dog, Cliff likes berries, and 
    Kai is like Cliff.  You know you are their friend, because they will usually 
    talk about the girl they like.  Cliff will start talking about being betrayed 
    and Ann.  Jeff will start talking about a variety of tea and Elli.  Gray will 
    only mutter a little more like 'Weird guy' and saying he's sorry when you 
    give him gifts.  He also will talk about hating your horse, because he can 
    never ride horses anymore (he was injured some how, Rick tells you if you are 
    his friend). Harris will start talking about how he loves giving letters to 
    people and 'connecting them' as he put it (I think he reads the mail) and of 
    course about Maria.  Kai will start talking about Karen, and grapes.  To see 
    your progress in befriending them, go to the bar, they are most open there 
    and will talk about their feelings (Gray actually says a whole sentence or 
    two).  After they get married, they will get the girls pregnant on their own 
    accord, but talking to them helps.  The pregnancy applies to them too, it 
    will take 3 months after they are married for them to have a kid.  The bar 
    will be empty now, after they all are married, except for the bachelor who 
    didn't get his girl (the one you married), the Buyer, Ann's Dad, Basil, 
    Karen's Dad, and of course the bartender   The couples are, if you don't 
    already know: Cliff and Ann, Harris and Maria, Jeff and Elli, Gray and 
    Popouri, and Kai and Karen.  It is good if you become friends with the guys, 
    because a few of them are hard to befriend, actually about two are.  Kai's 
    marriage has a requirement: you must restore the vineyard.  He will not marry 
    Karen until you do that.  So make sure you restore the vineyard.  Now there 
    are important clues on whether or not your guy is marrying.  Each guy and 
    girl have a movie (event), that is triggered to show you that they will marry 
    in 1 or 2 weeks.  Their events are Jeff and Elli: Fishing, and Jeff gets wet 
    (there is another event, and I'm not sure if it triggers it: go to the 
    bakery, Popuri will be there wanting something to eat.  Elli talks about how 
    she wishes she wasn't plump and Jeff says he likes a girl plump and Popuri 
    laughs at that).  Popuri and Gray: growing flowers on Green Ranch.  Maria and 
    Harris: Harris gets a letter from Maria.  Ann and Cliff: Fight over if Cain 
    (his bird) eats a rabbit or not.  Kai and Karen: I don't know, it would be 
    helpful if someone told me [hint, hint ;o)].  It will happen after the 
    vineyard is restored.  This can be both good and bad.  Good because your 
    efforts are almost a success, and bad if you are chasing after the girl 
    yourself.  If you have backed-up the game, then restart from there and don't 
    befriend that guy.  To be on the safe side, never talk to the guy who could 
    possibly marry the girl you are chasing after, BUT talk to him after you 
    marry your girl.  I think the cutest couple is Elli and Jeff, they are really 
    sweet to each other.  One time, Elli says she's glad she is married and all 
    she has to do is have a baby. Jeff blushes and says 'Uhh Elli', and she 
    laughs.  Gray is actually a very nice person once you get to know him, he 
    actually starts saying nice things, like congratulating you when win the 
    horse race.
    Your Birthday-
       On your birthday, from noon to seven p.m., your wife will have cooked 
    something for you.  It will all be in the kitchen.
    12.) Secrets
       This is for those of you who don't mind having a few things in the game 
    spoiled, if you want to find out everything on your own, then skip this 
    chapter and good luck!  I abhor gameshark!!!!  So, don't try to give me any 
    info about it or ask me any questions about it.  I've collected a sizable 
    amount of secrets on here.  Many of them don't fit into any categories, but I 
    will give the ones you want to know.
    Power Berries:
      Power Berries increase your energy, so that you can last longer during the 
    day.  This is very helpful when you have 24 fields of tomatoes to water, 8 
    cows to tend, and a field of hay to cut.  As you can see, the power berries 
    are very convenient.
