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    Dating FAQ by Cyber-Sushi

    Version: 3.2 | Updated: 09/08/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       ;;:      ;;´                                                .¸
       ;;:      ;;              Harvest Moon 64              .¸¸¸¸¸;¸
       ;;      .;:                               .¸.         ´´´´:;:´
      :;;¸¸;;;´;;´    .¸;:     ¸¸.      ¸    ¸  ;;;:     .¸¸    ¸;:
      ;;;´´    ;;   .;;´     .;;;;;   .;;   ;´ ;´¸:´   .;;;:   ;;;´
      ´;;     :;´ ¸;;´.;;;  ¸;´  ;:  ¸:;;  ;: ;;;´   .:´ :;´ ¸:´;:
       ;;     ::  ;;;;::;;¸:´   .;´¸:´ ;;¸;´  `;;¸¸;:´ .¸;´¸;´ ¸;¸;;
       ;:     ;: :;:´   ´´´     ;:´´   :;:´    ´´´´     ;;:´   :;:´
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      .¸                  Dating Guide Written By            ¸.
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     ;;;        ;;:   Cyber Sushi                       .;;      ;;´
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     ;;;;   .;:.;;                      -sto0pidkid- ;;;:      :;;    ;;:
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    ;;         ;: ¸;;:´  ;: ¸;;:´  ;: ¸:´;;:¸;;;:   :;    `;;  :;;¸¸¸;;;¸
    ;:        :;  `;;  .;;; `;;  .;;; ´ :;;:´ ´;;¸. `;.    `;; `:;;;´;;´
    :´        :´   `;;:´´´´  `;;:´´´´   ;:´     ``    :;;¸¸¸;:       ;;
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       HARVEST MOON 64 Dating Guide v.3.2                 September 8th, 2001
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. The Girls
         i. Ann
        ii. Karen
       iii. Popuri
        iv. Elli
         v. Maria
    3. Competition
    4. Marriage
    5. Children
    6. Extra Tips
    7. Acknowledgements
    8. Contact
       1. Introduction
    This guide has been reconstructed in the form of notes, and not ugly
    paragraphs. This makes updating easier, and it's easier to glance
    through if you're looking for specific information. The original
    guide was written by Cyber Sushi, but I (sto0pidkid) was the one who
    made some changes. So you'll see 'I' and 'we'. It may get a little
    confusing, but if it's important we'll indicate who's saying what.
    Further updates of the guide are done by Cyber Sushi.
    What's better than harvesting your own crops to become a multi-
    millionaire? Dating. This guide will give you pointers on how to get
    one of the eligible bachelorettes in this game. We go in-depth with
    what they like, what they dislike, and we even teach you how to have
    The color of the heart when talking to these lovely ladies shows you
    where you stand on their love-o-meter:
                                WHITE : Indifferent
                                 BLUE : Friendly
                                GREEN : Flirtatious
                               YELLOW : Enamored
                                 PINK : Truly in Love
    These dating techniques listed will not work in real life. If you know
    a girl named Ann, don't give her eggs. If you do, please don't blame
       2. The Girls - ooh la la
    Below are the five lucky ladies you get to choose as your wife. Each
    one has a specific characteristic. For example Karen is bold and
    outgoing, but Maria is quiet and shy. We'll show you their
    characteristics among other useless trivia.
    We're still working and updating this guide. If you know any anything
    that we have left out, please contact us. (our e-mail is at the
       i. Ann
    Brief Description:
     · Ann & her family (Brother & Father) own the Green Ranch.
     · Her mother died when she was young.
     · She can't cook too well, but she loves animals.
     · Rick is her cousin.
     · She's friend's with Karen.
     · Competition is Cliff.
    Where She Can Be Found:
     · Everyday (excluding Thursday) she is normally in Green Ranch.
     · If it's raining or snowing she can be found in the barn.
     · On Thursday check the mountain area:
          1. By the fisherman tent.
          2. By the tree near the carpenters.
          3. Small closure with the river.
     · She has been seen at Rick's Shop.
     · Star Night Festival - At the Church.
     · New Year's Eve - At the bar.
     · Sources say she can be found on occasion at Karen's house [now confirmed.]
     · Do NOT show her wild animals.
