Review by GrimWolf

"A great game that was overlooked by many."

Graphics: 10
The graphics in this game are really good. It has realistic graphics for the characters, and cartoon-like graphics when it shows the characters talking. The horse and dog races have good graphics, and some of the vegetables look realistic.

Play Control: 9
The controls are pretty easy to use, but there are occasional times when you try to load vegetables onto your horse to transport to the shipping bin and you accidentally throw it to the wrong place and miss, and there's also times when you mess up while watering your plants, or chopping weeds, smashing rocks, or one of the many other activities in this game.

Game Design: 10
The game takes place mostly in a small town, and you live in a farm on the outskirts. There's many things to be found, such as a mountain, a vineyard, a lumberjack's hut, and a beautiful meadow. There are yearly festivals that you may win or not, and some of them affect what will happen the following year, like the Flower Goddess Festival.

Sound: 10
This game's music is good, and the sound effects are unique. It's not hard to tell just from listening whether you're chopping wood, smashing rocks, fishing, or watering you plants. You may find the music hard to forget, too.

Satisfaction: 10
This game is very fun. The first night I got it, I stayed up way too long. I did that several nights in a row, anxiously awaiting the next festival or event. Lots of them are very interactive, such as the festival in summer where you have to swim to a certain point while competing with others. Plus, you can choose one of about six women to marry, and you can have a baby, too. Once you have a family, your life gets tougher, as you have to help out by getting plenty of food for your family, otherwise your wife will leave you. It's very fun, and should not have been as overlooked as it was.

You should buy this game, even if you don't like farming. There's much more to do than farming, and you can explore alot of the town.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/19/00, Updated 07/19/00

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