    1.	Randomly found from plowing your field (dig up every single square till 
    you find it)
    2.	Throw a big fish (blue) into the Sea Imp's pond
    3.	Fishing off the dock (must fish off the dock a lot)
    4.	During Winter, break the boulder across the pond with golden hammer
    5.	Randomly found from mining on the 3rd or 4th floor in the mine
    6.	Throw a crop into the Goddess pond and wish for strength from the goddess 
    (must not use any energy, go straight from bed to her pond and wait till 
    7.	Give a marble to the sprites/elves/dwarves
    8.	Buy it for 1000G from Samuel the con man at the Flower Festival
    9.	Win the Egg Festival for the first time
    10. Become friends with Basil and he will come to the farm and give it to 
    Questions on the Power Berries:
       I have no doubt that you will wonder how to get some of them, I'll give 
    you a brief on the ones that will cause the most confusion.
    6.	I'm serious about this one!  Take a veggie from one day, and leave it in 
    your rucksack for the next.  As soon as you wake up, run out the door and 
    head towards the Goddess Meadow.  At 9 o'clock, throw a veggie in the 
    pond and wish for strength, she'll give it to you
    7.	The other confusing one.  The story is like this, the sprites lost their 
    marbles.  In order to get them back you must plant at least six bags of 
    each flower during the summer and spring.  Stu will come and ask if you 
    want to trade a flower for the marbles.  If you aren't friends with him 
    yet then he won't come, give him wild flowers, then one day he will come 
    to your farm.  After you get the marbles, go to the sprites, and go talk 
    to one of the ones in the sprites' room.  It will give you a power berry 
    for them.
    Blue Power Berry:
       Throw a small fish into the Sea Imp's pond.  It will give you a blue power 
    berry, which keeps you from getting tired in the rain as easily.
    Orange Power Berry:
    I have heard rumors about this orange one.  Haunter120 is supposed to have 
    information on it in his faq.
      Now I've heard many things about recipes.  I know that there are only 35!!  
    That is because Natsume verified it!  Now I'm not sure what their purpose is, 
    many people say they are for collecting, others for you to cook.  I have had 
    a rumor that your wife will actually cook for you, when she talks to you in 
    the morning.  She must have the ingredients and then she will cook it.  Now I 
    do not know if this is true or not, because the person hasn't replied to me.  
    I personally believe that it is just for collecting and to impress your 
    father (the more recipes you have, the better).
    1.	Cream of Turnip Stew-[Sp] give a turnip to Maria's mom
    2.	Tomato Cream Soup-[S] give a tomato to the Buyer in the bar
    3.	Tomato Rice-[S] give a tomato Karen's mom
    4.	Simple Tomato Soup-[S] give a tomato to Pastor Brown
    5.	Corn Fritters-[S] give a corn to Ann's dad
    6.	Corn Pasta-[S] give a corn to Basil
    7.	Mashed Potatoes-[Sp] give potatoes to Ann
    8.	Fried Potatoes & Bacon-[Sp] give the mayor potatoes
    9.	Twice-cooked tomatoes and greens-[S] give a tomato to Lillia
    10. Garlic Potato Beef-[Sp] give a tomato to Harris
    11. Eggplant with Misopaste-[F] give an eggplant to the midwife
    12. Rolled Cabbage-[Sp] give a cabbage to Maria
    13. Stuffed Omelet-[N] give eggs to Gray
    14. Spa-poached Egg-[N] give an egg to Kent
    15. Handmade Butter-[N] give milk to Rick
    16. Mushroom Rice-[F] give a brown mushroom to the Head Carpenter
    17. Fried Char-[N] give a blue fish to the fisherman
    18. Grilled Trout with Cheese-[N] give a blue fish to the carpenter standing 
    by the hot springs/3 stump area, usually there after dark.