     · She likes:
          1. Your dog.
          2. Your chickens.
          3. Corns & potatoes.
     · She LOVES wool. Give her as much as possible.
           · You'll have a dream (flashback) to when you and Ann climbed
             a tree to see baby birds and fell. The next day, visit the
             area of the mountains with the carpenter's log cabin and
             talk to Ann.
           · If you are getting along with Ann, late in a Winter, she'll take
             you to go see a Pika Bunny at the goddess pond area, and you'll get a
           · She sprains her ankle right outside the ranch.
           · (May Not Be An Event, but it can happen):
             If you have a lot of stamps on your cake card to talk to
             Ann, then when you leave she will come after you and give it
    Extra Tips/Comments:
     · Keep your animals happy. Do NOT let them die.
     · On your birthday she gives you socks.
     · Her birthday is the 14th of Summer, give her wool.
       ii. Karen
    Brief Description:
     · Family owns the Vineyard.
     · Cliff is her cousin.
     · Her father is an angry alcoholic.
     · Her mother seems meek and shy.
          1. She used to be a good dancer, the "Queen of Dance."
    Where She Can Be Found:
     · Vineyard
     · Near Carpenter's house.
     · At the beach.
     · In the Bar.
     · Star Night Festival - At the beach.
     · New Year's Eve - Lone tree near your farm.
     · She likes:
          1. Wild grapes.
          2. Strawberries.
          3. Veryberry fruit.
     · She sprains her ankle near the old tree in the vineyard.
     · You'll have a dream (flashback) to when she was crying and her
       father came and helped her. The next day go to the vineyard and
       she will invite you into the wine room. You will get locked in,
       but by going to the top-right corner you can get out.
     · How to revive the old tree at the vineyard:
          1. Give the bartender gifts until he gives you the wine.
          2. Give the elves gifts to become their friends.
          3. The elves will tell you about the tree in the vineyard.
          4. Toss a veggie into the Goddess's Pond and ask her to wake up
             the tree.
          5. The next day Karen will come and invite you somewhere.
    Extra Tips/Comments:
     · You don't have to visit her during the day.
     · Give her gifts at the bar.
     · Do not talk to her too often.
     · Try to befriend her father.
     · Eventually, she loves to see your dog.
     · On your birthday she'll give you a lucky bracelet which prevents
       bad weather.
     · Her Birthday is on the 29th of Winter.
    Mega Glitch:
     · Straight from Juliane, as well as Steve [see credits for contacts] comes
       a one-day 'make her fall in love with you' plan that actually works. Pick up
       that handsome dog of yours and talk to Karen repeatedly and surely enough, her
       heart will make its way up to Pink in no time. Unconfirmed if this works with
       other girls.
       iii. Popuri
    Brief Description:
     · Popuri's father is a traveler.
     · As you undoubtedly guessed her resemblance to "Potpourri"
       she likes flowers.
     · Her mother owns Lilia's Flower Shop.
    Where She Can Be Found:
     · Usually outside the Lilia's Flower Shop.
     · Green Ranch.
     · Restaurant in the mountains.
     · Star Night Festival - On the mountains.
     · New Year's Eve - At the Church.
     · Flowers, duh.
     · She doesn't like bugs.
     · Strawberries.
     · She sprains her ankle near the cave in the woodland area.
     · During the Spring you'll get a letter from Lilia's Flower Shop
       that says the Blue Mist Flower's have arrived. Plant some, and
       after they bloom, Popuri will come by and you'll get a picture
       for your album.
     · You'll have a dream (flashback) about a girl falling after trying
       to pick up a flower. The next day, go the mountains behind the
       carpenter's house.
     · For your birthday she'll bring you Potpourri to help your
       vegetables grow.
     · Her birthday is the 22nd of Spring.
       iv. Elli
    Brief Description:
     · Owns the bakery.
    Where This Lovely Lady Can Be Found:
     · Beach.
     · In or around The Bakery.
     · Mountain Area.
     · Star Night Festival - At the Church.
     · New Years Eve - At the Church.
     · Very rarely at the flower shop.
     · She likes:
          1. Eggs.
          2. Milk.
          3. Baked goods.
          4. Fish.
          5. Your dog.
     · She doesn't like bugs.
