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"The best rpg on n64? You decide."

Well you’re probably looking at this review because you want to buy the game, or you want to see what other people think of the game, even if you have it. So, I’ll tell you how good this game is, telling you it’s disadvantages, or its advantages. And with this game, there’s more advantages than disadvantages...way more.

Well, the game is probably the best rpg game on the n64, it’s definetly fun enough to suck anyone in, even if you don’t care about farmers/ranchers a bit. If you don’t like this game, you might be called insane by some people.
Difficulty-Easy,medium, and hard at the same time.
And what’s the difficulty for this game? Well, it matters how you play. If you try to do everything right it’s going to be one of the hardest games you’ve ever played, yet you don’t really have to do anything right. So it’s easy and medium and hard at the same time.
Well it’s hard to learn at first, but after a few minutes you’ll be able to master the controls with ease. They’re really not that hard to learn. Press B to do most things, press A to talk and give items to people and to pick up items. And press start to look at your inventory.
Story- 9
Well, your grandpa dies, and you are chosen to take over the farm. He was an old farm so his farm definetly isn’t in tip-top shape to say. You can get a girl to like or some people to hate you. That’s all I’ll tell you, because anymore and your game will be spoiled.
Well the graphics are pretty good, but not the best ever. There’s alot of graphical glitches in the game, and that’s one of the things that brings this game down to a 9. But everything looks realistic, so the graphics are not anything that are going to ruin the games.
Well, everyone has heard better music and sounds before, but these are still some of the best sounds on the n64. Not because they’re clearer, or higher quality. Because they match the game, and the tools sound very realistic when used.
This game is definetly the best game to play over and over again on the n64 ever made. There’s so many different things that can happen, so if you beat the game, don’t just put the controller down and goto sleep, play again!
Is it worth the money-Yes
Yes it is worth the money. This game is past worth the money, I would pay $70 for this game if I had to. If there ever is a sequeal, on the gamecube or on the n64, I would pay $99 if that’s how much it was. This game sucks you in from the moment you start playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/28/01, Updated 05/28/01

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