    19. Char Stuffed With Mushrooms-[F] give a mushroom to one of the two 
    20. Steamed Clams With Wine-[F] give some wild grapes to Karen's dad
    21. Miso Soup With Sprouts-[N] give edible herbs to the Potion Shop Owner
    22. Sesame Dandelion Greens-[N] give a medicinal herb to Siabrasa
    23. Mushroom Salsa-[F] give a brown mushroom to the sprites
    24. Strawberry Dog-[W] give a strawberry to Stu
    25. Herb Rice Cake-[S] give a walnut to Elli's grandma, who will say it is 
    Walnut Cake but is put down as Herb Rice Cake, mistake by programmers
    26. Bread Pudding-[N] give milk or eggs to Elli
    27. Herb Rice Cake-[N] the real herb rice cake, give edible herb to Old Lady
    28. Potato Pancake-[Sp] give a potato to May
    29. Strawberry Jam-[W] give  strawberries to Popuri
    30. Strawberry Champagne-[W] give strawberries to Karen
    31. Veryberry Wine-[Sp] give veryberries to Kai
    32. Spice Tea-[W] give eggs to Cliff during Winter
    33. Hot Spicy Wine-[F] give wild grapes to the Bartender
    34. Cinnamon Milk Tea-[N] give milk to Greg
    35. Turnip & Cabbage Preserves-[Sp] give either a turnip or cabbage to Old 
    Sp= Spring
    S= Summer
    F= Fall
    W= Winter
    N= Non-seasonal (get it anytime)
    Special Items-
      Now I don't have all of them, but I can tell you what the majority of them 
    are.  If you have an item, that I don't have, please email me.  I'll give you 
    the item and its purpose, if it has any.
    Treasure Map- found underneath the tree in your farm.  Gives directions to a 
    music box not a power berry!  It says straight from the doghouse until you 
    see a tree to your left, well, the only tree in your farm is the one you 
    found the treasure map in.  So stand on the side of your doghouse, and face 
    the field.  Dig where the tree and doghouse intersect.  For example, you know 
    Battleship, right?  D4, miss, F8, hit!  This is how you find the music box, 
    dig 10-15 times where the tree and doghouse intersect.  It is helpful if you 
    grab a piece of lumber, and put it about seven paces from the tree.  I'll 
    explain what to do with the Music Box in its section.
    Music Box- it is rusted up when you find it, but Rick can fix it.  He will 
    only fix it when you buy everything from his store, then he will fix it.  
    Turns out the music box has a love song on it.  Next time you talk to the 
    girl you love (or any of them), they will mention it and will talk about some 
    memory.  You have the option of giving it to them or not.  Give it to the 
    girl you love, it will increase her heart rating.
    Old Wine- get it from the bartender by giving him wild grapes or veryberries.  
    If you give him these gifts, after a week or so he'll give you the wine.  You 
    have the only bottle left, and it is called Door to Heaven, or Heaven's Gate.  
    Now, I believe that you can only get this when you are not married!  So, do 
    it at the beginning of the game before it's too late.  Now this item will 
    trigger a set of special events that I will explain in another part of the 
    Secrets section, look for the title 'Restoring the Vineyard'.
    Raffle Tickets- Nothing much here. You can get a raffle ticket from the 
    Bakery and the Flower Shop.  Every time you buy a cake/pie/flower seeds 1 
    point is added to your ticket.  10 points equal one lottery ticket.  They 
    will give it to you the first time you buy a cake/flower seeds (moondrop).  
    Pink Cat Mint seeds and Cookies do not count towards points.  Enter the 
    lottery at the end of the year, given dates are in the calendar, depending on 
    how many points you have, the better the chance of winning.  Could get two 
    special items.
    Bag for Medals- this is the bag you put all the medals you won at races in.  
    It will give you the amount you have, it can be empty at times.  Get it the 
    first time you win medals.
    Sustaining Carrot- won at the Horse Race for 500 medals.  It says it tames 
    wild horses, I think it makes your horse run faster.  Maybe it has a purpose 
    Moo Moo Watch- yes I know it isn't really a special item, but it does need to 
    be explained.  Won at the dog races for 1000 medals.  Changes the tile that 
    holds the time and date to black spots on a white background.
    Ocarina- buy from Siabrasa who has it around the beginning of Winter.  It can 
    be used in the Spirit Festival, if you are picked to play.  The cost is 
    2000G, I think.
    Now someone says that there is a purpose to the birthday presents.  Feel free 
    to believe it or not.
    Fortune Bracelet- given to you by Karen on your birthday.  Is lucky, she will 
    only give it to you if she has a red/yellow heart.  Can only get it when you 
    are single.  It will make you have less hurricanes.  Others say it prevents 
    Hand-Knitted Socks- given to you by Ann on your birthday.  The same thing 
    applies to Ann, who must have a red/yellow heart for you and you are single.  
    It will help you from getting sick so often.
    Potppuri- given to you by Popouri on your birthday.  Same thing. More energy 
    for you, or makes your vegetables grow faster.