     · You'll have a dream (flashback) about feeling sick from eating mud
       pies. The next day go to the bakery, or the midwife to find some
     · When Elli's grandmother dies, she'll be very upset. Dance with
       her, and riding in the balloon during the Planting Festival will
       help her recover.
     · The day before Elli's grandmother is going to die, she will be outside the
       bakery in a different spot, not rocking. Do not talk to her if you don't
       wish to send her off.
     · When Elli sprains her ankle; she's in the forest/mountain area.
     · If you have a pink heart with her, during the fall, she will take
       you to make moondrop water, which comes with a picture.
     · On your birthday she'll give you a handkerchief.
     · Her birthday is the 1st of Fall, give her Gold Milk.
       v. Maria
    Brief Description:
     · She is the daughter of the mayor.
     · Works at the library.
     · She's a little shy.
    Where to find this damsel:
     · Library.
     · Mountain Area.
     · Her house.
     · Beside the Church.
     · Star Night Festival - Town Square.
     · New Years Eve - At the Church.
     · She likes insects.
     · She LOVES cabbage.
     · She's scared of your dog.
     · When she sprains her ankle, she'll be in the library.
     · You'll have a dream about the library, so the next day go to the
       library. Pick up the book and give it to her without talking.
     · If you have a pink heart with Maria, in the summer/fall she will take
       you to see fireflies. This includes a picture.
     · On your birthday she'll give you a book.
     · Her birthday is the 11th of Winter.
       3. Competition
    You're not the only guy in town that's interested in these ladies. For
    each girl, there are three possible outcomes. She can get married to you,
    married to another specified person, or not get married at all. Obviously,
    there's no problem with a girl you're not interested in getting married, in
    which case you should encourage the two parties. The following are the couples:
    Karen and Kai [works at vineyard]
    Ann and Cliff [travelling guy with falcon]
    Popuri and Gray [Ann's brother]
    Elli and Guy at bakery [don't remember his name]
    Maria and Harris [mail carrier]
    In most cases, the other guy isn't much of a threat. You have a brain. He
    doesn't. There are mixed opinions on what you should do with your rival.
    Friend or foe? If you wish to do so, give him weeds and be mean to him. Or
    be friends with him. If you want another couple to get married, simply talk
    to both of them a lot, and just be friends with 'em. In some cases, the guys
    will confess their affection. When they get married, they'll come to your house
    and ask you to attend.
       4. Marriage
    Finally, the fruits of your labors are about to pay off. You'll
    eventually be able to find the Blue Feather at Rick's shop. Just be
    patient if it's not there right away. If you're friends with him
    he'll sell it to you for 980G otherwise it's a 1000G. You need a
    kitchen to get married.
    Talk to your wife at twice a day (morning & night at the very least).
    Give her a gifts daily to make her feel good about who she is. A
    happy wife is a productive wife. If she's happy, she'll help out
    around the house, and even lead to a little bundle of joy, which will
    pop another picture in your photo album.
    If you're mean to your wife, and her heart goes down a few colors,
    she'll leave a note saying she went back to her parent's house for a
    while. Fortunately it's easy to make up with her. If you do decide you're
    better off without her, all the mentioned girls in the game will
    disappear, but you'll still get treated as though you're still
    How Your Wife Helps Out:
       Ann - Feeds the chickens and collect eggs.
     Karen - Collects eggs, sometimes breaking them.
    Popuri - Waters crops and collects eggs.
      Elli - Collects eggs, and sometimes feeds chickens.
     Maria - Helps with removing weeds and collects eggs.
       5. Children
    If you've been good to your wife, and your house is supporting a
    baby bed, then you could soon become a happy father. After a season
    of talking to her, and giving her her daily gift, she will eventually
    become pregnant. When she is pregnant she'll be tired (even in the
    morning), and say odd things. And keep giving her gifts. A happy wife
    will give birth quicker. Although varied, it's approximately 2
    seasons since acknowledge of her pregnancy for your little bundle of
    When he's born, treat him as well as your wife. Your kid never gets past the 'child stage.'
    Pick him up for a walk, give him gifts, and show him your dog. The stages of development are:
     · Newborn
     · Crawling
     · Crawling
     · Still crawling, but with a mouse hat.
    There are roughly three seasons separating the stages.
