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"Your grandfather bought the farm and now you've got to take care of it"

this is a very unique game, it's an alternitive to the normal kill-every-thing-that-lives game! this game isn't just a simulation, but an rpg too, who knew that a combination of a simulation and an rpg could make such a great game,and who knew it could have a better verosn.. on the N64?

Story line-7/10 (orignial but not award winning) Your a kid who's ben given the job of taking care of your gandfather's farm, because he passed away... but his farm is kinda messy, so you have to fix it up, but you have only 2 and 1/2 years to do this before you parents come& give you a good or bad rating

Graphics 8/10(great)the graphiccs are a bit blurred but they look good, every one has at least 3 graphics for their face, one normal, one happy, and one frustrated/sad(but most people have one for angry too)

Sound 7/10(Good but not award winnning) the sounds are ok, nothing to clap at.

Control 9/10 (pretty good, but not perfect) your character will move where you want him to most of the time, occasioinaly your charater will fall down to the lower level of a moutian, or jump over a fence when you don't want him to but that happens very rarely.

Fun Factor& Game play 9/10(great!) i cannot begin to deiscribe how much fun this game is, you can do what you want in this game, you don't have to go to the town at all except for seeds or animals/animal food, infact you can let your farm go to waste, the game will give you an ending for tat(see endings section for more info). the people who have designed this have though of just about every thing that the player might do. you can get married, have a kid, or stay single, it's all up to you!

Frustration Factor 4/10 (not all that frustrating) the only frustration i find is trying to get every thing done before night and when your charater runs out of enegry., and when your charater gets sick because you though he could take a few more minutes/hours out of his sleep to work on the farm at night

Challange ?/10(Depends on what you are trying to do) it all depedendson if your trying to get married, and to which girl, and if your trying to run a veggie only farm or a fully functioning farm with 12 chickens and 12 cows, and maybe some sheep!. like i said in fun factor and game play ''it's all up to you''

Replayability-(8/10) after you've done every thing you might want to start from scratch and see if you can win at all thoese fairs from the start. or maybe marry a difffernt girl, or not get married at all again here's where i say ''it's all up to you''

Game Vaule 80$/59$(this game could of sold for more than it did at the video stores) it could of sold for alot more!! i'm just glad it didn't, heh other wise i would have had to save up more(not to mention other people)

Overall(9/10) when i saw Natsume's mottow (Serious fun) i oringally though this was just another game in the crowed, but boy was i wrong, Natsume's mottow really ment what it said.

Buy or rent - Buy( get it now for your own sake) if you ever see this game on shevles any where at a video stores, IMMEDIATLY PICK IT UP AND BUY IT!! This game is hard to find any where in stores and you'll be looking on the web a long time for this but it's worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/12/00, Updated 08/12/00

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