    Embroidered Handkerchief- given to you by Elli on your birthday.  Same thing.  
    Animals produce better products faster.
    Book- given to you by Maria on your birthday, is above your bed.  Same thing 
    applies here.  People in town like you more.
    Kazimidori Weather Vane- Found on the third or fourth level in the mine.  It 
    has a specific name, but I can't remember what it is called.  Give it to Rick 
    if you want to be nice, he will mention it and ask you.
    Firefly Lantern- give Rick a moonlight stone when you mine in the winter.  
    The next summer he will have it for sale.  I don't have the price yet.
    Golden Pendant- If you are trying to woo Maria, you will see a certain 
    scenario and end up with this pendant (see the Girl section for more 
    details).  You are not suppose to keep it, but to return it to Maria.
    Super Fishing Rod- apparently you may be able to get a Super Rod, I haven't 
    but I have heard a rumor about it.  Give him the Jumpers, they really make 
    him happy.  Giving him other fish and flowers work too.
    Invincible Katori- there is a dispute over this item.  You win it at the Sea 
    Festival, and it stays in your house.  Many claim it protects your 
    greenhouse, other say that's a lie.  I have to agree with the latter, since 
    they have substantial proof that it is nothing.  One of them emailed Natsume, 
    who said that the Invincible Katori is just a trophy.
    Turtle Figurine- This does protect your greenhouse.  Win it at the Egg 
    Festival, 2nd time.  It sits on top of your TV. 
      1st Prize-Tablecloth-A Blue and white tablecloth that goes in your          
    house(Bedroom) on the table. Put a Blue Vase on top of it.
      2nd Prize-Mug-A white and blue mug that goes on your kitchen table.
      3rd Prize-Dish(Luncheon Mats)-Mats that go on your kitchen table.
      4th Prize-Honey-Fills your empty bottle with honey which completely 
    restores your strength (Very useful).
      1st Prize- Cushion- I don't know
      2nd Prize-Flower Bath Crystals-Makes you recover more strength when taking 
      3rd Prize-Flower Seal-Makes more symbols appear on your calendar(flower, 
    star, etc...).
      4th Prize-Pink Cat Mint Seeds-Gives you one box of Pink Cat mint seeds.
    That is all the items I know of.  If you know of anymore please tell me.
       11th Power Berry?
    Now I just found this out but I'm not sure if it is real.  Bring your kid to 
    the sprites, and they may give you a power berry.  I'm not sure if this is 
    real and if this happens in its 1st or 2nd stage.  In fact, this may be a 
    lie, but could someone check this out?
       Berry of the Full Moon Plant- 
    found after the Full Moon event.  It can sell for 300G, but be careful, it 
    only grows once a year.  Some people have found two.  Can give it to the 
    sprites, but they will not do anything immediately.  Might as well since it 
    will probably help in the future.
    a black fish.  You cannot sell it, but you can give it to people.  I haven't 
    caught it myself, but Haunter120 was kind enough to give everyone info on it.  
    Catch it in the Spring of the fifth year around the 9th at the river only.  
    Stay up and fish between 5:30 am to 9:00.  You will get it, he says to keep 
    it.  In the fifth year, the fisherman will ask to stay on your farm.  He will 
    ask for the jumper, give it to him, and supposedly, you will have lots of 
    good luck, etc.  Not only that, but you can catch another Jumper in the 10th 
    year.  Give it to the fisherman, he will talk about how rare it is and go 
    immediately to his tent.  Maybe if you give him enough jumpers, he will 
    create a Super Rod [exaggerating ;o)]
       Restoring the Vineyard-
    first, you must get the Old Wine from the Bartender.  If you are friends with 
    the sprites they will mention the wine and tell you to go see the Goddess, 
    who won't fix the problem until after the sprites mention it.  When you toss 
    a veggie into the pond, you will have the option of restoring the vineyard.  
    Make sure all your work is done before you see the goddess because as soon as 
    you are done restoring the vineyard you go straight to bed.  She will take 
    you to the vineyard next to that old tree and you guys will restore the 
    vineyard.  During the next Fall, harvest time, she will come to you in a 
    dream and congratulate you.
       Channel 4, E Channel, Entertainment Channel-
    No one knows how to make anything show up on this channel.  There are of 
    course rumors, but I have no further information.