       5. Extra Tips
    Some general tips:
     · Talk to your girl every day, and try to bring her presents.
     · Become comrades with her family.
     · When you get married, talk to your wife at least twice a day.
     · The girl your pursuing will get sick, make sure you go to her house
       to cheer her up. This is the only time you're allowed into their
     · Every girl will twist their ankle [see girls section for location]and you'll
       have the option to carry them home, or call for help. Carry them home. If you
       call for help, your heart rating goes DOWN one level.
     · Talk to her first at every festival.
     · At every chance, dance with your bride-to-be. In order to do this,
       you shouldn't vote for her to become the Flower Princess,
       otherwise you'll miss out. Unless she likes you a lot, or the King
       likes you a lot.
     · The hidden treasure map found in a tree in your very own yard will help
       you get a broken music box which can become a very nice gift for your
       girl. The box is located at the intersection of the tree with the map and the
       dog house. Dig on this square 10 times to uncover it. Once you have the b
       bring it to Rick who will fix it. Next, give it to your girl of choice.
       Broken music boxes aren't nice presents, silly.
       6. Acknowledgments
    You can't call us a bunch of plagiarists. We give credit where the
    credit is due, and this list is really growing :\ We'd like to thank
    everybody who has contributed. If there's anything wrong with the FAQ,
    these are the guys to blame:
    pyrofalkon@hotmail.com - Information on Karen. First contributor,
                             that's why he's on top.
    laurar182@hotmail.com - Gave a lot of information about all the girls.
    Johnathan351@gateway.net - Information for Maria, Karen, and Popuri.
    se37@chesapeake.net - Assisted with the Events for the girls.
    StarBla99@aol.com - Information on Maria.
    TomcatS39@aol.com - Information on Karen.
    Psychobabble - Information on Popuri and Elli.
    jcprriley@home.com - Information for Karen, Popuri and Elli.
    kirby189@hotmail.com - Information on Maria and Elli.
    ccustis@nothnbut.net - Corrected a typo about the character's names.
    death_spider@hotmail.com - Gave a lot of information for all the girls.
    TimKDbz@aol.com - Assisted with Popuri.
    MinervaX2@aol.com - Information on Karen.
    jgrant@scican.net - Assisted with the general file.
    aro23r@home.com - Was of some assistance.
    sterling1@capecod.net - Information about divorce.
    guiisaflea@hotmail.com - A little Maria.
    kbeckstead14@yahoo.com - Various information.
    AnimeGremlin@aol.com - A tidbit about Karen.
    Bahamut111@aol.com - Info on Maria's grandmother.
    Devilchild016@hotmail.com - Various information on all girls.
    RedGbln@aol.com - Information about the music box.
    copred@hotmail.com (Steve) - The little glitch with Karen.
    wiggin3eb@hotmail.com (Juliane) - Also the glitch, along with plenty of other
    ChillerCat@aol.com - Various information.
    reelbigquinn@hotmail.com - More specifics for the music box.
    AphroditesSBB@aol.com - Addition info for children.
    About a million people - Reminded us to put in Karen's Birthday. Additional
                             music box info. Confirmed Ann's appearance at the
    If you feel uncomfortable having your e-mail posted, then don't send
    us any! Just kidding. We won't include your e-mail address as long as
    you say speak up.
    Please understand that in-between updates, I [Cyber Sushi] receive many
    e-mails with information we have missed. Sometimes more then one person
    contribute the same information. I do my best to keep track of who
    sent the e-mail first, but I can't be perfect. If you truly believe
    that you should be listed here and aren't, feel free to e-mail me [see below.]
       7. Contact
    E-mail Cyber Sushi at Cyber-Sushi@home.com if...
     · You have anything to add.
     · You have a question about the guide.
     · You have any additional information NOT already listed.
     · You want to post/sell this guide.
     · Please entitle e-mail "Harvest Moon".
    E-mail sto0pidkid at quicksiiver@hotmail.com if...
     · You want some good ASCII art (at the top).
     · You really need somebody to convert your guide into this outline
       and add some personality to your dry/boring FAQ or Guide.
     · You are really really rich, and just want to throw away money.
     · You don't have any friends, and want somebody to talk to... e-mail
       Cyber Sushi. :\

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