       Time Portal-
    This is an actual thing!  Give Rick a rare metal at least once a year.  He'll 
    say he needs it for some experiment, and he does!  One day he will come to 
    your farm, asking to test his invention.  He'll ask for some crop, give it to 
    him.  The contraption will make it disappear!  After that, he leaves saying 
    he still has to fix a few bugs.  I believe that he will keep on working on 
    this thing.  Many people say it helps you stop time or something, or teleport 
    around the farm.  These are rumors I've heard, but that is an actual event!  
    The experiment is real.  I have a theory too, every year if you give him a 
    rare metal; he will improve his invention.  That is after the experiment and 
    maybe he will eventually give it to you.  There are different dates when he 
    comes, but one is the 1st day of Summer in the 6th year. 
        3rd Goddess-
    There is rumors of a third goddess.  The two goddesses already known is the 
    Goddess in Goddess Pond, and the Sea Imp.
       Hole in Sprites' Room-
    You can never get into that hole!!! Don't try!  It is a tunnel that connects 
    to your barn!  The sprites use it to feed your animals during the typhoon, if 
    they are your friends.
       Golden Power Berry- (supplied by Daniel Gonzalez)
    I believe this is a rumor, but apparently you can get the Golden Power Berry.  
    It sounds realistic, like most rumors are, but I say give it a try.
      First: you have to have a Greenhouse.  Once you have a greenhouse, buy all 
    the seed bags for vegetables.  Including the strawberries.  Next, grow them 
    all until they are full grown plants.  Then take two of every kind and throw 
    them into the Imp's pond (behind the fisherman's tent).  One purple and a 
    blue imp will come out and grant you one of these wishes: unlimited wood 
    (useless, unless you want to safeguard against your greenhouse falling down), 
    have all the tools become SUPER (something you already did by hard work), or 
    get something incredible (the Golden Power Berry).  If you choose the last 
    option, you get the Golden Power Berry.  I don't have any idea what it does.  
    Feel free to test this rumor out.
    ***2nd Album Pictures***
    Now this has been copied from Haunter 120's FAQ.  I do not know if this truly 
    exists, but if the info is there, why not post it?  Now there are some things 
    in here I do question like the Grandma pic.  Decide for yourself about this, 
    I can't say I have much advice on this matter.  If anyone successfully 
    completed this, please tell me.
    To get the second album you need to collect all the pics in the first album 
    then if your real good friends with the harvest sprites they will give it to 
    you...here's the pics
    Men's Night Out- Give an egg to Gray, the Priest, and Rick 
    School's In- Become Great friends with the Priest and your son must be 
    Anniversary Celebration- Give the correct juice to your wife on her 
    anniversary. (don't ask me, I didn't write it)
    Day in the City- You must have stopped Karen from leaving by her having a 
    pink heart.
    Now your Cooking!- Elli must be on a pink heart. Give her an egg.
    Friends Forever- Throw a strawberry in the pond and wish for peace.
    Horsing Around- Give Ann your horse's calf when your horse has it.
    Angel's Grace- Buy the perfume from the Goddess.
    Goodwill Towards Men- Become great friends with Basil and take the fall for 
    Bookland- Have Maria on a pink heart and read the fairytale book when she 
    offers it.
    Field of Flowers- Grow 10 squares Pink Cat Mint flowers and have Popuri 
    married to Gray or you (but she must be married)
    Grandmother's Funeral- Keep Elli's Grandmother alive by making friends with 
    her and she will die in Winter once you get the 2nd album.
    Grand Birthday Bash- Be the Harvest King and there will be a big celebration 
    on your birthday. 
    Bang!- Become great friends with Kai and you'll shoot some fireworks on the 
    first of Summer.
    Welcome Home- Find your son at the mountain restaurant after he runs away.
    Working Hard on the Farm- Get the first 15 pictures in the first album and 
    the second album.
    *all pictures can only happen after receiving the second album.
    That's all I have for now!  If you know anything, contact me.
    13.) Greenhouse Effect
       Decided to add this for the heck of it.  This is a plan to use your 
    Greenhouse in the most efficient way, from the type of crops, and what king 
    of field.  I have calculations to add for each one.
    Now depending on if it is a one-pick crop or continual harvesting crop, you 
    shall have a different field plan.  For the one-pick use this field (assuming 
    you have a golden watering can)
     W     E   B
    x= planting area
    -= spacing
    += continue pattern
    := wall
    W= watering well
    E= entrance
    B= shipping box
    *All symbols are used in both fields
    Now the crops that are one-pick are cabbages, turnips, potatoes, and 
    strawberries.  If you were to grow them year round, you would make a certain 
    profit.  I'll talk about that later, but first the planning for the Many-
    harvesting crops: tomatoes, corn, eggplant.
      W    E   B
    One-Pick Crops:
      Now this particular pattern continues all the way the end of the wall.  
    Unless you plan to have flowers there (for those of you who want to keep 
    Popuri happy), I'll talk about that at the end under the title 'Flower 
    Power', no lol, I really mean 'Flowers + Greenhouse= Happy Popuri'.  This 
    pattern is planned for a particular one-pick crop for the whole year.  This 
    is how much it would cost to supply yourself with seeds for a year:
    Cabbages:200(17x24)=81600G 408 bags of cabbages
    Potatoes:200(20x24)=96000G 480 bags of potatoes
    Turnips:200(30x24)=144000G 720 bags of turnips
    Strawberries:500(20x24)=240000G 480 bags of strawberries
    Total profit=
    Cabbages:17(192x90)=293760-81600G=212160G profit
    Potatoes:20(192x80)=307200-96000G=211200G profit
    Turnips:30(192x60)=345600-144000G=201600G profit
    Strawberries:20(192x150)=576000-240000G=336000 profit
    Strawberries are the best One-Pick crop
    Many-Harvesting Crops-
      Now these crops give you more profit, truly they do.  But for those of you 
    who like variety, or don't care that much about money then don't worry about 
    this.  I must say that taking care of such great a garden will expend a lot 
    of energy, there are 20 plots of land.  So choose carefully, and do this in 
    the later years of the game starting around the fifth year.  By then, you 
    should have all the Power Berries, which will give you enough stamina to do 
    all the gardening and the rest of your life.  The 2nd graph is for the Many-
    Harvesting Crops.
    Corn=300x20=6000G 20 bags of Corn
    Tomatoes=300x20=6000G 20 bags of Tomatoes
    Eggplants=300x20=6000G 20 bags of Eggplants
    Total Profit=
    Corn=26(155x120)=483600-6000G=477600 profit
    Tomatoes=37(155x100)=573500-6000G=567500 profit
    Eggplants=38(155x80)=471200-6000G=465200 profit
    Tomatoes are obviously the best profit maker of both crops!!
    Flowers + Greenhouse= Happy Popuri-
      Now you can devote your entire greenhouse, or part of it to Popuri (your 
    wife).  If she isn't, but you want to have flowers anyway, just use the last 
    rows of squares as a flower place.  Now you can do half-and-half with flowers 
    and tomatoes, and still earn a decent profit (about 283750G).  Be creative 
    and create a Flower Maze (as in Hedge Maze).
    Greenhouse Protection-
      Now you need the Invincible Katori and Turtle Figurine to be protected.  It 
    doesn't hurt to be cautious because there are cases where your greenhouse is 
    destroyed anyway!  It is very rare but it happens.  I was lucky and found a 
    great strategy when the hurricane hit me (all I had was the Turtle to protect 
    me).  I'll let you in.  For the two weeks before Summer, go to visit the 
    Goddess every day.  Use milk/eggs/veggies to summon her and when she asks to 
    know what your wish is click on the blank spot (it's a hidden Nevermind).  
    She will be all flattered, and will soon become your friend.  Then when 
    summer comes wish for weather for the first week of summer, and then the next 
    few Mondays.  That should keep your greenhouse protected from typhoons.
    14.) Tips/Farming Strategies
    Always feed and talk to your animals, they are the most important thing 
    compared to plants.
    Your cattle can stay outside overnight, if they are fenced in and have plenty 
    of food, they can stay outside for days if the weather permits.
    Schedule your day appropriately.
    Water your plants in the morning.
    Chickens need to be fed in a specific bin!  This is different from the other 
    HM games.
    Cut the plant in the middle of a 3x3 square, it is useless and a waste of 
    profit to wait for one plant to grow out.  So until you get a 3rd level 
    watering can, cut the middle plant and plant more seeds.
    The Hot Springs and the Bathtub relieve some of your tiredness, which is very 
    You can get unlimited milk from your cows by using the bottle.  Put the 
    bottle in your hand, stand near a full-grown cow, and press B.  This also 
    works with water from your pond, both restore energy.
    The Sprites are your friends!  Try to be nice to them.
    Never ever use any sharp tools near animals and people.
    To make your dog run faster, call him, then jump on your horse, and ride 
    around.  This kills two birds with one stone, you exercise your dog and 
    The Greenhouse is a wise investment, but make sure you have protection over 
    Don't plant too many crops that you can't handle.
    Flowers please any girl!
    Never dance with another girl but your wife when you are married!  Unless she 
    is the Flower Goddess and you aren't the King.
    Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was your farm.
    Use the small stones to build fences.
    Always talk to your kid and wife.
    NEVER EVER give weeds or wood to anybody especially your wife.  It gets 
    negative responses
    15. FAQ
    Q: How Many Years can you play in Harvest Moon?
    A: I can't specifically say how many years, but I believe it can go on and 
    on.  So far the farthest people I know have gotten to twenty years and 
    Q: How do you get your cows outside?
    A: Use the bell to make them come to you (make sure you are standing in front 
    of the barn's exit).  When they reach you, run around them and push them 
    towards the exit.  They will walk up to it and disappear.  Go outside and you 
    will find them standing in front of you.  Push them to your pasture.  To put 
    them back inside, push them up to the barn doors.
    Q: How do I get my wife pregnant?
    A: Look under the girls section
    Q: Where is the Town Square?
    A: climb up the stairs in Higher Flower Bud Village
    Q: I got my watering can to the third level, but it still only waters one 
    A:  Hold the A button longer, and your character will go through some 
    animation implying that he is at a higher level.
    Q: Where are the sprites?
    A: Look in the cave that goes off from the carpenter area, one should be 
    walking around in the upper right corner.
    Q: Is it good to leave your dog out in the rain?
    A: No, it doesn't help at all.  My advice is to take him in every night.
    Q: Do you feed your horse?
    A: No your horse fends for itself.
    Q: Karen left the game, can I still get the recipe from her?
    A: No, once a person leaves the game, you can't get the recipe from them.  
    That is why it is important to befriend these people: Cliff, Elli's Grandma, 
    Kai, and Karen.  They can leave the game, Elli's grandma will at some point, 
    but the others won't if you befriend them.
    Q: My wife keeps talking about my baby having a fever, what should I do?
    A: She is right, your kid has the measles.  Don't worry about it, one day you 
    will wake up to him screaming and have the option of calling for someone to 
    Q: I have the Invincible Katori and yet my greenhouse still fell down! Why?
    A: Now your farm will not be fully protected until you get the Turtle 
    Figurine from your second win at the Egg Hunt.  
    Q: Do all festivals end where you go straight to bed?
    A: Most of them do.  Off the top of my head, the Horse and Dog Race don't, 
    but I believe all the rest do.
    Q: I got Maria to a Red heart and the Blue Feather still won't appear!
    A: Buy all the items from Rick Shop, also try to wait for 15 days.  It may 
    not appear if you have messed with the game with Gameshark.
    Q: I can't find any of the holes in the mine!  Help me!
    A: I'm afraid to say that I can't help.  The holes appear randomly, the best 
    strategy is to dig randomly too. 
    Q: How do you fish?
    A: Cast the pole with the B button and hold.  After a while, the buoy will 
    bob, as soon as it does, release the B button.  The faster you release the 
    button the more likely you will catch the fish.
    Q: What is the limit of grass and lumber?
    A: You can hold 999 pieces of grass in the silo, and also 999 pieces of wood 
    in the lumber shed.
    Q: My wife keeps talking about how I should interact with my kid.  How do I?
    A: Carry your kid with you everywhere.  Give him gifts too.  If he is past 
    the stage of being carried, then talk to him.
    Q: Elli's Grandmother died, does that mean I can't get the party pic?
    A: You still can.  Don't think of her as someone you must befriend, or the 
    Entomologist for that matter.  She is doomed to die :*( so you can't stop it.  
    Unless you never talk to her, BUT if you never talk to her she won't be your 
    friend.  Get what I'm saying?  If Cliff, Karen, or Kai leave, then you can't 
    have the Party Picture.
    16.) Mysteries
    	This is for fun, really.  I got a little bored and decided to add this 
    section on.  Some of these mysteries will probably never be solved  See if 
    you can solve any of these mysteries or beat these challenges...
    1. Where does Elli disappear to on Sundays?
    2. What is the use of the Restaurant on top of the Mountain if they don't 
    sell anything?
    3. What is the purpose of that house next to the Animal shop on Green Ranch?
    4. How can you eat an egg in one bite?
    5. What is the point of stairs if they lead to the roof?
    6. What does Basil hide in that Greenhouse anyway?
    7. How can the Fisherman live in that tent?
    8. Did the buyer ever have a career in Pro Wrestling?
    9. Why do the Sprites hate summers?
    10. Why can't you pick up the snakes?
    11. Who actually likes getting logs as a gift?
    12. Why don't the cats have names?
    13. Is the Gourmet man homeless, or does he have some purpose standing in the 
    14. Who would want to eat fried octopus?
    15. Is there a Golden Chicken? (like in the other HIM games)
      These are all for fun, and hopefully give the game a little spin.  I would 
    like to see if anyone can solve any of the challenges and email me if you 
    1. Have all the couples marry (including yourself) five days in a row.
    2. Find the names of the following people: the Old Couple on the Mountain, 
    the Bartender, Ann's Dad, the Priest, the Potion Shop Owner, the Midwife, the 
    Fisherman, and any of the Carpenters.
    3. Find out who would like wood as a gift (the Mayor mentioned some one would 
    appreciate it).
    4. Get all the girls to have red hearts for you by the end of the year.
    5. Get all the birthday presents, pictures, married, and have a kid (pretty 
    big accomplishment.) before your 6th year.
    6. See if you can ever catch the crab at the beach.
    7. How far down can you get in the mines, so far there a level 4, could there 
    be a level 5?
    8. What is the most medals you've won from betting on a horse/dog? (My 
    personal best is 4,252 metals from Shioka on the odds of 43)
    9. What is the worst evaluation you have ever gotten? Please include the 
    Email me if you have any challenges that are unusual, hard, etc.
    17.) Credits
    I'd like to thank these people:
    CjayC for posting the FAQ
    Nintendo Power for giving me the Basics on HM
    Natsume for creating the game
    Harvest Bauler for answering the majority of my questions and everyone else's
    The Whole HM Board at GameFaqs for all the information
    The HM Board at http://acer.simplenet.com/games/hm64 allowing me to use their questions
    Trev79 for helping me initially and for the King strategy
    Haunter120 for information on the Jumper and permission to copy the 2nd album
    Watsonz for the crafty horse betting strategy
    Jenallen having useful information and talking to me about stuff
    Arthur giving me info on Maria, and the dates for Karen and Elli's pics
    HarvestMoonFarm9 for giving me the purposes of the b-day gifts
    My Brothers for tolerating my monopoly of the use of the Nintendo 64
    Cole for Maria's birthday present
    Daniel Gonzalez for all the useful and unusual info he has given me
    18.) Copyright Info and Everything Else
    Now to get down to all this legal junk.  This FAQ is copyrighted by me, 
    Ecaterina Burton.  You must have permission to post this on web sites, or 
    sell it, or etc.  You must have permission to copy any contents.  You are 
    free to print this out and use it as a guide for your personal games; any 
    other motives must be approved by me. 
    Contact me at soccercat37@hotmail.com I will try to respond to you as soon as 
    possible.  Please don't send me any junk mail.
      Well, some people want to know more about me, and if you are bored enough 
    then why not?  Well I'm female, if you haven't been informed by my name.  I 
    unfortunately still go to school, but am almost out!  In my spare time I play 
    games like HM, or strategy like Starcraft, or role-playing like Baldur's 
    Gate.  I like to play soccer too.  That's all I care to share, though I'm 
    interested in talking to people if they feel like it.
    ? 2000 by Ecaterina Burton, The >^..^<

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